Sunday, Dec 13th, 2009

Day 18 Training:

A1. Overhead Squat @ 32X1; 3 x 5 - 80% effort; rest 90 sec
A2. Supinated Chin Ups @ 40X2; 3-4 x 5; rest 90 sec
B1. BB Forward Lunges @ 20X0; 5-6/leg x 3; rest 75 sec
B2. Clap Chin Ups @ 10X0; 6-15 x 3; rest 75 sec
C. DB Back Extensions @ 2020; 10-15 x 3; rest 90 sec

clap hands at top of chin up
post loads and notes to comments
bench mark workout on Dec 15th
post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/25g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/10g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/20g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/30g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Kevin O'Malley said...

Any help on a couple of the movements would be great...
Barbell Forward Lunges- Do we have he bar racked at the back squat position and just lunge with each leg...

Dumbbell Back Extensions- I know there are varying ways for this one... If anyone has video of how to perform this correctly, that would be great???

Thanks Everyone

Kevin O'Malley said...

One More thing with the Clapping Chin-Ups, are we allowed to kip or are these performed strict.... with the clap performed at top and then lower for 1 second down...

Garage Crossfitter said...

Results for Dutch-
100kg snatch
130kg CJ

Awesome job Dutch...

Noah Milstein said...

A1) x3@ 55kg/55/57.5/57.5/57.5kg
A2) x4@ 25kg/30/32.5/32.5/32.5kg
B1) x5/5@ 60kg/60/60kg
B2) x10/10/10
C) x10@ 15kg/15/15kg

A1) Power snatched the bar from the floor. Set 4 was the only broken OHS set, I lost my balance after the first rep and had to snatch it back. I really need coaching on my OHS
A2) Sets #4 and 5 were broken. #4 was 3+1 reps and #5 was 2+1+1 reps. I'm not sure, but I feel like my range of motion could have been a bit deeper on the negative. I'll play with this for next time.
B1) This was damn hard. If it comes up again I'll go for a higher rep scheme at the same weight. I clean and jerked the weight from the ground and lowered it to a rear rack. All unbroken.
B2) My gym doesn't have the ceiling height to do these justice. I was able to get up high enough to clap but my head was just below the ceiling and I would have liked to kip higher. Either way these were killer - first attempt ever.
C) Surprisingly hard. I sat the DB behind my neck and kept it in check with my hands on either side very much comparable to hands to the temples.

Killer WoD. Keep 'em comin'

Garage Crossfitter said...

A1 95,115,125,135,140-felt good to practice these...its been awhile
A2 20,25,30,35,45(3) hard tempo

B1 95,105,115. right hip much weaker than left, this needs to be addressed.
B2 15x3, first set was awkward, but last two sets fast and easy. grip was narrow on the bar.

C 15lb(15) 15lb(10) 15lb(10) OUCH

Garage Crossfitter said...

*DB held across chest*

Sugar Shane said...

A1. 135 on all sets - These have always been a weakness

A2. 30lb vest (4, 4, 4, 4, 3) - Had to use some huge kips to get my chin over the bar toward the end.

B1. 155 (6,6), (6,6), (6,6) - tough, but probable could've gone a little heavier

B2. 14, 13, 10 - Felt good on these. Hands got closer together as the sets went on. Tore two large blisters on my left hand on the last set

C. 20lbs (13, 10, 8) - Hamstrings were on fire

Matt said...

Is this what the forward lunge should be like?

rwcorson said...

Matt, that's correct. Remember the tempo is 20X0, lower for a 2 count, no rest in the bottom, X=explode up (or at least have the intention to do so), no rest at the top.

Paul Klein said...

A1. 135, 145, 145, 145, 145x4
A2. 30, 32.5, 32.5, 32.5, 32.5 4 reps for all

B1. 95, 115, 115 6/leg for all three
for some reason these were really hurting my knees, mainly the back leg during the lunge. So I kept the weight light
B2. 10, 10, 9 My hands are destroyed from these!

C1. 15lbs for all three

What was ever made of the Tabata scores yesterday? I feel like I must have screwed something up, this was the first time I have had a time/score that wasn't 50% of the heavy hitters here. What the eff?

My break down was like this
Pushups 20"box jumps Anchored Situp
1 24 19 19
2 25 20 17
3 23 19 17
4 20 19 16
5 17 18 14
6 15 19 15
7 16 20 16
8 14 20 14

Jess Hviid Skov said...

A1: 45kg all set
A2: 3 strict pull up 30 kg all set

B1: 6 x 3 DB 20kg
B2: First time trying Clap chins up
so startede with: 1:7 2:10 3:15

C. 15 x 3

Extra: Did a 500 m ro sprint
New PR 1:33

Joel B. said...

Hey Paul, looks to me like you did it right...or at least I did it the same way. When my numbers seem off (compared to the pack) I usually check my ROM. If the standard is met...then great job! You killed it! That's my perspective anyway.

Omar Arvizu said...

A1 185x3 all sets unbroken
A2 1.5pood kbell x 4,4,3,3,3

B1 135BB x 6 all set L,R
B2 8,6,6 those were fun! but really hard, pull ups ain't my forte

C Felt it tight! all set for 15 @ 25lbs
Looking foward for Tuesday

I'm gonna get that Bench mark for everyone to do at my box

EHR said...

Eric R

A1 145,150,155,160,165# all 3s
A2 12kg, 20, 24, 28, 32kg all 4s
B1 145,155,165# all 6/leg
B2 15,15,15 felt easy
C 25,35,35#

bso said...

A1. 145/125/125/130/130
A2. 10(4);20(4)*;20(4);25(4);35(4)
B1. 95(6);115(6);145(6)
B2. 14;10;7
C. 15#x15; 15#x10x2

A1. Started a bit heavy for the "80% effort"
A2. Clearly started too light. Second set messed up the tempo by hanging 1-2s at bottom.
B1. Also started too light.
B2. Made the bar pretty bloody on the first set.
C. Wanted 15 reps per set to work on stamina... didn't happen. Low back was toast... walked funny for about 5 minutes after.

I need to change my warm-up strategy when facing an unknown task. I usually do some rowing, dynamic stretching, and sometimes hit trouble spots on the roller. But I'm finding that when I don't know what to expect it takes quite a few sets at the new activity to get the CNS jacked up. Just notes for next time....

weezie said...

A1 - 135 x 3 / 145 x 3 / 150 x 3 / 150 x 3 / 150 x 3
A2 - 40 x 4 / 45 x 4 / 50 x 4 / 52.5 x 3 / 52.5 x 3

B1- 115 x 6 / 125 x 6 / 135 x 6
B2 - 8 / 7 / 6 (subbed stomach to bar kipping pullups)

C - 2 x 20 lb DB for 10 / 10 / 7 (45 degree bench, died on last set)

Legs felt strong on the OHS. Shoulders not so much. Definitely stayed in the 80% range, though.

Never done clapping pullups before and my warmup attempts made me feel like I was going to crack all of my teeth on the pullup bar. Not very coordinated to say the least. Opted to sub bar muscle up style kipping pullups with entire chest clearing the bar, contact being made with abdomen. Will work on these in my warmup so I can hit them as rx'd next time these come around.

Think I might have goofed the lunges and back extensions. Had the bar racked on my back for the lunges and used two DBs, one held in each hand, for the back extensions. Felt tremendously awkward. Should have known better.

Stephen Flamm said...

A1. 95/105/115/125/135
A2. 4 x bodyweight

B1. 95/95/105/115
B2. 6 x bodyweight

C. 10 @ 35 lb., 2 x 10 @ 12 lb.

Definitely could have gone heavier earlier on the overhead squats. Accidently did four sets of B. Lunges were tougher than I thought. Our pull-up bars have a square tube parallel bar about four inches above the round tube, which I quickly discovered was not conducive to finger health during clapping pull-ups. So, I substituted flying pull-ups with a release from the low bar and a catch on the high bar, with the chin above hands at the catch. Started too heavy at 35 to maintain tempo, so dropped to 12. A toughe day than I expected.

Michael McCabe said...

A1. 125 for all sets -tried to hang in that bottom position for as long as i could bear
A2. 30, 40, 60, 65, 65x3
B1. 185x6/legx3
B2. 15x3, kipping
C. 15x12x3, holding DB like a bowtie

postWOD fuel: whey and sweet potato (~35p/15c)
50mins later: chicken, veggies, milk, apple, cashews

Jefff said...

A1. 135,145,150,155,160(1) - Higher than 80% effort by the end. Lost last set forward, but weight felt pretty good.
A2. 25,35,45,50,55(3)
B1. 135,145,155
B2. 10 (trying to get a rhythem), 9 (felt good and easy until palm tear), Skipped last set due to hand.
C. 20#, 20#, 20# (All 15 reps. tempo may have gotten a little faster on last few reps of last set).

Still trying to get used to new pull-up bar (Stud Bar). Hands have been taking a beating on it lately!

bso said...

Reflecting on the last week's training... On three workouts this week I felt that my warm-up was inadequate for optimal performance...
1k row
today's chinups & forward lunges

This week I'll make a point of putting in a lot of good reps at lighter weights to ramp up the nervous system... seems I might need a bit more volume to get charged up in this colder weather.... If anyone else has tips....

Agnew said...

A1. 115, 125, 135, 135(2), 125 Failed foward on 4th set
A2. 25, 25, 25, 25, 25
B1. 115, 115, 115
B2. 15x3 Kipp as high as I could go sub for clap
C. 17.5#x15, 17.5#x12, 17.5#x10 low back was burning!! Felt awsome!

David said...


A1. 3 x 5 @ 166 lbs
A2. 4, 4, 4, 3, 3 @ 50 lb vest

B1. 6, 6 @ 133, 6 @ 155
B2. 10, 10, 10

C. 3 x 15 @ 25 lbs.

OHS felt fine, probably should have gone up 10-20. Weighted pu were awkward with vest, I didn't strap it and it bounced around a bit.

Wes Hendricks said...

A2.Prone Chins:25-40-40-45-50x3
B2.Supine bb rows:95x12-115x8-135x6
C1.BE: 10-10-10 w/ 10lb DB...these were extremely extremely hard for me. I barley was able to keep tempo.

Long story short couldn't do supine chins in my garage so I did prone. Also couldn't do clapping pull-ups in my garage so subbed supine barbell rows. OHS very easy felt great, feel very comfortable in the bottom position of the OHS. Back extensions killed me

40c of applesauce/40p of Jarrow whey

PTS said...

ohs- 95,105,115,125,130
supine pulls- 4x25,4x30,4x37.5, 4x45, 3x45

skipped part B because I have spent the last 3 days walking in the woods and I have a bball game tomorrow. Couldn't do the clap chins due to finger.

db back ext -15x10lbs, 12x15lbs, 10x15lbs.

Gord said...

A1. 98/108/115/125/130
A2. just did weighted chin for 6 reps. no tempo(the slow down hurts elbow) 10/15/17.5/20/25 elbow was ok
B1 120/132/145
B2 worked on getting chins 15X3. kip felt awkward but better than last time. -no pain in elbow
c 5,7.5,10 (12)

Laura said...

A1: 70/75/80/85/88 Bar was forward all day today
A2: done on parallel grip bar (elbow pain on straight bar) 7.5/10/15/17.5/20
B1: 80/85/90
B2: 6/7/7--hands wore out before anything else
C: 5/7.5/10(10)

Covino24 said...

wish i could have met you when you were at CrossfitRedline but my work schedule didn't allow it. Just wanted to thank you for this training blog!!

I had a few questions about the post wod fuels, where are people getting the majority of their carbs from, My coach gave me a good one That I believe OPT made.. sweet potatoe/apple sauce/& protein powder
Any other good ideas?? im in the 8%& below BF range. Thanks in advance!

Im a full day behind in my training so my post will be tomorrow!

NorCal Chris said...

A2.Supinated Chins:17-21-23-25-25x5 (3 on last 2)
B2.Clap Pullups: 6.6.6
C1.BE: 10-10-10 w/ 10lb DB

Mike Molloy said...

A1: 135x3 for all sets.
A2: 40x4 for all sets.

B1: 115x6/leg for all sets
B2: 10 for all sets.

C1: 15# for 15 reps for all sets.

Coughing like crazy by end, still recovering from the flu.

Dave X said...

A1. 95-115-120-125-130
A2. 35-35-40-40-45
B1. 95x10 x3sets
B2. 6-6-7
C. 15# x3 sets

Erik Luber said...

A1. 25 kg, 35, 40, 42 (PR), 44(1+f)
A2. 5 kg, 10, 20, 22x2, 20
B1. 40kg, 45, 52.5
B2. 15 all unbroken

No part C, my workout partner hurt herself on the BB lunges, so called it quits and got some ice on her lowerback as soon as possible. Clapping chin ups were fun, really go the feel for these, OHS felt better today, starting to get that extra bit of depth in the hole.

joey warren said...


A1. 145,145,145,155,155
A2. 50lb, 55lb, 60lb, 65x3, 65x3

B1. 135, 145, 155
B2. all unbroken- took some coordination, tried to get as high as possible and keep tempo on way down

C. 25lb, 30lb, 35lb- burned bad

Hard to get moving today, my core has been crushed for the last week, but I love it, keep bringing it coach, thanks for all the help!!!

Post Wod- 40gC yams, 40gP Jarrows WHey protein
The next week I am going to try real food post wod fuel and see how I feel

Anthony said...

A1 135# X 4, 140 X 1
A2 20# X1, 30# X2
Had a bit more on the OHS but this is in the 80% range. Tempo for the chins was tough, I actually lowered to a 6 count a few times.

B1 Totally screwed the pooch here. Just went with an empty bar and kept saying these aren't hard at all.
B2 10-6-6

C 10# 10-10-8 with a 10# plate behind head.

PWO Fuel 40 grams of whey and 18 grams of waxy maize starch.

imosher said...

A1. 132,142,142(4),142,154(2)lb (got a little excited at the end there and tried for more than I had today)
A2. 25,30,35,40,45lb (all felt good, not easy though)

B1. 88,110,115lb (maybe a little conservative but it was not easy)
B2. 15,15,12 (first time with these, took a while to get the feel)

C. 15lb, 15,11,11 (amazingly painful)

Andrew Romeo said...


A1: 135, 145, 150, 155, 165 x 3 (extra- 175x2)
A2: 53, 53, 63, 63, 70.6 x 4

B1: 175x10, 175x12, 175x10 (really hard, physically and mentally)
B2: 13, 13, 9

C: 15# x 15 all sets- very hard

Grant said...

A1 110x3/130x3/142x3/147x3/152x3
A2 40x4/55x4/55x4/55x4/65x4

B1 95x6/leg, 110x6, 130x6
B2 9 rep's/12 rep's/12 rep's

C 15# clavical hold/25# behind head/25# behind head elbows high. All 15 reps

Anonymous said...

A1. 5/95 5/115 5/130 5/130 5/130
A2. 4/45 4/45 4/50 4/55 4/60
B1. 6/95 6/120 6/135
B2. 15,15,15
C. 15/5lb 15/10lb 12/15lb
O/H squats felt good
First time doing BB forward lunges started a little light but weight on last set was good.
First time with clapping chin ups better then I thought they would be.

Chris Stroud said...

23yrs/ 161lb / 5'7
A1. 135x3-145x3-155x2-165x2-175x3
A2. 35x4-40x4-53x3-70x3-70x2
B1. 135x6 a side - 155x5 a side - 175x3 a side
B2. 15-15-11
C1. 15-10-10 with 10lb behind neck

unit said...

A1- 135 / 135 / 155 / 185(2) / 185(2)
A2- 30(5) / 40(4) / 50(4) / 70(3) / 70(3)
B1- 135(6s) / 155(6s) / 155(6s)
B2- 15 / 15 / 15
C- 25(15) / 25(15) / 25(15)

wu- quite unsettled after yesterday... yes, Brent I was up at 3am (on call) debating whether or not 2 redo the WOD yest... only thing that held me back was lack of something abt 20" 2 jump on!... redid tabata mash from yesterday as warmup 2day... 501... the video was gd in the sense that it taught me I need 2 learn gd pushup form... prob feels better than it looks 2/2 years of shitty technique... first time seeing myself... this was a great learning experience... also, I see things I need 2 Q myself on with the other exercises...



Dave X said...

Good show, Unit, on the Tabata redo. Considering your body of work on the blog historically, I personally feel the need to justify yourself is unwarranted and unneeded. I'd be more shocked if a newbie popped up from under a rock and dropped 500+, rather than someone like you who constantly puts up the huge numbers day in and day out, but whatever that's my .02, thanks for clearing it up regardless.


Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Took me a while to get motivated to get this one done - a weekend of bad food and sick kids...

Once i got going actually felt really good. Did a good warm up which is something i usually slack off on but realize that it is really important

A1: 80/85/90/95/100 these felt good and now that i have a matt i can drop the weight which makes it sooo much better
A2:4(10#)/4(10)/4(12.5)/3(15)/3(17.5) really pushed myself on these felt good

B1: 85/90/100 could have gone heavier i think
B2: 7/10/11 never done these before so i think my technique got better hence more reps ouch on the hands!!

C 10# all 12s oh how i long for a GHD

did some extra rowing 30/30 repeats x6 at max effort then 2x500m at about 2:10 pace. Really finding my cardio is absolutely terrible as we do so much strength work. I would love some input as to whether it is a good idea to add a little cardio each day or maybe do it on the days off. Wondering what everyone else does and James if you read this i would love your input.

Joel B. said...

A1: 95, 105, 115, 125, 135
Felt good. Focused on deep, deep hold at bottom and active shoulders.
A2: 26, 35, 40, 45, 53X3
B1: 75, 95, 115 allX6
B2: 8, 8, 8
First time trying these. Did deadhang, and "clap" was more of a hand clank. Might have been able to eek out a couple more per round, but they were already straying from an actual "clap".
C: 10#X15; 20#X12; 20#X10

joey warren said...

Unit, very impressive, like always!

Lisa, here are my thoughts, I tried to fit some cardio/metcons in with this cycle and here are my thoughts on it so far. Though remember everyone is different and may adapt differently. I would also be interested in hearing from others on the topic.

Right now we are working on strength, I would focus on that. Get stronger and use the rest days to recover. If you want to do some cardio, use it as a recovery. If you try to fit the cardio in here, I feel you would be doing it half ass. And it would also take away from your strength gains making that half ass. I would say Coach has a plan and right now it is to get stronger. Im sure the cardio/metcons will come shortly in full force. And it seems every few two day cycles we are doing some metcons like this past weekend. Use that to keep the cardio up to par.

unit said...

thanks dx and Joey...

Lisa M,
I agree with Joey... this is a strength cycle and should b treated as such... I do extra things on occasion, mostly bc I never know what my schedule will allow and when I have time off and there is no WOD, I'll do something bc I'm usually more fresh... lately these extra credit wods involve technique work with Olympic lifts... working on grip strength... heavy wt / low rep metcons... etc... if I feel rest is needed, I try 2 do active rest... play bball, jog, soccer, etc...
as Joey said, everyone is diff... this works 4 me mostly bc I'm just addicted 2 doing things and complete rest is hard 4 me, which usually only occurs if my sleep and fatigue levels r not gd and I know I have busy days ahead... gd luck finding what works 4 u!...


Brent Maier said...


A1 OHSx3: 72.5/75/80/85/91kgx2 (200#) - Couldn't finish the 3rd rep on that last set. Spent

A2 SCU: 45/55/55/65/70#

B1 BBLunge: 60/70/75kg (165#) - 6/leg all sets

B2 ClapCU: 15/12/10 - Never done these before, fun. Catching on the fingers, not the palm was crucial the third round to stop any tearing.

C DBBackExt: 25/35/35# - Hamstrings/legs hurt worse than the back did on this.

Caught a cold today, almost skipped this one. We haven't done much OHS work lately, couldn't pass it up.

dmarsh said...

A1. 155,160,165,170,175 - all pretty easy
A2. 35x4x5

B1. 110,120,130 - conservative due to left knee but felt fine. Start at 130 next time.
B2. 15,12,15 - stopped at 12 set 2 due to a tear coming on.

C. 25#x10,15,14

Evan Johnston said...

A1. 105,115,125,135,145 all 3
A2. 15,27,25,30,35 all 4
B1. 95,115,125 all 6/leg
B2. 6,6,6- wow these are tough, definitely going to work on.
c. 15 pounds- back smoked so only could get 10 out per set.

Brent Maier said...

My request for Unit to get out of bed and redo that WOD last night was purely meant for my growth. Considering I train alone, anything I can see besides a number on a blog helps me grow. I learn by watching and if there were any flaws on his behalf, then it's would have been a win/win for both of us. I think I'm more disappointed he didn't accept the challenge last night though. It's going to be hard for you to sleep tonight now, isn't it Unit! ;)

unit said...

lol... Brent... ur right on point on all accounts!... as one who trains alone I know exactly what ur saying... and yep... gonna b difficult getting some shut eye 2night!...

Ali Loach said...

A1. 115(3)/125(3) stayed at this weight for remaining sets. Felt good. Mentally was off as it's been awhile since I did relatively heavy OHS and I was afraid of re-injuring my "snuff Box" ;o)
A2. 10(3)/10(4)/15(3)/15(3)/15(3)
*these guys were tough; tempo kicked my ass
B1. 75(6)/95(6)/105(5)
B2. 6/5/6
*was skeptical of the "clapping chins" but they were easier than I thought. WIth a littlre more practice I think I may actually be able to make an audible "clap" rather than just touch my hands together :o)
C. 3 sets of 10 using 25#

will said...

a1. 135,155,185,205,225 temp wasnt there on the last one
a2. prone pull up w plates on mid chest. 45,55,70,90,135 all x 4 must be doing something wrong because those seem too heavy
b1. 135, 185,205 shallow because of hurt toes
b2. 12, 15, hands gave out on last round and only got 3
c2. 45 x15, 45 x 12, 45 x 10 did them too fast

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Thanks unit and Joey I appreciate the input. I think because that 1k row yesterday seriously kicked my ass and everyone else seemed to have good numbers I was wondering if I was missing something. Plus not running for so long my calves are still like two big rocks after the 5 on 2 off wod the other day. they won't relax after three days and tons of stretching and rolling. My thought was that I should try and incorporate some running either into my warm up or days off so that I don't feel like this every time we do a met con

and yes Ali we must protect the snuff box at all costs!!

April said...

did yesterday's this AM...

snatch 75# (10lb PR)
I was so close to 80. I think it was more of a mental thing.

tabata mash (BJ 17")
My pushups were pretty bad, but ironically I was still happy with them. 3 months ago I could barely do 2 pushups!

Cut out row do to time constraints.

will said...

just looked and realized supinated referred to hands not body oops

bso said...

will... if you thought supinated meant body, how the hell did you do "prone pullups"????? lol... video please!!!!

Lauren said...

A1. 85, 95, 105, 115, 125 - felt really good and probably was a 3 RM PB.
A2. 15lbs x 3 for all
B1. 95,105,125
B2. 15, 15, 23 (just for fun) I don't know if I was doing these right. Does your chin have to come above the bar?- mine wasn't, but I definitely had a good clap.

ran out of time for C.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Wes. Supinated pull-ups = palms facing you. Please video a supine and prone pull-up so we know what you're talking about.

Didn't we cover the whole 'extra cardio' question a while ago? Do these WODs. Eat good. Sleep good. Take care of your bodies.

See improvement.

Chris Fodera said...


A1. 95, 95, 115, 115, 130
A2. 35x4, 40x4, 53x4, 70x3, 70x3
B1. 135, 135, 135
B2. 15, 15, 15
C. Don't have DBs at home so held 5 and 2.5 pound plates in each hand at my neck.

PWO: 30gP (Jarrow Shake), 10gC (mashed sweet potato w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: spaghetti squash with meat sauce, mac nuts

A1. First time I have really done anything leg related since hurting my knee. I concentrated greatly on form and ensured that I was keeping my stance correct. 130 felt a little heavy, though I suspect it is because I haven't squatted on done anything overhead in quite some time.
A2. Should have started heavier. Next time I would try to do all 5 sets at 70.
B1. Again; first time working legs since injury. Felt pretty good, although I know I can go much heavier from previous WODs. Knee felt good during this so I decided not to push it.
B2. These felt great. I haven't read through the posted comments yet, but I maintained an awesome rhythm. I think the clap was forcing me into a nice kip rhythm that was unbroken on all 3 sets. I was basically pull like Chest to Bars. Felt really good.
C. Last set was a little rough, but manageable. Should go heavier next time.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Michael said...

A1. 135, 145, 155, 165, 175- felt light and solid
A2. 18, 18, 36, 36, 36- could have gone heavier here but kinda kept the 80% rule for A1 with A2
B1. 155, 175, 175- again felt solid but heavy
B2. 15 x 3- felt fast and easy
C. 20# x 12 all 3 sets

Feeling really good I think (I hope) I'm finally starting to adapt to the lower carb diet. I haven't felt fatigued yesterday or today and felt strong through it all.

Ross Blake said...

A1. 50kg-55-55-55-55
A2. 10kg-15-20-25-30
B1. 50kg-55-60
B2. 9-7-6
C. 10kgx15-10x12 10x12

Wes Hendricks said...

I understand the difference between prone and supine!
Its hard to explain but the metal thing I hold onto in my garage won't allow me to do supine chinups but I can do prone. So instead of not doing pull-ups at all I did prone instead of supine

Slater Coe said...

A1. 165, 165, 165, 165, 165
A2. 25x4, 30x4, 30x4, 30x4, 30x4
B1. 155x6, 155x6, 155x6
B2. 10, 15, 12 (slipped off the bar on each set but got back on and continued until hand strength was entirely gone
C. 20x15, 20x15, 20x12

Chris Dunkin said...

A1. 145, 150, 155, 165, 170
A2. 45, 55, 57.5, 60, 62.5
B1. 145, 155, 165
B2. 15x3
C. 12,12,15x15

With Scotty again Sunday. Very disciplined on the rest periods, and great motivation.

Craig said...

A1. 135x3(x5)
A2. 4,3,4,4,4.
B1. 95,115,135 (6)
B2. 15x3
C. 15 20#, 10@15#, 10@10#

OHS felt good. tough tempo.
first time on Sup. chin ups. tough tempo
Lunges and clap chin ups felt good.
hard tempo for back ext. had to drop weight to do correctly.
Tks, OPT.

JAM said...

A1. 135,135,135,135,145
A2. 4,4,4,4,4
B1. 135(5),135(5),135(5)
B2. 12,12,15
C. 15#,15#,15#

first time doing most of these movements and first time doing the others at a prescribed tempo. next time should be better, heavier.

david83 said...

Late Post Sorry
135- 5 reps-1 set
145- for 3 reps for 4 sets
the tempo made this very difficult
Pull-ups at tempo-4 reps

BB Lunges
135- 6 per leg all sets
CLap pull-ups - was unable because my hand is still ripped just did chest to bar for 3 sets of 10 reps

Back extentions
25 lbs for 15 reps for 3 sets



Ben said...

Following a week behind ,sticking to a plan. Only good thing is seeing everyones times and comments.Will jump on after comp Jan 14th.

Latham Fell M/29/184 said...

A1: 105, 105, 115, 125, 120.
A2: 25, 25, 25, 30, 35
B1: 95, 115, 125
B2: 15, 15, 15
C: 10#, 10#, 10# x10, behind neck

Worked out with a guy who has never snatched and has deadlifted once or twice in his life. He only does bodybuilding workouts and bench. He power snatched 200# and deadlifted 425# easily. Wish i had that kind of natural ability!

will said...

bso. idk. im all over the place. supinated body prone hands. :). i dont have a video camera and i work out in a globo so they frown on video taping so u dont get to see me make an ass of myself

Lindsey said...
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Lindsey said...

A1. 65/75/75/75/85 - need to go heavier next time
A2. 4 ea set - had to jump on many of the reps, but getting better

B1. 45/65/75 - again, should have gone heavier
B2. 15 ea set - did jumping kip instead of clapping. figure I should get a handle on regular pull ups before I try and get fancy

C. 10/25(15)/25(15) - on the last set, perhaps only 12 had full ROM but I did my best to push out the full ROM on the last 3

Obviously underestimated myself on this WOD. I need to be more confident in the strength I have now in order to push myself to the next level.

Great job on the Snatch PR, April!!

Steve Howell said...


A1: 111x5/121x5/131x5/141x5/155x5
A2: 30#x4/40#x4/45#x4/50#x3/50#x3
B1: 111x6/131x6/141x5
B2: All sets of 15 unbroken
C: 15#x15 for all 3 sets

* late post, net was down last night and most of today gotta love -35.

Covino24 said...

A1) 115# x 3 sets, 125#, 135#
A2) 6reps @ 5# x 2;
4reps @ 20# x 3

B1) 65; 85; 85
B2) 12; 10; 8

C) 10#; 15#; 15# -all 15 reps unbroken

A1) Could have, should have done all OHS at 135# but it was only my second time doing them, I wanted to make sure my form was on point.

B2) Completely ripped my hands open on the first rep of second set, powered thru those last two sets.. rest day is happily welcome!! by the way.. its 86 degrees F. down here guys:)

Saverio said...

Im a day behind everyone else so please bare with me. I was only able to OH squat 80lbs,they need a lot of work but I will get there. Managed to crank out some pretty good claping pull-ups keeping the numbers in the double digits. GHD sit-ups are not my favorites but you gotta do what you gotta do. Big props to my wife and Nick my traning partner for helping me barrel through this w.o.d. Rest on Tuesday and prepare for The bench mark.

dontpanic356 said...

Warmup: Worked up to a heavy Single CJ @ 275. This was done with metal plates and I had to lower it back down to the ground....not the most enjoyable part of the lift.

A1: 145, 155, 165, 185, 195
A2: 45, 55, 55, 55, 65x3 (all other efforts were 5 reps

B1: Read this wrong and did DB Lunges with hands at side. All reps with 70 lb DBs

B2: Bar at the YMCA is too low to kip on...just did strict pull ups

C: Did Romanian DL's with 100 lb DB' GHD bench.


Mack Lar said...

A1. 185x2/185x2/185x2/185x3/185x3
A2. 50/50/55/60/60
B1. 155/155/155
B2. 15/13/12
C. 20/20/25

Started too heavy with the OHS. Warmed up pretty good at 135lbs then threw on 80% and went for it. Finally pulled it together by 4th rd to get all three at rx tempo.

Geoff Aucoin said...

A1. 154,159,164,169,174
A2. 25,30,35,40x3,40x2
B1. 110,115,125
B2. 12,15,12 FUN!
C. 10,12.5x12, 12.5x15

2 days late.