Friday, Dec 18th, 2009

Day 21 Training:

7 rounds for time:
7 unbroken hang squat clean
7 unbroken HSPU
(the HSC weight starts at 95#/55#; you add 10# per round, i.e. 95 1st round, 105 2nd round...; the HSPU are thumbs under shoulders); unbroken means when you pick it up off the floor, it cannot touch the floor again until all 7 reps are done

post time to comments
double tomorrow


bso said...

There are a few guys who have been joining me on these workouts lately. If anyone is scaling today, what should be the priority: intensity or volume?

Omar Arvizu said...

Same question here. I can't do more than 2HSPUs in a row. Is not pretty. I'm gona have to scale to pike puch ups on the box so I can get those 7 unbroken.
If this is a no good please correct me.

Evan Johnston said...

Hey Dawgs,

Im off the blog for a while, have a chip fracture in right wrist from powercleans the other day. Squats, box jumps and running here I come. Best of luck to you all with your training and happy holidays. Ill be back soon

Jefff said...

25:24 as rx,d - tough to judge rest period for hspus. Did not want to repeat any rounds, so ensured enough rest time. Last round of cleans was nasty. Re- gripped eac rep with hook, but did not put bar down.

weezie said...

Had to hit this one at home, so modified it to:

10 50 lb DB HSC


All HSCs were unbroken. Probably should have upped it to 12-15 repetitions.

HSPUs were unbroken for the first three rounds. Fourth round was a 4/3 split. Hit four consecutive reps in round 5 before my wife pointed out that I had some burst vessels under and above my eyes. Went to singles and doubles with a lot of rest in between efforts from there to avoid making things any worse.

HSPU are frickin' hard.

Erik Luber said...



All unbroken. Scaled weight: start at 77#, increments of 5.5# (finished @ 110#). Despite the low weights and long time, I am extremely happy with this. First time actually doing an "unbroken" workout truly unbroken. Took long breaks before sets of HSPUs, as these are a huge goat for me, they felt surprisingly strong today.

Off to Christmas holidays today. Going to be in the Calgary area, so hopefully I can get a workout in with the Big Dawgs at OPT.

Ryan @ CFGP said...

Rx'd weight. all unbroken.
pace slowed on last two sets
band assisted HSPU, all unbroken

dmarsh said...

13:07 as rx'd

HSC: Unbroken
HSPU: 7,7,7,7,5/2,5/2,2/2/1/1/1

Could have gone faster in the beginning as HSC's were easier than expected up until last 2 rounds.

Just ran out of steam on HSPUs. Top of head to floor.

KurtGP said...


Hang Sqt Clean
65,75,85,95,105,115,125 all unbroken

1st round against wall
remainder band assisted on piroulettes- not sure of spelling.


Anyone have any input on Cholesterol. Just had annual blood work. Been doing Zone/Paleo 6-12 months, with fish oil 5-6 grams a day for last 6 months.

TRG-63- way down from over 100

My bad LDL is still above normal. Any imput would be appreciated.

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Is it better to decrease depth or use assist with full depth for hspus???

Geoff Aucoin said...


At the fire hall so I had time constraints. Unfortunately I had to break the reps starting at round 4; I failed after 4 or 5 reps on round 3 and re-did it but after I only got 5 reps in round 4 I realized going as rx'd was no longer an option. The close hand position was killer but my HSPUs didn't feel good overall. For the subsequent rounds I focused on longer rests after the cleans so I could get as many unbroken reps as possible, which was usually 4 or 5. Time for more work there.

Cleans were pretty good, because I had so much rest. All straight through and speedy. Not happy with my time at all.

Lisa, I feel that the more accustomed you get to using your full bodyweight for HSPU the better. Go with shorter ROMs and work on getting deeper over time.

Chris Dunkin said...

Increased weight on hsc's: 115 - 185 all unbroken.

Hspu's: first round unbroken then went to failure unassisted and then did 7 band assisted w/ hands on 45lb bumpers and head to floor.


Brent Maier said...

Lisa, my take on that is to work full depth on anything with assistance. In all cases that I've seen where someone wants to go heavy but their range of motion is lets say 50-70% because of pride or past injury excuses, they have never gotten stronger.

Just my two cents...

My goal today is to push through the PC's as fast and furious as I can and like Jeff, judge rest time on the HSPU's to ensure I get all 7. I don't plan to fail on the PC's but can't afford to fail on the HSPU's.

Brent Maier said...

Lisa, I just relalized that is opposite of what Geoff said. So, I guess another suggesion would be to if what you are currently doing hasn't been working, try something else! :)

Good effort today Geoff, I may be in the same boat you were today.

Noah Milstein said...

I f*ck*d up my back on the last WoD with the AMRAP DL by not scaling the weight down, which is still hurting and seriously effected my performance today... which was horrible. I don't have an HSPU yet so I subbed in DB-SP

rnd1: 40kg/20kg
rnd2: 45/20
rnd3: 50/20
rnd4: 55/20
rnd5: 60/20
rnd6: 65x1 DNF @14:31! Ouch!

The back pain got to be too much and the weights were simply too heavy. I'm going to retry this one in the near future at a more appropriate weight while working on my HSPU.

On my retry I'll be starting with 30kg on the BB (thats net) and 17.5kg on the DB's. Therefore finishing the 7th rnd of HSqCl @60kg, which is plenty for me.

Lesson learned. Scale liberally.

dontpanic356 said...

Any one watching the 2009 Games videos that are posted on the Journal? I just watched the Couplet workout and counted 4 Big Dawgs (James, Michael, Steve Smith, and DJ) in the competition.

Guess it never hit me before, but did any other gym send more than 1 athlete that far in the Games? And God knows how far Rory would have gotten had he been able to go.

Its a testament to this programing for sure.

Thanks Coach

Chad Hall said...

As Rx'd 17:28

First time for me doing a wod that had to be unbroken. It was interesting, I liked it! HSPU were tough since I usually go wider. Had to kip on a few of them, hope this is acceptable. And the hook grip definitely saved me on the last couple rounds.

Happy with the time though, wanted sub 20.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Brent, there's no reason to discount your ideas because it's different from mine. My take is that if you get comfortable with your own weight and work on deeper ROMs then you won't have to back track on your depth if the amount of assistence you require lessens. Does that make sense? It's hard to use measurable amounts of 'assistance' for HSPU because some folks use bands or some hook their feet over a bar etc etc so the more time they spend just using the best resistance their is, your bodyweight, the better off they'll be.

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM

as Rx'd on HSCs (kept hook grip thru-out)
used AbMat for HSPUs from 2nd round onwards. Used narrow hand width. HSPUs seem to be the last movement coming back from shoulder injury. Although not rx'd on HSPU this was improvement today!

Sorry to hear about your wrist Evan; stay hungry & hurry back.

Eric & Heather; congrat's!!!

joey warren said...
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joey warren said...

t= 9:13
all unbroken

* failed on HSPU on rep 7 on round 5, had to rest 1 min before completing 7 unbroken

post wod fuel=6oz chicken breast, 200g sweet potatoes (50gC)
1 hour later= 3 eggs w veggies & avocado

Brent Maier said...

I absolutely agree with what your saying and I think our suggestions are realatively close after reading your last post.

I think full range of motion is a must out of the gate. Toes over the bar are far too easy and I find you personally don't stress yourself enough because your mind is too easily able to control the amount of gravity pushing you down. Unless your in a rehab state, bands are hard because it is hard to judge how much resistance to use on any given day based on how your feeling or how many reps you have to perform.

Coming from someone that couldn't do a head to floor handstand pushup to save his life back in 2006, the only thing I required was a pair of shorts that tied and were strong enough for my partner to assist by pulling on them. Kick up to the wall, go till your arms can't support you anymore, drop, rinse and repeat with your partners assistance.

Kyle F said...

time = 12:43 as Rx'd

HSC felt light and quick. Hard to judge how much time to give yourself to ensure 7 HSPU unbroken. I think I rested too much though.

PTS said...


HSPU's were broken after round 1 as 7 in a row at that hand width is pretty much a PR.

Because of my finger I was catching the clean in palm area of my hand. I realized then I didn't know where the proper place to be cathcing a clean in the hand is. Can someone enlighten me?

KSC said...


hsc rxed
hspu last 4 rnds broken.

Wes Hendricks said...


9:27.....all unbroken

rwcorson said...

The last 2 sets were tough in the last 2 reps
HSPUs-7/6+ 1kipping/5+2 kipping for the next 4 rds/4+3 kipping

Martin Altemark said...

Horribly hungover from christmas party with my work yesterday. Thought HSC would be hard, but it turned out to be HSPUs that went bad.

As rx'd: 24:38

First 5 rounds took ~10 minutes then spent 15 very frustrating minutes trying to string together 7 unbroken HSPUs the last two rounds...

What is best in these situations? To stick with the unbroken clause even if that means DNF or taking VERY long time to get trhough, or to accept broken rounds?

AdamBall said...


What were your HDL values like before? Your above 60 which is a really good thing. Have you ever had your ESR, CRP, hsCRP or apoB:apoA or homocysteine values calculated?

I wonder because if all those are in good shape, then I honestly wouldn't worry too much about the LDLs. They aren't too drastically high and your great HDL values mean your body is able to pick up any/most of the plaques your body might be putting down.

Been watching the Games vids too and I have to say OPT, brOPT and everyone else are hugely inspiring. Thanks guys!

unit said...
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unit said...

my suggestion on improving would be to refrain from being hung over...

HOLY $hit! nice flippin job/times today!... impressive as usual.

i think that what brent and geoff are saying are both good to work on... it's probably good to mix it up to keep ROM and to work on your BW strength...

the crew here is amazing!... don't forget about joey being there as well... and i'm sure Rory would have flippin kicked some @$$...

and just to clarify for some... if you break sets, then the workout is not as rx'ed... (at least that's my understanding)...


Wes Hendricks said...

correction on my time, after watching the video it was actually 9:25, not that it really matters

Unit thanks I am anticipating your time on this WOD. I actually christened my Anvil t-shirt today w/ this WOD...did you get the check for it?

post WOD 1 scoop OPT refuel and 1.5 scoops jarrow whey
1 hour later ground buffalo/chicken apple sausage/some grilled onions and spinach in olive oil/coconut milk

Anonymous said...

Michael C. (don'tpanic): The CFJ did a couple articles about centers of excellence. One about CF Central and the other about OPT, both of which have demonstrated repeated superior perf at the games. It sounds like you haven't seen those, and I think they are worth the 10 minutes to read them.


Gord said...


was cooking along until I failed on the 4thset of handstand pushups. More of a mental mistake as I fell off the wall

Martin Altemark said...
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Andrew Romeo said...


HSC unbroken

HSPU unbroken but w/ band assistance (hopeing I don't see these or double unders at the sectional, I need to practice)

Martin Altemark said...

Unit: Haha, very true!

But at least I did it Rx'd.

Brian Maier said...

I have been out of commission now for about 2 1/2 weeks due to a major ankle sprain playing sports. I just got off of crutches a week ago so slowly phasing back in. I'm able to do some of the movements but the biggest issue is difficulty in proper warm-up due to lack of mobility with my ankle.

Last night I did a subbed Tabata Mash with pushups, squats and anchored setups. My total reps were 186,164,148 = 498. With box jumps, my total would have been significantly less.

This morning did today's workout very delicately to protect ankle. Used 95lbs for all 7 rounds and instead of HSPU's, did shoulder press with 95lbs. Time : 13:48

Hopefully I'll be back into the swing of things in a couple weeks.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

dontpanic356 said...

As RX'd

Time: 10:11

Hang Squat Cleans felt awesome. No issues.

On set 6 and 7 of HSPU I jumped the gun and didnt rest enough. Both times did 2 reps and had to stop, rest, and knock out 7. This killed me, the unbroken thing makes it much harder.

Rossco: I had not seen those articles. I will definately check them out.

Joey W, sorry for missing that you were at the games last year, im not really surprised considering the numbers you put up here.

Mike Molloy said...

Male, 28, 5'11'' 165#

15:12 as Rx'd.

Doing HSPU's into the Squat Clean was disorienting. Time to put those back into the daily warm ups I think.

Wes that is an insane score buddy, but I'm not surprised at all.

Moving my girlfriend down to DC tonight/tomorrow so I'm out for the double sadly.

Steve Howell said...

Nice work Wes and Joey!

I'm looking forward to hitting this one today should be good times!

Chris Fodera said...



Subbed Hang Power Cleans for Hang Squat Cleans. Right knee is getting better, but don't want to rush it.

I fell off the wall a couple times due to balance during HSPUs, but was able to go unbroken (immediately got back on the wall the two times I lost balance) for the HSPUs on all the sets except for the last. Came off after 4, then again after 6.

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 1 scoop refuel (no sweet potatoes at home)
60 min later: turkey, orange, mac nuts

also did 5 MuscleUps after to work on form.

Stephen Flamm said...


Didn't really worry too much about time. HSC were fast and as rx'd. HSPUs, on the other hand, were a problem. Unbroken in the first round, but that was a PR at this handwidth and was not happening again. 5 and 2 in the second round. Unbroken to one AbMat for rounds 3-6, then 4 and 3 in the last round. These are definitely a major weakness, but my shoulder is holding up well, so I think it will justbe a matter of time and practice.

Garage Crossfitter said...


* finished the 6th rd in 9:16, failed on the last rep of the 7th set of handstand pushups at 12:20. I think the yell that came out of my mouth zipped the rest of my energy because i waited 2 min and only got 5 reps, then i called it a day. Waiting 15 more sec on the last sec of HSPU would have been enough, lesson learned*

For the record,did not complete as rxed

NorCal Chris said...


Broken w/ Rx'd weight:

1. HSC unbroken until #6 (4/3), #7(1s)
2. I just learned to kip the HSPU and wanted to go with these for the learning so all sets were broken into 3s, 2s and 1s with tons of fails.

Joel B. said...

20:51 as rx'd

hspu marked 20" on floor and put entire thumbs inside those marks. last hsc set at 155 took a while. hspu were a serious struggle the last 2 sets even with waiting a while before starting them.

Felt great warming up today. Partly it is about 50 degrees outside today and that is anywhere from 20-40 degrees warmer than it has been lately. Also, been doing hspu more narrow than this so it was "easier" than the more narrow hand position.

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I will complete as many at full depth as I can which is usually 4-5 when fresh and then finish each round as deep as I can. I still have a hard time letting myself down quickly so end up being like 3 count I think I am scared I will bash my head

Jason said...


All Unbroken but started the HSC at 75 lbs and increase by 10 lbs.

Could have started at 85. HSPU needed a lot of rest to do unbroken but I think I over did it a little bit.

Bowser said...

Sweet time today, first WOD in my new home.

I still don't have 1 full ROM HSPU so my goal today was to do as many HSPU's as deep as possible, and complete partial ROM ones for the required reps.

HSC Goal was to complete RX'd

VERY happy to say I hit my HSC goal, all sets Unbroken and RX'd. All rounds of HSPU's were partial ROM and broken so my time is largely irrelevant, but nonetheless it was 23:05

Looking forward to the new year of training in the new box in Vancouver!

bso said...

Hey Wes and other dawgs regarding using video for timing... depending on the camera, the longer the video, the more unreliable it is for timing a workout. Make sure you get a clock in the frame and use it as your timing source. I noticed a time difference on a 10 minute+ workout a long time ago. The clock was in the frame, so I went with what it said when I submitted my time, however a few days later I noticed that the video time was 15 seconds longer. We tested the clock with several different timers over longer periods of time and it was accurate. Then someone told me that with digital video - unless the camera is a really high quality - there is quite a lot of margin for error... That seemed to be the case here. Just food for thought for future video based competitions. It can work for or against you....

Surrey Sterling 39/5'10"/176 said...

Broken 20:27

95# 7 - HSPU 7
105# 7 - HSPU 7
115# 7 - HSPU 7
125# 5-2 - HSPU 7
135# 7 - HSPU 5-2
145# 7 - HSPU 3-2-2
155# 6-1 - HSPU 2-1-1-1-1-1

Huge Shout out to Popeye for opening up C.O.P this afternoon so we could get the first ever OPT WOD in at Crossfit Optimum Performance with Bowser. Super fucking stoked to start training outta C.O.P just feet away from the Olympic Village, pretty cool!

Sweeney said...


Lower back and butt are both smoked.

unit said...

as rx'ed


notes- hsc felt ez and was like rest 4 the hspu wich was brutal... hspus still largely a weak point 4 me, but improving...


Slater Coe said...


HSPU were half-ROM (to abmat on 45- & 10-lb plates because I don't have a full-ROM HSPU).

EHR said...

Eric R

felt pretty good. In retrospect I think I could have pushed it harder as I was cautious to not to have to repeat any sets.

Brent Maier said...


Time: 14:24

All HSC's were unbroken. HSPU's were unbroken through round 3. After a lengthy rest for round for and 4 reps in, I was spent and feet FELLLL off wall. As hard as that rep was, I decided to skip the tea parties I would have required to get the other sets unbroken an d decided to bust through it in 2's and 1's. I'm not proud of this workout at all but it's friday. That makes me feel better!

Steve Smith said...


Time: 9:58

All HSC's unbroken and felt fast. HSPU were unbroken through round 5 then got U.G.L.Y. Broken them up into 3's, 2's, and then 1's.

I was a little upset 'cause I was hoping for around 7 min. HSPU are a weak link for sure though.

Steve Smith said...


Just saw the HSPU were supposed to be unbroken.

Paul Klein said...



All hsc as rxd
HSPU's not so much 7, 7, 7, 5+2, 6+1, 5+2, 5+2

For whatever reason my ass cheeks were cramping during the hspu. And I mean really cramping, like rolling on the floor cramping! I think I may have been pushing against the wall with my feet?

Great times today, I am humbled again.

Chris Stroud said...


All sets unbroken

Michael McCabe said...

scaled as the sun had already got down so i could not use my sundial to time the breaks between HSPU...


HSC unbroken
scaled HSPU to min. 5 unbroken, and also scaled ROM by 1.5"

HSPU were 7, 7, 6/1, 5/2, 5/2, 5/2, 5/1/1

JAM said...
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bso said...

Could not RX last round of HSPU... went 4/5/6/4
Hang squat cleans were fast, easy and unbroken in the sense of non-stop movement.

Wes Hendricks said...


thanks for the heads up I did not know that. I always use a stop watch though. I just tape to watch form and see where I could have been more efficient.

JAM said...


HSC's all unbroken
HSPU's broken/limiting factor

Laura said...

21:47 Started with 55#, went up in 5lb increments instead--except for last set, ended up finishing with 87.5. HSPU done to small end of abmat + 5lb plate--they were the hardest, had to rest a lot to get them unbroken. Left with a pounding headache--probably from being upside down with a cold.

JOSHUA said...

14:53 as rx.
Legs were pretty sore from Murph yesterday.

imosher said...


h sq cleans unbroken, last 2 sets were a challenge.

hspu lost balance at #6 on set 5, tried to redo the set only got 5 reps, decided to continue. 5/2 on set 6, rested 1 min before the last set and finished it unbroken. a little miffed, I think I could have gotten through the hspu unbroken with just a few seconds more rest.

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Thought my migraine would let up so I could do this wod but no such luck and being upside down for extended periods right now is about as appealing as having my toe nails ripped out. Hopefully will be better tomorrow

Steve Howell said...

As rx'd: 9:49

All sets unbroken

Sugar Shane said...



Had to use a 25 pound bumper plate with an abmat on top because I don't have a full ROM handstand pushup. Got all 7 on the first set then broke them 4 & 3 until the last set which was all singles. My coach showed me some handstand pushup techniques after the WOD that felt much better, so hopefully big improvements on those next time. HSC felt great.

Brandon said...

15:46 not Rx'd

HSC unbroken though ugly in round 7
HSPU unbroken to a 2" mat in all rounds.

Happy with the work/intensity especially the HSPU. Last time I did a metcon with HSPU it was to a 4" mat...the shoulder is getting better.


Agnew said...

I wasn't paying enough attention when I started this one, I was on another planet!

HSC 95, 115, 135, 135, 135, 135, 135 all unbroken but my progression was out!
HSPU (legs on GHD, still working on strength and form) all sets unbroken.

Justin Flynn said...


Cleans unbroken and felt great.
HSPU unbroken first round. Later rounds had to break into doubles and finally singles.

Anonymous said...

HSC fairly easy
HSPU where a challenge the last few rounds, these really slowed me down making sure to get enough rest so as not to repeat any rounds.

Dave X said...

18:37. I focused on doing these all unbroken without worrying about time.

HSC were all unbroken until the last set when I lost my grip on the 6th rep!

HSPU were unbroken however I rested my feet on my squat rack to assist me with these. I need to take a step back and get better at these. I've stalled out big time

April said...

Only 4 rounds before work this AM. Started at 45#. HSPU band assisted. Didn't keep time but was pretty happy with how I felt overall.

Mack Lar said...

Failed on rep6 on rd 6 of HSPU and had to redo. All else UB. Awesome wod. 155lb HSC's were brutal on the grip and wrists!

atom said...

11:25 as rx'd(unbroken)

HSC - No problems with grip and all reps felt relatively easy, went straight from HSPU to HSC with no rest.

HSPU - All were unbroken, especially since changing up the weights took a bit of time and gave me a good rest. I have no 5lb olympic sized plates so I have to wire on a set of 5lb dumbell weights, pain in the ass and the center of balance is all screwed up!

Afterwards I worked up to my 1RM of the HSC.

HSC @ 225# x 1 rep x 5 sets

Really focused on pulling myself under the bar and landing in a good stance.

Hoping to get to see Kelly Frankson in Vancouver over the holidays for some Snatch technique. It's tough when you don't have the amenities of a large city or the expertise of many individuals to get better at these lifts. Gotta make road trips I guess.

Kathleen said...

HC started @ 45/55/65/75/85/95*/95*
*didn't count the weights properly so 7th round I thought I was @ 95 not sure if 105 is doable
HSPU with blue bands 7/7/7/6/6/ 4/1/1/1; 3/2/2

Ross Blake said...


scaled hsqcln. Started at 35kg and went up by 5kg each round. Last round at 65kg was broken 4/3. My front squat is slow and very sticky just after getting out of the hole.

Scaled hspu to 2 10kg bumper plates. Did them strict for 4reps then had to kip. Came of the wal on last rep of the last 2 rounds.

Anthony said...


Scaled the load increases to 5#s per round so I topped out at 125#

All HSPC unbroken

Rounds 1 and 2 HSPU unbroken straight through. Broke up the remaining rounds mostly 4's and 3's.

Covino24 said...
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Covino24 said...

Warmed up with a Tabata Mash of dbl unders and Abmat situps.. lost count tho..(CFJAX)

Workout: As Px 23:05
except i jumped to 115 on second set by accident, so i did my 2nd and 3rd set at 115 all the way thru to 155#

First two sets were unbroken, then it went something like 4/2/1; 3/2/1/1; 2/2/1/1/1; last two sets i did 2/1/1/1/1/1 BRUTAL!

HSPU all unbroken except for the third and fourth set - 4/3
ROM needs a lot of work!

Saverio said...

36:21- Could only get to 135 on squat clean. Hspu were un-broken until the 3rd round. Grueling workout. I cried during most of it.

Lauren said...

did this friday, posting late.


HSC - unbroken
HSPU - broken and down to foam mat.

Anonymous said...


Hang Power clean (didn't RTFQ)
HSPU: 5 unbroken, 5(3/2), 5(3/2), 3(2/1), 3(2,1), 2, 2

Not sure I could perform 49 HSPU in a single session of any kind. Had to really grind out the last few.

Bear said...

HSC no probs. Subbed obroken HSPU with 14 reps. Hade to give this up after 3 rounds and 20 min. Then I did 7 HSPU-singles for four rounds...time: 44 min

Like that kid in Simpsons: Haha!

Bear said...

Video (in swedish, sorry about that):

Linker said...

18:49 Rx'd

All unbroken