Wed, Dec 16th, 2009

Day 20 Training:

A. AMRAP Dead Lift - 315#/200# in 75 sec
rest 3 min
B. AMRAP Muscle Ups in 150 sec
rest 3 min
C. AMRAP Double Unders in 225 sec

post total reps to comments
(i.e. 12 + 15 + 300 = 327)


Anonymous said...

Something I’ve always lived life by: Do it for those who can’t and would give anything to be able to. When you think you can’t do one more do it anyway for me.

Anonymous said...

During the time when I'm usually pushing myself to the limit in a way I never thought possible I'll instead be going under to fix my ruptured right achilles. Its not the money to fix it, the inconvenience of getting around now with crutches or a roll about or even feeling completely useless as my wife now has to do it all for our business and getting our kids off to school that upsets me. Its the fact that I've come so far to now start all over again. So enjoy your lungs burning, your muscles cramping and your mind telling you you can't do another rep. Because what I would give to be there yelling "get one more!"

Dave X said...


Sorry to hear your set back E., use it as motivation to rip it up when you get back. Stay strong, brother!

Wow. What a humbling WOD this morning and I was ready to tear it up. Ran into a buzzsaw. I was tempted not to post today, but here's the damage.

deads: 10
muscleups: 2
Doubleunders: 104
Total: 116

Hell of a beginning for my birthday.

Noah Milstein said...
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Noah Milstein said...

Ended up not doing the double yesterday but will likely do a double today. My university gym doesnt have the ceiling height for muscle ups (on rings or bar) or double unders, which is a major crossfit crime. The gym I usually hit in town doesn't either but I can at least run outside to hit the DU's though I am currently still just learning the DU so I expect my performance to be more of a "learn how the hell to do this" WoD rather than a "kill myself with intensity" WoD.

This morning I did:
10-8-6-4-2(per arm): DB-CJ@30kg/Burpee's (12:30)
then rest,
Kip-PUx30 unbroken

Felt totally 100% unmotivated, as this gym is the anti-crossfit. Very dissatisfied with my time. Will report back with scores for the Rx'd WoD later.

If I post a few snatch and OHS videos could I get some coaching feedback? I really need help on these lifts. Thanks!

Keep it kosher ya'll, Noah

Michael McCabe said...


muscle ups were strict

disappointed with the double under performance, felt like i had nothin left in the tank

Omar Arvizu said...

Michael McCabe, u in Ontario man? Just wondering, I was in the same Challenge @ Moss Park Armoury, in your pic... cheers!

Jefff said...

1. AMRAP Deadlift - 17
2. AMRAP Muscle-Up - 14
*3. AMRAP Double Unders in 1:58 - 122

* - Rope broke at 1:58

Chris Dunkin said...

28 + 13 + 302 = 343

One extra each fo you, Jesse. Your recovery starts today.

MU's were very difficult; coordination was a problem. Last 102 DU's unbroken.

Again, email me if you'd like a pair of BL compatible handles.

Anonymous said...

How do you scale the load for the deads? I could maybe dead 300 one time, maybe might be a stretch, I could dead 300 at one time! What type of rep count am I looking to hit in 1 minute 15 secs?


Joel B. said...

Hey, anonymous (ha). I am in the same boat. I might be able to get 315 1X. I plan on looking at some of the other dawgs scores for DL...maybe trying to figure an approximate % of 1RM 315 is for them and apply that for me. Before checking, I am guessing maybe 70% of my 1RM? I am very open to input too though.

Jefff said...

Anonymous/Joel - If it helps, my 1RM PR is 460#, and I got 17 @ 315# this morning. I thought that was a decent score until I saw Chris Dunkin's post! Now, I am re-thinking if 17 is an alright score. Will see as more guys post!

Gord said...

A 10
B 13
C 213

Total- 236

NorCal Chris said...

A. 10
B. 7
C. 132

A+B+C = 149

A. Dead Lifts were UGLY. Sore / tweaky lower back from Power Cleans yesterday had me a bit nervous but no pain during and ice bath after
B. MUs needed much better warm-up. Did first 4 with relative ease then started failing. 4 fails total which is a total waste of time.
C. Broke into sets of 25 and probably did not empty the tank enough on these.

Stephen Flamm said...

A: 12
B: 12
C: 102

total: 126

Omar Arvizu said...

A: 19
B: 8, haven't done those in awhile
C: 201

Do any of you dawgs get headaches whe you go over 100s Du's. Been happening since last DU's WOD. It takes me 10 min to get up after I'm done, just keep getting DZ

dmarsh said...

A. 22 (17/5)
B. 15
C. 197
Total = 234

Couldn't find a rhythm on DUs until the last 60 seconds or so. Wanted at least 225.

Chad Hall said...


16 + 13 + 214 = 243

315 wasn't as heavy as I thought it was going to be so I was happy with that. Probably could have gotten a few more reps if I pushed hard but I was hoping for 15.

Muscle ups were to full lock out and extension each time.

Felt it too much in the shoulders for the double unders.

Michael McCabe said...

Omar Arvizu - yes i train in Toronto! You`re out in Oakville i think?

i guess i`ll see you at the sectionals!

Wes Hendricks said...



Total = 294

Thorsten said...

I posted something like this yesterday but i did not get a reply:
i wanted to know what the idea behind this big dawg programming is and for what typ of athletes it is (both compared to the main site WOD). i always liked to do some extra strength work either gymnastics or weightlifting but due to bad programming i always ended up doing main site only - which was fine. i am now injured and thinking to jump in or doing the thing g. everett recommended in one PM issue about scaling. basicly one of the core lifts each day and then scale the main site WOD accordingly to the prilepin chart. the big dawg programming (strength part) seems to be more varied but i do not understand the usage of assistance lifts like db external rotations.


Geoff Aucoin said...

A. 18 (wanted to beat Flemming)-Serious bouncing of weight but the boss said it was okay.

B. 5?!?!? I haven't been this frustrated during a WOD in forever. I'm thinking the deads crushed my grip and kipping abilities because I missed about 6-7 reps. They felt easy in warm-up.

C. 225 - I was smoked by this. 3 days in a row started to show at this point.

Total = 248

KurtGP said...

Sub'd 225
couldn't get a my du's today

Jesse you'll be the king of muscle ups.

Chris Stroud said...



weezie said...

A - 16
B - 0
C - 137

Total - 153

How embarrassing is that big fat zero for muscle ups. Crap! I'm posting it to shame myself into getting a damn muscle up. Really need to get cracking on these.

Did 150 sec of pullups/ring dips during the period in which those should have been done. 36 pullups. 26 ring dips.

rwcorson said...


Wes Hendricks said...

Chris that is a a freaking sick score, way to kill it!

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Question would it be better to sub jumping muscle ups or elastic assist or some other version for them than the traditional pullup dip combo. I would like to get better at the actual movement but not sure what will get me closer to being able to just do the damn things!!!

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

worked on the MUs before hand.
subbed 3 pull ups and 3 push-ups for muscles up in WOD (ended up being 7 rounds).

DL- 20
MU- n/a
DU- 230

Noah Milstein said...

Oy! Terrible performance today. Second WoD of the day
A) 8
B) not enough ceiling height so I subbed kipping pullups and dips
Kip:Dip=20/30 I'll say LCD/3=6
C) I still don't really have the DU down yet but made some major progress. My rope needs to be shortened a bit more. New PR for consecutive DU reps (11). Total=43

Score=8+6+43=57... very sad =(

I also should have scaled the DL weight, it was way too much for me. My form was frightening.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Lisa, maybe set the rings really low and do the MU's strict with a little push from your toes. There's a video of Tucker in Ireland showing those Irish people how to do that exact thing on the CF Journal.

Joel B. said...

Thanks Jefff!

I still have a few hours before I'll be able to hit this. Looks like 225 would be just over what you did...% wise of course. Leaning towards doing more like 250#'s AMRAP even though it is a higher % (about 80%)...just because coach rx'd 315 and I don't want to scale down more than I should.
Thanks again...

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

A: 17 @ 205 just because it was easier to set up with the plates i have
B: 9!! did these from sitting in a light elastic band. They were really hard but i think this will help me tons with the motion or rolling through the rings and getting out of that super deep dip position. I think i will video tape it and get opinions as to whether this will help my progression.

C 230
total = 256 (with the modified muscle ups)
felt good today.

Thanks as always for your advice Geoff and yes i will have to take another "plane" trip up there for some snatch help and i have some product to pick up as well.

PTS said...

19+7+195= 221

battery died before DU's. DU's are going backwards for some reason. Gonna need to use them in warm-up more often.

Garage Crossfitter said...

17+17+225= 259

I got 315 x 10 unbroken with deads which i was really happy with, considering my 1RM is 385

Muscleups felt good

DU didnt feel good, i was winded and my shoulders were on fire.

Chris Fodera said...


22 + 8 + 231 = 261

A. Banged out 10 in the first 15 seconds and then ran into a little bit of a wall. Should have possibly started out a little slower; maybe sets of 5.

B. Wasn't kipping, couldn't get the timing down. When I tried to kip up, I wound up with my legs out in front of me and screwed up my rhythm.

C. DUs felt decent for not having done any in over a month. This is the first time I have done sustained DUs since hurting my knee and it held up really well. I started to gas heavily at the end.

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 10gC (mashed sweet potato w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: chicken, orange, man nuts

Craig said...


DL tapped into a place I haven't been in while. Felt like those guys at the games in the DL ladder.
M/U #'s were dissappionting. Haven't done them in while. practice, practice, practice.
D/U felt good. Big Burning in the arms!

Becky said...

just to let you know opt i haven't stopped your program. i am visiting my family in nc for a few weeks. and the closest cf gm is 45 minutes away. and the "fitness" center here i cannot do all the things you set up. but i am doing what a can. and just filling in a lot of other things i can do. be back in jan!!

i wish i could qualify for your training certs. but, my fastest mile was 8: 20 something. gotta work on that...

Greg Soneff said...

Did yesterday's workout this morning and PR'ed my PC by 10kg. Can't explain just seemed light today.

PC: 105kg (failed at 107kg)
BP: 95kg (failed at 97kg)
Ratio = 1.1

Today's WOD:
DLs: 16
MUs: 12
DUs: 248

TOTAL = 276

Tried not to bounce the DLs and by the end my lower back was on fire. Missed 2 MUs due to kipping failure. Managed the first 105 DUs without a break but as fatigue set in the sets got shorter.

All in all a pretty great day.

PS. inspiring article! Huge congrats to Adam!

Bowser said...

Alright, ups and downs today but under the circumstances I'll take it.

Done at globo with very fat crappy cheese grater bars. 315 felt VERY HEAVY and reminded me of my 1RM (385)

DL: 7

MU: Not done, no place to hang rings, and minor shoulder injury.

DU: 170 *4 minutes Forgot the number of secs, so did 4 mins.

A note on the DU's, I hit a PR of consecutive at 71. Very pleased with this, however it gassed me and I'm thinking I should have been more strategic and done less off the bat and planned mini rest breaks.

Eric O said...

BW 175

A) 26 Reps Deadlift
B) 18 Muscle Ups
C) 310
Total: 354

This was just what I needed today. Thanks for the WOD

Lindsey said...

DL- 11 reps - My current 1RM is 160# so I used 135#

MU - 18 - subbed bar dips

DU - 110

JOSHUA said...

Did this with Jason at ucr today.
A. 10
B. 3
C. 53
We felt good so we did it again.
A. 8
B.0 but a lot of chest to bar pulls
C. 86

David said...


21 Deads
12 Muscle Ups
97 DU's.

Total: 130

The deads were touch and go, no bounce, did 13 straight, then 5 and 3. The MU were tough tonight. I had a goal of 100 for the DU's, got about 30 straight, was well on target until I stepped on the friggin rope with about 10 seconds left and tore it out of both hands and it wrapped around my legs.

Andrew Romeo said...


B: 18
C: 104 (these obviously need a TON of work)

Total: 124

joey warren said...

A. 25
B. 22

total= 279

DUs I was so winded, shoulders and arms on FIRE! I wanted to do more, but my arms didnt want to move

Jess Hviid Skov said...

A: 7 (Had to scale to 275 pound)

B: 31 (Because of a shoulder injury, i could not do MU, so did strict Chest to bar pull up)

C: 208 (A little disappointed normal i am ok at DU, but did not have anything to put in it!!)

Rob Sifton said...


How tall is the ceiling in your gym at the school? Unless you are a giant (Like over 7') in a 8' Room you will be able to do double unders.

I can offer you some advice, take it if you like.
1. Shorten the rope really, really short. If you think it is short enough, shorten it more. (knots in the rope work perfect)You want to have the rope clear your head by only about 2" at the apex of the turn.
2. Do not jump so high (If the ceiling is such a height that you are concerned about this you will learn very fast how high to jump, you should only leave the ground by a max 1", We give the rope more room than it deserves)
3. Use the limited space as a reason to improve not limit your ability to do DU's. If you can do them in a very small room (height and area) you will get really good really fast. Just be patient, and relax.....Forcing it will not improve it!

Just my take in doing DU's in stairwells and cramped hotel gyms all over North America.


Bowser said...


Great advice on the short rope. Today I was 'stuck' using a very short rope as it was all that was available. At first I was pissed off, but then i proceeded to PR on my consecutive DU's.

Moral of the story. Shorter rope = Good!

Mike Molloy said...

male, 28, 5'11'' 165#

A: 17
B: 16
C: 170

Total: 203

Brandon said...

Good Afternoon -
New poster, though not new to this blog. Used it to train for the SoCal regionals last year. After meeting Will, another OPTer, last weekend, I decided I needed to stop lurking and start posting.

A: 20
B: 1 (burned out on my warmups, but I am happy with the first MU since I popped my shoulder out in April '09)
C: 54 - just couldn't get a rhythm...normally would be in the low 100s for this
Total is an impressive 75...ha ha!

KSC said...

a) 15
b) 16
c) 200


unit said...

a- 27
b- 17
c- 312

total- 356


Rob Sifton said...

Awesome Unit, just awesome.

Paul Klein said...


Here is the DL video for comments.

It looks like I am still not getting my hamstrings under tension on the first pull. However it seems like they load up on the following reps once the bar is moving. I would appreciate any help or comments.

Muscle ups were a mess, I honestly don't know what happened. I guess it's time to add them back into the warm up. My goat list is getting pretty damn long.

dontpanic356 said...

Good Lord Unit, Joey and Dunkin. I looked at this one and thought I might be on top. Nice work.

A: 24

B: 15

C: 193

Total: 232

DU's are still my weakness. First set was 53 unbroken. Then I couldnt put together more than 20.

Agnew said...

I am cringing as I write this...

DL - 6
MU - 0 subbed ring dips and MU negatives in
DU - 74 I have a long way to go on these

WOD - 80

The DL was 30lbs less then my 1RM so I was pretty happy with getting 6 out in 75sec.

EHR said...

Eric R

dl 15
mu 19
du 202 my arms felt fried during these

total 236

Joel B. said...

DL: 20
scaled to 225 (about 72% of 315 which is what I think i can do for a 1rm right now)
MU: 16
DU: 235
First minute I was brutal for some reason.

Total: 271 (251 if you don't count the DL's as they were not rx'd weight)

Steve Howell said...


A. 23
B. 16
C. 251

total= 290

* arms were toast once I hit the DU's.

Dan said...


Jason said...

First time posting


Geoff Aucoin said...

Scotty H, where you at bro? I made your spaghetti squash with the Thai 'peanut' sauce tonight (a family fav) and man, that never gets old. Everyone needs to try that.

I also enjoyed half of one of these, a great brewery based in Toronto.

Blaine said...

315 is very close to my 1RM so I was happy to get a few.
Total = 201

Wes Hendricks said...

The squash with peanut sauce sounds amazing, where did you get the recipe?

Geoff Aucoin said...

It's in Scotty's recipe book, the 1st one. It's probably also in one of the old Performance Menu journals which you can get for about $5.

Sugar Shane said...


Had to double up yesterday with today

A. Power Clean 1 RM - 215
B. Bench Press 1 RM - 260(PR)

A. AMRAP DL - 13
B. AMRAP Muscle Up - 12
C. AMRAP Double Unders - 167

192 Total

I did 6 muscle ups without coming off the rings which is a PR for me. The double unders got me worse than I thought they would. I was shooting for 200 on the low end. Back to work on those.

Sweeney said...

AM: Snatch Tech work with Aucoin (I have the headlight to prove it...see picture)


A. 10
B. 12
C. 280 (started with 100 unbroken)

Total: 302

Geoff Aucoin said...

BA-HAHHHAHAHA! Oh Darinder, that is an instant classic photo there...

My word is 'ellya' as in, "Can I get a...!"

A. Maloney said...

Workout from the 15th

Going to be 1 day behind this week as it works out best with my work schedule

Powerclean 195
Bench Press 215

Ratio 195/215 = .9

All time Clean (power) and Jerk was 200. Still catching up on sleep from studying the past several days.

Really looking forward to being able to hit it hard now that I have finished with school. Today's (tomorrow's) workout looks amazing, looking forward to it!!

Brent Maier said...


A Dl: 27
B Mu: 18
C Du: 183
Total: 228

Notes: Should have attacked the DL a little harder at the beginning, gained momentum in the first 20 unbroken. No drops. MU's were about as fast as I could take them, no regrets. Shoulders burned pretty bad on the DU's. I need to get me wire rope and learn how to use it for WOD's like this in competition when numbers mean the most.

Kyle F:
A Dl: 16
B Mu: 6
C Du: 186
Total: 208

Notes: Kyle asked me to post for him tonight. Great freaking job man. He did great on the DU's. Muscle ups were a little different for him as we had to hang them a little lower which takes out the ability to setup a good kip.

I won't see you for a few weeks so keep raising your game and I'll do the same before we meet up again.

Great job tonight everyone! There were some good numbers out there.



Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7:30PM

A. 12 (wanted to tie Flemming). Mike told me after that Aucoin did 18. Next time

B. 12 (1st MUs in 4 months. Shoulder felt fine)

C. 170 (didn't have my rope so tried the Sifton technique of short short short rope. May stick with it for a while. Works for him)

Total = 199

Michael said...

A. 17
B. 15
C. 183


Not happy with double unders, just rested too much. No excuse.
Very pleased with how the dead lift felt.

imosher said...


DL 9
mu 15
du 154

Brent Maier said...

Jefff, my max DL is 445#, I KNOW you had more in you!

I have that recipe Geoff. Sounds like I'm going to have to whip that up for the family this weekend. Thanks.

atom said...

a. 25

b. 18

c. 217

total: 260

All of them felt good but I wish I had pulled through a bit harder on the dl & mu. Dbl unders were solid but not constant, they're coming along though.

If you guys love squash try grating a butternut squash into a hash. Fry it up with coconut oil, garlic, chili flakes, pepper & a tiny bit of salt. Serve it with eggs, some green veggies plus some salsa and you've got one wicked meal. You can also make squash cakes out of them, just mix them together with the eggs and pour little pancakes! mmmmmm

Erik Luber said...

A. 9 @ 264#
B. 20 (10 unbroken PR)
C. 178
Total = 9+20+178 = 208

Had to scale the weight on the DL, since my 1RM is 308#. Really happy with the reps at 264#, felt strong. Pumped about the MUs, really wanted that 20. DUs were torture, arms were smoked from the MUs, felt like I was skipping in molasses. Great workout!

Steve Smith said...


Coach, I'm playing catchup. Sorry (again) for the late post. Figured you'd want to know what the PC/BP ratio was though:

Power Clean - 275
Bench - 335
Ratio: 0.82

- Felt strong enough to go up approx 10-20 pounds on the power clean, but technique isn't anywhere close to getting me there.


Dead Lift - 23
MU - 12
Double Under - 229
Total - 263

Dead lift surprised me. I had another 5 reps left. Muscle ups were much slower than I had hoped for. Double unders felt uncoordinated and VERY winded.

Anonymous said...

Deadlift 13
Muscle ups 15
Double unders 251

Total= 279

bso said...

20 + 12 + 162 = 194

deads felt awesome today
muscle ups. Was hoping for 18. I've let these slide.
Doubles with nylon rope. After last doubles wod I'm going to try using a new rope each time. This one moved way slower than my buddy lee. Sympathy to the crossfit Winnipeg athletes who use those all the time :)

great hockey game tonight too. However I'm losing some extension in my wrist after an old ugly dude slashed me TWICE and high sticked me. Coach, I'm working real hard to laugh and do some relaxation breathing tonight :)

will said...

15 deadlifts
15 bar mus. no place to put rings so i can do mus without hitting my head.
86 dus.
im just off recently. bad sleeping and eating patterns are catching up with me, but finals are over tomorrow :)

JAM said...

A. 17
B. 7
C. 138
= 162

david83 said...

not a great day not feeling well.

Deadlift 315 -24

No room for muscles ups did pull-ups and then dips in the allowed time

32 pulls unbroken and 35 dips unbroken

Double unders - weight heavy rope- 155 rotations.

Thank you


bimzzlle said...

Deadlift 315-13 reps

did ring dips the day before so i did strict chest to bar pullups.

SC2BPU's-17 missed 8 by a few inches


Total-188 reps

Slater Coe said...

16 + 4 + 162 = 182

Might have eeked out a couple more DLs if I shaved a few seconds off the few rest breaks I took, but too many failed attempts on MUs, and couldn't have done any more double-unders... my shoulders were on fire. Days like this remind me how far I have to go...

Anonymous said...

A. 19
B. 9
C. 190


A: 305 is all I have. Hopefully S. Clause will help with that.

Martin Altemark said...

a bit behind becuase of sick kids.

A. 9
B. 18
C. 159

Total: 186

Thought I'd do more muscle ups and double unders, but didn't :-)

Rested 1 hour (held a CF class) and then did:

1km row: 3:16 (PR)

Grant said...

typo. I did 17 DLs

Bear said...

A - 20
B - 15
C - 102 (I have actually improved...)
Total: 137

Covino24 said...

A - 5
B - 1
C - 70

325# is my 1RM so I was pretty pumped to get 5 reps at 315#

I literally just learned how to do a muscle up in the warm up.. got my first one and failed on about 13,14 others.. i was getting good height just need to get more aggressive and punch up & out of the dip.

Same with Dbl Unders.. the most i did before today was 8.. still searching for form and tempo..

Ryan Thompson said...

Running days behind:

Day 15
Deadlift 3 rep 425, 1 rep 445
Press Cluster
2 pood unbroken

Day 16
135 unbroken sets 1-4, 5-7 finished but broken lower back started to seize!

Pull ups C2B Unbroken

Sit ups unbroken but not hands at temples.

Sorry for not posting have been following for a while. Will make it a priority to keep a record here.

Jon M said...


Saverio said...

Deadlifts-10, Muscle-ups-3, Doubleunders-197=210.

Anthony said...

Weakness exposed...

3 @ 300#

110 Total

unit said...

rest day WOD 2day... figured I'd post it bc some have been curious if some people do things in addition...

muscle snatch- 95lbs x3 3sets
parallette HSPU 51X3- x1 6sets
split jerk- 185lbs x3 3sets
1 1/4 front squat- 185lbs x3 3sets
ghd situps 41X0- 25 unbroken 3sets
dynamic jumping calf raise- x12 5sets


Justin said...

Getting caught up.
Yesterdays wod:
Power Clean: 260 (pr 10#)
Bench Press: 262 (3# off pr. Heaviest since I broke my wrist a year ago.)
Almost got 265 on the clean but it just would not quite rack. I was getting in plenty high but could not get my elbows around fast enough.

Deadlift: 27 (wanted 29 to beat Dunkin.)
Muscleups: 17
Doubleunders: 185
Shoulders were so smoked. These felt so hard today.

Total: 229

Justin Flynn said...

Getting caught up.
Yesterdays wod:
Power Clean: 260 (pr 10#)
Bench Press: 262 (3# off pr. Heaviest since I broke my wrist a year ago.)
Almost got 265 on the clean but it just would not quite rack. I was getting in plenty high but could not get my elbows around fast enough.

Deadlift: 27 (wanted 29 to beat Dunkin.)
Muscleups: 17
Doubleunders: 185
Shoulders were so smoked. These felt so hard today.

Total: 229

Mack Lar said...

DL's- 20
MU- 13
DU- 253
Total 286
Max DL is 385. Got 10 DL unbroken at 315 lbs. Muscle Ups were disappointing as this is usually a strong movement for me.

Ross Blake said...

Sick yesterday with food poisoning so held back a little.

dl- 6. max is only 352 so happy with this

mu strict - 7. something has clicked here over the last few week! love the pressing improvements with this last cycle!

du - 227

total - 240

CF Hampton Roads said...


DL: 20
MU: 16
DU: 255

TOTAL: 291

12 unbroken DL...had more but tried to pace it.


My word verification was "FECEdeq." I kinda miss that game on this post. Hey James, it does all end up with crap...huh.

A. Maloney said...

Deadlifts - 9

Muscle UPs - 12

Double Unders - 145

Was not feeling greatest today.

Tyler Smith said...


200 total

Linker said...

Sick this week so I'm a little behind.

A. 22
B. 16
C. 195

Total: 233

Robin Lyons said...

1. 21
2. 10
3. 210