Dec 12th, 2009

WOD 1:
Power Snatch - find your 1RM
rest as needed
WOD 2:
1K Row sprint
rest as needed
WOD 3:
Tabata Mash:
Push Ups
Box Jumps - 20"/14"
Anchored Sit Ups

post like this to comments:
1. 165#
2. 3:09
3. 375 reps


Chris Stroud said...

Is this correct for Tabata Mash?

20 seconds of push ups 10 seconds of rest. 20 seconds of box jumps 10 seconds of rest. 20 seconds of sit ups 10 seconds of rest. Repeat 8 times

Bowser said...

Chris, I believe it is:

20 Sec Pushups 10 Sec Rest X8
20 Sec Box Jumps 10 Sec Rest X8
20 sec SU 10 Sec Rest X8

dmarsh said...

I think Chris has it right. "Mash" means you alternate exercises each interval.

Dave X said...

It's time to step up my game here and now on this blog. The regionals are in three months and I'm reay to make some noise.

OPT said...

mash = alternating exercises per round

Omar Arvizu said...

DAVE X, I'm with you com, here, in my box and in my kitchen.

Slater Coe said...

1. 165
2. 3:18.2
3. 267 (did these as a "traditional" tabata - didn't see the description on "mash" until afterwards. Oh well...)

md said...

1. 130
2. 3:24
3. 320
As slater, I did not see the mash until now so these are normal tabata.

weezie said...

1 - 175 lbs
2 - 3:25
3 - 245 reps

Saw the instructions on the mash a little too late. Did all sets for one exercise before moving on to the next rather than alternating. Used 18" box.

Wes said...

If anybody else is trying to put off studying neuroscience/anatomy/biochem

Garage Crossfitter said...

1- 170lb (tied pr) form horrible...WIDE LANDING STANCE, for some reason since we have started doing more strength work, my body doesnt like squatting under the bar, it would rather muscle it up...not good.

2- 3:10:7 (pr by .6 sec)

part 3 in a few hours...

Gord said...

1. 147lb (new PB by 2LB)
2. 3:29 (new PB - can't find old time but it was either 3:31 or 3:33)

rwcorson said...

I'm taking today off. The body's telling me it's time to rest.
Great #s so far Dawgs. Good luck today to everyone.

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

My damn calves are still so sore from running that i still can't walk down the stairs and feel like a penguin. Hopefully going to stretch like crazy and get this done a little later. Totally stoked about nutrition seminar today. Good job on the PRs Gord

Noah Milstein said...

1) 62.5kg (desperately need coaching - never had any! -, bumper plates, a facility where I am allowed to drop weights, and rubber matting or a lifting platform)
2) 3:37 (subbed SDHPx100 for row)
3) 274 (done as traditional tabata instead of mashup. Woops! I expect that that may have lowered my score)

Chris Dunkin said...

1. 170
2. 3:11

fussed with form on the snatch, 3min rest before row. sub-par performance, but great time with Scotty Hagnas, and Rochelle this morning. Really appreciate their knowledge and coaching, anytime your in Portland CFPortland needs to be a priority. He is making great progress following his OPT program.

Geoff Aucoin said...

That is so funny you posted that today, James. I almost sent that to you a while back but I didn't think you'd have enough time to watch the whole thing! Very cool.

Jefff said...

1. 130# (Frustrating snatch day. Had better form on the 3 reps at 130# last power snatch WOD)

2. 3:15 - Ouch!!! New PR.

WOD#3 in a few hours.

Omar Arvizu said...

6:55 Rowed before my am WOD did the row, busy day and woke up after wife's work Christmas party... felt like crap! lol

Row 3:16, last pr was 3:09

PS 165 lbs never attempted a PS more than 135 in my life!

Tabbata hurts!

Omar Arvizu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave X said...

I was waiting for her to sneeze at the end of it!

Mike Molloy said...

First post since getting H1N1. 10 days after onset, I'm working my way back onto the schedule.

There's no way my lungs have the row in them right now so I did WOD 1 & 3

PS- 140# Down about 10 from before flu
Tabata- 388 reps

rwcorson said...

Cool video on about Louie Simmons & Westside.

Jason G. said...

alright, moving up and on to OPT. just doing a test message to make sure i signed up correctly. best of luck all

OPT said...

Wes, you might catch my boy Dutch lifing on there today if you have not already...i'm watching at still barbell right now and a woman talking....

Erik Luber said...


Part 1: 50 kg (PR), more of a muscle snatch..
Part 2: 3:32 (PR)

Discovered a new level of pain today. wow. After rowing 600m my entire body just seized up, and I could taste blood in my throat. Speed dropped from 1:38/500m to 2:00/500m in the span of 100m. Just had to tell myself to keep going...

Garage Crossfitter said...

wod 3 = 380

felt great

Brent Maier said...


Part 1 (PSnatch): 92.5kg (204#) - Previous full snatch PR was 80kg (Oct 16, 08) just prior to joining OPT training. Didn't have a single power snatch on record other than a hang power of 70kg (June '08).

Rest 15 minutes

Part 2 (1k Sprint): 3:10.9 - Previous PR was 3:11.6 (Jan 4, 09). This was the only WOD OPT prescribed that day so considering this was the 2nd WOD of the day, I'm happy with it.

Part 3: Doing in 4 hours

Had an OTC athlete helping correct form issues today. Heh, I went from pathetic form to just ok form by the end of my snatch workout. Coach B set me up with Erin one of his coaches that lives here in the springs and I'm getting with her this week to observe and correct form movements! I'm excited about that.

Continue to raise the bar dogs! I hope to close the rep gap with Gord & Sweeney on the Part 3 mashup today.

Chris Stroud said...


Part 1-

Part 2-

Doing Part 3 later

Greg Soneff said...

1. 69kg (PR)
2. 3:16
3. 371 reps

Felt much better today. i did the interval run (3 x 5 mins) yesterday morning and my lower back burned so bad that my peak threshold felt like a slow jog. I think it was a combination of the DLs from a few days ago and the HCT from the night before the run.

Felt great again today though!!

Agnew said...

PR on the Snatch today, and I beat my goal for what I wanted to lift.
1. 155#
10 minute rest
2. 3:16
15 minute rest
3. 236

I was short on time today and needed to blast through all of it quickly... Head is a little messy right now. It looks like I wasn't the only one who missed the Mash-up part of Tabata today.

Steve Howell said...


2.1k run 3:20 (not bad for it being -30 today)

part 3 later on today.

EHR said...

Eric R

1. 160# pr I tried so hard to get 165. I feel that I'm beeing limited by my god awful technique
2. 3:22.6
3. 360

Paul Klein said...

1. 165lbs
2. 3.21
3. 436

Power snatch, I failed at 170 three times, I just couldn't get under it. I was getting it plenty high enough, but I don't think I was keeping it tight to my body and it was to far away to pull under it.

Row was ok, I have a new rower with the PM4 monitor. I used a pace boat set to 1.40/500m. I stayed way out in front in the early going then burnt out and lost to the pace boat by 1 sec.

Tabata mashup felt great. First time in along time that I was happy with my performance.

Wes hendricks said...

1. 155(PR) I guess
2. 3:27(PR)....1:41/1:46
3. 433.....felt fine on this

Technique help!

So I started w/ power snatches from the floor and for some reason I just can't seem to pull as much weight as I do from the hang power snatch so this would lead me to assume I am pulling to early or to late from the ground. So I switched over to HPS out of frustration. Can anyone give me any pointers I am getting so frustrated with my snatch!

Joel B. said...

1. 145
I believe this is my first 1RM on PS.
2. 3:22.5
This was painful. Took a good 5 min before the muscle burn went away--kinda. Waited 15 min total before part 3. Had to do option to wait several hours today.
3. 340
BJ's and Situps were pretty good. Pushups not so usual. Rocky tabata helped with full winter gear in the detached garage though. Love it!

Joel B. said...

I should mention that the 1k row is a pr.

Did I do the tabata right? 12 min of rotating tabata...sheesh you guys put me to shame with the 440 neighborhood scores! Nice work!

Michael said...

WOD1: 185 PR- previously 175 full snatch
WOD2: 3:37
WOD3: 437- felt fresh the whole time

Took about 15 minutes between wod's

atom said...

Pulled my bloody hamstring last night being a goof.

I'll keep following along but I'm definitely letting it rest up.

See ya in a couple days.

Ryan @ CFGP said...

m/ 205#/ 5'11/ 32yrs

WOD 1- 165# pr by 10. Pressed it. As with Garage Crossfitter, my form breaks down as I go heavey...big time.
WOD 2- 3:15 pr. Row muched improved as of late
WOD 3- started it, but workout partner tore achilles and stopped the workout.

Andrew Romeo said...

1. 160# - 5#pr, most I've ever snatched

3 hour rest

2. 3:12 - tied my pr

4 hour rest

3. 448 - felt really strong all the way through

bso said...

1. 170#
2. 3:16.9
3. 379 reps

Wod 1 - 170 PR by 5#, but pressed out a couple inches... tried 175 and it was easily high enough, but I'm still not pulling under... ran out of time to play with it beyond that.

Wod 2 - 5 minutes after PR snatch. Not warm enough. PB 3:21 with OPT last january.

Wod 3 - 85 minutes after Finishing row. Box jumps easy. Pushups/situps pretty tough.

Hockey tonight.

Stephen Flamm said...

WOD 1: 155
WOD 2: 3:12.8
WOD 3: 315

Question for James/OPT crew - should we be counting snatches (and jerks, for that matter) if we have any press out at the top? My 155 was caught in complete lockout, so it's the last one I counted even though I can go 10-15 lbs. higher with a little press.

The row was perhaps the physically painful experience of my gym life. I've pulled a 7:09 2K before at Regionals last year after two WODs and thought that was painful, but I literally couldn't stand up for 10 minutes after this.

Tabata mash-up was performed as soon as I could move post-1K. Took the box jumps easy, as I haven't done them since the knee-swelling/cortisone shot three weeks ago.

Michael McCabe said...

1. 155#
2. 3:12
3. 336

pressed out the snatch a little, so i guess 145 is true 1RM

thought i gave'r hard on the tabata but there are a lot of you going 400+...impressive!

imosher said...

WOD 1: 70kg (did not feel strong kind of frustrated)

WOD 2: 3:25.4 (first time for time)

WOD 3: 347

PTS said...

1. 145* - 7 min rest
2. 3:17 --10 hour rest
3. 423

* not a max lift as my finger couldn't take the strain as the weight got heavier so I stopped at 145.

little disappointed in the row time. I did not warm up properly and as a result I gassed early. When will I learn to warm-up better?

was pleased with the tabata, especially since the rest period was spent walking in the woods for 9 hours.

NorCal Chris said...

1. 140#
2. 3:11.2
3. will post ASAP

Chris Stroud said...

Push ups
Box jump
Anchored situps

Total 391

Steve Howell said...

3.5 hours rest

WOD #3. 495

*felt really good throughout every set, like I was getting strong as the rounds went on.

Jefff said...

1. 130#
2. 3:15
3. 407 (Mash felt very good)

Brent Maier said...


1. 204# (PR)
2. 3:10.9 (PR)
3. 376

Part 3 Notes:
I felt good today! Box jumps for the first time were amazingly fast and easy. I couldn't possibly do any more box jumps and maintain full extension at the top. Pushups and situps are getting better.

Pushups: 24/22/18/15/13/13/13/12
Box (21"): 16x8
Situps: 17/15/15/14/15/14/14/14

Steve, 495? Bloody hell man, I would like to see a video of that performance.

will said...

176# pr
3:15.9 first time rowing a 1k so pr?
303 did tabata straight through didnt read mashup instructions. way to go guys on the mid and high 400s

Kyle F said...

WOD 1: 165#
WOD 2: 3:21
WOD 3: 302

Not happy with Snatch. Wasn't receiving the bar in the correct position. Row felt good and so did Tabata. Should have pushed a little harder in the Tabata, was saving a little for the end.

Anonymous said...

1. 135
2. 3:26
3. 399
Snatch still needs lots of work
First time doing 1km sprint
5min rest between 1 & 2 , 20min rest between 2&3
Wod 3 felt good would have liked to get at least 1 more

Chris Fodera said...


1. 155#
2. 3:15.1

PWO: 30gP (Jarrow shake), 1.5 scoops Refuel
60 min later: turkey, apple, almond butter

1. Started with 95 a couple times and then 115. Then worked my way up in 10# increments to failure at 165#. I feel like I am muscling it up from about 6" above my head. Both 155# and 165# efforts in this video, please critique:
2. Last 200m hurt. Was able to stay at about 1:36-1:37 for the first 500-600 and managed to stay below 1:40/500 for the entire row. Was gassed as hell at the end and my legs were dead. Laid out for about 25 minutes trying to recover. Interesting part is that I wasn't uncomfortable at all for about the first 600m. Should I have gone out harder? Not sure how I will approach this one next time it comes up. Suggestions?

Resting for a while before Part 3. Will post after completion.

Lindsey said...

1. 75#
2. 4:41 - no rower, subbed 1k run. my running is terrible and could obviously use some attention
3. 301

First time doing a tabata let alne mashing it together :) I really liked the concept though. Didn't know what to expect and didn't push myself hard enough, a mistake I will not make twice!

NorCal Chris said...

1. 140#
2. 3:11.2
3. 301 (24" box)

Erik Luber said...


PU: 24,20,18,16,15,13,13,12
BJ: 17,15,17,18,15,18,19,19
SU: 20,20,18,18,18,17,18,18
Total: 416

Super stoked on this score, thought I could do a 360 at best. Felt great throughout. Although I should note that I did not get full extension on the BJs, as ROM was not specifed, just both feet on the box.

Surrey Sterling said...


PU 24,15,12,11,10,10,9,8
BJ 13,14,16,17,18,18,18,17
SU 15,15,15,14,13,14,13,14

Snatch coming along always work in progress.

The row I held a Projected finish for 1:20 until the last 250 when I increased my power output to the finish. My PR is 3:14:6 and I wasn't rowing at a PR pace. I wasn't smashed after but I did have some nasty burning arms but strangly my legs were not burning at all.

Love the Tabata and was coughing nicely for an hour after these two hits.

Steve I second that, rowing a 3:37 then smashing almost a 500? Somethings wrong with those numbers dude.

Lauren said...

1. 105# PB match
2. 3:38 --- ouch!!! stopped with 250m left, if Randy wasn't there i don't think i would have started again. Possibly went out too fast.
3. 366 - sit-ups were the hardest.

Surrey said...

Sorry Steve you ran. I apoligize. At any rate lets see that performance on video dude.

unit said...

WOD1- 177... shoulder is starting 2 feel better...
2min rest
WOD2- 3:05.5... 1st 500 in 1:29.6... then lost pace bw 500-800m, finished strong
30min rest, gym closed and had 2 drive 2 a 24hr globo...
WOD3- 523... did not record individual sets... just had tabata timer and kept pushing...

Brent... sweet job on the ginormous snatch pr!...

dawgs, I can't thank all y'all enough 4 ur support the other day... it is well appreciated...
coach, I accept ur challenge... thank u 4 that... I'll start right now 2 try and get work taken care of to the best of my abilities...


Steve Howell said...

*Correction WOD#3 was 432 I counted the 8th round twice sorry about that guys.

Brent, thanks for pointing that out

Surrey, thanks as well. where did you get the 3:37 row time from? I did a 1k run

Geoff Aucoin said...

Wes, with a video of one missed lift it's tough to determine what's going on, but I'd have to say you're not doing yourself any favours quitting the exercise to do something you like more. Your miss @ 145 looked a bit like you're pulling early so the bar is out in front of you. On the next lifts (the HPC) your timing is better because your torso is more vertical when you jump the weight up so you can get under it better.

Sterling, why a 500m row with no explanation? What's going on here today?

Surrey said...

Yes Steve again sorry, Your numbers were shouted to me and I thought that was what I heard. Sorry I should have checked first before calling you out. In future I'll make sure to do that.

Unit 3:05 you and obtaining the inhuman status. I'd love to see your number breakdown on that tabata man! To bad you didn't have a counter!

Make it happen dude, get to those games!

Steve Howell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Surrey said...

Thanks Brother that is 3:18.2 and I wish I could row a 1:18!! That would be sweet.

joey warren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve Howell said...

No worries surrey my bad for not being able to add! lol

Surrey Sterling said...

Holyshit! 3:03 Warren! I've never heard of anyone rowing that fast! Amazing! Just incredible might there man, fucking Iron Lungs over there!

Dave X said...

Great job today all!

1. 175# new PR!
2. 3:24 new PR!!
3. 403

Make room at the bowl boys, this Dawg is hungry!

For those scoring at home...Word verification: mensuck

joey warren said...

1. 200#
2. 3:03.7
3. 432

1. PR on snatch by 15lb (prev PR 185lb). I took video if anyone wants to watch and criticize, that would be much appreciated. I need to focus on sitting back on heels in catch and my butt my raise initially too fast. 20 min rest

2. I held a 1:27/1:28/1:29 pace through about 700 m then fell to a 1:37 pace and was pulling with all my might but could not get the pace back down. Next time pace myself at 1:30 pace. It would be very diffivult to break 3min- 4 hour rest
3. felt very consistent on tabata mash. probably could have moved faster on box hops. Need to practice moviing faster. My lungs were fine, muscles started to fatigue but need to move quicker!

Wes Hendricks said...

thanks for the feedback I can always count on your 2 cents. You wouldn't happen to know of any drills I could do to work on my power snatches from the floor. Or do I just need to keep doing them?

YoungManRumble said...

1. 145 - no press out 1hr rest
2. 3:14 PR
3. 360 - box jumps could be quicker

okay..those big dawgs posting 425's and higher. I need to see some video on this. I'm no Joey but I'm no slouch either. I had Surrey and Mike counting reps and time and keeping track of time. I maybe if the stars aligned I could have gotten 30 more reps. So to see a 523 is like getting lapped twice on this WOD.

Anthony said...


10 minutes rest in between each round.

Wes Hendricks said...


Congrats on the 200 marker so sick. I want a 200lb snatch bad.....I got a long long way before it.

Laura said...

2. Not done--still not feeling all that great (sore throat)
3. 374

Gord #3- 362

Took you down on that one big boy! Nice to have someone to go head to head with today.

YoungManRumble said...

How does Unit beat Joey by 91 reps...I must have done this workout wrong. Someone needs to explain this to me? I'm gonna to have to do this again tomorrow...

Surrey said...

Well only way to confirm is by video and the rockstar doesn't have any video. Can you do it again Unit!

Chris Dunkin said...

3. 398

2min rest

4. 30sec for distance on the Airdyne: .28 (appropriatly refered to as satans tricycle)

Scotty helped keep track of my rounds. Pushups started to fail on 7th and 8th round.
Amazing times and weights today. Thanks for the push.
Very unfortunate injury at CFGP today. Jesse ruptured his Achilles landing during one of his box jump reps. He'll have surgery wednesday and then a very long recovery.

Surrey said...

EWWW! Wish you a speedy recover Jesse! I feel for ya man! Heal up and come back strong!

Craig said...


Pr'd on snatch. Row burned out the legs. Tabata was fun!! I like the mash.

Brent Maier said...

Holy Bejesus Unit, I dare you to put down that book, change out of your PJ's, and go hit WOD 3 again just for the fun of it, with the camcorder rolling. I know your thinking about it! I want to see how a 500+ count on a WOD like this is possible.

April said...

Will try this in the AM. Lindsey, I'll be gunning for your numbers!

It has been hard to get all the WODs lately. I get home from work at 7:30 and my only desire for the night is to spend time with my daughter. So work days do not equal working out days.

Joel B. said...

Awesome pr Power Snatch Brent and Joey...well over bw...nice! Great PR's by lots of Dawgs out there today. Hope the Achilles surgery goes well for Jesse (tough break, man) and those with odd nicks and stuff heal up quick and get ready to rock leading up to comp dates.

Brent Maier said...

Jesse, sorry to hear about your injury today. We're all pulling for you, get well soon!

david83 said...

very bad day for me went skiing all day because of work and was really tired. Not happy with myself

Power Snatch 165 -very low because that is my pr for squat snatch -shit just felt heavy today.

Row -3:24 - no pr (dont have one)

Tabata- 421 -pretty happy with that number

The training with you guys on this blog is great. There is some amazing postes. Thanks for the support and Thank you to james for the program.

David M

Chris Fodera said...


3. 376

PWO: 20gP (Jarrow Shake), 1.5 Scoops Refuel

- I felt pretty decent at the end and believe that I left way too much in the tank. Despite the fact that the rounds became increasingly more difficult, I probably should have gone much more intense at the front end.
- Felt the Right Knee a little during the box jumps, but nothing too uncomfortable.
- Haven't felt this good after a Tabata in a long time, so I clearly should get into that discomfort zone and learn to accept staying there for a given period of time.

1. 22, 18, 15 = 55
2. 20, 18, 14 = 52
3. 20, 17, 13 = 50
4. 16, 18, 13 = 47
5. 14, 18, 13 = 45
6. 14, 18, 11 = 43
7. 12, 18, 12 = 42
8. 12, 18, 12 = 42

PushUps: 130
Box Jumps: 143
SitUps: 103

Andrea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Fodera said...


Good luck w/ the surgery and I hope you heal up soon.

JAM said...

1. 175#
2. 3:13
3. 433 reps

Mack Lar said...

1. 155lbs
Attempted 165 lbs 5 times but it was not happening. After thinking about it afterwards and doing some reading I think a little wider grip may help me. I can't help but let the barbell bounce off of my quads which is putting the weight out in front of me. I can't "scoop" and pull the weight inwards.
2. 3:25 Tried to maintain a 1:40 pace. If Coach posts "Sprint Row" does that imply that you should not pace and just fly and die? I wondered if my approach to this was correct.
3. 411 Felt great during the entire Mash. Pushups slowed a little but everything else was done UB. Situps done anchored with an Abmat.

Surrey Sterling said...


Ross Blake said...

1. 55kg pr;full lock out
2. 3:16 pr by 3sec
3. 351

Surrey said...

This is bullshit, we don't move forward till this is covered..

Paul Klein said...

Young man rumble, did you do the tabata "mashup" style or regular tabata? The numbers with a regular tabata (completing all 8 sets of push ups before moving on to do all eight sets of box jumps etc) will most likely be lower.

I did 20 sec work / 10 sec rest of push ups , box jumps, and situps x 8 sets. I understood this to be the mashup.

Sugar Shane said...

1. 145lbs
2. 3:23
3. 293

Latham Fell M/29/184 said...

142.5 lbs, PR by 7.5 lbs

100 45 lb SDHPs unbroken, 2:21. This sub is a little too easy.

359 points.

Covino24 said...

23yrs/male/180 lbs/Naple,

Been crossfitting for 3 months now and Im not looking back.. Everyone on here is so inspiring and the times/power outputs are amazing! Im a day behind so its nice to see everyone's comments and have something to shoot for.

1)150 lbs... failed at 155, beat my PR by 50lbs

2)3:39, first time rowing a 1000k Sprint, brutal.. My ass fell of the seat 100ms in cost me a few seconds. 15 Mins rest after this one!

3) 366

dmarsh said...

Power snatch: 165# (PR) PR for snatch is 178. Failed twice at 170...the first miss was oh so close.

Row: 3:28.7 (PR) Still a weakness but getting stronger.

Tabata Mash: 370 (138, 124, 108)

Tyler Smith said...

1. 165#
2. 3:18
3. 418

dontpanic356 said...

1. 205#
2. 3:07
3. 397

Rossco said...


1. 175 First PS 1RM. Balance was shaky, had to step forward.
2. 120 20kg SDLHP in 3:20. Have rowed a couple 3:20 1k in the past, so that seemed like a reasonable time.
3. 364. Jumping on the porch steps slowed me down a little.

This is my first workout, but I have been watching the site for about 10 days. Came off 5 days active rest (business trip)following 45 days of 3/1.

Training time is early morning east coast, so I am a day behind.

Mike said...

1) 140 (PR!)
2) 3:22 (500m at 1:34)
3) 458
Push ups 36/33/30/26/26/26/26/26
Box Jumps 12/12/13/12/11/12/12/12
Sit Ups 16/19/16/16/17/17/16/16

unit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
unit said...

welcome aboard mike mallin... good 2 c u on here bro, and hope 2 c more of u!... nice job 2day...

April said...

Welcome Mike! Glad Garry pulled you in.

Mike said...

Hey guys,
I been watching this site for a while. I just started going to SLC crossfit, so I think my adherence to OPT will be patchy, but I'll try to post it up when I do it. I like the volume- it seems higher than standard CF gyms.

CF Hampton Roads said...

Sorry for the inconsistent posting recently. Busy growin' the gym.

1. 170# (PR)--squat snatch PR is 175#...hmm. thinkin that's not my PR anymore

2. 3:24. lot's more in the tank...need more consistency through the middle

3. 356

Geoff Aucoin said...

P. Snatch 176 (pb), tried 178.5 and missed badly. Nearly tore both my shoulders because I'm jumping waaaaay forward.

Waited 15+ minutes and started the 1K but bailed. Went back a little later and did it in 3:28 on damper 5 and foot setting 1. Killing myself for anything less than a PB effort is not worth it; at least not today.

I took today as a testing day for the row because I had a big feed of bacon, eggs and sprouted grain toast for brekkie. Turns out that's a terrible pre-row meal but good for snatching.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh and I watch Mike brOPT FitzGerald crush a deadlift 1RM and 1K row today.

Look. Out. World.

Dave X said...

What did he do, Geoff?

Steve Smith said...

Playing catchup for the next few days. Spent the weekend driving the south east for weddings and graduations.

1: 203lbs
Pretty pleased with the number, but man, I've got some work to do on my technique.

20 min rest

2. 3:13
First 500 completed in 1:28. Straight crashed on the second 500.

40 min rest

3. 398
No counter. Probably should have pushed harder here.

See you guys tomorrow!