Thurs, Feb 11, 2010

[445 squat, 135 press, 425 DL] x 10 for time = 4:35


part A:
95#/65# squat clean x 5 x 3 sets
95#/65# hang power clean x 5 x 3 sets
95#/65# split jerk x 5 x 3
(work on speed and intent; rest as needed b/t sets and exercises)
part B:
3 sets - 10 chest to bar chin ups
3 sets - 15 high speed squats
3 sets - 20 anchored sit ups
(work on speed of each movement; rest as needed b/t sets and exercises)

Run 10 sec on @ 100%, run easy for 1 min x 3-6 sets based on how you feel

AirDyne Sprints:
[18 sec @ 100% effort/speed, 1:42 easy spin recovery x 5] rest 5 min x 3
Run Escalating Sprints:
[10 sec @ 70-100%, walk rest 1:50 x 5] rest 5 min x 3

(15 total sets for each group, use an AirDyne if you have one; escalating runs means starting at 3 point position, and increasing speed per sec until almost max effort last few seconds; it is not a sprint start but increasing; for Airdyners - its all out for 18 sec each set; warm up really well for sprinters)


bmizzlle said...

Damn!!! to that Video crazz! a pretty good time too. On another note good thing I still have a globo membership hehe I've got an airdyne!

Thanks Coach!!

Lisa M said...

Can't run and don't have access to airdyne should I sub rowing or ...

Justin Flynn said...

That guy is STRONG. I wonder if Rory could do that.

Nathan H. said...

OPT, thoughts on using a hill for the sprints?



Rainer Hartmann said...

Stationary bike Set at high intensity okay instead of airdyne?

bso said...

Willie is the man. Really enjoyed having him down at CFWinnipeg to teach us all his little powerlifting tricks. He and Pierre put on a great seminar through Agatsu. It's worth checking out.

Geoff Aucoin said...

SATAN'S BICYCLE?! It was only a matter of time...

Geoff Aucoin said...

Okay Ima play the hard ass here, and I agree that dude in the video is insanely strong, but why was he gassing so bad? The only lift that looked remotely heavy for him was the squat. Is he purely a strength guy or does he have a good work capacity across other domains?

Oh and he push pressed some of the presses.

Gord said...

1st time using Airdyne. Way harder than expected. Glad I skipped breakfast.

BK said...

Thinking of adding a couple of AirDynes to the arsenal of toys, thoughts?
Geoff, Satan's bicycle,love it... please elaborate??

ken c said...

pretty insane video. makes me want to try that...with lower weights of course. have never understood how people can squat more than they deadlift.


just because he makes it look easy doesn't mean its easy. think that many 445 squats would gas anyone.

bso said...
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OPT said...

lisa, sub a row if the knee is fine with it..

nathan h, no hil needed, too much hamstring work following the last training cycle...stay flat if you can

rainer, yes a bike is OK but NOT the same, perform 25 sec @ 110% effort (start from a stopped position) if you can change tension have it set high - if on a power meter or trainer at home just change gears to change effort for same time, the 1:35 rest per set

geoff, Will is an elite lifter...what is impressive is the weight used for time vs. 180# of BWT...PL'er or not, how many at that weight can do this?...i wonder...

BK and anyone else, BEST investment you can make for your AirDyne (satan's tricycle)

Ken C, it is an evolution..i've seen it happen with beginners who can SQ the same as DL...then when they become intermediate (us) they DL more than SQ...then when they specialize and become elite they Sq same as DL...or close...i've had this conversation with Poliquin, Rip and a deceased member of the PL community who lived in Okotoks and it was always an interesting topic...

Scotty Hagnas said...

Ahh, the Airdyne! I love/hate that thing.... get one - it's a whole new degree of suck. James has been kind enough to regularly put that thing into my program.

I got one from Craig's list - great price, and it was even in my neighborhood.

Good luck to Unit all the Dawgs competing this weekend!

bso said...
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Bubba Hagood said...

Marcher 46/5'8"/160

INSANE video! I want to squat (and deadlift) like that.

This workout was much harder than it looked on paper.

Icy and Snowy outside so ran hill sprints on treadmill (too early to see other posts)

Speed: 12 mph, Incline: 15 degrees, 15 seconds on 1:45 off. Went for 15 seconds since 10 seemed too easy - was at failure (falling off treadmill) last second of last three sprints in each set. VERY challenging for me.

Will Smith in my head, "I will die on a treadmill..."

BK said...

Thanx Coach, will definitely get a couple .

Chad Hall said...

Just purchased an Airdyne off of Kijiji for $200! I've always wanted to get more rowers for my gym for classes, but they're a little pricey for me (I'm still a student trying to run my gym). I think I'll grab a few more of these, may as well since I can get 6 or more for the same price as a single rower!!

I'm picking it up tomorrow. Should I wait till tomorrow to do this workout on the airdyne? I have a regular bike I could use today.

OPT said...

chad, bike today as weekend will be tough one..

Chad Hall said...

Thanks OPT.

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM. BW 175.5#
Satan's Bike as Rx'd
Happy trails Pete. Always great to meet another Dawg

Roch said...

Those sprints felt great.
I did that training before and I was so sore after.
Now I just feel good and my legs stable and strong.

Rainer Hartmann said...

Thanks, coach!

Shane Gibson said...

Coach, when do you plan to peak the March group? My sectional is March 13-14, just curious what I should plan to do to adapt to peaking on that date. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks very much for providing this excellent programming and resource to us.

Stephen Flamm said...

First time using an AirDyne. Sprints started around 850 watts, but once I got comfortable on the thing, I got it up to 995. Just couldn't seem to break 1000...

Rainer Hartmann said...

Used Life Fitness Upright bike.
Level 24/25 x 4
Level 25 x 5
Level 25 x 3, 26, 27

Nathan H. said...

Awesome video. That guy is a beast; crazy capacity.

Thanks OPT, flat it is!

I looked on craigslist for an airdyne, but there were only old ones that are pretty far away. I've wanted one for awhile, but seemed to have forgotten about it!


Geoff Aucoin said...

Well I just finished my 1st ride on Satan's bike and I survived. It's an old model so all I could monitor was my time, I would have liked to see what my watts/speed/cals were for a comparison but what can ya do? Tough tough WOD, recovering during the 1:42 got really hard for the last round of 5. I thought I might be a bit more messed up after this but I don't think I have the power in my legs to really get that thing going at top speed...

Heavy Evy said...

Would an eliptical machine be a better sub then a excersise bike???
Just wondering, as I could do ether in my basement.

Shane Gibson said...

I too have access to an elliptical, but it would be either the elliptical or running.

CrossFit Stamford said...

Ridiculous strength on display in the video!

Coach - I'm looking to peak training last week of March where would you suggest I start for the Marchers? should I just start at the first week since I'm about 2 weeks behind?

Thanks for doing all of this work!?

PTS said...

escalating sprints - did only 2 sets. Played basketball on Monday and Weds this week and didn't want to overdo it.

felt good once i got properly warmed up. worked on HSPU's and MU's pre-wod.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Sprints felt good. I stopped at 10 sets, left glute was starting to really tighten up, i didnt want to push it, i needed better warmup but the roads were snowy and the conditions were tough. I finished wod with 5min AMRAP DU since i missed those the other day. 322

Chris Fodera said...



- PreWO: 16g BCAA-G, 5g Creatine
- PWO: Shake (22gP: MRM Metabolic Whey; 1 scoop Refuel), 8g BCAA-G, 5g Creatine
- 60 min later: chicken, apple, almond butter

- I thought I warmed up pretty well. Rowed for 750m and stretched longer than normal.
- First couple of sprints felt really good.
- Felt serious tightening in left hamstring on 3rd rep.
- Continued through all reps/sets and it started to feel good again with about 4 to go. Kept my pace at about 90% for the others to avoid injury.

Would have really liked to do this on an AirDyne...never been on one before and would love to share in the pain.

Marie Rochat said...

Did a WOD at CrossFit Portland today before driving back home to Corvallis for work..

A. Front Squats 3-3-3-3 with 3 min rest b/t sets.
B. 3 rounds for time:
55% of max pull-ups (65% of your max # of reps).
20 jump deck squats

B. 6:47 w/ 22 pull-ups per round.

Wish I had gone a bit heavier on the front squats, perhaps ending around 175. The short metcon was a bunch of fun. My quads were destroyed by the time the last set of jump deck squats were about half way through. I tore my hand pretty good on the pull-ups. The rip I had from a few days ago from the C2B chin ups was almost healed but it tore open again. Then I got a fresh one too on the same hand... Better go stock up on tape, becasue I will be needing it to get through the next week until my hand heals. Had a blast at CF Portland!

Lisa M said...

Subbed row not sure how comparable it is but all i can do at this point:

did 20sec int and 1:40 rest because that is the lowest the computer will allow an interval

Just averaged out results:

Ave 98m/1:41/325watt/power 2.62 These felt really good concentrating on trying to keep a little more upright posture so i can explode more from hips to get more power so i can keep up with those long powerfull legs of the taller athletes - yeah right...

Knee felt good. And good news from physio thinks it is just a plical injury not meniscal so couple more weeks of babying it a bit (no running no explosive extension) and some major tortuous ART type stuff, foam roll etc and hopefully be good to go - YAY!!!

unit said...


timed the sets in sec... 90 sec bw sets, 180 sec bw parts...

A1- :14 / :13 / :12
A2- :04 / :04 / :05
A3- :07 / :07 / :06
A4- :08 / :07 / :07 (oh squats)
B1- :13 (strict) / :13 (reg kip) / :11 (butterfly)
B2- :13 / :12 / :12
B3- :22 / :19 / :20
C- 6 x 40 yrd sprints w 60sec rest... best ~ 4.5-4.6

thanks 4 all the thoughts, insight and wishes... received the OPT BD tshirt and it is Man-Pretty!... I love it and shall adorn it with care, respect and honor in doing my best 2 represent this wonderful community... thank u coach...


Lindsey said...

Biked it. Not the greatest bike... She's not much to look at, the display is broken but the resistance sure does work. Last set was brutal. Love it!

exp. said...

GO ON WILLIE!...what a beast! met Willie at a cert he was teaching...great athlete and a very cool guy!

Michael said...

First time on and AirDyne, definitely going to get one for the gym.

joey warren said...

Goodluck to all competing this weekend!

15 x 10 sec sprints on track.

Felt good to run, my hamstrings, hipflexors, core has felt so sore lately, hard to get it up to 100%, started to tighten up. Ready for a day off!

unit said...

speed pc 95x5...
last min tips on form check is appreciated... wish I would have gotten clips of the other exercises...


Craig said...

15 x 10 sprints on trail.

Good sprints, lower legs a little stiff from yesterday.

rackempackem said...

marcher, male/180cm/80kg

Didn't row yesterday and i need practice on it so i did one of your wod's from September.

sprint row for 20 sec - in that 20 sec record the highest number of watts seen on the screen; rest 120 sec b/t sets; repeat 5 times


rested 5 min and did it again:


Great fun. Felt explosive.

Melisa C said...

Ken C - Willie's raw lifting stats, belt only are 568# squat and 716# DL, both with a bodyweight of 181.

Heavy Evy said...

Got to the track and ran the 15 reps, should be ready for the next summer olympics...........or maybe it felt pretty good for a former fat kid!

Wes hendricks said...

First time using Airdyne....WOW that thing really is satins tricycle! Not sure what to say about Airdyne other then it sucked. In each ten minute block I burned 60 calories....hahaha

Nathan H. said...

On my fourth sprint of my first set I felt a pull in my left hamstring. Now it feels tight when I stretch it, and about half way up on when I air squat. I stopped right away after the pull.

I'm very concerned about this. But I can't tell if it's serious or not. I really hope not. All advice is welcome. I'm icing and sitting.

Thanks guys.


Anonymous said...

Did escalating sprints felt good and fast, calves were sore by the end

LuLu said...

Sprints felt great. Indoor track was good. Doing my CF level one cert on the weekend, will be back with you Big Dawgs on Monday. Hope I don`t miss too much.
Have Fun.

Michael McCabe said...

stationary bike 25sec at 100%/1:35 slow pace with low tension x5x3.... the escalating sprints looked interesting but could outdoor stuff was not in the cards today.

has the sched. been posted for the weekend? any doubles?

Mike Molloy said...

Had to go with the sprints. Pretty cold and snowy out but I got it done.

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...


2 sets Airdyne
avg rpm working 75
avg rpm resting 47

Comments: I was really rushed for time today. Thus only finished two sets. Huge STAMINA work! Much needed.

Lisa M said...

Go kick some serious ass Unit and show them what a real Big Dawg is all about - oooooouuuuuu. We will all be thinking about everyone competing this weekend and will be looking for results so don't foget to keep us posted.

Ps i sent you an email re shirt so please look for it i need to get you some cash!!!

Yelvi said...

10 sec x 15 in Vibram Five Fingers on a grass field.

Hamstrings and ankles feel tight.

Brent Maier said...


All 3 sets on Aridyne. Pegged RPM needle around to the start position on every sprint. The first round didn't feel too bad. Round 2 and 3 was a fight for survival. Tough...

Chad said...


no Airdyne and storming outside so used the rower

18/1:42 for all

3 min rest b/t rounds,
1:15-1:19/500 pace for all

Felt good, I need some rest

Brandon said...

I am not coordinated enough to time each sprint and focus on speed, so I marked the distance that i ran the first time and repeated. Much easier than watching a stopwatch.

1st 2 sets of 5 felt really good. Got to full acceleration about halfway through. Last set of 5 was brutally tough, but I finished with no pulls/strains. Hips are crazy tight though. Did a long warmup with skipping, bounding, hurdle jumps and a mini metcon of pullups/burpees. Certainly looking forward to rest/trigger point/stretching later.

ken c said...


sorry to hear that. i've pulled a hamstring twice in the past and my experience is that rest is the only way to heal it. that just means no sprinting. if you were in a sprinting sport you'd be screwed for about 3 weeks. as you know crossfit is diverse enough to work around injuries. upper body stuff for a few days and then ease back into using the legs on squats and such. ice and anti-inflamatories will help over the weekend.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Pre - skill work - Muscle Snatch/Split Jerk
Satan's Tricycle as rx'd
That was painful. Trying to count my beats per minute during set 3 nearly made me fall off - ouch!

Erik Luber said...


Opted to do stationary biking for 25 sec/2 min (no Airdyne). Used one of those "reving" bikes, set to near maximal resistance. Last to sets of last round were very challenging. Good workout, but get the feeling it is just not the same thing as the Airdyne. Would love to try one one day...exponential increase in resistance with wheel speed, that is just sick.

Unit, good luck this weekend!! Giver shit, I know you will make us all proud. I'll be patiently awaiting the results/updates...

Aaron said...

15x10 second sprints

it is good to be back!

Chad Hall said...


So I was able to go out and grab the airdyne tonight! Whoohoo!

Recorded my calories each 18 second sprint.

16, 15, 15, 15, 14
17, 16, 14, 15, 14
15, 14, 15, 14, 16


Pretty crappy day today, didn't get to sleep until 3:30 last night as I was studying for my muscle physiology midterm. Picked up the bike and started my workout at 10:00PM.

Sprints were most likely 95% most times, as I just didn't have it in me to push the full 100, tried, but didn't feel like 100 but for a select few.

Recovery time in between felt good, more than enough. Legs are tight now. Looking forward to sleep and recovery tomorrow. But ... sledging down a concrete wall for a couple hours tomorrow......crap.

Michelle said...

Went to OPT and did the Airdyne sprints. Think I could have pushed harder for a few of the sets of the second round, but pleased with the first round and the last round especially. Could barely stay upright on the seat for the recovery portion of sprints 13-15!!!

Nathan H. said...

Thanks Ken, the reassurance definitely helps. I've been icing and elevating. We'll see how it goes.

Dave X said...

Good luck Unit!

Don't over think the events, just go out there and represent OPT and the Big Dawgs like we all know you can!


Emilie P-B said...

I ran outside. Sprint felt really good. Tought I did it wrong cause I had the feeling that the 1min50 walk rest was too long.

ken c said...

melisa c

thanks for the info. geez those are amazing lifts for his size.

imosher said...

Hey Coach, Ian here,
I am giving up on email. I think you tried to send me some additional info in regards to my peak for the end of Feb. I have not received it, I would really appreciate of you could post it here.



Pete said...

5 x 3 sets done on airdyne.

Legs felt wobbly for the rest of the day, but the high intensity left me with a clear mind for hours after.

Big thanks to everyone at OPT for letting me come and train while I was in Calgary. You guys were very welcoming and made me feel right at home.Special thanks to Trevor, Gord, Michael, Kathleen, Grant, Deejay, Brett, Leigh and James. It was great to meet so many of the Big Dawgs right at the source of this amazing community!

I will wear my Big Dawgs t-shirt with pride and our team from the east will do our best to represent the pack to the best of our abilities!


Jason Buzzard said...

No access to an airdyne and couldnt run outside due to snow so I subbed rowing. I am not sure if I did it right or not. Average meters was 64.

Chris Fodera said...

Just got my Big Dawgs T-Shirt in the mail yesterday (along with an OPT sweatshirt). I hope to make it to watch/cheer on Joey in the Southwest Regionals.

Is anyone going to the SoCal or San Diego Sectionals?

Dave X said...
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Dave X said...

Chris can you Twitter from the sectionals so we can get some instant updates on how Joey is doing?

Will anyone be able to Twitter from Unit sectional?

Chris Fodera said...

I can...but his sectional is up in San Jose. I will not be attending that one. That's why I was asking about the SoCal and San Diego I am going to try and go to those. I will also likely be going to the Regionals, and will surely keep everyone updated from there.

Martin Altemark said...

Good luck competing dawgs! I'm sure you will do some amazing stuff this weekend!

Nathan H. said...

I'm competing at the Socal sectionals. It's gonna be awesome!

Melissa said...


Thanks for the running WOD, Coach! It's a beautiful day in Connecticut and it's been too long since my last outdoor workout. It felt great to sprint. And the legs are tired now - in a good way.

Lisa M said...

Just getting ready to watch the opening ceremonies of the olympics very exciting. All those competing this weekend just know that you are just as fit and strong as all those Olympians use what is happening in our beautiful city of Vancouver for inspiration and go kick some serious little dawg ass!!!!

Anonymous said...

As rx. Groin got tight after first set so I backed second and third off to 85 percent.

Feeling more energetic over the last two days.

Bear said...

Run Escalating Sprints x 2:

Didn´t realize how long it would take so I only had time with 2 rounds. Slippery start because of snow and ice.

bso said...

Used a monarch spinning bike cuz AirDyne wasn't working for me.

Melisa C said...

First time using an AirDyne. Interesting to say the least. Tabata on that beast would ANNIHILATE me. Legs could sure feel it.
Old bike so couldn't/didn't track any stats on it.

exp. said...

Hit one of the local tracks for 15 x 10 sec sprints...damn, I love running.

tania said...


Willie is great to watch, and fun to lift with. Had a blast when he and Pierre Auge came out to CFW for an Agatsu Barbell cert in November.

Went to Rady Centre JCC in Winnipeg to use the AirDyne for the first time, found something that I love to hate/hate to love just as much as rowing. I think I'm going to hunt one down for CrossFit Winnipeg. I had some issues with the pedals skipping, but worked that out.

I didn't really figure out the monitor until halfway through and it was displaying RPM and cal/hr. I struggled to get to 2200cal/hr or 85 rpm and to stay there for the rest of the 18 seconds. There was a significant amount of staring due to panting and moaning, which wouldn't be an issue at CFW, but I guess you have to stare at the only person in the gym who is not reading a magazine while exercising.

Shane Gibson said...

The escalating sprints were pretty tough. WODs like this one never cease to amaze me. Over nearly 40 minutes I only did 2.30 of actual WORK. And it was rough. Worked hard, don't really have any hard data to report. But it was fun and different and definitely have the legs sore for a couple days.