Wed, Jan 6, 2010


7 sets;
1 strict chin up
2 L Pull ups
3 butterfly kip chin ups
4 chin break vertical chin ups
5 chest to bar chin ups
rest 2 minutes
For total time;
AMSAP L-Sit - 3 attempts; 60 sec b/t attempts
For total reps;
30 sec high speed double unders, 30 sec rest x 10

post notes for chin up work, total time for L sits and total reps for DU's to comments
skill and perfection of movement, not time is paramount on chin up work
L sit is knees COMPLETELY straight for entire movement, and ankles above hips


Katrina Burton said...

L sits on floor or parallettes?

Geoff Aucoin said...

And for those that can't butterfly kip (yet) just do your best...

Chad said...

what is a chin break vertical chin up? And do we rest after each set or once all sets are completed?


Ali Loach said...

*Chin breaks vertical plane means your chin comes up and over the bar rather than just coming up and equal to the height of the bar
*rest 2 minutes after each set

and on another note....ouch, I'm hurtin' just thinking about this WOD.

bmizzlle said...

Looks fun! can't wait to hit this in my new OPT Big Dawg shirt!!!

Thanks Coach!

BK said...

Are the 4 and 5 deadhang strength work or can we kip?

Dave X said...

Pullups Cluster: I was a little anxious prior to this wod but I was surprised when my first failed rep was in the 5th round during the C2Bs. After that round I took a littl emore rest to get through each round unbroken. Butterflys definatley needed work, but I've been practiing froggy style pullups and that seems to be the ticket to haul my big body up to the bar.

L sits: 39 secs total.

Double unders: 192. Used new rope today and took a few practice reps to get it right. Too many trips.

Kevin O'Malley said...

One Day Behind.. Took Coach's Advice and took it easy on my hips yesterday... I did some upper body work with 35 Muscle-Ups with no Time Component- I was moving at a pretty good pace and stayed around my PR... I will be doing today's WOD, since once again it is staying away from hip flexion, but will be tackling yesterday's WOD hopefully by Friday... These Hips are a pain... OVERTRAINING KEVIN is my new name donned by a few of my old running partners...

Katrina Burton said...

Pullup sets all unbroken. Minimal rest inbetween.

L-Sits = 21+20+31 = 1:12

Double Unders (# of breaks in brackets)= 55+54+46(1)+48(1)+51+41(3)+45(2)+42(2)+48(1)+48(1) = 478

Chris Dunkin said...

chin-up's: unbroken
L sits: 14sec
DU's: 528

Focused on L up form, last set of c2b had 2 misses, but stayed on bar.
L sits were awful; barely manage the feet above hips: went 6sec, 4sec, and 4sec.
DU's went: 55,65,45,51,47,55,54,45,51,60

PTS said...

chins- the strict and l-ups got tough in rd 6 and 7, made all 7 sets unbroken though.

l sits - 32secs. done on parallettes that my fiance made me for christmas.

du's - 310.
buddy lee rope broke in middle of 3rd round. I guess they really mean it when they don't want you to jump rope in the cold. I finished up with a nike rope which is awful.

Chad said...


You may want to try doing repeated extension on your hips throughout the day. Go down into a lunge with your back knee on the ground/opposite foot in front (like taking a knee in football) and translate your body forward to the point where you get to END RANGE extension in you back leg hip. Make sure to keep your torso upright so you feel the stretch in your hip. You want your femur in deep extension. Don't do this staticly...instead move it back and forth with pressure on pressure off, always getting to end range. You may want to do it next to a table to hold on it for balance, it helps you get deeper in extension...that's the key. Try this 10x every 2 hours and see what affect it has on the things that hurt you with hip flexion. If it's working keep doing it the next couple of weeks. You may just have to remodel the tissue in you hip. I'm a PT and this is the first thing I try wit the hip. Let me know if you have any questions or if that doesn't make sense.

Noah Milstein said...

A. First 3 rounds unbroken. Last 4 rounds broken. I don't have a butterfly kip yet and my pullup bar doesn't have the ceiling clearance to do a chest to bar.

B. 18sec - core was completely shot from yesterday

C. 114 I'm getting much better at the DU's. They still need a hell of a lot of work but they felt significantly better. Also my rope was still too long so I shortened it a bit. It should be just about the right length now.

I crapped out on retrying yesterday's WoD part B. I just didn't have the gas.

andrew romeo said...

Part1 - made it through 4 rounds unbroken. last 3 rounds made it up to CTB and had to break them up.

Part 2- 18, 11,10 = 39
stomach is sore from the ghd's yesterday

Part 3- 192- getting better, still on of my goats

andrew romeo said...

*Part 3- typo-still one of my goats

Martin Altemark said...

-15 degrees fahrenheit today. Don't remember when it was this cold the last time.

Pullups: Felt weak today. Unable to string those butterflys together, but practised. First 5 sets unbroken, then broken at CTBs.

L-sits: hammies fucked up. No way to do this today so I save it for later. Did my best on LPUs in part 1.

Double-unders: 304

Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey Thanks Chad,
Yeah I do all those types of stretches basically like a PIGEON HOLD, I take alot OF flexibility stuff from my buddy from mountain, from ROB... Oddly enough I am a big component on flexibility and read many books from pavel and what not, it's just a case from overtraining, which I have done numerous upon numerous times in my career... I was just doing too much things with hip flexion at once and not getting the rest I need and sleep... I will def take your advice anytime man... Thanks alot shoot me an email

imosher said...

pullups: worked through each set methodically, it was harder than I expected, felt tired.

3 sec on the floor
6 sec on parralettes
14 sec knees tucked, 13 sec knees tucked
spent lots of time in warmup trying to loosen up my hamstring, flexibility is a real sticking point on the these, not a good showing

50,46,51,41,43,44,41,34,36,37 = 423
much improved, felt better than usual few breaks

Jenny said...

Pullups: Broke all sets. Had to kip on L-pullups.
L-sit: I really need to work on them! Could not get my feet from the floor!!
DU: 452

Clemson Rob said...

Pullups: all sets broken, no straight bar at my gym (only those crappy handles that go in all different directions for hand comfort or some such BS) so I just pulled as high as I could for the C2B pullups

L-Sits: 12 sec (used 2 stacks of 10# weights as parallets, man I am bad at everything L related, I guess thats why we train)

DUs: 191 (a lot of failed reps that slowed me down, felt strong otherwise)

Joel B. said...

Pullups: broke all sets just before c2b's. Spent a lot of time on the bar. Also, I went after my bar with some heavy grit sandpaper as I was having trouble hanging on. It helped a lot! Should have done it before the c2b fran a while back.

L-Sits: uhh...0 seconds. It was like someone had strapped weights to my ankles. On parellettes, and maybe a few seconds, but not completely straight knees and ankles over hips was iffy. Worked on double tucked knees after the 3 attempts and that was easy. Worked on one leg out and one tucked and that is where I am.

du's: 462

About 14 hours after yesterday's training. Did a few air squats in warm up and I could feel the cleans, but other than that no problems in that regard. Empty stomach, a.m. wods are the best and I need to get back to them. Fueling works out better and timing for the day in general for me anyway. ME days are tough is the only thing.

Interesting comment on Robb Wolf's blog by Mathieu Lalonde on the ever interesting PWO fueling discussion.

Mack Lar said...

Pullups Unbroken.
L Sit: 23 sec pretty miserable. Difficult to even get ankles above hips
Double Unders 532 Only had 1 rd unbroken.

Colby Keller said...

possible dumb question...i don't have access to parallettes is there anything i can sub or any other way to do L sits?

PTS said...

Just a quick note on the service at Buddy Lee. I called and explained to them my rope cord broke today. They offered to send a replacement rope cord to me free of charge. This is after I explained that I was jumping rope in a freezing cold garage, which is in direct contrast to what they suggest.

I was just pleased with the customer service and wanted to share.

Until it warms up a bit I will have to use the thick Nike rope for double unders.

Stephen Flamm said...

Pull-ups: only came off the bar once, after rep 13 on set seven. Grip simply gave out. Strict was easy. Very tough time time with the LPUs. Butterfly was fast and smooth.

L-sits: :05, :06, :04. Pretty embarassing.

Double-unders: 252 in rounds of 30, 20, 20, 28, 24, 26, 21, 23, 33, and 27. These are improving every time I do them.

A solid day overall. Abs and hamstrings are still sore to the touch from the last few days, but I felt good.

Anonymous said...

Pull-ups: Did 4 rounds due to time constraints & I had to break some of it up. R1 - Got through 4 & broke the 5 into 2+3. R2 - Got through 4 & broke the 5 into 2+1+2. R3 - Broke after 2 to change grip, Broke after 4, & 5 ctb were unbroken. R4 - Broke after 2 , Broke after 4, & 5 was 2+1+2

L-sits: 10.7 (feet were not above hips)/4.5/4.09

Double-Unders: Only 5 minutes due to time, 10/11/23/25/22 = 91

Rainer Hartmann said...

Pull-ups: First 3 rounds unbroken, then break before the 5 CTB
L-Sit: Tried and cramped up in my quads, did 3 rounds tuck sits: 9-8-8 seconds
DU's: 11/12/12/13/11/12/14/14/12/13 = 124.

Wes hendricks said...

Pull-ups: All unbroken very easy...should have worn my 20lb vest

46 seconds


Tripped up twice on the round of 45, and that was it

rwcorson said...

Pull ups complex - it was good to work on these
Lsit-33 sec total
Dbl unders - 462

Ali Loach said...

Low energy today..... woke up late and didn't have anything to eat pre WOD....bad idea.

*all sets broken
*really tried to focus on straight legs and no kip on L pullups
*Chest to bar are my nemesis so I focused hard on getting my damn chest to hit EVERY time. Turns out I just need to get more aggressive with my kip....sweet revelation!

L sit
*0 seconds...can't for the life of me get my legs extended although after watching that video I think I need to change my hand positioning a bit.
*Did 3 sets with my legs crossed which was all I could muster. Add these to my long list of things to practice.

55/43/43/32/35/36/32/25/32/30 = 363 total

BK said...

Pullups - smooth and solid first 4 sets then had to hang tough round 5 and 6 on CFB last 3 reps. Last set dropped and stopped on third butterfly as tear was imminent.
L-Sit - 64 seconds with bent knees. Feel like an invalid ,still nursing insane upper abdonimal soreness.
DU- 327 .
Ordinary session, but tomorrow is another day.

Ali Loach said...

glad to hear I wasn't the only one who felt like my upper abs were going to explode!
Apparently my modified GHD situps work better than I thought.

Marie Rochat said...


Chin-ups: L pull-ups are one of my weak points, so keeping super strict form on them was a challenge. My grip was also exhausted from yesterdays hang squat clean ladder.

L Sits: (done on parallettes and super strict) 28 seconds total.

Double Unders: 296 total. Was tripping a lot on these. Wore my 5 fingers shoes and had the rope wedge between my toes a few times which killed off some valuable time.

Gord said...

Chins...still struggling to find form. feel the kip and pull are out of sync. better than last time.

L sit- awful. about 1 sec per try.

Du. 308 total

Anonymous said...

Hey all,
Thanks for the welcome back. I have taken some time off from my firefighting and will be in the dog pound with all you guys for the next while. Unit, I wouldn't say I'm breeathing any fire right now, definitely a bit of sputtering, but it feels great to be back. Looking forward to the next while and giving you guys a good chase.

Pull-ups unbroken till last set then broke the 5 chest to bar. I know we were not supposed to, but I pushed the time mark (limited my rest inbetween sets), because it has been soo long since I put any time on the bar that my grip has suffered (noticed the other day), so I decided to test it a bit.

35s on the L-sit

538 double unders

Garage Crossfitter said...

Pullups unbroken, grip was a huge factor, forearms dead.

L-sit-26 sec *last 2 sets my dog decided to rest his head on my ankles which made it abit harder.

DU 347, rope started not turning as fast starting round 4, no idea why. After the wod i checked it out and there was a gash 3/4 of the way through the rope near the handle, i'm surprised it didnt break all the way through. with proper functioning rope on first 3 rounds i got 151 reps.

I'm pumped AFT has joined the pack and is going to run with us to Aromas....WHOOOFFFFFFFFFF

Chris Fodera said...


PullUps: Did sets 1-5 unbroken, but came off the bar before the C2B in sets 6 and 7. I could have completed the 5 PullUps, but they would have barely (if at all been C2B. Decided to come off for a couple seconds and regroup b/c of coach's comment about skill and perfection of movement.

L-Sits: 14.72, 8.5, 4.2 = 27.42 seconds. Had to really sit back to keep my ankles above my hips (and they were barely above them). Yet another thing to work on.

Double Unders = 350
Started off trying to go too fast and wound up missing constantly. After doing this for several sets, I went with my normal rhythm and my numbers jumped into the 40's/round. I should have started that way and I would have had a much better showing. I know for next time and that I also need to work on speeding up my DUs.

PWO: 30gP (MRM shake), 1 Scoop Refuel
60 min later: almond flour chicken cutlets, broccoli, apple, almond butter

bmizzlle said...

Pullups: On the bar the whole time hardest part was stringing together the C2Bs, other than that easy.

L-sit: 12/10/9= 31 sec. I work on these alot in warmups so I felt semi confident; was very strict.

DUs 401
shoestring screwed it up in round 4
so I quickly changed into my lifting shoes which are not ideal lol; note to self double tie shoes before DUs

Martin Altemark said...

Brett: Just have to say that I for one is extremely happy that you're posting!

I guess you hear it alot, but your Diane & Franvideos just turned the world upside down of what I thought whats physically and mentally possible. Perhaps my biggest inspiration. "Constant motion"!

So there, I got that out of the system.

And my English sucks, I know. Sorry bout that.

Robs said...

I Love this program, I got the opportunity to work on several of my weaknesses today.

Pullups: Had a hard time going from strict- to L-Pull to Butterfly, so had to break up all sets.

L-sit: Needs tons of work. Wasn't able to keep my legs straight and angles higher than hips for long.
5+3+3 = 11

DU: Has always been a favourite, fails in brackets.
60+60+53(1)+52(1)+52(1)+60+52(1)+51(1)+50(1)+36(2) = 526

Laura said...

A:Chest to Bars were the best, L-sits always challenging
B: 15 sec total (4/4/7)--yikes!
C: 411 (210 1st 5 sets, 201 2nd 5sets) No knee/calf pain while skipping--1st time in months!

LuLu said...

What grip were the L-pull ups?

David said...


First set unbroken, the rest I stopped before C2B to regrip. My head ends up between the rafters in my basement gym so I need to be sure of myself when doing these.
L-Sits: :18, :14, :12 total :44. My best single is :57 so I'm thinking the last few days of ghd sits had an effect.
DU: Too miserable to score. I've definitely taken a step back in the past two weeks, no idea why. Very discouraged about this.

LuLu said...

Did the squat clean ladder before todays workout this morning. Got food poisoning and skipped it yesterday, feeling much better but took it easy.

SC ladder = 80lbs felt good took me 8 min 15sec. Focused on form

Chin up ladder= unbroken

L holds= 62 sec total with straight legs and feet above hips

DU's= 480 total

Really enjoyed this workout, it was a good one. Wished I could have got my 1rm for squat cleans but had a workout throwing up all of my food the night before, I'll get it next time:)

Aaron said...

Pull-ups: Stopped to re-grip between sets 3/4,4/5. Reps were clean but felt heavy.

L-sit: 39 Seconds. Wanted a minute but that was all I could muster today.

Double-unders: 517 total reps, 3 misses

Did some light work in the A.M., about 9 hours before the workout. This really worked the soreness out of my legs.

Lindsey said...

Pullups- 1strict, 2 L, 3 jumping, 4 neg, 5 jumping kip. Grip is always a factor, needs improvement

L sit- 5 sec, 7 sec, 6 sec - hamstring flexlibility definately an issue

DUs - 177

Michael McCabe said...

pullups: due to wall situation cant do L-pullups where i do kipping, so i did 3 L-pulls and then went to the other bar to do the rest... kipping felt strong, grip no problem

L-sit - 20s

DU's - 389

tried to push speed on du's but it mostly meant missing more than usual

dontpanic356 said...

1. 2 sets unbroken before shoulder started to hurt. Kipping really sets it off. Finished out with 7 sets of 10 strict

2. about 10 seconds a piece....a lot harder than i thought

3. 320 total DU's

dmarsh said...

A. Unbroken. CTB in rounds 6&7 got real tough as grip was fading.

B. 46 sec (15/16/15)

C. 50,51,40,42,39,41,37,29,40,33=402

Shortened my rope and feel much better on doubles. Just have to remember to keep my hands/elbows in.

Linker said...

1. Unbroken until 5th round, then dropped off before C2B on the last 3 rounds. Def need to work on grip and C2B.

2. 3-4-6 Way harder than I expected.

3. 382, broke 2 ropes.

Saverio said...

First 3 sets of pull-ups were un-broken. L-sits were 32,27,20. Double-unders were52,37,31,40,41,42,37,33,40,41. Last 4 rounds of pull-ups were tough.

NorCal Chris said...

1. 2 sets unbroken then broke at CTB to regroup and then 3+2s

2. 16 / 14 / 14 tuck sits.. straight legs would have been 0s

3. 318

Kevin O'Malley said...

Back on the Wagon after taking a day yesterday somewhat with not doing OPT WOD, but still hit 30 muscle-up for time.. My hips and groins are still bothering me, def from the wear and tear and not taking care of myself with overtraining.. Happy I could get this WOD in today...

Part 1- Pull-ups are unbroken
Part 2- L-Sit Total Time- 50 seconds- Pitiful, disappointed in myself because I used to warm up with these alot, and just fell of the wagon last few months, Muscle Memory and Neurological Movements are def for real
Part 3- Total Double Unders- 539- Disappinted in this as well, as usually I would average about 65 or so,, averaged about 54 with a high of 62....

Def feeling the overtraining and tiredness, and just have to put my foot down and take a step back, not only for myself, but to be the best trainer at my box for my people and also for my third grade students...

Dan said...

1. all unbroken; felt strong on all sets
2. 22/15/11 = 48sec (need to work on hamstring flexability)
3. 394

unit said...

catching up...

modified yesterdays WOD a bit (sorry coach)

A- 255...
I believe this is a squat clean PR as I've never truly done these till starting with OPT... got under 265 super ez... got 2 90deg out of the hole and went right back down... perhaps need 2 work on 1 1/4 front squats... or something...

B- amrap squat cleans with 135...
~35... grip couldn't take it anymore... I want this one again!... took 2:01 of time under load... then took 2min rest and did another 20 unbroken (4 a total of 55... time 5:03... including rest...)
I have a video if anyones interested... I'll prob upload and posted when I get my intrnet up and running...

C- unbroken / unbroken / unbroken (76sec / 85sec / 75sec)

10 min rest and did 2days WOD

A- unbroken x7 sets...
B- :22 sec total
C- 505... tried 2 increase the rope speed and had many more breaks, but felt gd 2 move the rope faster...

AFT... if I can c u spurting fire or puffs of smoke from here, thousands of miles away, it must look like a volcanic eruption up close!...


ps... word verification... hearty... as was this WOD...

EHR said...

Eric R

1. Butterflies are getting better
2. 14/17/19
3. 439

rackempackem said...

Hello. I posted a while back and said i was doing a Wendler 5/3/1 strength cycle but was looking to jump into the pool with you guys afterwards. This week was supposed to be sort of a backoff week. But i've been feeling quiet okej so i haven't been able to keep my hands of. I'm from Sweden BTW and friends with Martin. Sweden i turning into OPT-land at the moment. People are inspired. Thank for all the inspiration and work you've been putting into this MR FitzGerald!

1. Unbroken. Easier then it looked on paper.

2. 30 sec, 12 sec, 12 sec = 54 sec. Done on the floor. My right quad cramped up on set 2 and 3. Thought i would do better.

3. 52 (PR), 17, 25, 25, 25, 25, 25, 25, 23, 27 = 269. A big step forwards I sucked so bad on these until very recently. Thanks to your programming It's turning around.

atom said...

a. Didn't drop from the bar until end of the set.

b. 30, 34, 34 - Used my rings and did a hanging L-sit

c. 322 - double unders are coming along though the first 3 sets had me seeing stars.

Tyler Smith said...

A. Unbroken
B. 33,18,13= 64 seconds
C. 261 <- for some reason I can't get fast with d.u.

brian cilento said...

A: 1st and 2nd @RX, 3rd broke at #3 CTB, 4th broke on #2CTB, rest of rounds broke to hell but finished the work.
C:254 DU
this was a sneaky work out, lot harder to do then how it read. just had a wall sit contest with my 10yr old daughter, thank god she dropped @ 5mins, do not think i had much left...

Steve Howell said...


A. 7 sets all unbroken
B. L Sit 31+22+21= 74sec total
C. DU 512

Adam Rogers said...

First two sets of pullup cluster unbroken, dropped off the bar before the chest to bar pullups for remaining sets

L-sits: 10/8/4, pretty pathetic, no core from yesterday

double unders: 402, some bad rounds and some good rounds

Paul Klein said...


1. I have no thunder with the chest to bar pull ups. I have a hard time keeping my kipping rhythm and getting my chest to the bar. So I lose any quick turn over.

2. 16 seconds (6, 6, 4)
This was way harder than I thought it was going to be. During my warm up, I tried a few from the ground (like in the video posted) and I couldn't even get one second. So had to bust out the parallets. For whatever reason this helped me get my feet above my hips. The worst part is the terrible cramping in the quads.

3. 340 Total.

Mike Molloy said...

A: Unbroken. Grip was starting to become an issue by the end. Might be time to get back to the rock climbing gym here and there.

B: 33 seconds. Done from the floor.

C: 453. I gotta start to work on a shorter rope.

Brent Maier said...


A Pullups: Worked technique today. Tried to work on efficiency. Large tear in round 5.

B L-Sits: 18 seconds (6/6/6) - All I felt were quads cramping up today, couldn't hold it together. Last time we did these several months ago, I was holding a 12-18 second I believe.

C DU's: 483 - The last round I pulled an unbroken 50 reps. Ouuu, that is unheard of for Mr. can't continue... shoulders... burning... too.. bad... Brent.

Worked out with KyleF today from Fort Collins. It is GREAT working out with another OPT quality athlete. PTS, we broke one of my buddy lee's tonight and had to use a backup. I don't know how many of those things I've broken but I've got two new ones on the way!

Nice to see you back Brett! It's not going to take you long to knock off the rust.

ken c said...


1. didn't time or try to go fast on the pull ups. good to work on a butterfly as i don't really have it down very well.

2. L-sits: 19 19 17 = 55sec. (ankles not always above hips. just hung on as long as i could.)

3. 461 double unders

April said...

1 strict, 2 sec negative L, 4 COVP, 5 chest to bar with band (hand to drop from bar to get band)

Got 2 rounds in and my poor teething baby woke up from her too very short nap. Tossed out the to do list and the workout in favor of trying to make her feel better all day. Might try the DU tomorrow.

Unit, how's the new Anvil II coming along? How's the rower mom and dad got you for christmas?

joey warren said...

Pullups all unbroken, last 3 rounds w/ 20lb vest

L-sits on parrallettes = 48sec (19, 15, 14)

DUs = 556 -
all unbroken and fast, best these have ever felt maybe finally coming around or I just need to coach to say "high speed" more often.

Chad Hall said...

Chin ups weren't great. My bar is a little too close to the wall so can only do L-pullups facing away from the wall but then had to switch back facing the wall to kip. First 2 rounds were unbroken as I stayed on the bar and switched hand over hand to face the opposite direction. Grip got killed on this and had to drop and change directions for the last 5 sets. Last 5 sets also broke just before C2B, didn't rest long though. Butterfly isn't good yet either, but working on it.

L-sits (from parallettes) were 9, 5, 6 = 20 seconds total. Something I occasionally try to work on but not nearly as much.

Total Doubles = 367
Buddy Lee rope broke a couple days ago so had a slow rope today and shoulders were fried. Constantly varied though.

Still feeling really slow and tired, going to increase some meals throughout the day.

Chad said...

Pullups: all rounds broken...was able to get 1-4 unbroken but CB's kill me when fatigued.

L-sits: 6/6/7..not good at these, will use them in warmups

DU's: 331...pretty upset with this, thought I would do much better.

Grant said...

171.5#/6'/46yom @ OPT 6PM
7 sets chin's
unbroken until CTB on #6&#7
getting grip back slowly but steady

L-sits were not working with the small black & silver hand holds @ OPT


Welcome back Brett!

A. Maloney said...

Pullups: First 4 rounds unbroken, last 3 just the C2B which I had to drop down before jumping right back up.

Really was working on my butterfly kip. I am able to do them as singles pretty well, but I am having quite a lot of difficulties connecting them all together.

Next time there is something of the sort, I will film it to be able to analyze it better.

L-sit: 9s each time, boy that was hard

Double Unders: was ranging from 20-35ish each time. My total was 254.

My legs are KILLING from yesterday!!

Becky @ cf gp said...

7 sets were broken. need to work on getting my chest to actually hit the bar.

i have never been able to do an L sit with my knees COMPLETELY straight. so, techinically 0. but 6, 13 and 5 with feet off the ground.

total 181 du's. pretty good for me.

too many weaknesses today....

Slater Coe said...

A. Patrick helped me greatly w/ the kipping pullup - telling me a trick about thinking of rolling my shoulders around my ears in incrementally larger circles until I'm kipping my whole body... will need more work, but it began to make sense. Grip was an issue during CTB's... re-opened a callous that hasn't gone away in over 4 months.

B. 17sec, 17sec, 12sec - 46sec total.. tried to keep knees as straight as possible for entire length of time, but was never able to get my ankles above my hips and they definitely dropped as I tired.

C. 292 total... using the heavy rope caused my shoulders to burn out before I was tired, but no other ropes are long enough... I attempted two sets with Patrick's Buddy Lee rope, which was much lighter and easier to focus on just using my wrists - but it was too short to be very effective... I caught myself "scrunching" slightly to try to make it work.

Pepe said...

Still getting a hang of these WODS and also getting over a recent back injury.

A. Dropped off the bar between each of the 1-2-3-4-5 stages and got right back on. Wasn't sure how these were supossed to be done. After reading the above, I was obviously supposed to hang onto the bar in between the various pulls-ups. Oh well, next time.

Having a tough time maintaining my kip. I've never had this issue before. I think the butterly pulls-ups have affected my rhythm.

B. 29, 25, 23 Total time = 1:17
C. Total : 349 Double unders

Michael said...

A. Pull Ups all unbroken felt solid
B. 30 seconds total middle set was knees tucked and last set was hanging. These are by far my worst movement
C. 423 total

Jacques A said...

A. Pull ups all unbroken
B. Did them on a box jump 20/20/20seconds
C. 21-35-44-36-44-47-50-44-52-46
Forgot my rope. One i used was way too short. Lot of tripping but good practice.

Erik Luber said...

A. All unbroken until the last 3 reps of the last set.
Forearms were smoked really badly. Can't remember the last time they hurt that bad.
B. 5, 9, 7 = 21 sec done on parallets. Biggest issue was forearms.
C. 60, 60, 33, 33, 30, 35, 31, 23, 36, 33 = 374
Done with a shorter rope, want to work on getting more efficient. Definitely could feel the different, motion felt tighter, but I crashed pretty hard after round 2. Think I might take an extra rest day tomorrow, my entire body is feeling pretty beat up.

NGibson said...

1. unbroken
2. unbroken
3. 11/2/2
4. 8/2/1/2/2
5. 3/3/4/2/2/1
6. 3/3/3/1/2/2/1
7. 3/3/2/2/2/1/1/1

8/6/5 seconds

Double unders: 271
30, 30, 32, 35, 28, 21, 27, 17, 23, 28

Dead hand and L-sit pull-ups easy. Major forearm pump after 3rd round, never went away. Wrapped thumb grip for most. Another level of toughness when L-sit feet must stay above hips! Difficult - few seconds each time...ouch. Double unders getting better.

LOVED this workout!

Anonymous said...

A. unbroken pretty easy except for butterfly kip need to work on these more
B. 43=19,12,12
C. 405=32,35,55,40,45,47,42,39,39,31
Had troubles getting DU's unbroken today may need to try shortening up the rope and just practice a little more

Heavy Evy said...

Chin Ups:
CTbs were tough, but on a good note, I nailed some butterflys, just have to let my weight fall faster, and I think I'll start getting them!
L Sits:
Epic Fail!!!! Guts are absolutely smashed from getting used to the GHD machine, yeh GHD machine thats what it was!
DU's: 152 Really low compared to the rest of you, but I'm pretty happy with how the du's are coming along, have added it to my warmup, and will keep working on them.

Kathleen said...

F 128#
1 hour snatch skill work
1. Can't butterfly and due to prior skill work did c-ups as follows:
1 and 2 with sup grip; off bar
4 pro-nated grip; off bar
5 c2b with sup grip [rd3 4+1; rd6 3+2; rd7 3+2]
2. 0 4 4 [ankles were not above hips but tried]
3. 351
Seriously bagged now

Craig said...

A. First 3 unbroken,last 4 sets were difficult. CTB were the most difficult toward the end. taxing on the grip.
B. 4,5,5, on parralettes.Quads cramped a ton. Still really sore after yesterday, first day back after two weeks off.
C. 400. felt good.

Evan Z said...

5 of 7 unbroken. Kinda of learned the butterfly kip today. Not pretty. Last set was a disaster.
L sit 13/19/12 = 44 total
DU's = 379 Lost my mind on 7 and only got 22.

will said...

4 of 7 unbroken
l sit 26/14/20

weezie said...

Didn't have the gear (a pullup bar) to do this one justice, so...

Modified to:

5 sets:

5 strict press (60 lb DBs)
5 push press (60 lb DBs)
5 thrusters (60 lb DBs)
15 DB rows (60 lb DBs)
rest 2 minutes

90 deg situp holds with 25 lbs - 3 attempts, 60 sec (can't do L-sit off the ground yet)

For total reps;
30 sec high speed double unders, 30 sec rest x 10


1:28 / 1:52 / 2:45 / 3:59 / 4:13

20 sec / 20 sec / 22 sec

26 / 21 / 26 / 16 / 25 / 20 / 15 / 25 / 14 / 27

Covino24 said...

A) C2B chins felt good and explosive... Can't find the feeling on my butterfly.. i did them but no rhythm on the kips.

B) Weakness Expossed!! not close to good full extension.. 8/6/10=24sec.

C) Again another thing that needs work.. Did these with a heavy rope to try to get some strenght in my wrist rotations.. just ended up getting smoked but the 4th round esp after those pull ups. - 150DUs

Roch said...

A. Went well unbroken

B. 40s. leg straight ankle over hips, my quads where cramping bad :)

C. 406

Jason Buzzard said...

Pull ups went well, all as rx'd with out any trouble.

L sits: 6 seconds, 7 seconds, 6 seconds

DU: 40-53-45-43-40-46-40-44-40-37=428 total

Along with great training OPT serves up large helpings of humble pie. My last attempt at L sits I hit in the low 30's high 20's, this time I couldn't hit 10 seconds. I am thinking that the GHD's from the other day and L pull ups prior to contributed to that.

During the first round of double unders I lost count of how many I did. I plugged in 40 because it seemed like a number I was hitting pretty consistently through out.

Blaine said...

Pull-ups were tough on the grip. Broke every round into min 2 sets max 4.

L-sits were something else.
23 seconds total, but legs were not completely straight....just off the ground.

DU - 337 total.

April said...

L sits 7, 7, 8

DU 235. Goal was 250 but only had 7 in round 8.

Danny B said...

Chin ups, all broken sets/ subbed knee tuck pull ups for L pull ups

L-sit, subbed hanging knee tuck, toal of 45 sec. My core is very sore from GHD's.

DU's, total 337

Stefani said...

Chin ups - lots of mods all sets broken. Used purple bands on the strict chin up, and butterfly, and a red band on the C2B. Worked on L negatives.

L-Sit= 22 total

DU's= 260 said...

Pull-up work all unbroken.

61 seconds total L-Sit time.

252 Double Unders.

Ross Blake said...

Chin up notes: unbroken, felt good and done outside in the sunshine!!

L-sit total time: 55sec done on the ground. I couldn't do this 4months ago!

DU's 356. Felt a bit clumsy at these today. HR was low and controlled tho

Adam said...

Rocking the day behind for the week can't wait to be current with the rest of you all.

A) 2 sets broken (5-before C2B set, 7- 2 reps remaining in the set, sissy.)

B) Could not L-sit. My upper abs were extremely sore from the 3x30 GHD's yesterday. Bent leg 20-18-9.

C) Broke all the good ropes so I had to make due with a heavy one that I figured out too late was about 4 inches too long...not what she said. 300 total.

Felt like a big ol' sissy today. Time to buck up.

Rest day tomorrow lifting meet Saturday.

Anonymous said...


Chins, felt pretty good. Only have rings and can't do a butterfly kip, so I strung the butterfly together with the next 4. Broke all sets 1-4, then 5.

L-sit is the devil. all sets were knees bent.

DU, first three sets were slow and had some skips. Got a good flow in set 4 and finished strong.

Sam said...

I wo with Adam so I'm a day behind this week like him. I am NOT happy with performance today =(

All sets broken on pulls. I made it through strict and L-pulls every set but dropped either before or during butterflies. The last few sets ctb were very sketchy. Ended up dropping for everyone due to the amount of force I had to use.

Very upset that I couldn't get L-sits. They're usually not a problem for me but I'm new to OPT and I guess not used to the intensity yet. My abs were destroyed from GHDs yesterday. We did something sort of like a tuck sit instead. 20-10-21=51secs total

DU are by far, my weakest exercise. I need to find a rhythm and quit expending unnesessary energy. I finished with 145 though which is sadly, good for me.

Steve Smith said...

Playing catchup.

Male/195/5'10''/29YO/approx 12.7 BMI

A. Unbroken

B. 43 seconds.
- Wow. So I learned today that I can't do L-sits.

C. 483
- Still needing to work on double unders. Shoulders are BURNING.

Katie said...

A. all sets brokern. need to work on strict and L pull-ups
B. 2,4,5 seconds (No Iliopsoas tendon in right hip - minor disability, but working on it)
C. 16,10,12,12,11,8,11,6,13,12

Bear said...

L-sit: 37 sek

Pretty happy with this, first time trying.

Wasn´t able to do the rest so I subbed the other parts with some stuff.

Ross Blake said...

Correction I did 390 double unders

Shane and Karen said...

Much warmer in Houston today, thank GOD. We aren't built for these freezing temps around here.


Pull-Up sets were all done unbroken. Took around 1 to 1.5 minutes between sets and really focused on perfection and not time.

The L-Sits were a catastrophe. Doing them as RX'd on the floor was not happening today, my abs are still pretty sore. I managed about 6 seconds on the first one, hands on floor, quads cramped and I went down. Second one, hands on floor, was a little better at 10 seconds. I decided I wasn't getting enough from this so I got out the parralettes and did 3 more attempts each at 10 seconds. Keeping with the straight knees and ankles above hips makes it very challenging.

Total double unders = 275. Not great, but good for me as they are probably my biggest weakness.

Brandon said...

Catching up on posting...completed 1/7/10

A. Very broken to work on skill and perfection of movement. Taking extra rest meant I was able to hold good form and ROM on each exercise
B. 8/10/10
C. 201-rds.2, 4, 8 couldn't get rhythm, but overall DUs continuing to improve...thanks Coach