Jan 23rd Competition Workouts

3 sets of 15 OHS

2K row and AMRAP Double Unders in 10 minutes

50 CTB chin ups
50 push up burpees

- workouts have to be done in this order
- you have a 5 hour time limit from start of OHS workout to finish of chin up/burpee workout
- OHS - when taken from rack, bar has to stay overhead until reps are complete; rest as needed b/t sets and in set, video taken from side; ass to grass (I will be very picky on depth for this one), there must be ONLY 3 sets for max effort for 15 reps, please be honest on this; for weight lifted
- Row/DU - row has to go first to completion of 2K; for time and reps
- chin up/burpee - chest to bar, chest to deck, clap overhead with body at upright full extension at top (no bending over at top with clap), chin ups first all 50, then burpees; for time

- wod 1; points/placings awarded for highest load lifted in # for 15 reps in one set (i.e. 185# x 15 beats 115# x 15)
- wod 2; points/placings awarded for highest double under reps and low time for row (i.e. 2 workouts to score, 1 for lowest row time, 1 for highest double under reps)
- wod 3; points/placings awarded for lowest time (i.e. 3:30 beats 4:30)

- if you can in one set perform 15 OHS with your bodyweight, score a sub 7 min row, and perform wod 3 under 4:15; you will move onto Sunday; all of these criteria have to be met in order for you to move on.
- if you can in one set perform 15 OHS with 65% of your bodyweight; score a SUB 8:00 row, and perform wod 3 under 8 minutes, you will move onto Sunday; all of these criteria have to be met in order for you to move on.

This page is for Q and A ONLY!; I'll post another page for scoring later.
I'll be around all day to answer the best I can.
Remember "full effort is full victory"

If you can, PLEASE make ONE post like this only on scoring page:
Name (full name and blog alias)
BWT in #
WOD 1 highest load in #
WOD 2 row time and DU reps
WOD 3 time

I will post another page for comments and thoughts as well
There will be this page for Q and A
Another page for scoring as above
Another page for comments/reflections


Surrey Sterling said...

Burpee Question.

Does arching the back like that yoga pose and not holding the plank postion in the pushup portion of the burpee constitute a legit pushup? Not sure if I explain that question correctly.

Surrey said...

Sorry how much rest between.

2K row and AMRAP Double Unders

Nathan H. said...


When you say pushup burpee, it has to be a strict pushup right? lockout to chest to deck to lockout before proceeding with the jump?



OPT said...

burpee - only rules are chest to deck and clap overhead at top with straight body
rest b/t row and DU - that's up to you

Michael FitzGerald said...


Burpee = chest to deck, not a strict push-up. Just get your chest to the floor, and stand, and jump.
Row workout - NO REST - you have a 10 min time limit. You complete the 2k row in that time, in the remaining 10 min limit, perform as many DU's as possible until 10 min time limit is up. If you row the 2 k in 7 min, then you have 3 min to complete as many DU's as possible.


Katrina Burton said...

Those that make it to Sunday get bonus points for the cumulative rankings pe how does that work?
What if no one achieves all three bonus points?

Surrey Sterling said...

Good brother! Well gross really but I'm pick'in up what your lay'in down boss!

OPT said...

kat, if you win on sunday, you get "extra" points towards the total points accumulated...undecided yet.
if no one makes it to sunday, no one makes it to Sunday...then your scoring for Saturday counts towards the scoring for this weekend's events

Geoff Aucoin said...

Okay, I was wondering about the 2K row DU WOD and Mike cleared it up. I like it.

Tomorrow is gonna be a great challenge, let's kick some butt, Dawgs!!!!

Mr.Lundmark said...


I have Chronical Compartment Disorder (too tight muscle sacks in my lower legs) and I'm wondering if you have a good suggestion for scaling the double unders? I won't be able to make it into the finals, but I'd love to give all of this a shot with appropriate scaling :) I was thinking of doing mature ring hold for 1 second and need to go down to floor for each count. Rings at armpit height? Suggestions appriciated, thanks!

Chris Dunkin said...

Must all 3 sets of OHS's be performed?

Becky said...

opt, hope you don't mind this question, can body weight be taken with or with out clothes and shoes on?

Brent Maier said...

It looks like all my questions have already been answered! I look forward to seeing all the performances tomorrow! Go Dawgs!

OPT said...

mr lundmark, i'd suggest just going all out on the row and set a PB in the 2K; forget the DU reps or additions...i had the same issue so i'm on your side (now still have remnants from the graphing and surgeries)...so how about this as i make the rules...if you score a PB on the 2K i'll give you a free big dawg comp shirt!

deejay said...

James, what constitutes the start of wod #1? Is it similar to the opt 3 where the wod starts as soon as we do an OHS or can we warm it up all we want and declare
our 1st attempt and then go? Also can I use my body weight from right after the last event of the crossfit games?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Are there good jump ropes @ Natural High?

Colin Jenkins said...

just to clarify, do we have to get the 15 OHS at BW our first attempt to get the extra point, or are we allowed all 3 attempts to get it?

also, does the 5hr clock start as we start our first set of 15 OHS, or as soon as we starting warming up lighter weights with the OHS?

Love the workouts, excited for tomorrow!

YoungManRumble said...

Im scared...but first I have a few questions

WOD 1 - 3 sets of 15 OHS
scoring "highest load lifted in # for 15reps in one set"

1) Who wins?
person A - 95, 95, 135
person B - bar, bar, 185

2) What if i failed at 165 on my 3rd set and on my 4 set I make 155 and I took 155 as my score. Is that okay? Or do I only have 3 attempts to make my highest load?

3) When does the 5hr clock start?

When I have the dowel over my head or when I declare my opening weight?

Thanks for putting this together Coach

thanks coach

Geoff Aucoin said...

Let's see if I'm right:

James said,'you have a 5 hour time limit from start of OHS workout to finish of chin up/burpee workout'. If the workout is 3 sets then the clock starts at the beginning of your 1st set? That makes logical sense to me.

If you didn't get 15 reps @ 165 on your 3rd set then your score is whatever your weight was for your 2nd set. You get 3 attempts.

Person A wins because 185lbs is more than 135lbs. That was the easist one of the 3 questions.

Let's not make this any harder than it already is, Dawgs. 'Work hard and have fun' is my mantra for these things. If you're stressin' then you're missin' the point of this whole thing.

David said...

Is the 3 sets on the OHS scheme similar to a powerlifting meet? You have 3 efforts and need to gauge your own abilities so you don't start out too light or too heavey. So, you open with a doable weight, succeed, and move up to a reasonably heavy weight (maybe bodyweight) and if succeed again, go higher.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Colin, if you get 15 x BW in your first set then A) you're awesome and B) you have 2 more sets to try to get a higher weight. 3 sets, folks, that's pretty straight forward.

"there must be ONLY 3 sets for max effort for 15 reps, please be honest on this"

Geoff Aucoin said...

I like what David said.

Martin Altemark said...

Thanks for posting early Coach! Very appreciated!

I will make sure that Mr. Lundmark gets i PR on the row as we will tackle this together.

Good luck tomorrow Dawgs! I'm already looking forward to see your efforts - they will surely be fantastic!

Steve Howell said...


I don't have a rower so can I sub for a 2k run?

AC said...

Does ass to grass mean clearly below parallel or the lowest position possible (similar to the bottom of a clean or snatch)?


Lauren said...

Does anyone know what time this shin dig starts at Natural High tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

James et al,

One quick question. There are a few of us that are going to tackle this tomorrow but only one person videotaping. Can we all appear in the same video or should we do them all seperate?

If we appear in the same video all your standards will be met regarding the OHS depth.

Ryan Kells

OPT said...

ryan, thats fine

OPT said...

lauren, 11 am - 5 pm

media will be there covering as well for HQ and games prep highlights

OPT said...

AC, ass down so that it is as you prescribed visibly below hip crease below knee cap

OPT said...

steve...ah come on man!!!!
can't you get to one for the wod outside the time frame, i'll allow that...otherwise not the same

OPT said...

DJ , you declare when the 1st set of OHS begins but you only get 3 attempts at the highest weight, when that 1st set begins, so does your 5 hours...but i'm closing shop at 5 pm...

OPT said...

Chris, yes 3 sets must be performed, just waste 2 if you want but those who are not ready for 15 OHS at one time will see why 3 sets are impt

Becky, i want you and Chris to do this wihtout clothes

Steve Howell said...

I will do my best to find one coach!

Tyler Smith said...

Gonna be interesting to say the least... Good luck everyone! I hate I didn't get into this comp earlier!

Martin Altemark said...

Just a quick question about that sub 7 min row - will there be point awarded even if not doing BW OHSQs and that insane time in WOD 3?

Geoff Aucoin said...


" wod 2; points/placings awarded for highest double under reps and low time for row (i.e. 2 workouts to score, 1 for lowest row time, 1 for highest double under reps)"

That means yes to me.

Katrina Burton said...

Haha Martin! I would like for extra bonus points if a girl can hit any of the guys standards. A girl can dream can't she :)

Martin Altemark said...

Haha, I just want someone to convince me to try to kill myself getting below that 7 minutes (which would kill all my other performances).

Of course wondered if there's EXTRA points to get. I got that impression from the post two days ago.

Hey Katrina, you get virtual extra points from me if not from OPT if you do that!

Geoff Aucoin said...

A sub-7 row gets you an EXTRA point so if you do that and have the best row time of the day you get 2 points. If you then get the most doubles, which is possible because you have more time to do them, then you get 3 points.

Lindsey said...

OHS - rest as needed b/t sets and in set... Our set of 15 @ 65% bw can be broken and still meet the criteria to compete on Sunday?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Lindsey. 15 unbroken.

'OHS - when taken from rack, bar has to stay overhead until reps are complete'

Rainer Hartmann said...

My calf still is not at 100%, so I won't risk doing DU's yet, since I'm signed up for Sectionals in March. Should I sub KTE's or Toe-to-bar instead and go for reps after the 2K row?

Lisa M said...

Can we bring our own rope?
Is there a scale at Natural High or can i go by what i weighed in at last week up at the Big Dawg house (minus a pound because i wasn't naked - ha ha)

Becky i am sure you would get extra points if you did these wods naked and you would probably have the most hits on youtube in its history!!!

Danny B said...

This is my first cycle under your programing(love it!), I have not done any of the other big dawg comps. Right now I am a day behind, I still need to perform the WOD from the 21st. Should I skip it and do the comp(I won't be video taping, just posting my scores), or should I do the WOD, and perform comp on the 25th,the day after my shift. Thank YOU!

Heavy Evy said...

Does it matter what we set the rowers to? Dampeners and foot placement?

Richie said...

C2B Srtict? or Kips allowed?

deejay said...

heavy, whatever settings you want...
richie, you do that and let us know how it goes

Brent Maier said...

I'll give these two a go...

Heavy Evy, no damper or foot placement was specified. You're choice with whatever works for you.

Richie, as long as your aren't touching the ground, arms are straight at the bottom and chest is touching the bar at the top, how you get there is up to you.

Jason Anderson said...

Can't Wait Going to do this on Monday. Yahoo!

ken c said...

so the pull up burpee wod was wod 2 at my qualifier (hell's half acre) last year. just a little background here. as originally conceived this wod was supposed to be 5 sets of 10 c2b pull ups, 95lb. overhead squats and burpees (try it sometime). it was later modified to just pull ups and burpees as an all gymnastics counterbalance to the 1st wod of 155lb. clean and jerk and row. just thought it was interesting since we have some overhead squating and rowing tomorrow. great set of movements for a competition.

ken c said...

oh and just so you know what's possible on the 50 c2b pull up/50 burpee wod, dutch did it in around 3:13 and lance cantu did it in 3:28. i wasn't that fast btw. good luck.

Dave X said...

It's time to light this candle folks. Get a great nights rest and tear it up tomorrow.

John T. said...

I know that when c2b chinups are prescribed for a workout I strive to pull the bar to about an inch above the bottom of my chest, but how low does it actually have to be to count?

Geoff Aucoin said...

John T, just below clavicles.

Good input, Ken C!!

Can't believe there was a kipping question.

Aaron said...

Are other workouts still going to be posted for the mid february group?

Cam B said...

Hi gang,

Just a couple of questions...

So all WODs must be videotaped and uploaded?

What is the time cutoff, I am west coast and work until 3pm.



April said...

Good luck everyone! I'm sure Rory would much rather be doing this competition than being out in the field with the 30+ degree weather and rain. If he's up to it, he may tackle it next weekend.

Einar said...

Thanks for great WOD`S.
This is my first week following your workouts, and I really like it! I am going to follow your WOD`s, and I hope they will help me in the North European sectionals.
The challenge was fun. I don`t have a camera, so I can`t take part in the competition, but I will try to get one so that I can capture the next WOD.
It took me 2 hours from start (with warmup) to finish the last burpee.
Rest between WOD 1 and WOD 2: 10 min
Rest between WOD 2 and WOD 3: 30 min

BWT: 176 # (80kg)
WOD 1: 121 # (55 kg)
WOD 2: 6:58 min + 110 DU
WOD 3: 5:48


Pols said...

A couple of questions about this comp, as I am still fairly new to this site, excuse me if they seem obvious, as I am in a fog.

First of I am pissed because I am suffering from a crushing stomach flu, so workouts are out of the question, and this workout looks great. Also, the house I am building is almost ready, and I am in the middle of packing up the place I am in, so nothing but fun in my life right now.

I currently don't have any plans to compete, I just love following OPT's workouts, and comparing them to some of the deadliest athletes out there. So my question is, would you rather me not post because I a) will not be competing and b) I will be late in posting? Or is it still cool if I post?

Obviously what's going on here is a pretty big deal, and I don't want to stick my nose where it doesn't belong. Either way, I love being part of this community, and best of luck to everyone. And I can't wait to run this one.

unit said...

personally I feel it's awesome 2 have u here... 2 c ur #'s... and 2 c how ull progress...
best of luck with the house and life issues...

bso said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marie Rochat said...


My sectional is March 13-14 (Oregon/Idaho). I know you have said that you will discuss the peaking for various sectionals as they get closer, but my current question is should I have done the Big Dawg Challenge WODs this weekend or the Feb. peak group WODs? My question is a bit late since I did the Big Dawg Challenge yesterday without realizing that the Feb. peak group was up, but I figure I can correct my programming now if need be. Should I stay on the Big Dawg Comp. programming or the Feb. peak programming.


Chris Dunkin said...

Pols, keep posting and comparing. consider competing and getting some wods on video. The competitions and feedback are a big part of progress for you and the community at large.

Marie, stick with the programming following the comp. any adjustment's will be made, and discussed in the last few weeks before our OR/ID sectional.

Marie Rochat said...

Thanks Chris.