Jan 2, 2009


A1. OHS @ 3010 - 10 x 10; 90 sec rest
A2. Supinated Strict Chin Ups @ 3010; 10 x 10; rest 90 sec
GHD Sit Ups - 3 sets of 25

post loads used to comments
get deep on squats
pay attention to tempo; no rest is to be taken at bottom or top of either movement
the goal is challenging sets for 1-5, tough for 6-8 and barely make-able for 9-10


Steve Smith said...

Haha, OK, I can go to bed now.

Lisa M said...

In the spirit of crossfit and in honor of the 4 soldiers and Calgary Herald reporter who lost their lives Wednesday in Kandahar I will put everything i have into todays workout, I will dig deep, and work extra hard as my shoulders feel like they are going to explode during the OHS and pullups.

Also for any dawgs that are coming from out of town to participate in the January 23rd challenge at Natural High. We have two extra bedrooms in our house and your own bathroom, shower etc. Anyone who would like to come on Friday and crash at our house is more than welcome. And for anyone that would like to chill between WODs I am only about 20 minutes from Okotoks so you are welcome to come back to my house rest, stretch, eat, relax etc.

Kevin O'Malley said...

I see this workout being quite difficult... Especially with the strict chin ups with taking 1 second to go up and then 3 seconds to lower... Should be a great workout, but very taxing....

Ross Blake said...

Unit. Next you'll be using paint tins and small children ala unbreakable!

Martin Altemark said...

Unit, saw those videos of yours now and it was fantastic!

Mack Lar said...

A1. 115/125/135/135/135/145x9/145x7/145x8/145x7/145x9
A2. BW/BW/5/10/12.5/15/20/20/25x7/25x8

A2A on all OHS. Upper body strength was the limiting factor on the OHS. Shoulders were fried.

Garage Crossfitter said...

From todays CF video...

Sevan: Mikko you dont fall on the ground and breath heavy after a workout?

Mikko: I read in an article once that when an animal surrenders they go laying on their back, then I decided I will never go laying on my back, its a sign of weakness and surrendering.


Covino24 said...
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Martin Altemark said...

Garage CF: there are some crazy tough finns! Mikko is certainly one of them.

That sectionals here is gonna be pretty intense, with finland, sweden, iceland, denmark & norway! I bet we're gonna see some really good athletes come out of the dark.

Kizzee said...

Well, I can see flurries outside here in Nashville... Unfortunately, I can't go overhead in my garage and my pullup bar is outside lol... this is going to suck.

On the pullups.. there is no way I can do 10 strict pullups in a row.. let alone 100.. (i got 13 min on the ladder wod the other day)... Should I just do AMRAP on the PU with that set tempo?


Rainer Hartmann said...

A1: 65/75/80-7/85 x 10
A2: BW: 10/10/10/6-4 x 7
Shoulders were done after that!

unit said...

A1- 115 x10 x7, 135 x10, 155 x8, 155 x9
A2- bw x10 x10

A1- increase wt earlier... this did toast my shoulders...
A2- brutal... barely finished at tempo...

great question... idk, but I'll look in2 it!...

time 2 move...


Lindsey said...

A1. 45 x10
A2. BW x10 - had to jump on most and was able to keep tempo through abt rep 7 on most sets, then just hanging on for dear life

arms are smoked, awesome!

Garage Crossfitter said...

A1 95x6, 105x2, 115x1, 125x1(9)
A2 BW on all sets, 10,10,9,9,8,7,6,7,6,4

GHD's unbroken- very hard

BRUTAL wod, sat with head in toliet for 20 min after but i didnt puke. I have to re-analyze my diet and the amount of cals im taking in. I seem to be gaining more weight even though im not eating more cals. I function best at 175-177. Last time i weighed in i was 182, 2 months ago but i feel much heavier than that now.

Noah Milstein said...

A1) 40/42.5/45/45/45/45/45/40/40/40kg
A2) 15/10/5/BW/BW/BW/BW/BW/BW(kipping)/BWkg
unbroken/broken/very broken

Came so close to meeting pukie on the GHD's. Damn, I've got a lot of training to do.

Keep it coming.

Lisa M said...

Ok if Unit can only do the pullups with body weight I am screwed.

Would it be best to do as many strict as possible then kip the rest or do them with rubber assist and keep the strict movement and tempo??

Mike Molloy said...

OHS- 95# (1-8), 100# (9-10) (fail on 100th rep)
PU- BWT for all 10 (brutal).

NOTES: 95# was tough for first 3 sets, got a bit easier for 4-6, then got REAL hard again resulting in a failure on rep 10 of set 10.

Pull ups felt good early then got really hard at the end.

GHDs were completed unbroken but hurt like hell.

Jenny said...
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Wes hendricks said...
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Jeffrey said...

hahahaha, I made the mistake of training yesterday...did a 10-1 HSPU ladder and then a 10min KB WOD. I will now and forever always take the scheduled day off!

OHS- stayed on 75#.
Chin up- Used a band from round 6 on (wasn't sure if I should kip, or stay strict-- so i went with strict + thin band)

I'm gonna change my posting name to: LAP DAWG

Joel B. said...

A1: 1-5 @ 95#'s; 6-8 @ 110; 120X9, 120X8
Sets 6-8 the tempo faltered on 1-2 reps per set--an exhale/inhale at top. Couple tempo failures on sets 9&10 as well. Wasn't sure where to start/progress on this one.
A2: BW on all. Set 9&10 only completed 9 and 8 reps. These were barely make-able from set 5 on.

GHD's on a roman chair alternating hand touch to floor. 1 and 2 unbroken...set 3 15/10.

This was a tough one on many levels. OHS are a killer, but hurt so good.

Dan said...

This wod killed me.

A1: 65x3, 70x2, 75x3, 85x1,95x1 (broken:8,1)
A2: sets 1-5 good, sets 6-10 kipping on the pull, but did 3 on the down

GHD: unbroken

Notes: the OHS: should have started heavier; need to work on strict PU

Lap Dawg said...


Fear not the Lap Dawg.

Jefff said...

A1. 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 8/135, 4/135, 3/135

A2. bwt, 2.5#, 5#, 9/5#, 8/5#, 8/5#, 7/5#, 7/5#, 7/5#, 7/5#

GHD - Unbroken, Unbroken, 18-4-3

Rest period between A1, and A2 was closer to 2 mins by the last few sets. Wrists, and shoulders majorly fatigued. Chins way harder than anticipated. Happy with OHS until last 2 sets. Could barely support barbell overhead by set 9.

3 min rest between GHD sets.

Wes hendricks said...

95-105-115-125-130-135-140x10-145x7- 145x6-145x3

6x10 at BTW
1 x 9+1 w/ 4KG
8+2-7+2+1-7+2+1 at BTW

Jumped to fast in the beginning of OHS. Later sets my wrists were extremely sore. Last set when I lost the barbell on my third rep it hit my head on the way down...OUCH!

Paul Klein said...

A1. 95, 100, 110, 110, 110, 115, 115, 115, 120, 125 all sets of 10 and strict tempo, 0 pause at top and bottom.

A2. Bwt for all ten sets. Broke tempo in sets 9 and 10 and had to pause at the bottom.

GHDs were very broken.

I'm with garage crossfitter, I almost puked at the end of this one. But I held it down, just lots of moist burping. This really took my heart out.

Word verification is toret. As in, I used to have a stomach but this workout toret out.

Chad Hall said...

A1: 95, 105, 115, 115, 120, 120(7-3), 120(7-3), 120(9-1), 120(4-5-1), 120(6-4)

A2: All BW, 10, 9-1, 5-3-2, 5-3-2, 5-3-2, 6-4, 5-3-2, 6-4, 6-4, 5-3-2

Notes: Haven't OHS in a long time even though they're one of my favourite. Felt pretty solid for the most part, the majority of the fails were because of fatigue in the shoulders and wrists. Tempo was good and depth was A2G.

Chin ups weren't great, only first set unbroken. Wasn't sure if I should have gone to a band or just stop after I broke or done kipping?

Rested about 30 seconds between broken sets. GHDs were done on stability ball. Not looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning.

Danny B said...

A1 95,100,105,110,115x6
A2(3/4" band)10x3,9,8)(1" band)8x5

Danny B said...

just to be clear, for A2 I meant 3 sets of 10 when i posted 10x3, and 5 sets of 8, when i posted 8x5.

Slater Coe said...

that was a suckfest... unable to maintain tempo on the pullups after the 4th set... some kipping involved from thereafter.

Becky said...

45, 55, 65, 75, 85,90, 95, 100, 105(5/5), 110(5/1) didn't have it to finish off the set. very challenging!

bw, 2#, 3#, 3#, 5#, 5#, bw for the rest. only first 3 rds were unbroken.

3 sets of 25 ghd unbroken.

first day back in cf gp. glad to be back.
i did get to work out with sarah D. who placed 12th in the 2009 games this week. great to meet her. hope to see her on here this next phase...

Martin Altemark said...

A1: 50kg, 50kg, 50kg, 50kg, 50kg, 50kg, 50kg, 50kg, 50kg, 9x50kg
A2: all sets strict and with BW. 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 8+2 kip up (and 3 sec down), 5+5 kip, 5+3 kip, 6+4 kip, 5+4 kip

Da pump!

PTS said...

a1. 55,65,75,85,95,95,105,115, 6x115, 115

a2. 10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,7,6

ghd's unbroken and extremely painful.

Started too low on the OHS. Felt pretty good again today. OHS still a weakness, but it is getting better.

Martin Altemark said...

Jenny: note that you used kg's, not pounds. Pretty big difference.

BK said...

A1 115x5,125x3,125x1/9,115x1/9.
GHD 15 unbroken then 10.
OHS at tempo was a creeper. By 7th set the hold was very challenging, and going up would have been foolhardy . Pissed that I dropped the last rep but right arm gave out. Same deal on set 10.
Feel wiped out after session with time under tension the answer.
Nice one....

andrew romeo said...

A1: 95-115-115-115-115-115-130-135 (8)-135 (7)-135 (5)
A2: All done at correct tempo unbroken

GHD were very tough: set 1 and 2 unbroken, set 3 broken into 10 and 15

Wanted to go heavier with the overhead squats, but my shoulders were toast by the later sets

Jenny said...

My second workout with OPT:s programming- Missunderstood and did my chin ups wrong! 3 sek up and 1 down:(

A1) 35kg/35kg/35kg/35kg/40kg/40kg/40kg/40kg/40kg/40kg
Unbroken until the 7th round. Broke all sets after that.
A2) The first one was unbroken. I broke all the other sets.

GHDs unbroken.

Am I recordning my Stats right? Thankful for comments!

britt said...

A1: 45/55/55/65/65/75/85/85/
90(9 reps)/90 LBS

A2: w/ blue band 10/10/10/8/8/8/8/7/7/7

GHD's unbroken

David said...


A1. 100, 110, 115, 122, 122, 122, 126, 126, 133, 133

A2. First 3 sets unbroken, remaining 7 sets broken but maintained tempo and strict form.

GHD, done but not fun.

Steve G said...

At CF Calgary



95/115/115/135/135/137.5/140/140/140/142.5 lbs (65.4% of 1RM)

Strengths: bottom position felt strong


1)have not done overhead squats for 3 months...wrists were not used to load...lots of pain
2) Hard to stay focused with tempo and counting reps at same time...


could only do the first 2 sets straight through then had to fraction...tempo was challenging


Felt pain in the lower back (left side)...perhaps due to lack of hip flexibility?

90 secs rest b/w sets of GHDs

Post WOD nutrition

30 gr. protein, 25 gr. carbs

rwcorson said...

A1. 88,88,90.5,90.5,93,93
A2. 8,7,7,6,6
GHD sit ups 3x15, 60 sec rest btw

Katie said...

A1. 45x4, 55x3, 60x3
A2. Not good on strict pull-ups, so I used the blue band sets 1-3, then the green band on sets 4-10.
A1 and A2 were all unbroken
GHD's - unbroken first set, broke 2nd and 3rd set up.

3rd day doing OPT...Tough, but I like it. I have a lot to work on.

mikeg@crossfitgames.com said...

OHS: 5x10 @ 115#, 3x10 @ 125#, 2x10@ 135#

Supinated Strict Chin Ups: 6x10, 4x7

Jack said...

Jacques A
A1: 95,95,105,115,125X7,125,125X9,125X5+115X6,115
A2. RX unbroken for all
KTE 3X25

Note: Hip imbalance on OHS(moving to right side) and Right arm higher than left.
Pullups were no problem at all.

Dale Ryan Thompson said...

OH Squats
135, 155, 155, 155, 155, 165(8), 165(8), 175(7),185(5),185(6)
Supinated Pull ups all BW
10,10, 7, 7, 6, 8, 8, 5, 4, 4

This made me so close to puking. Mentally was not there for the 185.

Chris Stroud said...

Ran out of time and could not finish work out.

A1. 95x10/105x10/110x10/115x10x4
A2. bw+12lbx3/bwx4b

Stephen Flamm said...

A1: 45/45/65/65/75/75/85/85/95/95
A2: 10/10/10/9+1/8+2/7+2+1/5+2+1/5+1+1+1/5+2+1/5+1+1+1+1+1

GHD SUs: unbroken

Maintained tempo on the squats, but probably should have started heavier. Pull-ups were a huge struggle. Broke when I couldn't maintain tempo. Sit-ups were smooth, two hands to ground.

OPT said...

kizzee, yes
others who cannot complete as rx'd for all reps, the idea is the 40 sec of work per set, so overload the eccentric if you have to to get to 40 sec of work...i.e. 7 strict ones under tempo, then do 4-6 negatives to ensure you do the rest of the 12 sec of work left from the 28 sec of work done by doing 7 reps at 4 sec each...cool?
Jenny, yes, you are recording right except 3 sec up and 1 sec down is tougher...good on ya.
Paul Klein, i just spit up my soup.
Lap Dawg, i just swallowed my soup and spit it up again.
i think i might have the slogan for the shirts...

Big Dawg Pack 2010
"wag less, bark more"

NorCal Chris said...

A1: 75/80/85/90/95/100/105/115/125(8)/125(10 but no tempo)
A2: 10/10/9+1/8+2/6+2+2/6+2+2/6+2+2/6+4/5+3+2/6+4

GHD SUs: unbroken


A1: Tempo was good for all 1-9 but I need to focus on keeping the "butt wink" to a minimum
A2: All strict for 1st number in set but had to kip 2nd + numbers after round 6+

Justin Flynn said...

Nasty cold that presented itself the day back from our 5 day hiatus. Terrible timing. First day of training for me in 8 days therefore. Will get todays wod in later today.

Did yesterdays wod just now.
1. Power clean 255# felt good. Just 5# off pr but I followed orders and stopped after 7 min
2. Chin up ladder. Complete
3.DB burpees 21 @20# no 25s (this was rough!)

For anyone that lives in the SoCal region. My CF box is hosting the Orange County CrossFit ThrowDown. The comp takes place Jan. 9-10th. There will be two wods on Sat. and another two on Sun. All of the workouts are programmed by OPT so you know these athletes are up for a brutal test. There are 129 people competing with another 300 spectators already registered. I am inviting any of the big dawgs that follow this site to come and watch. If you go to this link and type in "OPT" into the coupon code box you will get 50% off the spectator fee. Also if you would like to judge contact me.

Marie Rochat said...


This was only my 3rd Big Dawg WOD, and I had the same question as Kizzee. I did the WOD before Coach posted his response to Kizzee's question, so I ended up doing all the chin-ups at tempo but broken. Next time I will know the correct way to go though.

A1. 65/70/75/80/85/85/85/85/90/95

All OHS were unbroken. On the last 2 rounds there were 1 or 2 max reps that I had to regain balance at the top of the movement, so that obviously required a quick pause.

A2. 8,2/7,2,1/5,2,2,1/5,2,2,1/5,2,1,2/4,2,2,2/4,1,2,1,2/4,2,2,2/4,2,2,1,1/4,2,2,2

Strict chin ups are a weakness of mine. As I mentioned above they ended up very broken. But I took minimal rest when I broke (just enough time to note it quickly note the break) and then was right back on the bar.

GHD sit-ups - all 3 sets unbroken. Started 90 sec. after last set of OHS and Chin ups, and took 90 sec. rest between each round of GHDs.

LuLu said...

1. Did not know we were supposed to go up in weight. Did all 10 sets x10 reps at 60lbs, could have gone up to 70 lbs. Did all reps, every set, unbroken.
2. Did strict pull ups enitre time but had to break them up as follows:
1st set= 8-4 2nd set=8-4 3rd set=8-4, 4th set= 8-2-2, 5th set= 8-2-2, 6th set= 8-2-2, 7th set= 6-3-1,
8th set = 6-2-2, 9th set=6-2-1-1,
10th set = 6-2-1-1
GHD for 1 set
Knees to elbows 2 sets

Should have asked about the weight for the OHS. Really enjoying these workouts, this is my 3rd one :)

Ryan @ CFGP said...

Started with 115# but could not get stable and keep the count. Finally got comfortable the OHS was able to go up in weight

A1. 115/ 105/ 105/ 105/ 105/ 115/ 115/ 115/ 125/ 130
A2. no weight, had to use the kip, not much in beginning, a whole lot at end.

GHD 1 round, anchored sit-ups last 2

Roch said...

A1 : 95-105-115-125-135-145-155-165-175(X9)-175
A2 : 3 last sets broken 9-1, 7-3, 8-2
A3 : no problem powerful and explosive.

What about touching the floor on one side and alternate to the other versus touching both at the same time like at the game?

I found both at the same time give me the worst headache and sharp pain in the lower back even if I keep my abs tight?

Brent Maier said...


A1 OHS: 95, 105, 115, 125, 115, 115, 125, 125, 125 (7), 135 (7)
A2 SPU: First 2 unbroken, 3rd was 7/3, then 5/... for the rest.
GHD: First round BLAZING, 2nd and 3rd were slow grinding singles but unbroken.

The last two workouts we've had are what the hell I need! This one today was meant to separate the big dawgs from the rest of the competition. It was kind of like playing a rigged game of Jenga where your bound to lose. I am whooped. Spent 20 minutes sitting on a bicycle until the headache went away. Brutal!

Steve, I too went to bed just after reading the WOD last night. If I don't check it before bed, I sometimes lay awake wondering what it is. Had a dream that Unit and I did this workout last night at a dysfunctional gym of some kind. Strange.

Jefff, great freaking job on the OHS!

Tyler Smith said...

A2.All Sets Unbroken, strict tempo on first 5 sets, last 5 sets were mixed grip/kip...

GHD sit ups unbroken

After being out for a while it seems pull ups suffered the most.

ken c said...

okay so i stayed 100% true to the cadence and rest periods which meant i thought once i reached failure the set was done. maybe i was wrong on this.

ohs: 95 105 115 125 135(9) 125(9) 115 115(9) 105 105

chin ups: 10 6 5 5 5 4.5 5 5 4.5 5

ghd sit ups: 1:01 1:05 1:22

damn this is a really hard way to lift weights.

bmizzlle said...

A1. 115-125-125x9-115-115-135x7-

A2. BW-+10-+10-+10x8-BWx8-BW-BWx8-BWx7-BWx5-BWx6

GHD situps- all very broken.

notes: first time I puked during a workout ever, serious suck, shoulders are toast.

dmarsh said...

Dennis - 31m/180

A1. 110,115,120,125,130,135,140,145,150,155(8)
A2. 10,10,10,9,7,7,7,7,7,7

GHD Situps: Unbroken. Did not time rest b/w sets. Waited until I felt ready to go 25 unbroken.

Jenn - 35f/125

A1. 65,70,75,80,85,90,95,100,103(5),103(6)
A2. 10,10,9,7,7,7,7,7,6,7

GHD Situps: Unbroken.

atom said...

a1. 95, 105, 115, 125, 125, 125, 135, 145 x 7, 150 x 9, 155 x 10
Incredible wrist pain on sets 8, 9, 10, narrowing grip helped.

b2. 10 x 10

GHD: sucky using my retarded swiss ball method.

imosher said...

A1. 88,98,98,98,98,103,103,103,110,110
A2. BW: 10,10,10,10,10,10,10,7,5,4

tempo got very challenging, I had hoped to add weight, realized that was not in the cards after about set 3

Butter said...

are we supposed to rest 90 secs between all 10 rds on each exercise?

Lauren said...

A1- 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 85, 90, 90, 90
9hurt so much in mt wrist)
A2- 4 reps for all at this tempo (didn't get on blog til later to see I should kipped or something for the rest)

GHD unbroken.

Great to see more people posting!!

mcsharry said...

Alright first post on the OPT site, I'm jumping around from mainsite, SealFit, CF Football, and this site.

A1. 95,105,115,125x4,135x3
A2. 10x10

A lot tougher than I expected, forearms were so shocked that I almost had trouble getting the bar from the floor to my shoulders haha.

Also strength before the WOD:
3RM Back Squat - 315
5RM Back Squat - 295

Both easy, excited for next attempts.

Steve Howell said...



GHD sit ups: all 3 sets unbroken

Geoff Aucoin said...

Okay I'm off the Big Dawg's programming again for a while so I can focus on staying strong. Keep up the good work and I'll keep chipping in my 2-5 cents at whatever tempo that is rx'd.

Butter said...

nevermind, i got it

joey warren said...

A1. 115, 115, 115, 125, 125, 135, 135, 135x9, 135x8, 135 x7
A2. 10lbx10, 10lbx10, 10lbx10, BWx10, BWx10, BWx10 (lost tempo), BWx10, BWx9, BWx7, BWx8

GHD sit ups unbroken

limting factor on OHS was shoulders, couldnt support the weight last couple sets
to ambitious on SUPs starting with 10lb weights, could not hold the tempo any longer the last 5 sets
Felt smoked from all of this!!!

Michael said...

A1. 95,95,115,115,125,125,125,135,135,135
these felt strong all the way through with good tempo, probably should have tried 145.
A2. All unbroken at tempo except last set, still strict but not at tempo as much

situps- did one set then had to leave the gym, will hopefully be able to add this core work in tom.

Overall felt strong today.

Jon M said...

A1. 135 for sets across at Rx'd tempo. Bar in the "groove" made this get easier at points.

A2. Did 7 Reps sets across. Ten wouldn't have been doable.

B1. Solid

Anthony said...

A1: 85,85,90,90,95,95,105,110,115,120
Failed at 8 on the last round

A2:BW unbroken for the 1-3, broken up by 7/3, 6/4 the rest of the way.

Covino24 said...

Didn't think I was going to get this one in today.. My box was closed and was doing a special wod today on the Beach - "The Burpee Sand Mile" - self explanatory... I did it in an Hour and 6 mins 1:06:00

Then an hour later got to use my buddies Olympic Bar and busted out this Wod minus GHDs which Ill hopefully throw into tomorrows..

All unbroken until last two sets - failed at 8 on both.

Actually Felt pretty good after thos burpees!

A2) 10/10/7-3/7-3/6-4/7-3/6-4/ 6-4/8-2/8-2

First 5 sets were Chest2Bar, on tempo...last were chin2bar on tempo all were strict no kip

Gord said...

110.5,113 (all 10's)

chins 10/10/10/10/10/8/7/7/6/5
(all bwt)

Brandon said...

A1. 95/95/115/115/135/135/145/155/165/165
All sets of 10 completed. Tempo difficult sets 9-10.
A2. @BW 6/7/6/5/5/5/5/5/5/5 and finished the 40sec effort with kipping pulls/3 sec negative holds
GHD all unbroken and easy

Laura said...

A1) 45/50/55/60/65(8)/65/67.5(5)/67.5/70(6)--bar in a better position, but still forward

A2) done on parallel bar sets 1-6 all 10's @BWT then 8-2/6-2-2 for the last 3 sets

GHD's---as many reps each set as possible without back pain (12-18)

Chris Dunkin said...

5x10 chins w/ bw.

Stopped after the fifth set due to poor planning; family was waiting me.

Did this at a globo in palm desert. No bumpers, and not being able to avoid my image in a mirror took away my mojo. Look forward to getting home tonight.

Yelvi said...

A1. 95,105,110,115x4,125(9),125,135(9)
A2.BWx6, Light Assistance Band x 4 in order to keep tempo

This sucked.

Joel B. said...

Hey, Geoff...care to expound? What are you doing and do you do this regularly?

Anonymous said...

A1. 10/75, 10/95, 10/105, 10/115, 10/120, 8/125
5/125 8/115 8/115 9/115
A2. (BWT) 10x7, 8/2, 8/2, 7/3

GHD all unbroken

wrist got to sore during 7th set to hold on so I decided to drop weight a bit everything else was feeling good

Lisa M said...

OUCH gonna feel this one tomorrow

A1: 65/65/70/80/80/85/85/85/95/95 all unbroken - tried to go as fast as i could to minimize the time spent with bar overhead. made sure i seated it into shoulder blades. These actually felt really good

A2: BW (plus the damn 5# i gained over the holidays - ha ha) did them all but were broken 6/4, 6/4, 6/4, 5/3/2 for the rest

Supinated grip is very hard for me because i have a pin in my left arm and cannot supinate that wrist fully so it is quite awkward. But i am proud that i did them all. There is no way i could have done 100 strict pullups at any tempo before i started this programming.

Love the shirt idea james also thought of "less wag, more bite!"

Kevin O'Malley said...

Tough Workout Today, Just finished at 10:30 pm in my box...

Morning WOD: CrossFit Endurance
1500 m Row w/gas mask-5:20.2 Gas Masked smoked me on this today...
rest 3:00 mins then performed
Tabata Row w/ gas mask- Average 101m

Nighttime WOD:-8 Hours Rest
Overhead Squats-Unbroken until 8th set-
95-105-110-120-125-130-135-140(9)-145(8)-145-Finished all reps on ten set, happy with that...

Pull-ups- unbroken until 5th set

On all reps I finished the sets tho till completion.. I had to I hate now finishing reps, even if I am wiped out...
I am disappointed in my strict pull-ups, but pretty happy with my overhead squat, especially finishing strong on the 10th set..

Ross Blake said...

A1. in kg 37.5-37.5-40x7/4-40-40-42.5-42.5-45x6/4-45x5
only did 9 sets. 9 was enough for me today. Worked hard but consistency is key for me long term.

A2. Bw-bw-bw- bw- then yellow band for 4 sets - bwx5

will do ghds later

Aaron said...

A1. 95/100/100/100/105/105/105/106/107/108
A2. 10x10
GHD 3x25

Tough. Kept good tempo. Strict on the 90 sec. of rest.

weezie said...

Still working with minimal gear, so...

A1. One-arm DB OHS (5 per side)
A2. DB Rows
Incline Situps

A1. 20/25/30/35/45/50/60/70/70/75
A2. 40/45/50/55/55/60/60/65/70(8)/70(6)

Situps - 25/25/25

Blaine said...

A1: 85/95/115/120/125/130/135/140x5/145x6/145x5
Tempo was not correct after round of 130

A2: 10/10/10/8,2/7,1../6,2,1../5,1../4,2,2,1../7,1../8,1..
Didn't realize I had the tempo backward on this one until Ali arrived mid through.

A. Nicole Gibson said...

Was posting as Gibson, now linked to my Google account.

A1. 65-65-75-75-85-85-85(9)-80-80-85(9)

A2. 10-10-8-7-7-4-5-5-4-4

OHS: Perhaps too ambitious on OHS weight increase. Was challenging to drive up at tempo and maintain weight in heels. Found myself migrating to toes. Got better throughout sets. Limiting factor was not being able to drive up at the 1 second tempo. Weight ok.
Pull-ups: First two sets completed at tempo. For the remainder, number reflects the number I completed at tempo. Finished out remainder of :40 seconds jumping to top of pull-up bar and working 3 second negative. Full lock out at bottom of every pull-up and chin squarely over bar.

Would like to confirm that I read and completed the workout correctly:
A1, set 1
:90 second rest
A2, set 1
:90 second rest
A1, set 2
:90 second rest
A2, set 2
:90 second rest
...and so on completing A1/:90 rest/A2/:90 rest through ten rounds

Did this after a 12 hour car ride. Felt great to MOVE!

Chris Fodera said...


A1. 75# x 10 x 5, 80# x 10 x 3, 95# x 10 x 2
A2. BodyWeight - All unbroken. 1-7 as RX's. Had to kip up for reps 9/10 on sets 8/9 and also for reps 8-10 on set 10.

GHDs: Rested 3 minutes between A2 and GHDs. Rested 2 minutes between sets. All unbroken; last set was definitely slower than first 2.

PWO: 40gP (Jarrow shake), 20gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: ShortRib Stew, apple, almond butter

A1. Stayed light. Noticed that from avoiding squatting exercises over the past several weeks, I have lost significant flexibility at the bottom. Was only able to get to about 2-3" below parallel before my heels started coming up. The knee held up pretty well.
A2. These felt pretty good until later rounds when the upward movement got rough late in the sets. Was able to maintain the negatives.
GHDs: First 2 sets were fast and smooth. The last set was a little rough and definitely slower, but still OK.

Heavy Evy said...

A1. 65/85/95/105/105/105/105/115/115/115
Could go heavier next time(or quicker) but was happy for 1st time OHS.

A2. BW/BW/7 15# 3BW/BW for the rest
5th set on were broken, tried hard to keep tempo and strict.

GHD Sit ups were done after 2min rest, were tough, back got tight but finshed all, all set were broken.

Kyle F said...

A1: 95/115/115/115/115/135/135/145/145/155X6
B2: all body weight. very hard but made it.

md said...

a1. 95,105,115,120,125,130,135,140,145
a2. 10x10 bw

tempo, tempo, tempo. Tough to stay on tempo during the last sets of all of these. Specifically the no rest at bottom or top was a killer.

YoungManRumble said...

A1. 95 for all 10 sets
A2. 10 BW all 10 sets

On the 10th set of the OHS i lost control on the 8th rep.

Strict chin ups went well. 7,8,9,10 were fractioned.

Time between sets was way off. I did this at a globo gym and had no watch.

ken c said...

well i just realized i did this wod wrong. supposed to be alternating between the ohs and chin up. i did them all back to back. would have made a big difference. i get it now.

brian cilento said...


Ross Blake said...

subbed k2e for ghd sit ups


Dave X said...

A1. 95#x5 sets, 110#x3 sets, 120x2 sets.
A2. BWTx10 sets. Tempo went to hell after the 6th set.

chris said...

Tough mentally. 95-110-120-125-130-135-135-145(7)-145(7)-145(7).

Pullups unbroken until round 6, then 7 and 3.

I am 6ft 180lbs, 37 y/o.

Anonymous said...

A1: 95/95/95/95/105/105/105/115/115/115
A2: 8,4,4,4,3,3,3,2,2,2

A1: Dropped set #9 @ six. Picked it up and squeezed out two more. Set 10 was full. Tempo became easier as load increased due to more deliberate movements.
A2: Used a timer to ensure full 40 seconds of work. I finished all sets with jumping then negative. Initially finished all ten, then 7 on sets 6-10. Very Tough.

JAM said...

A2:all bodyweight, kipped a few on the last few sets

Anonymous said...

A1. used 20 lb bar due to some hip pain & maintained tempo
A2. i got anywhere from 2-5 each round at tempo and finished the rounds with kipping pull-ups.

Shane and Karen said...
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Pepe said...

1. 45/65/65/65/75/75/75/75/75

Focused on tempo and form (lower right back got tight towards the end and it was difficult to maintain active shoulders)

Part 2. 10/5-2-3 assisted/10 ass/10ass/10 ass/10 ass.

Had to scale to elastics towards end of 2nd set. Very hard with down tempo. Stayed strict (lats and biceps worked hard and left lat got tight). Only did 6 sets due to time restraints (probably a good thing)

3. 3 x 25 GHsit-ups. I did 2 sets unbroken. Didn't do third set due to time restraints.

Stefani said...

A1. Subbed Back Squat b/c of a shoulder flexibility @ 65# rds 1-5 75# rds 6-8, and 80# rds 9-10

A2. Used a Green band in rds 1-5, Blue band in rds 6-7, and Green in rds 8-10.

Subbed knees to elbows for GHD sit ups which I'm starting to think are much worse than doing them on the GHD machine.

Shane and Karen said...
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Shane and Karen said...

Made a mistake in my original post:


Wow, this was sooo much harder than it looks on paper. The rx'd tempo changes EVERYTHING. Kicked my ass.

A1.95/95/95/105/105/115/115/115/120/130 - 10 reps every set, rx'd tempo, unbroken, probably should have gone just a little heavier.

A2. BW/BW/2.5/2.5/2.5/BW/BW/BW(9)/BW(9)/BW(7) - 10 reps every set except where noted otherwise, unbroken, very humbling, rx'd tempo. Pull-Ups are usually a strength of mine, this took me out of my element for sure.

GHD Sit Ups, all 3 sets of 25 unbroken, took about 2 minutes rest between sets. Which is great as GHD sits ups are a weakness of mine.