Jan 16, 2010


part 1:
As many rounds in 20 minutes;
30 unbroken wall balls - 20#/14# to 10 ft
30 unbroken double unders

rest 8+ hours

part 2:
30 reps for time - Snatch 135#/95#

workouts must be done in this order
sit to ball for wall balls; any pausing with ball in hand constitutes a break
snatch can be power snatch, squat snatch, split snatch, as long as bar does not lower until arms and legs are locked out

post rounds only for part 1 and time for part 2 to comments
(ex. 6.5 rounds and 2:59; you must complete a full 30 reps to be considered a round or half round)


Marie Rochat said...


I have a question concerning tomorrows WOD. I struggle with wallball shots to 10ft. If I am unable to get thirty in a row unbroken, what is my best course of action? Should I scale reps and and still try to keep the wallballs unbroken (like do 15 wallball shots unbroken per round), or should I continue with 30 reps per round and break them?

Also, 95lbs. is fairly close to my max in the snatch (110 lbs.), should I consider scaling the weight and keep a fast pace up. Or should I keep the weight at 95# and slog through it as more of a strength WOD?

Thanks for your input.

Nick Kizzee said...

well looks like ill be getting a half round lol... I suck at DU

Lisa M said...

Ha Marie i second your question. 95# is my one rep max and i too struggle with wallballs. Soooo should we do the 30 just broken or scale to unbroken with less reps?? And yes i will have to lower the weight but do i lower it so i can do the thirty as a heavy metcon or as a strength WOD??

Lisa M said...

Heavy Evy
If you don't sign yourself up right now for sectionals i will sign you up my damn self!!!!! It is an experience of a lifetime ooouuuuuu

Heavy Evy said...

Thanks for the push, will register.....and pray for no unbroken double under type wods........basicly anything like part 1 tommorow!

Covino24 said...

Dont pray for it Evy.. Prepare for it! Its going to be there!! im in the same boat as you.. just gotta keep practicing them!

ken c said...

two kids bball games today at 8:30 and 2:00 with team pictures in between. won't be able to hit this today. i'll work a day behind this week.

Geoff Aucoin said...

I'm thinking there's a female weight, too, but it's not posted. I'd go with 12-14lbs for females.

Any questions about scaling back weigh for the snatch at this point should be answered by the scaler themselves.

weezie said...

Part 1

4 rounds

Only had access to a 15# med ball today so did 40 rep sets on the wallball. Double unders ate up a lot of time for me here. Had SEVERAL sets that broke at 20+ reps that I had to redo. Made it almost 30 reps into a set of wallballs with the time remaining after the completion of the 4th round.

No time for two trips to the gym today so rested a while and hit...

Part 2

8:24 (135 lbs)

Went with power snatch the whole time and it was a LONG time!!

Hammies are still sore as hell from the last cycle.

Martin Altemark said...

Part 1: 5,5 rounds

Buddy lee HANDLE broke in second round. WTF. I figured the cord would break sooner or later, but the this was the handle breaking in two. That's not ok.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Another cool WOD on CF HQ site today.

Martin how the hell do you break the handle? Do you have a kung fu grip?

Anonymous said...

Quick question, if the ball hits the ground is that considered a break? The work out says any pause in your hand constitutes a break.....

Geoff Aucoin said...

"Anonymous," unbroken means you do not stop. If the ball is on the floor, you have stopped.

This better not be Jeff Flemming messing with me...

Rob Sifton said...


I broke my handles as well on my Buddy Lee. You can glue them and they seem to hold together pretty well if you use a really strong glue. I have had no issues since.


Garage Crossfitter said...

7 rounds

No broken sets. felt great.

Strategy going in was to hold a 3 minute round. first 60 sec WB's, rest 40 sec, 20 sec DU, rest 1 min. Worked well, but i was not too tired afterwards, so i could have pushed harder possibly. The tough part with this wod is if you start either of the exercises without enough rest, and you start breaking the sets, this wod would be a disaster.

Chad said...

I have the same question with the unbroken WOD's. Do I start over if I pause on 29 wall balls/DU/etc...is the point here to make sure you are recovered and confident to go through without breaking? Or is it just do the best you can?

Thx...just want to make sure I get it right beause I can see how it completely changes the dynamic of the workout.

PTS said...

5.5 rds.

Wall balls crush my shoulders and forearms. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what. They fatigue and then doing the reps just crush me.

Work from 12pm to 12am, then gonna hit up Isabell at midnight. Will be approximately a 15hr rest.

unit said...

as Joey and others did the other day with pullups... if u break on the last rep of an unbroken set, u start over... whether it's 1 of 30, or 29 of 30...
personally I'm glad it's only 30... as coach has rx'ed sets of 35 unbroken wbs b4... trying 2 find that silver lining...
gd 2 c u posting more geoff... how r ur WODs going?...

PTS said...

Chad: Unbroken means Unbroken.

If the WOD stated AMRAP 30 and 30 without specifying unbroken then you could do it however you want.

You have to wait until you can do it unbroken. If you do not do it unbroken, you start over at 0.

Chad said...

got it..thx unit

Chris Dunkin said...

Handles? someone say handles? I've got handles. Send me your address: oregondunks at yahoo dot com.

and to follow up with what unit said: don't let coaches 6.5 round example get in your head. set your own target.

Jeffrey said...

Part 1

8 rounds! Gave it my all.

Made a good start by picking a solid tempo which I could sustain. After round 3 I took some rest between the rounds. Great WOD.

Dont gonna do Part 2 because I dont have a good technique. So after 30 mins rest I did some Snatch work to get my technique right.

Katrina Burton said...

Marie & Lisa,
Sounds like we are in the same boat. I am also not the greatest at WB shots. I have hit 30 unbroken once in my life. This afternoon I plan to take a deep breath and do it. If I don't manage to get any unbroken sets fine, because I obviously need the practice anyways if I'm unable to do what James has as required.

Good luck today ladies!

Wes hendricks said...

People with jump rope problems Below is a link to the rope I use. I have had it for five years, it's as simple as it comes.


LuLu said...

I did all wall ball shots unbroken but scaled the weight. I used 5.5kg ball= 12 pounds.

7 rounds unbroken
all DU unbroken

My pr for snatch is around 95lbs. I will scale the weight so that I can do them correctly with arms locking out at top of movement. I am guessing I will use around 80lbs, maybe 85lbs.

unit said...

FYI... cdunkins handles r awesome!... I highly recommend taking him up on his generous offer...


LuLu said...

I have similar questions as Marie. I did my wall ball shots today unbroken using 12 lb ball. I managed to do 7 rounds,unbroken and that last round was super hard. I was under the impression that if we break or drop the ball then we have to start back at zero for that set? That is also what my coach thought. Can you clarify this for me. Should I have used a heavier weight and broken them instead?

rwcorson said...

Female Dawgs,
I believe OPT omitted the wall ball weight for you. It is either 12 or 14 #.

rwcorson said...

Unbroken means - no stopping, pausing or missing. If you do, you start from rep 1. Rest between exercises is paramount, as is the mental ability to push thru the reps.

OPT said...

unbroken for wall balls means that when you pick up the ball and start throwing, if you pause or stop at ANY time until you finish 30 wall balls, you start over at 0 (there HAS to be constant movement)...those that are capable of doing the weight but fraction are not getting out of the workout what the goal is...to make you realize that you set your own limitations as to what you "think" you can do for reps and sets...this teaches you to go beyond that...it does not mean you do it all the time but it does teach you...as for those that cannot manage the weight and reps, i'd suggest go for it and learn from it...

for the snatch, for our fire breathing gals it is slightly different for the weight you choose to get the right "response" from the workout as most females can do more reps of a certain weight the closer they are to their 1 rep max...so lets say your snatch 1RM is 95#, and because the %'s are that you can handle 70# b/c it is approx 75% of your 1RM, you might find this easy...as opposed to most males...lets say their 1RM is 195# and they use 75%, they will take 60 min to do the workout correctly...it has to do with the neuromuscular efficiency and skill and experience for everyone...so (i can't believe i am saying this) Geoff is right, the scaler is the person who determines this today...

or how about this, all girls who are at 95# for 1Rm snatch all should perform it with 65# and see who wins...?

Jefff said...

5 rounds rxd

Missed wallball target on rep 26 of round 3 and had to repeat the 30 wallballs for that round.

Tyler Smith said...

5.5 rounds... Definitely had to win the mental battle here. Wall balls kill my shoulders and I always just set the ball down... I am no stud at double unders either, so I rested 30s after each set of wb to ensure completion. Never done 30 rep snatch @ 135, pretty anxious to see how it goes.

Covino24 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LuLu said...

Thanks OPT for answering my questions:)

Covino24 said...

6 rounds as Rx
double unders really starting to improve...

Pols said...

Are there any intermittent fasters in here? If so, can you tell me your schedule, and your results. Also let me know if you have any experience doing wod's during a fast. I'm going to give it a try starting next week, 16-20 hour fasts twice a month, and I would like to hear any experiences from people who train at this level. Thanks.

Slater Coe said...

5 Rounds... multiple failures on double unders in rounds 1 & 3... heavy ropes suck.

Stefani said...

5 Rds scaled

10# Wallball b/c that's all I had in the garage. The intent to get 30WB's in a row was there for each round but never made it higher than 20 in a row.

DU's were easy breazy all sets unbroken. At least that's something I can do rx'd.

Gord said...

6 rounds

Had 4 rounds done around the 10:30

wanted 7 rounds...but failed on the 5th round of DU's at 25 twice.

Lisa M said...

Ok girls what do you think?? I was thinking if doing this at 80# my 1 RM IS 95. Do you want to do what OPT suggests and hit it all at the same weigh and see who does it fastest?? I am cool with anything between that 65-80 mark

Geoff Aucoin said...

PTS speakin' the truth, I love it.

Unit, I'm workin' hard on strengthening up my posterior chain, recovering well and staying off the trainer table. Thanks for the shout out.

My word is 'soldyer', as in we are soldiers of OPT.

LuLu said...

Lisa M,
I am in. What about 70lbs. That seemed like a good number to me.

Lisa M said...

Lu Lu
yeah that works for me let's rock it.

Kat, Marie, Ali, Lauren, Jenny and any ladies I missed are you in??

LuLu said...

I picked 70lbs cuz by the sounds of it, OPT wants us to get the right "response"to the workout and my PR is approx 95lbs.
This is going to be fun :)
You ladies are AWESOME!!!!!!!

Martin Altemark said...

No Kung fu grip with my buddy lee handle, it just broke at the tip...

Couldn't decide on weights for part 2... Ended up making probably all the wrong decisions. Bear in mind that my 1RM (squat) snatch is ony 63.5kg...

First 15 squat snatches at 60kg: 19:40
Then 15 Power snatches at 50kg: 4:30

Wanted to try to do this heavy, but shoulders gave up on me. Kept a 1 rep/1 minute pace up til 10 minutes, but then failed some reps and fell behind. Should probably have gone for 50kg from the start.

Ripped two callouses to make my day complete breaking-wise...

Jenny said...

Part 1.

6 rounds. My shoulders hurts:)

I did part 2 within one hour. ( Did not have someone to look after my son in the evening)

My snatch PR is 95 lbs.
I had 88 lbs on the bar and it took me 17.23 min!
I really need to work on my technique..

Chad Hall said...

Part 1

7 Rounds

Notes: I need a nice dynamax wall ball or something, mine is shite with handles and awkward. After 16 it was tough on the shoulders, great mental push. Doubles were fine, had 2 repeats on round 2 and 4. Good push today.

Part 2 around 9PM tonight.

Katrina Burton said...

I've been wanting to attack the 30 reps with 95# for a while. My 1RM is 120# so I'm going to try to attack that one head on. Good luck ladies!

Michael said...

Part 1
7 rounds
Everything felt good, wall ball- shoulders got fatigued and definitely wanted to drop it but it was a good mental test and didn't have any failed attempts
Double Unders felt great-messed up once on last round just due to lack of concentration.

Nervous about part 2- never done high rep snatch.

JAM said...

Part 1

5 rounds

several failures on the DU's with pos rope

Becky said...

you go kat!
i am not sure what i am going to try yet. but my 1rm is only 90#.

part one was terrible for me. i did stay up late last night. i think i am starting to learn a lesson....

used 14# ball. only had 2 rds of unbroken wbs and 4 rds of unbroken du's. which for me is surprising! first time getting 30 in a row.

rwcorson said...

6 rds unbroken, no misses, pauses or breaks.
A good WOD today, pushed hard, but still had some gas left. Slowly getting it back.

Corbin said...

just jumped into the program, just moved overseas so I needed some good programming to follow in the base gym.
Part 1 - 6.5 rds
8.5 hrs later
Part 2 - 8:56 @ 135# squat snatch, no olympic bar or bumper plates so made sure I got every rep, didn't push hard enough to lose my breath

Looking forward to following the pack

Adam Rogers said...

7 rounds + 17 wall balls.

All wall balls unbroken, having to do straight sets was incredibly enlightening in terms of the mental barriers that would have stopped me before but i worked through this time.

double unders felt good, happy to keep improving here, even after having to re-start after 25 and then 29 reps in a set.

Michael McCabe said...

part 1 - 4.5 rounds
had never done 30 wallballs in a row so that was a great mental test. failed 5th round of wallballs at 20 and 16 before slugging through it, only to miss 27th double under and have time run out...

i'm sure everyone has seen this already but here's your motivation for part 2:

Brent Maier said...


WOD 1: 7 + 15 wb

Notes: I went into this to get as much done as quicly as possible, then when it started getting tight, review the clock in the last 5 minutes to pace out the last attempts to avoid failure. Slight mental battle on the wallballs in the last 3 rounds. Having some extra moral support on this besides myself MAY have pulled out an 8th round. DU misses were as follows: 1(1), 3(1), 7(4) I jumped the gun a little to finish round seven and blew a good minute or two jacking around with a single set of DU's.

Marie Rochat said...

Thanks for answering my questions Coach OPT.

Part 1:

4 rounds, which is not awesome, but i am super happy with it since I had this crazy fear or failure and not even getting one round of unbroken wall balls. This was a good lesson in mental battles for me and pushing beyond what I think I can. The 3rd round was the worst becasue I dropped the wall ball after 18 reps and had to start over, then i could not get the double unders going. I was able to come back alright with the 4th round however.

Lisa M, I was thinking I may go for 80# or 85# since 75% of my 1RM is right in between there.

Erik Luber said...


Part 1:

5 rounds

Haven't felt this great in a while! Definitely exceeded my expectation on this WOD. Can't ever remember my legs feeling this strong on WBs. Last 5 reps of last 2 rounds were absolute torture, never ever would have done them if it didn't have to be unbroken, good to have that push, and know i can do it. DUs were a non issue, no misses.

Jason Buzzard said...

Part 1: 7 complete rounds unbroken. Had one miss in round 6 on the 7th double under and am thankful it wasnt on the 27th.

bmizzlle said...

Part 1.

7 rounds all unbroken no misses on anything. last round was very hard mentall on the last 10 wallballs. legs are fried. AMAZING WOD for mental tenacity for me.

Dave X said...

Part 1: 5 rounds. Double unders cost me later.

5 hours later....

Part 2: 3:09. Had my wife in the garage working out and cheering me on. If I pushed a bit harder I feel like sub 3 was a definite.

Lauren said...

Part one - used a 7kg med ball.
7 rounds.

hey ladies, I think I am going to go for the 95#, my max is 105#, but I am going to give it a go anyways!

good luck!! :)

Garage Crossfitter said...

Part 2
4.5 hrs later

4:17 massive pr
bwt 183

Last time i did isabel was 1 yr, 8 months ago and i scaled to 115lbs, it took me 14 min.

Power snatched everything, did 5 unbroken, finished 9 in the first min and then all singles. Easy sub 4 next time with fresh shoulders...
no prob with cardio...

Things to work on: catching the bar with locked out arms, instead of locking them out at the top and remembering to stand tall (tippee toes) when coming to full extention.


Lisa M said...

Well that was a pathetic s&^* show!!

0 rounds!! god damn i tried sooo hard, but as soon as i put any spin on the ball by accident when it comes back down i can't hang on to it. All i have is a 16# ball so i really think if i had a 14# i could have at least done one or two rounds. Here is how it went:

13/21/14/18/20/18 all with 30 UB double unders which are basically a rest for me. I have to say though there is a huge improvement because there was a time when i could barely get the ball to the 10ft mark at all and i think 15 in a row was my PR so improvement yes room to grow HUMUNGOUS.

I think i will hit the snatch at 75#. Good on all you ladies going for the 95# you are an inspiration.

Ali Loach said...

Here's my story.....
I went to CFC this morning to do the first WOD. I did 2 rounds and then had to break on the 3rd. I got pissed at myself, had a little pity party and quit. I then tried to go again for 15 minutes breaking if required but my head wasn't in it. Reading the posts today made me realize that it's a fricken hard workout....not just or me but for EVERYONE and it's intended to be. I need to get over myself and realize that this shit is hard and that's WHY I do it.
HUGE lesson learned.

I'll do the second part after I take Keith to the airport....not sure of the weight as I'm not too sure what my 1RM is. I'll see how it feels. If 95# seems ridiculous I'll go with 75# like Lisa and some of the others.

Taking tomorrow and Monday off to evaluate things and regroup. My mind needs a good re-focus.

word verification "blest" as in...
I'm blessed to have the abilities to even be able to attempt these workouts......sometimes I need to remind myself of this.

Roch said...

Part1 : 6, 1/2 (rx)
Part2 : 5:18 (135lbs)

Much respect to OPT that manage to combine outstanding physical preparation, mental pressure, body awareness, focus enhancer.

I'm learning lots,
Thanks for sharing that with all.
That's the mark of a true community leader.

unit said...

part 1

8 rounds

notes... 7 med balls at the end... had 3 trip ups on du's (restarting blows) in rds 2 (8), 4 (14), 7 (26)... did first 5rds in 10min... tried 2 go at a 2min/round pace and couldn't hold it...


Pete said...

Part 1
7 rounds + 12 wallballs.

All unbroken except I bailed out on my 29th DU of the 7th round so I had to restart that one from scratch.

Overall pretty happy with this one. I came out of the gates a little too fast. I had 3 rounds completed in under 5 minutes and wasn't able to maintain that intensity. The wallballs were definitely the hardest part of this WOD for me.

Pete (Crossfit Montreal)

Emilie P-B said...

Part 1:
5 rounds
Did it wrong, scaled the weight (12lbs)+ did 90 skips instead of DU (my max Double unders is 18)
I practiced wall balls after part 2 using a 20 lbs. Did 18 in a row without pushing too hard, so I guess I'll be ok next time :)

Part 2:
Don't know what my 1RM is... Did the workout with 65 lbs, might have take something heavier.

Brent Maier said...

Hang in there Ali. Rebound in Part 2!

Anonymous said...

part #1: scaled to 10 wb & 20 du
3 1/2 rounds

part #2: scaled to 65

Jacques A said...

Part 1: 6 rounds +12reps
had about 6 restarts in the 20-29 range. Need to get my Buddy Lee repaired but overall happy. Did the K-Star shoulder prep b4 and shoulders were awesome during the workout.

Part 2: 8:21 RX
Not the greatest time but still happy as I need to work on technique with this movement.

Rainer Hartmann said...

Don't even wanna post this. 1/2 round (Wall Balls), then at the beginning of DU's my already sore right calf blew out. I decided to jump on the rower and just go for 30 strokes each round, even that was quite painful (could only work to about 2/3 ROM). Wall Balls after that all broken, couldn't develop any drive out of the bottom with the bad calf, finished after 4 rounds (about 16 minutes).
Been icing it on and off, still trying to figure out what to do about part 2, pretty sure snatches are out. Have the Sectionals in 7 weeks, so can't completely shut it down now. Any ideas?

Chris Fodera said...


Part 1:
4.5 Rounds

Missed DUs w/ 27 and then again at 19 on 5th round. Got started over again with 17 seconds left and got 30 unbroken at about 20:05...stupid 5 seconds.

PWO: 14gP (Jarrow shake), 2 scoops Refuel

- WBs a lot harder than I thought they would be. Got to 25 fairly well on each round, but those last 5 hurt. Had to start jumping to keep from breaking
- Took Double Unders for grated today. Warmed up a little on the rower and with some Wall Balls, but only did SingleUnders during WarmUp. It took me almost 2 minutes to get my first set of 30 unbroken. After that I was fine for the next 3 sets...no trips and got the 30 on first try. 5th set was just tired and ran out of time.

LuLu said...

Today was an excellent learning experience. I went back to the gym to do my snatches, did them at 70lbs in 6min 04 sec.

I then did some wall balls with the 20lb ball. I did 2 sets of 30. Each set breaking at 15 then doing another 15. I think I learned how to gauge my strength a little better today. I should have gone just a bit heavier in both workouts. 14lb for wall balls and probably 75 to 80lbs for the snatch.

NICE WORK Lauren and Kat on the snatches. :)

rackempackem said...

part 1:
4.5 rounds.
258 cm hight target for WB due to roofheight. Did 35 reps instead. Toke long rests due to lack of DU skill. Contemplated whether i should sub before but i'm happy i didn't. Could only do single DU's two months ago so i'm getting there. Very few trips but in round four i triped on 29, and then on 28 before i made it. WB has never felt better.

Part 2:
Could only rest 30 min before part 2. Rx would have been totally out of the question even when fresh. I simply don't have the OLY-skill yet. Did 20 min tech-practice of between 30 and 40 reps of Power Snatch @40kg. A wise choice i believe. I badly need the practice.



Appreciate any guiding comments on the form!

N.H said...

Ok, so who wants to hear my excuses!?

4 rounds completely RXd
5th round the ball went wild and hit me in the face around 22, I had to pause and then I kept going.
6th round broke at 20
7th wall ball round broke at 15, then did 2 sets of 5s and singles.

All doubleunders were unbroken and easy in comparison.

6.5 rounds total... but 4 or 5 rounds rxd depending on how you look at it.

This WOD was very tough for me. I never do wallballs, and it showed big time. My damn arms were burning so bad and I felt like a spaz throwing the ball up.

I started out WAYY to fast. Even though I had read about people starting out too fast I, arrogantly, figured I could maintain the pace. I finished 4 rounds at 9 minutes. LOL! Can anyone say crash and burn?

Anyway, I figure I'll throw in an unbroken set of 30 wallballs during my warmups for a few weeks. :)

exp said...

7 rounds rx'd + 9 wb

lesson in humility. had to restrat one set of wb. first set of wallballs got to 14 and missed target (got the height but missed mark. restarted right away and did another 30 unbroken. had to restart 2 rounds of DUs (one on 4the rep of a round and one on 25th rep...let out a small whimper for that one). the "unbroken" aspect of these wods are an phenomenal mental game...had no time to think about anything but hitting the wb mark and counting my reps down(beautiful!).

unit said...

part 1
~ 8 rounds

2hr rest

part 2


Brent Maier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Dunkin said...

PART 1: 9 rounds

Skipping Part 2; got a chance to workout with former olympic weightlifter Tom Hirtz up here in Creswell, Oregon. Great time, and some amazing lifters. Ill say more later- off to night skiing with the boy.

Brent Maier said...


Part 1: 7 rounds + 15 WB

Part 2: 3:18 (PR)

Notes: I could have approached part II with a good warmup but I'm rushed for time today and had to get it done so I jumped right on it. I think on a fresh day, I can break 3 minutes. But for the record, here we go...

All performed as RX'd...
16:12 - July 1, 2007
9:53 - Sep 22, 2008 (OPT's program started shortly thereafter)
3:18 - Today... Ouuu!

Katrina Burton said...

No time with work and the hours of the gym to do in two parts so I modified slightly and did it all at once.

Part 1 scaled to 10min...
2 rounds, 15 wb then caught it off the chin, 1 round, 16 wb and caught it off the chin. Used 7kg hard ball.

Rest 15 min
Part 2 with 95#
Very pleased with that. First ever Isabel! Not allowed to drop the weights either so I had to lower each rep.

Paul Klein said...

Part 1:
4 rounds + 24 Wallballs

The eff'n wheels came off during the wallballs. The first 4 rounds were done under 10 minutes. I didn't rest enough before the fifth round and only made it 21. So I took a little longer to recover and made 24 and the ball slipped through my hands. Then I made it 16 and dropped again this time due to fatigue, then 14 and time ran out. I was no Miko after this one, I fell to my back like an injured gazelle...waiting for the buzzards to eat me.

Part 2:

This was the first time I made it through Isabel as Rxd. While it is not a smoking time by this blogs becnhmarkers, it is a PR for me.

Craig said...

Part 1.
5.5 rounds.

Wall balls started to burn after round 2. All rounds unbroken. D/U's turned out to be more of a rest. 1st set took two tries but all the rest were straight through. Ended up resting about 1 min between W/B & D/U.

Rainer Hartmann said...

Part 2: Did some hybrid power/muscle snatch with 95# (135 would have been out of my league anyway, had planned on 115 maybe), got 30 in 3:39. No jump, so there wasn't a whole lot of pressure on it and I felt no pain.

joey warren said...

8.5 rounds + 15 DUs

broke DUs twice, early round and on my 9th roound


Heres the video, dont know how outcome would have changed if I had paced myself a little


exp. said...

2 hr. rest from wod 1

5:56 rx'd

wow. first time doing this wod and I got worked. what a blast!

Chad said...

Worked out with other people getting ready for sectionals at Crossfit Cedar Park

Did Qualifier WOD's from last year

WOD #1
AMRAP in 12 minutes
5 thrusters 135#
10 burpees

7 rds even

15 min rest

Row 2K

I'm a little upset with both WOD's. I hit a wall on the first one after 4 rounds and the weight got heavy. If my mind was right (and it should be) I think I could get 8.5. My PR on 2K row is 6:45 but with little recovery time I was struggling with the last 1k.

I was thinking of going back and doing Isabel but I'm dead. Will sleep well tonight and get ready for tomorrow.

andrew romeo said...

Part 1: 5
Part 2: 7:00 First time every doing this, made it through 20 in 4 min, caught one a little off and felt it in my lower back. No excuses, should be much faster

Joel B. said...

Had the chance to sneak in a couple more big dawg training days so I took advantage today. In the a.m. I visited a local affiliate with a new friend and did a wall ball/row/run metcon that lasted about 19 min.

4.5 hrs rest

Part 2
scaled to 115: 5:57 pr

pr by over 2 min for this weight.

Becky said...

well. part 2 went a whole lot better than part one.

however i weaseled out of 95 and did 85#. my 1rm is 90#.


surprised myself. i'm trying to be happy with it b/c i get to thinking i wish i had opt there telling me to get my stuff together and try 95.
but this morning was a downer for me.and i was dreading doing part 2.

Erik Luber said...


Part 1:
5 rounds

4 hours rest

Part 2:
6:11 done @ 40 kg

No pop in my legs/hips, snatches felt heavy. Legs still feeling it from part 1, would have liked more rest, but off to Jasper tonight to get in a day of skiing tomorrow.

rwcorson said...

It felt like I has never snatched before.

Lisa M said...


with 75# These felt really good. I was really concentrating on technique and not time so I probably could have been faster but i was really happy with the way they felt. I think i should have gone heavier to at least 80#.

Great job Kat, Becky and all the ladies you are all rockstars in my books. Ali hang in there girl I know exactly how you feel. I know that i am just grateful that i found crossfit it truly saved my life and i have to remind myself too that i should be happy that i am even able do this shit at all. Most women probably couldn't even lift the medicine ball off the ground and a double under are you kidding me!!!

rwcorson said...

I forgot, around 3.5 hrs between, as that was only time I had to do part 2 today.

Jacques A said...

Anyone doing the OPT programming out of one the Vancouver area CF boxes? I'll be there the entire month of February for the olympics and figured I'd enquire here before checking with each one of them.

Tyler Smith said...

Part 2: First time for this one.


imosher said...

Part 1


rest ~7 hrs

part 2

4:43 pr

1) only missed on rd 4 of du, took 4 tries and a bit of rest.
2) I think this is my first time rx for this wod. but this is faster than my non-rx visits.

atom said...

Part 1: ~3.5 rounds

I just couldn't get a full 30 dbl unders for the first 13 minutes, I was so frustrated that I finally moved outside onto the snowy road. With 7 minutes left I managed to get 3 full rounds with no breaks in the dbl unders plus the wall balls.

30 min rest

Part 2: 3:18

I'm in desperate need of some new bumpers and a garage with cielings higher than 8'

Adam Rogers said...

Part 2 times

Adam - 7:04 as rx'd

fairly happy with this, 1RM is 155 so 135 for reps was an ugly adventure but got through it.

John - 3:48 as rx'd, shaved 30 seconds off old PR, which was done @ 95lbs!

John's part 1

4 rounds + 30 wallballs + 2 DU's

Michael McCabe said...

part 2 - 6:52
first time with this one, pretty high % of my 1rm... think i struck the right balance btw technique and intensity

Brian Maier said...


Part 1: 7 rounds

Had one miss on round 5 of d/u's at 11. Immediately started over. Tried to keep a 2min/round pace but faded at 10 minutes. d/u's were easy...wall balls killed me.

Part 2: 3:35...RX (PR)

Felt strong on snatches

Dammit bro....always trying to outdo me, aren't you?

Great Job!!!

reagan tisdale said...

Part 2 after 6 hour rest

First time for this so I was pleased

Wes hendricks said...

Part 1:
5 rounds + 16 wall balls + 7 wall balls

Part 2:
7:12(PR) by 4 minutes

Wall balls and heavy snatch are two of my biggest weaknesses. I was impressed with how mentally tough I was today on the wall balls. Rounds 3/4/5 at about rep 18 I had to start jumping with each rep to get it to the target, I really pushed it on these
135 snatch is pretty heavy for me considering I weight 145. But i was psyched this was a 4 minute PR!

Aaron said...

Part 1: 7.5 Rounds
Part 2. 9:00

Stephen Flamm said...

Part 1: still avoiding excessive jumping, so I just performed one round, mandatory unbroken, for time in 1:58. No breaks. 20:00 would have been rough, and I would have been happy with 5+ rounds.

Part 2: 4:07, as rx'd. First time doing "Isabel" with full weight. I power snatched every rep, caught nearly every rep in full lockout, and dumped the bar after each. Easier than I thought - sub-3:15 should be easily doable by holding onto the bar for the first 5-10 reps, allowing a little press out, and shortening the breaks just slightly.

dmarsh said...

Part 2: 4:00 (PR)

Teaching at Level 1 in Montclair. Only had time for one WOD.

All power snatches until the last 3 reps.

Brandon said...

I am embarrassed, but need to post this as a reminder to myself that I need to work on my DUs.

Part 1: 0 rounds. Did the first 30 WB no problem and spent the next 19+ minutes attempting 30 unbroken DUs. Several times I got 20+, but could not get 30. Decided not to scale and to force myself to address the fact that I need DU work every day. Finished with 2 sets of unbroken WB to get the shoulders moving.

Part 2: 5:31PR
Warmed up with another 2 rounds of WB and then snatch warmup.

One terrible workout and one good...


dontpanic356 said...

Part 1: 5.5 rounds at 20:15

Part 2: 2:02 PR

Only about 20 min rest between the two....Wanted sub 2 for part 2. Maybe with a little rest next time. Ill post vid tomorrow

Dan said...

Part 1: 6
Part 2: 4:17 @ 135#

Sam said...

Okay so part 1 I completely dnf. Sucky! I did the workout but it was all broken, 3rds. Using a 15# med ball.

Part 2
It wasn't pretty but I completed it. Almost all muscle snatches and pressing.

Stefani said...

Part 2: 65#'s @ 4:57.

Congrats to all the ladies today!

Mike Molloy said...

Down in D.C. again this weekend. Had to hit up the Primal Fitness WoD instead of our "part 1" Similar time domain and very squat dominant so I didn't feel too bad about the change.

Hung around the gym afterwords and hit part 2 up about 20 minutes afterwords (only opportunity).

Part 2: 9:00 flat.

This is my first time doing this workout as Rx'd so I was pretty excited about the result.

N.H said...

About 5 hours rest.

Part 2: 2:27


So after my crash and burn on this mornings workout I felt pretty down. Haven't done Isabel in over a year but thought I could do reasonably well. It felt good after this morning -- morale booster.

I can't seem to catch unit on anything. :)

Incredible athletes on here! I can't get over it! I need to keep saying it!

Thanks OPT!


Craig said...

Part 2.
subbed 95#'s. should have gone alot heavier. my 1RM is 140 so I new 135 wasn't going to work. should have stuck with 110-115. blew through in sets of 5. Power snatches for all 30, no press out. Felt good though.

Marie Rochat said...

Part 2

4:24 with 85lbs.

I warmed up to 95lbs and did a few, but decided that it would make for a slower and sloppier WOD. Plus my right shoulder and both elbows have been a bit cranky recently. I decided to go for the 85lbs. and really go for good technique and keeping the intensity up.

Reading everyone's posts today was quite inspiring. I think these were two tough WODs and I am impressed with rounds/times and just peoples mental tenacity. Nice work all you other ladies, I really found your efforts and times for part 2 today to be super motivating.

All the physical pain and mental duress from the WODs today makes me want to revert back to the comforts of childhood;) Perhaps I shall go put on Beauty And The Beast until tomorrow's WODs are posted. Then I shall hit the sack.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Yowza, there are some strong-ass Dawgs out there. Crazy times on Isabel...

Joey might get video of the day for the soundtrack alone!

Jason Buzzard said...

Part 2: 9:30

Thumb still hurt so it was hard to hook grip. First time ever doing this work out, look forward to seeing it again.

Chad Hall said...

Part 2

Notes: Had a way better warm up than usual when we doubles. 135 is pretty heavy, my 1RM is 155. Power snatched everything. Cardio was decent, just the strength. Hit maybe 7 really good snatches, rest were ok, not great though. All in all I'm ok with this time as I wasn't sure how 135 would go.

Heavy Evy said...

Love this stuff, doing something new everyday! Today it was wall balls and snatches, and they are awesome! Nice to do something that doesn't feel like a goat right off the bat!

Part 1: 5 rounds "not rx'd"
DU's on the other hand...I wanted to get as much out of the workout that I could so I did 1su+1DU=1rep, wall balls were easy and unbroken. I should film my skipping just so you guys can have something to laugh at! I laugh when I read how everyone treats the du's as rest!

2hrs rest

Part 2. 5:47 rx'd
30 Powersnatchs....and 3 snatch grip power cleans! I few misses for a newb should be expected!

Yelvi said...

5 rounds
6 hours rest
4:15 @ 115#

Wall balls killed me, DU non-issue. Never done Isabel before, but did a lot better than I expected. 115 felt good, all power snatches.

Justin Flynn said...

Part 1: 6 Rounds (No breaks, no fouls)Used Garage Crossfitters 3 min per round gig and worked up until 5 round and then I fell off. Shoulders were smoked from ballwalls.

Chris Dunkin/Unit/Joey Warren, and anyone else that got 8+ rounds SICK WORK.

Part 2: 2:29 (pr from 2:59 in Aug)

Evan Z said...

5 rounds. Had to start the fifth set of wall balls three times to finish unbroken.
Playing hockey tonight and didn't get to do part 2.

Steve Smith said...

Had to sub today:

Part 1:
1 min sprint, 3 min walk for six rounds with 50# pack.

Part 2:
120# Med Ball Clean and Jerk, 30 reps

Med ball was HUGE and made a big difference.

Anonymous said...

Part 1. 6rounds +20 WB
struggled getting 3,4,5 rounds of DU's otherwise should have got 7 rounds

Part 2. Scaled to 115# 5:41
1RM is 135#
Felt good form feels like it is improving

bmizzlle said...

Part 2.
7:28 rx

ugly. alot of pressing out. all power snatches. stregth was limiter (1RM 155)

Lauren said...

9:06 with 95#
tentative on this one- didn't know what to expect. Look forward to tackling it again.

well done today everyone!!!

PTS said...

Part 1 : 5.5 rds

15 hrs rest

Part 2- Midnight Isabell: 3:57.

First time doing this.

Chris Fodera said...


Part 2: 7:47

PWO: 40gP (Jarrow shake), 35gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: tilapia, applesauce, mac nuts

Notes: Disappointed with this one. Overhead lifts are my weakness, but I didn't think this one would tax me this badly. Was pressing a good number of them out towards the end. A must improve lift for me.

Jenny said...

Lisa, Lauren, Marie, Katrina,Stephanie, Lulu and Emelie! I hope I didn´t miss anyone?I must say, all you girls rocks! You are so inspiring! Thank you:)

/Jenny from Sweden

will said...

only had time for part one. did it at lunch time at kettle bell cert.
5 rounds

Mie said...

Part 2

4:30 RX

LuLu said...

So are you Jenny!!!! Keep training hard :)

NorCal Chris said...

Sorry late post from yesterday:

Part 1:

5 rounds.. had to re-do many double unders

Part 2:

4:42 @125#

Lindsey said...
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Lindsey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lindsey said...

Out of town to my mom's house, had to be a little creative...

Sorry, I can't talk, type, and proofread at the same time...

Was out of town at my mom's house and had to get a little creative...

Part 1 - subbed 30 thrusters with 20-25# cement lawn ornament and 20 unbroken double unders

4 rounds

PR for dus is 25 so picked a number that was challenging but doable. Didn't stop myself at 20 just in case I could make it to 30. Counted rounds at 22,24,20,21.

Will do part 2 when I can get to an actual weight room/gym

Grant said...

Part 1 @ OPT 10AM Saturday
4 rnds
dropped MB @ rep #26 rnd 3 & blew a gasket. I have 6 rnds in me.

Part 2 @ OPT @ 3PM
Isabel Rx'd @ 15:05. All split

Pols said...

Late post from yesterday
M 31 6' 210
Part 1 6 rounds
4 hours rest
Part 2: 3:22
I could easily be sub 3 on part 2, I had nothing left in my legs from this morning, after the workout I had a couple of calls at work that drained even more energy.

Blaine said...

Could only manage to squeak in Part 2:
Scaled the snatch to 115#, but in retrospect could have went higher.


ken c said...

6 rnds rx'd (2 more rnds not rx'd).

7 hours rest.

isabel as rx'd: 3:16 pr.

i just continued on after failing on the wall balls on round 7. thought that was better than sitting around for a long time to get a round of 30. rnd 7 (21 5 4) rnd 8 (15 6 5 4). shocked at how good my lower back felt on the snatches. guess all the post chain work is working.

Kathleen said...

Part I @ 11:00
started with 14# WB got to 20 reps; rested then did 5 reps; grabbed 12# WB did 30 reps and assumed I was back in the game went on to DU's; next round WB's:
22/24/13/18 [dammit]
all DU's were 30 unbroken
5 rounds @ 12# not full 30 reps

Part II @ Noon [no other time today] = 6:27
Scaled to 66# [1 PR = 78#] [2 rep PR = 65#]

Ross Blake said...

Part 1. 5 rounds
part 2. 5:47 @ 50kg

Danny B said...

Part 1:(subbed db thrusters with 20lb db) 4 rounds completed(break in du's twice in round 3(19)(29). Got to 19 db thrusters in round 5 and broke.

Danny B said...

Part 2 4:29(used 115lb, at the firehouse and only have steel plates, not allowed to drop them)

Shane and Karen said...


part 1: 4am again before work.
Things just didn't go my way on this one. Got 1.5 rounds. Wall balls were not a problem. The unbroken double unders just had my number this morning. Did countless sets in the teens and twenties but really struggled not tripping up before 30. I did hundreds of double unders, just not in the set numbers I needed. Trying to learn from it and move on.

part 2: 6pm after work.
2:41PR. (9 second PR from Nov 09)
"Isabel" is one of my favorites and I really needed this 'pick-me-up' after part 1. Worked on DUs after this WOD and easily strung together some sets of 30+. I guess I just had a bad morning.

matt said...

8+20reps. Rest 5 hrs. 1:41 Isabel (pr).

Really nervous about this combo, but felt top notch on each individually. Lovin' me some opt programming lately. Nice change of pace... Still learning the codes ;)