Jan 17, 2010

"i like warm weather"


part 1:
A1. Bench Press @ 30X0; 10 sets of 1; rest 120 sec
A2. Chin Ups @ 20X0; 10 sets of 1; rest 120 sec

rest 2+ hours

part 2:
for time;
50 KBS - 2/1.5 pd
20 GHD sit ups
10 box jumps - 30/24"
40 KBS - 2/1.5 pd
20 GHD sit ups
20 box jumps - 30/24"
30 KBS - 2/1.5 pd
20 GHD sit ups
30 box jumps - 30/24"
20 KBS - 2/1.5 pd
20 GHD sit ups
40 box jumps - 30/24"
10 KBS - 2/1.5 pd
20 GHD sit ups
50 box jumps - 30/24"

post highest loads for A1 and A2, BWT in #, and total time for part 2 to comments (i.e. 265, 110# @ 170# BWT, 22:14)
swings are to overhead, bell must be straight up at top (games 09 standard), 2 hands overhead for sit ups and hips at full extension at top of box jump


dontpanic356 said...

Got the vid for the 30 Snatches up and running:


Time: 202

OPT said...

nice work Mike, nicer shirt

dontpanic356 said...

Thanks coach. I'll have a big dawg shirt prior to sectionals.... providing my shoulder continues to improve. That was the first Snatch Ive done since dislocating it.

Thanks for everything.


John T said...

I have a question for OPT.
I was very tight on time today and had to pick between the wall ball/du wod and the snatch wod, and went with the latter. How important/necessary might it be to make up the other workout? I am competing in the New England sectionals in March, and wall balls and double unders are two of my weaknesses.

Thank you

Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey John, I think you know the answer to that question bud... See you at gym tommorrow...

Martin Altemark said...

Sore from yesterday, and numbers not too good today.

Part 1: Bench press 90kg, chinup 45kg@75kg BWT

David said...


Bench 265
Weighted Pullup 109

zaylis said...

getting use to the tempo px wanted to confirm that on todays chins the tempo is fast pull from hanging position too 2 sec pause at top is this correct?

Lisa M said...

Zaylis - nope it is fast pull no pause at top and two second eccentric (down)

Corbin said...

250#, 75# at 217# BWT, 28:20 with 70# KB and 30" box and subbed anchored swiss ball sit ups due to no GHD

Noah Milstein said...
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Noah Milstein said...

Felt crappy yesterday and took an extra zero day in addition to breaking paleo on cheese and dried fruit.

I didn't feel safe doing high weight bench press singles without a spotter so I subbed in squat clean and jerk instead.

A1. SqCl+J = 80kg
A2. Supinated Chin Up = 40kg

Felt terrible on this. Didn't even do it rx'd. The box jump was a bit lower than 24" and I used a 1.5 pood DB.

One day at a time.

Wes hendricks said...

John T,

I hope you weren't tight on time because you went out drinking the previous night. Listen to Kevin, I think he may know what he's talking about.

OPT said...

john t, if tight for time....2 things, if you're competing, you find time, and if you're weak at something, prioritize it...hope that helps.

unit said...

fantastic video mike!... and I'd have agree with coach, nice shirt!...

Roch said...
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LuLu said...

BW= 120lbs

Bench press:
110,110. I was so happy to finally bench my body weight with correct tempo.

Chin ups:
35lbs for all of them, correct tempo, last one was hard and I made a pretty funny face while doing it :)

Resting for 2hrs

PTS said...

(260, 92.5#@ 183# bwt, 26:41)

8 HRS BTW Isabell and Part 1. 10 mins rest then part 2.

I dropped dairy from the diet about a month ago and have dropped a few lbs. Haven't really noticed a difference in strength, but have felt like I don't straight up gas in metcons. It could just be mental though.

PTS said...

I almost forgot! Today marks my one year following OPT programming. The first WOD I did was a snatch balance WOD at 105lbs and I scaled it to 85lbs b/c I couldn't manage 105. Yesterday I did Isabell in 3:57. So there has been quite an improvement.

Thanks to OPT and all the old school Big Dawgs for welcoming me in.

David said...

Part 2: 36:11

Box jumps are tough for me, especially high ones. Need to work on those as well as DU.

Adam Rogers said...

Part 1

Adam - 240lbs, 110lbs at 186 BW

John - 245lbs, 85lbs at 180 BW

Part 2 this afternoon

Joel B. said...

Part 1
195 lbs, 95 lbs at 165 lbs bw

20 min rest---only way could be done

Did female weight and box height and cut reps in half for all. Did not time, but went hard. Big week this week and I will not be able to taper so I decided to scale the metcon. It was still pretty hard!

Jefff said...

Bwt - 170#

Bench - 205#

Chins - 105.4# (pr)

Brian Maier said...


Part 1: 255lbs, 90lbs at 190 BW
Bench press really tough with the 3 sec. negative...eliminates the bounce.

failed at 100lb on chin up. About an inch short...just couldn't get chin over bar.

LuLu said...

Part 2

as Rx`d 24kg Kb and 24inch box:
31min 46 sec
95% of KB swings were directly overhead games 09 style:)
Congrats Emilie for an amazing workout this afternoon!!! It is great to have you on the same team.

dan said...
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rwcorson said...

A1. 214.5#
A2. 52 #

dan said...


Part 2: 23:50
subbed 1.5pd instead of 2pd. used 24" box - gym didn't have a 30" box. ...still working up to 2pd weight. but in hindsight, i should have just done it.

not sure if i'd be able to get both wods in today, so chose part 2 over 1. if time allows, will do part 1 later.

N.H said...

Part 1: 277, 132# @ 185

Haven't benched in a long time -- was nice to do it again. Makes me want to bench more often :). I have a weird thing in my left elbow that clicks on the descent from the pressure. I've had it for a long time. Sometimes it does it on presses and handstand pushups too. I hate it! It only does it once in awhile though. Anyone have anything similar?

Part 2 in a few hours! YES!

A. Maloney said...

A1. 215
A2. 80

Bwt 155#

andrew romeo said...

BWT = 173#

A1. 225, 225, 225, 230, 235, 235, 235, 245, 230, 230
A2: 70, 100, 116, 140, 140, 134, 134, 124, 124, 124

Michael FitzGerald said...

Busy bench press day at OPT, so did Press for 3's.
A1. Press, 3 rep, 135/140/145/145
A2. Power Snatch, 3 rep, 111 x 4 set
Part 2 from today.
As rx'd - 24:44. Have not tested this time domain in a long time. Never gassed, but was struggling to find power for the movements after 10 min mark.
Head is pounding.
I bet this WOD would be more pleasant in Phoenix.

Emilie P-B said...

BWT: 130#
First time on the bench press: 95lbs
Chin ups:45lbs

Part 2:
34:56 Rx
KB swings scared me before the workout but finally they were ok, almost every reps were done properly with KB directly overhead.

Special thanks to Lulu for your help and your support!

John T. said...

Thanks Kevin, Wes, and coach for the advice, that helps. By the way Wes yes it is because I went out drinking on friday, and I have been paying for it all weekend! I know I know time to cut the crap and get focused
as for today's workouts: body weight 162#
A1. 225
A2. 75#

Part 2: 33:35 using a 65 pound dumbell for the swings, and redecorating vagabond crossfit's 30inch box with blood from my shin!

Paul Klein said...

Part 1: 260#, 92.5#, 185# bwt

Failed with 95# twice (supinated and pronated grip)

Part 2: 26.37

Kbs with 70# db
I did the first 50 kbs as unbroken, I broke the 40 (30+10), all remaining swings unbroken.

Ghd 2 sets unbroken, 2 sets broken (15+5), last set unbroken.

Box jumps all broken.

Craig said...

Part 1.

235 , 90 (sup chin up) @ 168 BWT.

was able to get 80 with chin up (palms away), but felt some pulling along the top left of the cervical spine so I dropped the weight. decided to do sup. chin ups ( palms facing) to alleviate any more problems. Got up to 90, failed on 100.

Rainer Hartmann said...

Part 1: 170, 70 @ 156 BWT
Part 2: KBS with 55#, 24'' Box Step-ups to rest calf: 27:25

Covino24 said...

BWT 175
A1) 235
A2) 100
Part 2: 31:34 Lots of room for improvement..

Lisa M.. a little steep in that picture:)

Brent Maier said...


Part 1: BP 235# / PU 90#
Part 2: 29:18 as RX'd

Notes: Had to do these back to back today, unfortunately. Took it easy on part 1, feeling pretty broken down. Played with different grips and widths during my sets. Part 2, now let me tell you. 30" box jumps, 2PD, and GHD SU's don't play well together. What do they all have in common? You've got to commit to every rep. I would have liked to break 25 minutes but it wasn't going to happen today.

It's nice that we're stepping some of these workouts up a notch as the main site appears to be doing the same. OPT is all about staying one giant leap ahead of the competition at all times. I feel we're doing it with workouts like this.

Great cycle dawgs!

Martin Altemark said...
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Martin Altemark said...

Part 2:
Didn't have a box at home, my lower back hurt and hands are torn... Was gonna sit out part 2, but somehow I managed to measure a table out in the neighborhood. It was EXACTLY 76cm (30inches). Too much of coincidence not to take advantage don't you think?

KTEs instead of GHD-SU otherwise as RX'd: 32:20

A little slippery because of snow everywhere, that made pace slower. Had to me careful, esp when going down. A bit cold, but OPT hoodie kept me warm!


Roch said...


Bench :225lbs first, 215lbs 9 others
Pullups: 100lbs 6 first, 95lbs 4 last

Part2: 24:32 rx

MikeG@crossfitgames.com said...

Back to back today.

285#, 120#, BW 190#, 32:04

OPT said...

N.H. if it happens on the decent i'd say it could be the long head of the triceps rolling over a portion of the elbow joint as it lengthens...there is a lot of stuff that runs through there...straighten your arm, put your opp thumb deep into where the tendon leads into the point i described above...and as you slowly bend your elbow, run the thumb deep upwards along the long triceps on the inside of your upper arm...do it for about 5-7 sec per swipe 3 x, then try bench again and see if it helps, report back...

everyone asking questions, if you prioritize "outings" over sleep and training and then search for answers based on performance and strategies for training, they will not be answered..

logo and design for comp shirts are done, pics to come

Rainer, watched your snatch video, keep your torso angle the same until the bar comes up past your knees...your were raising your butt first, then pulling bar in after knees...if this happens with 40kg after a few reps it might happen as you get heaiver...so practice with a lighter load than 40kg, then for doubles with a higher load, video it and ensure your keep your ass down

Stephen Flamm said...

Part 1:

A1. 250
A2. 79
bw = 196

Part 2:


Good with tempo on the bench with no bounce off the chest. Last set was 15 lbs. under my PR from a month ago. Pull-ups were strict with foot in a kettlebell. Mixed up my grip throughout. Had to adjust the triplet to eliminate the jumps - the knee just isn't ready. Played around with a few options before settling on row cals, 1-for-1. Took about the same time and sucked just as much for the lungs and glutes, just not as explosive.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Bench- 245
Pullup- 105

Tabata situps low 14

No part II today, i spent 4 hours outside swinging a sledgehammer on a 4 foot steel rod until i found the septic tank then dug 2 feet down to uncover the lid then another 2 feet to uncover the distribution box. I'm shot...good cycle..
maybe they will have a sledgehammer event at the sectionals :)

Lauren said...

Part 1
A1. 165- pb!
A2. 30#

Part 2 - 22:36
- KB were done with a DB
- GHD were done on a exercise ball, with feet hooked in - worked ok, but definitely not as full range as GHD.

atom said...

part 1:

a1: 225, 235, 245, 255, 260, 265(f), 260, 245, 245, 245
a2: 55, 60, 70, 75, 75, 80, 85, 85, 85, 85

Aaron said...

Part 1: 11 A.M.
A1. 200#
A2. 85#
Should have gone heavier, I did keep the bar speed fast though.

Part 2: 4 P.M.
Bodyweight- 187#
Time- 25:09 as rx'd

rwcorson said...

part II not as Rx'd
Left SI/glute med tightened right up, 2 pood KBS & GHD sit ups causing too much grief.
AMRAP in 20 mins. - 15 unbroken 1.5pood KBS, 20 anchored abmat sit ups, 15 30" box jumps - 8 rds + 20 sit ups
Liz - 20 unbroken pull ups
500 m row
20 unbroken pull ups
500 m row
20 unbroken pull ups
as rx'd - 8:52 well done!

N.H said...

About 2.5 hours rest.

Part 2:

As RXd 24:06

Totally had to rig a box. Used about 5 45lb plates and a bench. Then I had to weigh it all down. Lol. Ended up being 31" from the ground.

Everything was broken except the first few rounds of GHDs.

The high reps on either end were mentally taxing -- especially the last set of box jumps!

weezie said...

285, 102.5# @ 195 BWT, 41:54

Parts 1 and 2 done back to back.

Tempo felt good for Part 1. Kept it a bit conservative on the bench since I was alone in the gym with no spotter.

Part 2 was modified to a 70 lb DB and a 24" box (tallest my gym has). Wore a 20 lb weight vest for the box jumps to try and make up for the lesser height.

Was very sore from yesterday. Issue was compounded by a severe crisis of motivation brought on by the mere thought of Part 2. Was already in bed staring at my clock, not having worked out, attempting to console myself with a myriad of reasons as to why I SHOULD have missed the workouts for today. Finally got over the hump, dragged my ass out of bed and into the gym, and got after it as best I could. Time for Part 2 was definitely nothing to write home about, but it's done.

N.H said...

Thanks OPT! I'll try that out and let you know how it goes.


Sam said...

Hey ladies I'm a new addition to OPT and you guys seem to have such a great blogging chemistry that I wanted to make the "new girl's" presence known. You ladies really rock and I hope I can hang with you! =)

Part 1
A1. 135,135,135,125,125,125, 115,115,115,115

2hrs rest

Part 2
I had to drop down to a 1pood with 4 left in rd 3 bc the right side of my back was locking up so bad that one of my coaches had to keep helping me stretch it out. Sucky!

Dan said...

Part 1
A1. 290
A2. 105
@ BW 185#

rest 2 hrs

Part 2
27:06 as rx'd
note: 32" Box Jumps was as close as I could get without using shorter height.

Tyler Smith said...

260#, 115# @ 170# BWT, 29:45

*I always struggle with this time domain. Also, I have never done this volume of KBS @ 2pd... Managed the first 50 unbroken and have a feeling that hurt me for the rest of the workout. GHD and BJ were slow and steady for the most part, definitely lost the mental battle on the swings in the latter rounds.

joey warren said...

(285, 115@178#BWT, 23:40)

*I feel I need more work in the 20 min time domain, I felt gassed but felt strong

sHELLy said...

Thought I'd Big Dawg it up this weekend. One post for everything.

Part 1: 3 Rounds - plus an extra 77wallballs and 56 DUs. The wallball target in the roof is very unforgiving!
Part 2: 6:47 w/85lbs - which happens to be my 1RM?!

Part 1: 115 / 45lbs
Part 2: 27:46

Brent Maier said...

NH, I have a similar issue going on when I bench. It's a sharp pain in the left elbow in the little nook. Best way I can describe it is if you had a hatchet and had your elbow up in front of you. As you try to drop the hatchet, any resistance on the forearm during that movement activates the nasty little pain pain. Odd... I'm going to try OPT's suggestion to see if that helps me as well.

I seem to be able to shut out the pain when it's 321go, but it is more of an annoyance than anything.

Brent Maier said...

Joey, I too feel I need more experience in this 20min area. As broken as I felt today, I feel 3-5 minutes of my time was ill managed by crappy strategy on dealing with the x150 30" box jumps. Inexperience was my nemesis today. I kind of went into a zone going into round 3 where the focus was to keep moving and just finish the workout vs get this shit done as fast as you can.

Katie said...

A1. 110#
A2. 17.5#
Part 2: 29:56 - 1.5pood on first round - 1 pood for all other rounds
BW - 125#

Chad Action Brandt said...

I trained with my better half "Black Kat" today at my old stomping grounds, the UofL.
We had to do both WODs in one session.

Didn't push it on the Bench, shoulder is feeling good right now.

(225#; 95# @ 181lbs; 25:29)

I had to use a Dumbbell for KBS. I tried swinging the 70lb'er but it kept slipping outof my hands. So I decided to drop to the 52.5lb DB.
Box jumps were my slow point.
Thanks for the workout Black Kat.

PS: you all can ask Katrina how she fell out backwards on her head during GHD's in the WOD :-) DOh!

Katrina Burton said...


Bench Press - 95#... one of my weaknesses. Not exposed to this one as much.

Weighted Chin Up - BWT + 50#

Metcon - 20:05... used a 35# dumbell for the KBS. Can't really go any higher with te dumbells as the grips get too thick to hold onto. And a 25" box. Fell right out of the GHD on the 2nd rep in the first round and landed on my head and fingers. My tiny feet have a difficult time staying in there. Fingers were numb for a while afterwards, but seem to be fine.

Got to work out with Chad Action today :) it was great. He made me push alot harder than I probably would have alone. Thanks!

exp. said...

part 1:

260, 115#(overhand)/120#(supinated)@170 bwt.

250/80, 225/90, 235/90, 245/100, 245/105, 250/110, 255/115(f), 260/115, 260(f)/120(f), 255/120 (supinated). the 3 second lowering phase changes everything on the bench. had some good battles with the chins.

part 2:

27:50 (not rx'd)...totally blew it. didn't pay close enough attention to the post and did the bjs on a 24" box.

little sluggish today. ate well, slept like shit. lesson learned. more sleep discipline. despite my f$@k-up, chipper was still great.

N.H said...

Brent, mine isn't so much of a pain as it is a weakness. I can feel the pressure building, and building, and building, then 'pop,' and then it feels weak. The worst thing about it is the anticipation! Lol. I'm looking forward to trying out the technique OPT described.

Re the time domain. I feel the same way about it. It's short enough where you COULD go faster, but long enough where you could burn out early if you go too fast. Big mental factor.


unit said...

315#, 135# @ 190lb bwt; 23:41

1 sec Joey... 1 flippin sec... strong work 2day brother!... I as well fell the need 2 manage my time better in that time domain... box jumps were Jerry rigged on a bench and some jazzersize aerobics step things... felt wobbly but it got the job done!... and FYI, ghd su's after kb swings = brutal!...
took 15min rest bw part 1 and 2...


Jason Buzzard said...

30 yrs/5'7"/165#

Part 1:
A1: 205#
A2: 53#,58#,63#,70#(f),63#,63#(f),58#x4.

Part 2: as rx'd, 30:14

Wanted to go heavier on the BP but the only spot I had was my 8 yr old daughter, picked something that wasnt easy but I could manage with the correct tempo. Failed to get my chin over the bar on some of the chin ups but made sure to maintain tempo lowering myself.

Part 2 was very challenging mentally. 30" box jump is very intimidating for me. Hand tore in the second to last round. Looking forward to the rest day tomorrow.

Dave X said...

224/45# @ 205#, 27:31.

Michael McCabe said...
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Wes hendricks said...

BWT - 145

A1. 207 lbs
A2. 110 lbs

B. 23:30

B was definitely a gut check, around the set of 40 KBS my mind shut off and my body just went into autopilot. I never moved very quickly on this I just kept moving the entire time. With the KB swings I would do sets of 15 and 10 and just walk a circle around it and pick it back up, I figured I had to pace myself that KB is basically half my BW.

Lisa M said...

Nice work out there today ladies:

Welcome Sam by your numbers today you will fit right into this crew. It is great to have more women posting.

Hope you are ok Kat, and nice PR Lauren. Becky you are a beast with the pullups!!

A1: 135 PR by 10 pounds really helped that my husband spotted me
A2: 30# PR by 13# was so close at 35 just inches from getting chin over bar - woohoo progress!!!!

Happy with upper body progress thanks again OPT for your help with my mental attitude it is really making a difference

My calves finally felt good enough to run on again since my last attempt last tuesday. DUmb mistake now my calves are so damn tight again not sure if WOD 2 will be in the cards - stretch, foam roll, and ball and see how they feel if not will try tomorrow hopefully

Michael McCabe said...

235, 105 @180#bwt

22:55 - did decline situps as i don't have a ghd

Jefff said...

Part 2 - 35:04 rx'd

Crushed by swings. Bell straight uo wore my grip down. All GHD sit-ups straight through. Box Jumps slow but steady. Happy with effort.

bmizzlle said...

Part 1.
A1. 215# PR!!!
A2. 106# PR!!!
2 hours rest
Part 2.
felt good on the Box Jumps, the KBS slowed me down mostly sets of 10 except the first 25 in a row. GHDs were pretty quick.

bmizzlle said...

rx everything BTW.

And nice times on Part 2
by Joey, Unit, and Wes very strong

Jacques A said...

Part 1: 6am
Didn't read properly and didn't see pull ups were weighed although i did find this odd.
A1. 245lbs
A2. BW
Went to work, saw the mistake , came back after work and redid A2.
Did +135# (20lbs less than PR)
waited 35 mins

Part 2: 6:45pm
Box jumps were slow and steady .KB swing were fine but too much breaking the sets when i could have kept going.
GHD sit-ups unbroken

dontpanic356 said...

305, 100# @215, 23:08

Part two was not RX'd

Box jumps were to 28 in box

Dumbells at gym were rubbing my knuckles raw so I did Alternating One Handed KB Snatches at 70 Lbs. No Kettlebells available.

GHD's were done with but on flat bench and feet between safety bars of a squat rack....works pretty well.

Mike Molloy said...

Strong Work Wes!

I'm still down in D.C. and went to CF Bethesda today. It was their WoD or nothing today so I did the following:

One rep max Clean:


10 Dead lift at 315#
30 Burpees
40 unanchored situps
50 Kettle bell swing (1.5)
60 Double Unders

Time: 6:20

Everything was unbroken until the double unders. Used their gym rope and did ok, not as good as I would with my rope but not brutal either. Coach recommended using a variety of ropes and being comfortable so mission accomplished!

I'll be back home and following the blog on Tuesday. Might try to hit the one rep max efforts just to know where I stand.

dontpanic356 said...

Forgot to mention....

Due to time restraints, Part 1 was done with only 1 min rest between efforts.

Part 2 began 10 min after part 1.

Blaine said...

Part 2:

Max KB here is 1.5 pd so went with that. The 30" box was killer. All GHD's in a 15/5 split.


Becky said...

a1. 85, 95, 105, 115, 115, 120, 125, 130 pr, 135 F, 130
a2. 15#, 20, 25, 30, 1pd. for all the rest bw= 135

i was really scareda bout part 2 but i hit it.
4 hours rest

1.5 pd, 24 # box

27:30 my lower back says " ouch!" it's sore not hurt.

kat, looks like i started a bad trend. good job though.

Chris Dunkin said...

305, 120# @ 207# BWT, 24:16

Great weekend.

While training with Tom Hirtz I was in the company of some great lifters. Among them was Sarah Bertram who placed 16th at the World Championships this past Nov. in the 69kg division with a 89kg snatch and a 107kg clean and jerk. I must admit while sharing the platform with her during the last part of workout she out front squatted me. The intensity they brought to each and every attempt was incredible. Look forward to getting up there more regularly after the competitions coming up.

md said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
atom said...

part 2: 20:26 - Not Rx'd

KBS were actually 75# DBS and they felt great.

Didn't have a GHD machine so swiss ball sit-ups were subbed.

Box Jumps were done to 24" I wish I had read the full 30" bit. Oh well.

NorCal Chris said...

210, 75# @ 195# BWT, 27:11

Tired today. Almost bagged out of part 2 but glad I did it and even happier tomorrow is a rest day.

md said...

210, 50# @ 182 bwt, 19:58

Yelvi said...

Part 1: 270, 115 @ 199 BWT
Rest 8 hours
Part 2: 36:05

Notes: Got to 105 with a pull up grip and then switched to supinated grip to get 115. I went into part 2 with the mindset of survival, not confidence. I was surprised just to get through all the swings as well as I did. The box jumps were the hardest part though. Anyone that finished sub 30 is crazy.

Pete said...

230,100# @ 170# BWT, 31:18

Felt good today except my lower back got real tight during the kb swings. Overall happy with the effort.


Anthony said...

A1: 235lbs
A2: 88lbs

Part 2: 28 mins and 4 secs

Body weight 170lbs

Clemson Rob said...

Part 1:
A: 235# (tied PR for normal bench press i.e. fast down fast up)
B: 115# (used dumbbells, largest in gym)
(BWT = 175#)

Part 2: 26:30 with 20” box (nothing bigger), swings with 70# dumbbell

I want to share my excitement with everyone. I was amazed that I was able to tie my bench PR from the good ole bicep/tricep days. Shoot, all I did back then was bench, bench, arms, bench, and think about doing legs (but hardly ever did).

I have been doing CF for just over 2 years and have only done bench about once every 5-6 weeks (just whenever main site programmed it). When people asked me about CF I always mentioned that I had gotten stronger everywhere except I ASSUMED my bench had decreased because of the lack of focus CF puts on it.

I have never been so happy to be proved wrong!! This sh*t works!!

(Hope that made everyone's day like it did mine.)

Michael said...

part 1
A1. 315- could have gone heavier
A2. 141
Bodyweight- 167#
Part 2
This was all mental for me here with this time domain and the heavy swings and high jumps so I was pleased.
VMO started cramping up on the last two rounds and it's happened a couple times recently (run wod a few days ago) any suggestions on helping this...?

Anonymous said...

Part 1.
A1. 230#
A2. 110#
BWT 157#

Part2. 29:38

Justin Flynn said...

Part 1
a1. 250#
a2: 110#

Part 2
23:11 (not rxd. had to sub GHDs with box jump/abmat setup)

Evan Z said...

Part 1
BWT = 169
A1. 245 - maybe more with a good spotter? Ali, where you been?
A2. 95#

Part 2
Used 75# DB made of rubber that rubbed my skin off. Had to play with my grip to keep holding on to the damn thin.

Heavy Evy said...

243#, 95#, BWT 187#, 35min

Busy day and had to go back to back for wods today. Hate when I can't rx rest, but had to get it in. Used 75#DBS, took a spill on the box jumps when I was gased, shin is spilt up pretty good! Can do way better the 35min.

Did anyone find the KBS got easier, as the box jumps got higher......weird huh!

Kathleen said...

107.5, 30# @ 130#BWT, 31:30

Part I @ 11:00 am
A1: BP 88/93/98/100.5/103/105.5/--*
A2: 10/12.5/15/17.5/20/22.5/25[f]all pronated
25/27.5/30 all supinated

Part II @ 3:00 pm
Wore lifting shoes - ok
Too much rest during KBS's which felt heavy today
GHD's unbroken

Grant said...

Part I @ 11:00 am @ OPT
A1: Bench Press @ 30X0; 10 sets of 1; rest 120 secs
A2: Chin-ups @ 20X0; 10 sets of 1; rest 120 secs
Pronated: 55/55/65/67.5/77/88/99
Supinated: 99/104/106.5
1st one kipped and then strict thereafter (I saw the wisdom via Corson & Mike, makes sense)

Part II @ 3:00 pm @ OPT. Time = 33:20
KBS 2 pd [ladder 50 to 10 KBS]; alt with 20 GHD situps; alt with BJ 30" [ladder 10-50 reps]
Wore lifting shoes [ok]

219.5#, 106.5# @ 172# BW, 33:20

Marie Rochat said...

Part I

180#, 50#, @ 130# BWT

I was excited to bench (it's a guilty pleasure left over from my powerlifting days). I was pleasently surprised by how well it went despite not ever benching anymore and using the tempo.

2 hours later...

Part II


If I got to choose the name for this WOD I would call it: "Thou Shalt Never Again Walk Right". By the second to the last round of this, my calves were horribly tight. I expect severe calve pain tomorrow. Thank goodness for the rest day! And thank you OPT for providing more killer workouts.

Craig said...

Part 1.

235 , 90 (sup chin up) @ 168 BWT.

was able to get 80 with chin up (palms away), but felt some pulling along the top left of the cervical spine so I dropped the weight. decided to do sup. chin ups ( palms facing) to alleviate any more problems. Got up to 90, failed on 100.

Part 2.
Bravo to the sub 30min's out there. Tough workout, kb's in sets of 10, GHD's unbroken, and box jumps were high.

Chris Fodera said...


235, 110# @ 175# BWT, 33:11

Part 1:
Bench Press: 205x1, 225x1x6, 230x1x2, 235x1
PullUps: 53x1, 70x1x3, 80x1, 105x1x4, 110x1
PWO: 40gP (Jarrow shake), 30gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)

2 hours rest

Part 2:
I hit a wall in round 3. Once I finished that third set of KBS, I thought my lower back was going to explode. The BJs were steady (not that fast though) throughout. KBS just broke me down fast and hard.
PWO: 16gP (Jarrow shake), 3 scoops Refuel.

Some really nice numbers out there today. Congrats to all. I've got a long way to go to catch some of you guys...

Brandon said...

325, 85, 235, 3l:12*

*I jumped off the box and landed bad on R ankle on rep 17 of the last round of BJ's. Tried to jump and finish the WOD, but I couldn't get any lift. Finished with air squats.

Will go back and do Part 2 again in the future to have a fully completed time to compare to.

rackempackem said...
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Anonymous said...

part 1:
BP @ 90 & PU @ 20.8

part 2:
subbed calories rowing for box jumps

Slater Coe said...

pt 2 - 30:07 as rx'd.

Stefani said...

A1. No bench subbed ring dips @ 17.5#
A2. 20#'s
BW 135#

Part 2: 26:25 subbed swiss ball sit-ups for GHD due to lack of equipment & 1pd KB. Tried the 1.5pd during warm up and it was swinging me instead of the other way around and I couldn't get it to vertical so had to scale. All box jumps on a 24"box.

Welcome Sam! I'm new to this programming as well and just started during the most recent cycle and love it as I'm sure you will too.

Ang said...

Part 1
90#, 15# @ 135BWT
First time ever doing 1 rep max BP so can only go up from here!

Part 2
32:19 as rx
Had to pace the KB swings.. lifting to new level is def a challenge with 24KB!! Box jumps and GHDs felt good.

will said...

part 1 bwt 195
bench 285, pull up 110 w dumbell between legs did this after kb cert so didnt have time or energy for second part

Lisa M said...

holy F'n hell that 1.5pd is heavy!!! so calves felt good enough to hit part 2.


i have not done a lot of 1.5 pd swings and man were they tough. I only almost dropped it on my head once. used the ghds and box jumps as my "rest time" and just tried to keep them steady not too quick. I am very happy with my time.

Cavino - thanks for the tip!!! ha ha I will get that video for you soon.

Lisa M said...

HOLY SHIT i just noticed i beat unit by 2 seconds - I am coming for you UNIT!!!! hee hee :)

Chris Dunkin said...

Marie, just noticed you're in Corvallis. You should take some time and go to Creswell and train with Tom. Amazing resource to have so close to us. His team trains MWF @ 5pm, and Sat at 11am. I know there is a Tuesday morning workout as well.

Pols said...

A1 315
A2 130

Part 2 25:33

First time benching more than 225 in 6 years since I tore my shoulder, so pretty happy. Was strong and fast at 130 on chinup, but weight belt buckle broke when I hung the 140 on it, damn it.

rackempackem said...

102,5kg (PR), 61,5kg (PR), @79kg BWT, 32:20 (27,5inch BJ)

part 1:
1. 84kg, 30kg
2. 90kg, 40kg
3. 95kg, 35kg (counted wrong w. the weights)
4. 100kg, 55kg
5. 102,5kg(PR), 60kg
6. 105kg(f), 65kg(f)
7. 100kg, 61,5kg(PR)
8. 100kg, 60kg(f)
9. 100kg, 55kg
10. 100kg, 55kg
Have not done BP in a long time. Happy bout PR's especially considering the tempos and many sets.

part 2:
Did some kind of wrong calculation and set up a BJ of 70cm (27,5 inch). Have probably only done half of this amount of swings at 2 pood totally since i started CrossFit. So i have to be very happy with that i made it through. Was i bit scared that my back would be crushed in the end of round 3. But i managed. Mostly sets of 10. Some 15's in the beginning. BJ's where not so bad on the legs. But extremely slow. Have to do some extra training there. Very useful to be forced into a long and really heavy metcon. You have to get into a totally different mindset. Totally my weaknesses also witch makes it even more useful.

unit said...

awesome work Lisa!... way 2 bring the intensity 2 this brutal WOD!... 'smokin time...

Lindsey said...

110#, no weight/strict/COVP @140

Was afraid to go any higher on bench with no spotter. Chins felt pretty good, these have come a long way. Didn't add weight yet but will start from now on with these kinds of WODs since they are improving :)

19:47** only completed 3 rounds. Chronic back problems and started the first part stiff. Took extra time to stretch between parts and first round felt pretty good. I have struggled with KBS getting correct hip pop and felt I was doing MUCH better with it today. GHD situps in the second round started to make my back tighten again. By round three, decided I needed to call it quits. Don't want to miss any days completely so will take care tonight.

Brandon said...

Coach -
I had a question about yesterday's BP/PU workout. Is the point to maximize the load moved at the give tempo or to maximize the total load moved during 10 lifts? I ask because if I maximize one load, I might start at 30% of the suspected max load and jump a higher amount of weight on each progressive set. If it is total load, then my warmup includes loads to around 60% at 2-3 rep sets and then progress to 1 rep sets increasing smaller percentages (~5%).

Chad said...

225, 70# @ 201# BWT, 37:29 as RX

Part A: About what I thought I would get with bench. Funny how we never bench much but the max never really goes down. 70# was the heaviest weight I could find for the pullups, think I could have gone heavier.

Part B: This was tough for me both physically and mentally. I find myself trying to "game it" but waiting too long to get back in the game. I can run all day in this time domain but put some heavy KB's and high box jumps out there and I'm toast. Need to focus on keep moving, pick it up. I know I can do better than this so I can say I'm too happy. Would like another shot at this!

ken c said...

255 and 105 @ 188bw.

pressed for time on the wod 2. starting a trial tomorrow. cut the kb swings and box jumps in half. ghd sit ups stayed the same.


imosher said...

A1) 186#
A2) +100#

bwt 166


box jumps slowed me down the most, I am not much of a bench presser.

Chad Hall said...

A1: 225
A2: 85
BWT: 188


Poor effort.

Jenny said...

I did " Trevor" ( 300 pullups, 400 pushups,500 Situps and 600 squats )with a couple of friends sunday and I choose to do part 2 yesterday.

As rx: 41 min
I got confused and I realised after the workout that I did round three twice!

Ross Blake said...

A1. 181x2 (no spotter)
A2. 77 x2 (No more db weight)
bw. 169

Part 2. 28:33

Ross Blake said...

kbs done with 77# db

I love this time domain!

Mack Lar said...

240,115# @ 170#BW, 27:50 w/ 80lb KB

Danny B said...

Part 1
220#,50# @ 210# BWT,23:26(used 1.5 pd & 24" box)

Shane and Karen said...

280, 127.5# @ 171# BWT, 34:27

Anonymous said...

Part 1: 275lbs,35 lbs @ 215lbs BWT

Part 2: 20:29 (1.5 pd & 24" box)