Training Schedule till X-Mas 2009

Dec 3rd - single
Dec 4th - double
Dec 5th - off
Dec 6th - single
Dec 7th - single
Dec 8th - off
Dec 9th - single
Dec 10th - double
Dec 11th - off
Dec 12th - triple
Dec 13th - single
Dec 14th - off
Dec 15th - single
Dec 16th - single
Dec 17th - off
Dec 18th - single
Dec 19th - double
Dec 20th - off
Dec 21st - double
Dec 22nd - double
Dec 23rd - off
Dec 24th - single
Dec 25th - Dec 29th - off
Dec 30th - start phase 2

I know there will be differing dates for the sectionals for the qualifying process for some Big Dawgs; just wanted to let everyone know that I am aware of this and will do my best to ensure everyone is prepared for their individual goals/competitions...even if you are not competing, it is imperative that you still follow cycles in your training plan...there has to be a purpose...and an end line in sight that scares/excites you!


Dave X said...

Thanks James!

I can update iCal now!

Chris Fodera said...

good times...I like the anticipation of not knowing the WODs, but knowing the general scheme of the cycle (ie: single/double/triple on each given day) really makes it easier for me to plan my schedule around.

Brent Maier said...

This helps a lot, thanks!

Noah Milstein said...


Trying to adopt your program. Did the snatch/burpee couplet but lost the fight against the flu later than night and am only just getting over it now. I'm going to jump in at the beginning of the current phase, so I'll be a ways behind everyone. What I wanted to ask is, is the rx'd rest period the minimum, maximum, or precise time?

Thanks, Noah

YoungManRumble said...

Thanks Coach. I'm really looking forward to getting after it! The specialized training mixed with the variety always keeps me guessing. I do have to work on my intensity a bit more and really go after these WODs im leaving too much in the tank.

evanz said...

This really helps plan my schedule ahead of time. The "end of the line" scares/excites me but first I need to get through the triple on the 12th. That itself is scary/exciting!

Sweeney said...

Ok, this info is awesome.

Now, I have a request for the Refuel packaging guys: Can you put the friggin' scoop in last?

Sweeney said...

This info is awesome coach. Thanks.

Now, I have a question for the Refuel packaging guys: Can you put the friggin' scoop in last?

Garage Crossfitter said...

Thanks Coach

Steve Smith said...

Haha, thanks Sweeney. Couldn't agree more.

I'm excited about the triple on the 12th! Crossfit Durham (in North Carolina) is hosting a competition on the 12th. Will consist of three workouts. "Fittest Man in NC," perfect.

Any other Big Dawgs in the South East US going?

Coach, any recommendations on scaling for upcoming comps?

Kyle F said...

I see the mention of sectionals. I haven't been able to find any info on sectionals beyond the fact they they will exist. Am I totally out of the loop? Have they release the info for the sectional?

OPT said...

no info yet on sectionals, coming soon on CF games website
Noah and everyone else, to answer the question, everyone should jump in NOW...i do not go back and look at scores from previous days...only current scores/weights/times/%' if you want to benefit from the overall plan, get in the boat and row with everyone else (this boat is going somewhere..err...or something like that...its a Newfie saying)
this florida heat is getting to me, Naples Sheriff SWAT obstacle course tomorrow, video to come.

unit said...

wish i were in FLA with ya' coach!... this KC cold is getting to me!... ha...

2 day's rest day WOD...

1 mile run

5min Rest

10min of 80lb Single Arm DB Snatch... goal was for as long of strings as possible w/ a single arm switch and as few sets as possible...
did 3 sets with 1 min rest b/w sets... time under DB 7:30
set 1: 20(R) / 18(L)
set 2: 15(R) / 13(L)
set 3: 15(R) / 10(L)
total ~ 91reps

5min rest

Clean and Jerk
185 x1
10 sets w/ 1 min rest b/w sets... focused on form...

5min rest

Stability Base Strength Triplet for 3 sets...
Trap Raises x8 @ 3011 w/ 20lb DBs
Calf Raises @ 31X0 x15
Clubbell Forearm Raises x6 ea @ 31X1


Noah Milstein said...


Thanks for the advise, I'll stay current with the WoDs. My first post-flu recovery WoD will be today. I'm still unclear on the rx'd rest period though. Is the timing set as a minimum, maximum, or is it precise?

Thanks, Noah