Mon, Dec 21st, 2009

Day 23 Training:

part 1:
Clean and Jerk - find your 1RM

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
21,15,9 rep rounds for time;
Thrusters - 95#/65#
Chest to Bar Chin ups

post 3 scores only.
your BWT in lbs, your highest load for C & J and your time for the couplet
(i.e. 170#, 265#, 3:33)


Wes hendricks said...

is there anyone in or near providence, RI that I could join for these WOD's tomorrow?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Bah-hahaha. Oh god, I don't know if I should take tomorrow off and try this on Tuesday or just do the C & J because I can't fit in 2 WODs tomorrow.

Good luck, kids!

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

James do you recommend that we (meaning us girls)slug it out at the heavy fran weight or decrease the weight and concentrate on speed???

Chris Fodera said...

any of the Big Dawgs in the Camp Pendleton area of California?

Sweeney said...

Well, well, well....

Almost three years into Crossfit and I have NEVER done Fran.

I knew this day would come.

Jason said...


Is their anyway to ship that DVD to Alaska? I only get options for shipping in Canada.

Noah Milstein said...

Took an extra zero on the 19th. My back is still killing me so I'll be taking a break until it heals up. =(

Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey Wes,
Do not know if this helps,but I am friends with Samy from CFNH and run an affiliate in Brockton, Massachusetts, about an hour from providence, you could stop down here if you wanted.... to get your workout in... Shoot me an email or visit my website give me a call..

D-Rob said...
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Brent Maier said...

The last FRAN I did was at least a year and a half ago and that was only chin to bar. This is going to be fun.

Steve Howell said...

I've been wanting to give Fran another shot for the last 2 weeks, but not chest to bar lol! I agree with Brent this is going to be fun.

rwcorson said...

Read the prescription. Men-95#, Women-65#.

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Hey Rob

I checked the site last night and there was only the one weight of 95# on there. So i was just clarifying. I guess James must have noticed he forgot the womens weight. I always read the instuctions carefully!

rwcorson said...

Lisa, my bad!!

dontpanic356 said...


Early workout again...little not feeling well.

My favorite life and my least favorite WOD

CJ: 285 (tied PR)

CTB Fran: 3:52

I will get that 300 lb CJ soon...just need a little rest. Fran was hard, as usual. Legs were sluggish from doing some heavy squats yesterday. Last fran was a year and a half ago, chin to bar with a time of 3:44.

Cant wait for the start of the year when I get reassigned from patrol and have a consistent schedule. This rotating mess is killing me. Time, diet, and workouts suffer BADLY.

Gord said...

BwT- 158
C&J- 215.5 Failed 4 times at 221

Wes hendricks said...

BWT - 145
C&J -205, failed 2 times at 215 and once at 212....very very discouraged. I did do this in a snowy driveway on a small piece of slanted pavement w/ people shoveling around me. I think I may take the rest of the day off and try this again tomorrow when I am back at home.

Wes hendricks said...


Thanks for the offer I appreciate it! I gave you a call this morning, I was the 201 number that called you if you were wondering. I will have to come by some time and check the place out. Thanks again!

Michael said...

Still trying to catch up, will probably take a rest tom and then do double, double to finish on the 24th

1 min amrap wod:
Box Jump- 45
Wall Ball- 30
Toes to bar- 15
Push Press- 28
Burpees- 20
Total- 138
Felt good except Push Press felt weak.

5k Row- 21:05/ ave watt 173 at BW 165

rwcorson said...

C & J - 197#
C to B Fran - 5:52

John West said...


I have the same question as Jason. I would like to get the DVD down here in Texas.


John West

Martin Altemark said...

Youngest kid sick and puking all over so I had to take that time I had to work out. Therefor one session.

Bodyweight: 75kg (165 pounds)
C&J 92,5kg (204 pounds) (PR by 5 pounds)
CTB Fran: 5:20

Greg Soneff said...

BWT: 181kg
C&J: 95kg (failed twice at 100kg)
C2B Fran: 7:01

Need to work on my front squat because I can power clean more than I can squat clean at the moment.

Fran felt awful and had to split the pull-ups much more than I had wanted to. Regular Fran PR is 3:40 so definitely wanted to do better than 7:01. Next time.

Brent Maier said...


BW: 194#
C&J: 110kg (242#)
Chest2Bar Fran: Hitting it In 3 hours.

My last PR was 110kg 1 year ago. Leg is still buggered up from the other day. Compromising form in a bad way to compensate. Leg started to swell after my 115kg attempts and shut it down. I think I had 115kg in me today even though my jerk needs some serious work.

Steve Howell said...


BW: 181
C&J: 230 (pr)

* went for 235 but failed several times on the clean then once I got it up couldn't get it over head. But I am very pleased with 230 that is a 20lb pr for me.

PTS said...

bw: 186
CJ: 205 (PR was 215 in May.)
CTB Fran - 5:41

Failed at 220 and 211 on the jerk. My jerk is disatrous and needs some serious work. Fran was Fran. 2 bball games tonight may mean that I am out for the double tomorrow.

Don't Panic: I also work rotating shifts and just came off of working 36hrs of night shifts in 60 hours. While lack of sleep can be a serious issue, the diet is something that can be controlled. Bring a cooler to work. Easy to store good proteins and fats in there. Cook a whole bunch of meat a few days ahead of time and toss it into the cooler.

While my diet is far from perfect, I've found with proper planning it can be pretty darn good even if working shift work.

Chris Stroud said...

245 Clean and Jerk (PR)
255 Clean (PR)


Garage Crossfitter said...

CJ 225 (tied pr) felt very heavy

10 min rest (due to schedule)

CTB fran 4:06 yuck
*old pr was 4:24 at the 08 games @ 160 lbs, now im 180lbs. i finished round of 15 thrusters at 2:02. then i time with right mindset and fresh legs sub 3:30.

Justin Flynn said...

C&J 255# (PR)by 20#!!!

Stoked with this. Really felt incredible today on the platform. Cleans felt easy and jerks were solid. Ran out of time. I feel like had I started a little heavier I have another 10-15# in me.
All of these front squats have been paying off.

Mike said...

bw: 173
cj: 175, failed at 185
ctb fran: 3:26

dontpanic356 said...


The bad eating is my fault. I've promised myself that I won't eat bad at work numerous times, but on busy shifts a quick drivethrough is the only option.

I need to do like you said and bring a cooler. If I could clean up my worktime eating my diet would be pretty good.

joey warren said...

part 1
255lb (PR by 15lb)

225 sq clean, 235sq clean, 245sq clean, 250 fail sq clean, 255 power clean & jerk

the squat is still the limiting factor on these. THe jerk felt light but form was ugly.

andrew Romeo said...

c & j: 210
ctb fran: 5:49 (no excuses, just not very fast for me today)

bmizzlle said...

180 lbs BW 195 lbs C and J tie PR but this 195 was alot cleaner than last time. need more jerk practice.

resting 6 hours for C2B Fran now...

OPT said...

Jason, we do ship to the USA. I'm not sure why you are only getting options for Canada? Enter your address and chose UPS standard. If that doesn't work email

A. Maloney said...

Looks like an amazing WOD today, wish I was somewhere where there was a gym to be able to do this one. Taking the next few days off to recover because my performances are just decreasing. Will be roaring and ready to go back on the 29th.

Mike Molloy said...

Male, 28, 5'11''

165#, 205#, 4:35

Moving my girlfriend all weekend in the biggest snow in 50 years took something out of me. No excuses though.

Jefff said...

Part 1 - Bwt - 165 (Approx as scale is broken)
C&J - 195#. Failed at 200# twice. An a positive note PR'd power clean at 200# twice. Brain wouldn't let me get under bar on squat clean and same trouble on jerk.

Agnew said...

213#, 185#, 7:32

Not happy about these numbers.

Lisa M said...

So since there has been a lot of focus on goals - one of my goals for this past year 2009 which i set back in January was to be able to do a sub 6 minute Fran as Rxd. When i set this goal i had done Fran twice the first one was over 12 minutes with rubber band assisted pullups. The second time was in Nov of 08 and finished in over 10 minutes with assisted pullups. Since then i believe i tried three more times and was always over 6 minutes. After that i switched to this blog for my training and WOW what a difference it has made!! So i really wanted to see if i could reach my goal, so i did as many C2B as possible and finished with Western Canadian Q's standard chin over bar breaking plane. I ended up doing about half C2bs so pretty good my time:


I know it is not a beast like Fran time but i think if i did just regular chin ups through out and didn't have to yell at my kids during it i know i have a sub 5 minute in me for sure.

Thank you James for all that you do!

Anthony said...


C&J: 200# (split clean)

Fran: 4:44 PR

Chris Dunkin said...

bad news and very little sleep sapped the energy I needed today. worked up to 235 on c&j, and spent a lot of time on form. No second wod today.

unit said...

193#, 240#, 2:37(pr!)


Michael McCabe said...
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Steve Howell said...

Nice work Unit! whats your "regular" Fran time?

Chris Fodera said...


looking for critiques, criticisms, comments, etc...

Part 1: Felt decent doing this, but not great. Was a little uncomfortable putting the stress on my right knee b/c it has been feeling a lot better, but went for it anyway. The Jerk is the limiting factor for me here, because my Power Clean is over 230.

PWO: 40gP (Jarrow shake), 10gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: ground turkey (w/ tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, and spinach) and mac nuts

Hoping to find Everett's book and DVD under the tree on Friday. I have Burgener's Oly Cert coming up in Feb as well; would love to go in there better than where I am at now.

Sweeney said...

BW: `57
C&J: 185
CTB Fran: 5:09


Word is "haffishi" like the taste in the mouth....

unit said...

Steve last time I did a Fran it was mayb 2 yes ago... chin over bar... 3:27... today was a HUGE pr 4 me which makes me realize I've come a long way! however I still feel I need 2 speed up from out of the hole at the bottom and transition 2 the press better... almost feels like 2 movements especially as I fatigue, as opposed 2 one fluid movement... this was the first time since the last big dawg comp I've done butterfly kip 2 protect a tweaked shoulder, and it felt fine 2day... unbroken except last set was 7-1-1...


Stephen Flamm said...

Bodyweight: 194
Clean & jerk: 205
Thruster & CTB PU: 5:26

Caught the jerk in complete lockout. Haven't jerked in about 6 months, so stopped when technique broke down. Needs work. My old "Fran" PR is 4:10, so I am pretty happy with the metcon. Thrusters felt easier than they ever have. Pull-ups, not so much...

Joel B. said...

BW: 157
C&J: 200 (pr)
Couplet: 6:08 (1st time c2b)

NorCal Chris said...

197#, 175#, 6:26

Not pleased with the C&J or the C2B pullups but got some good practice on the C&J today after failing at 185# a bunch and then dropping the wt and focusing on the movement.

atom said...

180#, 225#, 5:40

Failed on 245 on C&J, no 5# or 2.5# olympic weights to try 235#....

Took ctb fran easy, I can feel the onset of a cold coming.....ahhh shite.

JOSHUA said...

Body weight 180, c&j 225, fran 6:56-Pr chest to bar.

Laura said...

BW; 116 Squat Clean 120--tried 122.5 a few times, jerk part wasn't great--I dropped it behind me once, don't know how! But..I did get the 122.5 power clean 3x.

Part 2: 7:50--way faster than last time's attempt with chest to bar. About 2 1/2 minutes slower than regular Fran time--Chest to bar chinups were the slowing down factor, seemed to need more rest time to get all chest to bar chins.

Paul Klein said...

Bwt 185#, 225#, 5.50

I squat cleaned 230 and failed on the jerk, then couldn't clean it again in three attempts. 225 is a CnJ PR by 20lbs.

No time for the 6 hours rest so I hit C2B Fran 20 minutes after the C&J

I had no thunder for the pull ups. My standard fran PR is 3.49, tonight was a full 2 minutes slower. Ouch.

Dan said...

BW: 185#
Part 1: 215#
Part 2: 7m22s (did heavy fran)

Jefff said...


joey warren said...

178l#, 255#, 2:40 (PR!)

unit, god dang! I had the advantage on this one cuz I saw your time and I was gunning for you, still couldnt catch you, geat job!. I broke maybe one pullup too early on the last set it was 5-2-1-1. One up Unit!
I'll post the video I have on it soon, I know some of the pullups were more like neck to bar.
Last time I did fran it was chin over bar and it was 2:45, and last time I did chest to bar it was 3:36, so huge improvement, I love it! Once again this programming is AWESOME. Thanks James! Seriously I have seen improvements every single day for the last 4 months. If you havnt jumped in 100%, I would highly recommend doing it sooner than later.

post wod fuel: 2.5 scoops refuel.

Jefff said...

Sweeney, sweet C&J for a 57 pounder!

Anonymous said...

BW. 158#
Part1. 200#
Part2. 4:48

Had to do both parts with only about 10 min rest between

Lauren said...

bwt 155#

C and J- 150# , felt really good so jumped to 160 and failed 2 times.

Fran - 6:20 - super happy since last time I did C2B Fran I didn't finish.

Chad Hall said...

BW = 187
C+J = 245 (PR by 15)
C2B Fran = 6:32

Happy with the clean and jerk, maybe could have maxed out at 255 if I started higher and had a little more time.

Not so happy with Fran as I took too much time resting. It was done about 4 hours after.

Slater Coe said...

bodyweight = 218#
C&J = 235# (pr)

rest 20 min...

C2B Fran = 5:39 (pr)

I hate, hate, hate Fran... I mentally take myself out of this wod before even beginning it - happens every time. I would welcome some thoughts on how to not pscyhe myself out on a wod which I know I can succeed at.

bso said...

183#, 215#, 5:28

Maybe a rest day tomorrow.

Brent Maier said...


BW: 194#
C&J: 110kg (242#)
Chest2Bar Fran: 5:19

Last chin to bar time for Fran Apr '08 was 3:50. Never done a chest to bar but todays makes me feel like I'm losing ground. Chest to bar is no joke! I weighed in at 201# for Fran. Drank a lot of water today!

David said...


232 on C&J

Michael McCabe said...

184#, 215#, 5:04

unit said...

Joey!... Thanks bro!... Rockin wod 2day... glad I could help push and motivate u... This community is invaluable bc of the day 2 day comps, comparisons, pushes, etc... sounds like uve come a long way 2, so congrats on the PRs!... Lots of PRs 2day!...


Laura said...

oops, re-read post--did all power cleans, no real squatting involved!
Good job Lauren, I think we were in the same boat last time we did CtoB Fran!

Kevin O'Malley said...

Goood Stuff today... I have no problem cleaning 200 lbs, but my jerk and recently changed to split jerk is still weak.. I am very disappointed... Just another thing to work... Happy with my fran time.. Chin to bar PR is 2:39, but today posted a 3:10 chest to bar maybe on a few were skeptical with just neck to bar, but felt strong on thrusters and felt light... My strength is improving within the last 2 to 3 weeks here, but just have to be patient..

Clean and Jerk-200 lbs

Hey Wes,
Good talking to you on the phone today, Hope to see you soon in the Vagabond CrossFit Community killing it..

Chris Fodera said...


Part 2 = 4:45

PWO: 2 scoops refuel
60 min later: salad (gyro meat, lettuce, tomato, olives, onions, olive oil)

Been CrossFitting for about 10 months now and this is my first Fran. Thrusters seemed slow today, but I attribute that to the fact that I have avoided any exercises/WODs that involved the bending of my right knee beyond about 45 degrees.

Knee feels pretty good right now.

Had to partition the 15 and 9 rounds of Thrusters into 10/5 and 5/4.

Partitioned the Chest 2 Bar PullUps as well, but can't remember the numbers.

My arms feel like jello now, but my legs are pretty OK. They (legs) just felt super slow during the WOD and I didn't feel explosive coming out of the hole at all.

Here is my Clean and Jerk, I welcome and invite comments, critiques, and criticisms.

chris stroud said...

Decided to do regular fran today since I haven't dont it on about 14 months. I wanted to gauge my progress. August 2008 I got 4:18. Today I got 2:55! Very happy with it.


bso said...

I'm feeling a lot more energized now to be reading about all the PRs out there. Great job Dawgs!

Chris, those first few barks from your dog come at just the right time... I thought that was you grunting!!! Anyway, I'd say you need to focus on getting that hip extension (2nd pull). You're good from the floor, but you have almost no second pull at all.

Kyle F said...

BW: 198 lbs
C&J: 225
Couplet: 4:27

Need to improve Jerk. Jerk failed on 235 twice. Chest to bar takes Fran to a place that I don't like to go. HELL.

Steve Howell said...


Part 2: 3:51(pr)

*never done chest to bar Fran before so I'm really happy with this. All sets were unbroken Thrusters felt slow once I started the 15 but the pull ups were strong and really fast all the way. Chin over the bar fran time is 2:49 and that was without butterfly kips so now that I can do them Im sure my time would be faster.

Awesome work Joey and Unit sick times!

Wes hendricks said...


Likewise talking to you today. That is a sick CTB fran time bro. I will def be shooting for your time tomorrow. I will be sure to give you a call next time I am near by to get a WOD in.

Brian Maier said...

Great times today guys/gals!!!

Sprained ankle won't allow me to do Part 1 yet....

Part 2: 5:50 - thrusters hurt ankle a bit so did them very delicately. CTB chinups were a killer.

Definitely regressed during the past several weeks trying to rehab ankle sprain. I just don't have any explosion in my movements. Can't wait to get healthy and start hitting it hard again.

imosher said...

164# bwt
92.5kg c+j

cleaned 95kg but could not complete the jerk.

some day I will make it through the round of 15 thrusters unbroken but today is not that day.

Jason said...

Bwt- 190
Fran- 4:20

Justin Flynn said...

I couldnt resist ol classic Fran since I hadnt done her in a little while. 3:43 one second off pr.

Was super gassed coming off 1st set of pullups and fell off a cliff. Had to drop bar on rep eight in second set bc of lack of air not weight of bar. Weight felt light just felt like i had no oxygen. That cost me 20 seconds.

All in all happy with my performance today. 20# pr on C&J and :01 seconds off fran.

bmizzlle said...

BW 180 C&J 195 C2B Fran 5:14

md said...

bw - 180
c&j - 185
Fran - 4:54 (PR)

First time i have completed the thrusters unbroken. The c2b killed me. Broke way more time than needed. Last fran time was 6+ minutes with chin over bar.

Grant said...

@ OPT @ noon
I posted after my WOD but it doesn't appear now. Hmmm

C&J 201# poor show but I'm coming back so chin up

CTB Fran 5:53. Again no great shakes but heading in the right direction

Ross Blake said...

bwt 171#, c&j 181.5#, c2b fran 6:17

Couldn't squat clean 181.5, could only power clean.

FS obviously needs work as the thrusters always slow me down..

Both pr's tho! oh yeah

Brandon said...

BW: 235
C&J: 242
fran: 5:54 (c2b first 21, second 8...switched to regular bc of pain in shoulder. c2b pullups is how I dislocated earlier this year, so trying to be smart!)

Lindsey said...

BW: 140#
C&J: 105
Fran: 12:47

C&J: This was a little frustrating because my technique it what is really holding me back. I struggle accelerating the bar in my second pull and using my hips to help drive the weight. I feel like if I can get my hips into it and drop under the bar that this will improve very quickly

Fran: Again, frustrating. My time was not at all what I wanted but it was an improvement since the one other time I have tried Fran. My last time was about three months ago and I believe my time was 13:20ish... I had to scale the thrusters to 55# and did band assisted pull ups. This time was able to complete thrusters at the rx'ed 65# and pull ups were with a jumping kip. I'm getting closer to being able to complete the whole WOD as rx'ed and am just not being very patient. I need to be happy with how far I've come on my trip to how far I have to go.

April said...

Great job Lisa!

My goal posted in the anvil is a sub 9 fran with chin over bar pullups. Unfortunately, no gym in central WI allows you to drop weights so I'll try and hit this up when I get back to NC.

Joey, where do you live? Maybe one day you and unit could come for a visit to the anvil together...

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt 1.

240, new PB for SQUAT clean and jerk. I've done that with P cleans.

Jerks were shakey initially but as the weight went up the cleans got harder. I'm bigger than I was at the Qualifiers and my front squat is way higher so I could gut out the cleans with pure strength, I still need to get under the bar quicker.

CTB Fran later, if I can manage it...

dmarsh said...

Part 1:
255 (PR)
260 (clean PR, failed on jerk)

Cleans felt great, have more in the tank on those. Jerk was solid as well.

Part 2:

3 seconds shy of my CTB Fran PR, which I was happy with given I was not feeling 100%. Mishap on set of 15 thrusters ate up 3-4 seconds. Everything unbroken until last set of pullups (5,4).

dmarsh said...

BW = 180

Covino24 said...

BWT : 178
C&J : 185 PR
Fran : 7:51 PR

Rest time was like 15 to 20 mins between wods.. no time today. first time doing 95# fran, last time was a month ago at 75# - 8:30.

JAM said...

6:57 first c2b

Saverio said...

BWT-175, C&J-175, Fran-5:27

Dave X said...


Geoff Aucoin said...

Wellllll no pt II for this guy. I ended up napping like the wind. I needed it.

My word is 'afran.' That is too weird.

Michael said...

Part 1
CL&J- 255 tied PR but it felt easy, went for 275 and failed twice but feel i could have gotten it had i been fresh instead of coming off a double yesterday

Part 2
C2B Fran
3:19- never done C2B before normal PR is 2:35 so I was pleased considering not being fresh.
Thrusters were light.

165#, 255#, 3:19

Bear said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bear said...

BW: 170 lbs

C&J: 87.5 kg, pr (

CTB-Fran: 5:06 min

Anonymous said...

1. 215
3. 7:03

C/J tied PR set 14 months ago. Cant get over the hump. 12 hours rest.

Couplet, sub ring pullups. Hands to shoulders

Mack Lar said...

Attempted 235 3 times but I cant squat clean it. Having trouble getting it onto my shoulders, it ends up more in hands out front.
Fran was ugly. Regular Fran PR is 2:54. C2B pullups were unbroken in first round but broken after that.

Linker said...

Part 1

C&J: 265 (PR)

Part 2

C2B Fran: 4:29 Rx'd (PR)

Bodyweight = 182

Steve Smith said...

195#, 280#, 3:31

First time doing Fran, "Chest to Bar." Thrusters unbroken, pullups very broken on last two sets. Used pullup bar with "neutral" grip, touched chest to hands on each rep.