Rest/Reflect - Tues. Dec 8th, 2009

What are your 3 top priority training goals for 2010?
Post the 3 and ONLY 3 to comments, put it out there!
This is for everyone. This is important. This is for you.


Wes hendricks said...

1. Snatch 200 pounds
2. Row Sub 7 minute 2k
3. Make it to Aromas

Aimee Anaya said...

1. To snatch 100 kgs by December 2010, so that I can be prepared to break the 101kg American snatch record at Nationals 2011
2. To become as mentally strong as I am physically. To learn how to take the 2 or so hours a day for my training, and submerse myself in to that moment each day.
3. To master myself and find strength.

Russ Greene said...

I have only one goal. I want to get a little bit better, at one or more aspect of fitness, every day. In my experience, this goal is the one that pays the most long term dividends.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Stay off the trainer's table. Get stronger. Get to the Games.

Stephen Flamm said...

1. Stay injury-free.
2. Make it out of the Sectionals.
3. 1000 lb. CrossFit Total.

Robert said...

First post:
1. Maintain a paleo and/or zone diet after graduation from college while in the work force
2. DL 440 lbs (2.5 x BWT)
3. Finally see progress with the overhead press (its stuck like glue)

dontpanic356 said...

1. Oly Lifts of 235 SN and 315 CJ (currently 215 and 295)

2. 500 LB deadlift (currently 435)

3. Sub 21 min 5K (currently 22:30)

deejay said...

Finish in the top 5 at the 2010 CrossFit Games. Sub 19:00 5K run. Become stronger mentally so that I can take myself to another gear in my training I don't realize I have(this makes more sense in my head)

Anthony said...

1.Make it through sectionals.

2.Visit and train at OPT.

3.Go sub 4 min. on Fran.

Martin Altemark said...

1. have fun!
2. More weight on both the clean&jerk and the snatch.
3. Run 5k well below 20min come summer

No real intention of competing this year (did last year) other than at OPT online challenges. Will probably work with organizing them instead.

Anonymous said...

1. Deadlift 400lb's
2. Improve snatch 175lb's +
3. improve on intensity level

Steve Howell said...

1. Improve all aspects of my training (from mental to heavier lifts to being more technically sound etc.)
2. Adapt to becoming more comfortable with uncomfortable.
3. Make it to the 2010 Crossfit Games.

Noah Milstein said...
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April said...

1. Recover from pregnancy #1.
2. Meet all the goals I have posted in the Anvil.
3. Prepare for pregnancy #2.

Omar Arvizu said...

1. Lifts: Get my dead lift to 450 and Snatch body weigth (215)
2. Do 10 unbroken HSPU
3. Qualify to the Games, year after year

Dave X said...

1. Reduce body weight to sub 200 lbs to improve performance;
2. Qualify at sectionals;
3. Beat Garage CrossFitter heads up in a WOD (maybe a goal for 2011).

atom said...

1. 500lb Deadlift w/ sub 5 min mile
2. Improve my O-lifts to: 300# on the C&J, 225# on the Snatch.
3. Finish 1st in a Big Dawg Challenge & Crossfit Games.

Goals are an amazing marker, especially when you have a community of like minded individuals giving you the gears.

Anonymous said...

1. deadlift 480# - 2.5x BW
2. sub 3min fran
3. run sub 12min 2mile

Chris Dunkin said...

compete in the individual competition at the games. 200lb shoulder press. 200lb snatch.

Mike Molloy said...

Immediate Goal: Get over the flu

Year long goals

1) Body weight Snatch
2) 300# Front Squat
3) Sub 7:00 2K row

Noah Milstein said...

Woops! I missed the "3 goals" bit. My bad. Here are my top three.

1) 10 unbroken HSPU
2) 50 unbroken DU
3) 150kg Back Squat

Sorry about that.

Gord said...

1)BWT OHS X 15
2)Sub 9 Elizabeth
3)Stonger and faster(row and run)

ken c said...

1. 200lb. snatch (currently 195).
2. 21 consecutive strict hand stand push ups.
3. beat dutch in a metcon.

Katrina Burton said...

1. Increase max weight on all lifts by 8%.
2. Stay mentally focused on MY efforts and abilities in training so this becomes easier to do at the qualifying events. I need to be able walk away knowing I gave it my all on each and every workout regardless of the end result.
3. Reach a score of 75 AMRAP pullups (currently at 58)

Bear said...

1. Run 3 k sub 11 min
2. Squat Clean 100+ kg
3. Dead lift 2.5xbw, ca 190-200 kg depending on fatness ;)

Michael said...

1. Dead Lift 450 by december 2010
2. Get Clean and Jerk 300- my press is 210, front squat 305 x 3 but explosive hips is a weakness
3. Qualify for CF Games Regionals

Pulling from the ground and power from the hips has always been a weakness so I want to focus on that this next year.

Brent Maier said...

1. I will not waste a day and will continue to give 110% of my mental and physical capacities each and every day. What am I training for? Tomorrow!

2. I will show progress in ALL aspects of training with each passing week. With big daddy James in the drivers seat and myself strapped in the ride, I WILL far exceed any specific goals I would have set for myself by the end of the year.

2. I will make it to the Crossfit Games someday, somehow!

Mack Lar said...

1. Aromas
2. BW Snatch(175lbs). Deadlift 400lbs. C&J 250lbs. BW OHSx15
3. Continue to try to understand the why and how of improving human performance.

Looking forward to competing and hopefully getting to meet some of the Big Dawgs out there. Good luck to all in the New Year

Kyle F said...

1. Get to Regionals
2. 20 minute 5K run
3. DL 425 lb

Sugar Shane said...

1. 1000lb Crossfit Total & Bodyweight Snatch (195)

2. Land a back tuck unassisted

3. 5k time under 18:30 (6 minute/mile pace)

bso said...

1. Train for and compete in 2010 CrossFit sectionals and regionals
2. Snatch 100 kilos (currently 75 with lots of room for technique improvement)
3. 50 pullups (current best: 36)

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

1. Make it to Aromas even if it has to be in the old fogey category I WILL BE THERE!!
2.Oly lifts Snatch 100pounds - currently 85 CJ 155 currently 130
3. Get a muscle up and improve HSPU

David said...

BW Snatch
50' Handstand Walk
Improve DU consistency to 50, then 100
(Oh, and beat Ken C in a metcon!)

Crossfit Lions said...

1. Get physical healthy. Currently dealing with a jacked back, tendonitis in both elbows and a sternum that either cracked or has a tear in the tendon.
2. Eat a prolonged Paleo diet that last longer than a couple of weeks.
3. Make it to Regionals for the games.

Paul Klein said...

1. Increase 1RM deadlift, even if only by five pounds.

2. Start achieving times that are competitive with Joey Warren, Rory, Geoff Aucoin, and Brent Maier.

3. Find a way to participate in the OPT coaching seminars to become a more knowledgeable trainer and athlete.

Word Verification is encest. Gross!

joey warren said...

I want to improve on all weaknesses and commit to them, mainly my maximal strength- Backsquat 2x BW and deadlift 2.5x BW

Commit to every workout 100%. I will leave nothing behind every day and focus on being as prepared as possbile through nutrition, sleep, and a positive mentality- run a 18:30 min 5k

I will not give up when it gets hard. I want to keep moving in every workout, and I want to move faster. Sub 2:25 fran

Jon M said...

1. Increase my pain tolerance. Learn to push through artificial mental barriers.

2. Address my weaknesses (get to a sub 19:00 5k) and learn how to dominate my strengths (Olympic lifting, pullups, deadlifts, dumbbells)

3. Make it back to Aromas as an individual and compete on day 2.

weezie said...

1. Better nutrition- to the tune of 95% adherence to paleo principles. Sitting at around 80-85% and it shows.

2. Improve bodyweight / gymnastics exercise capacity (15 unbroken HSPU, 40 kipping pullups, 50 double unders). This realm is a real goat of mine and has, in the past, caused me to avoid workouts that focused on these movements. No longer. Time for me to get comfortable with uncomfortable.

3. Greater focus on ONE program. I have had a horrible tendency over the last couple of years to dabble in pretty much everything for a short period of time. The lack of focus has very clearly compromised my ability to achieve the sort of results that I really want. This coming year, anything not related to OPT training will be in the back seat.

Surrey Sterling 39/5'10"/176 said...

2010 Training Goals

1. Continue on the OPT road to superior heath and life long wellness by not missing wods and fueling with clean food everyday, which will lead to the success of other personal goals.

2. Continue developing stronger mental fortitude during WODS.

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. "Mentally Bulletproof".

I will achieve this by creating a mental image of the days wod. Not dropping the bar when my mind says you need a rest. Hang on the pullup bar for one more rep, when I'm gassed I will hold on for a little longer before getting air.

3. Qualify for Regionals by following Goals 1 and 2.

Andrew Romeo said...

It took me a while to shorten my list down to only 3 goals

1: Not miss a day of training, qualify for regionals

2: Snatch 205, CJ 260- this would be adding 50 pounds to both of these lifts

3: Deadlift 500- currently pulling 420

Michael FitzGerald said...

1) Make it to the 2010 Games (and maybe finish 1 spot ahead of DJ)
2) To be comfortable with lots of weight overhead, in my previous vulnerable positions.
3) To become a more aware/conscious athlete and coach.

rwcorson said...

These are my training goals, not my competition goals:
1. Sub 3:45 Fran
2. Body weight snatch 180#
3. 315# back squat

Andrew said...

Hey Big Dawgs,

I thought this would be a great time to start posting and introduce myself. I have been CF'ing for about a year and a half, at CF Montreal here in the east. I was introduced to this blog several months ago and have been looking at the programming and the training on and off ever since.

Recently I have started to follow it a few days behind, as strength over metabolic conditioning is by far my weakness, however I got to a comment where OPT recommended following it as it came, as opposed to behind. Therefore as of today, I am starting to follow it day by day and will be posting just like the rest of you!

My 3 goals which I wish to complete by December 2010, are:

1. Increase my heavy lifts (Overhead press from 140 - 165, Deadlift from 390 - 450, Squat Clean from 185 - 250). I know they are quite large jumps, but a huge goal of mine is to be able to complete King Kong Rx'd.

2. Increase my mental strength - I have visited that 'sweet spot' which few people talk about quite a few times, however I would like be able to get to that place in time? place in my mind? every single time I train.

3. Qualify for the CF game in 2011.

Anyways, I look forward to hopefully meeting all of those who will be out next saturday for the Nutrition Seminar. I had the opportunity of meeting James very briefly while out in Aromas in July supporting a good friend of mine who was also competing. I am eager to hear what he has to say about Nutrition, its affects on performance, and how we can step up our performance even further with the Nutrition.

I will be out in Calgary for really only the day on saturday, however if anyone would like to train then (since I believe there are 3 wod's that day) I would more than love to train with whoever. Feel free to get in touch with me.



Becky said...

1. get my muscle up
2. hspu on bars with head below bar
3. get way better at double unders.

Sweeney said...

1. Deadlift 400lbs
2. 20 minute 5k
3. Snatch 165lbs

Kevin O'Malley said...

Along with OPT Training and CrossFit Endurance Training...
1. Want to get stronger in my lifts and improve my technique to strengthen my legs and calves to prepare my legs for endurance events.

2. Finish my marathons, 50k's still at my competitive times that I have posted before

3. To just prepare my body and learn from others on this page. The best knowledge comes from your peers.

4. One more to help a couple of my clients prepare for the sectionals and regionals for the Games

Garage Crossfitter said...

1)Focus more on recovery, this includes "slowing down", learning to relax and using more positive energy. I want to understand the "big picture" better.

2) Continue learning to become more effcient in all my lifts, knowing that will lead to bigger numbers and faster times

3) I want to compete to the best of my physical and mental ability at all competitions, no matter the result, I will be satisfied knowing I gave 110% of everything I had and that I was fully prepared by Coach prior to entering the arena.

Greg Soneff said...

My 3 fitness goals are:

1. I will increase strength in all major power/oly lifts by setting specifc targets for each and by vigourously following a tailored program which will take me there

2. I will finish top 5 in the Copenhagen Crossfit Challenge (Feb 2010) and top 10 in Sectional/Regional qualifiers

3. I will (with the help of a coach) establish and follow a nutrition plan that will support the above

All three of the above goals fall under the umbrella of "Train smarter, not harder" and "Remember to have fun".

D-Rob said...

1. Contend at Aromas
2. Grow Affiliate to 150+ members
3. 1400lb total

Roelant said...

Hey Andrew,

that mean we're also going to be following current OPT? cuz that's why I haven't been posting yet. Have fun in Alberta you lucky devil


dmarsh said...

1. Numbers: 500# deadlift, 400# back squat, 275# C&J, 200# snatch, 60 pullups, 100 double unders, sub-7:00 2K row, sub-6:00 mile run.

2. Training: Qualify for Regionals.

3. Sleep: Get at least 7 hours of QUALITY sleep 6 days/week.

Lauren said...

1. Qualify for the 2010 games- be completely mentally and physically prepared.
2. Push the limits in my daily wods and focus on the positive gains.
3. M u s c l e - U p.

alicia said...

1. Make it out of Sectionals
2. Get a sub 45 minute 10km
3. 700 lb CFT

md said...

I guess i should start off by introducing myselfe. My name is Mark Duerr and I have been following OPT for the last two months or so, You guys and gals have a great community here and it is a privilege to be able to learn so much from all of you. I live in Northern California and love endurance events. That said, when my family started asking me if i was sick, i figured it was time to cut back on the running and riding and start with some weight training. I was introduced to cross fit and enjoyed it very much. I would do great on the met-cons, but my overall strength was lacking. After some research, I found OPT and started "lurking". I finally jumped in at the beginning of the last 45 day challenge. What a difference.
So for my goals-
1. Get stronger - 2x body weight deadlift, 275 squat, 200 # c&j, and body weight snatch. In the goal I would also like to learn, really learn the O-lifts. I want to commit and take a class.
2. Eat Better - Paleo 95% or better. No excuses.
3. Qualify for the Boston Marathon - Pretty much the antithesis of goal #1 but like I said, i love running and endurance events. So I need a plan to be able to accomplish both getting stronger and running fast.
It should be a great year.


Doug Zirkle said...

1. Find the balance of training, supplemental work (mobility, SMR, etc.), nutrition, sleep, ... that allows me to develop my athletic capabilities as efficiently as possible, keeps me enthusiastic and energized for my workouts, and maximizes the overall vitality of my life.

2. Fan the fire of finding joy in movement for movement's sake, training for the sake of excellence, and being fully in the moment, independent of performance expectations or other self-imposed baggage.

3. Improve my mobility to the point that I can achieve technically *optimal* (not merely correct or adequate) positions in all of the movements we do.

If I take care of these, the rest will more than take care of itself.

As my best means to pursuing these goals, I'm opting (some pun huh?) for individual work with James, which I'll start Sunday. I'm very excited for this next phase of my development.

I hope all of the Dawgs exceed their goals!

Ali Loach said...

1. Get my first muscle-up and 10 HSPUs on parallettes. (Currently have 4 HSPUs from the ground)
2. Improve Oly lifting technique to allow my lifts to be as big as I know my strength can achieve. (Snatch 115#; currently 95-ish / Clean and Jerk 165#; currently a fugly 140)
3. Improve my overall mental strength. Approach each training day (and rest day for that matter) with the mindset of a true ATHLETE rather than that of a chick that works out hard.

Michael said...

OPT or anyone else with any suggestions. I got hip flexor tendonitis about 2 years ago. My hip flexors have been tight and a weak link ever since. I constantly stretch them and warm them up good and they've gotten a lot better and rarely bother me now but on high rep GHD situps they get to me pretty good and also knees to elbow. Any suggestions on how to turn these into a strength instead of a weakness other than just keep doing what i'm doing?

Ross Blake said...

1. Get my life on track and learn from previouse experiences after a marrige break up.

2. Take more time out to maintain clarity and creativity with coaching my crossfitters.

3. Stay consistant, proactive and balanced with my training

Chris Stroud said...

1.) Get to regionals and if i dont qualify for the games compete on our affiliate team.
2.) Continue to stay dialed in with my diet and make changes along the way if necessary.
3.) Run a sub 5:30 mile.

Joel B. said...

1. Get back to Big Dawg training after completing fire academy and post academy training. I'll probably not be able to train here January 15 until about June. Sad in one way but overall a very good thing!
2. Stay on track with fueling during time away from training here. Be able to make adjustments to different challenges in this area.
3. After resuming Big Dawg training, meet then exceed current strength/o-lift numbers by at least 5% and be "fit".

Evan Z said...

1. Continue to learn so that I can share with and help others to benefit as they need to.
2. Increase my snatch to body weight and clean to 1.5x body weight.
3. To feel good, which in my definition means to perform well, feel well mentally/emotionally/spiritually and look good physically. Keeping balance between all three is not always easy.

Agnew said...

1. increase my 1RM to a 400lbs. Deadlift currently 340lbs.
2. Increase my speed in Metcons, focusing on the mental aspect of the challenge. Feeling mentally stronger before, during and after workouts. Learning to be OK with off days and celebrate what I did do and not focus on what I didn't do.
3. Increase my technical skills in the O-lifts = Lifting heavier!

Evan Johnston said...

1. Continue my path of improving strength

2. Become more mentally fierce: staying on the bar longer, not dropping the weight, pushing faster, all things I believe I'm physically capable but just need that mental push.

3. Learn and mature as an athlete the way I have this past year

Jefff said...

1. Improve snatch
2. Improve C&J
3. Improve mental toughness

unit said...

1) 1125 cf total
2) 700 rhiannon
3) 10 strict muscle ups in a row

there r soooo many more goals other than these, not even sure if these r top 3, but they r some examples...

my suggestion 2 those out there with intangible goals (trying 2 do such and such effort, qualifying for this or that) is 2 make ur goals concrete... just 2 disclose right away, please understand I'm not criticizing peoples goals or trying 2 overstep my bounds, however I'd encourage u 2 make ur goals concrete... not that effort or mentality isn't concrete, but mental toughness is something that gets u 2 a certain bar, number, time... in something... without that goal or attainable bar 2 reach, progress isn't always 4ward and people can find themselves swimming... u may b swimming better, but u still don't c a shore 2 swim towards and wind up swimming in circles.... tiring out in a quest 4 something more... when u reach a goal (or shore, 2 keep the metaphors afloat)... u reassess, and begin swimming 4 another... these type of goals r what will get u 2 qualify 4 something and what will help u achieve a certain place in something else... please please please keep those goals... as I want everyone here 2 achieve them... but tangible concrete bars that u have set 4 urself is the means 2 getting there... I'm not sure what coach wanted, but having talked 2 groups before abt goals and achievement, this is a very important step... so I challenge y'all 2 set those types of goals or bars or barriers in time, wt, numbers, etc 2 achieve...
this is just my 0.02... so take it with a grain of salt... but also take it as a challenge...


Robin Lyons said...

1.Give 100% of me to friends, potential friends, family and my training. Look within for strength...GO TO CCROSSFIT 2010 GAMES

2. improve work capacity/endurance

3. be able to do handstands and muscle ups without high anxiety;-)

James said...

Goal #1 - 50 Double Unders
Goal #2 - 1.5x bw Back Squat
Goal #3 - 2x bw Deadlift

Erik Luber said...

2010 _training_ goals

1. Improve overhead movements (55 kg Snatch, 60 kg press, 75 kg split jerk)
2. 220# back squat
3. Finish the freakin "flight simulator" as Rxd. I have failed at this twice...I have 82 unbroken DUs but this WOD is my nemesis.

Chris Fodera said...


1. Improve my Olympic Lifts: form and efficiency. My inefficiency caused my current issues with the right knee.
- Snatch: 200 lbs
- Clean and Jerk: 250 lbs

2. DeadLift 500+ with perfect form.

3. Improve my rowing:
- 1:25 500m row
- Power Ratios of 3.6+ on a consistent basis for sprint rows
- 6:20 2000m row

Like many others, I have so many other goals, but these seem to gravitate to the top when I think about them and try to prioritize.

My immediate goal is to rehab my right knee to 100%. I know that upper body and overhead strength is my nemesis, so that is a everlasting battle.

Good luck to all in achieving your goals. For all those of you shooting for Aromas, I hope to see you there in some way or another.

Lindsey said...

1. 20 unbroken pullups
2. 100 unbroken DUs
3. Increase all Oly lifts by 20% - althought this may seem aggressive comparatively my numbers are all very modest at the moment and I feel with continued training this is a very reasonable goal

Steve Smith said...

This is worth thinking through some more, but here is where I stand today:

1. Top 20% at the 2010 Crossfit Games

2. Pass Selection (SFAS) in FEB; become a Green Beret

3. Transfer the lessons I learn in the gym to the other aspects of life: spiritual, mental, relational, etc.

- Unit, I like your comment. I'm going to sit down and try to put some tangible markers to these goals.

bso said...

After reflecting on Unit's comments:

1. Snatch bodyweight (20# to go)
2. 40 pullups (10 reps to go over recent best)
3. Sub 20 5k run (1:06 improvement)

These goals a.) more tangible and b.) slightly closer in reach... when I achieve them, I'll step 'em up to the next level.

Michael McCabe said...

1. 245lb C&J
2. sub-3min Fran
3. 400lb squat

those are three out of many....

Brian Maier said...

Unit.... couldn't agree with you more regarding the importance of goals being specific.

1) sub 4min Fran
2) 50 unbroken pullups
3) sub 19min 5k run

imosher said...

Improve my core strength and hip flexibility along with hamstrings to facilitate:

stronger front squat(~105kg now), ->120
better paralette hspu (3 in a row now) -> 12
more L-pullups (without dropping legs 3 now) -> 15

david83 said...

1.) Continue to grow and develop as a crossfiter so I can be a better athlete and coach.

2.) Make it to the regional qualifiers in Edmonton and place in the top 10.

3.) Push myself every training session to find that uncomfortable state and live, love and work in that zone.


Colin Jenkins said...

1. Take 1st Place at Los Angeles Sectional
2. Take Top 5 in California Regionals
3. Get a better understanding of intensity and pain management.

Evan Johnston said...

Numerical goals upon reflection on Unit's post:

1. bw snatch (10# shy right now)
2. 10 muscle ups in a row
3. 40 unbroken cu's

Trevor Salmon said...

competition goals for masters track

sub 12.5 for the 100m
improved confidence with OH lifts
decrease injuries

Ryan @ CFGP said...

1. 12% body fat
current: 17%
This will help all the gymnastics stats
2. 175# Snatch
Current max: an ugly 155
This requires proficiency at movement. I have the strength, but not the form. Also, this much weight on the Snatch will mean an improvement on C&J
3. 400# Dead Lift

As with the rest of you, I have other goals as well. I need to do the 5k row to get a standard and then press on from there.

EHR said...

Eric R

1. 190# snatch
2. 18:00 5km
3. 1000# cft

Tyler Smith said...

1. Snatch 185 or maybe 200#!?
2. Strict Press 185
3. C&J 275 (currently 245) (Jerk is 250, and deadlift is 450... just need to connect the dots...)

Anonymous said...

Every day strive for excellance in my own training and for the athletes in my care and be the very best human I can possibly be.
Top 5 team at Aromas.
C+J 275, BS 450, DL 475, FS 350,5.40 mile,BW snatch, 2.30 Fran,press BW,19min 5k.


Eric S said...

1. Sub 5 hour half - ironman.
2. Sub 3 hour marathon.
3. Maintain perfect combat and physical fitness test scores.

Gam said...

1. 100+/120+ in the snatch/C&J
2. increase BW from 163lbs to ~170lbs
3. BW press, 140 front squat

YoungManRumble said...

1) Make the CF Games
2) Sub 7:15 Helen
3) Train with INTENSITY

Laura said...

1)Work on all squats again--back squat especially 175+
2) Find lost HSPU form then complete 10 in a row
3)Running--Under 24 min for 5k

PTS said...

little late to the game here but well said Unit.

I was once told goals should be specific ,measurable and attainable, and I've used that philosphy ever since.

my 3 \
1.) 15 consecutive HSPU
2.) BWT OHS.
3.) 50 consectutive pull-ups.

Josh said...

1. Deadlift 405#

2. Make it out of sectionals and into regionals

3. Set my training/diet/sleep schedule for now until March, and make it my top priority. Don't make excuses- adjust my life to reach these goals. I don't want to have any regrets come competition time.