Sat, Feb 27th, 2010

early March:
part 1:
As many rounds in 7 minutes;
5 unbroken CTB chin ups
10 unbroken SDLHP - 95#/65#

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 10g prot/30g carb
8-12% - 10g prot/20g carb
below 8% - 10g prot/30g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 10g prot/20g carb
12-14% - 10g prot/25g carb
below 12% - 10g prot/30g carb

rest 60 minutes

part 2:
Row 1K

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 30g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/25g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20g prot/10g carb
12-14% - 20g prot/20g carb
below 12% - 20g prot/30g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)

late March:
part 1:
On the minute every minute for a max of 20 minutes:
[Power Clean and Push Jerk - 70% 1RM Clean and Jerk] x 2
6 KBS - 2/1.5 pd

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 10g prot/30g carb
8-12% - 10g prot/20g carb
below 8% - 10g prot/30g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 10g prot/20g carb
12-14% - 10g prot/25g carb
below 12% - 10g prot/30g carb

rest EXACTLY 60 min

part 2:
for time;
Row 350 m
25 burpees
Row 350 m

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 30g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/25g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20g prot/10g carb
12-14% - 20g prot/20g carb
below 12% - 20g prot/30g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)

post times, rounds and minutes achieved to comments
for late Marchers part 1; if you do not make the reps on the minute, rest for the entire next minute and try to continue on again


Geoff Aucoin said...



John T. said...

I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but some clarification would be appreciated. As I read it you want us to have a balanced meal 45-60 minutes after the post wod fuel, and then exactly 60 minutes after that do the second workout, correct? Or am I over analyzing it and we just rest exactly 60 minutes between workouts, taking the post wod fuel? Thank you

Chris Fodera said...

John T,

My guess is that you have exactly 60 minutes from the time you finish Part 1 until you start Part 2.

Immediately after you finish Part 1, you intake the rx'd Post WOD Fuel; no balanced meal 60 minutes later here.

Then immediately after you finish Part 2, you intake the rx'd Post WOD Fuel; but this time you do have a balanced meal 60 minutes later.

You don't want to just jump on the rower and then do burpees for time with no warm up, so give yourself a little bit of time in that 60 minute window to get loose again.

PTS said...

late march
6'1 186

used 146.
missed on 16th minute, then finished out the 20 mins. Low back got super tight.

no time for part 2 today. off to work then to Villanova v. Syracuse hoops at the Dome.

will try and get part 2 and Sunday WOD in tomorrow.

Garage Crossfitter said...

PTS- YOU got tickets for that game? Lucky sh*t, i tryed to get tickets 1 month ago and nosebleed seats were 200$ a ticket, and the good tickets were ranging from 450-2500$ a ticket....geezzz well have fun dawg, its gonna be a hell of a game!

Covino24 said...

Late Marcher

135# - I got 16 rounds in the 20 min time frame.. and then did one more for good measure after a minute break.
Low back was tight on the Swings.

Couldn't fit part 2 in this morning due to work time constraints. Will do immed. after work this afternoon.

Jenny said...

I´m back!

Did 20 rounds . used 95 pounds.
Felt good. ( about 20 sek on each round)

part 2.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Part 1
All 20 rds as rxed with 160lbs

Exactly 60 min rest

Part 2
4:02 (horrible)

I was very happy with part 1, i had to dig deep to get all 20 rds. I felt recovered for part 2 but after the first 350m row i was gassed, the burpees took me 1:30ish. There should be lots of sub 3:30's today....

Chris Fodera said...

Late Marcher


Part 1
- 150#
- Missed at 6 and then again at 9. From that point forward I was only getting one every other minute. Did a total of 13 sets.
- Lower back was really tight during the KBS.
- Forced me into proper form on the power cleans instead of just using lower back and gutting through.
- Lower back tightness was my limiting factor. Was doing all I could to avoid cramping.

Part 2
- 4:08
- Legs felt really heavy and burpees were slow.

- PreWOD 1: 16g BCAA-G
- PWO 1: 40gP/55gC (Shake: Refuel, Jarrow)
- PWO 2: 30gP/25gC (Shake: Refuel, Jarrow), 8g BCAA-G
- 60 min after PWO 2: eggs, apple, almond butter

- Tough morning for me. Not really please w/ my results, but today is only one day.
- Worked on flexibility and snatch form yesterday. Left there feeling like I am heading in the right direction. Lots of stretching and rolling to do though...LOTS. I am one inflexible MoFo.

Bubba Hagood said...


Late Marcher

Part 1: 160#, got through all 20 rounds never taking more than 0:35 to complete the reps. This was much harder than I thought it would be - KBS were very heavy and added up. Left me shaking

Rested 1 hour - 40g protein and ~40g carbs (apple). Hands were still shakey at the hour mark and it was very difficult to muster the intensity Part 2 deserved. Need to work on recovery - I was NOT recovered 1 hour later.

Part 2: 4:00

Felt like I was going through the paces. Wanted to hit it hard but had nothing. I'm going to try this again rested. What are people doing post Wod for fueling. I hear apple sauce and sweet potatoes are good

Chris Fodera said...


I used yams/sweet potatoes and applesauce before trying Refuel. I definitely think Refuel hits me faster...maybe because it is in liquid form? Either way, I really like it.

joey warren said...

part 1

185lb as Rx
all sets unbroken for 20 min- low back got tight

rest 1 hour + 15 min- felt recovered, low back good



*Post wod Fuel for part 1 was turkey and yams- I felt pretty full. Took me 15 min to eat it all.

QUESTION: Is it better in this situation to eat shakes post wod such as Whey and/or OPT Refuel rather than real food? I will have to experiment with it next time to see how I do with a shake during short break between wods

Post Wod fuel for part 2 was 2 scoops Refuel and 1 scoop Jarrows Whey

Paul Klein said...

March 7th

Part 1: 7 rounds + 1 pull up

Part 2: 3:20 (1 second pr)

I should have pushed harder on the row. I tried to pace myself and pulled the trigger to late and finished with some gas left in the tank.

I felt like shit during part 1. My arms were like lead balloons when 7 minutes was over.

Mack Lar said...

Early March:
Part 1: 10 rds. Wow was that not enjoyable. Total body pain similar to Fran.

30 Min Rest
Part 2: 3:33 Chose poorly on the Damper Setting. Went with 4.5 and with it this low I could not pull hard enough to keep the pace I wanted. Damper should have been 5.5 or 6 for 1K. Finished with plenty left in the tank.

Rainer Hartmann said...

Early March:
Part 1: 6 rounds
Part 2: 3:36.9 (PR)

Mike Molloy said...

Late March:

Part 1:
All 20 Rounds with 155#. This sucked in a big way. Had some turkey and white grape juice post workout.

Felt about 85% recovered for the second workout.

Part 2:

Bubba Hagood said...


Thanks for the tip! Recovery is definitely one of my weak points - this WOD was great for testing that. I've got protein powder already and think I'll get some refuel and see how it goes. Any opinions on Glutamine?

Mizar said...

Part 1 - 135# & 2pd
20 rounds

Part 2 - 3:38

BK said...

Part 1: 20 rounds UB @175
1-18 in 25 secs,19 and 20 in 35 secs. Very challenging.

PWO mix;
20% pepto protein
20% hydrolysed 1400
50%rice oglidextrin
10% creatine
3 scoops=carb 42/pro36.

Part 2 ;exactly 1 hour -3.34.Damper on 10 , should have hit a 7 or 8... not a lot of juice

30 mins later ;
6 egg whites
6 oz sweet potatoe

megs said...

Late March
86 lbs. As rx'd
Failed 5 different minutes at the swings
Really frustrated with today because my back was so tight by minute 5
I wish my body could do what my mind told it to!
Glad to work on clean and jerks though because they are a big weakness
Part 2 will be after two hours rest due to a meeting

Ali Loach said...

Late March
Part 1: 98#
14 minutes then rested 15th minute, did 16th minute, rested 17th minute and completed 18 - 20.

Part 2: 4:17

Nice to work out with a group today, thanks Lauren and gang!

Roch said...

Sorry Dawgs will need to take off today, my back and shoulders didn't recuperate well enough for jumping in that kind off training. I did everything I could but didn't work to recuperate. Enjoy your training!

PTS said...

garage: yea I got lucky, my buddy got tickets for this particular game for a bunch of us as a wedding party gift. he got the tickets in like October before anyone knew syracuse would be quite so good, so I assume he got them at a better price than you were seeing a month ago.

nice job on the DU's, WB WOD from Thurs, that was a good time.

brad said...

Late Marcher:

Part 1
175 for 7 rounds
155 for 7 rounds
135 for 6 rounds

175 proved too much for me. I stuck with the 2 pd for the KBS, to the dismay of my erectors.

1 hour later

Part 2

A little bummed i pussed out earlier, but happy with the row.

Anonymous said...

Late March:

Part 1:

135 Lbs - Finished all.
My kettlebell swings however weren't perfect after 15min. Form and explosiveness was suffering bad in them.

Part 2:


Legs definitely took a beating after today

DeeJay said...

Late march:
part 1 @ 195#:
only got 6 rounds and 2 PC and PJ
the weight felt heavy as F@&$! and this pissed me off beyond belief!

part 2:

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 1: 170lbs for 20 rounds

Part 2: 3:33

24oz water, 6000iu D3, little bit of coffee, but no food before both wods. post wod 2 was 3 scoops refuel, 40g dream whey. this fueling worked very well for me today.

LuLu said...

Part 1

85lbs as Rx'd
20 rounds
used 1 pood for the swings because of shoulder and happy I did. Swings were good form and overhead.
finished each round at approx 25sec
All were unbroken
My goal was to touch and go the 2 cj's and I was able to do so for all of them :)

Part 2:

4:35 soooooooo happy as rowing is a big weakness of mine, getting to know the logistics of the rowing machine now and have figured out which dampers work for me and when they work best :)

Thanks for all you do OPT and good to have you back at the gym MIZAR, we missed you :)

Jeremy tucker said...

Mid marcher
6'1, now only 224lbs
part 1
195lbs clean and jerk
tapped out at 15min

part 2

good part but now I feel like a total douche

I promise to be better

Adam Rogers said...

Early march

Adam - part 1: 7 rounds
Part 2: 3:18.9 (PR)

felt wrecked after the first part, had sweet potato and 10g protein powder. Started row little over an hour later and hit a 7 second PR! Pretty pumped.

John - Part 1: 5 rounds + 3 pullups
Part 2: 3:32.9 ( tied PR)

Stephen Flamm said...

Early March...

Part 1: 7 + 2 SDLHP

Exactly 60 minutes rest

Part 2: 3:13.2

Didn't use the legs quite enough for The SDLHP. :00.4 off of my 1k PR.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Late March pt 1.

That was awful. Used 169lbs and it got real heavy real fast. I actually 'failed' on a KBS in the 19th round, that would have hurt.

The hour countdown is on...

Marie Rochat said...

Trained with the CrossFit Portland team this morning. It was awesome, I think just about everyone was there. The workout was a butt kicker too.

A) 1 Deadlift on the minute @80% 1RM; 8 sets (265lbs. for me)

Rest 5'

B) 12 clean high pulls, 95lbs.
2' erg at 80-90% of 500m pace
3 rounds.
rest 2' b/t/ rounds

Rest 5'

C) 10 Front Squats, 95lbs.
90" of high knee jump rope
3 rounds.
rest 2' b/t rounds

Rest 5'

D) 5 muscle ups
8 KBS, 1.5 pood
8 KBS, 1.5 pood
3 rounds
rest 1' b/t rounds

Deadlifts for me were at 265lbs. Really happy with my ability to keep back stable the whole time.

Didn't time the metcons. I was excited to use a 1.5 pood kettlebell. I have only ever swung a DB at that weight.

My quads were fried after the first 3 parts.

Had the opportunity after the WOD to stay and learn some good relaxation, recovery, and mental stuff for the competition weekend. Also got some good tips on keeping the false grip at the bottom of muscle ups.

As usual it was a blast going up to CrossFit Portland to train with the crew up there.

Marie Rochat said...

Oh and I forgot to mention that I got my Big Dawg shirt today. I am wearing it proudly now!

Michael McCabe said...

late march
part 1 - 150# for c&j, 75# DB for swings - got through all 20 rounds but don't think i coulda done a 21st.

i had skim milk+ a couple spoonfuls applesauce after part 1 to get 10p/20c... i know a lot of people don't like milk but it works for me. didn't want solid food with only an hour before the next wod

part 2 - 3:39

Wes hendricks said...

Part 1:
all 20 rounds Rx w/ 155 pounds. Done between 22-24 seconds. It was easy for me I stayed relaxed the entire time, I could have done another 10 rounds at that pace. The 155 pounds I used was 70% of my jerk. If I would have used 70% of my c&J it would have been 145.

Part 2:

Slater Coe said...

Early March

part 1 - 7 rounds... grip was gone and I was amazingly winded from this... my traps even began to cramp on the last round

part 2 - 3:21... 6-10 seconds slower than my goal going into it. Start pushing the pace too late... and I didn't realize until now that my PR is 3:18, which I feel I could have easily beaten had I started pushing earlier as mentioned above.

rwcorson said...

Part 1 - 140#, split jerk the last 6 reps, I had 33-37 rest until the 15th rd, then down to 25-30 sec.
The KBS were broken in the last 4 sets, grip was roasted.
Part 2 - 3:36

Eric Montgomery said...

Late March:

Part 1
2xPC/PJ @ 145lbs, 6x2pd KBS

Made it 13 rounds but metcon is still atrocious so had to add in an extra rest minute after rounds 5, 8, and 10. Lower back was getting worn out so need to focus on form.

Part 2 (60 mins later)
4:26 (DF126 on rower)
About 1:11 coming off the rower the first time, then 3:00 after burpees. ~10 seconds of transition/catch my breath time in between each. Legs were dead on burpees. BW@208, probably need to dump another 10lbs.

Steve Howell said...

Late Marcher
part 1;
160# 20 rounds unbroken.

part 2;

* I finally bought a rower so this was my first WOD using it so I was pretty stoked.

Rob Myers said...


Late March

Part 1
125# PC
2 pood KB swings
14 rounds

Part 2

Part 1 - I could not maintain the pace after 6th round. I only own a 20kg KB, so using the 32kg KB kicked my butt.
Part 2 - Rested 45 minutes and hit this one. I should have rowed harder during the first 350.

Alex Duncan said...


Late March
Part 1: 145lbs had to skip minute 14 and 18
Rest one hour

Part 2: Did a sectionals prep workout at Crossfit Kinetics in Halifax. 7 rounds of 7x95# Power Snatch and 7x30" Box Jumps
Time: 8:04
Power Snatches really heavy after all the C&Js

John T. said...

Late March
Part one with 135# and a 65lb dumbell... went the whole 20 minutes but rested all of minute 10

One hour

Part 2: 3:58

Anonymous said...

Used 165 for part one. Been too long since I did a 1RM C&J, so I went conservative on this and probably should not have. This was easy for the 20 mins, stayed at about 22s per round straight through.

1 hour rest

3:27 - hips did not work last half of second row.

Mike said...

At UT/NV sectionals.
WOD#1: max ground to overhead 195(pr)!
Then 3 attempts at max consec muscle ups 3,1,2

So far I'm a little dude in a big-mans competition.
But having fun

Someone ground to overheaded 275!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt 2 in 3:53, very unhappy with that time. Rows were 1:05 and 1:10 so 1:38 to do burpees is pretty slow. Legs were zapped.

Tyler Smith said...

Early March

Part 1

9 rounds, felt great.

Part 2

3:15 PR by 3 seconds

Very pleased with effort and recovery today.

Katrina Burton said...

Got the opportunity to train at cf edmonton today so I jumped at it...
Amrap 15 min:
3 ohs (155/105)
10 box jumps

I was ready to hurl for a good 15 min afterwards. I managed 15 rounds. A couple of missed squat snatches early on changed my strategy to keep the intensity high. Power cleaned and got it on my back ASAP so I wouldn't stand there staring at the bar hoping not to miss the snatch. Worked well!

rwcorson said...

I forgot to mention that my rest period was 1:45. Parenting duties called.

megs said...

Did part 2 unfortunately 2.5 hours after instead of 60 min., due to long meeting.

Happy with rows for sure, but sad for my slow, slow burpees :(

bmizzlle said...

Late March

Part 1:

all rx'd and unbroken at 145#

exactly 62 minutes rest
have to go to the globo for rowing and some lady was on it.

Part 2:

I went all out for this just to see what would happen. probably could've gotten a faster time if I didn't row at a 1:25/500m pace the first 350m. still pretty happy with this

will said...

late marcher part 1 as rx'd w 167
part 2 403

Thad said...

Part 1. All 20 rnds used 145lb's was slow and steady

Part 2. 3:34

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 10:30AM with half of Calgary

Part 1
had to break 2 @ 10 & 1 @ 16&18. 150#. Lumbar was a pain storm today

Part 2 exactly 1 hour later
3:49. Need to push first row. Burps were easier then I anticipated

Nathan H. said...

Part 1:
205#, 18 rounds.
Rested on the 12th minute and the 16th minute. By minute 5 I knew that the weight was going to get heavy. KB Swings felt good in comparison.

Rested 63 minutes.

Part 2:
3:19 Rxd.
Row 1: 1:07
Burpees: 1:03
Row 2: 1:09

Felt great. Legs and grip burned on the Burpee Row

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1
Used 153#, and a 75#DBS
Got 16rds: 8rds/1min/3rds/1min/2/1min/2/1min/1

Was hoping to go 20 straight, but I'm happy with the 16rds. Darn bulky dumbell kept getting caught up in the crotch of my pants!

Rest Exactly 60min.

Part 2: 3:53. Happy with the sub 4, goal was to not "talk to my shoes" during the burpees, and did it.

Food: Whoops, read the post wods nutrition wrong, and had about 45g pro, and 40g of carbs after both wods today. Felt good though, think I need to eat more anyway! Probaly should dial the food thing in a bit more as I eyeball everything for the most part.

Lisa M said...

Did 20 with 95# and 1.5 pood Started out feeling good then it got hard fast. I was very nervous with the KBS as this is what did my knee in a month ago. They felt okay but not explosive because i was just tentative about the knee. It is sore now but not too bad and i made it through. CJs felt fairly easy.

Part 2: 4:17 kind of sucked on this one couldn't find the push burpees were slow which is odd for me i usually love burpees.

Heavy Evy said...

Oh and I can't drop weights at my gym, due to structural issues.

Did most of you drop between reps of the PC's/PJ's? Cause those negatives get damm tiring.

Erik Luber said...

late marcher

Part 1:

Part 2:

Got 6 rounds in 9 minutes on part 1...lower back was screaming, in a bad way. Just felt wrong, back not recovered enough, so packed it in. Hate to DNF, but felt like I was going backwards here.

Part 2 felt surprisingly good considering. Lost a solid 20 seconds getting back on the rower setting it up. Sometimes my brain doesn't work properly in the middle of a WOD, should of just started rowing instead of setting up a 350 m countdown.

Michael said...

Early march
part 1- 8 rounds, sumo deads are one of my least favorite movements so I was pleased with this. Biceps were smoked.
Part 2- 3:29, 8 second PR
45 min rest between wod's recovery and performance felt good.

TLaw said...

Late March, double at Crossfit Coeur d'Alene

Part 1= completed @ 140# (not a strong move for me)

Part 2= 3:40
1:32 pace for first 350, burpees unbroken until 22, second row could barely pull 1:38. Smoked.

First day, wouldnt have asked for anything other than something with damn burpees in it

Jacques A said...

Back at CF Montreal after 3 1/2 weeks at the Vancouver Olympics. Missed the OPT workouts.

6:10 pm
Part 1: Used 150 lbs for C&J
Completed all 20 rounds.

Part 2: 3:19 RX with some juice left at the end.
Happy about this time. Burpees are a big weakness for me and used that 3 weeks Hiatus in BC to do burpees 3times per week along with lots of sprinting and HSPU.

Pete said...

Part 1
20 rounds unbroken at 153 lbs
Lower back got super tight, but I'm super happy that I managed to push through. Don't think I could have done another round unbroken so the weight was just right.

Only had time to rest 10 mins then did part 2.

Brent Maier said...

38/6'2"/198 (Late Marcher)

Part 1: 169# - Broke 2 rounds (15 & 18)

60 minutes exact

Part 2: 3:19 (1:06/1:03/1:10) - Fun workout!

Notes: Part 1 was rough. I had to give my back 2 minutes of rest in the last 5 rounds. I had a friend there to help me on #2. That helped so I didn't have to worry about the timer. Both rows in the 1:35ish range and I didn't hold back too much. Burpees were chest to deck and smokin with no breaks. I thought I would be dead when I got back on the rower but it wasn't bad at all. I wished I would have gotten this one on tape.

Geoff, great job on Part 1, I don't know how you did it!

dmarsh said...

Late Marcher

180# (Max C&J = 260)

Unbroken rds 1-16, rested for the 17th and finished 18-20 unbroken.

Very tough.

Done at lunchtime of Level 1 cert. No time for Part 2.

Justin Flynn said...

Part 1: 5 rounds Rxd at 185#. C&J Max 260. Could not keep up with clock i would finish with like less than 15-20 seconds each time. So just did 2 c&js on the min for the remaining minutes. Then with a 5 minute break I did amrap 2 pood swings in 3 minutes. Got 57. Congrats to everyone that completed this rxd. First wod in a LONG while I was not able to rx.

after part 1: I ate half a yam and roughly 10-15g of whey protein mixed in water. Rest 1 hr.

Part 2: 3:52
Row 1- 1:03
Burpees- 1;46
Row 2- 1:01

Yelvi said...

Back in the game. Was in San Diego the last few days working out at Crossfit Invictus. Back up in AK now and back on schedual.

Early March

Part 1- 7 rounds
Rest 60 min
Part 2- 3:09.0

Notes: Part 1 was harder than I thought it would be. Have a hard time getting hips into SDLHP. Ended up being all arms. The row was a PR by 6 sec!

Craig said...

Early March.

8 rounds.
3:23.6. Pr by 4 seconds.

sdlhp's were tough. fatigue set in and the arms starting pulling.
chest to bars were more of a rest.
row felt good.
good recovery b/t. 1 &2.

md said...

Back after a long two week vacation

Part 1 - all sets as rx'd @ 135
part 2 - 3:28 immediately after part 1 due to time constraints

Aaron said...

Early March-

Part 1: 7 rds. + 8 SDHP

Rest 60 minutes

Part 2: 3:24

thaczuk said...

9 rounds @ #135 and 2 pd
11 rounds @ #95 and 1.5 pd
rest 5min due to time constraints
forgot to time part 2.

Laura said...

Late March:

Part 1--complete with 85#
Part 2:4:25--couldn't row properly, back was terrible, so used mostly arms. The seat maybe moved 4 inches back and forth!

unit said...

keep up the gd work mike!... ur no lil dude anymore!...

Chad Hall said...

Late March

Part 1

Used 171# (70% of 245)
Not Rx'd

Broke after 10 rounds then 4 rounds then 2 rounds then 2 rounds for a total of 21 minutes.

1 Hour

Part 2



AHHHHH. Toast today, just done. 170 was heavy to start with and swings added some more heavy breathing. Happy I still did 18 rounds though.

1 hour rest did not feel like 1 hour, felt more like 20 minutes. Was still tired and had to dig deep for this one. Happy to be done.

Going to CrossFit Kitchener tomorrow morning to do some of their wods to prepare for sectionals ... figure some competition will be good.

Kyle F said...

Late Marcher

This WOD was terrible for me.

Part 1
165# had to rest for 30 seconds every 3 rounds

Part 2


Michelle said...

Only did the 1st WOD. Thought i could fit the second one somewhere in the day but it didn't happen.

20rnds with 93#. Always get anxious with that damn 1.5pd KB, but not today. Focused on staying relaxed which included not death griping the KB which helped my grip.

JAM said...

Early March

1. 8 rounds...felt pretty good
2. 3:19.....died about 1/3 into it

Sam said...

Early Marcher
Part 1- 4 unbroken rounds + tons of broken
Part 2- 4:00

Brandon said...

Late March -
Part 1.
20 rounds w/165#

Part 2.

scaled the C&J down about 10# to not put too much stress on hip flexor. Felt really good and a wise choice.
Row/Burpee/Row hard. Everything felt sluggish. Post WOD fuel really good tonight. Already feel much better.

Jeff B. said...

6'3" / 192 / 24yrs

Early March:

7 Rds + 2 Chin-ups (Ow Biceps), got 4 rnds in first 3 mins, then hit a wall.

rest 30m

1k Row - 3:30.6 (D7, too high)

Lauren said...

20 rounds with 105#

row/burpee: 4:00

happy with both wods!!! fun morning!!!

Blaine said...

20 rounds with 135#, only had 1.5 pd KB so went with 9 swings. Had to add extra rest in rounds 6/12 & 18. Early am cleans are never very efficient for me....

Didn't fit part two in.

Jason Anderson said...

Late Marcher.
Two days Rest.
180# Made it to 10min rested till 11. Went till 15min rested till 16. Then Finished Hard.

Rested 45 Minutes (lacked time)


Felt good second row felt slightly sluggish first row I held somewhere around 1:30 the entire row.

ken c said...

early march

part 1: 7 rounds + 5 pull ups.

part 2: 3:14.0 (pr).

didn't feel very good going into part 1. just sluggish and weak. grip became an issue for me in the later rounds. sdlhp were tough to get unbroken at the end. felt kinda post fran after. pr on the row was a real surprise.

Anonymous said...

Late march.

Part 1: 165 lbs. 2pd
Part 2; 4:10
Notes: Part 1, could have gone 10 lbs heavier. Wqorking from a pre-OPT 1rm.

Part 2: sub 400 m run. Gassed. Good combo coach.

Josh said...

pt 1:
20 rounds @ 154 (70kg); got disoriented during rd 18, rested the following minute then did rds 19 & 20 fast

pt 2:
3:49 min

wow, this was freakin tough! on the minute is completely mental, this would have been nice to not do by myself

Melissa said...

Late March Part 1

95lbs C&J. Started with 53lb KB but it lit up my back so much that I switched to 44lb on round 3. Made it through all 20 rounds.

Mie said...

Late March

Part 1.

20 rounds with 110lbs

Rested 20 min

Part 2.


Jason Buzzard said...

Early Marcher

Part 1: halfway through the SDHP in the 6th round.

Part 2: 3:36

Unbroken SDHP was the challenge for part one.

Have never really timed a 1K row so it was new for me. Had my damper at 8 but dont really know if that was the best place for it or not.

Bear said...

Late marcher:

1. 9 rounds + 2 PC+PJ: 62.5 kg
5 min
2. 50 DUs - 25 burpees - 50 Dus: 3:50 min

My back still sore from the DLs and FS but I expected to last longer. Was not able to row so I subbed to DUs. 50 might seem like a low number, but then you don´t know how bad I still am att them ;)

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...


part 1
135-135-135-145-145...1559(18,19), 165(20)
as rxd

part 2

Heres the video from part 2:

comment: my back felt fine. I should have went heavier but bc I hadn't gone cleans in a while I played it safe.

Jenny said...

#115, 21 rds (don't ask why!)
#53 kb

few minutes rest

timed wod

exp. said...

Part 1: 155# C&PJ/2 pood KB…failed on round 10 and 16? (I think…might’ve been 17)…16 rounds total…lesson in humility today…great WOD!

This WOD crushed me...felt real confident in the beginning, but close to round 9 knew I was in trouble...back started spasming big time on the KBS and this left me with no pull on the cleans...I’d get into my starting position and it felt like I couldn’t even stand this point, the KBS became absolutely excrutiating...brutal and VERY, VERY frustrating...that’s the shitty part...great part is that, otherwise, clean and jerks felt strong, as did the KBS

part 2: 3:40

Nishant said...

Thought i could fit the second one somewhere in the day but it didn't happen.
party video

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...

Part 1
8rds 8 sdhp

video here

Chris Dunkin said...

Mid marcher

Part 1: 8 rounds
Part 2: 3:12

poor planning on part 2. shot for a 1:40/500 pace and ended with a fairly easy 1:36. should have shot for 1:30-1:32.

Justin Flynn said...

mid marcher

Part 1. 8.5 rounds

Part 2. 3:03

Forearms smoked after part 1. Recovered fairly well. Hard to type still messed up. Row was surprisingly hard on the legs. Held a 1:28 split until 400m left then just fell off cliff. Never did a 1k before. happy but wanted a sub 3min. In reach when fresh.

Nathan H. said...

Wod: 8+6
rest 30min
Row: 3:13

Shouldve kept a better pace on the wod.
Stayed at 135 pace for first 500, tried to hang on for the last 500. Legs burned.