Dec. 22nd, 2009

Satisfy Your Dreams

Have you become addicted to limiting beliefs?
Do those limiting beliefs soothe you and comfort you while at the same time holding you back?
In the short term, it can be much easier to tell yourself you can't do it.
Yet when you look at the big picture, it's much better to go ahead and do the work of achievement.
You can comfort yourself today by believing that your lack of progress is not your responsibility.
However, you'll soon be paying for that short-term comfort with long-term regret.
For your dreams are calling to you, and they'll never be satisfied until you do something about them.
You have what it takes to reach them, and they know it.

Day 24 Training:

part 1:
7 rounds for time;
245#/165# Dead Lift x 10
50 double unders

rest 8+ hours

part 2:
As many rounds in 15 minutes:
10 burpees
10 push ups
10 ring dips

post time for part 1 and total reps for part 2 to comments
(i.e. 6:23 and 240 reps)
chest to deck, NOT belly to deck for push ups and burpees
arms come to full extension at the start of every ring dip rep and the end of every rep


unit said...

been working and analyzing form on pushups and burpees lately 2 avoid belly 2 deck... will b nice 2 try it out in a WOD...

andrew said...

Great site OPT!! Thanks for the training info! Quick question..I had to start the challenge a few days behind everybody--i am on day 11..i am interested in giving the sectional games a shot-(doing the garage games in feb in atlanta to see how i do) i know this training is building up to the big dawg challenge but would this training program be a good roadmap for training for the games??

Also, has anybody used CFE with this training before. I have added 1-2 CFE wods per week lately.
Also, a little about me to give you a better idea to answer my question...endurance (marathon-50k-adv racing-ultra mtb) Fran 4:07-helen 8:20 FGB 338- filthy Fifty 20:56-TOTAL 850- 6'2 205#'s
Thanks for any help!

Michael McCabe said...

part 1 - 14:52

don`t recommend doing this on an empty stomach, just didn`t have the coordination to string together those du`s beyond rd1... i expect many of you dawgs to crush this one!

Jefff said...

Part 1 - 16:20. DUs became very difficult, very fast. Were majorly broken from round #2 until the end.

unit said...

drew... this training is the yellow brick road 2 the games... follow it, and follow it now; and as Joey said yesterday follow it 100%... if u haven't already, I (we) recommend u do... and jump in with the recent stuff 2... do 2day 2day... we address 'extra curriculars' and 'extra credit' on here often, and u have 2 do what works 4 u, but I'd say as long as it doesn't adversely affect ur day 2 day performances on these wods (in brief)...
welcome aboard,

Dan said...

Part 1: 17m20s
core is shot from yesterday;
DU slowed me down;
Wont be able to do part 2 b/c i will be traveling.

rwcorson said...

An observation of your ring dips from the last Challenge. When getting on the rings, make sure you start from full arm extension. The ROM on the reps after the starter were good.
Good luck.

Colby Keller said...

A double on the day after Fran!? That's crazy talk! Do work!

Joel B. said...

yikes. Another scaling decision for me. I could probably struggle through rx'd taking forever, but that is a lot of reps DL at 78% of my 1RM. Is there a standard recommendation? I kinda feel like I would hit more of the desired stimulus at about 60-65% 1rm...Any feedback is very welcome!

PTS said...

2 basketball games last night after yesterdays double has me crushed right now. I'm gonna rest today and hit the double tomorrow.

Also for those frustrated with their jerk (I know I was) there is a CFJ article with Coach B yesterday that focuses on the jerk.

Jefff said...

Local Calgary Dawgs:

I have 5 tickets (including mine)for Flames vs. St.Louis tomorrow night. Email me at if interested in joining me.

Gord said...


could not wake the body up this morning. Warmed up for close to an hr. The dead lift felt like a bus and I couldn't string any Du together.

Evan Z said...

17:24 I thought I was going to black out on set 5.
On a plane in a couple of hours for about 5 hours. Hopefully we do not have weather problems or delays.
I will try to do part 2 at the destination but ring dips, which I love, will not be possible. Any recommendations on what I can do to sub ring dips in my sister-in-laws basement?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Evan Z, rings are portable! Git sum!!

Chris Stroud said...

Didn't have access to a gym today so I did WOD 2 with my rings.

Part 2: 8 Rounds


bso said...

11:39 and 150 reps
wods were 30 minutes apart... gotta go xmas shopping!!!
Feeling better than yesterday.

bso said...

Has or is anyone here using R-ALA?

Steve Howell said...

Part1: 12:03

* didn't start linking good DU's till the 5 round which really hurt my time and the deadlifts were fine.

Rich said...

7 Rounds 225# DL & 50 DU

joey warren said...

So I have counted 7 PR's in just the last 2 and half weeks, amazing, and I have seen tons of other people PR also, just a testament to Coaches superior program. Just wanted to say thanks for everything James!

Here is a video of yesterdays fran, feel free to critique. After watching it, I could drive my head through more on the thrusters, and I would like to be faster oout of the hole, and quicker on butterflies.

April, Unit and I will definitely have to get together sometime for a workout. I live in San Jose California, about 30 minutes north of Aromas. If the plan goes well maybe we can meet in Aromas for the Games in July!!!

andrew romeo said...

a: 24:04*- my rope snapped during warmups, so I tied it back together and tried to make it through the workout. Probably stopped 5 times to tie it back together. Deadlifts felt lite and made it each set w/ no break in about 35 sec.

B: 177 reps

Lisa M said...


killed it today!! Felt awesome. Just tried to keep steady pace took few breaths no more than 5-7 when i was resting. Broke DUs into 25s from 3 set on just so arms wouldn't fatigue. DLs felt good concentrated on keeping bar close, head down and using hammies.

Brent Maier said...


Part I: 11:53

Broke DU's up into manageable sections. I think it's time to start increasing my manageable DU set reps by 2-5 reps. DL's started to get heavy starting round 5. Broke up the last 2-3 sets of DL's into 2 sets as needed.

Ali Loach said...

Nice Job Lisa!!!!

Flight was delayed so didn't end up getting in until nearly 2am this morning.
Needless to say I'm running on very little today.
NO WODs for me but will get back on it Christmas Eve and will then do some makeup WODS over the break until I head back to Whistler.

Garage Crossfitter said...

234 reps

*no part 1 today, i woke up feeling like i was going to get sick so i waited till after work to do part II and i felt good. Cardio was fine, chest, shoulders and tris are cooked. Time for some rest....

Brent Maier said...

Joey, great job on the Fran! Got a few questions that I hope will help someone here benefit including myself.

1) Was that a chin over bar or chest to bar Fran you did yesterday? The several times I tried to butterfly my chest to bar, I nearly took off my big nose. If you are hitting your chest, then I need to put more effort into developing that skill.

2) Can we break down inhales and exhales during a thruster, butterfly pullup, burpee, and row stroke, etc? This may sound stupid but you don't think about these kinds of things during a workout, they just happen. Could someone be taking their breaths backwards, depriving them of strength on the lift and oxygen for the next rep?

joey warren said...


1) it was chest to bar. What I focus on is arching my back so I have a big chest and it hits on the way up, then get your head back so the bar crosses right in front of your face on the way down. I actually hit my chin pretty hard one time on the way down, so you really have to get it out of the way. I would practice this by really arching your back and throw your chest toward the bar, when it hits fall straight down, and when you hit the bottom see how fast you can change directions and kip back up w an arched back.
2) I have not really focused on exact breaths during a workout yet except when i get really tired try to take deep long breaths. Though I did try to sneak a few breaths during thrusters on fran. I focused on not choking myself w the bar and at the top of the thruster I tried to take a deep breath, especially during the first set. After that it was basically just breath as best as I could to survive.

Chris Fodera said...


Part1 = 13:44

PWO: 2 scoops refuel

- Hit all the DeadLifts unbroken and they felt fine.
- I couldn't get my rhythm on the DoubleUnders and was breaking the sets significantly until the last two (form came into shape a little).
- I feel as though I may be slipping in the MetCon aspect a little. I think part of it has to do w/ the fact that I have changed most of this cycle's WODs so far to accommodate my injured right knee.

I need to mentally buckle down and strap myself into the most uncomfortable part of these is really the best means to my desired end.

Sweeney said...

Part A: 12:38

s/b sub 10 for the firebreathers...

Chris Fodera said...


I have a buddy that lives in San Jose and is looking for a good place to train. He is coming off a couple surgeries, but is a decent athlete and I suspect to be very coach-able. His goals are general fitness and leaning out.

I saw from your post that you are in the SJ area and I think I recall you opening a gym. Thoughts?

Lauren said...

felt good. Broke 2 sets of the DUs.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Does anyone here cook with blanched almond flour and/or agave nectar? They both look like healthy substitutes while making meals/desserts.

Stephen Flamm said...

Part 1. 12:34
Part 2. 184

Misread Part 1 and only did 5 rounds. DLs unbroken and fast throughout, DUs heavily broken but improved along the way and were smoother than last week's DL/MU/DU fiasco.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Garage, yup, they are.

Steve Howell said...

Garage Crossfitter,

I use Almond meal and Agave Nectar both super tasty when baking and what not

Wes hendricks said...


I make an attempt at cooking with blanched almond flour, and even though I am pretty awful at cooking its still very delicious!

Jefff said...

GC - Robb Wolf told us at the nutrition cert that Agave Nectar is 100% fructose. When someone piped up and said "but its natural", he replied "so is plutonium".

Garage Crossfitter said...

I've read good and bad things about agave nectar. There is an article on Mercola, and he says the stuff isnt any good. I just wanted to hear everyones opinion. thanks dawgs...

Joel B. said...

I use almond meal semi-regularly as a sub for flour or what not. Thickener for meatloaf, with coconut if we want to "bread" some chicken on occasion...etc. Desserts too like the apple crisp recipe from OPT. It is good eating. Good sub for the once in a while treats I think. Never tried agave nectar.

rwcorson said...

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and may your dreams come true in 2010.
I'm off the grid until the 28th. I'm feeling really beat up at the moment, so the R & R will do me good.

Ross Blake said...

Part 1. 16:52

DL were not feeling right today. Posterior chain has been fried since the 5k row tt

DU were clumsy also. Took ages to string 5 together while i was warming up. Only managed to get 50 unbroken on the 7th round! Weird!!

This has been an awesome phase. I've learn't so much about periodisation for CrossFit training .

Foreva a DAWG

Rosko (In Australia)

Joel B. said...

Part 1
scaled to 200#'s (65% last 1rm--embarrassing, but it is what it is)

Part 2
174 reps

unit said...

part 1- 9:03

30min rest

part 2- 240

part 1 all unbroken except last set of du's (17/33)... tried 2 rest bw exercises enough 2 hit them unbroken...
part 2 was done slowly with pauses at top and bottom of reps 2 ensure chest 2 deck on burpees and pushups and gd lockouts... ring dips were fractioned quite a bit and was sure 2 start and stop at full extension (thanks rob!)... feel smoked right now!...


unit said...


165 is my max deadlift so decided to warm up and figure out appropriate scaling based on that. Settled on 115 which is 70% of 1RM. Felt heavier than it should. First four DL rounds unbroken, last three 5/5. DU are all over the place. 4th round split was the longest because I was lucky to get two in a row. Then round 5 had a PR of 25 unbroken. Who knows how that works.

Felt too dead to do the second WOD right away. Won't be able to get back to the gum tonight so will do it tomorrow.

Lindsey said...

Oops. Unit was still logged in on my phone. The last unit post is actually Lindsey. Not like anyone would belive his 1RM on DL is 165 :)

unit said...

thanks Lindsey!... gd job 2day!...

Chad Hall said...

Part 1 - 10:34
Part 2 - 201 reps

Part 1 felt great! Really happy with this performance, wanted sub 10 but the doubles in the later rounds took their tole on my shoulders and had to break. Deads felt really good, only broken on rounds 4 and 6.

Part 2 didn't really have a lot of gas in the tank. Gotta get the diet dialed in. After the new years this will come into play, no excuses. Wanted above 200 so kinda happy with this.

Chris Dunkin said...

7:22 and 238 reps

11hrs rest between 1 and 2

One mis-start on DU's on round 7, all else unbroken. Tried to stay strict on Part 2, but was struggling with groups of 3 on pu's and dips from round 5 on.

joey warren said...

Chris, nice work on DUs...smokin!

DUs horribly broken up, they took their toll on me like usual. Deadlifts unbroken

263 reps
felt fine, all good reps, paced myself

Steve Howell said...

Part 2:

253 reps. I am wrecked after these last couple of days going to enjoy the rest tomorrow.

Michael McCabe said...

part 2 - 233 reps

felt a bit like i was just going through the motions... looking forward to the break before the next phase, a little time for rest and reflection before training for sectionals kicks into high gear!

unit said...

holy hell Chris!... nice job 2day!... way 2 tear it up!... super impressive time!...


david83 said...

yesterday clean and jerk- did not get a chance to post- 240 lbs very happy with that.

Today late workout because I was skiing at day.

11:20 deadlift and du's not bad

part two tomorrow



Brent Maier said...


Part I: 11:53
Part II: 230

I needed the cardio from the last few days. Great job dawgs! And Chris, part I... DUDE...

Rest up Rob, Merry Christmas to you and the family!

Chris Fodera said...


5 hours rest

Part2: 190 (6 rounds plus 10 burpees)

PWO: 2 scoops refuel

- Burpees felt OK; the PushUps and Ring Dips are where I lost my time as those were partitioned a bunch.
- Upper body strength is my limiting factor, and although I am not satisfied with where I am at right now, I definitely feel as though I am making improvements.
- Upper body (mainly delts) are smoked

joey warren said...

Hey Chris, your friend can come check out my gym anytime. It's in Los Gatos, just have him email me @

All our info is on the website

Jason said...

Drank half a bottle of NyQuil last night just to get some sleep, was still dizzy and sick feeling this morning so I scaled Part 1 to:
5 Rounds
225 DL, 10 reps
30 DU

Time- 13:00

Rest 8 hours

Part 2 as Rx'd- 150 reps of complete muscle failure

All you guys that got more than 200 reps are crazy...

NorCal Chris said...

Part 1: 18:58

Part 2: 133 reps

1. DL unbroken but DUs really needed work
2. All around shitty when it comes to pushups/dips

Well said in "Satisfy Your Dreams" James. Thanks.

Chris Fodera said...

Thanks, Joey

Mike Molloy said...

Part 1:


Dead lifts unbroken
Double Unders were broken except for sets 1 and 7.

Part 2:
210 reps. Wanted to go faster but muscular fatigue wouldn't allow.

Good news, my GHD arrived and is set up!

Brian Maier said...

Not able to jump yet so had to sub 24" box step ups for the d/u's. Deadlifts felt great.


Will do Part 2 tomorrow. Will need to sub k2e's for burpees.

Laura said...

Prt 1: 16:33--after round 3 had to sub 1 minute run for DU's due to calf/knee problem. DL's felt very heavy this am.

Part 2: 190 reps--ring dip fatigue city

Love my word--"facklite"

Chris Dunkin said...

Video for Part 1:

Video reveals a lot! Correct time: 7:32

Can not keep track of my own DU's. Unless there is some lag in the video I shorted the DU's on several rounds. To add to the insult; knowing that I was recording, and having screwed up on DU counts in the past, I counted to 51 on each round. I'll have to come up with a different strategy next time. I'll chalk it up to improved neuromuscular efficiency by putting all brain power to the body. Glad I recorded this one.

All form/rom critiques welcome

Kyle F said...

Chris, FYI part 1 video is set to private.

Part 1: 18:30
Part 2: 6 rounds for 180 reps

Felt really tired. My body needs the rest coming up over christmas.

joey warren said...

Hey Chris, I would love to watch your video to see how much I suck at DUs but I think you have it set on private...

Lisa M said...

Wow I was so pumped after WOD 1 and then WOD 2 seriously just kicked my ass!! Those frickn' ring dips are going to be the death of me. had to do all singles after round one - ouch. And pushups right after burpees. I hope i can move my arms tomorrow. Thanks James it was an awesome day!!

12:30 part 1
136 :( part 2 with very stict form

imosher said...

WOD 1: 22:42

WOD 2: 181 reps

deadlifts felt weak this morning, I know I have a faster time in me, double unders had me breathing hard, they felt smoother than usual, am starting to get a hang of them.

Chris Dunkin said...

All fixed.

Anonymous said...


Deadlifts felt good but DU's were very broken really struggled with them

Part 2 was good other then muscle fatigue slowing me down

Grant said...

@ CFC @ 7PM
46 yom/6'/174

part 1

part 2 no rest
6 rnds & 10 burps = 190 reps

burpies were the easy part

Merry Christmas. We fly tomorrow for 2 weeks R&R

JAM said...

1) 14:15
2) 198

Sweeney said...


Sick, sick effort! Your deads just got better into the deeper rounds and your DU are very efficient. Who cares if you missed a few reps, the intensity was there and you were obviously engaged. (just have a counter for the comp WOD's)

You annihilated that today.


Kevin O'Malley said...

Brutal Workout Today.. Could not rest 8 hours in between as I only rested 30 minutes because my buddy from the Marines is home for a week...

Part 1- 11:34- Unbroken on Deadlifts throughout all sets and only broken on 2 sets for double unders

Part 2- Now this was a different story and did not recover quick enough from the other workout..
7 Full Rounds and 25 reps with Full Range of Motion..

Going to hit another WOD tommorow with my buddy from the Marines, prob one of the Big Dawg Workouts from the last contest...

bmizzlle said...


part 1: 16:45.
very choppy sets deadlifts usually 5-5 except for first, DU random

part 2: 211 reps.
metcon ability fine, triceps and chest limiting factors

Ross Blake said...

Part 2. 176 reps


Brandon said...

Part 1: 29:46 - Deads all unbroken and easy until last round. DUs still suck but this is first WOD I have done more than 150 without subbing. Actually got going well in middle rounds until fatigue set it.
Part 2: 185 reps - Burpees and Pushups felt good. Dips were really hard today.

Martin Altemark said...

Hard to find time. Lotsa work and stuff to do before christmas (we celebrate tomorrow here in euroland, not on christmas day...)

Part 1: 18:00

Gotta try to find time for part 2 later today. If not making it - Merry christmas to everyone, and thanks James for the last couple of months!

Slater Coe said...

1. 17:49
2. 168

1. Deadlifts unbroken... managed to get latter rounds of DUs to 30 & 20, but struggled with having enough wind to minimize my rest times in between.

Rested 20 minutes

2. Apparently my upper body was more worn out from the DL/DU than I thought because I had to break up pushups into 5 & 5 or 6, 4, 1, 1... and ring dips were similarly broken. My pushups are bad anyway (evidenced by Tabata Something Else) but I had nothing to push in this wod. Definitely fought with it... trying to zone out and just move, but strength wasn't there. On a positive note, burpees were simple.

Bear said...

Part 1: 19:46 min

DL unbroken, struggling with DU but I´m getting there. And as Martin Altemark said, will try to find time to do part 2 tonight. If not, will do tomorrow.

Bear said...

And thank´s for outstanding programming! MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

dontpanic356 said...

Running a day behind. We go slammed with snow and motorists were crashing was a fun night last night.

Part1: 14:10

Deads were smooth, DU's were heavily partitioned. I find my forearms getting fatigued quickly.

Nice work everyone, Looks like a lot of people tore this one up. Ill try Part 2 tonight if I get off work at a decent hour.


PTS said...

Part 1:

Part 2 in about 2 hours

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt 1: 13:10 - absolutely no gas for this. Slept well, ate well, I just couldn't transition well. All deads unbroken and maybe 4 rounds of doubles unbroken but the rest were split into 35 and 15 - no misses. Way too much rest between movements.

Anonymous said...

Pt 1 - 15:28

Last day in Phoenix - did a 5k in the morning, flew home and did part 1. limited to a park for wods this week so I did barbara yesterday and my quads were smoked. DU were a mess as to be expected b/c I could string more than 20 together in warm up.

Next is Hanna for Xmas, Fernie for new years so I'll be struggling to stick with the big dawgs.

unit said...

your video is awesome!... very impressive work!...
only critique is learning how to count, but you already knew that!... haha...
insane intensity there man!

Joel B. said...

Maybe we'll get GHD situps tomorrow. Because every other area of my body is sore haha! Might as well round it out.

Michael said...

Part 1- 15:11
Can definitely feel fatigue setting in from the long make up week.

not sure if I'll do part 2 b/c I hurt my wrist yesterday on clean. we'll see how i feel after my classes tonight.

Sweeney said...

Part 2: 234 reps

Couldn't get warmed up today.

Had expectations of 250+ as these are all good movements for my stumpy appendages.

Chest seized up early.

unit said...

how many stumpy appendages do u have?... ;^)

word verification...
damphee - as in, 'did u see the damphee u have 2 pay 2 compete in the games this yr?'

Martin Altemark said...

4 hours after part 1 -

part 2: 203


Anonymous said...

Spectator costs to watch at the sectionals and regionals are absurd... Should be $15 per spectator..

Sweeney said...


LMAO after a challenging day.

Your timing is impeccable.

PTS said...

part 1: 13:30
6 hrs rest
part 2 : 203.

muslce failure in the arms for wod 2. this would be a whole different wod fresh.

Saverio said...

First part was 19:30. Double-unders almost ruines me. Second part total was 270. Im going to enjoy my rest day tomorrow.

Covino24 said...

Part 1 - 29:54
Still can't string those dbl unders together yet.. but they are getting better.. I got so frustrated with it.. Thanks for the positive push Sev!
Part 2 tomorrow!

Justin Flynn said...

Part 1: 11:33

Deadlifts easy. Doubles need work.

Paul Klein said...

late post sorry.

14:20 and 194 reps

Brian Maier said...

Part II:

subbed k2e's for burpees.

9 rounds - 270 reps

Anonymous said...



150 in 15:10

Steve Howell said...

Did any of the Dawgs have trouble signing up for their sectional today? Also does anyone else feel like they got hit by a truck after these last couple days of double? lol gotta love this stuff!

dmarsh said...

Part 1: 11:35

Deadlifts unbroken. DUs inconsistent.

Part 2: 176

Totally shot. Had nothing in the tank for this one.

Mack Lar said...

Running a day behind due to work.
part 1: 11:01 Deads unbroken. DU's broken due to trips. Tried to take a couple breaths between movements but not pace in an attempt to increase work capacity overall. Took forever to warmup after Fran yesterday. About 45 minutes of warmups to include some deads at about 20 lbs heavier than the RX WOD deads.
part 2 later today

dontpanic356 said...

Part 2: 194 reps

This WOD was more my style

Covino24 said...

Part 2 - 200
Merry Christmas everyone

Mack Lar said...

Part 2: 260 reps
Feel like I've been hit by a bus. Ready for a rest day.

Anthony said...

Part 1: 20:34
First 2 rounds of dead unbroken, then 6 reps and 4 reps the rest of the way.
Dbl Unders still eating me up. Strings of 12-15.

Part 2: 174

Merry Christmas Crazies!!!!

Linker said...

Part 1:

13 minutes Rx'd

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt. II on Dec 27th - 179 reps. Sad sad sad state of affairs but that's what you get if you eat like s$%t. Back on the horse!

Steve Smith said...

Part 1:


- Double unders very broken. Used different jump rope, but could have been tougher mentally.

Part 2:

285 reps

- I cheated and looked at Joey and Unit's scores before doing this. Helps mentally to have a goal.