Thurs, Jan 7, 2010

A1. HSPU @ 2010 - amrap (-1) x 3 sets; rest 60 sec
A2. Semi Stiff Legged DL @ 4011; 6-8 x 3; rest 60 sec
B1. Ring Push Ups @ 2010 - amrap (-1) x 3 sets; rest 45 sec
B2. KBS - 15 unbroken x 3; rest 45 sec
C1. Dips @ 2010 - amrap (-1) x 3 sets; rest 30 sec
C2. GHD Raises @ 2010; 15 x 3; rest 30 sec

post loads, notes and reps to comments
amrap (-1) means you attempt a max rep set but stop approximately 1 rep short of failure on speed
swings to just inches above forehead
post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/25g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/10g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/20g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/30g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


bmizzlle said...

hmmmm deja vu. 3..2..1..GO

rwcorson said...

my hammies are screaming again!

Lisa M said...

All I can say is I am glad that my life had a major blow up and I am now a day behind my hammies are thankful for my stress!!

Marie Rochat said...


On Saturday I am going to go join the athletes preparing for sectionals at CrossFit Portland for a WOD. I know that Saturday will be the first Double in your Big Dawg programming. I was wondering if it would hurt my programming to replace one of the Big Dawg WODs with the CF Portland one? The WOD on Saturday is

10 rounds of:
3 reps clean and jerks, 105#
15 wall ball shots, 20#

If it's going to lead to over training or is going to overload a certain aspect of my training, I can pass on the CF Portland team WOD.

Thank you for your help.

OPT said...

Marie, the opportunity to participate at CF portland far outweighs the wods for the weekend...have fun with the group..back at it when you can

Mack Lar said...

A1. 11/6/5
A2. 205/225/245
B1. 19/11/10
B2. All UB w/ 100lbs
C1. 9/7/7 Ring Dips
C2. All broken
Still very curious about the intent for the ROM on the KBS. GHD raises done correctly absolutely crush my hamstrings.

Robs said...

"swings to just inches above forehead"

Sounds to me like you should be able to look out under your kettlebell at the top of each swing?

Something between the russian kettlebell swing and the '09 Crossfit Games standard?

OPT said...

Mack Lar, swings in this workout are done this way b/c we have to know how to do movements in different ways and i also wanted a little more post chain tension for this workout alone...hope you noticed that was the case

LuLu said...

I am liking the early morning workouts better than hitting the gym after work. WAY more energy :)

A1. HSPU= 15-13-12
A2. DL= 110 for each set at 8 reps. I did these very wrong the other day. They felt good.

B1. Ring PU`s= 12-11-11
B2. KB swings= 24 kg all unbroken. So happy with these, they felt amazing :)

C1. Dips= 12-11-11
C2. GHD = 2 sets at 15 and one set of 30 with ab mat. Need to get used to the way these make my head feel, YUCK.

Noah Milstein said...

A1. DB-SP@20kg - 10/8/6
A2. DL@110kg - 8/8/8
B1. Ring PU - 17/11/10
B2. DBS@30kg - 15/15/15
C1. Dip - 4/7/6
C2. Back Ext - 15/15/15

I had to sub out the HSPU, and GHD Raises. In retrospect I would have liked to have gone heavier on the DL and the DBS. Better to have played it safe though and not destroyed my body.

Love it, keep 'em coming.

Linker said...

A1. 15-7-5
A2. 205lbs, 8 reps for all
B1. 28-13-10
B2. 80lbs DB, all unbroken
C1. 15-10-6, bar dips

Chris Dunkin said...

A1. 8,5,5
A2. 325,345,365x6
B1. 18,13,13
B2. 80,90,100
C1. 10,8,7
C2. bw unbroken

Becky @ cf gp said...

a1. 4 very bad rom, so i went to the band asst with hands on bars to increase difficulty and did 7, then 6

a2. 105, 125, 155x6
b1. 10, 8, 7
b2 1 pd, 2 pd, 2 pd 10/5
c1. 4, 4, 4
c2 unbroken 15's only bw

andrew romeo said...

A1: 3, 3, 2 (I have some serious practicing to do on these)
A2: 225x8, 235x6, 235x6 (focused on tempo, weight felt good)

B1: 25, 15, 15
B2: 2 Pood for all sets (felt too light but have nothing heavier to swing)

C1: 10, 7, 7
C2: unbroken, broken- 10, 5, broken- 10, 5

Hamstrings and lower back are smoked

Gord said...

HSPU 19,14,11
DL 142,162,180
ring pu 25,18,16
kb swings- 2pd(+2.5#tapped to kb) x15 x3
dips 13,10,10
GHD raises 15x3

-1 much easier to gage than the -2

imosher said...

A1. 9,6,6 (hands on 10kg plates, head to ground)
A2. 110*6, 120*6, 140*4 (overestimated here)

B1. 14,10,9
B2. 80# *15 *3

C1. 8,7,6
C2. 15,15,15

all the pressing moves felt better. DL was my mistake on the weights I think I would have been better served lighter. If we do this again I will.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Lots of new and interesting info posted on the Games site about the Affiliate Cup. Looks like it's going to be tough just to make it to Aromas.

Mack Lar said...

Coach, last week this KBS ROM came after the heavy OHS day so my thought was that it might be to reduce the load on the shoulders. Give them a break essentially, because they were pretty beat up from the day before. The focus on the posterior chain makes much more sense, thanks for clearing it up. Whenever I think Im beginning to figure it out, you change it up a little. One of the major reasons I feel much better prepared after spending 6 months on your programming. Way more constantly varied. Makes me wish I had clicked on your link from the mainsite in 2008!

Jenny said...

HSPU 17/14/10
DL 70 kg=8 rep/90 kg= 6 rep/ 90 kg= 8 rep
Ring pu 17/11/8
kb swings- 24 kg, unbroken
dips 12/10/8
GHD raises, Was not able to do them in the gym..

Brian Maier said...

Finally able to do a light jog 5 weeks after grade 2 ankle sprain. I've been easing back in the WOD's and doing dorsiflexion exercises to strengthen the ankle...still subbing a few lifts but excited that my ankle is finally allowing me to pick up the intensity.

A1: subbed shoulder press (115#) 10,8,6
A2: 205,225,245 - 8 reps
B1: 22,15,13
B2: all unbroken with 2 pood kb
C1: 12,10,8
C2: 10,10,10 unbroken (hams are toast)

Yesterday's WOD:
1st 3 rounds unbroken
last 4 rounds broken at CTB

L-Sit...uhmmmmm...humbling-0 sec

Not able to do D/U's yet so jumped rope on one wonder my left calf hurts today.

Joel B. said...

A1: 9, 7, 7
A2: 165, 175, 185 all X8
took this down a touch as I was beyond myself (form-wise) at last set of 205 last time.
B1: 16, 14, 11
B2: 2 pood unbroken
C1: 8, 8, 7
C2: all unbroken and in searing fire of many suns.

notes: hspu (pressing) started out stronger but faded faster. Bad/little sleep last night and trained on about 17 hr fast. Not trying IF, it just worked out that way. might not have been able to complete ghd raises last set ub, but toddler came out wearing nothing but an open raincoat hah, so I had to rest longer while getting her inside. Fire Academy 1 week from tomorrow. That is my 16 week sectional/regional/qualifier event this year.

Laura said...

A1: 3/2/0
A2: 118/128/140
B1: 15/12/10
B2: 1.5pd/1.5pd +2.5lbs taped on/same as 2
C1: 7/5/5 (on dip machine--seemed wide today)
C2: 15x3 elbows out

PTS said...

a1. 7,7,6
a2. 205, 235, 5x275
b1. 26,23,19
b2. all sets with 70lbs, biggest kb i have
c1. 19,15,11
c2. 15,15,15

everything felt good and strong today.

Anonymous said...

A1. 2.5" target 8/6/6

A2. 105 lbs 7/6/7

B1. 11/8/9

B2. 40/53/53

C1. 3/4/3

C2. 15/15/15 all unbroken

Stephen Flamm said...

A1. 6, 5, 5
A2. 8 @ 165, 7 @ 185, 7 @ 205
B1. 14, 10, 8
B2. 3 x 15 @ 100
C1. 5, 4, 4
C2. 3 x 15

All pushing movements were better ROM and tempo than on Sunday, and felt stronger. Still erring on the light side with the DLs. Swings were a bitch. Subbed non-tempo reverse hypers for the GHRs due to my knee still feeling weird and having a bit of swelling. I think double-unders may not happen too frequently for me anymore - day after has been pretty rough.

rwcorson said...

A1. 6,6,5
A2. 153x10,173x10,183x8 I didn't read the Rx until after the 2nd set.
B1. 20,16,10 died in the 3rd set
B2. 2 pood
C1. 10,8,7
C2. 10,3,2, then changed the the pad distance 15, 10/5
I spent and lot of time warming the soulder and hammies up today,

rackempackem said...

A1. 14, 10, 10. So much harder in the specified tempo. Have a PR of 27 regular. Could probably have pushed slightly further to hit the -1 rep accurately. Time will tell.

A2. 80kg x 8, 90kg x 8, 100kg x 8. For some reason I missed the tempo spec. for these. First time doing the movement ever. Dead stop between reps at least.

B1. 12, 9, 7. Approximately 10 cm from rings to floor. Chest to deck.

B2. 32kg x 3

C1. 4, 5, 5. Sub'd Ring Dips. More or less to failure. Smoked in shoulder region at that point. Good training!

C2. Sub'd Good Mornings @40kg. No possibility for GHD raises at the gym as of yet. A fact that my hamstrings are very happy about!

Chad said...

A1. 10/7/6...really need to get better at these
A2. 185/185/185 x 8 on all... first time doing these, felt good, probably could have gone heavier.
B1. 10/6/5..arms starting to get tired
B2. 2 pood unbroken on all sets...felt easy
C1. 3/3/3 on ring dips...arms were done at this point
C2. all unbroken sets...good tempo

the past two days have really worked on my weakness with body weight stuff. I feel like I'm at a constant struggle with gain weight and get more power or lose weight and be a better with gymnastics. I'm 6'1 and was 182 at last years regionals and was smoked with the heavy load but did well with body weight WOD's. Now I'm 202 with much more power but I've definitely lost the body weight strength. I'm thinking 195 would be a good goal for sectionsals.

Rainer Hartmann said...

A1: 11-9-8
A2: 175x9, 185x8, 195x8
B1: 12-10-9
B2: 70# x 15 - 3
C1: 8-6-6
C2: 15 x 3

Lisa M said...

did yesterdays wod today do to personal crap.

Pullup sequence was horribly awful i just couldn't get my head in it. L pullups were actually good but i can't butterfly and my C2B just wasnt' there today. Major SUCKAGE.

L sits on fist 10/10/12

DUs were actually surprisingly smoooth and easy today?? Total 448

Might hit todays tomorrow depending on life and body.

Anonymous said...

I blame this on Geoff jinxing me.

A1. 17/13/11
A2. 287x8/312x7/317x5 DL's were more regular than stiff leg. I have not done stiff leg where I did not return the bar to the floor between each rep. Therefore I was too bent in my knee on these reps.
B1. 21/12/10
B2. 2.5 pood, this was actually easier than the 2 pood I used last time we did this WOD when the reps were 25. Speak to my body's preference to shorter work intervals and the fiber twitch make-up.
C1. 12/9/8 - strict
C2. 20/20/20 - hands at head, went for 5 extra reps because of my screw up with the stiff leg DL's, posterior chain was not taxed to the degree they would of been had I done it properly. Tempo was exact for all reps.

Martin Altemark said...

A1: 15, 10, 11
A2: 8x70kg, 8x80kg, 7x100kg

B1: 17, 15, 10 (tempo was not smooth here - sometimes stopped to much in top)
B2: 3x15x40kg (2,5 pood)

C1 (strict ring dips): 7, 5, 5
C2 (good mornings w bar): 15, 15, 15

Hammies still tight as hell. Glad I could do this. Let flexibility decide ROM in SLDLs (shorter than last time, but also better I think). Paid alot of attention to foot placements on the post-chain movements. Felt strong.

Emilie P-B said...

A1: 8-6-6 (on 1 abmat)
A2: 8(150) 7(160) 7(160)

B1: 11-8-7
B2: 24kg for all three sets x 15 unbroken
The KBS were much easier then few days ago when I used 20kg x 25reps

C1: 10-7-6
C2: 15-15-15 (had to break last set: 6-4-5)

bmizzlle said...

A1: 10/7/7
A2: 185x8/225x8/245x8
B1: 15/13/12
B2. 2 pood all unbroken american style
C1: 10/7/7
C2: did back extensions no GHD
3x15 all unbroken very hard and painful.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A1 7 7 7
A2 175,195,215(6)

B1 20,10,10
B2 80,80,80 easy

C1 10,7,6 strict
C2 15,11,10 hard

Clemson Rob said...

A1: 10 (PR by 2 reps! and I still had one more in me), 6, 6
A2: 135(8), 155(8), 165(8)
B1: 20, 15, 13
B2: 65, 70, 70 (should have started with 70)
C1: 10, 8, 8 (strict)
C2: rep scheme as rx'd (did back ext. because my gym does not believe in equipment that can be abbreviated as an acronym)

Aaron said...

B2. First set with a 53# KB
2nd/3rd set with a 72# KB
C2.3 sets of 10
Tempo and rest times were exact. This felt a lot better than the last time we did this workout. Swings seemed light. GHD hammered me, only managed 10 each set.

Garage Crossfitter said...

CHAD- I have a PT question for you, shoot me an email at

Steve Howell said...


A1: 14/11/7
A2: 195#x8/215#x7/243#x6
B1: 21/12/8
B2: 24kg for all 3 sets.
C1: 12/9/5 (strict on rings)
C2: 15 for all 3 sets

bmizzlle said...

forgot to mention my C1: was strict rings dips @2010

Katrina Burton said...

Done at a local globo gym. It was interesting and a very different change of environment!

A1: 15*-11-7*
All strict, no kips. Fell off the wall on the 1st and 3rd sets and could have done more.

A2: 70kg, 72.5kg, 72.5kg

B1: Pushups done on circular dumbells as there was no access to rings. 12, 9, 11

B2: KBS with dumbell. 37.5lbs, 50lbs, 50lbs

C1: 12, 9, 11

C2: unbroken

Caro L said...

A1 3-3-3 First time whit out abmat!!
A2 135lbs-135-135 X8 maybe more weight next time.

B1 10-9-8
B2 20kg hard but next time I'll try 24kg

C1 10-10-9
C2 15-15-15 all broken, too hard for me, 7 unbroken was my max.

Covino24 said...

A1) 7/7/7 All head to ground..improving range
A2) 205/235/250 - Felt great.. unbroken no rest at bottom

B1) 15/10/8
B2) 53 for all(biggest KB).. all unbroken

C1) 6/6/6 shoulder was hurting on these.
C2) 15/15/15 All Unbroken Hands behind head

David said...


A1. 15, 9, 7
A1. 8 each @ 220, 242, 265

B1. 16, 10, 8
B2. 3 x 15 @ 88

C1. 8, 8, 7
C2. 15, 15, 15

Dips and Ring Pushes felt tough, everything else was fine. Well, GHD raises are never "fine" but they went better than earlier this week.

Michael McCabe said...

A1. 6, 5, 5
A2. 245x8, 265x7, 275x6
B1. 17, 11, 10
B2. with DB's - 90 (sloppy), 80, 80
C1. 8, 7, 7
C2. good mornings 95x15, 105x15x2

dips worse than amrap (-2) for some reason... everything else felt pretty good.

anyone have suggestions other than good mornings for those without a ghd? other than "buy a ghd"?

joey warren said...

A1. 12, 10, 8
A2. 235lb, 255lb, 275lb x 7
B1. 24, 13, 11
B2. 80lb, 90lb, 95lb - DBs
C1. 11, 9, 8
C2. 15, 15, 15

ken c said...

A1 9 7 5 (strict. stopped when couldn't keep tempo on the way up.)
A2 245x6 255x6 265x7

B1 20 16 13
B2 2 pood 15 15 15 (no problem w inches above forhead. last time was overhead.)

C1 9 9 8 (strict)
C2 15 15 15 (more like hip extensions. our ghd doesn't adjust up far enough for raises. hands behind head.)

Roch said...


B2.40kg unbroken


Felt Good Hamstrings where ready for that, Good Programming OPT ;)

Paul Klein said...

A1. 6, 5, 5 (done head to floor, thumbs approx center line of shoulders)

A2. 185, 205, 225

B1. 19, 13, 9
B2. 70lb db all three sets (I need to get a heavier db)

C1. 10, 6, 6
C2. Sub Back Extensions with 10lb db. 15 unbroken all three sets.

Tyler Smith said...

A1. 9,9,8
A2. 205,215,235
B2. 2 pood
C1. 12,7,6
C2. Unbroken

Dan said...

A1. 13, 11, 9
A2. 245(8), 225(8), 245(8)
B1. 21, 18, 16
B2. 2 pood, all unbroken
C1. 11, 14, 11
C2. 15, 15, 15 all sets broken

Chris Fodera said...


A1. 8, 5, 3(fell off)
A2. 275 x 8, 295 x 8, 305 x 6
B1. 16, 10, 11
B2. 2 pood x 15 all unbroken
C1. 9, 7, 6(failed on 7th)
C2. All unbroken

PWO: 30gP (MRM shake), 1 scoop Refuel
60 min later: turkey apple, almond butter

A1. #'s from today are the same as last time, interestingly enough...even where I fell off on the 3rd round. I know I had at least 1 or 2 more in me.
A2. Went heavier today and could probably gone even a little heavier (295, 305, 315).
B1. Done with feet on bench and getting deep into the negative. Felt good. Numbers similar to Sunday 20100103.
B2. These felt much better at 2 pood than Sunday...likely because there were 10 reps less/round. Either way...these felt good.
C1. Numbers slightly higher than Sunday. Thought I had one more in me on the last set, but was incorrect.
C2. Hands on temples. Felt good, but my back and hammies were starting to sing toward the end.

Chris Fodera said...


A1. 8, 5, 3(fell off)
A2. 275 x 8, 295 x 8, 305 x 6
B1. 16, 10, 11
B2. 2 pood x 15 all unbroken
C1. 9, 7, 6(failed on 7th)
C2. All unbroken

PWO: 30gP (MRM shake), 1 scoop Refuel
60 min later: turkey apple, almond butter

A1. #'s from today are the same as last time, interestingly enough...even where I fell off on the 3rd round. I know I had at least 1 or 2 more in me.
A2. Went heavier today and could probably gone even a little heavier (295, 305, 315).
B1. Done with feet on bench and getting deep into the negative. Felt good. Numbers similar to Sunday 20100103.
B2. These felt much better at 2 pood than Sunday...likely because there were 10 reps less/round. Either way...these felt good.
C1. Numbers slightly higher than Sunday. Thought I had one more in me on the last set, but was incorrect.
C2. Hands on temples. Felt good, but my back and hammies were starting to sing toward the end.

Dave X said...

HSPU: 8, 6, 5 nose to floor. First time!
DL: 175, 195, 215 x 8 for all sets.

Ring push ups: 15, 11, 8
2 pd kbs unbroken x3

Dips: 8 x3 sets
GHD Raises: first time doing real raises. My hammies are shot. Very humbling experience. I had to break up each set. 3, 10, 2 (crunched my balls and had a hard time recovering)/5,5,5/5,5,5

EHR said...

Eric R

a1. 18,15,13
a2. 185,205,225
b1. 22,17,14
b2. 2.5p x 15,15 2.5p + 2.5# x 15
c1. 12,10,10
c2. 15,15,15 not all reps were at the correct tempo although a big success none the less because I got all 15

Kevin O'Malley said...

Good Workout.. Got some good warm-up and some good flexibility work after wod and throughout the day... Hammies feel better... Hips still not there...
Ring Push-Ups-18-14-9
DBS- Have only 65 lbs in my box- So did full extension at top and wore 25 lbs weight vest
GHD Raises-15-15-15

Did Back Squat- Up to 3 rep heavy- 265 lbs

Becky said...

lisa M, hope everything is ok...

Wes hendricks said...

A1. 18-15-13
A2. 225-235-245 x 6
B1. 18-11-10
B2. 3 x 15 w/ 2 POOD
C1. 8-7-6
C2. Subbed good mornings w/ 75lbs x 15

HSPU thumbs were 24 inches apart

BK said...

A1- 6,5,4
A2- 205,215,225
B1- 16,15,14
B2- unbroken
C1- 6,5,5
C2- unbroken.
Felt great today.

Chris Fodera said...

Went to the Clinic today for my right knee. Trainer thinks it is 1 of two things:
a. Lateral Meniscus Tear
b. Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome

He is leaning toward the Lateral Meniscus Tear because of the location on the outside of my knee...slightly lower than where ITB symptoms surface.

The pain is really only present when pressure is applied upward from the heel and the knee is bent. It is on the outside of my knee and where the joint crease is.

My right thigh/quad is slightly atrophied compared to my left. He is optimistic that it is not a full-on tear because of my ability to do light (200# and less) squats/cleans will little to no discomfort. That paired with the fact that over the weeks, it has gradually hurt less and less, he thinks it is a partial tear that will not require surgery.

I am slated for 4 more therapy (stretches/exercises/stim) sessions. If it is not progressing after those two weeks, he'll order the MRI.

I am somewhat hopeful because a month ago I couldn't walk down the stairs. Tuesday I did the Hang Squat Clean workout. My time wasn't the hottest, but I only felt slight discomfort, no pain.

Brent Maier said...


A1 HSPU: 12-7-7
A2 SSLDL: 120-130-140kg (308#) - All x8
B1 RPU: 17-10-10
B2 KBS: 90-95-100# - All 15's
C1 Dips: 9-8-8
C2 GHD Raise: 15-15-15

Notes: Lower back pulverized. Intermittent 1 second pauses at the top of the ghd raises in the later reps. Lower back was screaming today. Quads are still pretty sore from the other day. Motrin is helping the strain in the back from a few days ago. Should be good to go in a few days.

Wes hendricks said...
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Mike Molloy said...

A1: 15-11-8
A2: 215-225-225 (x6) really focusing on flat back.

B1: Ring Push Up: 19-15-11
B2: 80# Dumb bell

C1: 13-8-7
C2: Unbroken. Much easier on my GHD than on the one I was using at Primal Fitness for some reason. I think my pads are fresher.

dontpanic356 said...

A1: 13, 9, 7
A2: 315, 325, 335
B1: 25, 17, 15
B2: 70lb was biggest avail
C1: 9, 8, 7
C2: unbroken, hands on head

B1 was done on dumbells with feet elevated on bench @ 4020 to compensate for no rings.

Chris Stroud said...

A2. Subbed for 15 GHD situps x 3
B2.15/15/15 unbroken w/ 40lb weight vest
C2. 15/15/15

Taking it easy on posterior chain tonight because tomorrow I am working heavy deadlifts.

Chad Hall said...

A1: 13, 11, 11 (Tempo was a little fast coming down)
A2: 255(8), 285(8), 305(6)

B1: 12, 11, 10
B2: 2 pood (heaviest I have)

C1: 9, 6, 7
C2: Negative hamstring curls (no ghd) 3 sets 15

Notes: Felt good today, ate a lot more food for breakfast and throughout the day and had most of my energy back. Happy with HSPU, they felt nice even though the tempo was a little quick. Still no GHD...booo.

dmarsh said...

A1. 15,11,8
A2. 220x8, 240x8, 264x6
B1. 16,11,11
B2. 2 pood x 15,15,15
C1. 9,8,8
C2. 15,15,15

Hook grip on SSLDL. Going to try mixed grip next time and see what happens as grip is limiting factor on these.

GHRs: Hands behind head. Too much external rotation at hip once fatigue creeps in. Need to correct that.

Marie Rochat said...

Thanks for answering my question Coach. I was hoping you'd say that. I am super excited to get out of my garage and go train with some other people!

A1. 11/9/7
A2. 175x8/185x8/200x7
B1. 10/8/8
B2. 55/55/55 - all unbroken as rx'd
C1. 5/5/5
C2. 15/15/15

Notes: The Semi Stiff legged DL's felt really good. I used a DB for kettlebell swings and would have liked to go higher in weight, but my current set up would not permit it for this WOD. Dips are obviously still a weakness of mine. And finally, I did much much better with the GHD raises. I think my huge improvement is largely due to my body learning the movement better (Sunday was my first day ever doing these).

I am looking forward to some rest tomorrow!

Lisa M said...

Thanks Becky,
Everything is fine just work bulls#$*. I have definitely had to get comfortable with the uncomfortable these last two days - it has become quite apparent to me during this stress that this programming has not only prepared me to get comfortable with the uncomfortable physically but also mentally. This too shall pass and i will be stronger for it!!!

unit said...

A1- 12 / 10 / 8
A2- 315(8) / 365(6) / 365(4) (too heavy 2day)
B1- 23 / 20 / 15
B2- 110lb db... unbroken all sets
C1- 15 / 10 / 10
C2- feet anchored natural curls... 15 x3 sets unbroken


Ali Loach said...

A1. 3/2/5
*First two sets full ROM last set done to 1 inch mat.
A2. 145(8)/165(3,1)/155(6)
*mis-calculated the weight on second set thus the reason the reps were a mess; thought I had 155on the bar and couldn't figure out why the hell it was so much harder to lift....
B1. 10/9/6
B2. 1.5pd/2pd/2pd
C2. unbroken/10,3,2/10,3,2)

Happy tomorrow is a rest if only I had the day off work too ;o)

Yelvi said...

A1. 10,8,9
A2. 225(7), 235(6), 245(6)
B1. 16,10,11
B2. 2 pd
C1. 12, 10, 9
C2. Unbroken

Kevin O'Malley said...

Has anyone taken the glutamine powder ordered through OPT... I was wondering when the best time to take this... It's on powder form so I would throw it in my morning shake in the am because do not have time to make stuff after a workout except for my POST WOD stuff that entails 4 oz of turkey and 1 pear.. ANy suggestions would be great

Jacques A said...

A1: 7,6,5
A2: 260X8, 260X8,260X8

B2: with 40kg All unbroken

C1: Ring dips no kip at bottom 10,10,10
C2: 15, 15(10-5),15

A. Maloney said...

HSPU: 9/8/8
SSLDL: 275x7/285x7/300x6

R. Push ups: 20/15/12
KBS 32kg Unbroken - Felt REALLY good

Dips 12/11/11
GH Raises 15 all in 1 shot each round, but was REALLY struggling with the last round, was hard to teach the Deadlift after!

Legs still fairly sore from Tuesday's HSC but im feeling pretty strong all in all

Steve G said...

@ crossfit optimum performance in Vancouver

A1. 12/12/10
A2. 185/235/325 all x 6
B1. 15/12/9
B2. 1.5 pood
C1. 5/5/5
C2. No ghd at the box (but they ensure me they are on the way!) did 25 ab mat sit ups at rx tempo...


Easier to find rep -1
comfortable with ssdl this time and tried to get heavy...
More weight and higher reps on hspus affected rpu
dips were on rings and done strict...found these very tough...

Pete said...

Quick question? I played 2 hours of fast-paced hockey this afternoon. It was a great workout but I really felt it when it came time to give an extra effort during today's workout. I know that crossfit encourages sport in order to put our fitness into practice, but in terms of proper recovery and injury prevention, how should I account for this while doing this programming in particular? Cause I'm feeling pretty taxed right now! Off to bed! Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this for me.

A1.10/8/7 (Did head to floor with hands on 3 inch high platforms for extra depth)
B2.24kg/24kg/24kg (highest weight available, all unbroken, not heavy enough)

I was really surprised that adding just a few more inches of depth in
the HSPU's made them so much more difficult. My legs were cooked from hockey so the 4 second down-tempo on the way down made it really hard to lift heavy for the deadlifts and made the GH raises feel like my calfs and hammies were going to explode.

Michael said...

A1. 17, 12, 9
A2. 205, 225, 235
B1. 20, 17, 14
B2. 2pd unbroken
C1. 14, 12, 9
C2. unbroken, unbroken, 10-5

Anonymous said...

A1. 9,8,6
A2. 8/195 8/215 6/235
B1. 20,16,13
B2. 15/70 15/75 15/75
C1. 8,7,7 Ring Dips
C2. 15/95 15/105 15/105 Subbed good mornings don't have GHD machine. Last 2 sets lost the tempo near the end of each set.

Evan Z said...

A1. 11/10/7 fell off on last set.
A2. 225(6), 225(8), 225(8)
B1. 15/13/10
B2. 15(75),15(75),15(75)
C1. 14/12/10
C2. Did weighted extensions w/15# with screaming hamstrings.

md said...

a1. 9,8,8
a2. 185, 205, 225 (6)
b1. 20, 14, 12
b2. 2 pod fast and easy
c1. 9, 6, 8, on the rings
c2. 15 x 3

Craig said...

B2. 2 pd
C1. 6,6,5
C2. 3x15 unbroken.

Kathleen said...

F 128#
A1: Purple bands 10/5/6
A2: 152(6) [could have done more but forgot to mix the grip and couldn't hold on]; 162#(8); 172#(6)
B1: 6/5/4 [left shoulder grumpie, but overall a weak area for me]
B2: 2 pood 15/10/9 [didn't realize it was 2 pd until after the sets were over and I was disgusted with what I thought was a 1.5 pood performance - once I discovered the switch up of the pood I was satisfied with the result]
C1: Did rings dips @ tempo 3/2/2
C2: Raises 15 [but the form for the last five of each round stunk]

Steve Smith said...

I've fallen a day behind. Will either do three workouts on Saturday or one tomorrow on the rest day.

Kevin - I use glutamine (from OPT) immediately after each workout. About five grams mixed with water.

Paul - I've wondered the same thing. Sports are great, but how do you incorporate regular playing into a training program? I look forward to hearing what you learn.

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7PM
A1: 7/7/5 felt better tonight than they have in many months. Wanna build on it.
A2: 221# x 3 Thanks Mike for the tips
B1: 20/11/9
B2: 2.5 pood (evil has a new name; 2.5 pood). Maybe 1" above eyebrow
C1: 13/7/7. Did bar dips
C2: 15 [last 5 of last 2 set poor form]

will said...

a1. 11,10,7
a2. 185x8,225x8,275x8
b1. 20,21,23
b2. unbroken @ 2 pood
c1. 15,15,6
c2. on back extension w 70 lbs db

NorCal Chris said...

A1. 9, 8, 9 (feet on box)
A2. 185, 195, 195
B1. 10, 12, 12
B2. 2pood x 15 x 3
C1. 5, 5, 5 (ring dips)
C2. 15, 15, 15 (hands cross chest)

Notes: getting better at GHR

Katie said...

A1. 9,8,8
A2. 7,8,7 x 105lbs
B1. 7,7,7
B2. 1p,1p,1p
C1. 12,8,9 (asst w/blue band)
C2. 15,15,15

Jason Buzzard said...

B2-2 Pood, all unbroken

This work out went much better this time. Although, my posterior chain was wrecked.

weezie said...

A1 - 7 / 7 / 6
A2 - 90 x 8 / 95 x 8 / 100 x 8 (2xDB)

B1 - 26 / 16 / 11 (incline pushups)
B2 - 75 x 15 / 75 x 15 / 75 x 15

C1 - 6 / 6 / 6
C2 - 90 x 15 / 90 x 15 / 90 x 15 (good mornings)

Several modifications due to lack of gear.

atom said...

a1. 14, 12, 9
a2. 275/10, 295/9, 305/8

b1. 20, 16, 12,
b2. 80lb DB Swings

c1. 13, 10, 8
c2. unbroken

Stefani said...

A1. 9/9/6 GR/GR band asst
A2. 115#x7/125#x7/125#x8

B1. 9/8/8
B2. 1 pood 15UB/15UB/15UB

C1. Ring Dips 5/5/4
C2. Good Mornings 45# Bar 3 sets of 15 unbroken.

Brian Maier said...

Paul: my $.02

Wow...2 hours of hockey prior to a Wod.

I run into the same problem as I juggle OPT Wod's with football, basketball and sprint triathlons. I think you need to ask yourself WHY you do OPT programming? If you're preparing yourself for the games then it's essential to follow OPT programming to a T and give every workout 110% effort. In order to do this you have to scale down on other activities that may be affecting your ability to hit every Wod with full intensity.

However, if you're incorporating OPT programming into your life to give you an edge in your other sports and you have no intention of competing in the games, then you'll need to reduce the intensity on some of the WOD's. Or, instead of the 4-6 prescribed WOD's per week, you could scale down to 4 WOD's in order to add hockey games or other sport-specific sessions to your workouts.

I run sprint triathlons so I have found it helpful to scale back on OPT programming approximately 30 days prior to an event so I can crank up the swimming and biking workouts. This ensures that I can give each swim and bike workout the proper intensity. In addition, I regularly play basketball and flag football games during the week and generally hit the OPT Wod's with less intensity the day before the event. This ensures that I have proper recovery time. Listen to your body. As for injury prevention, can't help you're playing hockey.hehe

Heavy Evy said...

A1. 11,10,8 felt great
A2. 199#X8,219#X8,219X6 grip and tempo failed last set
B1. 14,11,8 hands bit lower then feet(on plyo box)unintentional.
B2. 65DB 15X3, needed more weight
C1. 7,5,5 rx'd, felt heavy
C2. UB,9/6,6/9/12, hands at temples until last 2 sets at rep 9 moved them to my chest.
Did yesterday,but couldn't get to a computer till today, so still on opt schedule.

Heavy Evy said...

Oh and dips were done on rings, as thats all I have.

Danny B said...

A1.(used 25lb bumper and abmat)11,7,8
A2. 185x8,195x8,205x8
B1. 13,9,8
B2. 15 unbroken x3 2pood KB
C1.(used 1/2"band) 8,7,6
C2. 15,15,10,3,2

OPT said...

Kevin, based on what i know from you right now, i'd suggest 10 g right before bed and 10 g on empty tummy when you wake and 10g post workout...this differs for everyone as life, stress, gut health, absorption and your current amino acid pool has a part to play in this...let me know how it goes

Pete, the workouts have always been designed with the idea in mind that this is the sport of choice, and this is the training reflected for that...within it is what all other sports have, competitions, training ideas and evolutions, varying athletes and requiring multiple to answer your question it largely depends on what you want to get from the other "sports"...if you want to play them intensely...remember that all intensity is measured in a week as one...
If one wants to become really good at CF, you have to practice CF only is my thoughts....if you want to be OK at it and play other sports..then just measure the mental effort put into the other can play other sports and still do well at CF but do not expect to get same results as others that want to be elite at it..
it is a very good topic of conversation for everyone to ask themselves..."am i doing this to win points?...or am I doing this to become healthier...?" as there are always times in every sport for elite levels where you go into the point of unhealthy/overtrained/overstressed in order to perform at high levels...
when you find that answer, just ensure you put the right mental energy each task that you wish to increase and you'll get what you want...
on a physiological level, listen to your will tell you what to do assuming all your bases are covered...thx for the question

Anonymous said...

A1: 3,3,3
A2: 185, 205,205
B1: 20, 13, 10
B2: 36K, 36K 36K
C1: 7,5,6
C2: 135, 145, 145

Spent extra attention on tempo this time.
B2: Need a heavier KB. Tried combining with an 8kg, but couldn't manage the grip. Might try one in each hand next time.
C2: No GHD so Subbed Good morning.

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot,

B2: 185(8), 205(8), 205(7)

Brian Maier said...

I meant Pete...not Paul...sorry bro!!!

Brian Maier said...

BTW...I agree 100% with OPT's response.

Steve Smith said...

A: 12, 8, 8

B: 320# x 6 x 3

C: 20, 20, 15

D: 75KB, 100DB, 100DB

E: 15, 15, 10

F: 15, 15, 15

MUCH easier than last time.

Slater Coe said...

A1. 9, 7, 6 - onto 25lb plate & abmat
A2. - 225x8, 275x8, 295x6
B1. - 15, 10, 10
B2. - 2 pood. unbroken all rounds
C1. - 16, 10, didn't complete
C2. - 15, 15 , didn't complete

JAM said...

A1. 10, 7, 6
A2. 275x7x3
B1. 23, 15, 12
B2. 2 pood unbroken
C1. 9, 10, 10
C2. 15, 15, 15 unbroken (gut check)

Shane and Karen said...


A1. 15-10-8
A2. 185#/205#/215# - Achieved 8 reps on all sets
B1. 14-10-10
B2. 3 sets of 15 unbroken with 2 pood (could have gone heavier but this is my biggest KB)
C1. 9-10-9
C2. Had to sub reverse hypers, did them with only my chest and upper ribs on the pad - 15-15-15

Once again, the tempos make everything so much harder than what I am usually used to, but I really enjoyed this WOD. It challenged me perfectly. I really enjoyed how this was a slight variation of the WOD that we did a few days ago. It helped me to push harder and have a better idea of where I should be on this WOD.

Brandon said...

Sorry I forgot to post this when I completed last week.

A1. 5/4/4
A2. 245/265/275x6
B1. 18/16/13
B2. 85/100/100(failed on last rep)
C1. 9/8/7
C2. 10x3 had to scale