Sat. Dec 19, 2009

Day 22 Training:

part 1:
For reps:
1 min AMRAP Box Jumps - 24"/20"
1 min AMRAP wall balls - 20#/14# to 10 ft
1 min AMRAP Toes to Bar
1 min AMRAP Push Press - 75#/55#
1 min AMRAP Burpees

rest as needed

part 2:
For time:
Row 5K

post total reps for part 1 and total time as well as power ratio (total avg watts over 5K divided by BWT in lbs) for part 2 to comments
(i.e. 345 reps, 19:01 (1.45 power ratio)


Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey Guys and Gals,
New to OPT over the last 2 weeks, been posting every now and then.. But have to get on the wagon and start posting everyday.. I am always one day behind because I am doing CrossFit Endurance along with this programming to prepare myself for my ultrathon season coming up..
Day 21 Training
All HSC Unbroken as RX
HSPU's broken after 4th round..
5th round- 4-2-1
6th round-3-2-2
7th round-3-3-1
All HSPU'S Full Range of Motion head to ground...
Rest Day tomm after cfe, opt, and some snatch work today,much needed

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Is wod 1 with a continuosly running clock or do we make sure we do a full minute of each

Geoff Aucoin said...

I was wondering when those rocks would appear on this blog.

Stoopid rocks.

Wes hendricks said...

BJ - 48
WB - 23
T2B - 40
B - 25
PP - 25

Total = 161

I was stumbling with the wall balls big time, my hands were frozen. I couldn't breath outside today, very cold. Not to happy with my performance today, had trouble focusing

Andrew Romeo said...

A: 93 reps
B: 20:03 (1.16 power ratio)

Not too happy w/ either of these, lacking mental intensity

Kevin O'Malley said...

Supposed to be my rest day today, but in mass we have a big storm coming thats going to drop about 12-16 inches of snow tomm... I was feeling the few wod's from yesterday in my quads front hang squat cleans... left quad def tender, but did not want to take 2 days of rest... Still in the mindset of an endurance athlete after 2 years of functional training...
Box Jumps-33
Wall Balls-30
Toes to bar(Strict no swinging)-20
Push Press-30

Doing Row later on in the day...

rwcorson said...


Garage Crossfitter said...

box 30
wb 26
ttb 27
pp 30
burpees 15 (died)
total= 128

rest 30 min

5k row 19:05, old pr was 19:36

I didnt have a good day but i gave 100% of what i had...
cardio was not an issue on row, my arms and hams were useless. Transition from box jumps to WB was very hard for me and burpees were a disaster.
-bow hunting hard the next two days and season is over....

Wes hendricks said...

Andrew Romeo,

The other day you said your hoping there won't be HSPU or DU's at the sectionals. Don't be stupid buddy, you got just around 90 days before your sectional. I hope your doing DU's every day in your warm-ups and do some HSPU post-wod or through them into your warm-up as well. Just don't make a workout out of it.

Gord said...

BJ -32

TOTAL -127

Jefff said...

BJ - 53 (20" box by mistake)
WB - 25
T2B - 20
PP - 25
Burp - 20

Toatl - 143

Garage Crossfitter said...

power ratio 1.317

Geoff Aucoin said...


At the hall so had to make the following mods: 20" bench, 25lb DB thrusters (paused at top like a wall ball), and kipping K2E (7' pull-up bar so even those are hard to do without hitting the floor).

Waited 10 minutes and did a 15 minute run. Pace wasn't to quick but I figured I'd do something as I won't be able to do the 5K row today. Looking forward to seeing some scores there as I've not done that distance in ages.

KurtGP said...


105 reps

rwcorson said...

Part 2 - 19:04.7 233 average watt done 45 mins. after part 1. MENTAL TEST, I have 18:45 in me.

Erik Luber said...

part 1:

At the parents for the holidays, had to make due with what I had.

For reps:
1 min AMRAP Jumping Switch Lunges
1 min AMRAP db thrusters - 12#/hand
1 min AMRAP Knees to Elbows
1 min AMRAP Ring Dips
1 min AMRAP Burpees
41+27+33+17+14 = 132

Legs were fried after the switch lunges, but kept moving on the thrusters. Weird set up in the basement, T2B not really possible. Found a good tempo on the K2Es. Had nothing on the Ring dips, hard to get going. Could hardly do a push up after the ring dips, burpees were just slow. Good workout.

No rower here, so think I am just going to go for a max effort 20 min run around the icy streets of Cochrane.

KurtGP said...

Thanks for the imput. My Tri levels used to be really high. So I am really happy with the new numbers. I haven't had those other tests done. I think I'll try to get better fish oil and try to stay with leaner meats.

Jason Anderson said...

BJ 24"- 47
Wall-Balls (Set about 6" above 10ft find it better in Competitions)- 31
TTB- 33
PP- 31 (Smoked me)
B - 29 (See above)

Total: 171
Took 3 min Rest in B/T Each.
Prob not going to do part 2.

Martin Altemark said...

Part 1 (cont running clock):
BJ: 36
WB: 27
TTB: 20 (kip, but never really got it working today)
PP: 20
B: 20
Total: 123

rwcorson said...

Power ratio - 1.31

EHR said...

Eric R

part 1
bj 36
wb 29
t2b 20
pp 29
b 18
total 132

part 2 (about 15 min after part 1)
19:16 1st time doing this. Now I have a time to beat next time. Forgot to check my avg watts.

dontpanic356 said...

Late night last night. Baby Didnt want to sleep, had no gas in my tank this morning. Not to mention I ate like crap yesterday after the workout.

BJ: 36
WB: 28
T2B: 16 (couldnt get rhythm down after set of 10
PP: 31
Bur: 16

total: 127

Row: 21:40 , 1.38 power ratio (I think, I forgot to write it down but this is the number that was last in my head)

Crap workout today. Lacked intensity for the first part, Should have gotten a lot more reps.

First time rowing over 2000 meters. Did not know how to pace or what I should shoot for. Last 1000 meters was hard and fast, should have got after it early on instead of trying to feel for a pace.

Chad Hall said...


BJ = 45
WB = 23
T2B = 17
PP = 40
Burpees = 13
Total = 152

Don't know how you guys get more than 20 on the toes to bar, I was going as fast as I could. Happy with everything but burpees, just toast.

Row 5K 18:33 (PR) didn't get the watts, shoot!

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Did everyone do the first wod with continuous clock??

Sugar Shane said...


BJ - 55 (Had to use a 20" box because we don't have 24s)
WB - 22
TTB - 19
PP - 27
B - 16
Total - 139

Rested about 10 minutes


Avg Watts 221 - Ratio 1.13

Tried to pace my 500s under 2:00 then picked it up at 300m remaining. Probably could have given it more.

bso said...

123 reps, 19:21 (1.22 power ratio)

30 minute rest between wods

Toes to bar the big weak spot on part 1. Probably only scored about 10 there.

bso said...

Lisa, I believe it should be a continuous clock.

rwcorson said...

Dawgs, read the prescription. There is no rest indicated, therefore no rest. Each exercise is AMRAP for 1 min. It is the same as Fight Gone Bad.

Andrew Romeo said...


Thanks for the advice man, I appreciate it. I've been working on DU's for a while now and have come a long way, still have a long way to go. As for HSPU I will most definitely start practicing these more, I was for a while but have dropped the ball on that lately. Thanks again man.

Martin Altemark said...
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Martin Altemark said...

2 hours between part 1&2 because of the need for christmas shopping.

5km row: 19:11 (power ratio 1.36)

Kept ave watts pretty consistent (highest for 500m was 230, lowest was 228).

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Thanks Rob that is what i thought. i just have a long distance between stations so would end up wasting probably 10-15 or more seconds getting to next spot. I ended up stopping clock as I ran to next station so here are my scores with my run between:
43/23/20/26/16 total = 128 arms were toast on the pp so burpees sucked!!

row 21:47 power ratio 1.26 never done a 5K before so i think i could have paced better. Not sure what a good strategy is for this but i can say it was damn hard.

bmizzlle said...

rx'd everything

Total-129 reps

10 min. rest

5k row at damper 7
225.1 total watt avg.
BW 180
1.25 Power Ratio

third time rowing. is this a good ratio?

PTS said...

BJ- 32
WB- 26
T2B - 17
PP - 25
PUB- 15

total 115

5k row = 18:45
avg watts= 245 bwt= 186. ratio = 1.32

BJ were hips to full extension. Is this the standard we use here? B/c I don't see how any more than 40 BJ in 1 min is possible with full hip extension at top.

Wes, I'm taking your advice on practicing the HSPU's in warm-up. It's been a weakness of mine every since I started xfit and I need to address it starting today. Started with 15 in the warm-up today.

Nice work by everyone today.

Stephen Flamm said...

BJ: 26
WB: 23
FTB: 15
PP: 27
B: 17

total: 108

Rest 45:00

5K row: 19:40.1
Avg watts: 213
Ratio: 1.10

Very little drive today. Row was off of PR by at least :20, and I seriously thought about quitting after 1.5K. Fortunate to have a good training partner today and all of you to report to.

Partner rowed an 18:51.9 at a bodyweight of 163 for a ratio of 1.48.

NorCal Chris said...

BJ: 29
WB: 25
FTB: 16
PP: 19
B: 14

total: 104

Rest 2.5 hrs

5K row: 18:03.4
Avg watts: 275
bwt: 197
Ratio: 1.40

1. My feet to bar are lame... totally huge kip to get each. Not sure I even fathom strict at this point. PP was broken at 12 but recovering from shoulder injury so not very strong.

2. First 5k. Went out too fast then settled down and then had a good last 750m.

Paul Klein said...


133 reps, 18.44 (1.33 power ratio)

Felt real good today.
Box jumps were full extension at top with only half of foot on top of box.

Paul Klein said...

If anyone has a video of kipping toes to bar will you please post a link. I can't seem to figure it out on my own. It is really slowing my shit down.

Justin Flynn said...

Ok clearly I dont know how to do toes to bar. I am going to start putting these in my warmup. Kip=double the amount.

WB: 25

Total= 129 reps

bmizzlle your row time just puts you in the 75th% of all men on the concept2 online rankings. Not awesome but a good show for your third time. Sub 18:00 raises eyebrows.

Brent Maier said...


BJ: 40
WB: 32
T2B: 21
PPress: 28
Burp: 15

Total: 135

I was a little rough on the right thigh yesterday on the hang cleans. Can't apply pressure to it or do back extensions today. Hope it is a quick heal. Had an interval timer strapped to my side and had to look down during the box jumps. They were going so well I thought I set the wrong time. Push press needs work in the speed department. Nearly took off my nose today. Taking a 30 minute rest and then see how the row feels.

Martin Altemark said...

Paul: I could have straighter legs, but you can kip doing like this:

Michael McCabe said...

i am with paul klein and justin flynn... no clue how to string together those t2b in some efficient, controlled kip. would love a video of it.


10min rest

19:28 (1.22 power ratio)

Joel B. said...
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Joel B. said...

BJ: 33
WB: 26
T2B: 20
PP: 25
Burpees: 18

Total: 122

Transitions sucked. Almost wiped out 3X on BJ...wet shoes and bumper on plywood on top of box for 24".

5k row: 19:04
avg watts: 234 (/157#'s=1.49 Power Ratio)

Old PR on 5k row was last time I attempted in Feb 2008. It was 18:55. I think I could have maybe got that today if I had dug in for the kick 1 min earlier. At least would have liked to try and last and given myself that shot. Keep in mind for next time as i know I am more fit now than when that pr was set.

Steve Howell said...

BJ: 44
WB: 32
T2B: 27
PP: 35
Burpees: 15

total= 153

Lindsey said...


felt a little sluggish today. goal was 100 (30,20,15,20,15) obviously a little short...

5k - no rower and treadmill is broken. figured eliptical was better than nothing so I just went as hard as I could for 30 min which I figure is my approx. running 5k time

Paul Klein said...

Thanks for the video. You make it look pretty easy!

I don't think I have been trying to use my shoulders the way you do. I will try it out tomorrow.

Thanks again

JAM said...

BJ: 33
WB: 25
T2B: 20
PP: 31
BPZ: 12

total: 121

rwcorson said...

All box jumps must have full hip\leg extension, whether they are metcon style or jump up step down.

Steve Howell said...

1.5 hour rest

No rower so did 5k run: 24:47 (pr)
which is not bad for running in the snow.

Geoff Aucoin said...

I'm with PTS, I got 43 reps on a 20" box and I only stopped when I stumbled. Over 40 reps for a 24" box with good form might not actually possible...

Nice work on the kipping T2B video, we needed that!

Stephen Flamm said...

If I remember correctly, the T2Bs in the last year's Games Final WOD required both feet to return behind the body at the bottom of the movement, breaking the vertical line beneath the bar. Hope that makes sense. Definitely makes it a little harder...

dmarsh said...

BJ: 37
WB: 28
TTB: 19
PP: 30
Total: 132

Teaching at the Lvl 1 cert in Beverly this weekend. No time for Part 2 today.

Geoff Aucoin said...

That Castro likes to stir the pot, hey? He's a bold man.

atom said...
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Chris Fodera said...


Part 1:
BJ: 33
WB: 20
T2B: 19
PP: 22
Burpees: 18
Total: 112

Rest: 1 hour

Part 2:
1:56.4 avg/500m
222 avg watts
PR = 222/173 = 1.28

PWO: 30gP (Jarrow shake), 1 scoop Refuel
60 min later: shrimp taco salad (shrimp, onions, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole)

-Box Jumps felt OK; took my time a little to land carefully on my right knee.
-Wall Balls were rough on the knee at first, but then it kind of just went away. Was gassed during these though.
-Toes to bar felt good...should have pushed harder and got more.
-Push Press felt decent; found myself getting off balance and needing to slow down.
-Burpees were painful at the end of this.
-Row: had the damper at 4 and feet at 4. This hurt, but was first time I've done it. I think I can possibly maintain 230 watts with my strokes at about 26-27/min. Quads were starting to sing at the end.

atom said...

Part 1:

Bj - 41
WB - 30
TTB - 25
PP - 25
Burp's - 17
Total: 138

Notes: 20 second rest between Bj's & WB otherwise a running clock was used. PP was at 85# due to no 5# olympic sized plates.

15 min run to globo gym
~20 minutes of stretching

5km Row - 18:13 New PR

268W/180# = 1.489

unit said...

bj- 45
wb- 29
t2b- 34
pp- 47
pub- 17

total- 172

10min rest

1.32 (18:29)

feel sick- sore throat, cough, lymphadenopathy, etc... row felt like I was just going through the motions... felt gd and relieved 2 finish...


Sweeney said...

Part 1:

BJ: 40
WB: 25
T2B: 17
PP: 30
Burpees: 17

Total: 129

To add to the BJ debate;
not to say every rep of mine was perfect form (they seldom are), but I did stop with about 10 sec left on the BJ. Someone with good springs (Joey, Garry, OPT, AFT) would easily do 40+ BJ...guaranteed!

Now, if you jump like a giraffe (not mentioning any names), suffice it to say that 40 reps would be a stretch. (pardon the choice of words)

Ali Loach said...

Vistited CrossFit Whistler yesterday; Grace 3:58
Kind of surprised with this as I PBd in Nov. with 3:47. Nutrition has been a little off while travelling and to have only slowed down 10 seconds I def. think that I can do better that 3:47.
CrossFit Squamish today; Bench 5,5,5 worked up to 125# and Deadlift 1RM worked up to 255 but packed it in early as I was feeling a little tired.

Good times at both places!!!!

I'm hoping to get back to CF WHistler one more time before we leave.

Gord said...

Part 2
5k row stats
time: 20:20 (wanted sub 20)
avg 500 split -202.1
Avg watts -192
power ratio 192/158 - 1.22

Justin Flynn said...

Row 5k: 18:22 (261/210= 1.24 avg)
0-2500m felt really hard. 2500-5000 I really started to get into a groove. Last time I did this in 17:59 about a year ago. But I felt much better this time stamina wise. Was holding a 1:48-1:52 split the whole time. Next time I drop the hammer at 350m and go balls out.

Justin Flynn said...

Hey,any of the other big guys doing these wods feel like they get screwed by this bodyweight conversion thing? When I get my ass handed to me on Handstand push ups I would like to see a bw conversion factor to take into account my 210# frame. Seems like a double standard. Just my 2cents.

joey warren said...

T2B- 36

Unit, I kknew I should have done that extra push press
rest 4 hours

5krow- 18:08
ave W/ 180lb= 1.5

post wod fuel- part 1= 6oz pork, 60gc yams, part 2= 30gP chicken breast, 60gC yams+apple sauce

Steve Howell said...

what did you think of Heather and Jesse's box in Squamish?

If you make it back to Crossfit Whistler tell Jordan he better make up his mind for Sectionals!

Brent Maier said...


Part I:
BJ: 40
WB: 32
T2B: 21
PPress: 28
Burp: 15
Total: 135

20 minute rest

Part II:
5k Row: 18:42

Went into the row not having a clue what my last PR and breaking 19 minutes sounded great. So I checked and I broke my last PR by 3 seconds. Not sure how much that would have changed the game much. I was not looking forward to the row. My box jumps today were flawless compared to my past performances. Up/Down/Up! Sweet!

Brent Maier said...

Damnit, my screenshot of the rower is not showing wattage. Sorry coach!

Chris Dunkin said...

153 reps, 18:44 (1.28 power ratio)

bj:50, wb:30, t2b:20, pp: 35, burpees:18

could have gone a bit harder on the row, but hit my target on this one, and it was a pr. 15min rest between wods. I'll have to film the next box jumps and review the rom. mental lapse on the t2b and dropped off the bar after 11.

Agnew said...

Part 1
BJ 30
WB 25
K2E(modified) 21
PP 16
BP 12

Total - 104

Part 2
5K - 18:49(PR)
Watt's - 242.6
Ratio - 1.14

Justin Flynn I agree with you about having a big frame!! I killed the row and then I did the math and I'm feeling a little ripped off (haha)!

Laura said...

#1: 37/14/16/21/15= 103--conditioning seems poor

#2: 22:43--apparently reverted back to earlier style of rowing--all arms, forearms are fried up!

I thought my cold was finally gone today but it wasn't--dripping nose all throughout the row, nasty!

Laura said...

OOps--watt ave was 138, ratio 1.19

Jason said...


Rest 10 min

Time- 19:23
Ratio- 1.17

First time rowing anything over 2000. I had a sub 19 in me.

JAM said...

5k row: 18:48
Bodyweight: 190
forgot to check the watts for power ratio

Kyle F said...

BJ: 38
WB: 32
T2B: 20
PP: 25
BUR: 15

Total = 130

Row 5K = 20:04
Ave Watt = 199.8
BW = 200
Power Ratio = 1.0

Should have pushed harder on PP and BUR. First time rowing 5k didn't know what to expect but happy with time.

bso said...

Hey Justin,

Sometimes it works out for you:

Greg Soneff said...

Arrived in Edmonton at 1:30am last night after almost 16 hours travel from Denmark. What's the best way to overcome jet lag and lack of sleep?? The gym of course!!

Didn't have access to a decent box or med ball today so decided to do yesterday's WOD and then cap it off with today's 5k row.

7 rounds of HSC and HSPU:
20:59 all rounds unbroken (kipping HSPU)

5k row:
19:35 (216 avg watt/180lbs = 1.2 power ratio)

Definitely helped overcome some of the afternoon jet lag.

Chad Hall said...

Regarding the box jump conversation. I got 45 reps with about 5 seconds left to spare. I reached full hip extension every single time. However, I did so in the air. So when I was on the box I had bent knees/hips and as I took off and before I hit the ground I extended completely. I was lead to believe this is acceptable. Is this true?

Brian Maier said...

Sprained ankle...Had to sub today.

My wife thinks I'm crazy working out...I told her this is how I rehab!

WOD 1:

3 rounds:
1 min AMRAP wall balls (30,28,25)
1 min T2B's (20,15,15)
no rest

WOD 2:

5k row - could not strap feet in...I went as fast as my ankle would allow me was a bit sore but managed to get through it.

Ryan @ CFGP said...

m/ 5'11/ 205lbs/ 32yrs

Part 1: 118

Could not make time for part 2, chopped wood all morning instead.

md said...

Part 1
BJ - 42
WB - 24
T2B - 18
PP - 24
B - 19
Total = 127

Part 2
No rower today So i ran 5k - 21:34
Pushing the kids (5&1 at 90+#'s)

Coming back after 4 days of the flu and my wife having microfracture surgery on her knee. (thus taking both kids)

Brandon said...

Part 1
BJ: 20
WB: 26
T2B: 14
PP: 30
Bur: 16
Total: 106

Part 2
179 avg. watt (with a stop to deal with nausea)
Power ratio 179/235=0.76

Not at all happy with performance, but PR'd a C&J (110kg) 30 min before part 1, so at least some good news today.

Evan Z said...

109 & 1.07
Nothing fantastic today. Took a rest of about 10 minutes between part 1 and 2. Really struggled with pace on the row.

Dan said...

Part 1: 131

Part 2: 21m 51s; 156ave watts/185# = .84
rowing was bad

Mack Lar said...

Part 1: 145
Kept moving the whole time. Toes to bar were the only movement I had difficulty with on this one.

Part 2: 19:05 Power Rating of 1.35
Never rowed more than a 2K and this was about as uncomfortable as it gets for me. Big mental push to get it done and keep a 1:55 pace throughout. Pretty happy considering I'm not a very strong rower. I think I definitely have a big PR in store for my next 2K

unit said...

lol... nice Joey!... I stumbled on the bj's midway through and took a few secs 2 recover... wish that didn't happen!... nice job on the row!... beastly!...

unit said...

and by bj's I mean box jumps... 8^/

Paul Klein said...

I did some more box jumps this morning. 60 AMRAP to a 24" box. Here is the video.

Would you guys count these or is this considered improper ROM?

I only touch my toes to the edge of the box and I get to full extension on bounce off the box.

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Can someone post a video or a link of kipping hspus. I think I need to figure out how to do them.

I actually managed 6 rounds unbroken to an abmat for that wod which was pretty awesome for me. But maybe with kipping I could get to full depth

Anonymous said...

BJ 36
WB 17
TtoB 21
PP 25
Burpees 16
Not happy with this transition was to slow between each exercise I believe I could do much better

Rest 15min

5Km row 19:38
214 avg watts BW 158 power ratio =1.35
first time doing 5km row

Geoff Aucoin said...

Paul, I wouldn't count most of those reps because your heels were much lower than your toes. If you got more of your foot on the box so the soles of your feet were parallel to the floor the reps would count but there's just not enough contact with the box. One could argue that you wouldn't even need a box to perform that movement, just the edge of something to tap and push off from.

The standards for the Western Qualifiers 'Every Rep Counts' were full foot on box, which is much more strict than needed, so I'd split the difference between your box jump and that one.

Sweeney said...

Just so happened that the "rest as needed" was about 16 hours. Not sure if that's what coach has in mind.

HUGE PR for me this morning though, so regardless of what the RX was, I am friggin' stoked!!!!!!

19:59 (sub 20:00 row is an all-time goal for me!!!!! One heck of a Christmas gift to myself)

Power ratio: 203/155 = 1.31.


Great effort on the box jumps.

Based on the way I have been coached (at OPT), I would guess that many of your reps would not count as full ROM. The full extension of your hips does not occur until you are on your way back to the floor from the box. Also, I think you should concentrate on putting more of your foot on the box and subsequently be perpendicular to the ground at the top of your rep.

Some of the best BJ's I've seen was Joey Warren's FGB video.

Gutsy performance to throw it down on video!!! We need more of that.

atom said...

Geez, they're sure having it out.......

Joel B. said...

That article looks like it has some salient points. If you want to see "having it out" take a look at Robb's blog entries. Specifically for today.

Covino24 said...

Part 1: 110

Box Jumps were good but my legs were toast from yesterday and I struggled in the wall balls and Burpees killed me! Pretty disappointed in those and my T2B need work.

rest 2mins

Part 2: 20:48
Power Ratio of 1.12

Dogged it on my first 1k nearly killed myself the last 4k trying to make up for it.. Still Pr'd by 24 seconds.. Goal is still sub 20 so getting closer..

Im still amazed with OPT's 15 min 5k while he was here during his vacation..inspiring to say the least!

Anthony said...

Part 1: 101
at 0700 this morning with no breakfast. PWO Fuel: 40g protein & 18 g Waxy maize starch.

8 hours rest

Part 2: 20:19 1.10 Ratio

193 avg. watts / 175#s

Dave X said...

AMRAP: 115 reps.

Rested 30 minutes

5K row: 21:28. PR I think. Wanted sub 20 minutes.

Traveling, wedding last night and poor sleep. Excuses, excuses.

Ali Loach said...

Heather and Jesse's box in Squamish was pretty sweet. Great location that's for sure. Would love to go there in the summer when they can open up the big door. Nothing better than a workout mixed with sunshine.
I'll make sure that I give Jordan a hard time about sectionals if I see him again :o)

rwcorson said...

Nice work Sweeney!!

Saverio said...

Total on part one of the w.o.d. was 105. Box jumps and wall balls were pretty solid. The pp and burpes almosr ruined me. Rest for about 30 minutes then tackled the row. Was trying to beat my pr on my last 5k row wich was 20:12 but ended up getting 20:39. Dont know what went wrong. I took it at a moderate pace for the first 2k then tried to blast the last 3. Like Nick said OPT,s time of 15:00 when he came to vist is something to reach for.

Joel B. said...

15:00?! for a 5k? That would be the top time in the world for 2009, at least of ones submitted to C2...or 2nd maybe? Am I reading this right?

Covino24 said...

Yea you're reading it right if I read the dry board that day!!!

Steve Smith said...


Drove to the beach to work with some guys on olympic lifts.

Snatch Work for about 1 Hr. Set new PR at 209lbs (95 kilos).


Part 1:

BJ - 33
WB - 30
T2B - 25
PP - 33
Burpees - 26
Total: 147

Notes - Did not push NEARLY hard enough on this. Could add 30 to total I belive. I have a mental wall that I need to break through currently. Additionally, took me about 10 seconds to move from one station to the next (big, unfamiliar gym).

Part 2:

Time - 18:40
AVG Watt - 248
Weight - about 190
Ratio - 1.3

Notes: This was the first time I've ever rowed over 500 meters. Strong enough to knock off 10 seconds. Again, mental wall needing some busting through.

imosher said...

112 total, had to go on my own so I don have the exact breakdown.

19:17, nice pr power ratio 1.34.

Joel B. said...

Wow...that is pretty stellar...10X1:30/500m. I don't even know if I can do 1 500m at that pace! haha...amazing.

Ross Blake said...


part 1. 120
strict t2b, no room for kipping

pwo refuel: bounce ball, water

rest 90min

part 2. Time: 19:05 Power ratio: 1.36

pwo refuel: banana, fried egg, l-glutamine

Contrast bath

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

thanks for providing me a way to find out how I compare to other women. I checked out the c2 ranking site it was awesome. There are so few women on this blog that it is hard to determine how we girls are doing. u guys just have to look at unit or rorys times as we all know they are truly beasts.

I found it very interesting that in most distances my PRs are all in the 90th percentile in the lightweight category. These are world rankings with women that more than likely row all the time. Just goes to show the amazing power of James programming and crossfit in general

Slater Coe said...

1. 137
2. time = 19:36.1. Power = 215.1/218lbs = 0.986

Anonymous said...

39 BJ
19 WB
14 TtoB
30 PP
15 Burp

15 min Rest
24:19 5K run

Need to get my gear situation squared away, so it stops detracting from training. Everything but burpees felt strong. I was smoked by burpee time.

5K was really slow. Haven't been running enough.

Anonymous said...

Justin,(if you are still reading) I'm 6'4" and 215, have leverage and BW working against me. Agree HSPU are the devil, but when BJ/row/300LB DL come around, I think the field is tilted in our favor.

I just suck it up and address HSPU etc. as weaknesses. Hope this helps.

Bear said...
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Bear said...

Total: 119 reps

Need to work on boxjumps and kipping TTB

5k: 19:27 min

Really sore after 2 k. Was hoping for sub 19, maybe next time.

Bear said...

Oh yeah, forgot to check watts but I weigh 170 lbs and had the damper set for 6.

Dave X said...

Dr. Cordain's response:

This is an interesting paper ( Mercader J. Mozambican grass
seed consumption during the middle stone age. Science
2009;326:1680-83) as it may push probable (but clearly not
definite) cereal grain consumption by hominins back to at least
105,000 years ago. Prior to this evidence, the earliest
exploitation of wild cereal grains was reported by Piperno
and colleagues at Ohalo II in Israel and dating to ~23,500
years ago (Nature 2004;430:670-73). As opposed to the Ohalo
II data in which a large saddle stone was discovered with
obvious repetitive grinding marks and embedded starch granules
attributed to a variety of grains and seeds that were
concurrently present with the artifact , the data from
Ngalue is less convincing for the use of cereal grains
as seasonal food. No associated intact grass seeds have been
discovered in the cave at Ngalue, nor were anvil stones
with repetitive grinding marks found. Hence, at best,
the data suggests sporadic use (and not necessarily
consumption) of grains at this early date. Clearly, large
scale processing of sorghum for consumption for extended
periods seems unlikely.

Further, It should be pointed out that consumption of wild
grass seeds of any kind requires extensive technology and
processing to yield a digestible and edible food that likely
did not exist 105,000 years ago. Harvesting of wild
grass seeds without some kind of technology (e.g.
sickles and scythes [not present at this time]) is
tedious and difficult at best. Additionally, containers
of some sort (baskets [not present at this time], pottery
[not present] or animal skin containers are needed to
collect the tiny grains. Many grain species require
flailing to separate the seed from the chaff and then
further winnowing ([baskets not present]), or animal
skins] to separate the seeds from the chaff. Intact
grains are not digestible by humans unless they are
first ground into a flour (which breaks down the cell
walls), and then cooked (typically in water – e.g.
boiling [technology not present]) or parched in a
fire which gelatinizes the starch granules, and thereby
makes them available for digestion and absorption. Because
each and every one of these processing steps requires
additional energy on the part of the gatherer, most
contemporary hunter gatherers did not exploit grains
except as starvation foods because they yielded such
little energy relative to the energy obtained (optimal
foraging theory).

If indeed the grinder/core axes with telltale starch
granules were used to make flour from sorghum seeds,
then the flour still had to be cooked to gelatinize the
starch granules to make it digestible. In Neolithic
peoples, grass seed flour most typically is mixed with
water to make a paste (dough) that is then cooked into flat
breads. It is highly unlikely that the technology or the
behavioral sophistication existed 105,000 years ago to
make flat breads. Whole grains can be parched intact
in fires, but this process is less effective than making
flour into a paste and cooking it to gelatinize the starch
granules. Hence, it is difficult to reconcile the chain of
events proposed by the authors (appearance of sorghum starch
granules on cobbles or grinders = pounding or grinding of
sorghum grains = consumption of sorghum). I wouldn’t hang
my hat on this evidence indicating grains were necessarily
consumed by hominins at this early date. To my mind, the
Ohalo II data still represents the best earliest evidence
for grain consumption by hominins.

Loren Cordain, Ph.D., Professor

Linker said...

Part 1:

Box Jumps 51
Wall Balls 27
Toes to Bar 18
Push Press 30
Burpees 18
Total: 134

Part 2:

211/185 = 1.14 Power Ratio

Geoff Aucoin said...

18:40.5 time. Power ratio was 1.25.

Completed X-mas day!