X Mas 2009 - REST

Rest until Dec 30th.
Be active, participate in some sports, have fun, nap, rest.
I'd recommend staying away from the gym.
Dec 30-Jan 22 is a quick phase, then a rest after the Jan 23/24 comp.
It seems most who are athletes participating in CrossFit will have a good prep post competition in January for another peak for mid March, except for those in the US Northwest and US Mid West.
For those folks, e-mail me @ optimumtraining@shaw.ca and we'll chat a bit about that one.
Take the attitude that this break is a mental lesson in slowly backing up into your cave where you'll recover, grow, lick your wounds and get everything in place for the gruelling next 6 months. You and your fellow athletes will gather as a pack and dominate in whichever task you choose to participate in.
We will be making special competition T shirts for sporting events for 2010 to represent.
Post to comments your thoughts on what should be on the shirts for wording.
My expectations are high for this group.


unit said...

merry christmas coach and happy holidays 2 all the big dawgs!...

Mike Molloy said...

Thanks for everything you do Coach and happy holidays to the entire big dawg crew. Really looking forward to being pushed to fulfill my potential in the next year and beyond.

Chris said...


Happy holidays to OPT and all big dawgs. Not a follower of the WODs (yet...hopefully someday) but do enjoy following the blog and community here.

Quick question regarding the Refuel supplement - do those that take it follow the dosage as recommended on the canister? Just got some and I am trying to determine what is optimal for me as my bodyfat is not where I want it (18%+ as a guess) and have been limiting carbs even PWO accordingly. Currently doing 5 hardboiled eggs PWO as a result. Also, am trying to focus more on metcon and work capacity (as strength is not typically a limiting factor e.g. DL 475, Press 175+) over the next 6 weeks leading up to the Midwestern Sectional feb 13-14.

Any comments, thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.


Chris - CrossFit Chicago

OPT said...

Chris, for the Refuel, if you store most of your body fat on your upper back and not the love handle, i'd suggest only 2-3 scoops of Refuel and water post WO on met cons ONLY...if you store most on love handle and not upper back, i'd suggest no Refuel right now, stick to meat, nuts and veggies only, get the BF down ASAP before Jan 13, then intro Refuel post WO on all "taxing" workouts leading up to comp in Feb...hope that helps.

Wes hendricks said...


In your opinion when is the best time to use refuel?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Snuck up to OPT for the annual X-mas day WOD.

5K row in 18:40.5. That should be a PB there. Haven't done that in years, it seems. My bro did his 1st ever in 23:17!

Showed up to OPT and there was a CII rower there with a big red bow and my name on it.

Thanks, Amy, I love you!

Chris said...

Thanks OPT, I really appreciate the advice and quick feedback. I definitely fall into the latter category as most
of my BF is in the love handle and abdomen area. So come Jan 13 would you recommend I follow the dosage on the bottle or something different?

Regarding your response, should I cut fruit as well? And are eggs ok PWO or should I switch to something else before getting into the Refuel? I asked Robb W the same question at the BBS and he thought eggs and 2 pieces of fruit (1 apple, 1 orange) per day were ok on a strict paleo diet but leaning out will be easier I'm sure without the fruit. If you have a chance I'd be interested to get your perspective given your reply.

Lastly, just wanted to say I really enjoyed your presentations at the BBS. Came away with some great knowledge and notes to study up on. Thanks for everything you do for CF and the community as a whole...much appreciated.


OPT said...

Chris, if you have lost some good fat by Jan 13, then 3 scoops with H2O post WO will work on most days...then a meal low GI 45-60 min later will work...i'd knock out the fruit right now until you get some serious changes in BF

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oooh, James throws down the gauntlet. Time for some t-shirt slogans!!

Chris Fodera said...

Centered on the back

OPT = Alpha
Big Dawgs = Pack
You = Lunch

JAM said...

James (OPT),

A quick word. This officially marks the end of my first month following this program after 3 years of religiously following the xfit main site. I already set some new pr's here and feel strong. The programming here is top notch. I'll be following this site in preparation for the sectionals and hopefully regionals. Thanks a bunch for everything you put out here.


Chris said...

OPT - thanks again for the nutrition advice. Look forward to trying the Refuel when the time is right. Ready to get dialed in...no excuses.

Paul Klein said...


1. I like a simple approach with "get comfortable with uncomfortable" across the back shoulders and "Powered by Optimum Performance Training" across the front.

OPT needs a good logo to throw on there somewhere as well.

2. "OPT Competition Team" across back shoulders
"Made out of railroad ties, fueled with diesel" underneath.

3. OPT Pack Competitor...Eating Bees Since 2007.

ken c said...

t-shirt: "we don't just push the envelop, we lick it!"

what do ya think huh huh??

Wes hendricks said...

On the front: OPT

On the back: OPT's Big Dawgs.....WOOF WOOF

Geoff Aucoin said...

'OPT: forging elite Crossfitters.'

'Big Dawgs: created by CrossFit, upgraded by OPT.'

Mack Lar said...

I like the idea of a simple shirt with "OPT" or "Optimum Performance Training" on it. No fancy slogans, let our performances in the qualifiers do the talking. When several individuals at each Sectional qualify for Regionals, and they have OPT listed as their Affiliate, we will have made our statement.

dontpanic356 said...

I like the Idea of the Simple slogans...but Aucoin's last suggestion is really good.

Aaron said...

First of all, great site! I would like to start up on the next phase. I just wanted to know if there is any info I need to forward on for data collection purposes or if I just train and post times to comments? I am gearing up for the garage games in February and the sectionals in March. Any info would help. Thanks!

Brent Maier said...

There have been some great suggestions so far but I REALLY like Geoff's second suggestion.

Logo, I think it would be great for you to define all of your clothes with a little logo or circle-like object made out of the letters OPT to throw on a sleeve, top of the chest or just below collar on the back. OPT by itself is awesome, maybe those 3 letters by itself or some small tribal marks that blend the 3 letters into a circle.

My suggestion:
Front: "Defying Defeat"
Logo: Small OPT logo at base of collar in the front or back, sleeve.
Back (Geoffs suggestion): "Big Dawgs: created by CrossFit, upgraded by OPT"


Brent Maier said...

Another suggestion for front: "Know Pain, Know Gain" or "DJ Power"

Michael McCabe said...

Front - "OPT" (left chest)
Back - "Big Dawgs 2010 - Higher Order Crossfit"

i also love the "know pain know gain" slogan

Garage Crossfitter said...

Front: Designed to destroy (across chest)

Back: We bleed OPT (across upper back)

Ben said...

Merry Xmas and Happy Hols to all. Following a week behind you all is the equivalent of chinese torture but sticking to original plan . Will be on same day from Jan 17th after comp here.Getting an insight to how you have attacked the wods is great and setting goals based on the big guns is awesome also..some ridiculous numbers posted! Inspiring!
Very much looking forward to same day workout.
Dennis and Wes ,I know you are close by, are you guys interested in www.hybridathletics.com winter challenge
comp?? Any other Big Dawgs nearby NYC/CT ..Get on it!
Shirt : ''Concieve-Believe-Achieve''

Sweeney said...

Great ideas guys.

"OPT" across the left chest.

(this catches a lot of attention from the commnity...it get's you free shit all over the world...crazy)

"Big Dawgs" across the shoulder blades

"The next generation" across the back bottom

OPT said...

Aaron, just jump in and get going...i'm working on a data collection link as we speak...post on the wod days, thx

dontpanic356 said...

So I just dislocated my shoulder doing a 210 Snatch. Ive injured my right shoulder before and have managed to keep it healthy until today.

I didnt have a tight shrug in the catch position and the weight popped it out.

So....any quick remedies? Or is there a lot of rest in my future? The pain is in the rear of the shoulder when I push toward the center of my body. Just hope nothing is torn.

Any help is appreciated.

bmizzlle said...

I'm liking OPT on the left chest with a big bulldawg on the front with a barbell overhead and on the back with Geoffs suggestion on the back

Dave X said...

"I was born as a man, but I was bred as a Dawg."

Geoff Aucoin said...

dontpanic, time for a rest. Those are the instructions so now you must listen...

Anonymous said...

Shoulder is back up to 100%, cant wait to nail the next year along side you all.

Love the idea of flying the OPT colors during competition:

i haven't been able to maintain a strict following through the last few months, but i, for what it's worth, support this group over any other.

praying that the next 365 is injury free, and can keep up with you all. best wishes.

Kizzee said...


Hey... I was following a week and a half late.. (just finished dec 12 wod)... I want to just to go with the flow. Should I just rest like everyone else until dec 30 even though i didn't do the full phase?

(OT: just got PR power snatch of 135.. not much but when i started this phase I only could power snatch 125..)

Thanks for your help and this great programming.

Chris Fodera said...


a data collection link would be awesome. Not sure if it would "queryable" for us to look at previous results/exercises, but that would be great.

You and the guys/gals on here continue to make this an awesome experience.

Paul Klein said...

Coach or anyone that can answer this:

I was looking to buy a few books and wanted to get some from coach's recommended list. However, the Polquin book and the muscle testing and function book are both wicked expensive. If you could could choose just one, which one? Or is thereone on the list that is better to start with? Thanks in advance, hope everyone is having a great rest!

Wes hendricks said...

I'm reading Supertraining by Mel Siff. Great book so far!

dmarsh said...

As Coach's list is quite varied in terms of subject matter, I think it would be helpful if you narrowed it down to specific topics first.

What is it you are most interested in? Training? Nutrition? Health/Wellness?

Personally, I think Chek's "How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy" is a great resource that every trainer/athlete should read, own and continually reference. Among other things, gives a comprehensive, yet easily digestible explanation of the role stress impacts us both short and long term and how food, movement, breath, hydration, thoughts, etc impact that process.

If that particular topic interests you, "Why Zebras Don't Have Ulcers" digs even further and is also a great resource.

Really, you could just start at the top of the list and read all of them one by one...tons of great picks in there!

unit said...

did you have to pop your shoulder back in?... if you truly dislocated your shoulder, you, by definition, tore something... as geoff said... rest as rx'ed...

unit said...

Front: OPT or OPT logo

1] short term comfort = long term regret


2] Big Dawgs [top cender]
then down the back...


dontpanic356 said...


I had done it in the past and the doc said nothing was torn, but it was definately out of socket.

This time around it was only out of socket for a split second and when I dumped the weight, it went back in. Its sore, but i have full range of movement.

Im hoping its like the last time and just heals up after some rest.

bmizzlle said...

short term comfort= long term regret on the shirt is a must!!

Great idea Unit.

unit said...

sounds like u have some instability/laxity that needs rest and rehab... take care if it sooner rather than later... but just as an aside, not sure who told u nothing tore on dislocation, but something usually does... ur ligaments and tendons are in a sort of homeostasis usually, and disrupting it by taking a joint out of socket means something has 2 give... at least u were lucky in that ur bone didn't fracture in the process as it sometimes can...
if u have a car door on a hinge (driver door 4 example) and u open it well beyond what it goes, something gives, some hinge, joint, bolt, etc... it may still open and close alright and nothing may b obviously broke, however if u took that door apart, I'm sure ud find something warped, cracked, etc... it may b small, but it's there... ur shoulder is not all that different...

the idea is coach's... it is a quote he posted a few days ago and I really liked it as well!...


Brent Maier said...

Oh, I got it, I got it!

Front.... Here it comes...



Joel B. said...

Short term comfort = long term regret would make a great t.

Only thing I can think of yet is something with OPT/Big Dawgs and Unbroken on it.

Steve Howell said...

For the T-Shirt

Front: OPT or Big Dawgs on the left side of the chest.

Back: "you are steel;unbreakable.

Joel B. said...

Ok, I think combining a couple might work. Something like...OPT logo on left shoulder.
Short term comfort
Long term regret

Back across top like a name on a jersey:

Lower on the back maybe bordering on bottom:

Big Dawgs or Big Dawg Pack 2010

Don't want it to be to busy though. Also, you'd have to show up with some clankers between your legs to pull that off. But hey, that is the point I guess.

unit said...

still brainstorming...

Front: OPT logo on one side of chest

Back (top) - Big Dawgs

then below...

where 51X1 meets unbroken

Joel B. said...

I like that one Unit...I mean, I like it a lot.

Steve Smith said...

Unit's comment ("unbroken", which I really like) reminded me of William Ernest Henley's poem, "Invictus."

There are a couple of lines in the poem that could work:

Invictus = Latin for "Unconquered"

"My head is bloody, but unbowed."

"And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid."

"I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul."

Check out the whole text if you're interested.

Lisa M said...

OPT logo on front

Across shoulders "Fuelled by Crossfit, Driven by OPT"

At bottom on back Big Dawgs Pack 2010

Lisa M said...

Or I like a combo of Geoffs and mine

OPT on front and on back across shoulders:

Big Dawgs - Fuelled by Crossfit, Driven by OPT

Chris Fodera said...

"where 51X1 meets unbroken"


joey warren said...

Hope evryone had a great Christmas, Im ready to get back on a schedule especially with my eating, TOO MUCH CRAP FOOD EVERYWHERE!

A lot of good ideas out there for the shirts. I like it simple like Unit's or Steve Smith's quotes.

Finally got the Rhiannon video loaded. Here it is..


Her final score was 893. It was her first time doing it, so she didnt know how to pace it but she thinks she can get 1000 and is going to try again next week. She starts out with 250 unbroken and then takes some breaks until the last minute where she turns it on and does about 150 in 1 minute. Watch the last minute, its impressive. And its good to note how efficient she is.

Brent Maier said...

Nice suggestions today, here are a few more for the front.

"Rise Above"
"Training for Tomorrow"
"Overcoming the Unknown"

Lisa M said...

I like units it is awesome!!!'

Justin Flynn said...

Some great ideas. I like the short term comfort = long term regret and the use of unbroken somewhere on the t as we seem to be the only people that do this sort of training. I also really like the "where 51X1 meets unbroken" as that only really means something to a select group of people.

Loving this little break. Count me in for a t when they are all done.

This should clear up any speculation regarding our 500m piece the other day.


Martin Altemark said...

Front - "OPT"

Back - "Higher orders of training"

Mike Molloy said...

I have no idea how hard it would be to print the new picture at the top of this page on the back of a t-shirt, but I think that is the way to go. Maybe just write "unbreakable" below the picture.

A simple OPT logo on the front would do for me.


Justin Flynn said...

I have to say the old block style OPT in the front on the chest is sweeeeeeet! Stick with that on the front.

Geoff Aucoin said...

2K row on Dec 28th - 6:54.3.

Happy with a PB after sub-standard fuelling.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Upon some further reflection on the way home I am actually really upset with my 2K row. It kills me inside knowing that I will never reach that standards Michael and DJ have set at OPT. I need to figure out how those 2 machines fuel such amazing performances. Maybe I need more hair...

Steve Smith said...

Still brainstorming:

"Bloody but Unbroken"

Geoff Aucoin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh God, I reap what I sow.

Nice one, Mike, you became a man this year!

Brent Maier said...

Good one Mike!

Geoff, what are Mike's and DJ's 2k row time? That is one distance I have not done.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Brent, you may want to ask the Wild Stallions that yourself?

We don't know Mike's time for his last 2K row because he let go of the handle after his last stroke (which ends at his chin, hip angle is 120 degrees) and it shot forward so fast it smashed the monitor into a million pieces! All the cool kids are doing it.

Chris Fodera said...

"All the cool kids are doing it."


Dave X said...

OPT on the front

Breeding Big Dawgs since 2009 on back.

OPT's Big Dawgs... humping the fitness industry into submission one leg at a time.

OPT...Breeding Elite Fitness

optimum performance training...All the cool kids are doing it.

Geoff Aucoin said...

How 'bout - "OPT's Big Dawgs: we made Chuck Norris cry."

Erik Luber said...

Been thinking about this for a few days. Looks like I thought of similar things.

2010 Big Dawgs Pack"

"Just do it. Unbroken."

Have this below OPT logo, or a bulldog. Kind of like an OPT version of the Nike slogan...

The other one I thought of was:
"Making champions 30X0 at a time."

Also, I love the Chuck Norris one...hilarious.

bso said...

Came across a cool site I think some of you might like.


Foods in season in North America.

Kizzee said...

Any tips on making a GHD machine? Im in college atm and the school gym doesn't have one.. and I can't really pay $400 for one atm (when i get a job i will buy one).. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks

Chris Stroud said...

I'm hungry for the next cycle! Can't wait to get started.

Michael McCabe said...

I`m chompin at the bit for the next cycle too! Is it 3on/1off?

I have set some great dessert eating PRs over the break but it`s time to buckle down, eat clean, train hard, rest hard, get ready for those sectionals!

Dave X said...

Whoa! I really hope that clip isn't foreshadowing of what's to come for the next cycle!

Becky said...

i gotta say i like the idea of "started by cf, upgraded by opt." i have to give props to my beginning no matter which avenue you end up taking.

or the comfortable with uncomfortable.

looking forward to getting back to opt wods and my cf gp crew!!

Michael FitzGerald said...

I vote for...
Higher Order Training
or the standard
Get comfortable with uncomfortable

Stephen Flamm said...

I second Michael Fitzgerald's preference - keep it simple, with perhaps the addition of a "2010" reference somewhere.

unit said...

front - OPT
back - Big Dawgs Pack 2010

front - OPT Big Dawgs
back - Running with the pack in 2010

front - OPT Big Dawgs
back - once it's up, I know I can jerk it


bso said...

2010: Year of the Dawgs
Bred by OPT

Jason Gusic said...

LETS f*CKING do this! I can not remember being more excited to start things back up!

My goal is to post and correspond as much as possible, I think that blocking out the community, and not embracing the positives offered by everyone is the biggest weakness in my game... that and stinkin double unders :)

I hope to interact with you all each day, and grow from it, both in fitness and in life.

S/Fi... Jason

Jason Gusic said...
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