Feb 2, 2010



20 sec max reps, 40 sec rest;

1. Bench Press – 135#/95#

2. Hang Power Clean – 135#/95#

3. Box Jumps – 20”/14”

4. Row Meters

Repeat 5 times for total reps/meters


3 sets:

10 thrusters – 120#/80#

Row 2 min @ 90% effort

Rest 2 min


3 sets:

10 front squat – 135#/95#

90 sec high knee skipping

rest 2 min


21,15,9 rep rounds for time;

Chin Ups


Post loads and notes to comments

Wed double for Febbers, single for Marchers


joey warren said...

So here we should rest as long as needed between couplets, correct?

Michael FitzGerald said...

I would say rest 2 mins as rx'd between couplets.

Aaron said...

March Training:
1st Couplet:
Thrusters- 30/30/28 Seconds
Row- 516m/518m/519m
*Thrusters felt light and fast.

2nd Couplet:
Front Squats-135# light and fast
High knee skips- 239/212/250
I had some misses on the first two sets that slowed me down a lot.

3rd Couplet:
Chin-ups unbroken
Burpees unbroken, slow paced

Overall, I was happy with the intensity of all couplets. I stayed true to the rest between sets and couplets. Full ROM on all exercises. I felt good about todays performance.

BK said...

Are the skips 2 leg bounds or single leg high knees?

BK said...

I apologize in advance for the dumbarse question,we are having some confusion here at CFP. Are we skipping with a rope in place, skipping forward without a rope or ??? Training in 90 minutes and want to do as RXD.

OPT said...

BK, skipping in place, singles, high knees...alternate legs per rep...

BK said...

Thanks for the quick response mate and clearing that up!!

Mie said...


As Rx´d

1: 26
2: 54
3: 93

Thank you for yet another great workout

Martin Altemark said...


Thrusters: all sets unbroken, felt OK
Row: avg 1:45, 1:47, 1:49

FSq: last reps heavy but all unbroken
Run in place with high knees: broken, unbroken, broken. Very hard.

bodyweight fran: 4:46

Did not feel good at all at last metcon. Was weak and broke horribly after first round. Have done this more than a minute faster. Mentally weak and I hate that when I do it. Will redeem myself next time.

Erik Luber said...



Thruster @ 100#: 10, 7/3, 6/4
Row: 528m, 519, 509
FS @ 110#: 8/2, 7/3, 6/4
High Knee skips: 100, 100, 114
Chin/burpees: 5:55

This kicked my ass. Weights were all really heavy for me. Happy with the thrusters and FS, all the unbroken training has rewired my perceived limits, managed to squeeze out 2-3 more reps after I felt ready to quit. First time doing the high knee skips, I would only get to 30 reps after a minute, then finally find my rhythm and then go unbroken for 70-80 reps. Was in survival mode going in the last couplet, wanted sub 6 and got it, felt pukie but pushed hard.

Covino24 said...


Thrusters @ 120# - UB/7-3/5-3-2
Row 2mins - 520m/510m/502m
Front Squats @ 135# - UB/8-2/7-3
HighKneeSkips - UB/one 5 second break for last 2 sets
21,15,9 ChinUps/Burpees
Time: 5:35
21 rep round = UB/UB
hit a wall
15 rep round = 8-7/8-7
9 rep round = 5-4/UB

Great program today.. Really pushed my wind in all three workouts. That round of 15 felt like it took forever/and all my energy..i probably broke for 15+ seconds after the round of 21! A little dissapointed by that and not being able to get through those Front squats unbroken..

mike@CFCochrane said...

For The couplets is it 3 rounds straight through with a 2min rest between them or 2min rest between each round of each couplet?

Wes hendricks said...


I believe its both. You do the thrusters then rowing, then rest two minutes before repeating two more times. Then after your last round of thrusters rowing you rest two minutes then go into the front cleans and high knees. Repeat the same process resting two minutes then after your last round of front squats high knees you rest two minutes and do the chin ups burpees for time.

If the couplets were three rounds straight through it would say for time, like the pull-up burpee WOD says.

Thats at least how I interpret it.

SugarCoat said...

Thrusters - Unbrkn x 3
Row - 538m/519m/503m
FRSQ - Unbrkn x 3
Skips - 6 Brks/7 Brks/4 Brks
Chins/Burpees - 4:49
Chins - Unbrkn
Burpees - Tore me up and were sloooooow!

I hope I did this right...I took a 2 min rest after each set and in between couplets..

Rainer Hartmann said...

Thruster @120#: 8/2, 5/3/2, 5/3/2 Row 2 min: 507, 497, 487 meters
Front Squats 135#: 10/10/10
High Knee Skips: 84/84/87 (all with breaks)
C) 6:40
First time for high knee skips, hip flexors got really tight there.

Wes hendricks said...



Thrusters: all unbroken
Rowing: 560-556-525(tried to maintain a 1:45 pace)

F/s: unbroken
High knees w/ jump rope: 80/102/105(rope broke first round, luckily I had a back up ready)

CTB chin-ups

Time - 4:40 (the only pull-ups that were broken were set of 15, 7/8)

I crashed a little on the last round of rowing. And on the burpees I was moving painfully slow. With regards to the barbell movements I was happy I kept them unbroken, felt strong

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM

Rx'd but only did row just under 2 min pace

10FS(135# unbroken)&90sec high knees skipping (all 3 broken). First one was more of heels to ass.Corrected next 2 (thanks coach). Crazy hard. Hope to see it again.

21,15,9CUs&Burps. Unbroken @ 4:28

San Diego tomorrow for 6 days. XFitInvictus

Mike@CFCochrane; 1st part of couplet, 2nd part of couplet, rest 2 min. Repeat 2 more times. Unspecified rest before next couplet.

Gord said...

Trusters- unbroken x3
Row- maintained a pace of 1:59/500 for all 3

Front squats- unbroken x3
skipping -was harder than expected

metcon- 3:12

Anonymous said...

I did the first part with weight rx'd. I had to skip part two due to time. Did part three 8:48.

Pols said...

1. 52 reps 120m
2. 53, 115
3. 50, 110
4. 55, 115
5. 57, 120

For some reason I thought that running "linda" on my day off yesterday was a good idea. Whoops.

Katrina Burton said...

1.) thrusters with 85# unbroken, rows were 462m 455m and 442m
2.) front squats with 95# unbroken, skips were 235, 226, 236
3.) 3:37

Laid on the floor for a solid 5min after that one!!

Lindsey said...

Thrusters @ 70 - first set unbroken, second and third horribly broken
Actually got to row today. Realize I've been missing out on a lot!

FS @ 85 - 5/5,5/5,5/5 felt heavy
Skips got tough on third round. Should have kept a more precise count, ~130 skips ea round

~6:30 - some guy started asking a bunch of questions about what I was doing bc it looked hard. I told him I was on a timer but that didn't slow the questions, just my time... :(

I'm going to be taking a look at my diet. The last couple WODs I have felt sluggish going in and quickly declined from there. Weights have all felt heavier than they should and no endurance. Needs to be corrected.

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...

A 1:58avg/500m, 2:03avg, 2:03
B unbroken, broken once (first 2 rotations), broken once (last 10sec)
C 3:22

Notes:Thrusters felt good, Front Squat could have been heavier. Chest was on fire after the wod. Row time pretty slow but Im feeling more confident "erging"

Comments: high knees are a great sub and transfer exercise for Pose running. With the combination of B & C I wonder which was hard. Today workout of Fran itself. I felt just as horrible at the end of 21-15-9 as I did doing Fran a couple weeks back at 2:43mins.


Corbin said...

Couplet1: Thrusters unbroken as Rx'd
Rower taken had to sub 45# SDHP for 2 min
Rest 2 min
Couplet2: Front Squat unbroken as Rx'd
High knee skip in place - harder than it
Rest 3 min to set up chin up/burpee couplet:
8:34-kept the clock running during a necessary bathroom break in the middle of the workout

Hamstrings/lower back still a little stiff from DL last week, hopefully this loosened it up

tstain said...

Hard to tell based on OPT's response to BK above and everyone's responses...

Are the high knee skips with a jump rope doing single unders between skips?

Chad said...


Thrusters: UBx3 @ 120#
Row: 593m/567m/536m

FS: UBx3 @ 135#
HKS: 130/129/140

CU/Burpee: 6:18

I was really happy with how I performed today. This was a real gasser and I always have a hard time maintaining focus and intensity on body weight activities when I'm toasted. I know my time was not good on the last one but I feel like I broke through some barriers there.

Awesome WOD...thanks coach!

Jeremy said...

day 2 on OPT blog
thrusters (135lbs)
2min row

front squats
Unbroken sets

Met con
pullups (C2B)
Dang I sucked haha. 34yo, 6'1, 235lbs if that gets me a pass:)

Brent Maier said...

Grant, what kind of corrections did you make today? Tightening up your range of motion to speed up the movement by not dropping so low or correcting your ass to grass movement which sounds like maybe you were not putting enough faith in your hammies?

Great job Gord!

Andrew Romeo said...

A: Thrusters: unbroken
Row: 596, 456, 440

Really thought I was going to yuke, took like 5 min

B: Front Squats: Unbroken
High Knee Skipping: unbroken, did power skips in place...brutal

C: 4:27- pullups unbroken and felt fast, burpees were slow and horrible

Andy said...

Couplet 1
Didn't have rower so did SDHP for 2 min. Thrusters felt good, however I need to work on exploding through my hips more.

Couplet 2
Ripped my shorts on second set of front squats, after that getting deep was easier.

Couplet 3
Ran out of time only got through 21,21 and 15 pull ups then had to go to cafeteria duty. 3:26 However this wod was terrible at the end.

Bubba Hagood said...

m/47/160lbs- Marcher

New to the OPT training and blogging - so bear with me. On East Coast so some inerpretations of the meaning of the WOD -may need to fall back a day to get the benefit of the comment stream.

First Couplet (Rested 2 min after the fist time through the thruster/row pair - then decided that wasn't the intent and did all the rest of this couplet and the others without the 2 minutes between the pairs - just took 2 minutes at the end - bear of a workout that way.

First Couplet:
Rd 1: THR Rx'd UB at 24 sec/ Row 550 (rest 2 min)
Rd 2: THR Rx'd UB at 25 sec/ Row 551 ("no" rest but took 10 sec to catch breath)
Rd 3: THR Rx'd UB at 27 sec /row 545

Rested 2 min and changed weight on bar

Second Couplet
Rd 1: FS Rx'd UB at ~30 sec/ 130reps
Rd 2: same
Rd 3: same
No rest beween rounds. Uncertain on form for "high knee skipping" - ended up looking like a high knee "running man"
Major problems with timing on this one as FS kept messing with my watch on my wrist. What do people use to take times/splits in the middle of these workouts? - hard to do that and breathe.

Rested 2 minutes then did the third couplet

Third Couplet: 3:59 all rounds unbroken
Pullups were a rest! - lost butterfly kip briefly at 10 on 15 round, got it back on the 9's
burpees were tough - very nauseous on the 15 round of burpees
Had to catch breath for ~10 sec after burpees 21 and 15 so time way slower than Fran.

Stephen Flamm said...

Still avoiding deep knee flexion, so made a few subs:

Push press, 10 @ 135; all unbroken and fast
2:00 row, holding 1:45 pace; 578, 576, 571m


Sled drag, 100' @ 100 lbs.
Alt. single foot skipping, no high knees; 125-150 per round



Felt like throwing up from the second row on. PU//burpee was only :38 faster than the 50/50 from last weekend, without CTB. Another humbling day.

rwcorson said...

thrusters 10,10,6/4
rows 605/560/540m
rest 5 mins
front squat 10,6/4,6/4
skipping - difficult
rest 11 mins
chin ups/burpees 4:39
I don't have any stamina yet. I was totally gassed after each couplet, so I increased the rest.

joey warren said...

thrusters - 125lb unbroken
2 min row- 611m, 584m, 574m- came out too fast, gassed for remainder of workout- TOUGH!

2 min rest

fr sq 135lb- unbroken
high knees felt good, legs felt heavy though

2 min rest

4:04- this felt harder than 50 CTB PUs + 50 burpees and took me longer- I was gassed I think still from the first round of row; my legs never came back

one of the tougher workouts Ive experience recently- LOVED IT!!!!!!

Mike@CFCochrane said...

Hey guys figured I should give the Big Dawgs WOD a go. I've been watching for quite a while now and trying to take notes but figured the best way to understand it is to get some "time under the bar" before the CCP this year.
A. Thrusters UB x 3; 534, 536, 535
B. FS UB x 3; 232, 224, ...120-200 lost focus... I don't think I would call them "high knees" though.

bmizzlle said...


Thrusters: all Unbroken
Rowing: 618m/582m/590m
+ 2 min rest
Front Squats: all unbroken
High Knee Skips: 127/120/130
+ 2 min rest
4:36(pullups unbroken,burpees sucked and too slow)

feel like I have another gear on burpees but hard to get there, need competition!!! I wish I had a training partner. Glad to keep barbell movements Unbroken, was a small struggle.

bmizzlle said...

AMAZING time Gord nice job!!

David Englund said...

thrusters unbroken
rows average 1:55min/500m all rounds

front squat unbroken
high knee skipping - tough

PU/Burpees 3:19min

Chris Fodera said...



First Couplet
Thrusters: 120# x 10 x 3 Unbroken
Row: 568m, 573m, 567m
Rest: 2 min b/t rounds

Second Couplet
FS: 135# x 10 x 3 Unbroken
High Knee Skipping: 130 reps, 141 reps, 140 reps
Rest: 2 min b/t rounds

Third Couplet

Rest 2 min b/t each couplet

- PreWO: 16g BCAA-G, 5g Creatine
- PWO: Shake (24gP: MRM Metabolic Whey, 2 Scoops Refuel), 8g BCAA-G, 5g Creatine
- 60 min later: Turkey, apple, almond butter

- First Couplet: Felt really good although my arms were a little fatigued toward the end of round three on the Thrusters. Manageable weight/reps here and could have gone a little heavier for slightly more reps, but this was a good push for me. Rounds two and three I had to push in order to keep the pace I started with in round 1. I kept the row right at about 1:45/500m pace. This was easily doable in rounds 1 and 2, but a little more difficult to maintain in round 3. Came off the rower a little gassed.
- Second Couplet: FS felt really good (fast and smooth). Found the bar coming up off my shoulders almost to my chin in the entire first round and a couple reps of round 2. Had to get out of the thruster mindset and go a little more deliberate on my movement. High knee skipping was a little rough on the quads after the FS and caused me to be fairly winded at the end of each round.
- Third Couplet: PullUps were awesome. Didn't take much time at all between the burpees and PullUps. All PullUps were unbroken. Burpees kicked me in the jewels with a lead boot. The last 10 of round 1 were killer. The round of 15 burpees was pure pain. I managed to gut through the 3rd round Unbroken, but they were SLOW! I really need to be able to push through these in instances like this if I want my times to be where I want them to be.

Today's WOD was AWESOME! I don't say it enough, so here goes: Thanks for the amazing programming and commitment! All you do is sincerely appreciated, Coach.

Garage Crossfitter said...

thrusters unbroken
rows 540,542,542

rest 2

Front squats unbroken
high knees 105, 140,143

rest 2

metcon 3:49, burpees very slow, i had nothing left to give at the end of that one. chins unbroken

I definatley had more left in the tank at the end of each row. It was weird, my abs and hip flexors got real tight doing those high knee skips.

Chris Fodera said...


If you plan to make it a little further North into the Camp Pendleton Area while in SoCal, please let me know. There are a couple of us that follow this programming and would love to have you join us.


Lisa M said...

OPT - my knee is REALLY bothering me and i need it to get better asap do you know someone in town that you could recommend that i go see for assessment/treatment. Thanks

Part 1 thrusters did 85# just easier with plates unbroken kept weight way back on heels and hips to avoid knee stress
Row 517/501/482 totally gassed on these :(

did one legged 22" box jumps instead of skipping because hurts knee too much did 37/33/34 because had to step down couldn't jump down

4:48 for CU/Burpees why these didn't hurt my knee i have no idea.

Seems any impact where knee is in extension feels like someone is stabbing a knife into my medial meniscus but flexion impact and even squatting is ok as long as there is no medial pressure. Think my meniscus is poooooched!!crap.

Mizar said...

Thrusters: u-u-b
Row: 543-532-514

FS: b-u-u
HKS: 150-210-190

Chin-up & Burpees

Alex Duncan said...


1st Couplet: Thrusters@125#: Unbroken, 3/3/2/2, 4/3/3
Row: 584, 544, 553

2nd Couplet: FS all unbroken
Skips: 95, 110, 111

Pullup/Burpees: 5:19
Pullups: 21 UB, 10/5, 9UB
Burpees slow/brutal

This workout overall was amazing. Totally smoked me. 2mins between all rounds/couplets

Michael FitzGerald said...

Thruster - unbroken
Row (avg) - 1:47.7/1:49/1:49.9
FSquat - unbroken
Skipping - that sucked
Only round 21 of chin/burpee - 1:25
Was not feeling great after that so shut it down.

Note - rest was 2 min between sets, and 2 min rest between couplets.

deejay said...

Lisa, go to tower physio and see Ian or Geoff

Nathan H. said...

As rxd:
1: 16 sec/ 601m
17s/ 570
20s/ 524

2min rest

2: 15sec/118 (thought there was a rest after the fs, rested 45 seconds and then realized lol.
17s/210 unbroken
20s/165, 3 breaks

2min rest

3: 4:44

That wod was one of the hardest things I've done for awhile. Absolutely brutal. The timed rest made it so much harder and I got weird whole-body fatigue that crushed me, I rarely feel like that. Like joey said, it was harder than the ctb/burpee wod. Freakin awesome!

Great training, thanks opt! And great work everyone!


CalebG said...

Thrusters @ 120#-Unbroken
FSquat @ 13-Unbroken
Skipping-110/110/110(This hurtbad)
21-15-9 Chins and Burpees

David said...



1. 43, 122m
2. 39, 107m
3. 40, 105m
4. 34, 104m
5. 31, 107m

Mike Molloy said...

Couplet 1:
Unbroken Thrusters
550 525 540 meters

rest 2 min

Couplet 2:
Unbroken Front Squat
Didn't Count skips

rest 2 min

Couplet 3:
5:00 on the dot.

Notes: Thrusters are a goat of mine, so I was pumped to get them straight through. Today was brutally hard overall and part 3 sucked way worse than the recent 50/50 wod.

BK said...

Thruster- Unbroken
Row -572,565,554 meters

FS -Unbroken
Skip 168, 208,205 individual skips , 3 breaks and fast-killer hip flexor.

4.37 unbroken butterfly
burpees slow and deathly.

Felt very faint immediately after workout had to hold myself up, then walked outside into freezing Northeast for relief.
Best workout in memory.Actually very first workout doing Big Dawgs was similar sdhp-row, thruster-DU, PU-BJ a few months back.

Lauren said...

thurster - unbroken
row - average around 1:55

FS- Unbroken
Skip - um, extremely hard and broken

Burpee/PU - 6:17
gotta love those burpee pull-up combos.... :)

Johnny Di Gregorio said...


As RX'd

1: Unbroken / 580m
2: Unbroken / 568m
3: 7,3 / 545

2:10 rest.
(As I brought my head up I realized I had 30 seconds left to change my weight on the bar and start. Missed my start for the 2nd couplet by 10 seconds)

* I did high knee skips while jumping rope.

1: Unbroken / 90
2: Unbroken / 142
3: Unbroken / 234

rest 2 Min

Chin up break downs were like this:
-I felt like my shoulders wanted to throw up. Pure body pain through the last bit of the bit.
Time: 10:05

Total Time for today 37:17

Amazing workout. A great test of how comfortable I am at being uncomfortable. Still much more I dig in for.

rwcorson said...

DJ comments are bang on.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt 1 - thrusters all unbroken, distance not noted because it wasn't asked for. Turns out I left my brain at home and did 115 for the 1st 2 sets until DJ pointed it out and I fixed my boo boo. Oops.
Pt 2 - FS all unbroken, skipping reps not noted because they weren't asked for but it was horrible with multiple stops.
Pt 3 - 6:14 with CTB pull-ups. Because I knew I didn't have much to go on today for toughness and work capacity I CHOSE to use CTB because they need the work. Do I recommend other people doing that? No, I reccomend people think for themselves and get what they need from these workouts because they are TRAINING workouts, not rocket science.

Anyways, turns out the burpees were the rough part today but I'm just glad I FINISHED THE WORKOUT.

Rest between couplets is as needed, that's the way it's been for as long as I've known. Obviously I didn't take 30 minutes off between but 2 minutes between is way too short, almost too short to even set up for the next couplet. Kudos to anyone doing it that way, but you guys are gonna be smoked tomorrow.

Lisa, go to Tower Physio.

deejay said...

Thrusters - unbroken
rows - 568m(1:45.6), 566m(1:46.0), 543(1:50.4)
front squats - unbroken
high knee skipping - 104, 135, 122
pullup/burpee - 6:49

rested 2:00 in between couples. I wrote down my meters and reps and burpee/pullup time because I want to piss Geoff off!

Laura said...


1-used 77#--1st 2 sets slow but unbroken last set 8/2; rowing was ridiculously hard. I went way too hard on 1st row, then next 2 were barely moving! Got an immediate stomach ache--probably ate too close to workoput. Took a lot of rest( 10 minutes) before section 2--I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to finish!

2- 95# unbroken, skipping not too bad. Could start #3 after about 3minutes.

3- 4:42, disappointed I had to break the chins once per round AND take rest.

dmarsh said...


Part 1:
Thr: UB
Row: 561,542,538

Part 2:
Rope: Lost count,198,194

Part 3:

2 min breaks b/w rounds.

Hadn't really digested breakfast and was fighting pukie bad from midway through the first round of burpees. Really limited how hard I could push. Would like another crack at that one as I'm confident I can go sub 4. Lame!

Tyler Smith said...

1. ub - 561m
2. ub - 556m
3. ub - 544m

1. ub - 176
2. ub - 124 (wtf?)
3. ub - 168

C. 4:03 (C2B)

* rested exactly 3 minutes b/w A and B... then about 5 minutes b/w B and C... The thought of C was looming over me the entire workout so I believe I slacked a bit on the row and high knees... Really lost focus during C and missed a significant C2B reps on the middle set of 15...

Saverio said...

Thrusters-95,100,100. First set UB, 2nd 7/3 3rd 8/3.
Front squats-UB,7/3,8/2.
Skips-1st knees started to drop after 40 sec. 2nd knees droped a little after 30 sec. 3rd knees started to drop after 30 sec. Trying to keep a high knee was very taxing.

md said...

Thrusters - unbroken, felt heavy
row, 577, 577, 552 (fell off seat, should have been 570)
fs - unbroken.
Skip thingy - pretty sure I did this ALL wrong. 97, 109, 120

Chris Fodera said...


Smoked tomorrow...I am smoked today! That 2 minutes between the 2nd and 3rd couplet felt like 30 seconds.

Grant said...

BRENT, the corrections were on the alternating high knee skipping. The first round was more like "alternating leg heel to ass". OPT changed that pretty quick. Rounds 2&3 were "alternating leg skipping with high knees" but no whree near unbroken. Front squats I follwed Corson's thinking; use WODs to go extra deep to know the feeling for when you really need it.

XFit Invictus is closed Sundays so we're (Grant&Kathleen) a WOD looking for a place to happen. E-mail Kathleen@ksdavislaw.ca

LuLu said...


Thrusters: 3x10 @ 80lbs all unbroken
Row: 460m-440m-439m

Front Squat:3x10 @ 85lbs all unbroken
skips: 250-235-225

21-15-9= 4:21 WOW that was a barfer.

First time we took rest as Rx`d moving from Part A to Part B,(couplet to couplet) it was way harder. Feeling a little better today, energy was low during the day but OK during workout.

Chris Dunkin said...

1. Ub
Rows 585, 566, 545
2. Ub
skips ub
3. 5:04

2min b/t each

smashed. Too much will, not enough gas

PTS said...

1. UB
rows 579,558,530
2. ub
150 on all 3 sets of skips, maybe was doing this wrong but i never broke and got the knees plenty high
3. 4:57.

nice job to those with the sub 4 part 3.

Craig said...

1. unbroken.
2. unbroken f/s. a couple misses in the skips.
3. unbroken. 3:47.

Felt good today. the row and single skips were taxing. Good wod. Watched the OPT nutrition 101 last night. Great info. Thanks OPT.

Yelvi said...

Thrusters- UB
Row- 1:45-1:50
Skipping- hated this
Couplet- 4:21

Notes: Everything actually felt really good, despite my lats being ridiculously sore still.

John T. said...

Marcher bodyweight 160, 5'7

on the first couplet I rowed 550, 532,and 522; The thrusters were slightly challenging.

Felt fine during the second, the front squats were a little challenging

3:13 for the third...but after reading some of the other comments I'm pretty sure I did it wrong, as I rested about 7 minutes in between the first and second couplets, and about 10 in between the second and the third. I thought the two minutes was just inbetween rounds, and we were supposed to just rest as needed in between couplets.

Jason Anderson said...

Thrusters: All UnBr But did get slower.
Row: 600m,572m,570m.
FS: UnBr Last set had to Pause in Rack Pos. For Rep 4 and 8.
High Skips: Sucked stayed high on the knees though.
Smoothie before = bad idea. Pukie came on directly after the last nine Pull-Ups Puked came back finished. Did not stop the clock. Would of been sub 4 easy.

Lisa M said...

Thanks deejay i will call them tomorrow.

Roch said...

-Thursters: unbroken
-Rower 1:40 to 1:50

-Front Squat: unbroken
-Skipping : unbroken constant

-Pullups-Burpees: 3:37 (almost puke on that one.. :)

I really liked today's format everybody hit the wall really hard at the gym and a lot when over it!!

liss126 said...

First Big Dawg WOD - March Peaker

Thrusters rx'd

FS Rx'd

21-15-9 Pullups/Burpees

Total 34.48

Coming of a bad day of eating, can really feel it.

unit said...

bp- 24 / 25 / 24 / 22 / 20 ~ 115
hpc - 15 / 16 / 17 / 17 / 17 ~ 82
bj - 19 / 19 / 19 / 19 / 19 ~ 95
row - 122 / 121 / 116 / 123 / 125 ~ 607

round 1 - 58 / 122
round 2 - 60 / 121
round 3 - 60 / 116
round 4 - 58 / 123
round 5 - 56 / 125

total - 292 / 607


Adam Rogers said...

Adam -

Thrusters - All unbroken @ 120#
Row (meters) - 560/531/529

Front Squats - All unbroken @ 135#
High Knee Skips - 109/130/152

Pullup/burpee - 4:33

Rest 2 min b/t sets and b/t couplets

John -

Thrusters @ 120# - 10,10,5/3/2
Row (meters) - 540,485,456

Front squat @ 135# - 10,5/5,5/5
High Knee Skips - 90/60/60

Pullup/Burpee - 9:29

Rest 2 min b/t sets and b/t couplets

Becky -

Thrusters @ 80# - 10,6/4,6/4
Row (meters) - 480/470/468

Front Squat - Unbroken @ 80#,90#,95#
High Knee skips - 125/152/171

Rest 2 min b/t sets and b/t couplets

Geoff Aucoin said...

DeeJay you can't piss me off today; I'm happy I beat you in the pull-up/burpee WOD!!

ken c said...


1st couplet:
thusters: unbroken
rows: averages of 1:43 1:47 1:51

2 min. rest

2nd couplet
front squats: unbroken
skips: took quick breaks about every 30 sec to check the clock bc i thought i was almost done.

2 min. rest

3rd couplet: 6:12

pull ups: 21 ub, 6-4-5, 9 ub
burpees: these were absolute shit. if all the squatting and high knees were meant to take all the pop out of my burpees then it worked. pukie was knocking on the door for about 5 min after.

Paul Klein said...

110# Thrusters unbroken
Row 576m, 567m, 538m

135# Front Squats unbroken
High Knee Skips (I did this with a jump rope and got my knees as close to my chest as possible)

Burpee/Pull Up

Rest 2 minutes between each couplet as well as between rounds.

I had no thunder by the time I got to the burpee/pull ups.

Steve G said...

March group



1st couplet

1. thrusters unbroken
2. 588m/495m/486m

2nd couplet

1. FS unbroken
2. skips were broken and tough

3rd couplet



thrusters/rowing/skipping are 3 of my worst exercises so this was a mentally challenging WOD for me

thrusters were slow but felt ok; rowing sucked as usual; skips gave me serious cramps in sets 2 and 3...bent me over...

the PU/BP was miserable...thanks to Erin and Taylor at CF Calgary for helping me push through!

Steve G said...


I rested 2 mins b/w each set and 2 min b/w each couplet...

imosher said...


1) 11,12,18,120m
2) 9,12,18,109m
3) 7,12,19,103m
4) 6,12,19,102m
5) 5,11,20,108m

Bench is a struggle.
all row meters were at the 20 sec, not including meter accrued as it spun down.

Shane Gibson said...


All thrusters unbroken at 120#.
Rows were all in under 2 minutes pace, 539m, 547m, 520m. Really need to learn to row a little harder when fatigued. But I held back a little on purpose for the 90% rx'd effort.

All front squats unbroken at 135#. The skipping was brutal. I didn't count my skips, didn't know I was supposed to.

3:49 on the chins/burpees. My legs were toast. The chins were rest and the burpess were slow.

Brent Maier said...


March Madness

Thrusters - Unbroken
Rows: 583m/576m/569m

FS - Fast Unbroken
HS Skipping: Average per round was 130-140

C: 4:20 - 1st and 3rd round of PU's unbroken. First round complete in 1:30.

Notes: I was hoping for an easy cycle considering this weekends hunting vacation was full of bad eating, long days and early mornings. Far from easy but I survived it. Thanks for the push Kyle and good job!

Michael said...

Thrusters- Unbroken, light and fast
Row- 531, 516, 510
Front Squat- unbroken, light
High Knee- 230, 200, 200
Chin up/Burpee- C2B- 3:56

Chin/Burpee smoked me a lot worse than i thought it would as I felt good going into it but after the first round I was smoked. Felt good all around though.

Marie Rochat said...

Got back from Chico late last night. It was an awesome trip though. Robb Wolf is brilliant and so is Kelly Starrett.

Anyway on Saturday I did an impromtu WOD on my own after the cert. I didn't have internet so I had no idea what the Big Dawg WOD was. Saturday was:

A1. Back Squats ass to grass 5 reps @ 30x0 for 5 sets. 30 sec rest.
A2. Push Ups for 10 reps @ 30x0 for 5 sets. 30 sec. rest
B. Tabata Sit-ups

Used 155 for squats, and got 13/15/14/13/13/12/12/10 on the situps

Sunday I requested to do a WOD during lunch break and Robb decided to offer a WOD after the seminar to anyone interested so I decided to do that instead:

400m run
15 DB clusters (clean-thrsuter combo)
15 chin ups
400m run
12 clusters
12 chin-ups
400m run
9 clusters
9 chin ups

For time: 12:05. And I used 30lb. DB's

Today's WOD (Marcher)

9:56 with erg times around 2:03 ave.

7:02 - the skipping was hell.

5:05 - all pull-ups unbroken

Glad to be back to the Big Dawg programming.

Brent Maier said...

Rests between exercises today was 2 minutes. First round of skips looked more like a pathetic attempt at the running man. 2nd and 3rd rounds the knee's were lower but the flow felt better so I kept it up.

Thanks Grant...

Josh said...


1) 30 secs, unbroken; 561 meters
2) 40 secs, unbroken; 538 meters
3) 35 secs, unbroken; 522 meters
rest 5 min
Front Squats/High Knees
1) unbroken, 152
2) unbroken, 154
3) unbroken, 160
rest 7 min
21,15,9 burpees/chin ups
3:55 min

Notes: wow..seriously regretting my decision to workout yesterday, this kicked my butt. this should've been a lot faster but not very much in the tank

Mike Mishik said...


My affiliate follows the mainsite wod and I've been incorporating some of your programming into my routine.

Out of respect of the owners at the box I try to stick with doing the wod of the day just like everyone else in the class. This has been causing me to add some additional routines from your programming post mainsite wod. Given, I am not doing the entire wod you post but modifying it to what was not incorporated in the mainsite wod that I just did.

For example if the day consisted of a max lifting attempt, I'll shoot to do one of the metcon based cycles you post. (I'll cut out the lifting in A1/A2 and do B1-B4)

I noticed in your FAQ you mention resting the full amount of time between wods but with my work schedule that is not possible.

Any advice on pursuing this strategy, mixing mainsite and doing partial the programming you post on your blog.



Chad Hall said...


1st Couplet:
Thrusters: all unbroken
Row: 590m, 575m, 553m

Rest 5 Minutes

2nd Couplet
Front Squats: all unbroken
Skipping: broken twice (didn't count reps), broken twice (180 reps), broken 4 times (150 reps)

Rest 5 Minutes

3rd Couplet


Thrusters were good, the squat was a little slow but the hip drive was great. Rows were good, didn't want to drop too much.

Front squats were good. High knee skipping handed me my ass. It was brutal.

Wanted under 4 for the last couplet. Ran out of gas after the 15 of the 21 burpees.

First day taking "fubar" a caffeine pill before the wod. I think it worked alright?

Kyle F said...

A: Thrusters: unbroken
Row: ???/540/523
B: Front Squat: unbroken
High knee: ugly ~125 skips
C: 4:26 (Brent burned me in the round of 9 and took the lead at 4:20, NEXT TIME!)

Felt pretty good. Since Brent was around in the '80s he was able to teach me the "running man but fast". I never knew dancing was so hard.

Blaine said...

March guy:
1.Thrusters first and last sets un-broken, but not very quick at all. Second set 8/2.
2. Rowing was very tough - second round legs were dying already.... at that point I didn't even know what I was in for. 567m/497m/489m

1. FS all un-broken but again slow and real focus on depth
2. Skips were a real mess - maybe 20 second burts before breaking.

Metcon: 4:44 - my burpies have not been this slow in 2 years. Should have followed Geoff's advice and rested more than 2:00 between couplets.....

unit said...

I think we need 2 c a vid of ur skipping in the form
of a morphed running man... I think it would b valuable and further the educational experience of this blog community...

Brian Maier said...


part 1:

thrusters 125# unbroken
row: 572,562,548

part 2:

front squat 135# unbroken
skips unbroken

part 3:


Definitely paying the price taking 4 days off but had a great time hunting with Brent.

Anonymous said...

120# Thrusters unbroken
Rows 552m,551m,548m

3min rest

Front Squat 135# unbroken
High knee skipping 145,141,136

3min rest

C to B
Burpees 4:46

exp. said...

bp 17,15,15,13,12 (no bounce + full lock-out...could've been quicker)
hpc 12,11,10,11,10
bj 17,17,17,17,16
row 105,106,105,105,106

total: 210/528m

Brandon said...

Couplet 1:
unbroken thrusters x 3
Couplet 2:
unbroken FS x 3
unbroken skipping
Couplet 3:

Notes: I'm with the others on here...this was brutal. The skips were continuous, but slow. Felt like I couldn't pull my foot off the floor. Pull/burpee was just bad - slow and bad.

Brent Maier said...

Heh, Unit, you want this community to grow don't you? I wouldn't want to discredit any of the big dawgs by busting out some of my hottest dance moves during a WOD on camera. I hope my wife doesn't see this. :)

Michelle said...


80# thruster UB

2min. rest


FS 95# UB
skipping...didn't count reps, but first round was hilarious...more like a rocking horse skip...got it by the 2nd rnd though...2nd rnd,2 breaks; 3rd rnd, 4 or 5 breaks.

2 min. rest


5:09...Laura used her angry voice when I wasn't getting up off the floor after one of the burpees!!!

Rob, thanks so much for your coaching!!!

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1: Ubx3, forgot to write down row info, have to get tommorow.

Part 2: ubx3 felt good, high knee skips 140, 120 110

Part 3: 5:34

Notes: Rested 2min b/t sets and Couplets. Thrusters felt sluggish, but went deep on all squats felt good. Could have timed my burpees with a calender! Butterfly kip is coming along though.

NorCal Chris said...

Part 1.
120# Thruster unbroken (slow),
Row: 610, 570, 561

Part 2.
135# FS unbroken
d/n count skips

Part 3.

Robs said...


1.Bench: 16-13-13-11-9 = 62
2.HPC: 12-10-12-10-10 = 54
3.Box Jump: 19-19-18-18-15 = 89
Total: 62+54+89 = 205 Reps

4.Row: 129-119-110-115-105 = 578 m

Very nice Workout

Anonymous said...

Part 1: 120#, sub 45lb SDHP (72,73,75)

Part 2: as RX
FS felt stronger as I progressed, and much stronger than thruster.

Part 3: 8:08

Not fully recovered from Pull/push from earlier in the week. Part 3 was a chore. Very tough workout, but good overall.

Slater Coe said...

part 1:
556m, 554m, 557m
sucked, but got through it.

part 2:
78, 136, 113
lost count multiple times on the first set so I have no idea how many I really did. Hip flexors were on fire... had to break the sets frequently.

part 3:
shoulders burning during burpees... gasping for breath.

Jason Buzzard said...


Part 1:

Part 2:
Front squats-unbroken
High knee skipping-broken

Part 3:

Thrusters felt surprisingly light and fast, rowing sucked. I am a terrible rower. Front squats felt good as well. Was pleased with having them all unbroken. High knee skips, sound easy but were really terrible. The last couplet just sucked the life out of me. I was hoping for a sub 5 but think that I was mentally weak and lost focus.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Brent, I heard your running man dance helped 'seal the deal' with your wife way back in the day! WOO!

Stefani said...

Part 1
Thrusters @ 70# 5/5, 6/4, 7/3
Row 440m, 438m, 439m

Part 2
FS rx'd
High knee skipping 1st set unbroken next 2 sets broken.

Part 3
7:33 kept slipping off the bar expected my time to be much worse.

Notes: Thrusters felt slow and difficult after the 1st 5 reps. I had to embrace the suck on those. Front Squats at 95# felt better than I thought they were going to. Plus my four year old looked at me like I was crazy during the skipping.

Mack Lar said...

First Couplet: Felt heavy but all UB. Rows avg 550M.
Second Couplet: Felt strong and fast.
Pullup/Burpee: 3:19 COVP

Megs said...

5 min. rest (someone stole my squat rack and I had to clean up and my weights from thrusters... globogym yelled at me for having it near the rower)
5 min. rest
21-15-9 Pullup/burpees
Did NOT take 2 minutes rest between sets within the couplet. Misunderstood the directions and made the workout really hard, both mentally and physically, which is why I rested 5 min. between each couplet.
Don't really know my max on thrusters, but I have never done any heavier than 65, so really really happy with them! With 2 min. between each set, 3rd set of thrusters would have been UB.
Pullup/Burpees were 5 min. faster than the 50/50... so I guess I need to work on CTB. Great wod today!!!

Sam said...

I am scaling quite a bit this week bc I'm competing in the Garage Games this weekend.So...

10 thrusters-65#
Row 2 min @ 80% (pace 2:00)
10 FS- 75#
90sec high knee skipping
14,10,6 rep rounds for time;
Chin Ups

I have to say that, even with scaling, I was gassed!

rackempackem said...


part 1
Thrusters @50kg, subbed SDLHP @20kg.
Thrusters are bad. Which i had a rower SDLHP are terrible.

part 2
Skipped this one since I'm ramping up again after a rest week.

part 3
Felt really bad afterwards, lying on the ground for 15 min, but I still feel like I had one more gear while doing it. Butterfly PU, really careful about hitting the rx'd ROM.

Took about 10 min between part 1 and part 3. Still not sure what is specified for these WOD's with "+" in between.

dontpanic356 said...


Thrusters: Unbroken, easy
Row: around 550m each set

Front SQ: Unbroken, strong
Skip: Smoked me, Skipped in place

Burpee Fran: 4:50

Justin Flynn said...


a. unbroken

b. unbroken
skip high knees throughout. this was ridculously HARD.

c. chins/burpees
6:58 (wanted to quit. burpees killed me. chins were the rest, 1st and 3rd set unbroken.)

Justin Flynn said...

That wod was the most pain I have felt in a while since the c-b fran.

Jenny said...

Thrusters: all sets unbroken
Row: avg 1:57, 2:00, 2,02

Front squats:
Had to much weight on the first set. (44.6 kg)
Didi the last 2 unbroken with 42.2 kg

Run in place with high knees: all set broken 160-157-155

bodyweight fran: 4:14

JAM said...


A. Thrusters Unbroken

B. FS Unbroken
Skipping Broken,Broken,Broken

C. 5:54

Bear said...

10 thrusters 55 kg - unbroken
Row 2 min @ sucky pace
Rest: 6-7 min
10 front squat – 62.5 kg- unbroken
90 sec knee/heel skipping aka running man
Rest: 13-14 min
Chin Ups / Burpees
Tid: 4:05 min

Tried the butterflykip for the last couplet, it slowed me down, but maybe I wanted to slow down? A crew me and three other firefighters did this one, happy times!

Mr.Lundmark said...

Thrusters unbroken
(extra 70 meters run to rowing machine - on the other side of my gym)
614m/606m/574m. Fell of the concept2 and impressed some people by nearly not being able to run at all. 70 meters run before 2 minutes rest.

No extra rest to part2.
F.squats unbroken.
90 seconds on stepp-machine instead of the high-knee's (because of chronical compartment disease). 110 steps / min, 110 steps/min, 90 steps/min.

No extra rest to part3:
Time 8 minutes 35 seconds.

Wow... just WOW. I was a wreck when doing the bw fran. I lost track of time, orientation, I have no idea if I counted my reps correctly. I was in the uncomfortable zone of suffering. I've never pushed myself to this limit before. Thanks OPT. Thanks for showing me how to discover myself.

Bear said...

Video of me trying to fix my FS and pathetic attempt to do butterfly-kip: http://vimeo.com/9205985

We´re really proud of you Mr. Lundmark and you did well in the last Big Dawgs Competition!

bso said...

Fun day!
Thrusters & Front Squats were strong and fast.
4:06 on pullup/burpee - got a little sloppy on the burpees, but pullups all unbroken

tania said...


Thrusters @80# – First and second set unbroken – Thrusters are my nemesis so this is huge for me!!! the third set was broken though
Rowing – average pace 2:10/2:16/2:14 - should have pushed harder

Front Squats – These were tough (5+4+1/6+3+1/6+4)

High knee skipping – approx. 98/123/148 jumps

Pullup/Burpee WOD: 5:43 Rx’d I think I should have been able to do all the pullups unbroken but I really thought I might throw up...