Rest - Sun, Dec 20th, 2009

When i get away, i completely shut it down.
I love what i do; but i know that i need rest time in order for me to be creative and a director.
What are you passionate about? Are you ACTUALLY setting yourself up to ensure that you put the right time and proper energy into what you love to do?
When you spend time thinking...most times its done in 4 different areas (automatic mind 1st, sensory mind 2nd, creative mind 3rd and director's mind 4th...this is in higher order from one to another). One must spend time in and be knowledgeable of each.
Most spend it in automatic mind, run by the day to day, no awareness, no noticing, no ability to stop and "smell the roses".
If you truly want to get to the next level in whatever you do, you have to ensure you take time to learn in each area.
I'll give you a personal example so you can understand where I might spend some of that time right now in a day.
Automatic Mind - walking Red, eating breakfast, breathing
Sensory Mind - watching folks workout at OPT, analyzing movement, reading, researching
Creative Mind - writing programs, business strategy with Leighanne
Director Mind - think tanks with business strategists, discussions with exercise physiologists, naturopaths, osteopaths, executives, clients
I instruct everyone on a different path as we all have different lifestyles and paths; but when someone says that they have a "goal"; I have to ensure that they are spending the right time where they need to if they want to get to that "goal".
The path there, another discussion, but at least that will leave you with some awareness as to where you might want to be.


bso said...

Is it the creative mind that carries out the plan... creates changes? I need more time there....

Garage Crossfitter said...

Very good stuff....i know my goal...i just need to choose the right paths getting there...OPT EAST USA, right James?


Kevin O'Malley said...

Forgot to post my row time yesterday...
5k row- 19:00:6 Avg Watt-241

Felt good on this and prob had more in the tank... My endurance training with running def prepared me for this, but wish I put more on the gas pedal.. Nex time will work towards a 18:00 or little higher..

Becky said...

so, since you asked us our goals. are you constucting the program in general to help us achieve those. or can we ask you specifically for each of us how we can more quickly reach those goals? b/c i would really love to get my muscle up. and i maybe i just don't work hard enough. but, i have to balance myself too. i can't do much more than i do. i think of settling sometimes, and saying "i'm doing ok, just maintain." it's especialy easier for me to say this when i am not around my cf family in gp. do i need to be spending my time in the gym differently?
i wonder.

Michael said...

Got a little behind this weekend due to being at a camp with no equipment but it was good to get away and do a little rock climbing freeing the mind.

7 Rounds
7 hang cleans
9:02- felt pretty strong on HSPU's but got tough last two sets, hang squat cleans felt great.

Hitting the double tomorrow then hopefully getting back on track depending on how i feel

atom said...

You definitely have an innovative mind James and your plans are well laid.

Optimum Performance Training is cutting edge and from my perspective, the future of any who wish to be a well rounded athlete who is capable of performing well in all domains.

2010 will be an interesting year.

Justin Flynn said...


Thanks for that link you posted yesterday. Lighter bodyweight equals more rounds of hspu. NICE.

Great post today OPT. I really dig this blog and find myself coming back MULTIPLE times a day. Dont think im alone. I remember when I stared following along and posting my wods back in August there was something like 75 followers of your blog. Now there is 272 and im sure two or three times that who dont post. Sick work James. In my book you are the without a doubt the leader/Coach/authority in this new sport of fitness.

All of the guys/gals following this site owe you a huge amount of gratitude for all that you put into this blog. Running a CF box myself I KNOW the work required for creating and posting the content and programming these wods. Keep em coming OPT. I love this stuff.

unit said...

well said coach... thank u 4 the thoughts, the programming and the lifestyle... ur mark on this community (and me personally) is epic...