Thurs, Jan 28, 2010


As many rounds in 20 minutes;
5 unbroken HSPU
10 box jumps - 24"/20"
15 GHD back extensions

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/45g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/70g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/20g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/40g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/60g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)

A. Dead Lift - build to a heavy triple quickly; rest and then take no more than 3 more sets to build to a heavy but not 1RM; rest as needed b/t 1's
B1. Press Cluster - x 5; rest 120 sec
B2. KBS - 21 unbroken x 5 sets; rest 120 sec
C. DB External Rotation - 4-7/arm x 3 sets; rest 45 sec b/t arms
compare to here
cluster - perform 1 rep, unload and rack weight for 10 sec, reload and perform another rep..for five reps total per set; weight should be just higher than your regular 5RM press overhead

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/25g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/10g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/20g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/30g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)

post rounds and loads/notes to comments


Caro L said...

Hello OPT
Little question for you. Do we gonna have a shedule for february in advance? That was practice in january to place my shedule around it.
Thank you

NorCal Chris said...


I believe OPT is working on providing this to us. At the bottom of yesterday's post, he mentions: "schedule coming... ".

unit said...

for those people that are concerned about meniscal tears... here's some food for diagnostic thought and self evaluation/edification for those that don't mind reading or thumbing through an article or two...

there's an article about the menisci in general as well as an article abt stretching and one on ITBFS...

i have it in PDF and it can be accessed by a dropbox accout i have set up...
password: unitgm2

don't worry too much about the other articles/things on there... although i have another dropbox acct, this was just convenient for the time being...


Roch said...

A.455lbs-415-415 (I got really suprise how heavy was my 1rst deadlift was, my core and hip flexor where probably tired from yesterday)

B2:40kg X5 unbroken

Katrina Burton said...

March Peaker
A.) 3@196#, 1@206#... not pleased with the numbers but I had zero energy
B1.) 72#... current 5RM is 70#
B2.) 40# DB... all unbroken
C.) 7@15#, 7@17.5#, 7@17.5#

Not sure if I will be able to fit in the WODs this weekend, but will try my best to do so. Any one from the Toronto area attending the Gymnastics Cert this weekend?

Melissa said...

First deadlift /kb swing day for me in three weeks - have been resting/rehabing a lower back spasm.

A. heavy triple was 183, heavy single stopped at 203. My 1RM is 250 but all deads felt very heavy today.

B1: 68, 73, 78(2), 73(4), 68. Previous press cluster I was able to do 3 reps at 83 in the last set. Definitely a different day today.
B2: 44# x 5 unbroken, times in seconds: 37, 36, 36, 38, 34

Chris Fodera said...

thanks, an orthopedist or general practitioner? Printing the articles now.

'The Gift' said...

A. 295(3) 325(1) 345(1) 365(1)
B1. 135/135/140/140/140
B2. 53lb/unbroken - did 25 reps (normally use 62lbs unable to use it today - so had to add 4 extra reps to swing the same amt of weight)
C. 25lb/7 x 3

Went up in deads and press cluster from last time!

Caro L said...

Thank you NorCal Chris.

Mario "mini" Ashley CrossfitRedline said...

A1 315# x 3sets
B1 115-115-115-115-125#
B2 1P unbroken
C 10#

Lauren said...

A- 285 x 3 and 295 x 1 - lower back wasn't feeling the greatest and I didn't want to push it.
B- 75/85/90/90/90(4)
B2- 50lbs for all
C. 15 lbs.

Ali Loach said...

A. 220(3) and worked up to 270 (1)
B1. 65/75/85/85/95(first rep no probs then failed next three attempts so called it quits - felt like my form was less than stellar today)
B2. 50/55/55/55/55 *these felt great.

No time for C...will do it later tonight.

Ang said...

A: Worked up to 205lbs for 3 reps / 230lbs for 1 rep (Considering my 1RM is supposed to be 215 I AM STOKED!!)

B1: 55-60-65-65-65
B2: 20kg all sets unbroken

C: 10lbs

Nathan H. said...

A friend of mine just bought OPTs Nutrition 101 and I watched it yesterday. It contains some of the best information I've seen. I've read most of the nutrition books on OPTs reading list, and many not on the list, and thought I knew a lot about nutrition... but I had several paradigm shifts during the video that will definitely help me athletically. Having the information broken down, delivered and explained in a context applicable to our way of life (CrossFit) is absolutely invaluable. I highly recommend it. Seriously though, get it.

I plan to watch it several more times, at least. And I'm really looking forward to putting what he recommends into practice and monitoring the results.


Rainer Hartmann said...

A: 365x3; 385/405/415x1
B1: 95/100 - 4 sets
B2: 55 - 5 sets
C: 15x7 - 3 sets
Deads felt good, KBSW my grip almost went the last 2-3 reps on sets 4/5. First time I've done ext. rotation.

Aaron said...

A. 3x305 1x345 1x355 1x365
B1. 115,120,120,120,125#
B2. Unbroken @ 53#
C. 7x30# pulley
deadlift felt great, needed a heavier kb for the swings.

rwcorson said...

March Peak
A. DL 330 X 3, 350 X 1
B1. 110x5, 115X4, 115X2
B2.2 pood, 21,17,12
I had a hard time with these 2 exercises, so I shut it down after 3 sets.
C. 15#X10 (I didn't read the prescription), 25X7, 27.5X7

Ali Loach said...

Nice work Ang!!!!

Martin Altemark said...

A. 3x130kg, 1x150kg, 1x160kg, 1x160kg

B1. 55kg, 60kg, 62.5kg, 60kg, 60kg
B2. Unbroken @ 32kg

C. 8,5kg

Did not at all feel good in my lower back today so stayed very light on DL. Same feeling in lower back on press. Press not as strong as the two similar workouts in Dec - might be because OHSQ yesterday + heavier swings. Surprisingly swings felt good.

Have been feeling a little off since saturday - DL for example is WAY off what I should do (PR is 18kg). OK, i really hit the wall on the row, but this shouldn't affect my CNS, right? Could this be some kind of adrenal fatigue? Anyone that knows this stuff better?

Chad said...

A. 315x3/350/360/360
B1. 125/125/130/135(4)/135(3)
B2. 2pd all unbroken
C. 7/7 , 5/7 , 4/7...all with 12#


Everything felt good, especially the KB swings. I think I've gotten much better at these in the past month. 1.5pd would feel like air right now.

Nathan H. said...


being 20kg off a PR is an indicator you might be over reaching. Or it could be other things -- like fatigue from yesterday. It's difficult to say with the info you give. I would tell you to really focus on diet and recovery and go 70 to 80% on your workouts for a few days -- then see how you feel. Go with the flow of your body and don't stress it. I feel off occasionally and I have to remind myself to stay objective and long term minded.


Stephen Flamm said...

A. 345 x 3, 385 x 1
B1. 135, 145, 140, 140, 140
B2. 70, 79, 79, 79, 79 x 16
C. 20 x 6, 20 x 6, 20 x 5

Thanks for the info, Unit. Knee feels good for these movements. Press was a little off today. Swings to Games standard. Mentally failed on the last set. Started with left arm and matched reps with the right.

Laura said...

A. 208 for 3; could only get 238 for one. Form was off.
B1: 60/65/70/72.5/75(2)
B2: 1 pd x2, 1.25 pd x2, tried 1.5 but neck/shoulder wasn't feeling good so stopped
C: 15/17.5/20 (none with weakling left arm, so didn't do right)

Andy said...

A. 325x3/345/365/385
B1. 145/140/140/140/145
B2. 1.5 pood x 5
C. 30#x6/25#x7x2

I had a 20 minute break in between sets 4 and 5 because of cafeteria duty. Finished C after the break as well. Should have done 2 pood.

Pols said...

First workout in a week due to stomach flu. Felt weak and dizzy.
Still got 10 or 11 rounds in, lost track.

BK said...

A. 385 X3, 405,425,405
B1. 140,145,150,155, 2X155
B2. 2 Pood unbroken 38,39,39,40,36.
had class immediately after ,no C.
Slept 5 hours last night and feeling the anterior midline big time this morn. Second DL felt slow and really heavy and backed away third.
Started 5 pounds heavier than last cluster and did more work, overall very happy with the session

Pete said...

A) Worked up to 3x365, then
I don't think it was possible for the bar to move up any slower than it did on the second set. so I back ed off on the 3rd. Felt really heavy today!
B1)135, 155, 145, 140, 140
B2) 40 kg x 5 sets unbroken
(thanks Roch for motivating me through these!)
C) 10#x10 reps/side for each set.
(really tried to work these nice and slow, left shoulder is slowly getting increased range and stability).

My glutes are super sore and my core is destroyed today!

Corbin said...

A. 365#x3, 385#,400#,410#
B1. 155#,155#,160#,165#,165#
B2. all @ 70# unbroken
C. 7@15#, 7@25#, 6@25#

Chris Fodera said...



A. 135x5, 185x5, 245x3, 335x3, 385x3, 430x1, 460x1, 480x1
B1. 115, 120, 120, 125, 130
B2. 2 pood; all unbroken
C. L=25x7/R=25x7, L=30x4/R=30x5, L=30x4/R=30x5

PWO: 32gP (MRM shake), 1 scoop Refuel
60 min later: chicken, asparagus, mac nuts

A. 480 is/was my current 1RM, but 460 felt pretty quick so I decided to give it a go. I know I had more in me than 480, so I don't really qualify it as a 1RM today despite that it is my previous 1RM.
B1. Went heavier today than on 20091203. I think I still could have gone heavier earlier and maybe even ended a little heavier.
B2. These were not that challenging...I need a heavier KB
C. Compared to 20091203, these were the same weight, but I was able to maintain a tempo of 3010 unlike last time.

Finished up with a little DoubleUnder practice...jacked up my first set and tripped at 30-something. Managed to knock out 111 after that though and they felt good.

Physical Therapy for the knee in about an hour, but it felt good during today's work...not too much use of it though.

bmizzlle said...

A. 315x3/335x3/365x1/385x1
felt really strong on these bar was moving fast.
B1. 120x5/120x2/115x5/117x4/115x5
Weak press. need to improve.
B2. all 70# Unbroken felt strong and easy
C. 8x7/10x7/10x7

Garage Crossfitter said...

bwt 180

A 345(3)365 380 395(pr +10) Good for 410

B 125,130,135,140,145(4)

B2 70,70,70,80,80

C 15, 15, 25(6r,7L)

My deadlift has gone up 50 lbs in the last year with OPT's programming....sweet!!

James I'm ordering The Poliquin Principles so hopefully i can get a better understanding of how you write this amazing program....


Alex Duncan said...


A.315(3), 335(1) back sore
B1. 135,125,125,115,115
B2. 1.5p (heaviest available) 25 unbroken x 5 sets
C. 20x7, 25x4,20x7

Lisa M said...

damn it all this talk about knee's totally jinx'd me and i seriously tweaked my right knee during the KBS what the F??

185/205/225/235 3s 245/255/260PR 1s

B1: 75/80/80/85(4) felt horrible with these today
B2: 1.5 pood unbroken except my stupid knee on the last rep of the third set had to shut er down after that can't walk now
C: 12.5/15/17.5

Brian Maier said...

A: 365(3), 395(1), 425(1), 455(1)PR
deadlifts felt good today so couldn't resist temptation to break previous PR.
B1: 135,135,135,135,145(3)
static press is weak for me...could explain my struggles with HSPU's.
B2: 2 pood all unbroken and easy
C: 20(7),25(7),35(7)
last set at 35# was tough and barely got 7.

joey warren said...

A. 315x3, 335x3, 355x1, 365x1, 375x1 - felt back round but still felt strong
B1. 160, 160, 160, 165(3+f), 160 (4+f)
B2. all unbroke w new 88lb KB- overhead hurt grip
C. 20lb, 25lb, 30lb(5)

* last time press cluster was done w 165lb, maybe the heavier KB made it harder on shoulders.

Michael FitzGerald said...

A. DL - 3's - 265/309/375/395
1's - 405/415/425 (moderate)
B1. Press - 135/137.5/137.5/137.5/137.5 (4)
B2. KBs - 2.5 pd, 15 rep x 5 set
C. DB Ext rotation @ 30X0 - 25/30/30

exp. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
exp. said...

15 rounds + 3 hspu

hspu were strong and smooth (did not break any sets)...timing on box jumps improving (did most sets unbroken)...lost most time on GHDs

Gord said...

A. 318X3, 338,352,362
B 115,135,140,145,150 (failed on rep 3)
B2. 2pd x21x5

Steve Howell said...


A: 335x3/350x3/379x3/389x3
B2:24kg for all 5 unbroken
C: 20x7/30x6/30x4

* Deadlift was 18# heavier on the 3's and 10# on the single then the last time,could have gone a little heavier I think on both.
* Cluster was 10# heavier then last time.
*I only have a 24kg KB so I'm looking to buy a 32kg here real soon.
*Ext Rotation was 5# heavier but man this kills my right wrist.

PTS said...

a. dl 3's - 295, 335, 385
1's - 405, 425, 435.

b1. 135,140,142,145,147
b2. kbs 2pd x21

c- no dumbells. worked on HSPU's.

+10 on the triple and + 15 on the single DL. +6 on the highest load for press. The next time we test 1RM in either DL or press I expect to PR both, as I felt really good today.

Lindsey said...

A. 155(3)/160(1)
B1. 60/70/80/85/90
B2. 35# db for all
C. 20(5)/20(7)/20(6)

Up on most weights today! Thanks Coach!!

Great job on the PRs Ang and Lisa!

Steve Smith said...


Feb Peaker

15 Rounds + 1 Box Jump

Lower back was limiting factor. Wind was fine.

PTS said...

Also thanks to those who suggested caffeine alternatives. I picked some up today. Brent, I don't need anymore chest hair, but if coffee will give me your 100 ghd situp time I might just have to stomach it. Awesome performance.

Also the WOD's for the Alaska regional were posted they are as follows: (comp is March 6th)

Morning Events
1. Max Clean and Jerk
2. Vertical leap
3. Max Watts on Concept 2 rower
A time limit will be given to complete your best score in all three events.

Two Mile outdoor run (Yes, be prepared to run in the elements, and this is Alaska!)

Afternoon WOD
4 rounds for time of:
6 Chest to bar pull-ups (3 for women)
6 Ring dips (3 for women)
500 meter row
6 135# Thrusters (95# for women)

I don't think I like the announcing of the WODS this far in advance. Almost 6 weeks is plenty of time to prep some of this stuff.

Justin Flynn said...

A. 405x3-435-455-475(felt heavier today, 5# off last time we did this. Last one taxed me.)
B. 145-145-150-150-155(5# off last time)
B2. 2pood :38-40-40-42-:38(felt really strong and fast)
C. out of time

Justin Flynn said...

PTS that comp sounds fun. That run should be brutal eh?

Anonymous said...

A. 185 x 3; 205 x 1
B1. 55/60/60/60/60
B2. 40/40/40/40/40
C. 10 lbs for all 3 - 6/5/5

Johnny Di Gregorio said...

A. 150kg x 3 - 160kg-180kg-190kg PR.
- Today is the first time DL-ing heavy since my injury at the 2009 games. Since then, I have been focused on BW moves with lots of posterior chain development, flexibility work, light weight/slow tempo work and a great new Chiropractor. I haven't gone to over 70% of my 1RM since the games and today just felt great. It has ben a mental barrier for some time now, and I am so glad I broke through it. I have more. It actually felt like I could have easily done 200kg. Here is the Video:
In the end, I am very happy about pushing past the limits i had set on myself.

B1. 54kg/56kg/58kg/60kg/64kg
B2. 24kg/24kg/28kg/28kg/32kg
-I just took Jeff's CF KB Cert so I was making sure to internalize my technique adjustments on my swings. All Clusters were done within set timeframe, and all my swings were unbroken with KB upside down directly over head.

C. Used 20lbs worth of resistance bands did my external rotations that way. Felt good.

Nikki / Crossfit Redline said...

A. 215 (3) and 235 (1)
B1. 75 for first 2 sets then 80 with last 3 sets
B2. 53lb for all
C. 10lb

LuLu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike Molloy said...

Had the flu the first time this came up.

A- 315x3 345x3 365x3 380x1 390x1 405x1

B1: 140-135-135-135-135
B2: 70# dumb bell (all I've got)

C: 30#

LuLu said...

A1.Worked up to 3x190lbs and then did: 205-215-215lbs.
This is the first time since starting crossfit a year ago that my back has not hurt doing deadlifts, YESSSS.

B1. 70-75-80-80-75lbs my 5 rep max is 80lbs. Went down the last set to keep good form.

B2. 24kg x 5 sets all unbroken :) My goal was to do at least 3 sets so I am very happy that I got 5

C. 5 lbs, did these nice and slow. Felt good.

Great work ANG!!! Sorry I did not show up this morning. CU soon strong lady:)

Sam Edwards said...

A. x3 345 x1 415
B1. 115, 105 x 2sets, 95 x last 2. really weak in the press
B2. #55 all unbroken
C. #15 x3x7

dmarsh said...

A. 398x3, 422x1, 452x1, 472x1
B1. 165 across
B2. 2 pd across
C. 25x7x3 (4010)

Deadlift was fast and pretty easy. Only 12 lbs. shy of my PR so pretty confident I can beat it next time.

Improvements across the board. Felt great.

david98 said...

March Peak

DL -total time 8 minutes

work sets
425-3- that was a little aggressive

part two

135 for set one
144 lbs four sets

KB -24 kgs all sets unbroken

Exterior rotation- 10lbs for all three sets , 8 reps per

thank you


JAM said...

A. 365x3, 435x1

B1. 135,135,145x3,135,135
B2. 70,70,70,80,85

C. 15# DB: 10,7,5 (each arm)

DL's felt strong.
Press Cluster still lagging.
KBS felt strong,should have bumped up the weight.

Clemson Rob said...


7 rnds (9 wasted HSPU in last start of 8th rnd, all other HSPU sets unbroken)

HSPU were limiting factor as one can gather from my comment. Gas was no issue. HSPU have DRASTICALLY improved; they still have a ways to go, however.

Dave X said...

A. Deadlift:
-3RM 365x3 (NEW PR!) (+50# from 12/3/09)
-1RM 400x1 (NEW PR!!!!) (+35# from 12/3/09)
B1. Press complex
-145# (+10# from 1/3/09)
-2 pd unbroken x5 (1.5 pood unbroken on 12/3/09)
C. 30#x7 per arm (+5# from 12/3/09)

Very happy with the 400#. First of three training goals for 2010 accomplished!!!

All other movements felt smooth and very strong.

Here's the link to deadlift:

I clearly see a couple things to fix for next time.


Covino24 said...

A) 300# x 3/ 345# both PRs
B1) 110/115/115/120/125
B2) 1.5pood Unbroken/2pood - 11-10/10-6-5/15-6/7-7-7
C)15#x7 for 3 sets

Compared to the last time i did this wod I increases my triple by 60#/ single by 30#.. Also set a new 1rm but felt easy by 10#
started the press cluster 153 heavier and finished 20# heavier
only used the 1pood the first time around on KBS... and felt much stronger on the Ext Rotations.

Emilie P-B said...

A1.3x100lbs and then did: 210-220-220lbs.

B1. 70-70-70-75-75 lbs Miss the 3rd rep in the last 2 sets.
B2. 24kg x 5 sets all unbroken

C. 5 lbs, felt good.

Emilie P-B said...

A1.3x180lbs and then did: 210-220-220lbs.

John T. said...

A. Heavy 3 285, could have gone heavier for a max but held back,
for a heavy 1 I did 325 which is 90% of my 1rm

B1. 120 all five rounds as prescribed
B2. 65# dumbell; all sets unbroken, could have done with a little heavier but didn't have anything heavier or KB's

C. 10x7, 15x7, 12x7 each arm

Megs said...

A. 195x3, 215x1, 225x1, 225x1
B1. 55,60,65,70(3),65
B2. 45lbs x 21 for all 5
C. 10x4

Notes: Deadlift triple felt really solid and is a pr for 3 rep. max of 10 lbs. Redid 225 because my left hand was sweaty and I wanted to make sure I had really used good form and locked out at top. Form felt solid though at 215 and 225 (2nd attempt)

Shoulder cluster: first time doing a cluster. Never done 5 rep max, but 1 rep max is 72 so I was super excited with 3 reps at 70!!

Kbs: no chalk leads to slippery kettlebell... round 4 and 5 flew out of my hands at rep 5 due to a little sweat, but otherwise felt great

Wes hendricks said...


A. 345 x 3 385 x 1(PR)

B1. 115-125-130-132x5 135x2(f3)
B2. 3 x 21 w/ 2 POOD straight up at top
2 x 10/5/6 and 11/6/4 w/ 2.5 POOD

C. 12-17 x 7 20 x 4

Only did one set of singles since my back is super sore from my dumb 400 lb attempt on monday. 385 moved relatively easily. I think I had another 5, maybe 10 pounds in me.
First time using a 2.5 POOD KB and all i have to say is that thing is F*cking heavy. To everybody who did 21 swings ubroken w/ a 2.5 POOD you guys are amazing.

Marie Rochat said...

B1. 100/100/100/100/95
B2. 35/45/55/55/55
C. 15x7/15x7/15/7 (per hand)

Tried to go up in weight for part C. but I could only make a ten pound jump with the way my dumbells work, and 25lbs was way to heavy, so I had to stick with 15lbs.

May not be able to get in the RX'd WODs for the next few days since I will be out of town. I do plan to do some WOD's at local affiliates however.

Chad Hall said...

A: 365(3), 425(1)
B1: 135, 140, 145, 145, 150(4)
B2: 2 pood for all unbroken
C: 10, 15, 20 x 7


Deadlift 3s felt really good today, wanted to PR but wasn't sure if that was ok (PR is 380). The 1 felt heavy (PR is 485) but focused on perfect form. Used my oly shoes to deadlift and felt like they allowed me to sit back and keep my chest up more.

Press cluster was ok, previous 5RM is 145 after a cycle of strength bias. Swings were fine, tried to get them games worthy but they fell behind me a few times.

Sam said...

A. Finished at 225# on 3s and 245# on my single.
B1. 65#(5), 70#(5), 75#(5), 80#(5), 85#(failed on 4th rep)
B2. All with 1.5pd and unbroken
C. 10# DB

Adam Benn said...

A) 3: 315, 330, 355. 1: 385, 395, 405.
B1) 115, 120, 125(4, got lazy), 125, 130.
B2) 1.5 pd was all I had. All unbroken.
C: 15, 20, 20.

DL felt solid and fast.
My press is really weak, but KBS were no problem at 1.5.

Blaine said...

A: 255x3/285x3/305x3
325x1/345x1 =>no more plates in my garage
B1: 115/115/120/125 => hard to know where to start for this one.
B2: 1.5pd x 21 - need to get a bigger KB as well as some more plates.

ken c said...


A. 365x3 405x3 415x1 425x1
B1. 135 140 145 150 155
B2. 2 pood x 5
C. 20lbs. 3x10 each arm.

deadlift felt weak today. very sore from yesterday's split squats. barely got the last press so i picked the right weight. kb swings felt good. didn't have 25lb. db so did more reps with 20lbs. first time doing ext. rotations.

imosher said...


15 rds + 5 hspu

back extensions def. requited the most rest, overall felt quite good, I cannot remember hspu feeling that strong.

Jacques A said...

A. 132X10,220X5,309X3,375X3, 395X2
429=F, 429=F, 429=F (trained at my other box. weights in KG, thought I had 415 on the bar.Mistake)
Then did an easy 405lbs

B2: 40kg,40kg,40kg,40kg,40kg all unbroken
C:15#X7, 25#X4, 25#X4

Adam said...

A. 455x3, 475x1
B. 170x5
B2. 88lb(2.5 pood)x5
C. 15lb

First time doing heavy deads in quite some time so I was pretty happy. We just got the 2.5 pood so I had no choice but to swing it and it went surprisingly well, smoked my grip though. Low back is pretty unhappy with me right now.

Slater Coe said...

A. 390x3(pr); 405x1(pr), 415f
B1. 135, 145, 150, 150f4, 150f3
B2. 2pd x 21, 21, 21, 21, 21
C. 20x7, 25x7, 30x7

Adam said...

Aww... Slater those weights are cute.

Adam Rogers said...

Adam: A: 315x3; 375x1
B1: 135/135(4)/115/120/130(4)
B2: All unbroken w/ 2 pood
C: 10lbs for 7 reps each
20lbs for 3 reps each
15lbs for 6 reps each

John: A: 295x3; 355x1
B1: 135/135/135/135(3)/125(3)
B2: 4 rounds unbroken with 2 pood/ last round broken 13/5/3
C: 10x7/15x4/15x4

James: A: 255x3; 315x1
B1: 135/135(4)/115/115/115
B2: 35lb/35lb/53lb/53lb(11/10)/53lb
C: 10x6x3

Slater Coe said...

Adam, I hate you... Just for that, I'm adding the link for your double-under failures from last weekend:

Everyone, go to 8:33 for a laugh at Adam's expense.

Michelle said...

A. had IMS treatment on my hip yesterday so stayed really light on the DL for 3s and didn't progress to the 1s.

up to 3x192

B1. 61, 68.5, 76, 81, 86 (Thanks for the great music for the last set Mike!!!)
B2. all 5 sets 20kg. First 4 sets UB, last set broken (15/6). No grip left!!!

C. 7x15#, 7x16.25#, 7x17.5# (4left arm)

Michael said...

A. 365 x 3
405 x 1 (PR)
B1. 135, 160 (was in a hurry and put 55lbs on one side and 60lbs on the other, 155, 155, 155 x 4
B2. 2pd x 21 x 5
C. 20lb

deejay said...

A. 375x3, 485x1
B1. 165-165-170-175(4)-175(3)
B2. 2 pood all unbroken
C. 20# for all 3 sets, my left arm was waaaaaaaaaaaay weaker and holding my right arm back

Steve G said...



A. 365x3, 405x1
B. 125/115/115/115/115
C. 2 pood
C. 25lb for all 3 sets


Shoulder press was challenging...I do not know 5RM so went with my 1RM which is 155lbs...125 was too much for me after 1st set...115 seemed to be the right amount...

Nathan H. said...

A1: 365/3 405/3, 425/1, 445/1, 455/1 Felt good, strong and had room

B1: 135 for all sets, felt better as I went. Might've been able to handle 140, but it wouldve been close.

B2: 70lbs for all sets

C1: 25lbs for all sets.

Brandon said...

A. 405x3/465x1/465x1
B1. 135/145/155/165/175
B2. 2pood unbroken x5 - 2009 Games standard
C. 25x8/30x5/25x6 - really hard, but not surprising as I have been feeling right tight in anything involving external rotation.
Post WOD - Isopure & 1/2 cup natural applesauce

Brent Maier said...


A DL 170/183/201kg (442#) - I could have beaten my PR of 445 today.
B1 SP: 135/145/155/160/165# - Had to push press last set.
B2 KBS: 75/80/85/90/95# - All unbroken and raised all set weights by 5# from the last time we did this.
C DB Rotations: 25# - 3 sets of 8 per arm

Erik Luber said...

A. 110 kg x3, 145 x 1 (PR)
B1. 40 kg, 41, 42,5, 45
B2. 24 kg, 28, 28, 28
C. 7x 10 lbs, 5x12, 4x15

Felt wicked strong today, the pot was hot. Know I wasn't even supposed to do a 1RM, but hit a 5 kg PR. Still had more in me for sure, close to that 2.5 x bodyweight, 10 more kg to go. KB swings 4 kg heavier than last time.

Heavy Evy said...

A. 287,331,331 X3; 375 for 1's
B1. 111,131,131,131,131(only 3 reps on last set)
B2. 75#DBS x 5 all ub to 12oclock
C. 15x7,20x6,15x7

Craig said...

A. 325(3), 335,345,355(f) 1's.
B2. 2 pd.
C. 10,12,15. 7 reps for all.

Deads felt good till I hit the 1's. Mid line felt a bit fatigued. Been stuck around the same DL weight for some time.
SP felt good, up 5# from last time.
2 pd all sets, last time 2 pd on evens and 1.5 on odds sets. Felt good and strong.
first time with DB ext. rotations. Definitely felt the rotators in the right shoulder ( recovering from injury), could have used higher weight in left but kept it even for the sake of balance.

Anonymous said...

A. 286x3/306x3/330x3/340x3/350x6/360x3 - 370x1/375x1/380x1
B1. 118/123/128/130.5x3/108
B2. 21/21/20/21/18 - 2.5 pood overhead
C. 30x7/32.5x6/32.5x4

Yelvi said...

A. 325 x 3, 345, 365, 385
B1. 145
B2. 2 pood
C. 10, 15, 20

Anonymous said...

A. 3/275 3/295 3/315 1/335 1/345
B1. 5/130 5/130 5/130 5/130 4/130
B2. 21,21,21,21,21 All with 2 pood
C. 6/25 6/25 5/25
Deadlifts felt heavy and back felt tight, decided not to push it.

Did DB Split Squats & 100 GHD situps for time from previous day

DBSS 9/35 9/40 7/50
100 GHD Situps 4:59

Bin said...

A Finished triple at 295, single at 325
B1 95, 115, 120, 120, 120
B2 sets 1,2,3,5 at 2pd, set 4 at 1.5pd (failed at rep 18 of set 3)

will said...

3x365, 405, 430
2 pood all sets

Paul Klein said...

325 x 3
345 x 1

B1. 140, 145, 145, 145, 145 Failed on 5th rep

B2. 70lb db all sets unbroken

C. Skipped, I was called back to work.

I have a question about the deadlifts. When Coach says build to a heavy 1 rep but not a pr, how important is it to not do a pr attempt? I see a lot of people are setting pr's and I am a little jealous as 345 is my pr but I stopped there because of coach's prescription. Any thoughts?

Martin Altemark said...

Paul, I do not think there was a rule agains setting PRs, just to lift a 1RM. If 1RM has increased there might be PRs and still not 1RM.

Shane Gibson said...

Marchin: M/5.11/171/30

A. 345x3, 355x3, 365x3, 375x1, 385x1, 400x1 (400 is a PR, but didn't feel anywhere near a max effort, it has been a while since I worked a 1RM on deads)
B1. 135 straight through. Not sure how I missed it but I didn't see the 10 second thing so I was taking only about 3-5 seconds between reps on the cluster.
B2. 2 pood straight through. Got challenging toward the end but probably could have gone a little heavier but 2 pood is my biggest KB.
C. These were strange as I had never done them before. 20x7, 22.5x7, 25x7 all both arms.

This was exactly my style of workout. I loved every minute from start to finish.

Did a few hundred (I know it was too much, my shins are killing me) double unders during my warm up again. My goal was to get an unbroken set of 35. It took a while. I ended up figuring out that I had my rope a little too short. Made an adjustment and during my cool down I hit a set of 35 first try. All that pain and agony over the last few weeks and it was a simple rope adjustment issue. Bad news, I'm a dumbass; good news, my double unders now appear to be fixed.

Paul Klein said...


I guess I take things too literally. I might have a little OCD.

Your point makes sense; if my old pr is 345, that doesn't mean it is my current pr. So of I pull 360, while it is technically a personal record. I may still have 365 in me as a true but not proven pr.

I guess the bottom line is I should listen to my body and when I get to a good heavy single (pr or not) stop there.

Jason Buzzard said...

A: triple-335#, 365#,375#,385#
B1: 145#x5
B2: 1.5 pood, unbroken
C: 20#

Deald lifts and Presses felt really heavy for some reason. KB swings were really easy and I should have used the 2 pood, lesson learned for next time.

Anonymous said...

Quick question for you all,
I am trying to find a good after workout shake to use that has 35+ grams of Protein and 40-70 grams of carbs. Most that I have looked at use corn or massive amounts of sugar for the carbs. Just wondering if there is anything with cold pressed whey and better carbs.


Stefani said...

A. 185x3, 215
B1. 55,60,65,70,75
B2. 35#, unbroken
C. 10#/7, 15#/4, 10#/7

Notes: Deads felt really heavy Presses weren't that bad actually better than expected and KBS felt great.

deejay said...

Anonymous- check out OPT's Refuel supplement from the opt onlne store. It does not have alot of protien, but if you couple it with a good whey protien, like "dream whey" which he also sells at the store, then it will give you every thing you need

Danny B said...

B2.70lb unbroken
C.15 lbs x7 for all sets

unit said...


19 rounds

thank u immensely coach rut 4 allowing me 2 use ur facility...


Mr.Lundmark said...

A: Heavy x3: 160 kg, Heavy x1: 195 kg. (175, 185, 195)
B1: 70kg, 72.5kg (4x, failed at 5th), 70kg, 70kg, 70kg (if I didn't remember wrong and it was 65/67.5, not 100% certain).
B2: DB's instead of KB's. 29 kg unbroken / 32kg unbroken for the rest (all above eye level, not full extension to the top).
C: 7 kgx 7/7, 8 kg x 7r/6l, 8 kg 6r/6l.

The 195 kg went up like a breeze. My 1RM is supposed to be 200.

Robin Lyons said...

1. 255/265/280 for 3's
295/305/315 for singles
2. 95,95,95,100,100