Dec 15th, 2009

Check later today for more information regarding the new OPT CCP coaching program

Day 19 Training:

A. Power Clean - build to a 1RM
B. Bench Press - build to a 1RM

post ratio of power clean to bench press 1RM's to comments
(i.e. 255/255 = 1.0)


Michael FitzGerald said...

Even though I won't be doing it, I will participate.
241/225 = 1.07

Ross Blake said...

So what's an ideal ratio for a CrossFitter? If there is such a thing??

Love to hear thoughts on this

Dave X said...

PC: 225 (PR)/BP: 225 (TPR)= 1.0

Noah Milstein said...

(PC)97.5kg:(BP)97.5kg = 1:1 ratio

I probably could have gone up to 100kg on the power clean but I wasn't feeling it today. I'm thinking about making this a double day but we shall see.

Martin Altemark said...

Back from a horrible cold...

PC: 92.5kg (PR). VERY close miss on 95kg.
BP: 90 (miss on 95 which was surprising even for me)

Didn't feel recovered from sickness during this, and I think should be able to lift more.

Andrew Romeo said...


power clean: 225# (felt light so attempted 245 w/no luck and could hit anything after.)

Bench: 250#


Chad Hall said...

Just joining today, I hope that's ok.


PC 230(PR) / BP 245(PR)

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

This is totally embarrassing to post after watching dutch's video yesterday but i really need some help. If anyone can give me some pointers on my snacth that would be great. I have been doing lots of skill work and at lighter weights my technique feels pretty good but as soon as the weight gets heavy - i suck. Help!! Thanks

Thorsten said...

i am reading this for a while now and am thinking about jumping in. but i did not yet get the idea behind this programming. it is obvious that it is different than the main site but what typ of athletes are intended to join in?
i always liked to do weightlifting or gymnastics in addition to the main site WOD but in the end i became always inconsistent and ended up doing the main site only because of lack of time - till my next WL or gymnastic venture


Erik Luber said...


A. 70.5 kg = 155# (PR by 1#....I'll take it)
B. 87.5 kg = 192.5# (PR by 15.4#)
ratio = 155/192.5 = .81

Took the longest warm-up ever today, and it payed off. Got some tips on my bench press from one of the UAPA powerlifters today, apparently I have a habit of rolling my shoulders forward. Correcting this seemed to help lift a lot. Unfortunately this gives a nice a low ratio...

Thorsten said...

hey lisa

i think it would be easier to see a full snatch at a weight which is challenging for you. but here is what i got:

1. you jump to early, which causes the barbell to be away from your body and thus to be thrown forward. this in turn can result in an arc and then you would miss backwards or if there is no arc you miss forward. the most important thing to bear in mind is that you need to move your body around the barbell and not the barbell around your body.
you should do a snatch at a weight which is not that challanging slowly till the 2nd pull to get positioning right.
2. i think you bend your arms to early. not 100% sure with that but 98% sure ;). have not seen it often yet.
3. you need to flatten your (upper) back and keep it flat - chest up! this will ensure that you can apply all your power
4. you should not chance the angle of your back during the first pull. try to lift with a more upright back and start with your hips lower - just play around with it till you get comfortable.

drills: do high hang squat snatches. and then go from there downwards (high hang -> mid thigh -> below knee -> from the floor) when you start from below high hang (i.e. mid thigh->...->from the floor) then slowly get the barbell up that you can feel your positions.

all the best

(hope comments are right)

Geoff Aucoin said...


Back a little rounded at set-up, hips shoot up too fast, arms started bending as the bar reached your knees, good speed, decent song selection. What was the weight (is that heavy)?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Or what Thor said. I like the new guy!

Linker said...

Trying to fight off the flu before it gets a head of steam, so I'm taking some time off.

Using PR's:

PC: 265 / BP: 255

Ratio= 1.04

Gord said...

Day started poorly when I lost a game of tag with a deer on the way to OPT.

Power clean- 218(PBby 20#) failed 2x at 228. I will get it next time.

Bench -270 (crossfit PB by 15#)

Ratio 218/270=0.807

Thorsten said...

hi lisa
here is an other one for you: you should try to lift your shirt with the barbell a litte during snatching (with light weight). try this only if you shirt is loose enough ;) but i think you know what i mean. then you can judge your technique a litte better at a light weight - at least if you get the barbell close enought to your body, i.e. jump not to early

Michael said...

A. 255-(PR) caught this right above parallel so I guess it's still considered power clean, if not pulled 235 with ease to power position.
B. 325

ratio .78

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Thorsten and Geoff

thank you guys sooo much I really appreciate the input. I will work on all of that. i am terribly hyperkyphotic in my t-spine that is why i am so rounded through there. I have been trying to work on that with lots of foam rolling and stretching and believe it or not it has come a long way. (And my golf game has improved too which is a huge bonus!!)

So the second pull shouldnt start until when? Like pubic height? The other thing i was wondering is should the catch be more behind me? I know i have to keep it closer to me i try and at low weights i can but a little heavier i have serious brain farts. And Geoff are you saying that my hips are too high to start or i am elevating them too soon. (This weight was 5#s below my PR) oh yeah i am an 80s music freak.

Thorsten it sounds like you would fit right in to the big dawgs workouts. James' programming is second to none and has the perfect combination for you based on what you stated... so come along for the ride!!

A. Maloney said...

I think Im going to use another rest day. Got only a few hours of sleep - was studying for an exam this morning. Will be a double tomorrow!!

Chris Dunkin said...


250/315= .79

PC 10lbs off pr., BP 10lb pr. Could not shake the 3 count eccentric tempo on the BP. I think It's built in at this point.

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM

PC 225# (fx3@230#). Not sure where my squat went? Need to get back my squat depth even for PCs. Compensating for lack of squat depth with wider foot catch

BP 228#. Ran out of time. Had another 5 or 10# in me

Ratio 225/228 = 0.99

Gord the Deer Hunter needs to show me how to go hunting Nova Scotia style as preparation for PB's. You can always get a new car but PBs are hard to come by!

bso said...

Ratio: 225/245 = 0.92

225 power clean was the same weight as my best clean. I attempted 230 three times... bar height was great but it felt too far forward on the first two and then just about knocked me on my ass on the last one.

245 bench is a 10# personal best. Got it up on the third attempt.

So, Gord, was it a hit and run or do you at least get some deer steaks out of the deal?

Omar Arvizu said...

PC 225/BP 250 = 0.9
Never PC more than 185 this felt grrreat!

April said...

I wrote down C&J on my paper so I did a 1RM full C&J. Regardless, it was a PR. Very happy with performance today.

C&J 105 (15lb PR!!)
Bench 105 (10lb PR! Wanted to try 110, but no spotter)


Ali Loach said...

Power Clean: 135, tried 140 which would have been a PB but failed. Frustrated as hell as I KNOW I am stronger than this its just my shitty technique that is holding me back.
Bench: 140 failed at 145


Leaving for Whistler tomorrow so workouts until next Monday may be interesting as I'll have to see what the hotel has for a gym. Regardless, I'll make something work!

dmarsh said...

250/294 = .85

Both are PRs. Did not reach failure on either one but a bit run down so happy with two PRs.

250 is my previous squat clean PR, so interested to see where that is at this point.

Lauren said...

PC- 165#
BP- 160#


Both PBs!!

Evan Z said...

I have been out of commission for that last few days due to a heavy metal detox that is kicking my arse.
Still feel pretty lousy today.


Was rushed today. Needed longer breaks that I had thought.
Both numbers are lower than I had expected.

Stephen Flamm said...

A: 225
B: 260

ratio: .865

A very good day. PC is a 20 lb. PR. BP is 10 lbs. off of my lifetime PR, but I haven't benched heavy in a full year due to assorted AC and trap issues which are now 95% healed. Felt really nice. Oh, and weighed in at 193.

joey warren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason G. said...

cant do bench without excrutiating jolts of pain in my shoulder.

PC 215, none the less very happy, after a month of very little training, and my worst shoulder pain to date...

excuse excuses... :(

rwcorson said...

Power clean-207

Sweeney said...

A. 206
B. 216

206/216 = 0.95

weezie said...

A - 245 (tied old PR, failed at 255)
B - 300 (all time PR)

Power ration = 0.817

I just about had 255 on the PC (which would have been an all time PR). Bar height was approximately chest level. Just needed to drive myself under the bar faster. A little more speed getting my elbows around wouldn't kill me either.

Despite the low power ratio, I'm happy with my efforts, both of which tie or exceed PRs I set at approximately 30 lbs heavier.

Garage Crossfitter said...

bwt 180

Power clean 240 (tied pr)
Bench 255 (pr in college 5 years ago 315)

Same problem as Grant, my squat depth catching a squat clean or power clean is gone right now, i compensate by shooting my feet out very wide, some of this i assume has to do with weaker legs due to knee problems. And i have the same prob as joey, i can power clean more than i can squat clean, my front squat isnt strong, and same with snatch.

Martin Altemark said...

...and what about that OPT CCP! Why must there be half a freaking globe between Sweden and Calgary...

Geoff Aucoin said...

Evan Z, does that mean you can't listen to Metallica or Anthrax anymore?

Chris Fodera said...


A: 230
B: 265
PR: .87

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 10gC (mashed sweet potatoes w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: turkey, orange, mac nuts

A. 230 came up pretty smooth, but I noticed that at both 220 and 230, my feet weren't leaving the ground at all. 240 had the height on it, but I've been real hesitant to fall/push under any significant weight with my right knee. Tried 240 twice and failed both times. Should have gone from 230 to 235.
B. 265 went up with a struggle, but was a steady upward movement. Did 255 prior to that and the same thing, but at 265 it was much much slower. Decided to call it at that.

I can feel that I have the strength and explosiveness to get more weight up in my cleans; technique is the issue. Got myself into an Oly Lifting Cert with Coach B in Feb, so I am looking forward to that cleaning me up.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Lisa M,

2nd pull begins at pubic bone/pockets area; your hips are not too bad to start but they shoot up too fast when you start moving.

Any further instruction requires a plane trip from your place up to OPT!

I'm 2 days behind so I'm posting on the proper day.

weezie said...

I'm just sitting here refreshing the OPT CCP page. Words cannot describe the awesomeness! Impatiently waiting for more details.

Wes Hendricks said...

bwt = 145

Power clean = 212(7lb PR)
Bench press = 225(probably about a 20lb PR)

212/225 = .94

joey warren said...


A. 255 (10lb PR)
B. 295


notes- squat cleaned 245lb, tried to squat clean 255lb but failed- squat is limiting factor, cant stand up out of hole. So I power cleaned 255lb and failed once and caught the second attempt high.
I need to get my front squat stronger and I will be able to clean more weight.

Post WOD fuel- 6oz chicken breast, 20g yams
1 hour later- chicken salad w cashews and 1/2 apple

David said...


PC 210
Bench 263

Ratio of .8

Very disappointed in PC, technique felt way off and I'm sure looked quite ugly.

Dave X said...


Are there any options for the few of us in the US interested in the OPT CCP without racking up the frequent flyer miles?


Steve Howell said...


A.230 (pr)
B.282 (pr)


* I'm very pleased with these numbers today. Power Clean felt so much better then it has in the past.

unit said...
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Jon M said...

A. Bench Press 245
B. Power Clean Made 255, Missed 260. Easily pull it high enough, just can't stay above parallel. Squat clean is around 290.

Ratio= 1.04

unit said...

29 / M / 72" / 192

A- 265
B- 345

ratio- 0.77

both pr's since college... both felt relatively quick and not 2 diff... 2 b honest I felt so refreshed after finally getting 6 solid hrs of sleep last night...


Lindsey said...

A - 105
B - 110


PC was a new PR but bittersweet bc I was pulling 110 plenty high and not getting under it, common problem for me... Need to fix it...

Slater Coe said...

A. 233lbs
B. 258lbs

A/B = .903

bmizzlle said...

PC 200 (miss PR by 5#)

BP 210 PR

Ratio 1.05

first post and first OPT WOD!

training for BUD/S 2010

Paul Klein said...

A. Power Clean = 220
B. Bench Press = 275

A/B = .8

Power clean was a PR by about 15lbs, I failed 225 twice, I think I could have hit it had it been squat cleans.

Bench was 10lbs heavier than August 10th 1 rep benching @ 20x0

Does .8 mean I need a lot of work?

Surrey Sterling 39/5'10"/176 said...

PC-235# PR previous was 225#
BP-235# PR previous was 225#

Dutch inspired.

Ratio 235/235=1.0


Bowser said...

PC-205# PR Previous was 200
BP-180# PR Previous was 170

Supper stoked on this, Surrey and I had a blast throwing the weights around!

Ratio 205/180 = 1.13

Still away from some of the big Dawgs, but i'm getting stronger and supper happy with that!

dontpanic356 said...


PC: 285 (tied PR, with metal plates this time around)

BP: 310 5 pounds off pr

285/310 = .92

I was a day behind but used today to catch up. The Clean and Jerk I did yesterday hurt my PC efforts.

NorCal Chris said...

A. Power Clean = 185
B. Bench Press = 225

A/B = .82

I really have no benchmarks for the Power Clean so PR there. Last time I benched was 20 years ago and 225 was a max then so good stuff.

Really need work on the form of the power clean.

PTS said...

still can't do power cleans due to finger. did do bench and some hspu work. pc max is from a couple months ago.

pc max = 225
bench= 260

ratio = .87

EHR said...

Eric R

pc 230# previous best 205#
bench 285# previous best 250#

230/285= 0.807

Bowser said...


Have fun in Whistler. While you're there check out CrossFit Whistler, or if you're going through Vancouver there are lots of CF options for ya!

Anthony said...

PC = 200# PR (split clean)
BP = 220#

200/220 = 0.909

Failed at 195# with the pc, then backed off and worked the split clean up to 200#.

atom said...


A. 245lb
B. 245lb

245/245 = 1!


a. Previous PR - 265# Stopped at 245 due to hamstring twinging, thought I might re-pull it.

b. PR by 15#

imosher said...

not my best day, felt tired.

90/87.5kg = 1.02

pr for clean 102.5kg. Have not done a max bench before.

Kathleen said...

PC = 113
45's 60 70 75 80 85 88 93 98 103 108 113(f) 113(f) 113 118x5*
*This is a doable number form is stinky

BP = 115 PB - this was a good lift with good technique
45'2 65's 75's 80's 85's 90's 95's
100 105 110 115 117.5(f) 117.5(f)
Ratio = 0.98 [pc/bp]

Chris Stroud said...

225/225 = 1.0


Lisa M 41/128/f said...

I am not used to 1RMs so what is the usual wait time between attempts - i seem to get bored waiting and anxious but not sure if because of that i jump back in too soon?? Did PC 140# 145#f twice i suck but PR by 15# so i guess i should be happy with that. Bench later tonight unfortunately time constraints.

Joel B. said...


A. 195
pr by 5. tried 205 but no go and I didn't go down to try 200. should have tried 200 first--may have got it as 195 went pretty well. This was like 175 or something in July when I started following the training here.
B. 205
not sure what a recent 1rm would have been. should have started a little higher and that combined with a spot maybe could have got another 5-10.

Paul Klein said...

Great video on the main page about Coach in the 2009 games. It is very
moving and inspiring.

That Marty Cej has the coolest voice.

Michael McCabe said...

power clean - 225PR
bench - 235

power ratio .96

narrowly missed 245 on bench which would've been a lifetime PR; 235 is the best i've done since i weighed 205 (am now ~180).

i know technique is major limiting factor on PC... waiting for that video camera to come in!

Brent Maier said...


PC: 265# - Caught this almost no knee bend. Max full squat clean to date is 130kg (286#)

Bench: 265# - My attempt for 275 was a disaster.

Met Kyle F today for this workout. He is going to be in the springs here for the next 3 months so we'll be hitting 1 or 2 of the WODs together each week. Great guy and my size too. Looking forward to smashing some wods with him.

Mike Molloy said...

Male, 28, 5'11' 165#

Power Clean: 205#
Bench Press: 215#


Evan Johnston said...

pc 215, big pr then severly sprained/possibly broke wrist on 225 attempt...awaiting xrays...seriously bummed out

Ryan @ CFGP said...

225 / 255 = 88%

Agnew said...

Clean - 225lb (PR)
Bench - 240lb

Ratio - 0.94

It was fun to play with my limits and really challenge my old PR's

Scotty Hagnas said...

Sorry to hear that, Evan. Hope it isn't too bad Get well quick!

Are you coming to Portland for Christmas?

dontpanic356 said...

Whoa Evan, sorry to hear about the injury. Keep us up to date. Hope it heals quickly

Jefff said...

PC - 195# (Ties PR) - Jumping too soon as load gets heavier. Weight too far in front.
Bench Press- 210# (PR)


Geoff Aucoin said...

Jesus H, Johnson, you and those china doll wrists! Get titanium rods put in both of 'em!

Good video on the CF mainsite for Wednesday's WOD. It's called 'Marty Cej's Take on The 2009 CrossFit Games' and our fearless leader makes a strong appearance in it...

Craig said...


Pr'd on both. felt pretty good.

KSC said...

A 205
B 265


will said...

pc 235- pr
bench- 275 matched old best

Evan Johnston said...

thanks dawgs you guys are awesome. Couldnt have been a more perfect time for me to see that video. Big dawgs are never subdued always fighting always persevering and thats why it's such an honor to be led by OPT.

Geoff, at least this time it was a 225 powerclean and not a 95 pound thruster, lol.

Scotty, thank you and good to hear from ya dont know if I'm going to make it down but I will keep you updated. Hope all is well

JAM said...

225/255= .88

Ali Loach said...

We fly into Vancouver but are only staying long enough to pick up the rental car and then it's straight to Whistler. Definitely gonna check out CrossFit Whistler one of the days while Keith is training.
Thanks for info!!

Shitty Deal Evan. Get well fast!!!!

david83 said...

I was kinda confused because some people on here are saying squat clean but I thought it was a power clean???? So I caught the bar upright.

Power clean- 210
Bench 265
210/265 =.79

I maybe need to work on more pulling exercises. My squat clean is at around 235. So that would have made my numbers a little better.

thanks again


Mack Lar said...

Power Clean: 240 15lb PR!
Bench Press: 235 5lb PR
Ratio 1.02
Big PR on PC. I do the same as Garage and feet go wide when the weight gets heavy. Im getting great height on the bar, now I just need to get comfortable receiving it properly.

YoungManRumble said...

5'10 - 175 - 29yrs

A - 235 (PR by 10 lbs) used metal plates real old school

B - 275 (My PR is 300) I had no spotter, trained at my boxing gym alone, did not feel like getting crushed under the bar trying to hit a PR.

Ratio .85

Justin Flynn said...

Power Clean: 255 (pr 5#)
Bench: 275 (pr 10#)

Stoked on these.

Anonymous said...

Power clean 210lb PR
Bench press 245lb PR
Ratio= .86

Think I may have been able to get a bit more on both but was a little rushed, took short rests.
Still happy PR on both 20lb on PC 10lb on BP

Ross Blake said...


both pb's

Dan said...

Power Clean: 245# (TPR)
Bench: 325# (PR)
Ratio: 245/325 = .75


Anonymous said...

Full Clean: 245. Misread the plan
Bench Press: Sub weighted ring dip. 2 pd

First Heavy clean since spring 09. Felt strong on both lifts.

Posted a few days ago as Rossco. I am having problems working the blog sign in. I am pretty sure it is operator error.

B said...

Power clean 235# (PR)
Bench 255# (PR)
Ratio: .92

Kyle F said...

PC: 240
BP: 265

Ratio: 0.90

Bear said...

PC: 97.5 kg (pr) BP: 100 kg (pr) Ratio: 0.975

Latham Fell M/29/180 said...

200 lbs / 215 lbs. Both PRs.


500m row, 1:38, PR.

10000m row, 44:45, PR.

Brandon said...

Did this last night, forgot to post:

PC: 225
BP: 365 (I am a former powerlifter, hence the high BP relative to Oly)

Ratio: 0.62

Saverio said...

Ive been working my form with the power clean but was only able to get to a 145 power clean. My overall lifting still needs alot of work. Got 225 on the bench wich is a new record for ghappy about the bench but not about the clean. Practice practice and more practice.

Covino24 said...

A. 195 PR
B. 225 PR by 40#s
Ratio = 0.87

Haven't benched in 2 years.. last max was 185 in 12th grade.. Its funny how conventional weight lifting says you have to bench all the time to get stronger on the bench...just not the case!

Failed twice at 225.. Gotta thank Sev for that visual to get that weight up!

Tyler Smith said...

A. 250
B. 275

Ration: .91

Pr on the clean... Felt solid... Pretty sure I could do more if I ever worked with an experienced lifter/coach.

Steve Smith said...


A. 275
B. 335

Ratio: 0.82

PR on Power Cleans. Not sure about bench. It's been years since I've maxed on Bench.

Feel strong enough to go up another 10-20 pounds on the Power Cleans, but technique can't support it right now. This one took me about 5 attempts!