Thurs, Feb 25, 2010

early March:

for loads:
A. Back Squat @ 30X0; 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 240 sec
B. Power Clean @ 12X1; 2,2,2,2,2; rest 180 sec

late March:
4 rounds for time;
60 unbroken double unders
30 unbroken wall balls - 20#/14# to 10 ft

post loads and times to comments


Geoff Aucoin said...

That's pretty frickin' cute. Nice work, FitzGerald clan!

Anonymous said...

Quick question: If I can't do 60 double unders ub, should I scale to a number I can acheive ub or go to 60 broken?


OPT said...

anon, try your best, do not succumb to what is possible before trying it...get there, then decide, you MAY just surprise yourself

DeeJay said...
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Matthew said...

I would love an explanation of what this blog is designed for. Any help or direction to a link that explains it would be awesome...

unit said...

Matthew... the best explaination will come from the thousands of workouts, posts and comments over the past yr... search the archives and ull get a feel of what it's abt...

Matthew said...

Will do unit.
I read the FAQ, and I love the intelligent thought put into programming. I will definitely be looking around here.

Another question. Are the various WODs posted under titles like "late Marchers", etc. designed to prepare people for their sectionals? Maybe obvious, but i'm still asking...

Mizar said...

No wall balls available at this globo type gym - all carefully locked in trainer’s room!

Trainers arrive at gym at ~10am :)

Subbed with 45lb thrusters

Time: 8:51

Aaron said...

Early March-
A. 185/205/215/225/245/255
B. 155/175/185/195/205
Globo Gym today. All weights felt surprisingly light. Form stayed tight throughout.

Covino24 said...

Time: 15:39

All wallballs were unbroken
Dbl Unders: 54-6/34-26/27-20-13/21-26-13
My previous Unbroken dbl unders was 37 I think without looking back at my notes.. First set I got 54!! So pumped.. All dbl unders were broken but a huge difference from just two weeks ago.

Wes hendricks said...

its already snowing super hard in upstate NY and I do my wall balls outside.....I am probably going to look funny doing my wall balls with snowboard goggles on

Michael said...

Early March
A. 275, 315, 335, 345, 365(f) x 2
Felt real solid all the way til 365 which would tie a PR, thought I should have gotten it.
B. 185, 195, 205, 225, 245 x 1
Felt very fast here. 245 is a PR power clean

Erik Luber said...

Late Marcher

16:20 Rx'd

Done in lifting shoes, figured it was time to learn how to do DUs in lifting shoes. Never hit the rope.

Last set of WBs were a real test. At 10 reps I am already jumping. At 15 every muscle in my body is screaming to stop. At 20 everything is numb. At 25 I am a wild animal whose only purpose is to throw a ball against a wall. At 30 I surrender to the pain, collapsed on the floor with only one word in my head. Unbroken.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Wes- haha i hear ya...8-14 inches predicted for today, school was closed so we have the day off...whoooof!

Gord said...

Extra day off. Poor sleep. Been awake since 3am

Chris Dunkin said...

Late March

6 du restarts: one in second round at 52, 3rd round @ 34, and 4th round @ 15. the rest were 5 or under.

Spider said...

Missed yesterday due to schedule

Wrist injury prevented wall balls

4 rounds:
60 DU unbroken
25 GHD situps

10:25 everything unbroken, DU's felt really good. I'm antsy to nip this injury in the bud- mentally and physically.

PTS said...

Nathan H : Thanks for the critique yesterday. Any specific drills or way I should practice those things or just light weights and try to get into a better, lower position?

Wes if you do your wall balls outside today, you should defintely get a photo.

Heavy Evy said...

It crazy how close you and I are with our progress on double unders! I'm at 38ub as of yesterday so I'm definately interested to see how today goes! definately don't dread seeing them in the wods now!

Covino24 said...

I know how you feel.. It’s the most frustrating feeling in the world when you can't string together 2 dbl unders in a simple wod like this.. Speaking just of myself.. its amazing to see how much I have progressed from following this blog and just staying positive thru it all.. Even if I can't do 60 Unbroken.. the fact that I got 54 is a huge accomplishment for me and I know I'll be there someday!
-3 months ago I couldn't do a kipping pull up.. Now I'm two weeks away from competing in sectionals.. All reflex’s back on OPT's programming, my coaches and fellow athletes at the box, and this entire community! Thanks to you all!!

rwcorson said...

The CrossFit Games regional qualifiers are in early & late March, depending on what region you are from. OPT is designing the programs for athletes to peak for those dates.

BK said...

10.31 ub WallBall, DU horribly broken. rope has been hitting my right foot same spot for weeks. One of my trainers(who crushes DU) said my rope was too short. Will see next time.

Martin Altemark said...

Ok. Did my best. Have been subbing with less unbroken DUs for these numbers before, but decided to give this a shot today, as DUs been feeling better and I wanted to see if I could make it. Set a 30min time limit and hoped for the best.

Finished 2 rounds... Pretty consistent over 30 now (all failed results were over 30), but seem to cramp up above that. Had 4 failed attemps at 47+...

Well, well. It's still getting better so...

Chad said...



WB unbroken, DU broken once at 35 or so on first round. This got in my head and made it much harder than I thought it would be. Might have waited too long but everything was very hard at the end of each set. Good WOD!

rwcorson said...

13:28 No misses, the wb were very hard in the last 10 reps of rds 3 & 4. I was jumping my ass off on the last 5 wb in rd 4. My lats were numb.

rwcorson said...

Great efforts Erik Luber & Chris Dunkin!!!

Mike@CFCochrane said...

Rnd1- 31,60 du/ 30 (2:26)
2- 57,60/30 (3:51)
3- 60/30 (2:45)
4-16,3,60/16,9,30 (7:47)

focus was toast for last set of wb, took long breaks in last set to force th 30.

Wes hendricks said...


Wall balls after round 1 were broken. I had to do these outside and its snowing very hard out so the platform I was standing on was getting very slippery and my feet were slipping so I kept having to stop to readjust my feet and I had to do these with snowboard goggles on. I never put the ball down though just slight pauses. Double unders were unbroken and easy.

Want to include my wall ball target is the corner of my garage window and the bottom of it is 10.25 feet. Its a very small target so very little room for error.

Roch said...

16:17 all unbroken.

Yesterday all day my back was camping up whenever I was sitting in the car more than 10 min. I felt like I did a really painful wod all day between the 2 real one :)
I'm not injured, its just muscular. I'll take a hot bath with sea salt tonight, get a massage tomorrow take 400mg of magnesium tonight before going to sleep but if anybody have useful tips on that kind of situation I would be grateful.

After the first round of today's wod I needed to sit for 3min I felt like the back of my head was going to explode it was so tight...didn't wanted to finish but I finish it. Wow that was humbling.

PTS said...

16:58 as rx'd.
DU's misses at 38 and 34 in rds 2 and 3 and the neccessary restart killed my hopes of sub 14 which would have happened with no misses I believe.

nice job all Dawgs today.

Stephen Flamm said...

Early March...

A. Forward sled drag, hands between and below knees, 30, 30, 20, 20, 10, 10m @ 70, 70, 95, 95, 120, 120
B. 185, 195, 205, 215(1), 205

Tremendous hamstring and glute burn with this hand position with the sled. Shouldn't have missed on rep 2 at 215, but I wanted to finish with two solid, fast reps, so I dropped down for the last set.

Andy said...

rx 15:03

Shoulders on fire from the DUs. Wallballs tough last 10 reps in round 4. Sick yesterday so it was good to be back and sweat a little of it out.

Katrina Burton said...

Late Marcher

13:07 RX

Tripped in the double unders once at #49 in round 3... damnit! Tried to go from wall ball shots straight into the double unders so I could take a couple more breaths before wall balls. Wall balls are really improving for me, I'm able to handle them better mentally now.

Good luck to team Action & BrOPT in the CFC #2 on Saturday!

Mizar said...

Hi guys,

I am by no means a double-unders expert but I have found that the more I concentrate on matching my execution rhythm with the timing of my breathing, the entire movement becomes synchronized and hence easier to do.

I have experimented with it and by being in control of my breathing, the body and mind become aware of the small adjustments that one needs to maintain so that the tempo, height of the jump, speed of the rope, space awareness, body/muscular tension become that much precise. This precision will allow you do multiple DUs without failing. Note that the moment your mind starts to wonder and you loose focus, you fail!

I have noticed that this same concept can be applied to all the movements that we do.

... experiment with it and be honest about it, only you can be aware of the moment you loose focus and start doing things by brute force...

remember, it’s all in the state of mind...

Garage Crossfitter said...

10:40, no misses
I took 20-30 sec break between exercises to get my shoulders back under me. Let it snow, let it snow....

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM

bully for me that I can now do 4x60 unbrkn DUs but I didn't notice the unbrkn WBs so shame on me.

Get well soon Gord

Dave X said...

Late Marcher:

Round one unbroken. Rounds 2-4 brooken. Very broken.

Having to do this outside in the snow really sucked, but it reinforced th eneed to go unbroken especially the wallballs. The ball became very erract when it got cold and wet.

Second WOD with my new braces and I gotta say they suck ass right now. My teeth are throbbing like a mother------!!!

Word verifcation: ridehed. Nuff said.

Marie Rochat said...

Late Marcher:

I feel much better today after my extra rest yesterday. This week has just been ridiculously hectic with work training on top of my normal work hours. Glad it is over! Today is my Friday too, so I am hoping to get some much needed relaxation in this weekend.

This WOD hammered two of my weakness.

I did put a timer to it, but I knew this WOD was going to take me a long time and was going to hit a skill wall more so than a conditioning wall. Before this my DU unbroken PR was 34ish. So I have a time, but my DU's were not all unbroken, and I really struggled with the Wall balls in the last 2 rounds and accidentally dropped the ball a few time.

I tried to get large numbers on the DU's unbroken. If I did not get over 20 I started over.

Despite my inability to go UB on everything. i did make some massive gains. I got 57 UB DU's which I was super happy with!

Used a 15lb. med ball since that's all I have.

Time: 24:14 (not UB)

Rob Myers said...



Didn't think I had any unbroken rounds in me, but I managed to do the first two rounds of DUs unbroken and the first round of WBs unbroken. After a many 30+ DU attempts, had to move on or I would have been late for work. Paused on WBs but never put medicine ball down.

Nathan H. said...


There are several drills that you can use. One of my favorites is to find a low pullup bar that's about forehead height and practice walking out to your split and pressing upwards on the bar until your in the split position. Gradually start jumping yourself into your split (imagine you've jumped the bar to forehead height) and focus on pushing yourself under the bar.

First priority is getting a solid split position. It should be as wide as your squat position, and depth of split depends on weight. Both feet slightly pointing towards each other. Square and sit into the hips. The heavier the weight, the lower your dip. When you get into really heavy weight the most important things are to be aggressive, be quick, get low and maintain stability.

Make sure your overhead position is stable. Work on shoulder flexility so supporting weight overhead with a hollow midline is no problem.

Take a weight you can split jerk with no problem, say #135. Everyday do 1 rep every 30 seconds for 10 minutes as part of your warmup. Be mindful of your body and what's going on. Focus on the technique and how it feels. Do that for a month, and you'll have done approx 400 perfect practice reps.

I've done this for warmups with all sorts of movements for various lengths of time; sometimes alternating between weak movements.

Hope this helps man.


Nathan H. said...

2nd paragraph, 4th sentence should read: "The heavier the weight, the lower your split."

DeeJay said...

10:18 as Rx

No misses. Goal was sub 10... almost! DU's are coming along. Last set of wallballs was painfull!

joey warren said...

13:19 as RX

5 x trip ups on DUs all at about rep 40-pissed me off


Lauren said...

9:21 everything unbroken, but used a PVC plastic med ball.

Mike Molloy said...


No misses on the double unders. Aimed for 5-10 controlled breaths between the movements.

Jeff B. said...

Rainer, Stephen and Adam - Did you guys see that Josh Everett is competing at the Arnold with us as a "warm-up". I wonder if this will affect the WoD weights..

Michael FitzGerald said...

7:30 as rx'd.

LuLu said...

Late Marcher

This wod just about killed me from yesterday. Used a 10lb med ball,that is all they had at the gym I wsa at.


All wall balls UB
First 2 rounds of DU unbroken
Should have paced myself better on the last 2 rounds of DU.
Ready for a rest day.

Adam Rogers said...


I did see that, pretty exciting. He was the head at my Olympic Lifting cert last year, really great guy. Assuming there is anything to do with a barbell, he should definitely have to do a scaled-up version, that is one brutally strong man.

But we should keep in mind that there are at least 3 guys who post on here regularly who proved to be better balanced than he was last summer. Anything's possible. If nothing else gives you someone to chase.

Melissa said...

Late Marcher

14:17 RX

DU's: round 1 broke at 58 (drats!) rounds 2 and 3 unbroken, round 4 broke once at 34.

Wall Ball: 10 foot height is definitely in my kitchen. All rounds broken but enjoyed the challenge of getting at least 7 in a row even in late rounds.

Brian Maier said...

Wow Fitz....way to crush it!!!

Late Marcher:


Friend borrowered my wall ball last night(perfect timing) so I had to sub dumbbell thrusters. Used 20#/each hand.

Rainer Hartmann said...

Early March:
A: 245/265 x 3, 275/285 x 2, felt a twinge in my right quad, so backed off to 225x5 - 2
B: 145/155/165/175x2, 175 x 1

Steve Howell said...

Late Marcher:

9:26 rx'd

Nice work Mike killed it!

Anonymous said...

Late March

Couldn't do full 60 unbroken D-Us so did 30 unbroken followed by 30 more to make up 60.

All Wallballs unbroken.

time: 11:17

Ali Loach said...

Jesus Mike, that time is ri-donk!
Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Thought my calves were going to be a problem on the double unders, as it turned out I tweeked a bone in my right foot and could not jump on it today, so subbed 1 minute on the airdyne at about 60% for double unders


Pleased that I was able to get the 4 sets of 30 done as the last workout with the unbroken 30's proved too much for me.

bmizzlle said...

Amazing time Michael!!! I am always impressed by your workouts...especially at the games and I try to emulate your intensity...its really inspiring.

anyways... 10:03 rx'd

no misses on DU or wallballs

Thad said...

Did part 2 from yesterday runs felt good other then right knee getting very sore ran about 6.5 km overall.

1.5 hours rest and did todays

11:13 rx'd

really happy no breaks on any DU's

Nathan H. said...


Failed twice on my last set of doubleunders. At 56 and 40. Hit 56 at 8:20.
Missed at 56 waited 2.5 minutes or so. Missed at 40. Waited about 4 minutes. Got it, barely... and I mean barely.

16:50 of frustration.

Michael McCabe said...

late march-
have had a headache since the deadlift/chinup couplet two days ago... not bad when at rest but my head just pounds when i exert myself. finished two rounds today (4:49) but couldn't go on.... want to figure this out soon, as it is the wrong time of year to have to dial back the intensity.

any advice would be appreciated.

Nathan H. said...


I had the exact same problem after doing as many doubleunders in 2 min a couple months ago. For about 2 - 3 weeks after that everytime I started exerting myself (in a warmup or whenever) I would get a pain in the left part of what felt like my brain. I couldn't figure it out and did all sorts of research... I came across exercise induced migraines, but wasn't convinced that was it. I had the headaches very intensely during the OPT Big Dawg challenge... especially during the OHS.

Funnily enough getting those headaches coincided with consuming more dairy than I was used to. I took out dairy and eggs, got a few chiro adjustments and they diminished -- but I can't be certain it was dietary.

I never stopped working out though, I would get a pounding headache during my warmup and especially during doubleunders. And it would come in waves.

My advice is look for food intolerances or recent changes in your diet. Consult a naturopath, aom doctor and/or chiropractor if it gets worse or you grow concerned.

Hope this helps.


Nathan H. said...

Oh, and just so you know, they are completely gone now. I had forgotten about it until you mentioned it.


Tyler Smith said...

BS - 255,275,285,305x1,315f, 315

PC - 205,215,225,235x1,245f

Awful training day in my opinion. Sucks to be having one of these this close to sectionals.

Chris Fodera said...

Late Marcher


15:10, but accidentally started with WallBalls instead of DUs. Still did the entire 4 rounds, just in the wrong order

- PreWO: 16g BCAA-G
- PWO: 40gP/45gC (Shake: Refuel, Jarrow), 8g BCAA-G
- 60 min later: chicken, apple, almond butter

- As rx'd, but did WallBalls first and then DUs.
- Only pauses in WBs were to recover from bad bounces off the wall or awkward catches.
- Broke DUs once and it was in the first round at 21.
- Lower back tight again.

Looking forward to the rest day tomorrow. Going to do some active rest with Oly Lifting Form/Technique work and try and work on some flexibility issues I have.

Chris Fodera said...

and, oh yeah...

AirDyne is in the garage...WarmedUp on it today.

Good times

Adam Rogers said...

BS - 205,225,235,245(1),255

PC - 165,185,205(f),205(1)

Cut both short, intensity/energy just not there today.

Michael McCabe said...

Nathan H. - really appreciate your 2cents... i felt it first time ever on the 80 straight double unders a few days back... i've got a chiro appointment for tomorrow so hopefully i can tough out the next few wods and be pain free by march 20.

Nathan H. said...

Michael M,

You'll be fine by March 20th. I'd bet on it.


Nikki "Crossfit Redline" said...

Nikki 19/f

All double unders were broken but much better than usual. I actually got up to the about 30 unbroken then I would break them up. A lot of fatigue lately so the wallballs were broken as well.


Paul Klein said...

early March:

A. 255, 260, 265, 270, 275, 280, 280
B. 185, 195, 205, 205, 210

Chris Fodera said...


INSANE time/performance...inspiring.

OPT said...

mizar, drop me a line

optcoach at gmail dot com


Ang said...

Late Marcher


DUs and Wallballs were all broken.

I was able to do mostly sets of 20 wallballs ub and then had to pause before finishing.

I FINALLY GOT MY RYTHEM in my DUs!! I am STOKED!! I was able to hit over 30 DUs unbroken which is a PR for me!! This is the first DU WOD that I didnt swear in!

Steve G said...



12:08 not UB

round 1: 60DU/30WB
round 2: 45+15DU/30WB
round 3: 45+15DU/30WB
round 4: 30+30DU/28+2WB

Notes: I have never done more than 37DU in a row before...thus today was a huge success...the last set of WB the ball came down and hit the pull up bar and fell away from...frustrating...

though WOD was not as rx'd I learned quite abit about my DU technique...

Sam said...

Early Marcher

Back squat-3reps: 155, 165 2reps: 175, 180 1rep: 195, 205(f)

Power Clean- 95, 105, 115, 125, 135(1f)

Chad Hall said...

Late Marcher



Everything unbroken on first attempts. Doubles felt great, last 2 rounds were a struggle after 50, shoulders were burning. Wallball was tough on shoulders too, had to do a few extra reps each time because I was short on the target.

McCabe - Ever since those 80 double unders on the weekend I've had the exact same problem. I thought it was because I missed one of my wallballs and got knocked in the head, but today I experienced it after doubles again (and no wallballs knocked me in the face). Not sure what it is ... and I know dairy isn't an issue for me ... could be other dietary issues though ... changed my brand of whey protein, maybe that's it?

Heavy Evy said...

15:14 not Rx'd
Still lots of trip ups on the double unders, I restarted if I didn't get 20ub, then continued with whatever breaks it took to get to 60....its coming along.
Wallballs were all unbroken, and felt easy, minus all the snot and slobber I was blowing on the ball!

MF 7:30 thats Nucking Futs!!!

Eric S said...

Late March:
Technically I'm still trying to get my 1st set of 60 DUs. So I got to at least 80 DUs per round before moving on to wall balls.

Lindsey said...


Not an impressive time by any means. My previous double under PR is 50 (has come a VERY long way!!). I was hoping today would set a new PR at 60, but no such luck. I took from the unbroken idea that endurance was a target for today so I approached the double unders as 60 unbroken or 100+ broken. Unfortunately, used the 100+ standard each round (102, 105, 109, 103). Strung 30 or more together fairly consistently so definately getting better.

Laura said...

17:10--not as prescribed--very broken. Wallballs were a mess.

david83 said...

I think I set a record for double unders in the third round. I never gave up ahah.
as rx all unbroken
this was bad for me for some reason. Was not focused not happy with myself. Need to add double unders into warm-up i guess
round 1 -broken at 58 -restarted
round 2 -clean
round 3- unbroken at 16,24,4,5,40,50 and 45
round 4-clean , broke wallballs at 12 and restarted
so for all the math people out there I did almost 400 double unders
god i need to rest
thank you

david83 said...

broken I mean in rounds 1 and 3 and micheal nice job, amazing time and i saw yours and djs crossfit final video that was amazing.

Craig said...

Early Marcher.

A. 225\235\240\245\255\260(f)
B. 165/180/190/200/205(1)/185

PR @ 255x1. Just couldn't get 260, hit that midway wall.

PC's felt good. couldn't get the elbows around on 205 #2. Dropped to 185 to get the speed back. Pr @ 200x2 and 205 x1!

Lisa M said...

had to sit this one out today as my f'n calf hurts and i don't think DUs would be a good idea. And even though knee felt ok on run yesterday it hurts like a son of a bitch today - crap. Mobility work etc today and hopefully can hit this tomorrow as wall balls especially unbroken is a huge goat of mine.

Pete said...

What a battle!

(1)60 double unders UB/30 wall balls UB
(2) 52,21,36,57,22,60/30
(3) 29, 14, 25, 20, 11, 27, 53, 23,10,60/30
(4) 50,8,18,60/30


60 in a row was a PR for me. My inability is not strength based but skill based so i was determined to stay at the gym for as long as it took to get this done.

This became a double-under session with some wall-balls in between. Something clicked on my 3rd set of 60. I realized that I wasn't putting nearly enough emphasis on quick wrists. When I focused on just wipping the wrists every time I was able to keep going.

Mizar, what your saying makes alot of sense. I noticed I was holding my breath alot and when I finally took in a deep breath it would mess with my focus and rhythm. I also seem to get anxious as I approach my desired number and that interferes with my focus as well. And as you know, I have a tendency to try and use brute strength every now in then :)

I think D-U will be a whole different ball game after this practice session.

I'm really proud of myself for being so pig-headed today and getting through this. The more I went the harder it got. But in the end, I got her done!!!!!!

Good job to everyone. Some seriously impressive and inspriring efforts today.

Pete said...

I just realized that I did 716 Double Unders today!

I thought my calves were sore from the run but I'm guessing I'll be hobbling out of bed tommorrow morning!

Ali Loach said...

2 words come to mind after my sorry attempt at this workout....
Shit show....or Bull Shit, take your pick.

Round one: All Dus unbroken no problem/21 WB unbroken (first attempt), 22 Wallballs unbroken (second attempt)... got pissed at myself and was SO close to quiting. I then decided I wasn't allowed to leave until I finished...even if it was all broken and it took me an hour. The remaining rounds went as follows;
Round two: 40+20 Dus/10+10+10 WBs
Round three: 22+21+17 Dus/10+10+10 WBs
Round four: 20+20+20 Dus/10+10+10WBs

Looking back I should have forced myself to push the WBs to 15 instead of stopping at 10....would have helped me with my "comfortable with uncomfortable" training better than pussing out at 10.

Anyway........I'm embarrassed to post that it took me 23:59 to get it all done.

The only thing I think I can take away from this is the fact that I actually stuck with it even though I wanted to quit/cry/scream/swear.

Tomorrow is a brand new day.

John T. said...

Late marcher


Was really sore today, and still not able to do that many ub double unders so just chipped away there... only the first 2 wall ball rounds were unbroken. Felt better with less overall soreness after the wod, it definitely served as some active recovery for me. My hats off to everybody that only counted rounds that were unbroken.

Steve G said...


I think Taylor and I counted 420 DUs!...way to battle was painful watching you do that!

Justin Flynn said...

Late march

11:49 Rxd

Missed 2nd set of doubles at rep 11. No misses other than that. Pretty happy with this result.

Brent Ericksen - CFNasti said...

Back squat @ 30X0
295x3, 305x3, 315x2, 325x1, 335x1x2

205x2, 215x2, 225x2x2, 235x1 (F2)

Michelle said...

Theme for me since Saturday has been lack of focus, but have approached this by trying to persevere through the WODs. I think for these past few WODs this was the right thing to do even though it sometimes meant a different outcome for me from what was likely intended with the WOD.

Forgot to check watch because I wasn't that focused on time, around 35/36min.
1) UB
2) DUs UB; WBs broken at 15,21,13,19...moved on
3)DUs broken at 49 then 60UB; (long rest) WBs 30UB
4)DUs broken at 29 then 60UB; WBs broken at 18(had to pick kids up from school!)
Great to read the posts today...inspiring work!!!

Mack Lar said...

Early Marcher:
A. 245/255/265/275/285/285
B. 205/205/205/215/225
Not feeling incredibly strong today. A little beat up from the last couple cycles.

Anonymous said...

A. 105/110/115/120/125/130
B. 95/105/110/110(F)/105

Jeremy Tucker said...

any tips on Du's?
have never done more than 20 unbroken:(
did wod as single, double, etc. and even then didn't do more than 25 DU's unbroken with all those singles added.
wall balls are easy


Jason Anderson said...

missed two sets of DU's on 11 and 14 last set of wall balls sucked


Jason Buzzard said...

Early Marcher:

A: 255,265,275,285,295,295(f)
B: 175,195,205,205,205(1f)

Squats felt pretty good but was mad that I missed the last one. First time to bail out of a back squat and it didnt go so well.

Power cleans felt good at first but the 20# jump into the second set was a bad idea, everything was off after that. PR is 225 and was hoping to beat that. Lesson learned, I should go with more how it feels rather than the number on the bar.

Melissa said...

Jeremy, check out these Buddy Lee videos - helps most of our athletes a lot.

Good luck!

Bubba Hagood said...

Late Marcher

Did WOD Friday AM to get some recovery from my cold. Don't have 60 unbroken yet. Did Flight Simulator to warm up and plane crashed at about 30.

16:43 Wall balls unbroken - Du's in 20-40's.

I was very pleased with the last two sets of 60 DUs when I got a 40 and a few 30's straight. I seem to get better at DUs when I'm tired. Wall balls were a challenge for me.

jason crossfit milford said...

as Rx'd late March... 8:30

will said...

as rxd late march 1647

Anonymous said...

Late march

14:16 DU/WB
Rest 6 hrs

Yesterday interval pyramid
5.8 K

Notes: Jump rope broke during WU. That was the spare. Subbed 60x quick jumps to 9' target (reach + 12"). Not as much metcon load, but more jumping.

Run was very challenging and different. Good stuff

Kyle F said...

Late March

11:10 All unbroken

ken c said...

early march

back squats: 315 335 345 355 365 375

power cleans: 205 215 225 235 245pr

power clean 255f
squat clean 255
squat clean 265f

Jeff B. said...

6'3" 188lbs 24 yrs

Early March:

Did Main Page WoD:
OHS 1-1-1-1-1
Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1
Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1

Overhead squat and shoulders were DEAD from HSPU yesterday, only got up to 125lbs, failed twice @ 135lbs

OHS 115lbs, 135(f), 135(f), 115, 120, 125
Front Squat - 175, 205, 225, 235, 245 (PR)
Back Squat - 255, 295, 305, 315, 325 (T:PR)

OHS Felt awful, really working on form, need to work hard on these, all upper body failure lower body and core is fine, weight falling forward at bottom of squat....any pointers?

Front Squat on the other hand felt awesome, PR'd and maybe could've gone heavier.

Backsquat felt the same way it always does, need to up the intensity and get this weight up.

Brandon said...

Late March
Sorry forgot to post yesterday...
Made up the runs from Wednesday.
3.85 in Vibrams felt good

Warmed up for DU/WB and hip flexors were shot. Kept feeling twinge in lower back during first round and then shut it down. Physio told me today that I am really inflamed and tight. Not fun at all.

Melisa C said...

Not UB, max DUs in this was 52.
Tried in the first round, got 37, 40, 45.

Bear said...

late March:


Set a time-limit to 20 min, reached 56 reps twice and 59 reps once. At least I got a few hundred DUs ;)

Attended the level 1 cert in Sthlm and met some really nice people like Karl from CrossFit 3D, Jami from Thames CrossFit and Chuck Carswell. Hope to see you guys soon!

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...

12:56 all broken

calves pretty sore from run

exp. said...

late March

10:22 rx'd

no restarts on DUs or WB...this was a phenomenal WOD...required a great deal of concentration

Chris Dunkin said...

March 13th'r

A. 315, 335, 355, 360, 370, 395pr
B. 135, 185, 215, 235f shut it down

pwo 2scoops refuel/40g dream whey

Justin said...

Mid marcher

A. 265-275-290-300-310-320-330f
B. 225-230-235-240-245

Felt so so today. back squat is 15# off my pr from 8 months ago. Stopped drinking milk a month ago and have lost three pounds and a bit of strength i think.