Tues, Jan 5, 2010

A. Hang Squat Clean - build to a tough but not 1RM; take no more than 7 minutes; rest 2 minutes
B. 10-1 135#/95# hang squat clean ladder; rest 5 minutes
C. 3 sets of 30 GHD sit ups; rest as needed b/t sets

post highest load for A, time for B and notes for C to comments
ladder is unbroken, if bar rests on floor in set, start again
no pause is needed at hang in A

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/40g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/60g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/20g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/30g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/40g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Erik Luber said...

Sweet! Just got my first pair of lifting shoes (2010 Rogues) yesterday. Excited to try them out tomorrow.

Mac said...

5th day of this....me likey

Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey OPT,
I can give you a rough estimate on all of these... I have talked to you before about my sleeping pattern.. I am a third grade teacher and a affiliate owner and have to travel an hour to work a day to teach and then drive an hour back to get to the gym by 3:30 pm to train till about 8:30 pm and then do my workouts, so usually I am up by 5:00 am and go to bed by 11:30 am.. So to answer your first question I DO NOT GET ENOUGH SLEEP, but this is something right now that cannot be avoided since I am trying to get things going...
1. Avg sleep a night-5 hrs maybe less
2. Hours in Gym- At least 14-16 myself, but running an affiliate at least 50 hrs in gym, not counting programming and networking
3. Meals- I follow Paleo 90% of time and very strict with this. I do however allow about 10% grain intake with flaxseed cereal.. The one thing I am good at is DATE INTAKE, I keep detailed logboooks of sleep patterns, eating patterns and workouts..
4. Like I said I was an avid endurance athlete before CrossFit and for the last year had followed CFE Running Program, however have switched to Rowing as I want to try a new sport and new challenge..
5. I row 3 times a week w. two intervals and one tempo or time trial
6. As of now I follow OPT'S training only with Rowing 3 times a week and have training for running events as of right now, but will pick up again during the spring time..

I know my problem, my sleep pattern sucks, but overall I am strict with my diet, but the sleep hurts me, however this is life and this is what life calls for at this time... There is no way around it Coach... To suceed I must endure and do the best I can... I cannot stop teaching for right now because I need the money, since I am a new affiliate and just like teaching in the inner city, that is where I am from...
Also,Pulling and squatting are about the same % coach, whatever you tell me to do I do over the last month. I do a little extra OLY Lifting maybe once a week to send videos to Coach B... That is my story Coach... Thanks for the Response... I will contact you someday when the time comes and when I can tell you my background, I think this would clear up the issue... Also, will be having a journal article published in the future describing my background and where I come from... Thanks Coach, Your an inspiration and overall just a nice guy...
Kev O'Malley
Vagabond CrossFit

Omar Arvizu said...

SO ladder 10-1 I perform 10 HSC, then 9, the 8...1 rep . Not resting the bar in between sets. Correct??

.. after bieng away since Dec 24 I'm back. Been a tough few weeks. Needed to help mom and dad on renovating the house and doing comiputerdesk for my box so evenothough quiet active, not working out though.
Can't wait!

Ali Loach said...

You are correct - Perform 10 HSC, then 9, then 8 etc. The way I understand it is the bar can not rest on the ground DURING a set however you can rest it in between sets. Since it's timed, only leave it on the ground long enough to ensure you have recovered enough to complete the next set unbroken.

my interpretation anyway....

Ali Loach said...

oh and welcome back.

Martin Altemark said...

Jesus. Biking 10km to gym at 6:30 in -4 degrees fahrenheit is a very uncomfortable way to get uncomfortable training.

HPC: worked up to 85kg
HPC ladder as RX'd in 7:47. Alot harder than I thought.
GHD situps: unbroken/very broken/very broken

Pre nutrition 2 eggs, some apple sauce
Post nutrition 40g whey, about mashed 30g sweet potato.

Very tight in my left hamstring from GHD raises. What's the best way to loosen this up?

Mack Lar said...

A. 225lbs
B. 5:12
C. All sets broken

Working on pressurizing the chest cavity on O Lifts. Definitely felt much stronger out of the squat w 225lbs by taking a breath and holding it before the HSC.
Got that post Fran lung burn/naseousness after part B. Must be something about the front squat movement.

No food prior to WOD which took place at 930am after waking at 630 am. Trying to workout on an empty stomach as per Coachs advice, but that means Im not consuming anything since 7 pm the night prior. Cant workout earlier because Im 12 hours ahead and already hitting it about 10 minutes after the WOD is posted. I def feel stronger working out on an empty stomach. Tomorrow I'll try to get something small down as soon as I wake which should leave me w an empty stomach again 3 hours later.

Dave X said...

A. 195x2. 7 minute timer ran out.
B. 7:44
C. 15/15x3 sets

15 degrees in the gym this morning.

1.5 scoops whey and 1/2 yams

dontpanic356 said...

Shoulder is feeling better, thought I'd give this one a try.

A: 245
B: 4:54 For some reason I hit a wall between 6 and 5. Rested like 25 seconds then finished it out.
C: Sets 1 and 2 unbroken...set three was 15 and 15, had to pause a few seconds.

40g protein shake/ banana

Katrina Burton said...

A.) 130#
B.) 4:27 - only did 6-1 ladder with 95#. Need work on my front squat to achieve anything higher than 6 unbroken.
C.) 3 sets unbroken. Not too difficult here, started feeling it around 20 For some reason these always give me a smashing headache.

imosher said...

Anyone else on here from the GA region?

or with a qualifier on the 27th and 28th of Feb?

I might be the only one but thought I would put it out to the group before I assume.

imosher said...

A. 70,80,85,90,95kg felt quite strong, much better than last months cleans

B. 11:02 unbroken sets

C. unbroken seems to be getting better.

Becky said...

only 110# on the heavy 1 rep.

10-1 ladder in 8:07. dropped it early on #4 of set 6 and had to redo that set.

ghd's unbroknen.

and i'll admit, that i wouldn't have done it that fast had chris not been there. thanks again chris.

Noah Milstein said...

A. 80kg
B. 9:02
C. All unbroken

Totally misread the instructions as Hang Power Clean. My bad. Tomorrow being rx'd as a single I'll probably double up and redo this one. Woops! I wanted to go faster on B and hit more of the cardiovascular and respiratory endurance modality but my grip and forearms would have none of it, so I ended up resting more than I would have liked. I'll post my times again for my rx'd attempt tomorrow.

Linker said...

I'm with you Ian.

Matt Link, I train out in Kennesaw, mostly with Brandon Phillips. I noticed too that our Sectional is the only one on those dates.

Lap Dawg said...

Day 5 and I am yet to finish a workout Rx'd. Hasn't bothered me until today.....

The front squat rack position absolutely DESTROYS my grip. I knew I was gonna have a tough time on this one so I scaled to 115# (doesn't help that I was at a Planet Fitness and afraid of dropping the weight).

Still couldn't do it. Couldn't hold on, so instead I did 10 sets of 5 at the highest intensity that my forearms could muster.

I'll get 'em next time...

A. 185#
B. However long it takes a grown man to cry
C. Unbroken/unbroken/shattered

OPT said...

Kevin, you answered your hip problem...not enough recovery, too much rowing/squatting (hip flexed too often). need more rest and more quality workouts over quantity.

Martin, if your L hammie is tight, means one is working more than other on the GHD's, as well check your feet position when you do them next time, you might have one turned out and one in...I see that lots when there is a pelvic rotation causing one SemiM on one side to tighten and the SemiT on the other side to tighten...due to pelvis out of place...do omse mobility drills BEFORE the GHD on hips next time before this comes up and see how it goes...your hips might have been tightened due to the semi stiff LDL

brian cilento said...

A: 155
B: 8:17 (broke on set of 3)
C: 3 sets of 15
nursing an injured back (L4/L5) from a DL work out in NOV, and re injured in DEC ( btw vacation and getting hurt i did not do a full week for all of nov and dec). so feeling pretty good considering

Covino24 said...

OPT and Dawgs,

I know its pretty earlier to be discussing this topic, but i was wondering what some of you competitors have done in the past when it comes to " The Games Day" nutrition.. I was thinking about, taking the advice from one of the guys at my box, making up a batch of 40g protein 1/2 yam and applesauce mixes and eating those right after wods.. but what about breakfast lunch etc.. its seems like a lot of protein to be taking on one day?? Any suggestions??
Much appreciated!

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 135,165,185,215,225,245,255
B. 4:17
C. unbroken

pwo: 3 scoops refuel/1 scoop dream whey

1hr later: sardines/sweet potato/coconut milk

Rainer Hartmann said...

A: 145#
B: 105#, 10-1 unbroken, 11:06
C: 3 x 30 unbroken

Martin Altemark said...

Thanks Coach! Will do mobility drills and check foot position/pelvis movement better next time. I actually think you are spot on with the foot turned outwards and one in...

Really hard to even walk right now, but hope it's nothing really serious (don't think so - didn't feel any sudden tears..). Haven't had this happen before.

Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey Coach,
I am still going to follow your programming for awhile, but do you think I should ease off the rowing for a bit and cut down to 1 to 2 days... and I possibly might take a rest day today and get at it again tomm to rest my hips today as they are pretty sore and what not... I def knew what the problem was because of the squatting and the rowing with to my hip extension for my own good... Thanks Coach.. What would be your recomm? Also, if def got worst over the break you gave us because I did not rest instead I rowed stupid me... even after 2 years I am still overtraining with crossfit because still have LSD training in my mind even tho I do not do LSD training... Def understand quality over quanitity as the same goes for nutrition... It's funny I preach to my clients about rest and recovery and active recovery but do not follow it myself.. Thanks coach

Wes hendricks said...

A. 215
B. 6:54, all unbroken
C. No time for C, have a big meeting

215 is my squat clean max and was no problem. Any feedback on my technique would be appreciated

2 1/2 mango chicken sausages, 25 c of sweet potato, 15 c of applesauce, 1 scoop OPT refuel

Mike Molloy said...

Kev- I told you to rest more you silly a-hole. Maybe now that Coach says it, you'll listen.

Wes- My only advice is to send me your new Pendlay bar immediately. Clearly its screwing things up. You should probably send me your bumpers too just to be safe... strong work man.

Danny B said...

A. 185,205,225,235
B. 8:48 Rx
C. All broken sets(unable to do full ROM)

dmarsh said...

Dennis 31m/180

A. 135,176,196,220,230,240
B. 5:37
C. 30,30,30

Rested 5 minutes b/w sets on C.

Playing with GHD settings for situps and seem to have found a sweet spot for higher volume sets. Does anyone know if there is a competition standard as far as foot placement in relation to hips or hip pad placement?

Jenn 35f/125

A. 124
B. 12:40
C. 30,30,30

Chad said...

A. 215
B. 9:46
C. 30,30, broken set

First time with the unbroken ladder. First time doing a WOD from this blog. Training for sectionals so looking forward to this stuff.

Also, do you guys do any endurance WOD's on top of this or do you just stick to the programming and that's it?


Jenny said...

HPC: worked up to 60 kg
HPC ladder in 7:37. ( 40 Kg )
GHD situps: unbroken/broken/unbroken

Roch said...


B.7:41 (I took 10-30secs between sets except for last sets where faster)

I'm really impress by some of the time on that part... Wow!! I guest I'll take double dose of fish oil tomorrow :) Good job guys!!!

C.All unbroken

BK said...

A. 135,185,205,225,235,245X
B. 4.35.
C. Attempted but upper abdominal wall is still toast from Saturday, literally screaming.
Subbed 3x10 speed crosschops on Keiser Functional trainer @ 25.30.30 pounds.

bmizzlle said...

A. 205# felt easy probably could have gone heavier but ran outta time.
2 min rest
B. 7:53 8-5 sucked. all unbroken
5 min rest
C. 15-15/20-5-5/15-10-5
3 min rest between sets.

PWO: 40g protein 20g carbs

Stephen Flamm said...

A. 205
B. 9:24
C. 30, 30, 30

I was concerned about this session due to a little swelling on the left knee and remaining soreness from Saturday. Heavy cleans felt very smooth and easy. This is actually a PR, and I felt like I had another 15-20 in me. Ladder was rough. No breaks, but I was too hesitant to get back on the bar. Took about 10:00 inbetween sets on the GHD, but really just surprised that the sit-ups even happened.

Steve Howell said...

Katrina good to see you back

Gord said...

A. 205
B. 8:40
C. lots of broken sets

andrew romeo said...

A: 215
B: 7:35 unbroken during each set
c: 30x3 unbroken

Overall wanted to go heavier on A and faster on B, but I'm happy with my effort.

Evan Z said...

7:43 - tweeked something in my back on the first set and had problems taking deep breaths after. Was able to do all unbroken which suprised me.

Steve Smith said...

@Imosher: I'll be moving to Columbus, GA next week if you want to try getting together sometime.

Ali Loach said...

A. 134#

B. 11:46 realized afterward I had 100# on the bar instead of 95#. Oh well serves me right for being a space case. I always have a hard time judging rest time with these unbroken ones as I seem to take too much rest because I'm scared to try and fail.I think that's my way of sayin' I'm a bit of a sissy :o)

C. No GHD which is frustrating as hell. Spent some time doing my modified version but quickly realized I need to come up with something else. Subbed Toes to bar and Knees to Elbows for the remainder.

I didn't take the rest day yesterday (Did half of the OHS and Chins WOD that I missed last Saturday) and I'm kicking myself for it.

Evan Z - did proper GHD raises for the first time on Sunday and I think we might need to some up with a different modification. My hamstrings have NEVER felt that fried after doing our version.
I still feel like I'm walking funny.

Anonymous said...

A. 205/215/225/230/235/240/245/250-f/250
B. 5:35
C. 20 and 10 each set

rwcorson said...

A. 211, 216fX2
B. 8:22 very conservative on the resting.
C. broken, lots of rest

joey warren said...

Hey OPT or anyone, can you recommend some hip mobility drills or stretches for an out-of-wack pelvis. I think I have the same problem as Kevin, when I do GHD raises, deadlifts, I feel more pressure on one side and multiple chiro's have told me my pelvis is rotated slightly. I have been focusing on it a lot but would appreciate any further guidance as I still feel more sore and more pressure on one side (hamstring) after last posterior chain workout. Thanks!

Kizzee said...


A. 155lb HQS... worked up from 75/95/115/135/145.. then 155

B. Used 105lb... took 9:10.. Grip was limiting factor.. Sets 5 and below I didn't have to rest nearly as long as when i started. Was spent afterwards.. perfect weight for me.. ill go for 110 or 115 next time around

C. I really need to get a GHD of some sort... Seems like we use it a ton... I did normal unanchored sit-ups.

bmizzlle said...

Chad I myself do 4 CFE wods a week (1 interval and 1 tempo; run and swim) I only do this because I am going to BUD/S in March as well as the NW sectionals.

Chris Fodera said...


A. 155, 175, 185, 200, 205
B. 10:20* Lost 20+ seconds as I dropped the bar after the first rep and it rolled down my legs. Took a couple seconds to regroup and ensure I wasn't hurting. Didn't want to start the clock over b/c that would have put me over the RX'd rest.
C. All unbroken.

PWO: 30gP (MRM shake), 2 scoops Refuel, 15gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: turkey, orange, mac nuts

A. Could have gone heavier in the HSQ, but kept it conservative because of my knee
B. Wanted to push here, but not too hard...again because of my knee. Actually started to feel better as the rounds went on. I realize that each round was fewer reps, but even the first rep of each round felt better on my knee than the first-last of the round(s) previous.
C. Kept a really nice and quick pace...last 5 in set three was a little difficult to keep the pace, but maintained.

I am very happy with today's WOD...not specifically the load in A or the time in B, but the fact that my knee felt as good as it did. I am very hopeful that I will be back to 100% soon and able to really push it again.

Surrey Sterling 39/5'10"/174 said...

Well after 6 months of amazing training with all you Dawgs I have decided to follow Brad "Popeye" Kohler's programming at Crossfit Optimum Performance here in Vancouver. His programming follows OPT's principles and I'm excited to be training at a new affiliate with such amazing potential. I'll still participate in the Challenges and it feels sort of like changing seats on a bus. So take care Dawgs and thanks James for the amazing program! See ya at regionals in Calgary;)

Brent Maier said...


A HSC: 90/100/110kg (242#)
B Ladder of death: 4:49 (Ouuu!)
C GHDSU: Slow and unbroken

Notes: Shorted my warmup today, jumped too high too quick and strained something in the back behind the ribcage on the last weight. It was a bad catch but I decided to go with it anyway. I was hesitant with the strain to continue but blasted through the ladder. Rounds 7 and 5 were mentally the toughest. Abs were very sore so the GHD's were pretty painful.

Met a guy today at the gym and he actually did the workout with me today. He scaled the ladder to 88# but he grinded it out with good form including the GHD's. Not bad! Passed on the blog info so we may have a new puppy on the way!

Sweeney said...

Brett Marshall? Could it be?


I'll be off the air for a while as I am getting some personal programming from OPT at least until Sectionals.

Train hard!!

Garage Crossfitter said...

A 225 (tied pr)
B 5:42
C 30,20/10,20/10 (3 min breaks)

225 felt light for the clean portion, i got under it easy but coming out of the squat was a challenge. metcon felt good, i found it harder to keep my elbows up in the last few sets. GHD's painful, should have waited longer between sets.

I can tell a huge diference in strength with all pulling motions lately, cleans, deads etc...pretty awesome.

I have had the same prob as joey for awhile, huge imbalance in my pelvis, and TFL. My TFL on the right side is noticiably bigger. My right foot always wants to move out to 45 degrees,(instead of staying at 30 degrees) when squat cleaning, snatching or jumping up from burpees, i know that means some kind of imbalance...WHOOOFF!

Brent Maier said...

I nearly fell down after todays ladder but never laid down! Try it Rory, you may like it!

Garage Crossfitter said...


Garage Crossfitter said...

Brent- Same here, no laying down, ever again....

Bowser said...

While i've been hit on miss with my posting on here the last 6 months, the Big Dawg Programming has been my primary source of WOD's along with Surrey. I'll also be joining Brad at Crossfit Optimum Performance and look forward to a great year ahead.

Thanks James for making your programming available and for building this community!

Here's to a great 2010!

Steve Howell said...


A: 215/220(f)
B: 6:31
C All sets unbroken at a good pase

* tried to push myself on the ladder but my lower back really statrted to cramp up on the set of 8.

nice numbers Brent and Brett!

Robs said...

A: 90 Kg
B: 8:02
C: Broken up a lot, my legs were killing me.

Sweet sweet workout

Laura said...

A: 98/103/108/113/115.5/118/120.5(PB) did a lot of sets to get there though
B: 11:56 used 88# so I could go unbroken--probably the first time ever. Also, maybe a bit/lot too much rest in earlier rounds
C: 3x15 unbroken--still babying lower back a bit

JAM said...

30x3 unbroken

Lindsey said...

A. 105 - could have gone higher (maybe10 lbs or so) but ran out of time
B. 10:04 @ 85# - really wanted to do rx'd 95, I was prepared to take an hour if it meant doing it at 95 unbroken but I was only able to get 8 on the first set. next time I WILL get it at 95
C. 30/30/15,15

Lisa M said...

Decided to do a once a week workout at Natural High to break up the monotony of working out alone and to help push myself and maybe get some technique help. It was great:
SDLHP 10-10-10-10 65/75/85/95
Amrap K2E in 3 Min 42
Amrap unanchored situps in 3 min did 90 was real happy with these as i never stopped the whole 3 minutes. was a little dizzy afterwards

2 1/2 hours later did todays WOD
A: 130#
B: 10:23 unbroken wow ouch after all the sdlhps this morning
C: skipped ghds as i did abs this morning and my hammies are totally fried from finally doing the GHD raises the right way. At least i will not have a saggy 40+ ass!!

David said...


A. 220
B. 7:38
C. 30, 30, 30

220 is a PR but I don't think I've ever gone for a max in that before. Probably had another 10 or so to go. The first 10 of the ladder went fine.... The GHD's hurt, still sore from them earlier this week.

Aaron said...

Cleans felt good. Grip was hard to reset between reps on the ladder. Legs were burning a little after. Rest between a-b-c was dead on.

unit said...

AFT!... holy cow!... great 2 C U!... is ur posting going 2 b a regular thing? it'd b awesome if it were; 2 regularly see your firebreathing numbers...

Sweeney, Surrey, Bowser... good luck to y'all on your training... hope 2 c y'all back soon...

cdunkin, awesome time on the ladder!... do u think u can do 55 unbroken HSCs at 135lbs?... (this goes to anyone else 2)...


Covino24 said...

A) 175# - 165# was a pr last month.. this felt very light and good speed!

B) 13:36 - brutal - grip was giving out.

C) 1st UB/15-15/25-5
didn't take a very long break between sets 1 and 2 and paid for it.. but felt great for the third set.

Any advice on my first post guys?? Crossfit Game Day fuel?? what have you guys done in the past for PWO and regular Bfast, Lunch, and dinner for a two day event? Thanks for your input!!

Ali Loach said...

Great Attitude Lindsey!!!

and nice work Lisa. Great time, especially after already doing a WOD earlier!!!

Linker said...

A. 240lbs

B. 5:16 Rx'd
- Legs started cramping towards the end.

C. All unbroken

Mike Molloy said...

5'10'' 165# 28 years

A: 215 (PR)

B: 7:36 Focused on ass to grass on all reps.

C: All good and all painful

Side note: I friggin love this programming. I power clean 215 the other day for a PR, today the squat clean PR. This is the most weight I've taken out of the hole (including front squat) since screwing my back up last April.

Keep the good times coming!

Tyler Smith said...

A. 225
B. 6:30
C. Unbroken except to adjust pad distance.

Marie Rochat said...


All as rx'd

A. 140lbs.
B. 8:03
C. Did them all unbroken. Rested approx. 2 minutes between each set.

My hammies still feel completely trashed from the GHD raises on Sunday. I wish i had pushed a little harder in the ladder in the last 5 sets or so.

Chris Dunkin said...

unit- is that what you did, or was your attempt made with 95? can't recall. Either way I still think about that challenge.

Paul Klein said...

A. 205, felt good and this is close to my 1RM

B. 6:19 I was a little to liberal with the rest in the early rounds but tried to make it up in the later sets.

C. Unbroken, broken, broken

Michael McCabe said...

A. 135, 165, 185, 205, 225
B. 5:15
C. no ghd... did 30x3 decline situps supersetted with 15x3 ab wheel

April said...

A. 100
B. 85# 6-1 only. 5:43 Felt pretty demotivated since Rory left yesterday.
C. unbroken, unbroken, 15,15

Nice Job Lindsey!

Justin Flynn said...

A. 255#
B. 8:45 Ass handed too me. Got over my flu and the last couple wods has had me sucking WIND.
C. No GHD. Knees to Elbow instead. 20-20-20

dontpanic356 said...


We were talking on here one day about doing 135 unbroken 95# HSC. I think Unit posted a video doing about 60 or so.

here is the link...


Amazing job here Unit.

EHR said...

A. 225
B. 6:28
C. All unbroken

PTS said...

A. 205
B. 7:29
c. 30, 30, 17/13

little bit of a cold coming on. grip seemed to be limiting factor on met-con.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Covino24- we will address that the closer we get to the comps....meanwhile continue to train hard...

Anonymous said...

A. 110
B. 15:15; 75 lbs - 10 (unbroken), 9(5+4), 8(5+3) & 65 for 7-1, unbroken
C. Unbroken; about 5 min rest between sets

Joel B. said...

A: 185 huge pr for hsc. wasn't even trying to...felt like I could do another 5-10 easy.
B: 12:29
I am almost sure I did the round of 6 twice. No broken sets...just lame brain lost count.
C: unbroken on all. 4 min rest between. roman chair.

I was really torn on whether to scale this or not. I ended up doing it as rx'd...as my time shows. pathetic.

A. Maloney said...

A. 135 155 185 190 195x 195 200x

B. 12:05, this was brutal!

Lower back was very tight from the semi-stiff leg deads on Sunday: however felt dead after the training, it was amazing|!

Katie said...

A. 100
B. 8:24 - 75lbs
C. unbroken, broken, broken

Clemson Rob said...

A: 200
B: 16:41 (WAY too conservative on the high rep sets)
C: all unbroken on macguyvered suedo-GHD

Chad Hall said...

A: 220
B: 9:21
C: Done 3 sets unbroken on swiss ball.

Notes: Part A felt good, haven't really gone heavy before on the HSC, probably could have done 235ish.
Part B felt good, but was too gassed, don't know why ... started strict paleo a couple days ago and don't think I had enough fat yesterday.
GHDs were tough on the head, very big headache. Pretty soon I'll get a real GHD and even bigger headaches!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Brett 'AFT' Marshall back in the house. It's just like old times up at OPT!

And guys, lie down after your WODs if you want to. Acting like Mikko ain't gonna make you like Mikko.

Anonymous said...

A. 175
B. 8:54
C. all unbroken
Should have been able to do more but was to slow to get under bar.
Disappointed with time was way to conservative with rests legs still sore from SLDL.
GHD situps were good

joey warren said...

Unit, I think the grip would go too fast, but I double dog dare you!

A. 230lb
B. 3:54
C. all unbroken- 64sec, 60sec, 65sec- 90 sec rest

A. 135, 185, 205, 215, 225, 230- squat was tough part but manageable
B. all unbroken no pauses, all felt fast surprisingly considering how sore I am.

ken c said...


A. 185 205 225 235 245 (felt like i could have maybe gotten 255 but wasn't pushing for 1rm)

B. 6:29 (should have pushed a little harder during early rounds. should have been under 6 min. for sure.)

C. 30, 15-5-5-5, had to leave. late getting kiddo to basketball practice.

Slater Coe said...

A1. 185, 205, 225 - had to stop at 225 due to a very odd right knee sensation... it felt fine at full squat depth, but very weak when standing... decided to stop here and go to the ladder with lower weight.

B. 8:01... I'm out of shape. This is embarassing. My goal was 6:00min but I simply didn't have the lungs or strength to go faster. Afterwards, Coach told me I was a little inefficient in my clean - wasting energy throwing it too high and having it land heavily on my shoulders - which may have caused the extra trouble out of the hole.

C. all broken... quads were burning up during this.

ken c said...

great posting after joey. now i really look like a pussy. 3:54 is just insane dude. good on ya!

Brandon said...

This one hurt

A. 195-had a really hard time
B. 8:56-legs/lungs not the problem...grip was limiting today
C. no GHD today...anchored situps working on fast pace and no breaks.

Lisa M said...

Thanks Ali i just finished watching the Mikko documentary and wow that man is a beast. He does three wods and moves furniture like its just another day at the gym. I can't believe that he won't burn out before the games. And it doesn't look like he has a life other than work and working out ... but i figured if he can do that i should be able to do these two wods in one day!!

Joey u r sick - wow that is fast

Dan said...

A. 215
B. 7:28 all unbroken
C. first set unbroken, sets 2 and 3 broken

Yelvi said...

A. 185
B. 11:00
C. Unbroken, Unbroken, 15-15

Notes: My Squat endurance was the limiting factor on part B. Was thinking of scaling down but decided not to. That was the first time I have done that many front squats at 135. It was hard for me to judge rest, thought I was going faster.

Erik Luber said...


A. 163 (PR)
B. 15:16 @ 110#
C. 30, 20/10, 17/13

First time using lifting shoes, wow. Huge, huge PR on the squat clean, previous was 143#. The bar was just flying up, can definitely do more. Unfortunately my legs are still pathetically weak, front squat hugely limiting factor.

Ladder was absolute pain, 110# was really heavy for me. A fully laid on my back like a dead animal, cause that is how I felt. Hammies still tight from last workout.

Michael said...

A. 245- ran out of time to try more that felt light
B. 6:17 started out resting to much b/w 10-6
C. all unbroken but last set very slow. back gets real tight on these if I've used my back at all previously (hang squat cleans)

Jacques A said...

A. 215lbs. Ran out of time(7mins)(need to work on shoulder and wrist flexibility. Power clean is much higher than Squat Clean)
B. 9:55 unbroken(That one sucked! wrists= ouch)
C. 30-30 had to teach , couldn't do last set.

will said...

a. 265 which is a huge pr but it felt light and like i had another 10lbs or so in me
b 525
c. ran out of time.
i am back sorry about taking a little break but i think i needed it.

Chris Stroud said...

A. 235
B. 7:48
C. 35 sec, 36 sec, 40 sec

Steve G said...



A. 205
B. 7:40
C. 30/25/15


HSC: have not done HSC in a long time and it showed...not confident getting under bar...

Metcon - grip went quickly...

GHDs: sharp shooting pain in lower back (similar to last time) and could push past it...nor did I want to...think I should get it checked out...

Blaine said...

Could not manage un-broken. Tried hard and ended up shooting for only a single partition per.

Heavy Evy said...

Month end at work suuuucks! But I eventually got to the gym tonight. Still learning the movements but the squat cleans felt better then the power cleans last week.
A. 133,153,173F,163,163 within 7min
B. 12:23 unbroken.
C. Unbroken, 15-8-7, 10-10-5-5
Back tightened up on GHDs. Feels good, just have to get better with some of the technical stuff.

md said...

a. 165
b. 4:55
c. All unbroken

weezie said...

A - (2x) 90 lb DBs

B - 6:23 (2x 60 lb DBs)

C - 30 / 30 / 30 (incline situps, unbroken, lots of rest)

DBs feel awkward as hell for cleans.

Kathleen said...

F 128#
HSC: 103# [with a pause]
60/70/80/85/88/93/98/103/108[f] at exactly the 7 min mark
Ladder @ 95# [broken]: 19:41
10 3/2/2/2/1
9 3/2/2/2
8 3/3/2
7 3/2/2
6 3/3
5 3/2
4 2/1/1
3 3
2 2
1 1
GHD's all unbroken no problem

Grant said...

2 weeks of vacation (shut it down) & first day back. Surprised weight is down 4#

A; HSC in 7 minutes; 208

B; 10:10 as Rx'd

C; GHDs as Rx'd but much slower in sets 2&3

Craig said...

A. 195
B. 8:56 unbroken.
C. 30/30/30.

First day back after two weeks off. Needed a little longer break. A. felt good, quick pull, little heavy at the bottom. B. was painful, surprised with time. Left quad started to cramp at #4, pushed it out with strong finish. C. tough on the abs, felt good though.

NGibson said...

A. 125
B. 10:05
C. 30/30/30

Spent a good 20 minutes warming up on rower, foam roller, and then with bar.
A. felt harder than expected
B. Nothing great.
C. 3rd set challenging
Hamstrings are still WORKED from Sunday. Spent 10 minutes on the foam roller.

Jason Buzzard said...

C-15 3x

I have never really done hang squat cleans before, was trying to focus on finishing the pull and ran out of time before I could add more weight. 7 minutes goes fast.

Think I could have pushed harder but wanted to make sure that sets were unbroken.

Still pretty sore from GHD's on last cycle. Trying to ease into this so that I dont end up hurting myself.

Robs said...

I'm new to this so I'll try it one more time.

A: 90 Kg
B: 8:02
C: Broken up a lot, my legs were killing me.

Linker said...

A. 240lbs
B. 5:16 - Legs started cramping
C. All unbroken

Emilie P-B said...

A- 105 lbs
B- Did the first set of 10 unbroken @ 95lbs, but failed twice on the set of 9.
Started over @ 85lbs... 19:32, all sets unbroken
C- 30/30/30

It was a mistake to start HSC @ 95lbs.. lost a lot of energy there.

unit said...

Emily... pushing urself and striving in such a manner is hardly a mistake...


atom said...

a. 265#

b. 8:34 - I was really lacking in the energy dept but 2 days into a strict paleo diet will do that to you I guess.

c. subbed core work for GHD sit-ups

Kyle F said...

A. 265 lbs
B. 6:09
C. slightly broken

Felt good on A. Form sucked on B but happy. Glad just to make it through C

Anonymous said...

Getting back into it after a bit of overindulgence in several vices this past week.

A. 219 tempted to go higher but already pushing the 7 mins
B. 6:46
C. 3 x 30 unbroken

Ross Blake said...

A. 75kg (165#)
B. only did 10 reps and pulled the pin. Still not 100%. technique felt good though
c. 30 x1

Hope to be back at full volume and intensity soon.

Anonymous said...

A. 205
B. 8:03
C. Unbroken

C: No GHD, so swiss ball.

Pepe said...

A. 210 lbs
B. 11:57
C. 30-30-(15-8-7) 2 mins rest b/t sets.

Sam said...

Wow second day in and I'm feeling it!

A. 130
Felt I could go higher but 7 mins was up. Guess I estimated wrong on starting point.

2min rest

B. 10:05
Only did sets 2 and 1 together. All sets unbroken.

5min rest

C. Okay, this one killed!!! I did sets 1 and 2 ten mins apart but unbroken. Then da...da...da broke set 3 into tens (I tried =( )

Stefani said...

A. 75#
B. 10:20 @ 65#s All sets unbroken
C. Subbed knees to elbows b/c no access to a GHD machine. all 3 sets were broken.

Adam said...

Day 2 of the program

a. HPC-205 failed twice on 225 which shouldn't be a max. I'll get it next time.

b. Ladder-6:39 (stack sets 4-3 and 2-1) Holy mother of Quad.

c. GHD- all unbroken and I feel it today.

mikeg@crossfitgames.com said...

A. Worked up to 225# (Inadvertently a 1RM)

B. 6:10

C. 1st and 3rd sets were broken into 15/15

Bear said...

A. Hang Squat Clean – build to a tough but not 1RM: 100 kg!!!
Rest 2 minutes
B. 10-1 reps 60 kg Hang Squat Clean ladder: 7:09 min
Rest 5 minutes
C. 3 sets of 20 Knees To Elbows: 20-17/3-16/4 reps

No GHD-bench. Really happy with 100 kg HSC!

Steve Smith said...

Part 1:

90 minute ruck with 40 punds. Moderate pace.

Part 2:

A. 245#
- Limited with the weight available at the house. 245# felt easy.

B. 3:56
- Took too much time between rounds 8-7-and 6. Barely got the last rep though! Was a bit of a zercher.

C. PAINful. Took me a total of 20 minutes to finish. Hip flexors fried.

Life, along with my outstanding time management skills, managed to get in the way of this one.

Anonymous said...

This is my first WOD from your website. I've been crossfitting for about 2 1/2 years now.
I'm a Male, 131 lbs, 5'-6", 35 yrs old. I did this WOD and just had issues firing up my body for hang squat cleans at first, even though I did the Burgener warmup, which I usually do. I almost always go as Rx, but I had to slightly lower the weight for me. I did 125 lbs for the first 10 of the ladder, and then unfortunately had to drop again to 115 bls for the rest of the 45 reps of the ladder.
I was really surprised at the lower back taxing of the GHD situps. I had a REAL issue with my grip mostly. I had to rest the bar after more than 2's and 3's. My hands are pretty messed up today aswell. I have to say that I'd love some feedback from you, regarding grip. I have SMALL hands.. and that's an issue with me with heavy hang clean and also with heavy snatch as well. I can 1 rep hold a decent amount as in D.L. but for oly lifts, multiple lifts are really tough for me.
Any thoughts.
Please RSVP to my account at: antongross@hotmail.com
Thanks a lot.

Shane and Karen said...

A. 135-225F-225F-225-225F-205
These lifts were very frustrating. All failures were due to techincal issues and the fact that I couldn't feel my hands because it was 20 something degrees out and the bar felt like a piece of ice. I just couldn't get settled under the bar for some reason and I kept losing it foward. Definitely need to work on this. I know I shouldn't have failure on a not 1RM set, but as I said, this was frustrating hand/technical issues that I usually don't encounter...225# is usually not a problem.

B. All sets unbroken except the 4 set which I lost at the bottom on the 4, had to redo it. Same shit as A...lost the bar forward for no reason. As cold as I was and with my hands completely numb I was really struggling receiving the bar properly. 10:30, really fell apart after the 8 set...only took my like 2:30 to get done through 8.

C. All GHD sets unbroken with 2 minutes rest inbetween.

All in all, a frustrating day. The cold temperatures really zapped me and my performance. I was in a garage, but a standalone, uninsulated, unheated garage. And 20 something degrees is balls all cold in Houston, TX...just not used to it.