Tues, Jan 19, 2010


A. Back Squat @ 30X0; 1,1,1,1; rest 240 sec
B. Tabata Push Ups - low score - 4 sets only
C. AMRAP Double Unders in 2 min
D. GHD Sit Ups - 20 x 2

post loads and notes to comments
back squat is not for 1RM, just challenging but confident 1's
make push ups reps extra perfect


Rainer Hartmann said...

What could I sub for DU's, since my calf is still messed up? I think squats should be okay, but any kind of jumping is definitely out right now.

JAM said...

@ Rainer

try knees to elbows...similar abdominal stimulus without the jumping

Steve Smith said...
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Steve Smith said...

Sorry for the late post, Coach. Moved to Georgia this weekend.

Part 1:
A - 295# with barbel for the first 5 sets. Training alone so used 130# dumbells for sets of 2 at Rx'd tempo for safety sake on the last 5 sets

B - 130#

Part 2:
Sub unbroken DUs at Rx'd reps for box jumps due to travel.

Time: 18:01

Aaron said...


Legs were a little tender from the weekend. Great form on the push-ups, started a little ambitious though. New PR on 2 minute double-unders. GHD felt strong, kept a good rythm.

Noah Milstein said...

Ugh, this was may have been my worst performance on a WoD in memory.

I don't know what was wrong but I had some serious mental block on the back squats.

A. 110/115-failure/110/110-failure/105kg-failure
I decided to do an extra rep because of the initial failure at 115. This was all very bizarre because ordinarilly I have no problem doing 100kg for 5 reps
B. 11 - Tabata breakdown: 15/15/15/11 I was so damn close but just couldn't keep my energy up for the fourth round. If I had scaled back by one rep or had someone to yell at me I might have finished with a 15 or 14
C. 36 - the DU is perhaps my second worst goat right after HSPU
D. both unbroken

Overall I felt really awful about my overall performance mostly because of the initial failures on the backsquat at weights that I am very much capable of lifting so it struck me as a psychologial issue rather than a technical or fatigue/strength issue.

I'll be returning to the gym later to get my fix after this EPIC FAIL.

A. Maloney said...

For the GHD's is it 20 sets of 2 or 2 sets of 20?

LuLu said...

A. 150-155-160-160 really focused on tempo down and 1 sec up.

B. 15-12-9-9 thanks Julie for watching my form and making sure I got my chest, not legs to the floor every rep :)

C. 155 DU's

D. 20x2

Martin Altemark said...

A. 110kg, 120kg (Hmmm. too heavy backing a bit working form), 110kg, 115kg

B. 20-20-16-10. So... 10. Not very good pacing :-)

C. 116 DUs

D. unbroken

Nice and light session. Just what I needed.

Pete said...

A)1- 242lbs 2-262 3-272 4-282 (hard but still not a 1 Rep Max) These felt great today)
C)121 DU's
D)2 sets of 20 unbroken with 40 secs rest between sets

Worked on handstand holds against walls and did some light snatch work as well.

Ang said...

A) 145/150/155/155
(These felt awesome today considering that i usually battle with back squats!)
B) 10-10-10-10
(Will push harder to get to failure next time instead of trying to stay steady. Form is still not as good as it should be.)
D) 2x20 unbroken

Katrina Burton said...

A.) 154-176-187-192.5
B.) 17-15-11-11
C.) 189
D.) unbroken

Katrina Burton said...

Nice little motivational video I found this morning...


david83 said...

Back Squat 225, 255-warm-up
,275,315,345 2 times

Push-ups 27,23,21,13

Double unders-165
no ghd

David M

Rainer Hartmann said...

A: 225/255/275/285
B: 20/16/12/10 = 10
C: KTE's instead: 30
D: 20 x 2

Mack Lar said...

Fell a day behind due to work. Will skip rest day and try to get back on schedule. Knocked out 17 Jan WOD this morning.
240,115# @ 170#BW, 27:50 w/ 80lb KB

Lisa M said...

Just wanted to re-iterate my offer to my big dawg "family" - Anyone that is travelling to Calgary this weekend for the big dawg challenge #3 and needs a place to stay we have two spare bedrooms and their own bathroom and you are more than welcome to come crash with my family. We live about 20 minutes from the crossfit gym where it is being held. Just drop me an email lamakofka@yahoo.ca

Nathan H. said...

Nice video Katrina! And good work on those doubleunders.


Lisa M said...

That was a cool video Kat here is another one i found after watching yours it gave me chills...

A. Maloney said...

A. 225, 275, 295(0) 285

Backsquats felt good up until 3rd set where it got heavy quickly (PR is heavier).

B. 17 15 14 14

C. Rope broke so did toes to bar for two minutes (I saw that was a sub a little farther up)

D. 2 sets of 20 Situps on Roman Chair

OPT, is there a good sub if the gym im at doesn't have a GHD machine? I tried doing both Situps and GHRs on the Roman chair, Im feel like Im getting very little activation for the Raises and for the situps, I feel it in my back way more than my abs. Any recommendations would be amazing!!

Wes hendricks said...

A. 185-205-225-235
B. 24-24-18-13.....didn't realize it was low score until now
C. 178
D. 20 x 2 Unbroken

weezie said...

A - 315 / 335 / 355 / 375 (felt good)
B - 20 / 18 / 12 / 8 - score 8 (didn't try to pace)
C - 114 (got 42 consecutive DUs, which is REALLY good for me)
D - 20 / 20 (modified, unbroken)

Still sore from the last few days (legs and shoulders).

Kept hands directly under shoulders for pushups. Chest to ground each rep with complete lockout at top.

Really stoked about the double unders.

GHD situps were done on bench with feet hooked under DB rack. Touched head to ground on all reps, although I'm sure the range of motion was still somewhat more limited than a true GHD.

Laura said...

A. 12/130/140/145--squatting part felt great/easy didn't want to push my back/neck too much. Very difficult to hold bar on back--I have a bruise the size of Canada from my neck to mid back--a lot of physio last week!
B. 12/12/12/13
C. 136
D. unbroken

Overall, not too bad for my first workout in a week--neck and upper back still not great though.

Ali Loach said...

A. 175/185/200/205
B. 10/9/6/6 *pushups feel ridiculously hard lately
C. 110
D. Did combo of knees to elbows and toes to bar

Just wondering,......has anyone seen my energy??? Lost it a few weeks ago and thought one of you might have picked it up by mistake ;o)

Roch said...

A.315-315-315-275 (3rd not explosive enough)

dmarsh said...


A. 308,330,340,350
B. 21,18,13,9
C. 160
D. UB x 2

Back squat were all high bar. Felt strong out of hole.

I never pace on tabata so just went for it. Crashed faster than usual.

Both hands overhead for GHD situps.

Dan said...

Is anyone going to the Garage Games?

Corbin said...

A. 305, 315, 325, 335
B. 21, 14, 10, 7 - big weakness
C. 132 - good for me, strung 60 together which is a PR
D. Subbed anchored swiss ball situps - unbroken

rwcorson said...

A. I kept the weight low for back squat to keep pressure off lower back & SI area - 176,196,216,230
B. 15, I really focused on hitting the chest every rep.
C. 176
D. Unbroken, work on speed.

PTS said...

a. 225,245,265,285
b. 15. 21/21/21/15. 18 or 19 would've been a better # to shoot for.
c. 163
d. unbroken.

Chad said...

A. Subbed 100 air squats for time @ 2:24. I've had some serious knee pain for the past six months now. The loaded back squat was pretty painful warming up.

B. 13/13/13/13

C. 114-the different rope messes with me but that's why we do it.

D. unbroken

I did Sundays' WOD yesterday so this was nice. I'm not so much sore as I am just tired.

Adam Rogers said...

A: 225/235/245/255, not very explosive, legs still sore from wallball workout days ago

B: 15/15/15/21 - underestimated a little, had a little left in the tank after round 3, might have been able to do 17/18 per

C: 153, first set was 68 in a row which is a PR

D: both sets of 20 unbroken

Lauren said...

A. worked up to 225
B. 10, 10, 10, 10
C. 180
D. unbroken, but used swiss ball and anchored feet

Jake said...


I just wanted to say how much I love following this blog and seeing what you're doing here. The programming seems very intelligently designed; I'm training for a raw powerlifting meet right now, but I'm looking forward to testing myself against the Big Dawgs in the spring (unfortunately it will be remotely, since I live in California).

Re yesterday's post: I'm still working on my definition of family, but you've given me a lot to mull over.


bmizzlle said...

A. 225/275/295/305(fail) done this before but should've stopped at 295 I felt strong though.

B. 15/15/15/15 C2D. happy with this probably could've done 17 is Chest 2 Deck default?

C. 149 sucked right from the beginning but for some reason I'm better at these when fatigued lol.

D. rx Unbroken. 1 minute rest b/t sets. easy.

quick and short today. feel good! (still sore from wallballs though, they get me every time)

Stephen Flamm said...

A. 225
B. 8
C. 77
D. unbroken

Stayed with 225 for all the squats - knee felt stable, but I'm definitely favoring it, so I stayed moderate. Tabata push-ups went 22, 17, 10, 8. DUs sucked, never strung more than 25 together. GHD SUs were fast and unbroken with about :45 in between.

md said...

A. 225, 230, 235, 235
B. 15
C. 156
D. 2x 20 unbroken

Emilie P-B said...

A. 145-155-155-160
B. 15-12-10-10 (not sure my chest touched the ground on each rep)
C. 39
D. 20x2 unbroken

I'm practicing and getting better on DU's. Did 23 in a row in warm-up, but wasn't able to do more than 4 in a row during workout... it'a all in the head.

Chris Fodera said...


A. 275, 295, 305, 315
B. 20, 20, 20, 16
C. 181
D. 20x2 unbroken

PWO: 32gP (MRM shake), 1 scoop Refuel
60 min later: chicken sausage, orange, mac nuts

A. Right knee felt a little funky during the warm up. Squats with just the bar didn't feel good, but I decided to give 135 a go anyway and would dump it if I felt anything. Ironically enough, 135 felt better than 45. I stayed conservative (405 is my PR) and it felt pretty good throughout. Don't think there is any way I am getting over 350 right now with my Right Knee the way it is.
B. Chin and Chest to deck simultaneously for every rep. Thought I would be able to hold the 20, but evidently not. Paced myself too b/c had several seconds left in rounds 1 and 2.
C. Really wanted 200, but had a couple trips that cost me.
D. Fast and smooth

MRI scheduled for Feb 19th!

joey warren said...

A. 265, 275, 285, 285 - more in tank
B. 21, 21, 21, 18
C. 185-200- kind of lost count, 3 breaks
D. unbroke- 38 sec, 38sec

Anonymous said...

A. 328/352/362/367
B. 22
C. 180 or 190, not sure. Had not made 2:00 straight through before so kept going until I tripped up at around 2:13 and 201 or 211??
D. 20x2

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 305/315/320/325
B. 16
C. 135
D. 20x2

Wes hendricks said...

on days where it just says back squat should we be doing high or low bar back squat?

Nathan H. said...

I filmed everything, so I'll try to put it together and get it up on vimeo.

A: 330, 352, 374, 352

The 374 was a bit too close to my max. It was pretty slow.

Worked some clean and jerk, built to an easy 242

B: 16, 17, 17, 19. I started out too easy. Next time will try 19 or 20 for each set.

C: 171; 141 unbroken, 156 shoe lace came undone. lol! Should've kicked off my shoes but wasnt't thinking clearly.

D: unbroken.

Garage Crossfitter said...

20x2 knees to elbows, ghd part not in yet...

focused on hitting chest every rep, MUCH harder...

Becky said...

125, 145, 165, 175 new pr.



unbroken ghd's

push are feeling really hard lately. maybe bc i'm trying to do them extra perfect.

NorCal Chris said...


Bit disappointed with myself today. Shoulder (left rotator cuff) has been a bit tweaked so did not hit chest to floor on push-ups.

Nathan H. said...

After watching my pushups video, I probably should've done them a bit more perfect. I was touching my nose to the ground.


exp. said...

A. 245,265,275,280(f)...275# was strong, so I was a bit surprised to find myself stuck at 280#...live and learn...more aggressive next time
B. 26, 23,16,13(wtf? on this last one)
C.165 (first 95 unbroken, then a few breaks after...blew my timing but wasn't gassed...confident I can make 200)
D.both sets unbroken and strong

Michael McCabe said...

A. 315# all sets
B. 8 - subbed dips, right shoulder is a bit out of whack and i feel it most on pushups
C. 148
D. knees to elbows 20x2

Thorsten said...

could someone please help me?

does back squat refer to high-bar or low-bar back squat?

i am currently following a few days behind because of injury and illness i recover from. in regards of the chin up: chin up @ prescribed tempo are always weighted? and without tempo are kipping ones?

f.e. compare jan 17 pt 1 and jan 9 jan 17:

A1. Bench Press @ 30X0; 10 sets of 1; rest 120 sec
A2. Chin Ups @ 20X0; 10 sets of 1; rest 120 sec

jan 9:
AMRAP Double Unders in 45 sec
15 sec rest
AMRAP Chin Ups
2 min rest
5 sets for total points


Lindsey said...

A. 115/125/135/145 - these felt easier today, think I warmed up better than usual
B. 7 - I don't know why these have been so hard lately
C. 87 - triple digits here I come!
D. 3 sets of 20 - subbed anchored on bosu ball to protect back a little more. threw in an extra set since I subbed

Anonymous said...

The last week has been a disaster. Flew across the country for a wedding. I managed a few BW workouts similiar to the posts. Sunday was 14 hours of flying, monday was 16 hours at work followed by a night of barfing kids. Tuesday is 12 hours at work and a wife in the ER. I am hoping for a decent night's sleep and a little workout in the morning.

David said...


A. 242, 275, 302, 315

B. 15, 15, 15, 15

C. 30

D. 20, 20

Notes: The squats were high bar, felt good, it's been awhile since I've done heavy singles. Last week on the pushup tabata, I held 13 for 6 sets then dropped. I felt 15 was doable and it was just about right. Believe it or not, the DU's were a big win for me today. I hit rock bottom last week, mentally I just couldn't make them work. Today felt much better despite the low score. I'm going in the right direction. The GHD situps are proving to be more of a challenge. I got a new unit a few weeks ago, the Sorinex model, and it sits about 4-5" higher than my old one. Going all the way back to touch the ground with both hands requires a stretch but it's getting better.

andrew romeo said...

A: lower back still hurts and is stiff, didn't want to push heavy weight and be out for a while. Sub for strict press: 135. 145. 150. 155(f), 145

B: 14

C:70...getting better

D: 2X unbroken

Hoping my back will be good to go tomorrow. Taught and hour long stretch class hopfully helped

Sam said...

A. 185, 195, 195, 200

B. Strategizing skills more than lacking today in tabata =(
23(blew out my arms), 16, 10, 8

C. 60
I'm working on it.

D. Unbroken

Tyler Smith said...

A. 255,280,290,300
B. 20/20/20/13
C. 123
D. Fast n' Smooth

Linker said...

A. 305,325,345,365(needed help)

B. 27-20-17-12

C. 115

PTS said...

Thorsten: yes, you have it correct.

This is kind of embarassing at this stage but can someone tell me what kind of squat I am doing here, is it high bar or low bar?


I have always just put it where it is comfortable and gone from there.

Brandon said...

A. 275/315/335/365
B. 14
C. 53
D. unbroken

DUs are a win for me today. Couldn't get 30 in a row last Saturday and I came in today determined to get it and I got 34 to start which is a PR. I am doing the Greg Amundson DU work (50 DUs in a warmup and progressing to 100) until I can start posting reasonable numbers.


Tyler Smith said...

Looks high to me... Step up to the bar next time and find that same position... then move a little lower. The bar should rest between the posterior deltoids and the mid/upper trapezius muscles. Someone please correct me if I am wrong... Just try it out... you will find a nice comfortable groove there... shoulders may be a bit tight the first few times, but after that... it's butter.

Saverio said...

A. 185,235,245,255
B. 24,22,17,14
C. 147
D. All sets un-broken. Only took a 30 sec rest between sets.

Ive been geting a little lazy with post. Im still doing the work I just havent been posting. IM back on track now, my apologies.

Evan Z said...

A. 225,245,255,225
B. 13 was low
C. 167 - not happy about this one.
D. Modified

My mental focus was not there today. I want to go back and do this one again right now. I know my numbers should be better. It was a rough day and just could not fire up my CNS.

Erik Luber said...


A. 80 kg, 80, 85, 90
B. 14, 14, 14, 7 (just crashed hard)
C. 150 (wanted 180+)
D. unbroken

Didn't have it today. I always seem to feel out of it during 4pm workouts. Just got to regroup and get my shit together for tomorrow.

Chad Hall said...

A: 245, 265, 270, 245
B: 14
C: 135
D: Swiss ball and K2E

Notes: high bar back squat, 270 felt heavy with the 3 second down so dropped down to 245 to be confident. Maintained 14 for pushups. Disappointed with DU wanted at least 160. Shoulders went first. No GHD so did 20 swiss ball situps and 10 K2E each time.

Dave X said...

@PTS. Without a doubt that certainly looks like a high bar back squat to me.

Per Stronglifts.com:

High Bar. Weightlifters put the bar high on their traps on Olympic Squats. Just below the neck. Putting the bar high increases the distance bar to hips.

This has several implications:

More torque on your lower back.
More upright position compared to low bar.
Easier to squat deep.
Hips & quads evenly emphasized.
Less maximal weight.
Better transfer to Cleans & Snatches.
Easier on your shoulders if you’re inflexible.

Low Bar. Low bar is used by Powerlifters & recommended by Mark Rippetoe in Starting Strength. The bar rests below the bone on top of your shoulder-blades. Low bar decreases the distance bar to hips.


Less torque on your lower back.
More leaning forward.
Harder to squat rock bottom.
Posterior Chain emphasis. More hips, less quads.
Greater maximal weights can be used.

Dave X said...

A. 305#. Still had gas left in the tank.
B. 20-20-15-12
C. 125
D. Unbroken x 2.

PTS said...

Tyler, Dave X, thanks for the response.

Caro L said...

A. 155lbs maybe a little bit more next time..
B. 13
C.51 Really have to work on it.
D. unbroken X2

atom said...

a. 295, 315, 335, 345, 355
b. 20, 20, 18, 16
c. 80
d. unbroken

couldn't get into the double under rythm. still a weak link in my training.

Anonymous said...

A. All at 135#
B. 7
C. 41
D. Both sets unbroken

Craig said...

A. 235/240/245/250
D. unbroken.

A.Back squat PR. felt good.
B. chest to deck, full extension.
C. felt good. pleased with #, was shooting for 200.
D. core a little fatigued, felt pretty good.

Covino24 said...

a) 225/235/245/255 could have gone more.. this is 20lbs on my 1 rm from a month ago and it felt pretty easy
b)23/16/11/9 totally wasted at the end..
c) 59
D) all quick with 30 secs rest b/t sets

Slater Coe said...

A. 325, 335(f)
B. Subbed Sunday's Press/Chin Up instead
C. 105 - heavy rope... shoulder burnout.
D. flew thru 'em

Paul Klein said...

A. 255, 275, 285, 300
B. 18, 18, 18, 12
C. 107
D. Unbroken

Pols said...

First workout with my new Vibram Five Fingers, loved them
A. 425 each set. That's all the weight that we have at the firehall, had to add 4 1.25 lb magnetic weights to get it all in. I had more in the tank, but no more weights.
B. 18
C. 101
D. Unbroken.
Loved the feel of those shoes on the squats, great sense of the ground. And they were great for the double unders, no weight and little clearance. Good workout.

Dan said...

A. 250/265/275/290
B. 20/20/20/13
C. 120
D. 20x2 (unbroken)

Wasatch Damon said...

405 squats off jerk box. 16, 15, 14, 10 on Tabatas. Always amazed how fast I fail. 128 Dbl unders. Fun stuff, thanks OPT!

Stefani said...

A. 115-115-125-135# - felt strong today
B. 6 uuuggghhh
C. 150 - woot...woot...so happy with this number.
D. Subbed K2E's

Clemson Rob said...

A: 245, 255, 255, 255
B: 15 (should have gone out a little harder)
C: 75
D: both sets unbroken

Jacques A said...

A. 225-245-305-315# Last set could have been more explosive but felt good.
B. 22-20-20-19
C. lost count at 120. Lost concentration.
D. 20X2 unbroken with 30-40 sec between sets

Brian Maier said...

A: 245,265,275,285
B: 21,21,21,20 - chest and chin to deck on all reps. In the middle of rep 21 on 4th set but time ran out...crap
C: 150 (90 unbroken first minute)
D: 20x2 (need to speed these up...each set of 20 took me about 55sec)

Mike Molloy said...

Late post.

A: 185-225-245-265
B: 17
C: 140
D: unbroken but gave me a headache for some reason.

Yelvi said...

A. 240, 245, 250, 255
B. 15
C. 64
D. Unbroken

Notes: Everything felt good except the DU. Burned out real quick on that. Was able to do the 30 unbroken the other day no problem, but today was just not on.

Kyle F said...

A: 130/140/145/150kg
B: 14
C: 180
D: As Rx'd

Worked out with Brent M tonight. Helps to have a buddy to smash it up with. Good job tonight.

Felt good today. Had a couple days rest cause I had food poisoning over the weekend. I was bummed I missed Isabela so I hit it up tonight after the WOD for the first time. 5:11, not great but I'm happy.

Michael said...

A. 315, 335, 345, 355
B. 30, 30, 30, 20
C. 150
Instead of D. i did a workout in honor of my best friend from high school who died on this day a few years ago.
3 rounds
5 Cl & J, 135#
Shuttle Run
20 KBS, 2pd
15 Box Jumps, 24"

Obviously I was still smoked from the workout today and the weekend but I felt like I had to do this for Nichols.. Coming of the rest day topic of family I would appreciate prayers from this big dawg family for me and Nichols parents and all others who are dealing with deaths of loved ones at this time.

Trying to decide if I should rest tomorrow since I did that today.. thoughts anyone? OPT? on training volume.. should I continue on or take a rest tom?


Steve G said...


at CFC

A. 275lbs
B. 16
C. 90
D. 20 x 2

Blaine said...

A. 205/215/235/240
B. 10
C. 137
D. 20x2

Anonymous said...

A. 225,245,255,255
B. 20,20,17,12
C. 159
D. 20x2 unbroken

Marie Rochat said...

A. 185/195/205/215
B. 16/14/14/9
C. 76
D. Unbroken

I was not sure if/how much rest there was between the various parts. So after completing A. I went sraight to B., etc. The squats felt really good. My mid back kept cramping up while staying tight and stabalizing my torso (chest up). My calves still feel very sore and tight from Sunday's last WOD. So the double unders were challenging and frustrating, but I got them done.

unit said...

A- 315 / 335 / 350 / 350
B- 15 (22, 22, 22, 15)
C- 197 (started with 183 unbroken- pr)...
D- :43, :43


Tyler Smith said...

183 unbroken is sick... what kind of rope are you using?

will said...

315,345,365 failed(lost focus), 365
push up, 20,20,18,15
du: 120
ghd subbed Leg raise

Brent Maier said...


BS: 120/130/135/140kg(x) 308#
PU: 16/16/15/12
DU: 156
GHD: Unb

Steve Smith said...


A: 365, 385, 395, 405
Plenty left in the tank.

B: 21, 21, 21, 21

C: Around 170. Four or five breaks.

D. Unbroken. 37, 37.

Sorefor some reason. Hopefully will sleep well!

Kathleen said...

A. Back Squat 147/157/162(f)/162(f) [thought I had the 4th rep]
B. Tabata chose 8 reps and did them extra perfect. Next time should try for 10.
C. DU's 120 [32/70/90/106/120]
D. GHD 20 X 2

Grant said...

A. BS@30X0 264/284/304NDE/304good
B. Tabata PUs 15x4 (perfect form)
C. AMRAP DUs 134 in 2 min
D. GHD SUs as RX'd (20x2)

Heavy Evy said...

Way up north for work this week, but was able to find a gym in the small town of Manning Alberta tonight, that had everyting I needed except a GHD.

A.255,275,305F,285 got a little too cocky on the 305, tempo got me and bailed at the bottom.

B.20,20,20,15 Chest touched arms locked out at top every rep.

C. 42 "baaa" said the goat.

D. Incline sit ups due to non ghd.

rackempackem said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rackempackem said...

A. 100kg, 105kg, 110kg, 115kg(PR), 110kg. Felt really strong. Think I had alot more in me today. Have not done singles after my resent Wendler Cycle.
B. 10 (20-20-19-10) There is someting about the tabata format that absolutely destroys those arms with lactic acid. Super clean reps though. 
C. 113 (15, 24, 34, 14, 10, 8, 4, 2, 2) Slowely getting better.
D. Subbed KTE, sort of strict. 2x20. Surprisingly hard today. Had to break last set 13, 7.

David Englund said...

A.Highbar 100kg 110kg 110kg 10kg
D.Subbed TTB 2x20 unbroken

Robs said...

A. 100/110/115/115 Kgs
B. 18/15/14/11
C. 194
D. Broke up second set.

Mack Lar said...

A. 275/285/295 Felt pain in right knee on 3rd set so shut it down.
B. 25/25/21/17
C. 193

Jason Buzzard said...

A: 245#,265#,265#,275#
B: 20
C: 140
D: unbroken

I think I could have went a bit heavier on the squat but didnt have anyone with me.
Tabatas were good, only the last round was challenging.
Hit 83 unbroken on the DU's, after that my forearms and shoulders were burning so it made the rest a challenge.
GHD's are getting better.

Katie said...

A. 125,135,140,145
B. 7
C. 45
D. both sets unbroken

Jon M said...

1. worked up to 335

2. 12

3. 140. Very distracted, my shorts were falling down

4. No problems.

Roelant said...

Hey OPT,

little late in the game, but figured I'd jump in. Been wanting to start the workouts on the blog since mid december, but sinusitis/bronchitis kept me down. Kicked it finally, so this is after about a 1month layover...

A. 225,245,295,305
B. 20, 15,15,12 (deleted 3, chest didn't touch the floor on last three)
C. Lost count at around 61, coordination sucks post sick couch potato
D. 20x2

Slater Coe said...

A. 325, 335(f)
B, Subbed Sunday's Press/Chin Ups instead
C. 105 - heavy ropes suck...
D. quick and easy... should have added weight.

BK said...

A. 335,355,365,365
B. 19,19,15,11
C. 102 Lame
D. 1X20,1X15/5
First day back and feeling pretty flat

JAM said...

A. 315,315,315,315
B. 16-low score
C. 138
D. 20x2

Danny B said...

D.unbroken(just below parallel)

dontpanic356 said...

Running a day behind again.

A: 315 all sets
B: 18
C: 152
D: did sit ups...no GHD. Hands over head.

Push ups were very very strict

ken c said...

back squats: 335 345 355 365

push ups: 20 20 20 13 (i was going for it and fell off the cliff)

double unders: 155 (4 or 5 misses)

sit ups: knuckles to ground :41 :43

Anonymous said...

A: 255/265/275/285
B: 26/16/14/10
C: 22
D: 20x2 (unbroken)

imosher said...

A) 110kg
B) 13
C) 136
D) unbroken