Sun, Jan 10, 2010

A. Clean Grip Power Snatch @ 12X1; 2-3 x 5; rest 180 sec
B1. Snatch Grip Dead Lift @ 30X0; 4-6 x 3; rest 10 sec
B2. KBS @ 1010; 10-15 x 3; rest 10 sec
B3. GHD Back Extensions @ 2010; 12-20 x 3; rest 180 sec
C. Tabata Push Ups - low score

post loads, notes and low score for C to comments


ken c said...


ken c said...

i think gsp is the fittest guy in all of sports. obviously would be a great crossfitter whenever he decides he better do THAT before he's 60.

PTS said...

NY FOOTBALL JETS! I like the comment, it i why we all compete I think.

Heavy Evy said...

I think GSP needs to get into a deeper squat for those dumbell snatches........ha ha.

bmizzlle said...

Now this looks FUN!!! Wes you and me have similiar numbers Im gunning to beat you haha thanks for the great competition everyone!! and for the amazing stuff here its really working thanks OPT(James)!

Heavy Evy said...

For the KBS do you want American, Russian, or the just above forehead as has been rx'd lately?
Thanks for the programming!

Johan said...

What do you mean with low score on the tabatas?

Johan said...

I´m guessing we should just post the lowest score we get... =)

Garage Crossfitter said...

Somewhat of a rest day for me...i am digging up the cover of an old septic tank on the piece of land our future house and business, OPT EAST USA, is going. its negative 9 degrees farenheit right now so this should be fun.

Hit it hard guys!

Always been a huge fan of GSP!

Mack Lar said...

A. 115/135x1/135x2/135x1/135x2
B1. 225/245/245
B2. 80/100x11/100x6
B3. 20/18/13
C. 12
Very difficult to get moving after yesterday. Went to heavy to early on Clean Grip Snatches. First time doing them and they were very awkward. Couldnt keep upright torso late in the Snatch grip DL's. Felt as though I had been hit by a truck halfway through B set. Yesterday took its toll

Noah Milstein said...
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Martin Altemark said...

No headroom made me skip A, will do it later

B1: 6x100kg, 6x110kg, 6x117.5kg
B2 (russian swings): 15x40kg, 15x40kg, 10x40kg
B3: 3x12 reverse hypers

C: low score 10

Thank god for the straps I bought after the slow SGDL a while back! My thumbs thanks me!

David said...


A. 3 each @ 100, 110, 122, 132, 132. Speed was an issue, various degrees of pressing out at top.

B1. 6 x 250, 6 x 264, 4 x 286
B2. 3 x 10 @ 88 lbs
B3. 12, 10, 10

C. Low score of 8

EHR said...

A. 125,130,135,140,145
B1. 205, 215, 225
B2. 2.5p 15X3
B3. 20,20,13
C. 12

definately did not feel 100% today

Jenny said...

A.30 kg, 40 kg, 30 kg, 40 kg, 40 kg
B1. 80 kg, 6 rep-90 kg, 6 rep-100 kg, 4 rep
B2. 24 kg*10
B3. 12-12-20
C. 6...:(

brian cilento said...

A:95,105,105,105,105 (was concentrating on triple extension and speed, did not over load weight)
B1:185x6, 185x6, 185x6 (recovering from back injury, again did not want to push weight)
B2:2pood (73lbs)all rounds
B3:3x15... smoked me

holy back burn!

continue from yesterday as far as supliments go. i take a good multi, greens+, btw 10-12 grams of omega3 from fish oil capsules (costco brand), and creatine with ribose

LuLu said...

I can't believe how sore I am.

A. 80lbs x5, 80lbs x 5, 75lbs x 5, 75lbs x 5 Focused on technique and where power was generated in order to get it up without pressing it at top :)

B1. 105lbs x6 all 3 sets
B2. 24kg x 15 all 3 sets
B3. 20/12/12 my back was on FIRE.

C. 9 push ups.

Time for some sea salts and a nap.

Mike Molloy said...

A: 100 110 121 110 110

B1: 225-242-253
B2: 15-12-12 (70#)
B3: 15-12-12 (with tempo)

C: 9

6 sets of push ups at 15, then lost it.

md said...

a. 95, 105, 115, 115, 115,
b1. 225 (4), 225 (4), 225 (4)
b2. 15,15,15 2 pood
b3. 20,20,20
c. 9

PTS said...

For the OPT Big Dawg series, I'm listed in two separate spots. One as Pat Skinner and the other as PTS.

Michael McCabe said...

A. 95x3, 115x3, 125x3, 135x2, 135x2
B1. 225x6, 245x6, 265x4
B2. 70x15, 70x15, 80x12
B3. 20, 20, 20
C. stopped after 4th round, right shoulder has been acting up for about a month and it is catching up to me

had to press out the last couple power snatches
DB swings to overhead, tried to push it back down to maintain tempo
back ext were a good mental test (the urge to stop at 12 reps almost got me)

Noah Milstein said...

Oh man, those two lifts were funk-tastic!

A. 50/55/57.5/57.5/57.5kg (x3 on each)
B1. 90x6/95x6/90x6kg
B2. 30x15/30x15/30kgx15
B3. 20/20/20@BW
C. 7

Tabata breakdown...
18/13/10/10/8/8/7/7=81 total
I stopped early on the first round thinking that I had more in me but didn't account for insufficient rest between rounds. If I had stuck with 10 or 11 I could have held it throughout. Next time.

rwcorson said...

You are correct. If you get 15 reps in the first 20 sec set, your goal is to maintain 15 reps/20secs for the next 7 sets.
There is a bit of gaming to be done, as if you over estimate the reps you can do, you usually fail to get to that number at some point.

rwcorson said...

Just look at Noah comments for an example of what I was talking about.

unit said...

A- 135 / 135 / 145 / 145 / 155(2)
B1- 315(5) / 315(6) / 335(6)
B2- 100lb db x10 x3 sets
B3- 20/20/20
C- 16


Aaron said...

A. 2 Reps x 115/120/125/127/128.5
B1. 6 Reps x 185/205/215
B2. 15 Reps x 72#KB
B3. 12/12/12
C. 13

Inexperience in the clean grip power snatch showed. I could have gone up in weight for the deadlift. Tabatas felt strong until the last set. I am ready for a rest day!

Stephen Flamm said...

A. 115 x 2 115 x 3 x 3, 125 x 3
B1. 205 x 4 x 3
B2. 2 pood x 15 x 3
B3. 15, 12, 10
C. 6

Clean grip power snatches were light and fast, but I found myself favoring my left knee at the catch. Snatch grip DLs were hook gripped and strapless with good tempo - very tough on the thumbs. Swings were to Games standard. Smooth, grip was limiting factor. Extensions performed with arms across chest. Push-ups died quickly after first round of 20. Strict, full ROM for all.

imosher said...

A. 110,120,132(2),132(1),115(3)
B1 80,85,90kg
B2 70# 15,12,11
B3 15,13,12
C 9

tabata - 15,15,13,11,10,9,9,9

Anonymous said...

A. 116/126/136/147x2, arms bent at catch/136 backed off. First time with this lift so technique definately developing. Liked the long second pull, allowed me to work on keeping this tight.
B1. 243x6/268x3/282x5, grip could not hold
B2. 15/15/9 - 2.5 pood came onto my toes last set
B3. 20/20/20
C. 14 (15x7 sets)

Covino24 said...

A) 95/105/105/115/120 all 3 reps
B1) 165/175/195
B2) All @ 53# 15unbroken/15unbroken/7-6-2 one extra for breaking
B3) 20/20/12-8

Kathleen said...

F 128#
A 40#* 45#* 50#* 50# 55# [push out]
*[from the hang]
B1 5X88# 6X108# 6X118#
[should have been higher #] [did hook grip on last set to hold onto bar]
B2 15 reps @ 1.25 pood X 3
B3 20/20/14 [lumbar fatigue on last set]
C 4 [8/8/7/6/5/5/4/4]
Low balled the first round hoping to maintain 6 but had to do 1's in rds 5-8
WOD was rushed and only rested up to 120 secs btwn sets

Paul Klein said...

A1. 3 reps x 115, 125, 135, 135, 135

B1. 6 x 205, 215, 215
6 reps was all my grip could handle at 215

B2. 70lb db, that little slow pace made 15 reps feel like 30 at a regular pace.

B3. 10lbs for 16reps, 15 reps, 12 reps
My lower back and ass are torched!

C. 9
I was gunning for 15 and fell apart in sets 6, 7 and 8

My posterior chain is destroyed. I am ready for tomorrows rest day!

ken c said...

A. 135x3 140x3 145x3 145x3 150x1 140x3 (the 150 was a total press out. did another set to make up for the fail. others had arms bent slightly in the catch.)

B1. 225x4 230x4 235x4 (tried to keep pull from the floor like a snatch and not a deadlift i.e. big open chest.)
B2. 70lbsx15x3 (kb overhead)
B3. 12x3 (2 sets unbroken. last set broke at 8. couldn't maintain the 1 sec pause at the top. just knocked out the last 4 fast.)

C. 8 (DAMMIT! was trying to hit 12 everytime and it went like this: 12x6 11 and 8. just a total crash and burn on the last round.

N.H said...

A: 60kg/3, 64/3, 70/3, 74/2, 78/1
missed the last rep @ 78. First time doing that movement and it was weird!

B1: 110kg/6 for all sets. Should have gone a lot heavier. I used just over 100% of my snatch; should've gone with 120% or so. Maybe more.

B2: 2 pood was the heaviest I had. All sets 15, to straight over head-games standard. Wish I had an 88 or a 'beast.
B3: 20, 20, 20. Might hold a 5kg plate next time. Still burned though!

C1: 9; 15, 15, 15, 15, 13, 12, 9, 9
Total: 104

Pushups are one of my weakest movements for some reason. I was in the army for half a decade too! Lol.

Steve Howell said...


A: 111x3/121x3/131x3/141x2/131x3
B1: 200x6/220x6/243x6
B2: 24kg for all 3 sets
B3: BWx20/10#x20/10#x20
C: 24/24/19/16/10/11/10/10

bmizzlle said...

A. 105x3/115x3/125x3/130x3/135x1
some pressing but mostly clean.
B1. 205x6/225x6/245x6
never done before felt strong though.
B2. all 2 pood 15/15/10
not bad except last set just killed me.
B3. 15/12/12
most painful of triplet.
C. 15/15/15/11/11/9/7/7
tried to keep 15 but was too much dang it!!

Linker said...

A. 135lbs - 5 sets of 3
B1. 225lbs - 3 sets of 5
B2. 2 Pood - 3 sets of 15
C. 9

Chad Hall said...

Coach or anyone who knows,

I'm feeling like @ss today, pretty sure I have the flu. Too achey to workout today. If I'm feeling any better tomorrow should I make up today's workout? Or just take the scheduled rest day and start again Tuesday?


Jacques A said...

A. 95X3,135X3,135X3,135X3,135X3
B3. 12,12,20
C. 4X15,3X12,1X11 Score=11
Bending elbows too early on the power snatches

NorCal Chris said...

A: 115x3/125x2/125x1/115x3/115x3
B1: 185x6/225x6/245x6
B2: 70# 15/12/10
B3: BWx20/10#x12 + BWx8 /BWx20
C: 11/11/11/11/10/9/8/8

A. Need to stay on heels on these and open hips all the way.
B1. Should have gone heavier but didn't hook grip til 3rd set.
B3. What a lower back pump
C. Long way to go on the pushups

Rainer Hartmann said...

A: 95/105/110/115/120 x 3
B1: 225x6/245x6/265x5
B2: 70x15 - 3 unbroken
B3: 20, 12/5/3; 12/5/3
C: 18/14/11/8/8/7/7/7 low score = 7

Snatches were ugly, deads felt good (did those the first time), low back/ass on fire at B3. Push-ups went downhill fast.

Anonymous said...

A. 3/80 3/115 3/120 3/130 3/130
Form was not good at 130 had to press out
B1. 2/255 6/225 5/225
B2. 10/75 9/75 10/70
B3. 20 ,18,14
C. 12
challenging day had no energy and sore from previous days workouts and hockey game late last night need to rest

Anonymous said...

A. 3 @ 65/ 3 @ 65/ 3 @ 65/ 3 @ 70/ 3 @ 70
B1. 6 @ 75/ 6 @ 85/ 6 @ 95
B2. 15 @ 35/ 15 @ 40/ 10 @ 40 (lost the kb on the 4th swing)
B3. 12/16/12
C. 2 – so embarassing

dmarsh said...

A. 120,125,130,135,140
B1. 264x6, 274x5, 284x4
B2. 2pdx15x3
B3. 20,17,12
C. 21,17,12,10,9,7,7,7=7

Took snatches from the floor - were these meant to be from the hang? Based on the tempo I think they were?

Quickly unloaded bar at bottom of each rep on SGDL. No tap and go reps.

Pos chain fried on GHD BE.

Fatigued on pushups much quicker than usual. (12 in the third round?!?)

Sore, tired, stressed.

Roch said...

A.1X115,4X135lbs light press at the end)

B1.275lbs, 4-4-3 explosive and regrip for the others).
B2.40kg 3X15
(took 5 min to stretch my back and breathing! Intence! :)


LuLu said...

Wrote my clean grip snatch wrong
80lbs x 3, 80lbs x 3, 75lbs x 3
75lbs x 3, 75lbs x 3
Must have been tired, haha. The phone just rang and I can't answer it cuz I can't move.

Steve G said...

A. 95/95/115/135/135(1)
B1. 135x4, 225x4, 245x4
B2. 65lb db x 10x3
B3. No ghd so did regular BE x 12 x 3
C. 8 (12x6, 10x1, 8x1)


Clean grip PS was interesting...last set was ugly with lots of pressing out...
Snatch dl were surprsingly hard...have done a lot heavier...but my final weight was damn tough and taxed my grip...

3 wods in 24 hour period was very challenging for me...

Dan said...

A. 125(3), 130(3), 135(3), 140(3), 145(3)

B1. 215(6), 235(56) 240(6)
B2. 15, 15, 15 (2 pood)
B3. 20, 18, 20

C. 11

Anonymous said...

new to opt's site have been crossfitter for a few years can someone clear up the load for todays exercise on the kbs? i see several movements where the load has a wierd number thanks for the help

joey warren said...

A. 135, 145, 150, 155, 160x2
B1. 265(6), 275(5), 275(5)
B2. 85lb DBx15, 95lb DBx15, 106lb (2x53lbKB) x 13 - tempo was difficult, couldnt hold for last set
B3. BWx20, 5lbx16, 5lbx12
C. 11 - (18,18,18,18,15,12,12,11)

Felt very recovered and rested from good night sleep but still feeling slightly sore

David Englund said...

A- 40kgx3 / 45kgx3 / 50kgx3 / 50kgx3 / 50kgx3
B1- 90kgx6 / 100kgx4 / 105kgx4
B2- Highswings 32kg x10 x3 sets
B3- 13/12/12
C- low score 15

Clemson Rob said...

A: 115(3), 120(3), 125(3), 130(2), 130(2)
B1: 185(6), 190(7), 190(7)
B2: 75(12), 80(12), 80(10)
B3: 15, 12, 12
C: 9; really bummed on this: was on track for a score of 12 until the LAST interval and then the massive muscle fatigue caught up...

Katrina Burton said...

A.) 66# x 3, 77# x 2, 82.5# x 2
B1.) 110# x 6, 131# x 4, 142# x 4
B2.) 35# DB x 12, 40# DB x 12, 42.5# DB x 12
B3.) All 20s
C. 8 [22,15,10,10,9,8,8,8]

BK said...

A - 105,115,115,115,115
B1- 205,215,215
B2- 2 pood x15
B3 - 10,10,10
C - 12,12,12,12,12,12,10,9.
Bottle of Vueve and a coupla Red Bridges at event last night then had 5 hours sleep.Got up at 7 bells to teach 3 classes back to back and PT client. When I came up for breath I had a dig but knew I couldn't beat a dead horse.

Lisa M said...

Now a workout behing here is part two from yesterday
total 4755
obviously some timing issues in a couple of rounds of the double unders it is hard when your forearms are on fire and you lose all fine motor skills!!

If i get my grip back i will hit todays after i put my kids to bed.

Joel B. said...

A: 95, 100, 105, 110X2, 110X3
first time on this
B1: 185, 195, 205X4
B2: 1.5 pood X15 reps on all
I judged the tempo more important than going for 2 pood.
B3: 20's on all
C: 8
going for 12 but it didn't happen. 12, 12, 12, 12, 11, 10, 8, 8

I am pretty beat up. Will be trying to rest up tomorrow.

Gord said...

A. 88/98/108/118/118(f)-finished with a set at 108
B1. 184/194/196.5
B2. 73#(2pd +2.5#tapped)- 15,15,13
B3 20,18,19
* lower back was cooked

C. low score 8

dontpanic356 said...

A. 135, 155, 165, 175, 185 (for 2 and a little press out on the 2nd rep)

B1: 275, 315, 315
B2: 2 pood for all, 15 reps
B3: 15, 15, 15

C: 9
(20, 21, 12, 15, 11, 9, 9, 11)

Lower back was on fire after B. Chest and tri's started craping on number 7 of tabata push ups.

Sn DL felt easy.

dontpanic356 said...

cramping...not craping.

Bad word to misspell.

Brent Maier said...


A CGPSnatch: 60/62.5/65/67.5/72.5kg (160#) - Last one was more of a snatch to top of head and press out. All sets of x3 except for last round of x2.

B1 SGDL: 140/145/150kg (330#) - All sets of 4, no straps. Everything hurt and grip couldn't take anymore weight.
B2 KBS: 100#/105#/110# - x15 unbroken. Painful last set. Another dip into the "will" bucket.
B3 GHD BE: 20/20/20 - First 20 unbroken, 2nd set I got to 12, 3rd set got to 5. Finished out to 20 at tempo with quick pauses to allow back pain to subside.

C TabataPU: 9 (13/13/13/13/10/10/10/9) - Didn't go into this knowing my last but 13 seemed doable. I guessed wrong, I tried but couldn't pull off my 10's. :(

Notes: Ran 4.2 miles with the family before the workout. Hamstrings are pretty sore from the squats the other day. Looking forward to a day off.

Laura said...

A1: 60/65/67.5/70--form off/70(2)
B1: 113/123/133
B2: 1.5pd/1.5pd/1.5pd(7)--back cramping
B3:: 15/14/12
C: 11 for all

Becky said...

not sure i did the snatch with clean grip correct, but i did it, it felt uncomfortable.

a. 55, 65, 75, 85, 95x1 could NOT get up a 2nd rep
b1. 125# fro 2 sets, 145 for 3rd set
b2. 1.5 pd for all 3 sets
b3. 20, 20, 14 bw with hands at ears
c. 19, 14, 12, 10, 8, 8, 7, 7

Ali Loach said...

Today's WOD was a mental and physical breakdown.
I couldn't get my hips going for the clean grip snatch and let the frustration seep into the rest of my workout.
Tomorrow is a day for recovery....mostly mental.

Heavy Evy said...

A. 133x3,153x3x4sets. Turned into a press once it got forehead height.Felt light off the ground.
B1. 221x5,221x6x2sets grip was tough, limited my load.
B2. 65#BDx15x3 dam limited equip.
B3. 15,15,12 Whoof hands came off temples on 9th or 10th rep.
C. 7 sound the fog horn.
tabata 27,23,12,9,8,8,8,7
man can't believe how quick my musles fatigue with this program.

rwcorson: It was my first tabata,I basicly went to failure each set, are you supposed to hold back to have a better score?

Joey Warren: My gym only has 45#KB Any tips on how to swing 2 at a time? I see you do that quite often, and tryed it today and it felt akward.

Stefani said...

A. 60#/3, 70#/2, 70#/3, 75#/1, 75#/2
B1. 115#/5, 115#/6, 115#/5
B2. 1 pood 20x3
B3. Subbed good mornings due to lack of equipment 20x3
C. 4

Notes: A. Clean Grip on the Pwr Snatch was a mind buster but fun. Last set with some pressing. The snatch deads felt really heavy and form/tempo became more difficult on the last 3 reps. Loved and hated the KBS that was all mental. Tabata anything but push ups and i would have been happy as they are my nemesis. So ready for a rest day tomorrow.

Brian Maier said...


A: 115(3),135(3),145(3),155(3),165(3) - last set had to press out final 2 reps

B1: 225(6),265(6),285(4) - no straps, grip gave out last set
B2: 2 pood(15) x 3
B3: 20x3

C: 15 (15x8)

looking forward to rest day

Chris Fodera said...
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joey warren said...

Heavy Evy, I've been trying to swing 2 KBs to go heavier, but I came to the realization I dont like it, it felt akward today to try to swing 2 53lb KBs. My stance had to be too wide so Ill stick w heavy DBs or go buy a 2,5pood KB.

Chris Fodera said...


A. 135x3x4, 140x2
B1. 225x6, 240x6, 265x6
B2. 2 pood x 15 x 3
B3. 20, 20, 15
C. 15, 15, 15, 12, 11, 10, 8, 8

PWO: 24gP (Jarrow shake), 2 scoops Refuel

A. Could possible have gone a little heavier, but was pushing it up at the end instead of just landing under it.
B1. Should have started heavier and gone heavier throughout.
B2. Felt pretty good, but back was smoked in round 3.
B3. Round 1 was OK, 2 was rough, 3 was hell.
C. Paced myself a little here as I generally wind up with a score of 3 or 4 after doing low 20's in rounds 1 and 2.

Knee felt really good (didn't feel anything in it today).

Garage gym is coming together...just need to build the Oly Lifting Platform for the infrastructure to be complete. After that, some light KBs and Iron Woody Bands for the wife will have us set until we take the plunge on a weight vest.

rwcorson said...

Heavy Evy,
Doing a Tabata for a low score is different from doing a Tabata for total reps. You need to game it a bit to maximize your low score.
You did 102 reps total, but say you tried to do 14 reps in each of the 8 - 20 sec sets instead, your total reps would have been 112. So, as you can see, you would have done more work by using the low score strategy.
Even 13/set would have given you more total reps than using the amrap method.
I hope this helps.

rwcorson said...

Chad Hall, rest up man. If you are ill, don't make your recovery longer by trying to fit the WOD in.
read the frequently asked questions on the top right side of the main page, just under the OPT newsletter sign up.

Erik Luber said...

A. 30 kg, 35, 35, 30, 30
B1. 70 kg x6, 75x5, 75x5
B2. 1.75 pood x15, 2x7, 1.75x8
B2. 14, 12, 13 (hands at temples)
C. 9 (Chest 2 Deck)

Clean grip snatch was difficult, my regular snatch is still not where it needs to be (receiving too much weight with my quads), so low weight more focus on tech. Part B smoked my lower back, the 2 pood was bit too heavy, but glad I went for it. Did exactly 9 reps each round for Tabata push ups, was the perfect amount, barely made the last round, do 7 singles.

Jefff said...

A. Snatch grip - snatch practice
B1. 225,230,235
B2. 15,15,15 (All with 2 pd)
B3. 15,13,10
C. 10 (13,13,13,13,13,13,13,10)

Completely cooked now. Nothing left in tank. Need some major recovery tonight/tomorrow.

Gord - Good call on taping a 2.5# to the KB. Will try that next time. Not sure if brain could have figured out how to do that tonight though.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Corson beat me to the punch on the question from 'Anonymous' . Why do I not feel too eager to help someone who doesn't post their actual name and doesn't bother to read the FAQ?

C'mon man!

Jason Buzzard said...

B1:225#, 235#, 245#
B2:2 pood swings, 15x3

A: this is really new to me and I am not sure if I was doing it right or not, if anyone has a link to a video I would love to see it.
B: first time doing these as well, I liked them though.
B2:Felt good, all unbroken
B3:Ham strings and back were tight on this.
C:was really hoping to stay with 15 the whole time and thought I had it.

April said...

Squeezed in part of yesterday's WOD 1 today.

A. subbed 100#. Got 4 full ladders plus 2. Need to test a 1RM in the near future.
C. rounds 4 & 5 were getting pretty ugly.

Followed up with DU work. Call me a wimp, but the pullup bar was way too cold in the garage to do pullups on.

Michael said...

A. 135 on all sets
B1. 185 on all sets
B2. 2pd x 15 all sets
B3. 20, 20, 15
C. 11- didn't see the (low score) til afterwards so I messed up, my rounds were: 25, 25, 20, 20, 15, 11, 11, 11

Marie Rochat said...


B1. 135x6/145x6/165x6
B2. 35x5/45x5/45x11
B3. 15@25lbs/15@25lbs/13@25lbs
C. 7 Low (20/13/9/8/8/7/7/7)

The sntach grip power cleans felt quite akward... By the end of each B set my hamstrings and lower back were so tight and cramped up, it was insane! I didn't try to game the tabata push-ups. Glad for the rest day tomorrow. My body felt wrecked from the doubles yesterday.

Lisa M said...

An "interesting" article in the crossfit journal called Judgement as Virtue by russell berger. It is obvioulsy a response to what happened at the BBS. I couldn't figure out how to post the actual address of the article but it is in there in pdf. Should make for some good discussions for rest day!!

JAM said...

A. 115,125,135,135,145
B1. 225,255,255
B2. 70lbs x15x3 all unbroken
B3. 15x3
C. 9

first time doing clean grip power snatch, felt a little awkward and pushed them out a little at the top.
Snatch grip dead lift was new too and felt great, i like this movement and see the benefit and carry over. KBS felt light and easy, need a 2.5 pood. GHD back extensions felt ok considering the sore hamstrings from this last week. Tabata pushups were a disappointment, was on track for a low of 12 but broke down on the last set....felt good overall, however, hamstrings still very sore

Grant said...

A CGPS; allx3. 88/98/108/113/113

B1 SGDL 155/175/195
B2 x15 @ 2pood
B3 GHD BE x 20

c tabata PUs 10

Heavy Evy said...

Thanks for the tips, have to get crafty with it next time!
Joey Warren,
I know what you mean about awkward, when I tried it in warm it felt like 2 knee surgeries were in the near future.

Stay Classy

Brandon said...

A. 115x3/125x3/135x3/145x2/135x3 - too much press out on the 4th set; dropped weight to avoid catching the load on the top of my head
B1. 225x4/225x5/225x6
B2. @2pood 15/15/15 swings to straight over head
B3. 16/15/13
C. 10

PTS said...

I took this session off as I was too sore to even get into the bottom of snatch. Rest and nutrition were way off, so rather than hurt myself, rest was the prudent thing to do.

Back at it Tuesday.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Lisa I saw that article and I thought it seemed to be a little timely. It's like a 'justification' article of sorts. There's a shot of CFC in there, though!

Slater Coe said...

A. 135x3, 135x3, 135x2, 135x3, 135x3 - pressed out at top of just about every rep. Very awkward movement.
B1. 185, 205, 225 - could have gone heavier earlier, but form was perfect.
B2. 2pd, 2pd, 2pd
B3. 20, 20, 20 - bodyweight
C. 19, 13, 8, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6 - struggled to maintain 6 reps in 6th, 7th, and 8th rounds.

Evan Z said...

A. 95(3),95(3),105(3),105(2),115(2) - had a tough time with technique. Found myself pressing towards the last couple of sets.
B1. 195(6),205(6),215(5)
B2. 75(5),75(15),75(13)
B3. 15,12,13

Tabata PU low score 9.

weezie said...

A - 115 x 3 / 125 x 3 / 135 x 3 / 145 x 3 / 145 x 3

B1 - 235 x 6 / 235 x 6 / 245 x 4
B2 - 70 x 15 / 75 x 15 / 80 x 15
B3 - 20 / 20 / 13 (pace got to be too much for me)

C - 7 (15 / 15 / 13 / 10 / 10 / 8 / 7 / 7 - 85 total reps)

Holy posterior chain!!

Craig said...

B1. 185(6).195(6),215(4)
B2. 2pd. 15,14,10.
B3. 20,20,12

Clean grip snatch was a little weird. Felt a very slow turnover. Dropped weight on 4 &5 to minimize push out.
SDL felt good, tried to keep back very tight.
KBS wooped me today. took everything I had on the last set.
GHD BE went well, really felt the burn with the 2 count in there.
tabata push ups burned. satisfied with 11, was shooting for 14.

Yelvi said...

B2. 2pd. 15,15,12.
B3. 15,15,12.
I have never felt my lower back burn like it did today. was shooting for 14 on tabata but burned out with 8.

Danny B said...

A. 115x3,120x3,125x3,130x3,135x3
B1. 155x6,175x6,185x4
B2. 2 Pood x 15,15,10
B3. 16,12,12
C. 8(all rounds)

Jeffrey W said...

First time using this routine. Not all that great at some exercises so weights arent impressive, learning the technique first.

Weights are in KG's

A. 20x3, 25x3, 30x3, 35x3, 40x3
B1. 70x5, 70x5, 70x5
B2. 12,12,12 16kg
B3. 12,12,12
C. 6

Lindsey said...

Holy cow, April! Great job!

A. 65x3 x5 - movement felt awkward to me with this grip so kept weight the same to maintain hood form

B1. 95/115(6)/115(6)
B2. 1 pd - 15/12/10
B3. 20/20/15

C. 10/10/8/6/6/6/5/5 - a bit too ambitious at the start, a little disappointing

rackempackem said...


A. 40kg x 3 x 5. First time doing these. Home session in 25m2 appartment with parkett-floor. Did not want to miss. Some pressouts.
B1. 90kg(4), 80kg(6), 90kg(6) First time doing this movement. Messed up tempo first round. Could have gone heavier, (se above)
B2. 24kg x 15 x 3. Don't have heavier iron.
B3. Good Mornings w. 16kg KB behind neck. 20, 20, 15. Good sub.
C. 9 (11-11-11-11-11-10-10-9) Hmm..

I love this training. Thanks Mr. Fitzgerald!

Chad said...

A. 115x2(slight press on 3 so went down to 105), 105x3,105x3,105x3,105x3
-very awkward but I can see how this would help with the clean

B1. 185x6, 225x6, 225x6
B2. 2 pood 15/15/10
B3. 20/20/13

C. 10/10/10/10/10/10/8/7....maybe I should just try to hold 9

love these tempo WOD's, been crossfitting for 3+years with nothing but "as fast as possible."

will said...

a. 115,135,155x2,155x3,165x2 press out at top on last one
b1. 275x6,285x5,295x4
b2. did db swing, 15x90.10x100,10x100
b3 45 lbs db x14 for all
c. low was 12
sorry for late post

Anonymous said...

A: 95(3), 115(3), 135(3), 155 (2), 155(3)
B1: 295 (6), 295(6), 295(6)
B2: 32k x15 (3)
B3: 20, 20, 20 unweighted
C: 6

A: First time doing this. Felt great, pleasantly surprised by results. Set four I had to press the 2nd one out. Refocused for set five and got 3 solid.
B: Held off hook grip until last set to save thumbs. Need to figure out a work around for a heavier KB
C: 20,14,10,8,6,6,6,7

Pete said...

A. 115x3,115x3,95x3,95x3,95x3
I wasn't able to accelerate the weight up the way that I would have liked at 115lbs, so I dropped the weight and focused on my timing so that I could hit it hard and fast without having to press out at the top or drop too low on the catch)
B1. 225x6, 225x6, 225x6
B2.24kg 15,15,15 (Way too light,only kb I had)
B3. 12, 12, 12
(I wish I hadn't stopped at 12's across the board but I had to fight hard to even get those 12, my lower back was extremelly stiff by the end. Not sure why I suck so much at back extensions, my lower back always goes into spasm after these bad boys)

atom said...

a1. 135/3, 145/3, 135/3, 135/3, 135/3 - Didn't go past 145 because I found that when I was landing in a power clean stance I wasn't at full arm extension. Dropping to 135 solved this.

b1 225, 225, 245

b2. 80, 80, 85

c. 10 - held 16 for first 4 rounds then dramatically fell off. 13 is totally doable but I wanted to see how it worked out in the end.

Bin said...

A 95, 105, 115, 115, 115
B1 All done at 195 (just over 100% of snatch 1RM)
B2 10x3 @ 70lb
B3 12x3
C lowest score - 6; started trailing off about halfway through

Really enjoyed the mechanics of the clean/power snatch, felt really nice once I understood what I was supposed to do. I did the DL with similar loading and form to how I would do snatch pulls in o-lifting (ie without loading about 110% of 1RM).

Chad Hall said...

Playing catch up from sickness. Did this yesterday.

A. 95, 115, 115, 125, 130
B1: 225(6), 225(6), 245(4)
B2: 15, 15, 12 at 2 pood
B3: 15, 12, 6-10-12
C. 10

The snatch was awful. Weight was light but my form was really off. Stayed light to try and work it out. Part B destroyed by back and grip was limiting factor for the deadlifts. Gamed 10 for tabata, first time gaming, didn't fatigue until the last 2 rounds.

Took it easy getting back into it.

Caro L said...

A 65lbs (3)*5

B1 95lbs (6)*3
B2 24kg 11/12/11
B3 GHD 20/15/20

C push-ups, I start too fast :-( only 7

Shane and Karen said...

A. Clean Grip Power Snatch @ 12X1; 2-3 x 5; rest 180 sec - 3 reps each set: 135x2, 155x3
B1. Snatch Grip Dead Lift @ 30X0; 4-6 x 3; rest 10 sec - 255x4, 225x6, 235x6
B2. KBS @ 1010; 10-15 x 3; rest 10 sec - 2 pood: 15/15/12
B3. GHD Back Extensions @ 2010; 12-20 x 3; rest 180 sec - 20/15/15
C. Tabata Push Ups - low score - 27/19/10/9/8/7/7/7

The clean grip power snatch were pretty easy, probably could have gone heavier. Snatch grip deadlift was still limited by my hands/grip from yesterday. Everything else felt good except the tabata. As you can see, I start off killing it, but I fall apart pretty quick. Working hard on sustainability. Obviously I could do better on an overall tabata score by holding back some on the first couple sets, but I truly went 100% every single 20 seconds.