Dec 30, 2009

Training Schedule till Jan 27th:
Dec 30/31 - singles
Jan 1 - off
Jan 2/3 - singles
Jan 4 - off
Jan 5/6/7 - singles
Jan 8 - off
Jan 9 - double
Jan 10 - single
Jan 11 - off
Jan 12 - single
Jan 13 - double
Jan 14 - single
Jan 15 - off
Jan 16/17 - doubles
Jan 18 - off
Jan 19/20/21 - singles
Jan 22 - off
Jan 23 - one day Big Dawg championship series # 3; for locals this competition will be held @ CF Natural High in Okotoks - the site for the Canadian CrossFit Championships
Jan 24/25/26 - rest
Jan 27 - resume training

For those peaking in Feb for competitions - i will be providing 2 different workouts from Jan 19th onwards. I do not suggest competing in the Big Dawg series # 3. For those competing in early March, compete and resume on Jan 27th and we'll lay out a plan for that time at the end of January.

3 sets:
12 SDLHP - 125#/80#
Row 90 sec @ 90% effort
rest 2 min
3 sets:
12 db thrusters - 35/20#/h
AMRAP Double Unders in 60 sec
rest 2 min
3 rounds as fast as you can:
20 box jumps unbroken - 20/14"
25 sit ups

post reps of doubles and notes to comments
do not time the last couplet
welcome all new dawgs, competition shirt short list coming


Wes hendricks said...

I feel like by this point in time I should know this but, is it rest 2 minutes after each set or rest 2 minutes between couplets?

Geoff Aucoin said...


Complete the 3 sets of the 12 SDLHP and 90 sec row with 2 minutes rest between sets THEN TAKE A BREAK FOR A FEW MINUTES and then move on to the 3 sets of thrusters and doubles etc...

Anyone asking about this needs more time off...

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh Wes, I was a minute late. That's 1000 burpees; 3,2,1...

Sweeney said...

Hey fellas:

Just a quick T-shirt comment:

Does anyone else feel a little wierd wearing a shirt that says "bred by OPT" across the shoulder blades?

It makes me feel like I shared a prison cell with him....

Chris Fodera said...


Imaging all the one-on-one personalized training that would carry with it. A sentence likely worth serving.

Jason Gusic said...

Just found a bag of frozen reese's cups in the freeser.. get online and find the wrk out for tomorrow... lesson learned... He is always watching.

Kevin O'Malley said...

I was having OPT withdrawals for the last 4 days... I did some active recovery, but also did some rowing training as I am preparing for the Crash B Rowing Championships in Feb at Boston University.. I am going to get smoked there, but just a great event to get more information on rowing and see some real beasts in the Rowing Community

Last Few Rowing Workouts:
10 x 250 m Row w/ 45 seconds rest btw each interval with Gas mask on

Tabata Row with Gas mask on

2000 m Row @ 85% effort
Time: 6:52.2

Steve Howell said...

Coach what would be a good sub for the 90 sec row, I have no access to one.

bmizzlle said...

I have access to a rower but it would be incompatible to the rest of the WOD (aka Globo gym), so Im gonna run for forty five seconds then turn around.

Hope that helps Steve.

wish I owned a rower!

Brent Maier said...

It's been a long 5 days, that's all I have to say!

Chris Stroud said...


Will you have a set of programming for us who are competing late march?

Mack Lar said...

DU's 79/65/74 Too many trips.
I'm not saying I timed the last couplet but if I had it was prob around 3:44. Done unassisted w an Abmat and legs butterflied.
Very difficult to get moving today, both in the warmup and the workout. Diet and sleep have been solid and only did some easy running/ rowing, and stretching during break. I usually feel much stronger on the 2nd and 3rd day of a 3 on/1 off cycle. I'm wondering if my taper should be limited before a comp because I have issues getting the body moving again after rest.

Dave X said...

We're back iin action baby!!

Mondays and Fridays off nice!

Bred by OPT doesn't weird me out other than it sounds like OPT spent some time with my mom 34 years ago and I was their CrossFitting love child.

Dave X said...

New shirt idea....

2010 Big Dawgs bred by OPT... who's your daddy?

Dave X said...

SDLHPs were quick and unbroken
Row was sluggish, legs dead

Thrusters smooth and steady
Doubles: 60/56/DNF - rope snapped. Time to get Buddy Lee on the horn.

BJs & situps pretty quick few quick breaths b/t movements then unbroken reps.

It's good to be back!

OPT said...

Chris Stroud, yes, we'll discuss after Jan comp

Michael said...

Double Under Numbers: 60, 50, 54
Felt pretty good the whole way through today but was smoked on the last couplet. Sit up still kill me. Little scratchy throat and worked out earlier than expected today so nutrition wasn't perfect. Constantly varied though right. Glad to be back training.

Good luck to all the Dawgs as we prepare physically and mentally for qualifiers.

Kyle F said...

DUs: 60/58/63

My fat ass needs to get in shape. Felt really sluggish.

dontpanic356 said...

Gonna try this with one arm. Shoulder not feeling too good. sectionals might be a no-go for me. I'm going to wait and see how it feels in a month though....its just frustrating to see the progress I made go right down the drain.

Garage Crossfitter said...


I have had a head/chest cold for last 3 days, fun fun, i couldnt breath out my nose and i was literally gasping for breath entire wod....good test but i probably should have taken today off. Diet and rest over the 5 day break was great, lots of sleep, relaxing, so I am happy with that, just gotta shake this cold and im ready to roll....

Wes hendricks said...

Double unders - 80/60/50

SDHP - all unbroken
Row - 430/425/390 meters at damper of 4
Thrusters - subbed 95lb barbell, all unbroken
BJ/Situps - all unbroken, kept a consistent pace the entire time and made sure each box jumps was perfect with technique, everything unbroken

Lauren said...

Good to be back!!! :)

DU 67/69/60

BJ/SU- anchored sit-ups, all unbroken.

Jeffrey said...

I'm a new dawg! (from upstate NY)

I've been reading the site/comment board for the past month or so, and I've been eagerly anticipating jumping in 100% on this cycle.

Thank you OPT (and others)! I greatly appreciate both the programming and the community you offer.

I wanted to offer my "thank you's" before I'm in a 125# SDHP induced curse-laden fog...

Wes hendricks said...


where you from in Upstate NY? There are a few of use from Upstate. I am up in Seneca Falls, if your near by I got a fully stocked garage. You are welcome to join me anytime.

Kizzee said...


I am also a new dawg... (i followed behind a couple weeks last phase.. but wanted to join in on the actual day wod)..

12/12/11 on Double Unders... My PR consecutive DU is about 15 but my arms were fried from the thrusters and SDLHP..

1)I ran for the 90sec..
2)I did 95lb thrusters b/c I dont have dbs
3)Lastly, I did touch and go jumps for box jumps.

I hope by next year I can atleast feel like I can go to a sectional without worrying that I will have to scale a WOD..(too weak..)

Thanks for the WODs James!

Chris Fodera said...


DUs: 40, 45, 31

PWO: 30gP (MRM shake), 1 scoop ReFuel, 15gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)

- SDHP: 1st round unbrokem, 2nd round fractioned into 8/4, 3rd round fractioned into 6/3/3
- Row: tried to maintain 90% (444 avg watts) of my avg watts from a 500m Max Effort Row (493 avg watts). Was able to on the Old C2 at work for the 1st set. The second set dropped to about 390 avg watts, and the 3rd dropped to about 300 avg watts. The foot flex was on the 3rd set from the top and the damper on 7 (first 2 sets) and 6 (last set).
- Thrusters: all unbroken and felt good after the first rep on each round. The first rep just felt slow/sluggish each time.
- DoubleUnders: these were a kick in the nuts today. The first couplet took everything out of me and my DUs suffered a ton. After may trip ups (in each round), I was able to break into a rhythm for the last 25-30 seconds on each round.
- BJs: unbroken touch and go
- SitUps: anchored and felt pretty good, but was surprised that my abs felt taxed when this was all said and done

Glad to get back into it and be into another cycle. My knee felt pretty good today and was not a limiting factor at all. I look forward to this cycle and the Big Dawg Comp coming in a couple weeks.

Dave X said...

Upstate NY is turning into little Calgary for Big Dawg training.

Jeffery I'm outside Rochester. You?

Evan Z said...

58/51/55 was not very happy with this result since I love DU's.

BJ's and SU's were unbroken but felt SLOW. SU's were good but BJ's were ugly.

Good to be back in Calgary.

andrew romeo said...


No rower so I ran
No DB's so used 95lb barbell
No 20'' box, used 24'' box

Placing a huge equipment order tomorrow, will have all the equipment i need in a week or so

DU's are getting better, still a work in progress.
Feels good to be back in action, have a head cold but felt ok during workout.

Gord said...

53, 41, 38

felt rusty today

Laura said...

66/40/50--hit Gord's #$%% rope 3x on second set. Tried not to push calf too much in DU's--it is just on the brink of getting better.

Jeffrey said...

Wes and Dave X,

Well I guess I misspoke. You guys are truly upstate. I'm currently in the Kingston NY area, so unless I'm overly ambitious I probably won't be joining you... thanks for the invite!

I did live in Rochester for 6 years, so slam a garbage plate for me! (U of R graduate 2003)


Jefff said...

DUs - 76,56,53 = 185

WOD #1 - First set of SDLHPs straight through. Rounds #2, and #3 broken. Rows were 459m (1:37.9/500m), 430m (1:44.5/500m), 428m(1:45.1/500m).

WOD #2 - Thrusters straight through and felt great. DUs tough, but relatively happy.

WOD #3 - Very fast until last round of sit-ups. Unbroken but got very slow.

PTS said...

Quick question: I;m introducing a friend to crossfit in about an hour. What workout should I choose? Or should I just go with today's OPT wod and hope he takes to that?


Dave X said...

PTS. Helen or Michael. I intro'ed my buddies to Fran with mixed results.

Geoff Aucoin said...

PTS, 15 minute Cindy.

unit said...

what's ur friends work capacity or experience?... r they new 2 training in general or do they have some background and r new 2 crossfit alone... what is that background if there is one?...
I ask, bc I think that if someone is a tru beginner, I'd intro them 2 some of the fundamental movements that we do... and the exercises we utilize... then, perhaps a short WOD of some basic movements, like a tabata version of angie...
if they r more experienced, but w/o knowledge of some crossfit fundamentals, then perhaps an intro 2 those movements and a wod utilizing movements they already know...
if they r fully versed and experienced, then go ahead and hit them with a hero wod, named wod, or some other cf standard... in fact 2days wod would b a gd one 4 them 2 just jump in2...
I guess it depends on ur friends experience, goals, abilities, etc...
sorry 2 b brief, but these r my 0.02...

Danny B said...

DU 51,23,35(ouch,after 1st set I was crushed)
SDLHP 12,12,6,3,2,1
rowed 1223m total
BJ&SU 4:50 touch and go BJ

bmizzlle said...

SDLHP 125#: unbroken/9-3/10-2
Sub Run: ~380 meters each time

Thrusters: 35# DB's: unbroken felt easy
DU's: 65/60/66

BJ's: unbroken rx'd
Situps: unbroken rx'd
less than 4 minutes

I'm a new Dawg too! woof! woof!

Martin Altemark said...

Did this as the second workout today. Had scheduled another workout with a friend for mid-day... First WOD was 5 rounds of 5 rounds for time of 5x70kg C&J, 10 CTB-PU, 20 air squats.

rested a couple of hours then hit todays WOD:

DUs: 32, 32, 20

Notes: Row pace was 1:41, 1:42 and 1:47. Really tired in my legs at the last set. (last time we did almost this I had a 1:45 pace).

Thrusters was also hard because of legs being tired.

SDHP is just pretty heavy for me, but did first round unbroken, middle round 8/4 and last round very broken.

Not very happy with performance today, but we're on again and that makes me feel GREAT!

Ali Loach said...

Unable to complete WODS today and tomorrow as rx'd. In Whistler for Keith's biggest races to date (he'll be securing the final spot on the Canadian Men's Olympic Skeleton Team) so most of today and tomorrow will be devoted to him. I'll see what I can get done in the hotel gym later tonight or early tomorrow.
Stressed as hell and I'm not even the one competing.
Looking forward to getting back into my regular routine once I'm home on the 2nd.

rwcorson said...

I'm taking two more days off due to a stomach bug. I'm feeling better today, but I don't have the NRG to do the WOD.

Slater Coe said...

As we get closer to March, can you give us some advice on nutrition the week prior to the sectionals and the day-of sectionals?

Kizzee said...

rwcorson..sounds like alot of people are getting the stomach bug. I got it Saturday and didn't feel 100% until yesterday... It sucked

Erik Luber said...


DUs: 63, then rope broke with 10s left. Skipping outside in the cold bad idea...

SDLHP: scaled to 110#. Reps- 12,7/5, 7/3/2. Tried at 125#, but that was pretty much my 1RM.
Row: No rower, still on vacation.
Thrusters: Done @ 30#, all I had available. All unbroken until last rep of last set, frustrating.
BJ: done on fragile looking bench, had to watch head to not smash into ceiling, kind of awkward. All unbroken.
Sit-ups: unanchored butterfly with hands on temples. All unbroken. These burned.

Good to be back at it!

NorCal Chris said...

DUs: 34, 45, 31

- SDHP: unbroken, 8/4, 6/3/3
- Row: 1:37; 1:42; 1:45+
- Thrusters: unbroken

A. Maloney said...

SHPD (125) all unbroken - Very Heavy though.
Rowing - 1240m

Thrusters - Unbroken on 1st and 3rd sets; 2nd was 8 + 4
DU`s - 39, 30, 37 - Hard to coordinate my hands and feet after those days off!

Box Jumps, Situps(GHD)- all unbroken

Kevin O'Malley said...

Good to be back at it...
All sets for everything were unbroken..
Row- Total 1262 m
Db Thrusters-unbroken
Fell off at the end.. on Doubles
Box Jumps and Sit-Ups- Unbroken

All workouts done with Gas Mask on...except for Double Unders as the gas mask likes to move around alot... Could not rest 2 Minutes between each set, only about 5 seconds due to gym opening up at 4 pm..

Hope everyone has great New Year's

Hey Wes give me a call got somethings to tell you

dmarsh said...

DUs: 63,52,52

Everything unbroken.

Could not maintain 90% pace on row 2&3. Pace went from 1:44, 1:47, 1:55 (ugh!). Legs were like bricks by the end.

4 min rest following each couplet.

Overall felt very sluggish but excited to get going again.

Chris Stroud said...

DU- 60/57/60

Geoff Aucoin said...

Doubles - 73,75,80

Felt semi-crappy today but I showed promise. The mojo was flowing.

Rochatm said...

I am excited to be joining everyone here in getting ready for the sectionals, regionals, and games. I live in Corvallis, Oregon and feel honored to follow this programming with such an awesome group of athletes. That being said I really enjoyed my first Dawg WOD today. Here are my results and notes:

Double Unders: 44, 45, 46

I was thrilled to see the DU's in there becasue they are one of my weaknesses and I want to improve before competitions start. Everything else felt alright. Everything was unbroken except the DU's since I trip and get out of rhythm ever so often while doing them.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Gibson said...



1. 7:55
2:00, 2:04, 2:06 pace on rower at 5 damper (90% of all out 500 is 2:01)
SDLHP - 80#, unbroken/6-3-3/3-3-3-3
2. 5:05
Thrusters - 20#, all sets unbroken
3. 16" box - BJ/SU all unbroken, w/ abmat

If I could pick one exercise to never ever have to do again it would be SDLHPs. Dislike and dread them like nothing else. Glad to kick off today with what I dislike the most.



Stephen Flamm said...

The wide stance of the SDLHP bothers my knee, so I subbed KB swings at 100 lbs., all unbroken and above head height though not to Games standard. Rows were worse than I anticipated, and finished with 438, 428, and 424m. Rested 5:00 minutes after finishing.

Used 1 pood KBs for the thrusters, which were easy and unbroken. Double unders were embarrassing: 22, 18, 13. Rested 5:00 after finishing.

Unbroken but slow on both the box jumps and the sit-ups, which were performed on an AbMat.

Steve Howell said...


SDLHP: Unbroken
No rower and it's -25 out so I did max burpees in 90 seconds: 25/20/20

Thrusters: Unbrokem
DU's: 65/53/55

Sit ups: Unbroken

* still getting over the tonsillitis I got for christmas felt pretty weak and slow today. But it felt good to be back training!

Yelvi said...


Ive never been that good at DU, but their is no excuse for this. First 40 were unbroken, after that I couldn't get back in the game. I kept thinking I was going to puke on the Thruster/DU combo. Everything else went great and unbroken,

Mike Molloy said...

Did this one down at Primal Fitness as I'm visiting the area. To the guy I met interested in the big dawg programming, email me at

Part 1:
Forgot to record the distances but the legs were toast on the 3rd set.

Part 2: 65/46/48

Part 3: Unbroken.

Felt terrible after 1st part but recovered quickly enough to give it hell for parts 2 and 3.

David said...


All weights unbroken. The rows and DU's felt horrible, fighting a chest cold and couldn't breathe the entire time. I was making good progress on the DU's last week but they went to hell today.

joey warren said...

DUs- 95, 72, 84

Row felt good to push myself, I needed that after the long break- 483m, 457m, 443m
Box jumps & situps unbroken and fast- foot all the way on box and hands on temples for situps

Lots of new people- LETS GET IT ON!!!

PTS said...

Introduced Crossfit to a buddy today so we did Filthy Fifties today. He was crushed and said he enjoyed the workout.

My time was 25:45. I'm a little disappointed as I did 23:35 in May. I was through the back ext's in around 14mins, but as usual wallballs and burpees crushed me.
The bitter cold air in the garage could have had something to do with it.

I have had a hard time with the mental aspect of WOD's lately and I thought the time off may help, but ran into the same problem today. Once the gut-check comes, I quit. I don't actually stop, but I just don't push through and suffer through the reps like I know I should be and need to. That fire was there in the past, but it has been gone for a while now. I need to figure out how to get it back.

Steve Smith said...


12.7% Body Fat - disapointed and a bit ashamed of this number. Just did a 7-fold test today in order to dial on the diet.

Completley screwed up the rest periods for today. Maybe I need a few more day off, eh Geoff?

SDHP - unbroken, easy
Row - approx 1450m. Avg 1:35.5/500m

Thrusters - 35lb KB. Unbroken, easy
DU - 43/38/60. Ugly. Used a new and awkward rope.

BJ - 24" box
SU - Army standard, unweighted.

unit said...

du- 101 / 84 / 80 ~ 265

A- subbed 135lb sdlhp... unbroken & fast... rows 470 / 460 / 465 ~ 1395
B- subbed 45lb db thrusters... unbroken and felt quick... shoulders smoked after these and du's...
C- subbed 24" box jumps... all the way up with gd extension... situps anchored, hands on temple... didn't time a 3:44...

I hear ya Joey!... gd 2 c all the new dawgs!... let's get rockin 4 2010!...


Steve Smith said...

Haha. Unit, had to. Fight the temptation to start the timer too.

Rainer Hartmann said...

First time posting after following your programming for a few weeks now, James! I'm planning to do Sectionals in Columbus 3/7/10.
Part 1: SDLHP unbroken, total row 1144 m.
Part 2: 12/9-3/8-4, DU's 19/21/16 (one of my weak points)
Part 3: Box Jumps unbroken, 5:07

Martin Altemark said...

Can tell you that the infamous stomach bug has been bothering stomacs here in Sweden too for the last three days. :-)

Really annoying. But pushed through.

Bowser said...

2 words:

"Major suckage"

Surrey Sterling 39/5'10"/176 said...

That header pic of OPT about sums up how I looked after this one. I feel like a bag of smashed assholes. first wod back since the 23rd. Anyway enough sniveling. Lets get to work.

SDHP -12-12-12
Rows -440-430-410

DBT's - 12-12-12 @ 40DB
DU's - 34-43-50 (slaughtered me)

Brains scrambled and CNS smashed after 5 days of eating and being merry. Paying the price suckz!

Chris Dunkin said...

103, 96, 86

rows were 1:42/500m.

Down in Palm Desert so did today's, and will be doing tomorrows, at Desert Crossfit. 65-70 degrees feels great.

Lindsey said...

25/20/30 - knew after warm up that dus were going to be a particularly large bear today. didn't get as much practice over the break as I should have

Due to water pipe breaking, had to wod in the smaller, much more inadequate weight room today. No Olympic bars, subbed 50 lb db (largest available) on sdlhp and 90 sec run. Also used 20" bench for box jumps

Glad to be back at it! Welcome to all the newcomers!

dontpanic356 said...

Did Part 1 and Part 3. Neither of these hurt the shoulder.

Started part 2 and after the 1st set my shoulder was in a pretty good amount of pain. Believe it or not the DU's were like a knife to the back of the shoulder.

Other two parts were very fast and unbroken. 502, 472, 480 on the row.

LuLu said...

Louise H

SDHP- 1st and 2nd set unbroken,
3rd set= 8-2-2
Thrusters- unbroken
DU- 61-59-54
Box jumps and Sit ups- unbroken

my 2nd OPT workout and I loved it. Looking forward to this cycle.

ken c said...

thought i'd give the big dawg program a go between now and the sectional in late march. been doing mostly crossfit football since june. like the program a lot but want a broader crossfit focus leading up to competition. so...

double unders: 59 67 55 = 181

rows were 450m 438m 435m. box jumps unbroken as directed. i'm pretty good at double unders but the fatigue leading up to them really put the zap on getting any kind of good pace. was getting 10 to 15 before missing. thanks for all you do james.

Covino24 said...

Part 1: 12/10-2/10-2

part 2: 12/12/10-2
Dbl Unders = 30/20/21 - still weak but working on it on my off days.

part 3: Good Speed on jumps but the situps destroyed me!! a lil pukie feeling after this one!
But its good to be back!!

YoungManRumble said...

12 - 12 - broken last set (8-2-2)
425m 420m 412m (1:45 to 1:50 pace)

12 - 12 - 12 (40dbs) all unbroken
70 - 80 - 70

4:50 * with a massive AB cramp in the second set. Unanchored sit ups.

Chris Fodera said...

Coach and/or Ladies/Gents:

when a percentage of effort is called for during a WOD, like in today's rowing portion...

Do you:
a) 90% of your /500m pace for that given length of time (ie: 90 seconds today)
b) 90% of your avg watts for a PR on a rowing distance close to the prescribed time (ie: 90 seconds prescribed for today, so about 500m row and therefore use 90% of avg watts for 500m sprint row)
c) perceived level of effort during that specific portion of the WOD for that individual day?

I ask because I can maintain 90% of my 500m pace for 90 seconds for several reps.

Today, however, I decided to try and maintain 90% of my avg watts. While this worked for round 1, rounds 2 and 3 got progressively worse.

Any thoughts?

Chris Fodera said...

a little more info:

despite the fact that my avg watts were falling per set, my distances covered did not fall nearly as dramatically...

from about 488m on the first set to about 440-something on the last.

Paul Klein said...


60, 51, 41

Row felt terrible, 450M, 450M, 430M

40lb db for thrusters

Box jumps with my feet all the way on the box. I really focused on form after my last box jump debacle.

I registered for the Carolina sectional qualifier today. So I am all in till March 6. I already am feeling nervous, I have never competed before.

Sugar Shane said...

In my 11 days off I became a father, ate horrible, got no sleep and loved every minute of it. Felt it today in the gym, but the lady and I are recommitted to eating healthy. I'm hoping to make up some sleep once the baby gets a little bigger.

70, 54, 63

SDHP and rows got tough quick.
Thrusters felt great.

Jon M said...



Been doing VLC/keto diet to lean out a touch in the next few weeks. Not to much gas today, but not unexpected.

Ross Blake said...

Did some bushwalking, surfing and beers in my break!

56-53-48 on the double unders.

Took a while to get going. Felf ok during the 3rd set of the first couplet. Those sdlhp felt heavy at first but my ass is working really well and that bar was flying up!

No dumbells so i subbed a plate thruster in second couplet.

Good to be back at it

Aaron said...

SDHP- all unbroken
Row- all over 400m

Thrusters- 2x36# Kb
Double unders- 84/74/74

Box jump/sit-ups - I didn't time it but know it was sub 4.

All couplets felt strong. Smooth transitions on all sets. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Lisa M said...

Ate like crap for last few days and surprise surprise i got sick!! DUH. Stuffed up, chills, body ache not good. That was last night. Felt better today so hit the WOD. Did better than i thought i would considering.

SDLHP unbroken
Row 380m/1:57/215 ave watts

DUS 80/67/71 middle set had major brain fart at the beginning and just couldn't string them together

BJS situps were good fought the urge to time myself just concentrated on full extension and rhythmn for box jumps.

Lisa M said...

OH yeah welcome to all the new dawgs - the more the merrier!!

And ALI good luck to your man we will be sending lots of big dawg cheers his way!!

unit said...

haha!... nope, def couldn't resist... i've been on the clock when i workout for 12 yrs now... don't think its gonna stop anytime soon!...

personally i try to go on perceived effort... i can give a longer explanation as 2 y if ur interested, but if brief, tis what i do...

sugar shane...
congrats on becoming a father!... welcome 2 parenthood!... may ur little one be filled with joy and blessings, as well as the rest of your family...


Michael McCabe said...

row 475, 444, 415
du 64, 60, 45

i was gassing hard today, no stomach bug to blame other than all the toblerone i've been driving into my gut over the break. back to business now though... everyday is a new lesson in getting comfortable with uncomfortable!

Joel B. said...

DU's: 71, 63, 66 total: 200

SDLHP heavy for me, but got through pretty well. Broken, but breaks were more quick re-grips until 3rd round. Even 3rd round the breaks were in the 3-5 sec range (2 breaks). Rows were tough. 435m, 428m, 427m.

Thrusters were with a 25 and 10 in each hand. I fared much, much better than last time we did them (w/35# db's). rounds 1 and 2 unbroken, couple quick breaths in rack on 3rd round.

bj/su's went fast. Situps had a couple quick cramp breaks in the 3rd round. Hip flexors...or whatever they are called on the top of the thigh.

This training day was a tail kicker. Felt queesy a couple times, but not that close to puke. Welcome to all the new Dawgs!

Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey Steve or anyone else out there,
Any advice on how to measure my body fat without a machine, I know the ghetto way to do it, but any other suggestions on how to perform this??

Brent Maier said...


DU's: 61/50/55
Rows: 487/454/431
Sumos: Unbroken
BJ/SU's: Unbroken

Chad Hall said...

Doubles were 64/55/65
Last round of doubles were best, kept my hands close and lots of wrist instead of shoulders.

SDHP were moderate speed, unbroken, touch and go. Row felt ok until the 3rd round.

Did thrusters with 2 1 pood kettlebells instead, burnt my shoulders for the DU.

Box jumps felt great, focused on landing in full extension and 3/4 of foot on box. Sit ups were anchored with hands behind ears (except for last 10)

Rest 3 minutes between each couplet.

Erik Luber said...


Firstly, as per the OPT FAQ:
"You are not taking a known time - your best 400m - and using math to get the answer. You are looking for a percentage of a known performance (intensity), a certain % of effort, not a certain % of time."

But, if you want to know why your total distance didn't change much despite a large drop in average wattage, this is why. Your power output (watts) is proportional to the cube of the speed (distance/time). So to maintain 90% power you need to go at 97% of your max speed. This is why your distances (speed) didn't change much, even though your watts went way down. At 73% of max power, you are going at 90% of your max speed.

Dan said...

DU: 50, 52, 60

Saverio said...

Rows-419,397,391. Just couldnt seem to stay consistant with the row. Doubleunders-51,55,54. A little better than I expected. I feel like my stamina is trying to take a dive. Need to sleep more.

Anonymous said...

DU's 70, 51, 63
felt not bad considering diet has not been good this last week

Slater Coe said...

Joey & Unit smoked me... as usual.

Row - 423m, 419m, 423m ... SDLHP felt strong; row was tiring.

DU's - 48, 42, 32 ... technique issues still need to be fixed. Carrying 218lbs probably isn't helping, but DUs destroy my arms & shoulders - I still think I'm using too much of my arms to spin, but I can't seem to find a rope where I can reliably spin with just my wrists.

Box Jumps - easy & quick... Situps became an arm-tossing affair and I struggled to stay unbroken in the 3rd set

Slater Coe said...

Erik Luber,
Thank you for that explanation - while I could have determined that on my own had I taken the time to consider it - it was much easier just to hear you explain it so cogently.

atom said...

1. SDHP - Unbroken & subbed 90sec runs for rowing.

2. DU - 60, 65, 62

3. Quick.

Feels great to be back at it after the holidays. I'm really looking forward to focusing in on phase 2.

Anybody here still incorporating some strength work into their routines?

bso said...

doubles - 60ish... I had to keep stopping to move out of the way of my roaming little boy :)

the first couplet was very rough for me. I aimed for 1:37ish on the row (90% 500m pace). Total crash & burn on the last set. Felt like nutrition problems..... This dawg was in the garbage over the break. Recovered well for the other two couplets though and felt real good to be back at it. Chompin at the bit for tomorrow!

Jack said...

Jacques A (New Dawg)
Part 1
SDLHP= all sets unbroken
Row= probably went slower than 90%

Part 2
Thrusters= all unbroken
DUs= 46/70/66 total=172
No coordination on the first set of DU and slightly better after.
part 3
All unbroken with Sit ups on GHD but messed up that part, took 2 min rest first 2 sets.

Can't wait for tomorrow's W/O

Heavy Evy said...

Will try not to rant, but this programming is sweet! Been lurking for about a month, new to crossfit, finally geting out of my basement and into a cossfit friendly gym, as of today. Thankyou OPT for this amazing blog.
As for my first workout:

Took me 28 minutes to do it all unbroken with 2min rests.
Row: 380m,380m,390m 1st time on C2
DU's: Ok I thought jump rope was for school girls! I thought these would be easy! 11/10/11 with a million SU's!
BJ's/Unanchored Situps with arms swinging like a mad man! Went quick, felt good.

Anthony said...

Dbl. Unders of 42, 53 and 37

SDLHP 1st set unbrkn,11/1 and 9/3 for the other sets.
412,398,390 meters on the erg

Thrusters unbrkn, feel light
Dbl under are getting way better

Post WOD fuel: 1 scoop Refuel + 26 gms whey

Registered for the Florida State Sectionals and very proud to be taking six other athletes from my box to compete. Saverio and Covino I'm counting on you guys.

md said...

DU - 63, 78, 81

SDHP felt heavy & slow
Row - 429, 450, 439
Thrusters- easy, unbroken
DU -
Box jumps and sit ups good

April said...

Did parts 1 and 2. Started with 75# for SDLHP but dropped to 65 for 2&3.

All rows 380.

Used 2 10# DB for part 2. DU 31, 31, 31.

weezie said...

Still working with VERY limited gear (but a brand spanking new C2 rower, oddly enough).

DU - 30 / 36 / 36 - 102 total

Arms were smoked from everything before it.

SDLHP/row was a cool couplet. Situps and box jumps weren't blazing fast, but I finished 'em.

Jason Buzzard said...

DU: 64-56-56

Tough work out but a lot of fun as well.

Katie said...

First day doing OPT...great wkt!
Did 70lbs for the SDLHP
and measured ave watts on row - 127,128,114
Still working on Double unders - only got 12,16,20

Steve G said...

did @ CFC

should have read posts/faq first...

did 3 sets then rested 2 wonder I felt gassed!!

1st big dawgs WOD...wanted to start this 7-8 months ago but other things got in the way... said...

Hey All, recently made the switch from CF Football to OPT programming...Looking forward to meeting some of you at the NY/NJ Sectionals.

Unbroken SDHP's
Unbroken Thrusters
153 Double Unders

Happy New Year!

Blaine said...

125# SDLHP were quite heavy for me but went better than anticipated. Mostly quick singles.

DU's: 38/57/47

tania said...

No SDHP as it seemed to irritate my recently strained groin.

67/56/48 Double Unders
Thrusters with 20# db - Broke up the thrusters on the last set only.

16" box jumps and unanchored abmat situps unbroken.

imosher said...

44,44,40 double unders

sdhp felt good

thrusters were harder than I expected

Jason Gusic said...

Got through all SDHP and thrusters unbroken.

Of all the things that i am bad at double unders are #1. 20/15/16 :(

i run the box jumps at my gym where the heel has to go completely on the box, perhaps touch and go's would have been more appropriate, but heels on sux a bit more.

as directed i did not time the couplet but all reps were steady and unbroken.

JAM said...

SDHP'S all unbroken
420-440m on rows
thrusters felt 'ok'
DU's 25/35/51 need a better rope
BJ/Su felt good

any suggestions on jump ropes? been using old nike rope for 3 years and it's about dead

Justin A said...

DU's: 30-35 each set

Anonymous said...

70, 66, 60

Sub 90 Sec run for row: 470m, 425, 400

BJ and SU unbroken. Whole workout felt strong. I am pretty good at running/jumping so it catered to my strengths.

Felt good after the break. Did a good amount of PNF mixed with rolling around on a lacrosse ball. Worked some snatch technique a couple of days with new bumpers.

I am excited about this next cycle. I missed the first week of the last one.

Pepe said...

m31/5'8/170 (New Dawg)

Didn't read the wod properly so I only took breaks between each part and not in between each set. No wonder this kicked my ass so badly.

Scaled SDHP to 105lbs and Thrusters to 30lbs. Sit-ups Anchored with Abmat.

Part 1
12 SDHP - 456 m.
6-6 SDHP - 436 m.
7-5 SDHP - 433 m.
2 mins rest
Part 2
12 Thrusters - 57 DU
6-6 Thrusters - 45 DU
5-5-2 Thrusters - 60 DU
2 mins rest
Box Jumps and Situps unbroken


Brandon said...

Done 12/30...posted but for some reason it didn't get up.

Row: 444/435/432
DU: 30/31/31

SDHP and DB Thrusters unbroken

BJ/SU: unbroken and easy until last set of unanchored SU...lost focus.

Cam Birtwell said...

First timer,

m/5.10/185/31 y.o.

SDHP were tough, turned into a clean pull of sorts, all sets slightly broken
Row - 450m first one, held <1:40, <1:45, <1:50

Thrusters were interesting but good.
DU's: 95,80,77

Couplet went well, missed a few box jumps with fatigue. I find situps hard for high reps.


Shane and Karen said...

I'll be posting late as I am following 2 days behind for life/planning purposes. This was my first day on this program.


Everything was done unbroken except double unders. My 90 sec rows all came in at around the 410-420m range. My double unders were 20, 35 and 38 respectively for the 3 sets. Had been a while since I had done double unders which is why the numbers got better as I went, fatigue was a major issue though obviously, but double unders have always been a weakness.

Stefani said...

Did 70#'s on SDHP and maintained a 2:12 on the row. All SDHP's were unbroken.

45# Bar for thrusters need to get some dumbells. DU's: 36,35, and 30

I'm also a first time OPT follower and very excited by the type of programming on this site. This is going to be such a good time pain and all.