Christmas Eve 2009

My dog Red's X-mas gift for me...

for time:
Row 500 m

post time to comments as well as avg watts for distance divided by your BWT in lbs
(i.e. 1:26, 2.8)


Mack Lar said...

Running a day behind due to work and posting on the correct day so I know where its at when I try to look back. Quick question, is the next 5 days intended to be rest or is there nothing programmed so Coach can take some well deserved time off? Just wondering if this would be a good opportunity to hit some benchmark WOD's. it will be tough not to work out for 5 days but if that's the RX, I will adhere.
Merry Christmas everybody and thank you Coach for creating such an amazing program and community.

Ross Blake said...

Hey dawgs. Thanks for a great 2009. Looking fwd to meeting some of you in 2010. If you're ever in Australia look me up.

Eat right

Dave X said...

These are words I'm going to live by for the next 5 days:


Make sure rest days are active in terms of restorative modalities. Sitting on the couch is not a good choice. Foam rolling, light rowing, stretching, mobility drills, contrast plunges and massage should be employed whenever possible.

Rest now and fight the fight down the road.

Dave X said...

This Big Dawg registered for the NY/NJ Sectional last night.

My wife asked me if I was reay to put myself through that shit again. I said, "HELL YES!"

500 M row: 1:35.8
Ave Watts/BWT=397/209=1.90

GCF: I'll start researching rooms down in the Monclair area while I'm off. I'll hot you up with the results.

Merry Christmas OPT, GCF, Wes and the rest of the Big Dawgs. This has been a great year and I really appreciate all the coaching/feedback/asskicking I've gotten in 2009. Hopefully in 2010 we can meet in competetion!

Rest up Dawgs! This is the calm before the storm!

Michael McCabe said...

1:26(PR) - didn't check watts, bwt:184#

today is a travel day for me but oddly enough this is what i did yesterday for my final workout before the break!

also worked up to a 3RM in the OHS - 185# (PR)

girlfriend got me a big dawg t-shirt and opt hoodie for xmas - she's a keeper!!

Paul Klein said...

For anyone competing at the NC/SC sectional in Fort Mill.

I live about 40 minutes from Fort Mill (in Cornelius NC). If anyone wants or needs a place to stay you are welcome to crash at my place. I have a spare room above the garage detached from the house with it's own bathroom. I would love to get to meet the gang in my region.

Shoot me an email anytime.

Garage Crossfitter said...

1:26:8 (pr) on a Model B

Forgot to look at watts. Bwt 180

I dedicated this row to a very good family friend who passed away exactly 1 year ago today, at a very young age. I wore my emotions on my sleeve for this row, it met alot to me. Pr by 1.5 seconds.

To the big dawg community...2009 has been an amazing year running with the pack, WHOOF, 2010 is going to produce more monsters but even more important, healthy, fit, happy human beings. I am forever grateful for this programming, the people and the competition.

See everyone in 2010!!

dmarsh said...

1:35.5 (pr)


Looking forward to some much needed down time.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Anonymous said...

Mack: I plan to do as Dave X suggests. Actually sitting on a Lax ball as I type (that sounded better in my head). Something else I like to do is do a warmup followed by some light (50-60%) 1RM technique work (snatch, OHS, DL, MU). Maybe only 8 or ten total. Enough to get the juices flowing, but not a strain.

I train in my garage, so I grab a little in the moring, and then at night warm and PNF in front of the tube a little.

Merry Christmas to everyone


Lisa M said...

OPT left us the other day with some things to think about our limiting beliefs.

As we all try and move forward toward our goals below is an exercise that has significantly helped me move towards a happier healthier life and is something that i have found an important stepping stone in achieving everything you want to in life.

If you wish here are some things to ponder and an exercise to do before the new year.

Intellectual, emotional, and spiritual wellness are defined as thinking, believing, and acting congruently with your core values. The key to happiness and health is thinking, believing and acting congruently with your innate core values. Any thoughts beliefs or actions that are not congruent with your innate values represent intellectual, emotional, and spiritual stressors and will lead you to unhappiness and ill health.

Many people go through life not even knowing what their core values are and thus don't even know they are living incongruently.

Core value exercise:
1. Write down the 10 most important behavior or character traits of a good human being(eg. unconditional love of self and others). These represent your innate core values regarding human behavior.
2. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 on these traits. You are subconsciously aware of all incongruencies with your own innate values. These incongruencies cause intellectual, emotional and spiritual stress and significanlty affect your health and happiness and ability to reach your goals.
3. For every trait you scored less than 10 on describe in detail what actions are required to improve your score.

I wanted to thank James and this entire community for making me a better person, wife and mother. I hope everyone has a great holiday and "active rest" and that we all kick some serious ass in 2010!!

Jefff said...

Time = 1:25
Avg Watts = 552
Bwt = 166 (Approx - Scale Broken)
Ratio = 3.33
s/m = 47
Foot Pad = 2
Damper = 8

This is a 4 second PR since the last time we did this. Instead of the usual ass/leg cramping, my head almost blew off my shoulders about 10 seconds after finishing.

Merry Christmas all!!!

Joel B. said...

500m row: 1:31.7 (pr)
avg. watts: 454
bw: 160
ratio: 2.8
damper: 7

head was ok...ass and legs crampy though. Now enjoying some lactate with my coffee after some PWO fuel. Is that paleo friendly?

Merry Christmas everyone! I know I can use the rest. Even though the last few days we have been hitting it pretty hard, I've been getting pr's which is awesome. Looking forward to getting back after it in 5 days.

Chris Dunkin said...

1:24, 2.8

That's a .4 sec pr, and quite unexpected after first day of skiing yesterday.

Thanks for all the feedback from the video Tuesday. Learning to be more relaxed/focused while being judged/filmed. Will work on counting.

Update on Jesse: He is 8 days post surgery, performing dorsiflexion exercises, and was back in the gym this morning. He rowed a 1:55 one-leg 500m.

Wes hendricks said...

145 lbs


414.5/145 = 2.85 or 2.9 if rounding

Got a Pendlay Rogue bar for Christmas and decided to play with it today Pre-WOD. Ended up getting a new Snatch PR of 165. Its ugly but I got it. Any feedback would be great

Wes hendricks said...

forgot to include the 500 meter row is a 5 second PR

joey warren said...

123.6 (PR) - prev about 9 months ago=1:27

598/178lb= 3.4

I think Im ready for a couple days rest, great cycle overall though, many PRs. Ill do some active recovery after a couple days of rest.

Anonymous said...


not really happy with this, more than a second off my pr. Gotta get the diet dialed in.

Steve Howell said...

Won't be able to do this one today due to the fact of no rower. Also I have come down with a nasty fever, my body feels just wrecked so I will be starting me rest days today.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year.

bso said...

1:28.2, 2.8... I think it's about .3 seconds slower than last attempt, but I can't seem to axs my online journal.

Too fast out the gate. Power output dropped significantly in last 200m. First 500m sprint completed with no blood-in-throat/rolling-on-floor/delirium/etc.

andrew romeo said...


128.1 (2 sec PR)

Power ratio: 2.94

Stephen Flamm said...


ratio = 626.2/193 = 3.24

Damper on 10. First time ever going all out for 500m.

Justin Flynn said...

Row 500m
Today: 1:18.2 (732 watts/210#=3.49)
Previous PR: 1:21.9 (5/20/09)

Super stoked. This programming IS AWESOME.

Evan Johnston said...

Merry Christmas Big Dawgs! James, thank you for this amazing program and I want to thank all Big Dawgs for pushing every day for not only self-improvement but to help others following the blog as well. I will be out of the game for a while with my broken/torn wrist but I love seeing PR's and solid WOD's from everyone. To a fantastic 2009 and a killer 2010!!

Lisa M said...

Holy crap Justin that is fast!! good job.

1:46.4 PR @ 290 watts/128# = 2.66

I cannot find my last 500m but i am positive it was over 1:50 legs were burning but pushed through and didn't slow down. Think i should have pushed harder the last 50m or so.

OPT i am curious - we are often asked to post power ratios or strength ratios. would it be possible for you to post what the ideal ratio would be for that particular exercise and why. I realize it would be counter productive to post it the same day as then people would falsly try to achieve that ratio however maybe you could post it the next day or on the first rest day following that workout.

Lisa M said...

Oh yeah me again. I checked the C2world rankings my time would put me 5th in the world 0.1 sec behind the 4th place time. All hail OPT and crossfit!!! Justin you would be right there with me with that beastly time as well.

Yelvi said...

Previously posted as Jason. Sorry for the change Coach.

Time- 1:26.8
Ratio- 2.7

Any advice on the different damper settings. I used 5, any benefit to going higher?

Paul Klein said...

1:27.2 (2 Second PR)

528/185 = 2.85 power ratio.

Chris Dunkin said...

Justin, awsome time!! Great job Lisa!!

Justin, what was your damper setting?

Great to see so many pr's

bmizzlle said...

power ratio 2.43
watts 437.2
BW 180
time 1:32 PR

Justin Flynn said...


Damper was set at 4.5. Foot pads on 3. Stroke rate avg. was 39. Did not look at monitor at all during row. Focused on a faster recovery than I usually do. I felt incredible until last 100m and was able to sustain output for the most part. Friend said I was at 1:16-1:17 up to that point. A few times I had to readjust slightly on seat to prevent from coming off. Im sure that cost me a little bit. But who cares. Stoked to go sub 1:20. That was a goal of mine for some time.

Like Joey said the other day, PRs coming almost every workout lately.

Great job to you as well Lisa and everyone else that PRd.

Sweeney said...


If your head blows off, my wife would like it if I could have your hair.

bmizzlle said...

Thanks for the programming OPT amazing!

So i am registered for the Oregon/Idaho sectional.

What other dawgs are registered for a sectional?

Lauren said...

Av watt:395

I think this is a PB, definitely close.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! and thanks James for the awesome programming!!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Kudos to everyone who found time to workout today!

Merry Christmas, Big Dawgs, congrats to everyone for doing what we do here.

My word is 'clens;' I believe many folks will do that after Christmas.

NorCal Chris said...

Merry Christmas to all.

1:26.7 (PR)

536/197 = 2.72 power ratio.

Super excited about all the great programming / efforts out of this community. Thank you James.

Jefff said...

Its all your's Sweeney

Kevin O'Malley said...

500 M Row with Gas Mask on...
1:29.2- Using the gas mask for elevation training... Have a great christmas all...

Vagabond CrossFit
Hey Mike Malloy great seeing you at the gym today, along with Jen as well

Wes hendricks said...


Where can I get a gas mask!

Brent Maier said...


Time: 1:25.4 (PR)
Avg Watts: 562/196 = 2.86 Ratio

Dropped damper from 8 to 6 today and my stroke rate kicked up about 8 strokes per minute today. Had to kick up the SPM's to keep a good time today. When it was all said and done, I felt great!

Merry Christmas to all the Big Dawgs, James and family!

Brent Maier said...

Oh, went out to register for my sectionals today and they had Lauren staring me down with a sandbag on her back. There is no backing out now!

I'm registered! Ouuuuuu

Chris Fodera said...


time = 1:29
avg watts = 493
weight = 175
PowerRatio: 2.82

I felt pretty decent on this. I think I may have gone out a little too fast (Strokes/min). My goal was to stay at about 30ish Strokes/min, but I noticed that I was at 40 early and then after backing off, I was at 36. The idea was to have super powerful strokes and a steady recovery between each stroke.

20091122 WOD was 30 second row sprints and my avg watts were about the same on those as for today. My strongest row that day was the 4th one, which leads me to believe that my WarmUp (then and possibly today) are not sufficient.

Big Dawg Championship 2 WOD 1 was 800m row. I had 411 avg watts on that one.

Warmed up with a short row, some JumpRope (single and double unders) and stretching.
- FlyWheel on 5
- FootFlex at 4

I do feel good after this one, but I honestly think that I can significantly drop this time.

I can't wait to recoup over the next couple days. There is a lot of leg rolling coming my way and a newly refocused New Year and Training Cycle to look forward to.

Merry Christmas to all. See you on the 30th!

Slater Coe said...

1:33.8 (pr)
1.95 = 424.4 avg watts / 218lbs bodyweight

badly hungover... so happy with the result.

joey warren said...

Nice job Justin! WOW! Merry Christmas to everyone and OPT. Enjoy the rest.

Quick Question: Did anyone have a strategy on the 500m row. Do you go all out and hope you dont slow down too much? Do you pace yourself a few seconds off your strongest pull? Any thoughts? Thanks

I have a Christmas present coming to all the Big Dawgs. I have a world class jump roper that comes to my gym and came home from college for the Holidays. We did Rhiannon today. Lets just say an amazing video. Wait until you see the score. I am trying to upload the video now. It will be coming soon.

unit said...

1:21.5 / 3.4

pr is 1:18 a long time ago (1:21 since starting crossfit)... was at 1:16.1 pace through 300m and DIED... tried desperately for sub 1:18... and want 2 try again soon... grrrrr... whoof!...

can't wait 2 c a Rhiannon > 1000!....


PTS said...

1:24.5 (PR)

Joey funny you asked, my strategy today was gunning for your time. I thought it was acheivable so I set out to pace off of that. I wanted to hit 250m at ~ 41 secs. Unfortunately I fell a bit short. I may be doing a bit too much thinking and maybe should just stop thinking and pull.

I video'd my effort would appreciate any critiques in how to improve my row.

Chris Dunkin said...

Bmizzle, where are you? Just registered for the Or/Id sectional as well.

Looking forward to the responses on strategy as well. I employed the 'ol fly and die plan today.

Mike Molloy said...

Went down to Kevin O'Malley's box for this one today.

1:28.7 (PR)
BWT= 164#
Power Ratio= 3.04

No idea why, but about 10 minutes afterwords I met pukie for the first time ever. Not good...

Erik Luber said...

Just wanted to wish all the dawgs a merry christmas. Joining this community has truly been one of the most positive and inspiring experience of my life. Thanks to Coach and all the amazing people that train here.

Also, I wanted to extend an invitation to anyone else competing in the Canada Central sectionals. Me and my girlfriend live in Edmonton (on campus), and have a spare bedroom with a bed and a couch to sleep on at our place. Just shoot me an email if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

500m row 1:33.9
first time recording 500m row felt good
421avg watts bwt158#
power ratio =2.66

Merry Christmas to all

Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey Wes,
If you go to craigslist or anything like that just type in gas mask... However, I might be getting like ten free ones from one of my clients who is a police officer, so If I get one, I will send you one... The gas mask I have is old school.. It's from the 1950's German made, but I like it because its old and restricts more oxygen.. Mike saw me work with it on today... It def helps your endurance and stamina and has been tested numerous times on endurance athletes and what not.. You just have to be careful with it in the beginning and get a good feel with it.. I had training in it and what not... But it is a great gadget to have in your arsenal and overall it's just fun..

I will call you soon Wes after the holidays

Michael said...

1:33 PR

weezie said...

On the road with no internet access or gym. Catching bodyweight workouts whenever I can. Making a holiday pitstop today so I thought I would take a peek at what the program has looked like over the last few days. Couldn't resist.

Trip should end mid-January and will pick back up on the program then.

Take care everyone. Merry Christmas!

YoungManRumble said...

I'm really behind but I vow to catch up on all WODS before phase 2....

Day 18
A1. 115,125,135,145,155
A2. 40, 40, 40, 50, 55*2only
B1. 115 all 3
B2. 10, 15, 10
C. no GHD

Day 20
A. 20
B. 15
C. 260

Day 21

First 4 sets rx'd then I had to break up the HSPU.

95/ 7
105/ 7
115/ 7
125/ 7
135/ 6/1
145/ 5/2
155/ 4/1/2

Day 22,23,24 is what I got left.

Merry Xmas all

JAM said...

500m row: 1:27
ave watts: 524
bwt: 190
power ratio: 2.76

Merry Christmas everyone

Martin Altemark said...


1:29,4 (PR)
Avg watts: 490/166 = 2,95 ratio

Damper at almost 8.

PRs at 500, 800, 1km, 3km and 5km on the rower the last months doing OPT. Thanks James!

Ross Blake said...

Screen on the c2 wasn't working so I did.

For intensity: row 90sec

felt fast and stronger than previous max effort row sprints. Went a little too hard and hit that dark place about 10sec too early. Last 30 sec was not efficient.

Steve Smith said...

Sick as a dog. Skipped this workout.