New Year's Eve 2009

coming soon...

Q and A with John Thrush I though was pertinent

How important is it to modify training based on individual weightlifters?

It is infinitely important. This is the heart and soul of the art of coaching. Anybody coaching at any level beyond a beginner does this untold numbers of times a workout in many obvious and many not so obvious ways. There always needs to be structure in training. You have to have a plan – you can’t just shotgun your way in the gym. You come in with a plan of what you want to get done both in terms of exercises but also generally in terms of where you want the athlete to go in terms of percentages that day, if possible. But that’s where the journey gets interesting. The coach has to have the perception to try and discern the optimal training situation for that day, that moment. The better he is, the better the athlete will be ultimately.

A. Build quickly to a tough but not 1RM in the Power Clean - take no more than 7 minutes; rest 60 sec ONLY after last set before B
B. 1-10 CTB chin up ladder for time; rest 60 sec before C
C. AMRAP DB Burpees in 2 minutes - 25/15#/h

post loads for A, time for B and reps for C to comments
work on speed through the middle for the PC
risk failure on the CTB chin ups in late sets
chest to deck on ALL burpees, even with DB's; jump with arms at sides and DB's in hand, please.


Rob Ottesen said...

Hey all you big Dawgs just wanted to make and apperance and let you all know that Rory and I have not forgotten about you all. Hope everyone had a great christmas and will have a good new year. we have 2 more months of solid training and then we will be back at it around March. Coach you will be proud wish Rory and i would be aloud to have a camera getting nasty on some make shift WODS out in the field. Scuzzin it up in 10 day old uniforms with no showers haha. till march keep gettin after it.

Lisa M said...

James do we drop off bar for the ladder

Geoff Aucoin said...

Lisa, unless you are part monkey I'm thinking you'd have to drop off the bar...

Lisa M said...

Yes I have been accused of acting like monkey on occassion haha

Justin Flynn said...

Was so stoked to be back at it but woke up with a mean head cold today. Will get a good nights sleep tonight and make todays up tomorrow and catch back up with the group on New Years. Looking forward to an incredible year of training with the core crew here.

Mack Lar said...

A. 155/185/205/225/235
B. 2:40
C. 31

Felt much better today than yesterday. Not sure if thats just due to yesterday being the first day back or because I worked out today on an empty stomach vs yesterday with a full meal 2 hours prior. Still playing with timing on pre wod feeding.
235 is 5lbs shy of PR. Pullups completed all rds without a failure. Prob could have gone faster. Burpees, just kept moving.

Dave X said...

@Rob. Thanks for the warm wishes, Dawg, but just know that the rest of us are thinking about you two!

@anyone competing in the NY/NJ sectional: I know there are at least four of us competing in Monclair, but if anyone else signed up, hit me up here on the blog. It would be great to get a pic of the whole group to post on the blog.

andrew romeo said...

A: 135-185-225
B: 4:10 (my kip broke down on ctb pullups after 3rd set)
c: 28

still a little sick, feel ok but hard to breath

happy new years to everyone

andrew romeo said...

B: * I did the ladder backwards, 10-1...I will read more carefully from now on

dmarsh said...

Dave X,
I'll be there brother. Looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Question? do you guys call pull ups, chin ups or do you guys do chin ups revrse grip? Scotty

Covino24 said...

I did palm facing Chin Ups??

A) 195 - PR,
wasn't trying to PR just felt great.. Could have kept going 10 or 15# but ran out of time.

B) 6:52
Did first 6 sets unbroken and strict, then bascially struggled on out 4/3/ 3/3/2 etc..had to kip a few of the last reps in the final sets.

C) 25 reps
Burned thru the first 12 unbroken then hit a wall to finish out!

All in all felt awesome this morning, really strong and fast on my PC and shoulder was feeling great! Might start doing all my training at 5:45am with no B-fast beforehand!

Michael McCabe said...

A - 210
B - 3:17
C - 26 reps

Dave X said...

@Dmarsh. R u on facebook?

Noah Milstein said...

A) 97.5kg I'm sure I could have gone to 100kg but hit a mental block and then the 7 minute mark.
B) 2:48
C) 18@10kg the manager started yelling at me half way through part C.

Thanks, buddy.

First day back and I get kicked out of my gym for doing cleans "in the wrong space". The space that the manager would prefer I use is extremely crowded and offers a 100% chance of my injuring several people per clean. The space I chose to use was completely empty as it always is and only a good 25 feet from the manager's preferred "injury zone". The logic is mind boggling.

Fail... +

I feel totally deconditioned as I haven't worked out for the 11 days since injuring my back. In this time I had finals which stressed the bejeezus out of me and so I stupidly let my diet fall apart.


(Fail + Fail = Epic Fail)

Garage Crossfitter said...

A 225
B 3:10
C 22

felt alot better than yesterday...

anyone know the last time we did 1-10 ladder with CTB?

dmarsh said...

David X,
Nope. Holding out as long as possible.

dmarsh said...

A. 240. Fast and easy. PR is 250.
B. 3:04
C. 28

Kyle F said...

Anonymous Person,

That got me at first too. When coach says chin up do them how every you want. Coach will say "supinated chin ups" if he really wants you to do chin ups.

If I'm wrong correct me.

A: 215
B: 4:02
C: 29

All sets for CTB ladder were unbroken. I assumed that was required otherwise it would have been 55 reps for time. Unbroken, slow and steady on the DB burpees, should have pushed harder.

Kizzee said...

Kyle... I am in no way saying you are wrong b/c I am still confused on what type of chin ups we should use.
When i first started a few weeks ago i looked up supinated it said this .. "1. To turn or rotate (the hand or forearm) so that the palm faces up or forward." So I took it to mean do regular CF pullups...

I just wanted to get this figured out lol.. Thanks!

Martin Altemark said...

PC: 90kg
CTB-PUs: 5:23
DB burpees (used 2x11kg): 38

Happy new year everybody!

Danny said...

I have a question about post workout fueling. So it mentions solid meal 1 hr post. I'm assuming that means shake type suppliment immediately following workout. So, I understand the protien powder to get the 40g p. However, how do I get the carbs? Is there a good "carb shake" type of thing where i could get 25 or 40 g carbs to mix with the protien? Or is there some post workout shake that lines up 40g p and 25 g c? thanks for the help I appreciate it!

Michael McCabe said...

Danny - it doesn`t have to be a shake but often this is most convenient. a lot of guys here like OPT Refuel from which you can get a chunk of carbs from a couple scoops... a lot of people like sweet potato for immediately post-wod. if you want some good paleo ideas go a few months back in the blog and check out what scotty hagnas was taking in for post-wod fuel. i`m not a resident expert on this blog but i hope that helps.

Martin Altemark said...

Btw: did not touch floor to ground every rep bc very tall DBs, but was below hands.

Also could have pushed MUCH harder with CTBs. Next time.

Heavy Evy said...

Don't want to be that annoying newb, but I have an annoying newb question. I tottaly understand the ladder CTB's, but since they are for time, do most of you just stay on the bar while the sets are easy, or do you jump off the bar and back on between sets every time? Just slap me with some extra burpees if this is a dumb question(need to do some anyway to repent for holiday indulgences!)

Jenny said...

Jenny Jacobsen F/34/58 kg

I have been doing CrossFit since feb 2007. I competed in CF Games 2008. My goal is to qualify to CF Games 2010.
My first WOD today with your programming!

A. 65 kg Pr! ( I could have gone heavier:)
B. 5.48
C. 35 reps

Happy new year!!

Kyle F said...


You are right. The classic "chin up" uses a supinated grip (grab the bar, palms face you) the "pull up" uses a pronated grip (grab the bar, palms face away)

When coach says "chin up" do them however you want. But if he said "supinated chin up" you need to use that grip.

bmizzlle said...

A. 135-155-175-185 felt easy and smooth PR 205

B. 4:36 could not do consecutive cuz my C2B kip sucks so did all broken up while on the bar. never failed a set.

C. 28 as rx'd... wanted 30...damnit

Rainer Hartmann said...

A: 175#
B: 5:16
C: 22 reps

Rusty said...

A. 225
B. 4:55
C. 30

C2B still a weakness.

atom said...

solid KB warm-up

a. 185, 205, 215, 225, 235 - stoked on having picked up some 2 1/2# & 5# plates for my oly bar.

b. 4:36 broke down on 7th set but all reps were static and ctb

c. 30 reps w/ 30# DB

David said...


A. 135, 177, 201, 220, 227

B. 4:49, sets 9 and 10 broken

C. 26

Given as shitty as I feel from this cold, I'm relatively happy. And Happy New Year to everyone.

atom said...


Check out Robb Wolf's Paleo Solutions pod casts. I believe it's episode 2 or 3 that covers post WOD nutrition.

NorCal Chris said...

A. 175
B. 8:13
C. 23

A. Need to work on form and speed thru 2nd pull
B. Weak and poor motivation. No breaks but probably could have pushed harder. Lost momentum at bottom of kip.
C. I need to light a fire under my ass. Get going.

Jefff said...

A. 195#
B. 3:50
C. 22 reps @ 30#DB/Hand

Steve G said...


A. 195lbs (Bwt 180lbs)
B. 3:55; used different grips and different styles (i.e. traditional and butterfly) to see what worked best...
C. 38 reps; first 20 reps were easy...down hill after that...thanks Rob for the push...I needed it

Kizzee said...


Ah, I see.. thanks Kyle.. now for..

My post of shame..

A. 175lb PC.. (Havent PCed for awhile so getting my PR weight.. i was happy

B.13:22...yes.. i suck at PU.. Did first 5 rounds C2B (mostly).. after that i fell apart and ended up doing singles at 9+... (PR consecutive PU is 13)

C. Didn't have DB .. so i used 25lb plates.. 17 reps... pretty sure ill get 20+ next time around..

Chris Fodera said...


A. 205
B. 4:05
C. 22 w/ 35# KBs

PWO: 30gP (Jarrow shake), 15gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: turkey, blackberries/raspberries, mac nuts

A. Felt OK doing PCs today. Went for 225 (which should have been easy b/c PR is 230+), but missed it as time expired. I gamed the timing a little because 205 went up nice and felt good, I decided to wait until 20 seconds left (before 7 min expired) and make 225 my last lift. Too bad I missed it.
B. Took too much (unnecessary) rest in the early steps of the ladder. My kip rhythm died after the round of 7, but was able to maintain unbroken and C2B's at about nipple height.
C. Don't have any DBs at the house, so I used two 35# KBs.

Rolled out my legs after and the right knee is continuing to improve. Still not back to 100%, but steadily improving.

bso said...

A. 215#
B. 5:46 but failed last set (5/1/3/1)
C. 25

C2B... I'll chalk that one up to recovering from my recovery period :S

Part c... Was somewhat paranoid about hurting my wrist by rolling the db. Could've gone faster...

PTS said...

6'1'' 186

pc- 225 (tied PR) had more left today

CTB ladder - 3:15

burpees- no db's so just did amrap- 32

felt great today.

GCF- we did a 1-11 CTB ladder on 9-13-09.

Mike Molloy said...

A: 215 (PR) I know we weren't supposed to but it was the first one that felt really hard. Excited for the next true max effort.

B: 3:20

C: 29 reps with strict form on push ups.

Geoff Aucoin said...

C-26 - no gas left here.

On any sort of ladder you are to put the bar down or let go of whatever you're hanging off of so that you've truely stopped performing the movement.

Slater Coe said...

A. Had time to kill until Sugar Shane showed up, so I took longer than the 7 minutes mentioned... which was good... because I failed at 245 a few times then proceeded to get a 17lb pr at 250. Catch is a little shaky, but hey.. I moved the weight (video still in the process of loading at the moment)
Here's Sugar Shane with 215lbs... (

B. 5:04 - all unbroken but definitely tiring

C. 29 - First 14 were easy, then it was over... much respect for anyone getting in the 30s.

Stephen Flamm said...

A. 215

B. 3:53

C. 30

Gord said...

A. 210
B. 4:20- chins felt awful. 1st real chin up workout in a while. kip was all over the place....but on a good note...0 pain in elbow.
C 32

Mike Molloy said...

Quick Question.

Any big dawgs in the Washington D.C. area? I'm traveling and from what I can tell, the local affiliates are closed this weekend. If you're close, send me an email (

Jack said...

Jacques A
A. 235lbs. Felt good .Went up smoothly.

B. 3:50 unbroken

C. 30. I just hate burpees! Need to push harder on these.

LuLu said...

Louise H

A. 110 lbs. Felt really good :)Went up no prob

B. 4:09 unbroken

C. 37. Felt the burn

Erik Luber said...


A. 145# (not sure, done with weird set of old home weights)
B. 3:46 (done on rings, smashed head on ceiling on 4th round)
C. 17 (done with 30# DBs, all I have)

Looking forward to getting back home so I proper equipment to do the workouts properly!

Dave X said...

C'mon man, as Geoff would say, "all the cool kids are doing it!"

Lindsey said...

Turns out they found asbestos in the gym... Hopefully it will be cleaned quickly so I have somewhere decent to wod... Had to do it at home which is even worse...

A. Did some clean work last night with 95# working on form
B. 6:18 - did first two rounds strict and jumping Kip from there on
C. 17 - arms were completely toast from hang board workout last night and pus today, did PR last night with 3 strict pullups

Lisa M said...

A: 140 technique is the shits as soon as the weight gets heavy. 135 felt easy then almost failed at 140????

B:7:30 embarrassed to post this time but C2B are one of my goats and i did them all. And i made sure that they were Corson proof - ie. chest touched bar on every rep.
I think the five pounds i gained over the holidays didn't help :(

C: 32 felt good gassed towards end. When i was done i realized that i did them with 20# by accident oh well live and learn to read more carefully.

I wanted to say i am really happy to see more ladies posting on here. It is hard to monitor progress with so few of us so it is really great to see some new female posts - lets kick some serious a$% in 2010 Big Dawgettes!!

Anonymous said...

i am new to this programming and i am so excited to see where it takes me.


105/7:10 (1-7 ctb)/21

Wes hendricks said...

A. 210 (PR is 212 and 210 wasn't to difficult)

B. 2:04

C. 31 (had to use 30lb kb's)

md said...

1. 175#
2. 3:38
3. 21

Danny B said...

1. 225(PR 250)
2. 4:52 (Not CTB)
3. 26

Evan Z said...

1. 190# Seven minutes goes by quickly. Thought I could try 205 but didn'te get a chance.
2. 3:14 CTB was no problem until set 7.
3. 32 With some multi sided DB's. Not sure if these made things better or worse.

Joel B. said...

A: 195
B: 5:25
C: 27

PC equals PR, but it was not a stuggle. 200 would have been do-able, might have got 205.

Halfway through the pu ladder I figured out c2b bfk, which helped some, I think.

chest to floor on all PUB, and gave each jump a good effort.

Happy New Year, Dawgs! Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Of course, I be asleep, wake up and help daughter pee, then asleep again well before midnight. So...I guess just have a good one.

JAM said...

any suggestions on a good jump rope?
been using an old nike rope for the last 3 years

Dave X said...


The $12 Buddy Lee rope is a weapon of choice for a lot of us. I have also been using the speed rope sold through Rogue.

OPT said...

35 reps

joey warren said...

A. 135,185, 205, 225, 235
B. 1:40 - unbroken sets
C. 42 reps

power cleans felt great, Im craving to push around some weight again

Brent, I filmed the chest to bar butterfly pullups to see the motion. I focused on being quick, but I would like to be even quicker. As you can see I kind of fall straight down. And BTW nice job on the rows yesterday!

burpees felt fast for first 30 sec then slowed down and Im not sure if my jump got off the ground on most reps. Filmed this too

Michael said...

225 x 2 singles felt really light and fast but lost track and ran out of time.
27 reps
was with a buddy who helped me on my split jerk and set a new PR of 260 on that before I did all this so I felt really fast and explosive today.

Yelvi said...


Chris Stroud said...

A. 229.4 lb
B. 4:15
C. 20 reps

CF One World/23yrs/160lb/5'7

Brent Maier said...

Hey Joey, thanks for the video! Had a smile on my face the whole time I watched the burpees. The wheels kept looking like they were going to fall off from 15+ but never did. Great job!

On my way to the gym now!

Dan said...

225# (PR is 245)
2:32 all unbroken CTB

Chad Hall said...

A. Power Clean at 225 felt good, PR is 230 felt like I could've hit 240 today.

B. 4:42 Rested a little too long starting at number 6, could've maybe shaved 30 seconds off the time but didn't want to repeat a set.

C. 25 reps with 25lb kettlebells. With Dumbbells maybe could have got a few more.

Adam Rogers said...

Adam - 165,185,195,205,215
5:30 unbroken
28 with 30 lbs

John - 165,185,195,205,215
6:33 (9 and 10 broken)
29 with 30lbs

Becky - 45,75,95,105,115
11:00 (1-6 no band)

James - 135,155,175,185
5:57 (1-4 CTB, 9 and 10 broken)
23@ 30lbs

A. Maloney said...

Power Cleans - 195, was pretty heavy

CTB chinup ladder - 4:22

Burpees - 30

Kevin O'Malley said...

Pretty Good Day, but felt weak on Power Cleans like usual...

Feet are landing to wide, going to send some more videos to Coach B...

Heavy Single-200 lbs/ PR is 225

CTB-3:58- Unbroken- Did Strict Pull-Ups for first 4 Sets, the finished with Kipping for last 6

DB Burpees- 32

Not going to rest tomm. Going to work some snatch...
Have a Great New Year's Big Dawgs

Surrey Sterling said...

PC - 215 felt heavy today
CTB's - 4:13 Set 10@9-1.
Pleased with this as my pr is 6 min something so really happy with this time.
Burp's-22@30# db's

Joey truly amazing performance! Very inspiring stuff. Happy new year!

Chris Dunkin said...

155, 185, 210, 225, 235
31 reps

JAM said...

27 with 35's

Dave X, thanks for the tip I'll try them both

Paul Klein said...


185, 195, 205, 215
28 reps

215 felt real good today.

C2B really took my hips out from underneath me for the burpees. That was a great combo coach!

Paul Klein said...

Happy New Year Everyone.

I hope 2010 brings you continued good health and fitness. I am looking forward to the great things that await for all of us!

2010 will be the year of OPT

ken c said...

235 (pr is 245)

warm up power clean 95x5 135x3 then started the clock. 165x2 195x2 215 225 235 in 6:45. should have pushed a little harder on 8 an 9 on the pull ups. liked the weighted burpees. tried to jump higher than usual.

Gibson said...

A. 135
B. 5:52
C. 23

Power cleans: 85/105/115/125/125/135, smooth
Pull-ups: All C2B, unbroken sets
Burpees: strict push-ups off of ground, not sure if I should roll up out of them. Arm fatigue, not breathing, was limiting factor.

Jason Gusic said...

POWER CLN: w/u with 135,155-185-200 - Chose to stop, only back at it for a week, after 7 weeks off with a bad shoulder. (PR 225#- Split)

- Used neautral grip, supinated R hand Pronated L hand to facilitate shoulder. All chest to bar, failed on 9 and 10, but completed all reps


There was a question someone had about post wod nutriton, reference P and C. I use the 40g P and 10g C. that OPT reccomends. I have a small list of foods that fit the ratio "perfectly". i'll post it asap in hopes that it might make ur post wod fuel decisions a bit easier.

David Englund said...


Jason Gusic said...

JAM-- in reference to ur jump rope question: I just bought 10 PowerMax Jumpr ropes from rogue fitness for my gym... they have been met with mixed feelings, as they are pretty heavy, but they are good in quality.

I personally use a $3.00 cheap-o from Target. they last about 3 months, but spin fast, they are a tad short though. im 6'2. You can pick them up at the target website if one isnt close. my members like these alot. we've gone through about 30 of them in 9 months, but its worth it.

the ultra speed cables are bad ass, but hurt a whole lot when you wack urself with em... i suck at D.Us

hope that helps.

Wes hendricks said...


That CTB ladder time is insane, so sick!

Tyler Smith said...

PC 225
CTB - 4:20
Burpees - 33

** been off 10 days with sinus infection then bronchitis... this is first full day back... still fighting off congestion.

Brent Maier said...


PC: 100/110/115/120kg (264#)
CTB: 4:08
Burpees: 35

Notes: C2B's kicked my a$$. Rounds 8-10 broken at the last 3 pullups of each set. How can I pull off 47 unbroken pullups but not do a freaking chest to bar ladder unbroken within a reasonable amount of time? I tried! Burpees, I was gunning for Joey and gave it all I had.

I need to see if I can get back down to the mid day weight of 192-194 without losing strength. 200# may be part of the problem on the pullups.

Steve Howell said...


A: 215#
B: 4:30
C: 25 (didn't read the DB's at side I was pressing them over head)

Joey awesome work bro! killin it out there

Steve Smith said...


A. 280#

B. 2:45 - Spent too much time off the bar from the 7th set on. I was pleased with this time until I saw Wes, Joey, and Coach's time.

C. 35 - Intensity dropped off too much; purely mental.

Good to see you doing the workout and posting, coach!!!

Marie Rochat said...


A. 65x5, 95x3, 115x1, 125x1, 135x1, 145x1

B. 5:07

* Failed grip on the 9th rep of my 10th set. Tried again and failed on the 8th rep. Finally got my set of 10 on my 3rd try unbroken.

C. 29 Burpees

Emilie P-B said...

A. Power cleans: 115 lbs

B. CTB pullups: 9:00 I took time to rest between each round after 6th set to do them all unbroken. Failed to go CTB on last 2 pullups of last set.

C. 31 reps

Laura said...

A: 126.5
B: 5:29--maybe took more rest than I needed for 7 and 8 rounds. Chest to bar felt awkward--too much lowering
C: 29

Heavy Evy said...

Man there are a ton of beasts on this blog! Today showed me I have a ton to learn!
A. Have no experiance with any oly lifting so I just fooled around with the technique of PC I think I did 126# have to double check the plates tommorow as they are in kilos, regardless going to book some coaching at the local box.

B. Felt great and were unbroken until I got my first ripped callous in the 7th set. Finished it out but it took a while. 7:40.


Now off to clean the jelly thats leaking out of my hand!

atom said...

Happy New Year big DAWGS!

Here's to a new exciting era of programming.

Aaron said...



C.26 w/ 30# DB

Danny B said...

when doing burpees is it okay to let your body fall to the floor, including your hips, and touching your chest, then pushing up to standing? Or should I be performing like a pushup with hips off of the floor and only chest touching?

imosher said...

A. 60,80,85,87.5,90,92.5kg

B. 3:17 broke the last 10, didn't ret enough

C. 29

cleans felt good, going faster felt nice, not idling too long as I sometimes do.

overestimated my capacity to complete the last 10, had to break.

the second minute of burpees got much harder

unit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
unit said...

29 / M / 72" / 193

A - 247
B - 2:41
C - 34

A: all i have is 223... which felt ez as it ever has coming off the ground, working with speed in the midphase into the rack position... however today i decided to have the 'bright' idea of using my 2 40lb KBs as weight... was able to get 247... tried 265 a few times, all failures... but have vids...
223 -
247 -
265 -
these are just a couple examples of my 4 failures...

B: this was done on a hickory stick placed b/w rings... def wreaked havoc on the grip and went to a mixed grip on the last 3 sets... after looking at the video, you can't see my feet, but indeed on the last set i m just hanging there between reps w/ my feet off the ground...

C: used 2 40lb DBs, as that's all i had... felt myself go down to the limits of my shoulder flexibility, i think i need to work on this... the additional depth of having a KB was def nice as far as a 'stretch' goes...

joey... impressive work 2day brother... intense!...


Geoff Aucoin said...

Happy New Years, Dawgs. 2010 is going to be a huge year.

Thanks to Corson for having some of the OPT crew up for New Years Eve dinner!

Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey Joey,
Sick Video and Some Sick Scores... True Inspiration to Work Harder!!

Anonymous said...

A. 135,165,185,195,205
B. 2:46
C. 32

unit said...

happy new years 2010 big dawgs!...


Jason Buzzard said...

A: 195# (PR 205#)
B: 5:39

Power clean felt good but my thumb still hurts so it made it hard to hook grip. C2B looks to be my new achilles heel. DB burpess, well, a lot different for me to say the least.

Anthony said...

Happy New Year James, Leighanne, Hannah, Chloe and all Big Dawgs!!!!

A: 195# Fast and easy. This was a PR load for me last month.

B: 3:08 all unbroken, middle rounds were sternum to bar, nearly bar muscle ups

C: 26 reps

Lisa M said...

Happy New Year to all the Big Dawgs

let's make 2010 the year of the Dawg at the games and show the world how amazing James programming is and how incredible this community is!!!! Let's Rock It

Agnew said...

A, 205
B. 4:10 Last 2 sets broken
C. 17 gassed

Anonymous said...

A. 215
B. 7:30 (rings, hands to shoulders)
C. 26 (20 lb db is all I had)

OPT, Steve S. Great job on the PC.

PC: 185, 195, 205, 215. 205 felt solid, 215 was shaky.

JAM said...


Great videos. Quick question: i'm looking for a tall power rack like the one in the gym you were doing your supinated chin-ups on. Do you know what brand it is?

Dave X said...

A. 205# (225# PR)
B. 4:15
C. 30

Happy New Years, y'all!

Jeffrey said...

Damn. You guys don't mess around!

2nd day of OPT programming:

A: 135,155,165,185 (5) - Hurt myself on cleans a few months ago and I'm still a bit gun shy...
B: 6:12 - That was hard. I was so worried about coming off the bar that I over-rested.
C: 25 - Wimpy

Looking forward to the next one... some awesom performances on the board!

Roch said...


Big thanks to OPT for the progammation.

YoungManRumble said...

A. 225
B. 1 - 8 strict chins ladder 6 mins. I have to take it easy on my shoulder with the kipping for a bit.
C. 25 reps

Ross Blake said...

a. 165 pr is 185
b. 5:45 did the 7reps twice
c. 35reps with 20# medball, no dumbells..

Pepe said...



Katie said...

A. 105
B. 4:39
C. 16

Brittany said...

A: 145 lbs
B: 4:48 -regular Chins...first time doing a ladder unbroken :) Working on CTB multiples...
C: 34

weezie said...

No pullup bar or barbell so had to make some modifications.

A - 85 lb dbs

B - subbed (2x) 60 lb db rows - 5:01

C - 21

Blaine said...

A: 175 lbs
B: 3:54
C: 34 reps

Brandon said...

A. 225#
B. 9:48
C. 21


Shane and Karen said...


PC = 135-135-225-235-245-255PR
CTB chin up ladder = 4:26, all sets unbroken, I think I took too much rest toward the end.
DB burpees = 24 reps

I know I was not supposed to PR on the power clean, but honestly, it never felt like a max. I stopped at 255 because I ran out of time and it felt like around a 90% effort lift.

cam birtwell said...

a few days behind...

210 power clean (155,175,190,205,210, 225 is pr)
4:10 ctb ladder
31 burpees

4x6 back squats after (up to 245)