Thurs, Feb 18th, 2010

March 7th competitors:

As many rounds in 20 minutes;
5 unbroken HSPU
10 box jumps - 24"/20"
15 GHD back extensions

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/45g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/70g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/20g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/40g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/60g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)

Late March competitors:

For time;
10 HSPU, 3 L Pull Up, 9 HSPU, 4 L Pull Up, 8 HSPU, 5 L Pull Up, 7 HSPU, 6 L Pull Up, 6 HSPU, 7 L Pull Up, 5 HSPU, 8 L Pull Up, 4 HSPU, 9 L Pull Up, 3 HSPU, 10 L Pull Up

Males - BWT below 150#
For time;
15 HSPU, 10 L Pull Up, 13 HSPU, 10 L Pull Up, 11 HSPU, 10 L Pull Up, 9 HSPU, 10 L Pull Up, 7 HSPU, 10 L Pull Up, 5 HSPU, 10 L Pull Up, 3 HSPU, 10 L Pull Up, 1 HSPU, 10 L Pull Up

Males - BWT 150-175#
For time;
15 HSPU, 8 L Pull Up, 13 HSPU, 8 L Pull Up, 11 HSPU, 8 L Pull Up, 9 HSPU, 8 L Pull Up, 7 HSPU, 8 L Pull Up, 5 HSPU, 8 L Pull Up, 3 HSPU, 8 L Pull Up, 1 HSPU, 8 L Pull Up

Males - BWT 175-200#
For time;
15 HSPU, 6 L Pull Up, 13 HSPU, 6 L Pull Up, 11 HSPU, 6 L Pull Up, 9 HSPU, 6 L Pull Up, 7 HSPU, 6 L Pull Up, 5 HSPU, 6 L Pull Up, 3 HSPU, 6 L Pull Up, 1 HSPU, 6 L Pull Up

Males - BWT 200+#
For time;
15 HSPU, 4 L Pull Up, 13 HSPU, 4 L Pull Up, 11 HSPU, 4 L Pull Up, 9 HSPU, 4 L Pull Up, 7 HSPU, 4 L Pull Up, 5 HSPU, 4 L Pull Up, 3 HSPU, 4 L Pull Up, 1 HSPU, 4 L Pull Up

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 30g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/30g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20g prot/20g carb
12-14% - 20g prot/30g carb
below 12% - 20g prot/40g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)

post rounds completed for early March competitors and time for late March competitors to comments


Geoff Aucoin said...

Ain't this s$%t grand? Wowza!

Rainer Hartmann said...

Great job breaking up the programming for early/late March competitors. Thanks OPT!

JAM said...


What about those of us competing in the middle, March 13th&14th. Should we follow the early or late wods?

unit said...

4 those that want numbers 2 shoot 4... we did the early march WOD abt 3 wks ago or so...

rounds ~19...

would love 2 c someone break 20...


Yelvi said...

You're insane Unit...

Mack Lar said...

I've got Sectionals in early march so I went back to Jan 27th and was going to take it from there. Did Jan 27th before seeing Coach's post today.
Pullups and 135 lb Front Squats on the minute for as long as possible. Failed on the set of 20 Front Squats.
I'll get back on track tomorrow with this WOD.

LuLu said...

Late Marcher:


All HSPU`s unbroken with strict form, no kipping :)They felt great.
L-sit pull ups were broken but also felt much stronger.
I was pretty happy to see this as my legs are still a little sore. Happy rest day tomorrow everyone!!!!

Covino24 said...

Going forward from today, when you post wods specific to marchers.. if we have sectionals in the middle - 13th and 14th, which program should we follow? Thanks for the always impressive programming!!

I did the late Marcher WOD @ 175#-200# plus 5 mins amrap dbl unders after.

Time: 8:34
Dbl Unders 211.. didn't really push myself here but still feeling good about how far my dbls have come..
PWM - 30g carbs from yams and apple sauce plus 40g whey protein
Hour later - baked chicken, bell pepper, broccoli, and an avocado

Spider said...

m/154lb/25yrs Late Marcher

(wrist injury allowed me to do HSPU on fists instead of palms)


Gord said...

late March

Geoff Aucoin said...

Holy smokes, James breaks it down like that and there's still people asking for more. C'mon, people!

Gord, how much you weigh?

Garage Crossfitter said...

late march- 175-200#

Paced this one out, back still sore but better from yesterday. L-ups and hspu felt great.

Gord said...

BWT today = 158#

BK said...

L-pullups were knees bent above 90 degrees, unbroken except last 2.
HSPU were lots of work, but in the round of 9 I found the kip, I like it.
Never thought I would be so happy to see a WOD as I was today. Off to see the chiro for my hip ....

Robin Lyons said...


This is Robin F/158/32
2008 CF GAMES 8th place
Utah Fitness eleveated 2nd place

You told me to follow "Marchers" since my sectionals are Feb 27-28...still contiue following early March?

Strength is going through the roof!! Deadlift 315lb easy/ Jerks 160lb x 4...Seems i have been training alot of Fast-gylco (with the short intervals)...i am so pumped for next weekend! any advice coach would be great!

Brian Maier said...


Late March:


embarrassed to post this time...need to learn how to kip these up...slow and painful singles!

Wes hendricks said...

hahaha, am I the only male under 150?

Andy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bubba Hagood said...

Late March

Did the 150-175# workout

Rd1: 15 8 0:46
Rd2: 13 8 2:05
Rd3: 6/5 8 3:38
Rd4: 5/4 8 5:08
Rd5: 6/1 8 6:39
Rd6: 5 5/3 8:05
Rd7: 3 5/3 9:14
Rd8: 1 3/2/2/1 10:23

HSPU felt great, hands inside 30" mark, head to deck and full extension - felt much better to put a pause at the top to get the reps.

Had a break through with the L pull ups - my feet used to drop below parallel at the bottom of the drop. Got into a great "kip"/shoulder release rhythm that kept them up at the bottom. Had nothing left last round though.

Did 50 GHD situps and measured the rollout on the rower afterwards - more like 20 meteres from a 1:24 pace.

Erik Luber said...

It's you and me Wes...let the featherweight battle royal begin!

Anonymous said...

BW: 148.5 Lbs
Result: 19:42

Chad said...




Modified with lightest possible resitance bands for HSPU's. I'm short on time today and this would have taken me 30+ RX'd. I try to switch back and forth but HSPU are a big weakness for me. This was good today. Thx coach!

Heavy Evy said...

Can't wait to hit this one!
Since I'm so new to the whole gaming aspect of this, in regards to the HSPU, are you better off to break them up or just go to failure every round? I think I can get the 1st 15ub but but after that who knows!

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM
24 min.
L ups were relatively easy. HSPU are a different story

Gord said...

Wes- You are not alone. AFT is under 150#.

Brandon said...

200+ crew

16:34 - not rx'd.

HSPU to 2.5" target. Still can't do high rep HSPU to full ROM and keep any kind of pace up. I could have timed myself with a sundial doing those rx'd. Need to learn how to kip these.

The L-pulls felt great today. Awesome 3 day cycle coach!

Johan Lindvall said...

BW: 81kg (180lbs)

Time: 18.37

The handstands really broke me down, and I broke them down so many times that couldn´t keep counting... =)

All L-Pullups unbroken.

Ali Loach said...

MIA for the weekend....just got word that Keith booked me a trip to Whistler to watch the Skeleton event. He's spent the last few weeks helping coach his teammates and I'm SUPER STOKED to watch CANADA OWN IT!

Back at it when I return on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Early March
hspu at 2.5" target

14r + 9 box jumps said...

Everything pretty broken up, thought the L-pullups were going to be the limiting factor...well they were but not as bad as the HSPU- was quickly into sets of 2 and 1.

Yelvi said...

Early March

12 rounds

Notes: Kept a steady consistent pace throughout. Everything unbroken, hands behind back for Back Extensions. Body was tired.

Jason Anderson said...

Off to FilFest in Miami WOD 2morrow.

brad said...

Late March
BWT 175-200


Was able to get the first 15 HSPU's unbroken, and then it felt as though some sort of large animal jumped on my back. Struggled to find a rhythm doing 1 at a time.

All L pulls unbroken except the last set. Wussed out and had to drop after 4.

All in all, felt pretty good this week.
Man, this site is awesome.

Stephen Flamm said...

Early March:

9 rounds + 5 hspu

Steady pace throughout. No misses, but probably couldn't have gone any faster without missing a hspu - these were definitely the sticking point. Finished all reps with feet still on wall. Box jumps were performed to full extension standing on top of box before coming down.

Jason Buzzard said...

I would think that if you are competing in mid March it would be best to follow the early March schedule or follow a week behind. Anyone elses thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. That just seems to be the easiest way to me.

Lisa M said...

Are we allowed to kip the hspus or is it better to slug them out strict

Rainer Hartmann said...

Early March:
11 rounds plus HSPU, BJ, 9 Back Ext

Melissa said...

Late Marcher

HSPU to ab mat, chipped away in 2's and singles.
L sit pull-ups felt great


Mizar said...

Later Marcher
BWT below 150#

arms are toasted!

Wes hendricks said...

BWT 145

Time - 12:56

all HSPU unbroken my thumbs 25 in apart
L-ups were done with left hand prone right hand supine and very broken

Anonymous said...

BWT 157
Time 13:05
HSPU I got 8 then all sets of 1,2,or 3's all strict no kipping
L PU's all unbroken until last 2sets

Michael FitzGerald said...

Did the back squat portion only from yesterday - 231/241/251/261/276/291. Kept it to 95% effort, low back was a little tight.
Today's - 183#
All L Pull-ups started from an L (no kipping), and ended in an L (no dropping off bar).

Michael FitzGerald said...

Did the back squat portion only from yesterday - 231/241/251/261/276/291. Kept it to 95% effort, low back was a little tight.
Today's - 183#
All L Pull-ups started from an L (no kipping), and ended in an L (no dropping off bar).

deejay said...

Late March
Male - 210lbs
time - 22:55 - all kipping HSPU

Alex Duncan said...

Body Weight: 196


All L-Pullups unbroken
HSPUs mostly painfully slow singles.

Glad to be forced to work on this weakness!

Andy said...

Male 6'3" 193
HSPU crown of head to the floor no kipping with feet inside of handwidth.

HSPUs are definitely a weakness for me.

Roch said...

BW: 168lbs

Went really smooth.
no kipping HSP.
L-sit suppine, legs straight and strong until the end over 90 degree.
5 first sets unbroken (L-sits)

After yesterday my rotators cuff where sore and after that wod my humerus is back in place feel strong and proud hahaha ;)

bmizzlle said...

Late March (March 13-14)
175-200 WOD

L-pullups not bad...HSPU strict and slow mostly 2s and 1s...big weakness

joey warren said...

BWT 180lb


HSPU-no kip, wide hands, 15 unbroken, rest broken w short rest
L-pullups- held L for full ROM unbroken until last 2 rounds 5-1 and 2-1-1-1-1, failed twice in last round

David said...



Thumbs inside shoulders, all strict. First 15 unbroken. L's full rom and only last 2 sets broken.

Katrina Burton said...

With my horrible work schedule on Wednesdays I could only fit in part 1 yesterday. Did part 2 & today's spread out today.

Part 2 from yesterday
135m, 144m, 143m, 141m
143m, 143m, 142m, 140m
Total of 1131m.
Does anyone have experience in the Concept 2 Model D VS the Model C? I was on fire today holding a 1:42/500m pace... I've never in my life been below a 1:48/500m, I am insanely happy with my results today but could it have to do with the different models?

Females Late March WOD: 12:20
10,9, and 8 reps of HSPU were strict and the rest were kipped. My shoulders are fried now!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Late March;
BW-198, Time=12:14

Used the hand width standard from the AZ Sectionals... in WARM-UP!

Hands wide but not crazy wide with many many singles. L-Pull-ups were flying until the 2nd last round. Loooooooong warm-up again to get the hams loose and shoulders toasty. HSPUs haven't been great lately, my best with those was the 1st 21 straight on my Diane PB about 1000 years ago.

Joey, your time is insane dude. Un-frickin'-real.

Steve Howell said...

Later Marcher

Time= 8:38

PTS said...

Late Marcher:
BWT- 188.

19:56 as rx'd. While this time is slow compared to to others it marks a big improvement for me. 10% kipping HSPU.

We did a similiar wod on 9-18-09 and it took me 55:20, b/c of shitty HSPU's. They are still shitty but they are improving.

Adam Rogers said...

Early march

Adam- 14 + 5 hspu

Back is toast, was starting to affect box jumps. Hspu all unbroken with some kipping. Box jumps full extension at top.

John - 12 rounds

Hspu all unbroken, box jumps to full extension

Erik Luber said...



Spent about 2/3 of the time doing HSPUs. All HSPUs and L-pull ups strict. Last time doing similar WOD in 9-18-09 took me 26:40 (which had 16 less L-pull ups), so definitely some progress since then.

dmarsh said...



HSPUs strict with pause at lockout. Round of 15 unbroken and then mostly 3's after that.

Supinated grip for pullups. Last 3 rounds broken.

Paul Klein said...

Early Marcher:
12 rounds + 3 HPSUs

Yesterday I did the Feb double WOD from January 27th. Pull Ups front squat ladder and hill running.

Made 17 minutes plus 11 front squats in minute 18.

Running felt good, did it on a treadmill with the incline to 15 and started each set with the speed at 7.0 and increased to 8.5 - 9.0

Thank you James!

Craig said...


12 rounds.

B/Ext were the hardest part. two rounds unbroken arms at chest, rest were broken. good hspu endurance.

Nice job unit!!

Tyler Smith said...

14 & 1/3 rounds... pain in erector spinae after round 1 was excruciating.

Would really like to try this one again when fresh...

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...



Brent Ericksen (CFN) said...

Early March

13+10 HSPUs

Should have gone faster, started out tentatively (feeling out an achilles strain) the first two rounds of BJs.

Brent Ericksen (CFNasti) said...

* 13 + 10 BJs

unit said...

29 m 6'0" 191

late marchers



Lindsey said...

Late March

not pleased - 30:30 but I finished

HSPU off the GHD for assist, full ROM
Shoulders are smoked!

FINALLY figured out how to kip! Took me long enough! But very pleased!

Aaron said...

Early March-
10 Rounds as RX'D

ken c said...

early march

10 rounds.

not the best at hspu.

Pete said...

Late Marcher

First 15 hspu all unbroken, then went 11,2/8,3/6,3/6,1/5/3/1. breaks were just long enough to get out of the handstand and right back in.

First 2 sets of L's were unbroken and then had to break em up 4,4/4,4/4,2,2/4,2,2/4,2,1,1,/2,1,1,1,1,1,1.

When fatigue kicks in, I have a hard time keeping my left shoulder pulled back in place. Working hard at stabilizing that issue.

Overall great wod!

Blaine said...

Late March:
BWT 162
HSPU were very tough,L pull-ups seemed quite easy in comparison - until last round where I failed quite a few L's. Many HSPU were kipped.

Mike Molloy said...

Male 170#

Time- 10:48

This one really plays to my strengths. All HSPUs were unbroken. The pull ups were broken after for all but the first set.

Brent Maier said...


Late Marchers:

Time: 12:27 - Did the 175-200# workout today with 6 L's.

1:53 - Unbroken!

Megs said...

Late March
Today was more of a practice than a real workout but... I got my first handstand pushup!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Have been stuck at 3/4 inch plate for a loooong time, but figured out how to kip today and even though they were all singles, I can finally do them, so I am pumped! Did half the wod as rx'd, but didn't bother really timing it.

Then 50 ghd situps in right around 3 minutes.


Slater Coe said...

13 rds + 15 reps

HSPU done on 25lbs+10lbs+abmat
Box Jump done at 30" instead of 24"
Back Extensions destroyed my back... last 8 sets or so were broken.

Chris Fodera said...

Late March



- All L-PullUps UnBroken
- HSPUs kicked me in the junk
- Got the first
- Sets looked like this:
15 = 8, 3, 1, 2k, 1k
13 = 1k, 2k, kipping singles from here on out

- PreWO: 16g BCAA-G
- PWO: Shake (30gP and 30gC: Jarrow and Refuel)
- 60 min later: chicken w/ mushrooms and capers, asparagus, mac nuts

This was a truly humbling experience. HSPUs (and overhead strength in general) are my nemesis.

Great WOD...Thanks, coach.

MRI tomorrow for the right knee. Results will get read to me in a little over a week.

Chris Fodera said...


amazing time...

Stefani said...

Following late March, not for competition purposes but for fun

18:48 with band asst on HSPU's and knee up L down on the PU's.

Ang said...

Late Marcher


Wow I found this workout really hard. My upper body is still wrecked from the last two workouts and I just could not get the HSPUs done. I figured out the kip and that helped. I am happy with how my L-sit pullups are comming along though!
YAY rest day tomorrow!!!

Nathan H. said...

My shoulder still feels a bit sketchy when I do pullups (feels like a strange weakness, and I can't apply all my force) but feels fine for HSPU so I did the early march WOD.

First 5 rounds HSPU strict, then kipping. All unbroken, kept a solid pace the whole time.

19 rounds on the dot.

Chad Hall said...

Late Marcher 192 lbs

Not super happy with this. L-pull ups were great, actually happy with those, all supinated grip.

HSPUs were brutal. Did about 18 strict the whole time and the rest were kipping. I've been working on them every other day in my warm up so getting better, but not great.

Felt fatigued today, not enough food the past couple of days.

Katrina Burton said...

Congrats to all the ladies who earned their first handstand pushup today! Great job!

Mack Lar said...

Early March
9 miserable rounds. Had about 6-7 failed sets of HSPU's with several failures at rep 4. I think I completed 1 or 2 rds in the last 7-8 minutes because of HSPU failures. These are my goat and something I will focus on from here on out.

Michael said...

Early March
18 and 2/3 rounds

Steve G said...


Late march group



Notes: first set of HSPUs umnbroken after that I did what I could...however I never did singles (except last 1 of course) which was good...LPUs were unbroken until last 2 rounds...

Heavy Evy said...

Late Marchers
Current BWT 186

Time: 16:13
After set of 13 not rx'd unless my long hair touching the floor would fool the rep counters. Not every rep but too many to say that time was ligit.

Pull ups were all Unbroken.
HSPU were strict, no idea how to kip! Did he first 15UB and that was pretty much my max.

Marie Rochat said...

I have the same question as others about weather to go with early or late marchers for peaking on the 13th and 14th. I guessed and went with late marchers today.


HSPU felt great. All were strict non-kipping. The L-sit pull ups were tough as usual. Glad to see them in the WODs though, because I can use all the practice at them as I can get.

Michelle said...


Did this late this afternoon at OPT. Haven't had much luck with HSPUs since the fall...I have never been at the point where I could string a lot together, but at least I could previously get full ROM to the floor. In fact, I had almost convinced myself that i 'lost' them. BUT...that kind of self doubt and talk doesn't fly with the amazing guys at OPT. HUGE thanks to Geoff and Michael for their encouragement and reminding me what I am capable of. So, after several months I finally got my HSPU back!!!!(no kip only because I don't know how...). Thanks also to Brett for helping me figure out how to approach the WOD.

L-ups were solid...started and finished every rep in L position.

I echo Katrina's comments...Congrats to Megs and anyone else who got their first HSPU today!

Justin Flynn said...

This workout owned me. I did however figure out how to kip the hspu which Im happy with.

All hspu very broken. L pullups were unbroken.


John T. said...

Late March bodyweight 165 so did 150-175# wod


I was glad it was all upper body today, my knees have been bothering me after the past few cycles, gonna stretch and ice tommorrow

Anonymous said...

Weighed in at a disappointing 148.5# today (should have kept my shoes on!)
HSPU's done with hands at pressing width, just outside shoulders.

Jenny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenny said...

Non kipping HSPU and unbroken
Broken L-pullups from rond 5.Started kipping L-pullups in the middle of the 7th round.

Time: 9.42

Jason Buzzard said...

Early March, 10 rounds.

Did not Kip any of the hand stand push ups, limiting factor seemed to be the back extensions. Getting unbroken box jumps on a 24" box is a bit different than on a 20".

SugarCoat said...

Late March...

Strict HSPU's

15 - 10/5
8 - U
13 - 5/3/2/3
8 - U
11 - 4/2/2/2/1
8 - 6/2
9 - 3/2/1/1/1/1
8 - 6/2
7 - 3/2/2
8 - 5/2/1
5 - 3/2
8 - 4/2/2
3 - 2/1
8 - 2/2/1/1/1/1
1 - 1
8 - 1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1


Jeremy Tucker said...

200+ group
wish there was a 220+
6'1, 228
15 and 13 unbroken, rest very
all l pull up unbroken, all 4 lol

Bear said...

BW: 78 kg / 172 lbs

For time
15 HSPU, 8 sec L-sit, 13 HSPU, 8 sec L-sit, 11 HSPU, 8 sec L-sit, 9 HSPU, 8 sec L-sit, 7 HSPU, 8 sec L-sit, 5 HSPU, 8 sec L-sit, 3 HSPU, 8 sec L-sit, 1 HSPU, 8 sec L-sit
Time: 25:35 min…

No pull up bar so L-sits instead. Really suck at HSPU (among other things), but I didn´t get worse at them at least ;)

Jonathan said...

Bw 160,
late marcher,
time was 12:50.
Overall felt good. Gased at the very end with the virtually 16 L sit pullups to do.

Jeff B. said...


I am also competing in Columbus, OH at the Arnold Classic (looks like it will be crazy, that many people are gonna make me nervous!) I know my Oly lifts will be a problem in the competition, but I thought it would be a cool experience to sign up and support the games and just do my best. I live in Columbus, so if any of you guys coming in town need anything let me know.

Today's workout was awesome for me - I had some shoulder problems and I was new to HSPU just 3-4 weeks ago, and today I got 8 full rounds +2 HSPU in 20:00, and 9 full in 20:58. I did 30" Box and nailed all of these and the Back Extensions UB.

Working on the HSPU was something I know I need going into these sectionals, along with double unders and Front squats. So in my warm-up I have added some Front Squat technique work with 95lbs, and in my cool down I do 5 minutes on jump rope work and I feel like I am coming along well... Thanks for the workout OPT.

Justin A said...

Late Marcher



Chris Fodera said...

anyone going to the Oly Lifting Cert this weekend at CrossFit Balboa / SoCal Strength and Conditioning?

rwcorson said...

late March, 178# m
The HSPUs were slow, but consistent. The L-pull ups were good until the last 2 sets, then became very hard.

Anonymous said...

Late march. 220 lb BW

2 HSPU/4 L-pullup x 8. 16:49

Struggled to get the last few HSPU sets, and just read about kipping. I will have to learn how to do that.

Pull ups were challenging but doablen rings as usual. Hope to finish pullup bar in the garage this weekend

Hat goes off to those who completed as rx.

JAM said...

Early Marcher

16 rounds

HSPU's felt solid for a change
Box Jumps felt strong and fast
Back Extensions were easy, provided the rest

Melisa C said...

42.40 rx'd

Didn't care about my time as I have only ever done 1 strict HSPU before and I wanted to rx this wod. Re-did 8 more HSPU at the end as the first 8 I did to a 2.5# plate.

All HSPU were strict and broken (obviously) and L Pullups broken started at 6.

Can anyone tell me what the standard is for L Pullups? Can I drop my legs once I reach lock out at the bottom and then bring them back up for next rep? Does that make sense?

exp. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
exp. said...

18:54 rx'd @ 169# bwt

no kip on hspu...hands just outside shoulders

l-pullups unbroken for all but last 3 rounds...done strict and to full ROM, legs straight, feet above 90 degrees...all started and finished in L position

hspu crushed me...after first 13 unbroken, they turned into a couple of triples, some doubles and lots of singles...brutal!