Jan 31, 2010

...and i thought i had enough of these guys around at OPT already

part 1:
12,9,6,3 rep rounds for time;
Dead Lift - 315/225#
Muscle Ups

rest 1 hour

part 2:
3 sets for total working time:
3 x [1 hang power clean/2 hang squat clean/3 push jerk - 135#/95#/5 burpees/6 cone touches]
rest 2 min
DL - you cannot drop weight from top
muscle ups - arms at full extension at bottom and top
part 2 - 1 set = 3 rounds of 1 HPC/2HSC/3PJ/5 burpees/6 cone touches - 20' apart; i.e. you perform the BB complex, back up and perform 5 burpees, then proceed to cone # 1, touch this cone and another one 20' away from that one for a total of 6 times (i,e each cone 3 times)...then go back to the BB complex and perform the entire set 2 more times; TIME this set, rest 2 minutes and repeat the 3 rounds 2 more times timing each round; add all times together
A. Dead Lift 55% of your 1 from Thursday; 10 sets of 3 reps; rest 45 sec b/t sets
B1. Ring Push ups @ 31X1; amrap (-2) x 3 sets; rest 60 sec
B2. 10 Power Clean "touch and go" unbroken x 3 sets; rest 60 sec
C1. Clap Push Ups @ 10X0; amrap (-2) x 3; rest 10 sec
C2. Push Ups @ 10X0; amrap (-2) x 3; rest 10 sec
C3. KBS - 20 unbroken x 3; rest 10 sec
C4. 20 Back Extensions @ 1010 x 3; rest 180 sec
post scores and notes to comments
rest on Monday for all


Yelvi said...

Reposting this question here.

Any opinions would be much appreciated.

Im competing in the Alaska sectional in March. They have already released their workouts.


Is their anything I should start supplementing this training with since I have the added benefit of knowing a month out what the events will be, or just continue on course with the programming?

Richard said...


From Miami,I follow your programming almost daily and they are off the charts awesome.

I need suggestions on how to deveop a better OHS, I just can't get my hips back and down while keeping active arms and shoulders.
Thank you.

Corbin said...

A. All DL@225#
B1. 15, 10, 9
B2. 145, 160, 175-all "touch and go" and unbroken
C1. 7, 9, 10
C2. 7, 8, 7
C3. All @ 62# and unbroken
C4. No GHD; Subbed unweighted Good Mornings w/ hands behind head.

Tough to keep the pace from the unbroken PC's through the first round of C's. Looking forward to the rest day.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A. 220

B1 18,12,10
B2 135,145,155

C1 6,12,10
C2 7,9,6
C3 70x3
C4 unbroken

Very tough wod. I only waited 45 min after breakfast to start this wod, huge mistake, felt pukie for all of C and then 20 min after wod, my bad.

Felt strong though

Tough transition fron last set of power cleans into part C with only 60 sec rest. also going from swings to back X tough. good wod.

Martin Altemark said...

A. 90kg

B1. 20, 14, 9
B2. 65kg, 65kg, 65kg (7/3)

C1. 12, 9, 9
C2. 9, 7, 6
C3. 32kg, 24kg, 24kg
C4. No bench, did Supermans

I underestimate these sessions every time. Experimented with 40kg high swings before, and that didn't help. PC hard. Not used to that many reps. Also bar was a bit bent...

Paul Klein said...

A. 195lbs felt light and fast

B1. 20, 13, 11
B2. 145, 155, 160

C1. 13, 11, 10
C2. 10, 8, 8
C3. 70lbs all unbroken
C4. Unbroken

I felt better today. However, I was still getting light headed in between rounds.

Check out the video on the crossfit main page of Spencer Hendel cleaning 320lbs and OHS 295lbs. He finished in the top 16 at the games last year. I imagine he will be at the carolina qualifier (his dad owns Crossfit Charlotte). He will be tough to beat, hopefully Rory can be there to give him a run for the money.

David said...


A. 220 lbs, felt good.

B1. 24, 16, 12
B2. 133, 155, 166 lbs

C1. 9, 10, 10
C2. 7, 8, 8
C3. 3 x 20 @ 70 lbs
C4. 3 x 20, broken sets.

Slater Coe said...

20min warmup, but didn't really feel "ready" until about the 7th set of deadlifts... but even then, I never felt explosive today.

A. 225lb all sets
B1. 14, 10, 9
B2. 135lb all sets
C1. 9, 8, 8
C2. 4, 7, 6
C3. 2pd, unbroken but an adventure
C4. Unbroken but very tired after each.

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 270
B1. 17, 15, 12
B2. 155, 165, 175
C1. 10, 11, 11
C2. 7, 9, 9
C3. 70lb
C4. unbroken

wave of nausea 20min post wod. BE were moan inducing.

Anonymous said...

A. All at 110
B1. 7-5-5
B2. All at 75
C1. 4-6-8
C2. 7-7-4
C3. All at 40; games style
C4. Unbroken

Ali Loach said...

A. 10 sets @ 150#
B1. 7/7/7
B2. 85#/90#/95#
C1. 4/4/4
C4. didn't realize this was part of the set in the first round - Whoops/10,10/10,10

*Had some issues gauging the (-2) on the pushups.

Robs said...


Part 1:

DL 120 Kg
Time - 34:45

Being 205 cm weing 112 kg Muscle Ups has always been a struggle for me, but i got them as prescribed.

Part 2:

Round 1 - 3:33
Round 2 - 3:25
Round 3 - 3:26

Very very good workout once again.

Jason Anderson said...

A. 245
B1. 18.14.11
B2. 155.155.135@Quick. 155 too slow end of 2nd Set.
C1. 15,5,5
C2. 10.9.6
Did C1 C2 then C3 C4 still getting used to the programming and was in a rush when I wrote it down oops.
C3. 2pd,1.5pd,1.5pd
C4. unbroken but Once again wrote down 10s rest instead of 180. Tuesday I shall Def NOT rush while writing this down lol.

Andrew Romeo said...

A: 210
B1: 25, 18, 15
B2: 155x10x3 unbroken
C1:20, 15, 11
C2: 15, 15, 6
C3: 2 Pood x3 unbroken
C4: 20 unbroken

have been following but was unable to post yesterday

'The Gift' said...

A: 205lbs
B1: 23, 14, 11
B2: 145
C1: 8, 8, 9
C2: 8, 8, 9
C3: 20 unbrkn @ 1.5pood
C4: Back Ext'ns 10/5/5, 6/4/5/5, 6/4/5/5

Back Ext'ns were horrific...

Geoff Aucoin said...

A. 205
B1. 11,8,9
B2. 133,138,148
C1. 11,10,8
C2. 10,7,6
C3. all unbroken w/ 2 pd
C4. ditto

1st day back after a few days of minor illness, not at 100% but still a good WOD. Glad it's rest day tomorrow already!

Heavy Evy said...

A1. 209#
B1. 15, 11, 10
B2. 133#, 133#, 143#
C1. 8, 10, 10
C2. 8, 9, 9
C3. 45DBS X3ub
C4. 12/15/17, 10/, 10/5

Notes: May have underestimated amrap(-2), but my tempo was good today. PC form feels better probaly good have went 10#s heavier. Could have went heavier for C3., but would have made C4 even moe crappier! Fun workout.

Rainer Hartmann said...

A: 230
B1: 9/9/8
B2: 115/125/125
C1: 8/8/7
C2: 9/9/8
C3: 45/45/55
C4: 20/20/15-5

Stephen Flamm said...

A. 210
B1. 10, 9, 7
B2. all unbroken @ 135, 145, 150
C1. 8, 10, 8
C2. 8, 7, 6
C3. all unbroken @ 70, 70, 70
C4. unbroken, unbroken, two brief pauses at rep 12 and 16

Deadlifts felt fast. Cycled through different grips throughout the sets. Ring push-ups felt better than ever, and I may have stopped a rep or two short of a true -2. PCs were very easy at 135, and very challenging at 150. All parts of C were just as taxing mentally as physically. Intended to go Games standard on swings, but only made it there for about 80%. Tough day, looking forward to tomorrow's rest.

Roch said...

A:250lbs felt really good compare to thursday!

B2:155-185-175 unbroken heavy at the end for 2nd&3rd set.

C3:40kg all unbroken
C4:20 all unbroken

BK said...

A : 235
B1: 17,12,10
B2: 165,165,155
C3: 2 Pood.Tough.
C4: Golden.

Steve G said...



A. 222.5lbs
B1. 18/10/8
B2. 135x10, 155x10, 155x10
C1. 10/12/10
C2. 8/8/6
C3. 1.5 pood/2 pood/2 pood
C4. unbroken


Everything felt tough today

RPUs - these were tough with tempo and made the PCs difficult. Also hard to gauge -2 amrap...think I was pretty close

PCs: felt heavy and last set was ugly...pulling early

Going from Clap PUs to regular PUs was tough...followed by KBS and this all added up to my shoulders feeling fried...the BEs were a welcomed rest!

Tyler Smith said...

B1. 15,10,9
B2. 135#,140#,145#

C3.80# all sets unbroken
C4. unbroken

***Really wish I would have looked at the comments before doing this, should have gone heavier on power cleans.

Megs said...

A. 115
B1. 4,5,5
B2. 66, 76, 76
C1. 8, 5, 4
C2. 10, 8, 8
C3. only did 15 swings unbroken at 45

Kbs. the globo I go to only has a 45. I couldn't make it through twenty swings like I thought I could. Needed something slightly lighter.
Don't know how I managed to not write down C4, but I didn't. Oops!

Cleans and deads felt good but the rest of me is broken and I am looking for5ward to the rest day.

David Englund said...

A. 70kg

B1. 20, 15, 12
B2. 60kg, 60kg, 65kg unbroken

C1. 11, 12, 10
C2. 10, 11, 11
C3. 26kg, 26g, 26kg unbroken
C4. 20, 11/9, 11/9

PTS said...

A. 245. felt fast and easy

b1. 22,18,13
b2. 135,145,155

c1. 12,14,14
c2. 10,8,8
c3. 70lbs unbroken
c4. unbroken

really tough WOD.

John T. said...

Marcher, Bodyweight 162lbs, 5'7

A.180lbs, felt light and fast, all done with clean grip

B1. 14, 12, 9
B2. All sets unbroken and touch and go style with 135lbs.

C1. 20, 15, 9
C2. 11, 10, 9
C3. 65lb dumbell, all unbroken, wish I had kb's or heavier db's
C4. unbroken

On the power cleans, I probably could have gone a little heavier; I felt strong today. But, the fact that I was able to cycle through them touch and go style so fast like that with 135 represents a big stepping stone for me

OPT said...

Richard, post a video of 3 reps full squat (OHS) at 3RM, then we can help.

Yelvi, whats your BWT?..the events are arguably for the bigger guy with good hip speed...1st event will tell all...someone who can clean heavy will row watts high and do well on the met con (ex...compare Rory to Brett Marshall on last workout for size sake- 6 CTB chin ups and 6 ring dips is so quick for both athletes relative to the time taken to do 500 m rows and 6 heavy thrusters...that the amount of gymnastics reps makes it negligible...and arguably not a balanced perspective of testing for all sizes)....

so..if you are quick in the hips, and an OK runner, you got it made...that is unless they score the clean and watts based on BWT...then it is anyones game...which is what I'd prefer...

OPT said...

Richard, post a video of 3 reps full squat (OHS) at 3RM, then we can help.

Yelvi, whats your BWT?..the events are arguably for the bigger guy with good hip speed...1st event will tell all...someone who can clean heavy will row watts high and do well on the met con (ex...compare Rory to Brett Marshall on last workout for size sake- 6 CTB chin ups and 6 ring dips is so quick for both athletes relative to the time taken to do 500 m rows and 6 heavy thrusters...that the amount of gymnastics reps makes it negligible...and arguably not a balanced perspective of testing for all sizes)....

so..if you are quick in the hips, and an OK runner, you got it made...that is unless they score the clean and watts based on BWT...then it is anyones game...which is what I'd prefer...

bmizzlle said...

A. 215
B1. 20/11/10
B2. 145/155/160
C1. 9/11/10
C2. 8/9/10
C3. 70# Unbroken
C4. Unbroken

Nausea and thought I was gonne vomit during last set of C and 15minutes following WOD. Low back on fire....Excellent training day.

Sam said...

A. 135# all sets
B1. 10 all sets
B2. 75# all sets. Went light to keep good form. Very sore.
On section C I had to stop in the second set of KBS because I experienced a ripping, tearing pain just inside and under my left shoulder blade in the back. This is as far as I got. Did complete back exts:
C1. 8, 8
C2. 10, 10
C3. 1.5 pd unbroken, 12reps then had to stop.
C4. 10/10, unbroken, unbroken. Found my rhythm in the end of 1st set.

Aaron said...

A. 200# Fast/Light
B2.135# unbroken-all sets
C1.15/16/15 Felt powerful
C3.53#/72#/72# Unbroken
C4.20x3 all sets broken

Full ROM on all exercises. Tempo/rest betwen sets and complexes were right on.

unit said...

Paul, I suspect Rory will b at the regionals.... and he's def a beast... things he's done recently

pc - 335
ohs - 315
bp - 355

total- 1005

he's out training 4 special forces at this time... he should have 2 mo to get ready 4 regionals and recover from his starvation and torture... but he's a beast and I'm sure will give anyone in that region (or world) a run 4 their money... he's made a lot of improvements over last yr and I 4 one can't wait 2 see him wreak havoc!...


Lisa M said...

A: 145 quick easy but guarding knee
B1: 12/10/8
B2: 95#s for all three sets felt good but not really explosive because of stupid knee
C3:unbroken but only used 16kgs since this was the activity that blew out my knee and was very worried concentrated on staying on heels and hip extension not usings legs/knee
C4:struggled with these today for some reason first set UB the rest were broken after 10 yuck!

deejay said...

A. 270lbs
B1. 12-8-8
B2. 182lbs unbroken x 2/ 7-2-1(a little too heavy)
C1. 6-6-6
C2. 6-6-6
C3. 2 pood - unbroken x 3
C4. Unbroken x 3

Pete said...

A. 215#
B1. 25, 18, 15
B2. 130, 150, 150
C1. 21, 15, 13
C2. 16, 13, 10
C3. 40, 40, 32
C4. 20, 20, 20

Deadlifts felt great. Ring dips felt surprisingly strong. I was very happy with my Power Cleans. These have improved alot for me.
Clapping push-ups and push-ups were good, then the kb swings followed by the back extensions just kicked my ass.

I was nauseaus and shaky for a good 20 minutes Postwod.

Awsome workout!
Thanks once again OPT. I'm loving this!

joey warren said...

A. 250lb for all sets

45 sec rest

B1. 17, 13, 11
B2. 145, 155, 165- fast

60 sec rest

C1. 14, 13, 13
C2. 10, 9, 9
C3. 70lb all sets unbroken
C4. x20 all sets unbroken- good burn

Last time on this to make sure I am now doing the rest correct, you rest between A & B for 45 sec and between B2 & C1 for 1 min. Correct? Huge difference in the power output when performed this way.

Dan said...

A. 235#
B1. 21/16/16
B2. 165# x 3 (all unbroken)
C1. 10/12/12
C2. 7/11/10
C3. 2pd x 3 (all unbroken)
C4. 20x3 (all unbroken)

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...

B1 16
B2 as rxd
C1 13's
C2 10s
D1 2P x 20 reps, 1.5P 2 x 20reps
D2 as rx'd (but sloppy)

Notes: I screwed up big time on C circuit. I had a brain fart when doing the wo I did it the way i wrote it instead. my bads

Pete said...

I could use some clarification on that as well. My understanding is that you are correct Joey. According to the FAQ's this is how it should be.

"We will use a typical multi-facet resistance training workout that would be prescribed on this Blog:

A1. High Bar Back Squat @ 30X0, 4-6 reps x 5 sets, rest 120 sec
A2. Chest to Bar Chin-ups, AMRAP x 5 sets, rest 120 sec
B1. KBS – 2 pd, 21 reps x 4 sets, rest 30 sec
B2. Ring Dips, 21 reps x 4 sets, rest 30 sec

In this workout you move through exercise A1 at the rx’d tempo, for the rx’d reps, you then rest for the rx’d amount of time (exactly) after the set is completed. Following the rest you do exercise A2 at the rx’d tempo, for the rx’d reps, you then rest for the rx’d amount of time after the set is completed. You then proceed back to A1. This alternation continues until the rx’d number of sets are completed for each exercise. For the above, this would mean 5 sets through A1/A2, with 120 seconds rest between each set.

Once you have completed the A1/A2 series, you move to B1. You start B1, 120 seconds after your last set of A2. This style of workout can go into C1/C2, D1/D2, or A1/A2/A3/A4/A5/A6. Nothing changes, you simply following the rx’d order of exercises, the rx’d tempo, the rx’d reps, the rx’d sets."

We were mistaken at our gym today, I took a 180 second break between B and C. So my numbers above are probably higher than they would have been had I only taken 60 secs.


JAM said...

A. 240lbs all 10 sets
45 secs rest
B1. 25,20,14
B2. 155,155,165
60 secs rest
C1. 10,11,11
C2. 6,7,8,
C3. 70lbs unbroken
C4. sets of 20 unbroken

Deads and PC's felt strong and fast, the posterior chain training is working

rwcorson said...

A. 198
B1. 12,11,10
B2. 110,120,132
C1. 10,8,8
C2. 8,8,9
C3. 1.5 pood unbroken
C4. all unbroken
I missed the KBS on the 1st rd and did them after the back ext.

Yelvi said...


BWT- 197
Best C&J- 225
2000- 6:56

Anonymous said...

A. 190lbs
B1. 17,16,14
B2. 140lbsx3 unbroken
C1. 12,12,11
C2. 9,7,7
C3. 1.5pood x3 all unbroken
C4. 20,20,20 all broken
Should have gone a little heavier on KBS

Nathan H. said...

A1: 114kg (#250.8), fast and easy

B1: 21, 16, 12
B2:70kg, 74kg, 78kg (#171.6) unbroken and fast, no pauses. Should've gone heavier for all sets.

Didn't set up my PC weight before hand; so that took 2-3 min. I have to keep in mind the RXd time between rounds from now on.

C1: 14; 10; 8
C2: 8; 10; 8
C3: 70# unbroken, last set was tough.
C4: unbroken, last set burned!

My rest was probably more like 4 seconds between the first and second round of pushups. I was too eager!

Fun WOD! Might do some running later.

Mizar said...
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Steve Howell said...

C3:24kg all unbroken
C4:all unbroken

Mizar said...


I have been following your program since the beginning of the year and I would like to let you know that I like your scientific approach.

Thank you for your help and effort.


A1: 215lb
B1: 16-15-14
B2: 115-135-115
C1: 21-16-10
C2: 10-10-6
C3: 40 kg (unbroken) - 40kg (broken) – 32kg (broken)
C4: unbroken

LuLu said...

A1: 120
B2: 90-90(8)-85 went down to 85 second set because I waited too long at bottom of 9th and 10th rep in second set, wanted touch and go :)
C1:12-10-10 made sure chest touched ground
C2: 10-8-8 again, chest right to ground
C3: 24kg-24kg-20kg went down last set to keep good form

Today was a very hard day for me. My mind was somewhere else but I chose to train and tried my best to focus and made it through. I am glad I did it, I know I learned a lot :)

LuLu said...
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Jacques A said...

B1. 27,20,17
B2. 135,155,155X10

C2. 11,12,8
C3. 40kg 3 sets unbroken
C4. 20,20,15/5 (because of possible miscount )

Michelle said...

A. 10 sets at 133 (1RM is 265)

B1. 11/10/8
B2. 88#/93#/100.5# These weren't picture perfect power cleans but it's the best I've felt doing them since before doing a strict strength program (no met cons, no o-lifting)in the fall/ winter. They felt like they used to!!!!!!

C3.20kg, all unbroken
C4. all unbroken

Think I could have done a better job gauging the AMRAP (-2). May have been too conservative.

Alex Duncan said...


A. 185

B1. 17,13,11
B2. 135, 155, 155 allx3

C1. 12,10,11
C2. 8,8,8
C3. all UB with 60# DB (heaviest available)
C4. All UB

Awesome, killer WOD. Loved the touch and go PCs

unit said...


part 1

part 2
total ~ 6:06


Erik Luber said...


A. 80 kg
B1. 13, 13, 10
B2. 40 kg, 50, 60x7
C1.10, 9, 7
C2. 7, 5, 5
C3. 1.5 pood
C4. All unbroken

DLs felt fast and strong. PCs felt good, not quite there for the 60 kg, but close..60 kg was close to my 1RM not too long ago. Back extensions painful after KBS. Good workout.

Lindsey said...

A. 95
B1. 4/5/4
B2. 75 - wanted to stay unbroken and explosive
C1. 6/4/4
C2. 7/6/5
C3. 35# db
C4. Unbroken but slow

Chad said...

A1. 205#x10x3
B1. 10/9/6
B2. 155/155/155
C1. 7/8/8
C2. 7/7/7
C3. UB/UB/UB @ 1.5pood
C4. UBx3, subbed good mornings (bar)

Everything felt good. Wish I had the 2pood today and GHD machine.

Roch said...


Is the rest at the end of the last exercise of each part is also the rest between the parts (A"B"C)?


AC said...

A. 0 - still too sore from Thursday
B1. 11-9-8
B2. 85-105-105
C1. 11-10-10
C2. 9-8-8
C3. 1.5pd
C4. check

I'm totally gassed. No energy, all lifts are lower than usual. My low back is torched.

Sam Edwards said...

A. #225
B1. 15. 12. 8
B2. 135. 145. 155
C1. 10. 10. 9
C2. 7. 7. 7
C3. #55 KB
C4. #45 Good Mornings

Brandon said...

A. 255
B1. 18/16/15 - Not rx'd - tempo was off, couldn't slow the eccentric for some reason today
B2. 135/155/165
C1. 13/13/13
C2. 12/15/11
C3. 2 pood all unbroken
C4. All broken (10-10, 12-8, 11-9)

Notes: Deads have been feeling really good the past month. Fast and light today. PCs were good, with the last two reps of 2nd and 3rd sets being really hard. Back Extensions were terrible...fried posterior chain and CNS. Great 2 days coach.


Steve G said...


To answer your question see Pete's comment above...it is taken from the FAQ...or check out the FAQ #2

Chris Dunkin said...

Joey, Pete, Roch- that's correct.

ken c said...


A. 225
B1. 15 14 13
B2. 155 165 175
C1. 8 8 7
C2. 9 8 7
C3. 2 pood 20 20 10-6-4
C4. 15-5, 8-4-4-4, 8-4-4-4

everything felt good until the C section. happy with the unbroken power cleans. the push ups really sucked the life out of the kb swings.

joey warren said...

Thanks Chris!

ken c said...


that's how i've always read how the rest times should be from the faq. it's how i do it. makes it pretty tough as the rest periods get shorter at the end.

exp. said...


Part 1:


Part 2:


total: 9:32

Covino24 said...

Wow Part C was a blast

A1) 200# - good warm up

B1) 20/15/10
B2) 135/145/145

C1) 12/12/10
C2) 10/8/8
C3) 2pood for all - 14-6/10-6-4/8-4-4-4 ..we just got this KB @ our box.. still getting used to swinging it but better now than later.
C4) Unbroken/10-7-3/10-5-5

Rested about 30 mins then did a 500m Sprint Row..PR'd by a second.

Wes hendricks said...

A. 212
B1. 18-12-10
B2. 155-165x10-175x6
C1. 18-15-12
C2. 10-10-8
C3. 1x20 w/ 2pood straight up, 1x20 w/ 2pood above head, 1x7 w/ 2.5pood
C4. 20-20-11+9

Crashed and burned on my last round of KB swings and back extensions

Wes hendricks said...


Thanks for bringing that point up!

Mike Molloy said...


A: Fast and easy (225#)

B1: 13-12-10
B2: 135-145-155

C1: 13-15-12
C2: 11-10-10
C3: 1.5 pood
C4:Unbroken but brutal

Notes: Was able to get this in done at CF Bethesda on my trip through D.C.

Bad News: Had to drop the weight on the KB swing to work on getting the bell straight over head ala games standards.

Good News: Power Cleans felt much easier than a year ago at my regional qualifier.

Best News: I normally work out in an environment where dropping from overhead isn't an option, so I took the opportunity today to work on my Split Jerk. Hit a 20# PR with a 225#... which was nice.

NorCal Chris said...
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Chris Fodera said...



PreWO: 16g BCAA-G, 5g Creatine

A. 270
B1. 15, 12, 10
B2. 135, 145, 150
C1. 10, 10, 11
C2. 10, 10, 7
C3. 2pd; all unbroken
C4. 20; all unbroken

PWO: Shake (24gP: Jarrow, 2 scoops Refuel), 8g BCAA-G, 5g Creatine
60 min later: 2 scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, apple, almond butter

A. These all felt fast and smooth
B1. Got really deep. Rings were about 4 inches off the floor and tried to get my chin/nose to the floor at the bottom on each one. Didn't want my chest resting on the deck though, so planked that out.
B2. I sold myself short here and should have gone higher. I would likely have been better served starting at 150 and jumping in increments of 10.
C1. Was hard to judge the (-2) for these, so I went to failure on speed. Once the reps slowed, I did one more and called it.
C2. Same as C1.
C3. Last round was a little tough, but manageable.
C4. Back was starting to sing in the last round.

Andy said...

A. 215
B1. 20,10,8
B2. 155,165,165(6-3-1)
C1. 15,11,10
C2. 10,8,8
C3. 70# db x 3
C4. be on swiss ball no ghd

I didnt have rings so did push ups on round db that moved side to side, not the same effect, but not a bad sub. My grip failed on 3rd set of cleans, definitely a weakness. Tough wod.

NorCal Chris said...

A. 185#
B1. 13, 12, 11
B2. 115, 125, 135(8+2)
C1. 12, 12, 8
C2. 6, 7, 5
C3. 70# unbroken
C4. unbroken

Left shoulder still impinged.

imosher said...


part 1

part 2

that was a very heavy deadlift for me.

and those hang squat cleans felt beastly after wod 1.

good stuff. thanks coach.

Yelvi said...

A. 210
B1. 12, 8, 8
B2. 145, 145, 155
C1. 8, 11, 8
C2. 8,8,8
C3. 2 pood: First 2 sets straight overhead, last set just above forehead.
C4. 20, 10+5+5, 15+5

dontpanic356 said...


A. 275 felt good
B1. 17, 12, 13
B2. 135, 185, 185 a little too heavy on last set.
C1. 12, 10, 9
C2 . 11, 10, 11
C3. 70 lb unbroken
C4. unbroken goodmornings

Craig said...

A. 190.
B1. 14,12,11
C1. 12,10,10
C2. 11,10,9
C3. 2 pd.
C4. 20 x3 unbroken.

DL felt good, light and fast.
Ring P/U felt strong.
P/C werent' too bad, had some early arm pulls, last set was slower, maintained touch and go, decent speed.
Clap p/u and P/U felt good.
KB's were heavy, managed all sets above head ubroken.
B/E threw fuel on the fire in my lower back.
Felt gassed after this one. Well done OPT. thanks!!

Michael said...

A. 225- felt fast
B1. 20, 12(with 20#vest), 8(w/ 20#vest)
B2. 155, 165, 165- felt fast and easy
C1. 25, 20, 15
C2. 20, 10, 10
C3. 80# x 20 x 3- first time with more than 70#KB- first set was straight up next two were above my forehead
C4. all unbroken

Yesterday I accidentally posted under my girlfriend name so if anyone was wondering who the girl who front squats 275 is it was me. He is yesterday's reposted under the correct name:

A1. 225, 245, 265, 275(3), 275(3)
A2. All Unbroken Chin cross vertical plane
B1. 50# DB's, 65# DB's x 2 sets
B2. 20#
C. 11

Chad Hall said...

Michael! Yeah I was extremely impressed with this girl who absolutely my ass! I did not understand at all! Haha, makes me feel somewhat better.


A: 235
B1: 14, 9, 9
B2: 155, 165, 165
C1: 10, 10, 9
C2: 11, 8, 7
C3: 2 pood unbroken for all
C4: Hip extensions - 20, 10/10, 12/8


Deadlifts felt great! Really happy with how fast and strong they were. Good tempo on ring push ups. First 155 set of PC were more muscle cleans and fast. Moved to 165 and had to have a small jump but around 7-10 took 2 second break at top but still touch and go. Part C was tough but good.

Laura said...

A1: 130 Had to take an extra few minutes rest before B to set up/wait for rings.
B1: 13/10/9
B2: 88/90.5/93
C1: 9/9/9
C2: 7/7/7
C3: unbroken-1pd
C4: unbroken for 2, then broken up a lot on set 3

Michelle said...

Oops! Just re-read the WOD and realized that the DL was 55% of 1RM, not 50% like I did!

Anonymous said...

A. 210
B1. 20/15/12
B2. 155/160/170
C1. 12/12/11
C2. 11/11/11
C3. 20/20/20 unbroken
C4. unbroken
Felt a little off yesterday and misjudged today. Went too light on power clean, too cautious on push-ups and thought the 2 pood was going to be enough but should have gone up to OPT for the 2.5 pood. Overall, was just a bit 'light'

will said...

a. as Rxd
b1. 16,16,13
b2. 135,145,155
c1. 9,8,8
c2. 9,8,7
c3 unbroken @ 2 pood
c4. bodyweight unbroken

Mack Lar said...

A. 195 Felt light
B1. 19/17/15
B2. 135/155/165 All UB. Should've started at 155 and gone up from there.
C1. 17/14/15
C2. 14/11/11
C3. 80 lbs. All UB
C4. UB
Feeling much better today. Finally feeling recovered and strong again after the Big Dawg Challenge.

Jason Buzzard said...


A: 215#
B1: 18,15,10
B2: 135#,145#x2
C1: 10,10,8
C2: 10,8,6
C3: 2 pood, unbroken x2, 10-5-5
C4: 10-10,10-5-5,10-5-5

Went a little conservative on the PC's. I should have started where I ended and went up from there. Lost focus on the last round of KB swings. I think that the starting and stopping was harder then doing it straight through would have been. All the push ups got really hard fast. Lower back was really tight for about an hour after.

Stefani said...

A. 120#
B1. 10:7:8
B2. 70#:80#:80#
C1. 8-12-11
C2. 5-5-4
C3. 16kg unbroken
C4. subbed swissball back ext.unbroken

DL's felt strong, maintained good form on Pwr Cleans however last set was difficult, and clapping pushups from knees. Totally wrecked after today looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

Kyle F said...

A: 200#
B1: 20/16/16
B2: 135/155/165
C1: 10/10/10
C2: 7/7/7
C3: 1.5 pood
C4: As rx'd

Pols said...

Hey OPT, if your caption for the picture is referring to the medics, you are absolutely right.

Jeremy Tucker said...

First day of OPT wods:)
A. 275lbs
B1. 20,15,12
B2. 135 across. Shoudlve gone heavier, sorry
C1. 20,15,10
C3.70lb dumbell unbroken all three
C4.low back extention, not GHD


Michael FitzGerald said...

A. 232.5
B1. 13/11/7
B2. 155/160/165
C1. 10/9/10
C2. 10/9/10
C3. 2 pd
C4. unbroken

Shane Gibson said...

Marchin' on...

A. 225# all
B1. 19-13-10
B2. 135x10, 145x10, 155x10 - all unbroken
C1. 17-12-12
C2. 10-11-9
C3. All 2 pood unbroken x 20
C4. All unbroken x 20

I hit my 35 straight through on DUs on my second try today during warm-up. I'm getting there. Just looking for some consistancy. Probably going to give it a break for a while now though and work on another weakness during my warm-up/cool-down.

md said...

A. 175
B1. 14, 12, 8
B2. 115, 125, 135
C1. 8,9,8
C2. 10,9,8
C3. 20 unbroken x3
C4. 20 back extensions x3

Justin Flynn said...

a1. 265
a2. 17-12-8
b2. 155-165-165 (could have gone 10# I think)
c1. 12-9-8
c2. 8-8-8
c3. unbroken (fck this hurt me. I was smoked after this)
c4. unbroken

The last two wods have been brutal. I have felt great though. Keep em coming

Anonymous said...

A: 225 as RX
B1: 14,12,12
B2: 135, 135, 135
C1: 12, 10, 10
C2: 12, 10, 9
C3 2 pd x3
C4: as RX

A: Seemed Easy. Ran out of weight for Heavy 1 @ 400. Could have gone heavier, so 225 was a guess.
B: Tried to emphasize second pull. I have a tendency to rely on a shrug for light cleans, fear that is robbing power for heavier pulls.
C: straight forward. Subbed reverse hyper on the truck tailgate instead of swiss ball BE.

did it yesterday but forgot to post sorry coach. word is liphost

Mr.Lundmark said...

A: 110 kg.
B1: 13/13/10
B2: 50/60/65 kg's.
C1: 8/8/5
C2: 6/6/7
C3: 24 kg x 3, all unbroken and overhead.
C4: Subbed to Superman's (had no equipment).

Notes: Could do heavier on powercleans.

rackempackem said...


Back again after a full week of rest/active rest. Been slow posting but I will assume it is best to post under the day I did the workout.

Did the folowing workout to get back in the flow:

_Front squat:
worked up to 100kg x3. wich is a 1RM PR.
Happy bout this. Getting stronger. Almost didn't make the last rep. Perhaps stupid to start this heavy but i was to psyched.

_3 rounds:
12 swings @ 24kg
12 K2E
21 DU
easy pace.

Bear said...

A. Dead Lift 100 kg
B1. Ring Push ups - 22 / 10 / 8 reps
B2. 10 Power Clean – 70 / 72.5 / 75 kg, 6-3-1 reps
C1. Clap Push Ups – 13 / 10 / 9 reps
C2. Push Ups - 10 / 8 / 6 reps
C3. KBS, 32 kg – 20 /16-4 / 11-4-3-2 reps
C4. 20 Back Extensions x 3

liss126 said...

A. 155#
B. RPU 8-10-10
Cleans @ 95# unbroken
C. Clap Pushups 5-6-4
Pushups 8-8-8
KBS @ 55# Unbroken
20 Hip Ext Unbroken

Need to work on the explosion for Clapping PU's.