Tues, Jan 12, 2010


A1. Front Squat @ 20X1; 2-3 x 5; rest 180 sec
A2. Chin ups [3 strict/6 kipping/9 chest to bar] x 5; rest 180 sec
B. Dead Lift @ 12X1 - 60% 1Rm; 8 sets of 2; rest 45 sec b/t sets
C1. 15 toes to bar x 5 sets; rest 45 sec
C2. 15 GHD Raises x 5 sets; rest 45 sec

post loads and notes to comments
double tomorrow, sleep well


bmizzlle said...

B looks like westside...fun!! thanks coach!

Anonymous said...

can someone explain the chin up procedure. It is a choice, or do we do 5 sets of all of them

OPT said...

anon, do 3 strict, do not come off the bar, then do 6 kipping, do not come off the bar, then do 9 CTB chin ups, then come off...if you cannot do them unbroken...split them up as needed, work on the weak links in that chain...cool?

Chad said...

Question...what is the difference between GHD Raises and GHD Back Extensions?

Is it the positioning of the hip as in hip extension, hip/back ext and back extension. Like what Crossfit teaches.

Thx for the help.

Anonymous said...

OPT - Thanks for the chin explanation. OUCH, but thanks :)

deejay said...
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deejay said...


go here-


then click on "lower" and then "glute/ham raises"

Mack Lar said...

A1. 215/225/235x2/235x2/235x3PR
A2. UB for all. Chest 2 Bar strict pullups for sets 3-5
B. 230 lbs
C1. UB
C2. UB
Still very sore and tired from previous cycle but still managed a front squat 3RM PR. GHD raises are feeling much stronger.
Experimenting with increased Glutamine intake. I was doing 3 grams pre wod and 3 grams post wod. Now doing Coach's RX. 10g upon waking. 5g pre wod/5g post wod. 10g bedtime. hard part is timing it around meals so Im getting it all in on an empty stomach. How important is the empty stomach for absorption of Glutamine??

Martin Altemark said...

A1. 3x80kg, 3x85kg, 3x90kg, 3x95kg, 1x100kg (1RM PR)
A2. all sets unbroken. Felt very strong

B. 110kg

C1&C2 switched betw GHD situps and TTB because of not getting access to bar all sets. brought down reps at GHD raises - hammies still very tight after last week.

PTS said...

a1. FS - 185,195,207,220, 2x225
a2. UBx5 last 2 sets w/ 20lb vest on

B. 265 -felt good

c1. UB x4 7/4/4 on last set
c2. UB x4 10/5 on last set.

Mike Molloy said...

Worked out in my loft today before heading to work.

A1: 145-165-185-205-210 (2 rep PR)
A2: Unbroken. Done on climbing hang board.

B: 245# Felt really easy and explosive.

C1: Unbroken
C2: Unbroken.

That's my 5th PR in less than 20 days, although its not so hard when you have so far to go with squat strength. Still, you gotta start somewhere. Thanks again Coach

Jacques A said...

A.1 225X2,225X2, 225X1+205X1,205X2,205X2, 215X2 (Had to lower the weight because of wrist pain on these)
A.2 All sets unbroken and easy

B. 265lbs for all sets

C1.15,15,15,15(8-5-2), 15
C2. all sets unbroken . 1 st on floor with partner holding ankles. 4 other sets on GHD.

Linker said...

A1: 225-225-235-245-255
Felt good and should have gone higher, but was in a hurry this morning.

A2: Straight through for 3 rounds, dropped off after 4 C2B on 4th round, and dropped off twice during C2B on last round, just couldn't get up to the bar.

B: 275lbs, felt smooth throughout

C1: Struggled, had to drop off the bar for the last 3 rounds.

dontpanic356 said...

A1: 245, 255, 275, 285, 305 x 1
A2: surprisingly unbroken except last set, dropped off before ctb

B: 255.

C1 & C2: 3 rounds, Had to get to work.

The deadlifts felt heavy. My back and legs are still toast from the 1-5 squat ladders.

Joel B. said...

I'm off Big Dawgs for a few months. All my mental and physical training energy will be taken up by fire academy. I'll look forward to returning probably in May or June. Thanks for all the programming, coach. And for being so welcoming, pack. I am as prepared as I can be, now...thank you!

Katrina Burton said...

A1.) 132#, 137.5#(1), 132#, 137.5#, 137.5#
A2.) unbroken
B.) 143#
C1.) unbroken
C2.) unbroken

Interesting day at the globo today... was asked if I wanted a spot on my front squats and my chinups so I wouldnt have to kick my legs like that. :)

Covino24 said...

A1) 145/155/165/175/185
A2) UB/12-6/12-6/9-9/9-6-3
B) 225lbs
C1) 12-3/5-5-5/5-5-5
C2) All unbroken

the the deads felt light at 60% of my 1RM.. haven't maxed in a while so could have probably gone heavier.

Jefff said...

A1. 200,210(2),210,215,220(2)
A2. Bwt,5#,7#,9#,11# (Weight Vest)
B. 275#
C1. All sets unbroken
C2. UB,UB,11-3-1, 8-4-3, 13-2 (Keep sliding out of GHD. Too much room for feet to move around. Legend Econ GHD for those interested. Need to build an add-on to fix this.)

Noah Milstein said...

A1. 80/85/87.5/87.5/87.5kg (all x3)
A2. all unbroken
B. 100kg all unbroken
C1. all broken - couldn't keep legs straight
C2. all broken - subbed in back extension instead

Rainer Hartmann said...

A1: 185/205/215x3, 225x2 - 2
A2: unbroken x 2, CTB 6-3/5-4/4-5
B: 245# - 8 sets
C1: unbroken x 2, 13-2/10-5/8-4-3
C2: unbroken x 5

Aaron said...

A1. 3 Sets x 185/190/195
2 Sets x 200/210*
A2. 3 Sets Unbroken
2 Sets Broken on last 2 reps
B. 220# - Good bar speed
C1. Last 2 sets broken 10+5 reps
C2. Unbroken- huge improvement
on GHD Raises
Great workout. Chins felt strong, just needed to re-grip on last two sets. Good timing between sets. Grip is taxed pretty good right now.

Emilie P-B said...

A.1 125(2),120(3), 120(3),125(3),130 (1)
A.2 All sets unbroken for strict and kipping PU + all sets broken for C2B

B. 135lbs

C1.Couln't hold the bar, all sets broken
C2. all sets unbroken.

Kyle F said...

A1: 225/246/265/275/295 all for 3 start heavier next time
A2: All unbroken felt quick
B: 225 light and easy
C1: Broken
C2: unBroken (subbed those things from the guys from Israel, painful!)

Abs and hammies are toast.

Kyle F said...

Also, to whoever posted the butternut squash/egg/veggie recipe the other day thankyou. I made it last night and it was amazing!

Juls said...

Need help with my hands, thought they would get better over time but I tear, bleed, you name it, it's frustrating - I don't want to use it as an excuse but I know I could get in at least a couple more reps if I was not in so much pain - tried so many different things, nothing helps :) ...was considering ordering these: http://www.newgrip.com/crossfit.html opinions, help...please!!!!

Chris Dunkin said...

A1. 245,255,260,265,270
A2. unbroken
B. 300
C1. straight thru
C2. straight thru

Had a cold over the weekend, and slept a lot and skipped Sunday's wod, so tried to limit the weight a bit on A1, and B.
Used the weight belt for the last two sets of A1. Would not call the T2B unbroken as I had to adjust tempo during the last two sets, but did not come off the bar.

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 6:30AM
A1) FS @ 200/205/215/225/230
A2) CU complex as Rx'd but Jeff had a good idea with the weight vest

B) DL @ 250# Rx'd with 2 seconds at the bottom

C1) Rx'd (tried one @ supinate but not for me. Pronate only for this ROM
C2)GHD raises 10 only 4 sets & had to go. Feeling more comfortable with these now. Do what you are bad at.

Chris Dunkin said...

Justin- Congrats on the event this past weekend. Looks like it was well attended and well put together.

Craig said...

I watched the GHD raise video and noticed the legs were lower than the hips, is this critical or is horizontal okay?

andrew romeo said...

A1: 225x3, 225x3, 225x2, 225x2, 225x2
A2: Unbroken
B: 250 felt light
c1: unbroken till round 4 and 5
c2: unbroken

moved my little box into our new facility all weekend, no time to workout between moving and building. check it out if you want at www.crossfitrevelation.com

Lauren said...

first day back after week in Mexico!! Did a couple of bwt wods, and was pretty active while I was there.

A1. 135, 145, 165, 175, 185 x 3
A2. Had to break the C2B
B. 205
C1. unbroken
C2. unbroken
(could only do 3 rounds because I had to get to work)

Felt great this morning, excited to get back into the routine.

LuLu said...

A1. 95lb,100lbs,105lbs,110lbs,115lbs all x 3 reps. These felt good :)

A.2 all unbronken except of c2b on the last 2 sets.

B.135lbs felt good and explosive

c1.unbroken for 4 sets, broke last set cuz my hands were on FIRE.
C2. unbroken

Feeling good and Psuper happy to be working on my deadlifts soo much + front squats both are a weakness of mine :) Thanks OPT.

Gord said...

A1. 176/181/186/191/196
A2. unbroken all 5 sets- felt good today.
B. N/A skipped due to time constraints
C1. 14/1 13/2 7/5/3
C2. unbroken X3

Took forever to get warmed up today.

Steve G said...


I sent you an email but not sure if sent to right address...if not email me at gaspar dot steve @ gmail dot com...its regarding doing a morning workout tomorrow...


Becky said...

a1. 95, 115, 125, 135, 145
a2. 3's and 6's unbroken. c2b's were high enough but still having issues making contact--trying!
b. 155 15 sec rests, time running out
c1and2 did 3.5 sets. had to go. raises were good. t2b--broken.

kat- that's funny. i love it when things like that happen. and, i think i want to be like you. you rock everything i wish i did.

did not sleep well last night and was hungry all during wod.

weezie said...

A1 - 235 x 3 / 245 x 3 / 255 x 3 / 255 x 3 / 265 x 3
A2 - 1 round unbroken, C2B broken on remainder

B - 275 for all rounds

C1 - Broken
C2 - 45 degree bench, unbroken

Garage Crossfitter said...

Coach, What should i sub the GHD raises for? My GHD machine isnt fixed yet...

Wes hendricks said...

A1. 185x3-205x3-210x3-215x2-220x1(failed on rep 2)
A2. Unbroken-ubroken-unbroken w/ 20lb vest-unbroken w/ 20lb vest-unbroken w/ 20 lb vest
B. 225 x 2 x 8
C1. 15 x 5 unbroken/not to difficult
C2. 15 x 5 unbroken

Wes hendricks said...

Just wanted to include I am psyched, my garage is finally finished. So David X, garage, and PTS you guy are invited over anytime you want for a WOD

Michael said...

A1. 245, 265, 275(2), 295(2), 305(1)
A2. Unbroken and fast
B. 240- felt good
C1. Unbroken
C2. Unbroken

dmarsh said...

A1. 220x3,240x3,264x3,284x3,301x1
A2. Unbroken x 5
B. 291
C1. Unbroken x 5
C2. Single Leg SB Leg Curl (3011) 8/leg x 5

A1. Started light as legs are still beat up from back squat ladder and left knee has been acting funny. Felt good from set 3-5. Wanted a double at 301 but just couldn't break through sticking point.

A2. Fast and easy.

B. Fast and easy. Hook grip.

C1. Slow and steady. Still haven't figured out how to kip these.

C2. Quads simply could not tolerate the pressure on the eccentric of the GHR. Still too sore. Had to sub single leg stability ball leg curl. 8 each leg at 3011.

Ali Loach said...

A1. 135(3)/155(2)/165(2)/175(2)/180(2)
A2. Had to break the Chest to Bar but VERY pleased with the fact that I was able to get 3 - 4 in a row for 4 of the 5 rounds

B. 165

C1. 3 sets all broken.....hands/grip was fried from chins
C2. 3 sets of 15
*ran out of time so had to call it quits after round 3

Anonymous said...

A1. 240/250/255/260x2/265x2 - missed the triples cause my figers were slipping out, lazy with my rack wanting my hips to grunt through.
A2. BW/+10/15/20/25 - used vest
B. 240
C1. straight through
C2. straight through with purple band, hands at temple

Dale Ryan Thompson said...

Front Squat
275(3),290(2 reps) x 4
Pull Ups
three sets unbroken. Sets four and five shoulder started clicking on C2B so did not continue with

Dead 275

Unbroken T2B
Unbroken GH Raise with black thin band

Lisa M said...

As per some very good advice warmup consisted of 15min easy run followed by Kelly Starret shoulder/hip prep
A1: 115/125/130/135/145/150PR
A2: all 3/6 unbroken C2B 5/4s - wow thank you sooooo much for changing my "headspace" regarding the upper body work it really helped i totally rocked my C2Bs
B: 155 felt light and easy
Cs did three rounds called her quits as i was starving and was running out of time. Now begins the fueling experiments - thanks james i am looking forward to changes and growth!!

Ali - nice work on the front squats!!!

Lisa M said...

oh yeah and totally stoked as half way through my workout my Rogue bumper plates arrived!!! Now the only thing i am missing is a GHD

Garage Crossfitter said...

A1 185,205,215,225,225(2)
A2 bw,bw,bw,20,20 unbroken

B 240- fast

C1 unbroken
C2 Subbed reverse hypers with 10lbs of ankle weights. I held onto my ghd machine backwards and did those...didnt feel the burn like regular raises. GHD part should be in soon....

Everything in the workout felt good other than my front squat, it felt very weak. pr is 250 x 3.

Chris Fodera said...


A1. 185x3, 195x3, 205x3, 215x3, 225x2
A2. Unbroken
B. 295
C1. Unbroken
C2. Unbroken

PWO: 32gP (MRM shake), 1 scoop Refuel
60 min later: chicken breast, apple, almond butter

A1. First time Front Squatting since hurting my knee so I wanted to keep it fairly light compared to known front squat weights for similar reps/sets. Was told by people watching me from different angles that I was deeper on my left side in the squat than my right (was closing the angle b/t butt and ankle more on Right than Left). I made a conscious effort to have a symmetrical stance from that point forward and to stay even on my drive out of the hole. Was told it looked better, but was still slightly there. Knee didn't hurt and it felt good to get some weighted squats in.
A2. These felt really good. Went with ButterFly for the kips and the Chest-To-Bars were really high (between UpperAbs and Nipples).
B. Felt really smooth and explosive on the way up.
C1. Used a thin bar for this so the grip was a pain in the butt, but overall OK. It takes me about 3-4 just to get into a groove.
C2. Last set I felt, but still OK.

Picked up some L-Glutamine and some Wobenzym PS online today, so I hope that coupled with some appropriate care they'll help get my right knee back into the fight 100%.

Stephen Flamm said...

A1. 3 x 95, 135, 165, 2 x 185, 205
A2. unbroken
B. 245
C1. 15, 10, 8, 7, 7
C2. unbroken

Still protecting the knee, so went light-ish and carefully. I think I'll need to take a little time off from squats, box jumps, and double-unders and let this thing heal. Pull-ups were easier and faster than I thought they would be. Deadlifts were fast and did not bother the knee. I mixed my grips throught. Toes-to-bar were horrible - big weakness of mine. Subbed reverse hypers for the GHRs.

Evan Z said...


Not sure if someone got back to you on your ripped hands. I would look at doing a gymnastic tape job if you need something. See, http://rifsblog.blogspot.com/2007/05/how-to-tape-your-hands.html
I also used a liquid bandaid when I had the problem to keep infection out while training. Since then I just make sure I file my hands. My wife hates that I use her file to do it but I have not had problems since.

bmizzlle said...

A1. 205x3/215x3/225x3/230fail/215x3
A2. Unbroken but not consecutive
almost getting C2B

B. 235 these were fun and fast

C1. Very broken I suck at these
gonna be in my warmup trying to get kipping
C2. Used a barbell to hold legs and did them this way felt burn in hamstrings but not the same I'm sure.

Notes: tie PR on front squat probably could've been better had not been at tempo and fresh.

David Englund said...

A1. 3x80kg,3x90kg,2x90kg,3x90kg,2x92,5kg
A2. unbroken
B. 80kg
C1. unbroken strict
C2. unbroken GHD Raises (45degree bench): 2,5kgx15x2 5kgx15x1

david83 said...

Front Squat- 135,225,245,255,265,275 *2 sets
all three expect for the last one

Pull-ups- all unbroken until the last set

Deadlift- 275lbs (should be 300 lbs but my legs are sore)
2 reps 8 sets

Toes to bar- all unbroken and some weights

no ghd machine
thank you and I will post more

David Mullback

Steve Howell said...


A1: 220x3/230x3/243x3/248x3/258x3(pr)
A2: All reps unbroken but came off the bar every set between strict/kip/ctb cause hands are still pretty torn up.
B: 273 felt okay back was a little tight.
C1: Subbed Vsits cause of hands.
C2: Unbroken.

David said...


A1. 3 x 220, 225, 232, 2 x 236, 3 x 236.
A2. All Unbroken
B. 265
C1. First set unbroken, rest sectioned.
C2. All Unbroken.

The bar slipped from my fingers on the 4th set, lost focus.
Very happy with unbroken pullups, they have been harder for me this past week. The deads felt fine. T2B just went. And happy with the unbroken raises, they were tough, but straight through.

Anonymous said...

A1. 3/205 3/215 1/215 3/185 3/195
A2. All unbroken BW,5lb,7.5lb,10lb,15lb
B. (225) 2x8 felt easy
C1. All unbroken felt easy
C2. Sub Good Mornings first 3 sets 15/85 15/85 15/85. Did GHD raises on floor with feet anchored as best I could 2x15

Front squats seemed very hard today started to heavy

Lindsey said...

A1. 95/105(3)/105(3)/105(3)/110(1)
A2. 3 strict/6 jumping kip/9 jumping - unbroken x5

B. 100 - first round felt heavier than it should but the rest felt really good

C1. 3x5 - all rounds - really a weakness of mine due to flexibility and grip are the issues and what I will be working on
C2. Unbroken

Ali and Lauren, impressive work on the front squats!

rwcorson said...

A1. 176x3,181x3,186x3,191x3 I only did 4 sets.
A2. chest to bar broken, 4 sets.
B. 252#
I ran out of time. Still feeling sluggish.

Steve Smith said...

A1. 275 x 3 x 5
A2. Unbroken
- Focused on speed and smooth transitions.

B. 315

C1. Unbroken. Fast.
C2. Unbroken. Painful

Yelvi said...

A1. 205(2), 210(3), 215(2), 220(2), 225(2)
A2. BW all sets broken
B. 245
C1. 10+5, 15, 15, 11+4, 12+3
C2. Unbroken hands at chest

Notes: Hands have been hurting. Need more callous maintance. I had a real hard time getting that extra inch on the C2B today. Everything else felt good.

Clemson Rob said...

A1: 200(3), 205(2), 210(2), 215(2), 220(1)
A2: sets 1-3 unbroken, set 4 = 16 + 2, set 5 unbroken
B: 235# (prescribed weight = 231)
C: only 3 sets performed due to time restrictions, GHD raises performed on back extension apparatus (still had the knee contraction like in GHD raises); all sets of raises unbroken; set one of T2B unbroken, other 2 broken into 3x5

rackempackem said...

A1. 85kg, 90kg, 92,5kg(1RM PR), 95kg, 97,5kg(2) Stoked by the progress. A huge PR.
A2. 5 strict + 20 kiping. Unbroken x 5. Bar to low for CTB. 
B1. @110kg (should have been 90kg but my 1RM is to modest)
C1. Unbroken
C2. Subbed Back extentions on 45 degree bench. Realized later that i could have done raises on it. Jeez!

Good session. Felt strong.

John T. said...

A1. 135x3, 155x3, 175x3, 195x2 200x2
A2. all sets unbroken, did butterfly for kipping portion, swinging kip for chest to bar

B. 215#

C1. last two sets were broken due to grip

C2. unbroken

Tyler Smith said...


A1. 185(3),205,220,230,240(3)
A2. Unbroken
B. 280#
C1. Unbroken
C2. Unbroken

Feeling good today... squats still not up to par and legs still sore from a few days back. Ready for double tomorrow.

Justin Flynn said...

Thanks Chris for the shout out. Yea the contest was a blast to put on. We had a HUGE turnout. Orange Countys finest CrossFitters got their asses handed to them by OPTs programming. Haha!! The second wod was 20 unbroken chins, 500m Row, 20 unbroken chins, 500m row, 20 unbroken chins. About half the field DNFd in the 15 min time limit as MANY failed on getting their final set of 20 unbroken. Thing is for the Big Dawgs on here I know that would not have been an issue as we do so much unbroken training and pullups are one of our bread and butters along with DUs.
Event was amazing but took me away from my own training for the last 10 days. I am back on it tonight and will post later. Good to be back. ooooouuuuu!!!

Roch said...


B.275 exposive to the end.


joey warren said...

A1. 205, 220, 230x2, 230x2, 230x2
A2.. all unbroken and fast
B. 245lb- felt good but back still tight from prev days
C1. all unbroke no kip
C2. all unbroke- best ever felt

I think Im feeling my hamstrings start to bulge!!!

ken c said...

A1 245x3 245x3 255x3 265x2 270x1
A2 all unbroken

B 275

C1 1st set unbroken. other sets broke at 10. no kip.
C2 all unbroken.

squats felt weak (3rm is 285). 1st set felt so weird i stayed at the same weight. still pretty sore from that god awful back squat ladder. deadlift was fine. toes to bar were tough. if soreness is an indicator of a good program then this is the best ever.

EHR said...

Eric R

a1. 195,205,215,225,235
a2. ub
b. 220#
c1. ub
c2. ub,ub,ub,b,b

quads still sore and back is tight from the last round

Paul Klein said...

A1. 185, 205, 225, 225, 225 all sets of 3
A2. All unbroken , felt better today but I still strugle with stringing kipping c2b together

B1. 210lbs felt light and fast

C1. Finally got my Kip figured out! I learned it by watching BROPT in the chipper wod from the 2009 games. That dude made them look easy

C2. Used the sub that Unit posted the other day. Holy shit those are hard. All sets broken and many reps I just couldn't control the eccentric and I would belly flop.

Thanks Unit.

My word verification is hotyman. Now that's funny.

OPT said...

Craig, horizontal is fine, variation is nice

Craig said...

A2. unbroken x5
B. 205 ( based off out of date 1RM)
C1. unbroken
C2. unbroken.

Front squats felt heavy, but good. Pull ups turned out better than expected. Felt really good. Deadlift was based off very old deadlift 1RM, not really sure what it is now. TTB hurt my hands pretty bad and the GHD raises felt good.

pols said...

First time posting in here:
M 31 6' 210 9-10% (higher % due to holidays and recent broken leg)

Absolutely loving these workouts since I found them, reigniting my intensity.

A1 - 225,255,275,285(2),295(2) - started way too light and had to move up in a hurry.
A2 - UB
B - 305, felt great
C1 - UB
C2 - Really struggled with the setup and lifts

Brent Maier said...


A1 FS: 110/120/125/130/137.5kgx1 (302#) - I was done on the last set
A2 PU's: All unbroken and solid movement. This was my highlight of the day!

B DL: 121kg (266#)

C1 T2B: First 2 unbroken, the rest broken.
C2 GHD Raises: First 2 unbroken, the rest were semi unbroken with short 1 second pauses as needed at the top. Full GHD movement.

Notes: For A, I was solid and felt like a machine. Once I finished round 2 of C, the wheels started to fall off on the toes to bar. Performed them on a low hanging bar so legs had to bend as they approached the floor. I'm not sure how much that played into it but the back is shot once again.

Marie Rochat said...


A1. 135x3/145x3/155x3/165x3/170x3
A2. All unbroken
B. 205lb.
C1. Broken, my grip was a bit tired.
C2. Last set broken at 13, then finished last 2 strong.

Stefani said...

A1. 85(3)/85(3)/90(3)/95(3)/100(3)
A2. All sets broken with band assist on the strict & C2B.
B. 125
C1. 15/15/10+5/9+6/6+9
C2. Subbed good mornings all 5 sets unbroken 45#BB

Front squats are not easy for me so my concern was maintaining tempo and form. Very happy with 100#. Chin ups were stronger and easier this week than last week so hopefully I'll soon lose the band. What can I say I love deadlifts so that was my favorite part of the workout. T2B were easier than I thought they were going to be even though I had to break them up.

Michael McCabe said...

A1. 205x3, 215x3, 225x3, 235x2, 235x2
A2. all unbroken, worked on butterfly C2B, felt great
B 255 has never felt faster
C1. strict unbroken
C2. finally rigged up a makeshift GHD, did sets of 10

Katie said...

A1. 105#x3,105x3,110x3,110x3,110x3
A2. 3 and 6 were unbroken on all rounds. broke up set of 9 CTB each round
B. 100#
C1. all sets unbroken
C2. set 1,2 and 5 unbroken, sets 3&4 broken

imosher said...

A1 80,85,90(2),92.5(1),87.5(2) (legs still super sore)
A2 felt easy, used different grips for variety

B 2*8 @112kg

C1 slow pace made them hard, unbroken
C2 unbroken

N.H said...

Done around 10am. Couldn't get to a computer until now!

Weighed 185 last night.

A1 130kg/3 132/3, 134/3, 136/3, 136/3 (#299)
A2: Unbroken.

B: 126kg (#277)

C1: TTB first unbroken, the rest were all broken into two.
C2: GHDs unbroken

Blaine said...

A1. 155x3/175x3/185x3/195x2/195x2
A2. bwt/bwt/20# broken/15#/10#
B. 200#
C1. 15/15/10,3,2/9,3,3/8,3,1,1,1,1
C2. rigged up GHD in the garage...but all very broken.

Chad said...

A1. 195 x 3 for all sets
A2. First round unbroken, broke with CTB in all rounds after that.
B. 245...felt good and easy
C1. First 2 rounds unbroken then broke 10/3/2, 8/4/3, 8/4/3
C2. First 3 unbroken then 10/5, 10/5

A1: Front squat is a huge weakness and limiting factor in squat cleans. I think I could have gone heavier but felt some rounding in the back. Don't think it's a flexiblity issue
A2. Tried kipping PU's for everything as opposed to butterfly. I committed to butterflies 6 months ago and now kips feel weird, hard to put together.

Evan Z said...

I did not get to train today. My father in law is in the hospital and it has been pretty tough on my wife. I hope to get the double in tomorrow but it might be touch and go for the next few days.
Just wanted you to know that I am not MIA.

atom said...

a1. 205, 225, 235, 235, 245 - Had to clean the bar to the front squat position, no squat rack.

a2. All unbroken

b 275#

c1. unbroken

c2. did back extenions w/ a 25# plate, all unbroken.

Justin Flynn said...

a1. 245-255-260-260-260x1 (hit a wall)

a2. Completed. Felt good.

b. Felt light (305#)

c1. Did 3 sets and called it a night.

Stoked to be back into a routine and competing with this crew.

Erik Luber said...

A1. 60 kg, 65, 67.5x2+f, 67.5x3, 70x2
A2. All unbroken, easy
B. 85 kg
C1. All unbroken
C2. 8/2, 7/3, 7/3, 6/4, 4/2/2/2

FS felt good. Wish I had a weight vest for the PU complex. Not ready for 15 on GHD raises, but they are starting to feel a bit stronger which is nice.

Adam Rogers said...

Adam: A1 - 185/195/195/165/185lbs
A2 - Unbroken x 5

B - 250lbs x 8

C1 - Unbroken x 2, broken x 3
C2 - Unbroken x 5

John: A1 - 165/185/195/195/195lbs
A2 - Unbroken x 3, Broken x 2

B - 230lbs x 8

C1 - Broken x 5
C2 - Unbroken x 5

Becky: A1 - 85/95/105/110/110(PR)
A2 - Unbroken x 1, Broken x 4
B - 135lbs x 8

C1 - Broken x 5, last 4 sets were 5 T2B then 10 K2E
C2 - Unbroken x 5

exp. said...


new to the blog...first post...really enjoying the program...

A1. 195x3, 205x3, 225x3, 245x3, 245x2...felt strong today
A2.unbroken (bwt), unbroken (bwt), unbroken (bwt), unbroken (20# vest), unbroken (20# vest...last 4-5 ctb were not as smooth as I would have liked...stayed on the bar but had to reset at bottom...will work on speed and ctb butterfly)
B1. 270 (rounded up from 267#...)felt strong
C1. unbroken x4, broken (11,2,2)x1
C2. unbroken x5, painful!

Lisa M said...

Evan Z sorry to hear about your father in law i hope he has a speedy recovery

my mom bought me the most ridiculous Christmas present called a pedi egg. I am sure it is off some infomercial but holy crap does it work well. It actually works too good to the point that I pretty much took all my calous off by mistake and my hands are super sensitive. So I strongly recomend it just don't get too carried away!! I use it too maintain my calous and keep the "lipping" downso they don't tear and it works like a charm

Kathleen said...

F 128.5# @ 7:00 am
A1: 113(3) 118(2) 123(2) 125.5(1)(2f) 125.5(1)(2f)
A2: 3-6 unbroken 5/4; 4;5 4/3/2; 5/3/1; 2/2/2/2/1
C2B supinated
B. 158# [lowered # from 165# last time]
C1: 10/10/10/10/10
C2: 10/10/ 7/3 5/2/1/1/1*
had to reduce reps ran out of time
*Did not finish last set hands ripped

Heavy Evy said...

A2.ub,broke on rep 8 CTB,broke on rep 6 CTB rest of way. Just need to smooth out the technique, too much wasted energy.
B.239x2x8 Grip was shot after this.
C1.To quote Garfield "ARRRGGGHHH", grip was shot, got through it, but it was slow.
C2. UBx5 these felt great.
Got the wod in just as they were shutting off the lights! Bring on the double tommorow!

will said...

a1. 225,275,285,295 failed on 2nd rep, 295 failed on 1st. back was feeling really weak today
a2. broke only on first round
b and c as Rx'd
sub hagop raise for ghd raise
thanks unit for the idea

Brandon said...

A1. 205/225/245/255/265 - all sets of 2
A2. All sets broken. Tweaked something in L shoulder with C2B, so I scaled these back. Stretch, Trigger Point, extra Fish Oil post WOD to cut down recovery time
B. 275 - felt really easy.
C1. Broken at 9/9/9/8/9
C2. Unbroken and getting easier


Sam said...

A1. 152# x 3 all 5 sets unbroken
A2. 3 and 6 unbroken all sets then did ctb in sets of 3 all sets.
B. 132#
C1. All broken, first 3 sets 10 unbroken then the remaining 5. The last 2 sets broken into 8 and 7.
C2. Same pattern as C1.

Our gym only has one GHD machine and there were three of us workingout. C1 and C2 ended up requiring more rest in between sets so that everyone could complete their GHD raises. Rest time ended being more like 75sec.

Jason Buzzard said...

A1: 3-205#x5
B: 245# (max is 405#)
C1:Broke at 10 each round

FS felt heavy and I didn't know if I could maintain the tempo if I went up.
Pull ups, first two sets unbroken. The last 3 I broke at 5 on the CTB's. Just wasnt getting a high enough pull to hit my chest. I dont know if that is more of a mental or physical weakness with that.
Dead lifts were smooth and easy.
Toes to bar all broke at 10 and were difficult.

Anonymous said...

A1. 3 @ 75/85/95/100/100
A2. All unbroken
B. 140
C1. broke each set into 5’s(i have no interest in falling off the bar again)
C2. All unbroken

Slater Coe said...

A1. 225x3, 235x3, 245x2, 245x1, 245x1 - wrecked my core trying to keep my form
A2. unbroken... kipping pullup is coming into shape
B. 245lbs
C1. 4th & 5th sets broken... abs could no longer contract enough to get my feet to the bar.. kinda funny to watch
C2. unbroken

Jeffrey said...

Getting back after a knee injury so took it slow on the FSQ's

A1. 20x3, 25x3, 30x3, 35x3, 40x3
A2. Totally sucked. coulnd do one set unbroken. I did the Chest to bar after a few secs rest
B. 60kg
C1. Broke at 10 each round
C2. unbroken

Performance need to go up! But thats why we are here.

Jenny said...

Did not see that it was 5 sets on the first part:(
A1. 50 kg - 60 kg - 60 kg
A2. broken/unbroken/broken
B. 80 kg
C1. Broke set 4 and 5
C2. Did back extensions instead, Don´t have a GHD.

Danny B said...

A2.All strict and kipping unbroken. Fell off bar between kipping and C2B in all rounds. In round one fell off bar one time total, and in rounds 2-5 fell off the bar 2 times total.
C1.Knees to Elbows all broken

Chad Hall said...

A1: 195(3), 225(3), 225(3), 225(3) 225(3)
A2: all unbroken

B: 291lbs

C1: 15, 15, 10-4-1, 7-4-4, 6-4-5
C2: unbroken negative hamstring curls

Notes: Front squats were decent tempo, sometimes a little fast or slow on the way down. Really happy with the pullups, didn't think I would do them unbroken. Deadlift felt fine. Grip was fried by T2B and that was big factor. I actually find K2E more difficult I think. No GHD yet for hamstrings. Still worked hard on them with the negatives. Feeling better.

Caro L said...

A1 115lbs (3)*5
A2 3 and 6 unbroken and 9 broke up on all rounds.

B 125lbs (60% of 1RM was too easy)

C1 15*5 unbroken
C2 15*5 unbroken

Shane and Karen said...

A1. Front Squat @ 20X1; 2-3 x 5; rest 180 sec - All sets of 3: 225/235/245/245/245
A2. Chin ups [3 strict/6 kipping/9 chest to bar] x 5; rest 180 sec - All unbroken
B. Dead Lift @ 12X1 - 60% 1Rm; 8 sets of 2; rest 45 sec b/t sets - All with 245
C1. 15 toes to bar x 5 sets; rest 45 sec - Unbroken except the last set which was 6/5/4
C2. 15 GHD Raises x 5 sets; rest 45 sec - All unbroken, but I subbed back extensions as my "ghd" doesn't allow me to do raises. I intend to order a true ghd this weekend.

Was pretty rushed in getting this one done and it showed in my attitude and performance. My squating is still feeling very weak for some reason. Was running late getting ready to go out to dinner with the family for my brother's last night in town before heading back out to college. Grip was still a major issue. Most of this workout felt strangely easy while still challenging. I didn't really feel any fatigue except for my grip for the toes to bar. I had to break up my last set of toes to bar simply to keep from falling to the ground in the kip (my bar is 9ft in the air). Really hope my grip benefits from all this torture. It is very frustrating for that to be my biggest limiting factor lately.