Jan 27, 2010

2:57 - 50 CTB chin ups/50 burpees



Feb Crew Training:

part 1:
for time;
1 chin up the 1st minute, 2 front squat - 135#/95# the 2nd minute, 3 chin ups the 3rd minute, 4 front squat - 135#/95# the 4th minute...for as many minutes
(take bar from rack each time; chin breaks vertical on chin ups)

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/40g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/60g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/20g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/30g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/40g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)
rest 6+ hours

part 2:
find a hill you can sprint up for 60 sec continuously
sprint run uphill @ increasing speed per 10 sec uphill for 60 sec total per effort
walk down/recover for 3 minutes EXACTLY
repeat 8 times
(ensure last 20 sec are almost full effort)

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 30g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/25g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20g prot/10g carb
12-14% - 20g prot/20g carb
below 12% - 20g prot/30g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)

March Crew Training:
A1. OHS @ 42X1; 4-6 x 4; rest 90 sec
A2. L Pull Ups @ 2121; amrap x 4; rest 90 sec
B. DB Split Squat @ 3131; 6-9/leg x 3; rest 45 sec b/t legs
C. 100 GHD Sit ups for time
(knee touches ground on split squat; ass to grass - WAY below parallel on OHS and hold it there for 2 sec)

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/25g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/10g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/20g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/30g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)

post notes/loads to comments
schedule coming...


Lisa M said...

I googled the split squat and got two versions one looks like a lunge the other has the back leg up on a bench which way are we supposed to do it. Thanks

deejay said...

leg up...
go here:
click on "lower" and then "split squat"

Robs said...

Part 1: Finished 10 rounds and 7 pull ups in the 11th round.

Looking forward to part 2:

Linker said...

Feb Crew
Part 1:

Didn't have a lot of time this morning so I did C2B and 165lbs FS. In hindsight that might have been too much weight. Starting struggling around minute 10 and only finished 14 by a couple seconds. Pull-ups felt great though.

unit said...

link 2 kb swing WOD from yest:


link 2 hsc, 135lb amrap from a mo ago:



Covino24 said...

A1) 95x6/115x6/125x6/130x5
A2) 10/9/8/6 really focused on straight legs
B) 35# each hand x 9/leg
45# each hand x 9/leg for last two sets
C) 8:34... Started with both hands overhead til about 25 then moved to alt. hands for last 75

imosher said...

Part 1)

15 min + 5 front squats.

video and scores for yesterday to follow when I find a spare 10 min.

Dan said...

March Crew
A1. 95(6)/100(6)/110(6)/120(6)
A2. 10/11/10/10 (focused on 2121 and straight legs)

B. 7/leg @ 50/arm; 8/leg @ 40/arm; 9/leg @ 40/arm

C. 4:46

Nathan H. said...

Here's the entire video:


Melissa said...

March crew:

A1. 73(6), 73(5), 73(6), 73(6)
A2. 4, 5, 4, 5

B. 9/leg: 20#/arm, 25#/arm, 25# per arm

C. unbroken, 5:27

Chad Hall said...

March Crew

A1: 95, 115, 125, 135 (all 6's)
A2: 6, 5, 5, 5
B: 25, 30, 35 (all 9's)
C: Only 50 at 3:30


Just got my new pendlay barbell oly shoes and they feel great! OHS felt solid, really focused on tempo, should have started around 135 instead of ending there.

L-pull ups weren't great rep wise but again focused on tempo, happy I didn't break from that.

Never done split squats before, found them a lot harder than they look. I'm not good at pistols either though so I'm sure they'll help each other develop. It felt a long way down each time. Totally forgot tempo for these, probably turned into a 2022.

First time in about 8 months I've used a real GHD, it killed me! Full range of motion for all though. I get mine on Friday so I'll be sure to incorporate these into warmups.

Now I've got 2 hours rest then I've got to complete multiple wingate tests in my fitness assessment lab, should be fun!

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM

March Crew
A1 OHS @42X1; 88x6/95x6/105x6/108x4
focus on more sustainable wrist position. Ouch! A2A.
A2. L PUs @2121; 4,4,4,4. Getting better

B. DB split squat to bench @ 3131; 40/45/45 all x 6 limited time (to be honest they just really hurt)

C. 100 GHD SUs; 7:30 (I would have guessed 10+minutes)

Brent M. Watched your videos from Saturday & special congratulations for getting right into your burp's after the 50 CTB. Great motivation when it is just you & a stop watch in your garage gym!

dmarsh said...

March Crew

A1. 132,142,152,162 (all 6's)
A2. 8,6,6,5 (sets 1&3 sup grip, 2&4 pro grip)
B. 20#x9, 30#x9, 40#x7 (back foot on floor)
C. 50 in 2:28 (ran out of time, both hands overhead to floor)

A. Maloney said...

March Crew

Felt amazing today, best workout I had all month by far

A1. 95/ 115 / 120 / 125
A2. 10/ 9 / 9 / 8

B. 40 X 9 / 60 X 9 / 75 X 8 - BACK FOOT ON FLOOR


Brian Maier said...

A1: 65(6),75(6),85(6),95(6)
definitely need to work on these which is apparent from competition. tempo killed me.
A2: 10,8,7,8 (legs kept dropping slightly below parallel)
B: 25(9),35(9),35(9)
much harder than I thought at tempo.
C: 50 in 5:43. Abs were toast but ended up doing all 100 in 15:12. (both hands overhead)

Ankle is almost back to 100%.

Areas of weakness that I need to work on:
SOB...I hate those acronyms!!!

Ali Loach said...

March Crew
OHS: 88#(6)/108(4)/118(4)/128(4)
L Pullups: 5/5/4*/4*
*knees were not completely straight for last two sets
DB Split Squat: 35#/hand(7) / 40#/hand(6) / 40#/hand(6)
100 GHD Situps: 75 (*modified cause no GHD) and then started to get a headache so finished with Toes to Bar.

I fricken love OHS!
Felt good to get back at it today.

LuLu said...

Feeling inspired after the comp this weekend :) Working on getting super good form.

A. OHS: 65lbs-70lbs-75lbs-85lbs, really focused on temp and ASS to Grass :)

A2.6 for all sets/ full extension at the bottom of each L-pullup

B. 20lbs

C. 150 v-sit ups

Rainer Hartmann said...

A1: 75x6, 85x6, 90x6, 95x5
A2: 7/6/5/4
B: 30x9, 35x7, x7 (only used one DB)
C: 5:39

Chris Fodera said...

Looking for some advice...

I hurt my Right Knee doing:
25 reps for time of 80kg Squat Clean and Jerk on October 9th, 2009.

I took it easy on it for a couple days and it felt a lot better.

I then hurt it again during the 2nd Big Dawg Competition on Nov 14th, 2009 during the second WOD:
7 sets (95#) for time of
Power Snatch x 1, Snatch Balance x 1, OHS x 1, Hang Squat Snatch x 1

Since then, I was taking it really easy w/ any squatting and have subbed anything with full squats to their respective Power variations. About 2 weeks leading up to the last Big Dawgs Comp, I began squatting again and it was felling OK.

The OHS again aggravated it during Big Dawgs Comp 3.

I have an MRI scheduled for the 19th of Feb and at this point, I am heavily contemplating just not doing anything legs until after the MRI's results are know. The thought of my Physical/Athletic trainer is that it is a lateral meniscus tear.

I don't want to lose too much, but I also don't want to risk making this a permanent issue for me.

Rowing feels pretty decent...I am contemplating subbing high damper row intervals for Power Ratio on days when squatting (front, back, cleans, snatches, OverHead) is prescribed. Any thoughts on this? Should I just do no legs at all until after the MRI?

I firmly believe this was caused by poor form on my part. The good thing is that I am going to an Oly Lifting Cert w/ Coach B. the weekend following my MRI. Even if I can't get much/any weight up at that point, I can dial in my form issues hopefully.

Sorry for the long winded post...just wanted to have all the info out there to aid in the giving of advice.

Steve Howell said...

Is there video of AFT's CT2/Burpee WOD?

Corbin said...

A1. 6@135#, 4@145#, 4@150#, 4@155#
A2. 4,4,4,4
B. 9@35's, 6@35's,6@35's
C. Had to sub anchored swiss ball sit ups - 5:06

BK said...

Coach ain't happy with what he saw on the OHS Saturday... thats for sure!

A1: 4/135, 6/135 X3
A2: 4,4,4,4 (Knees bent and above parallel)
B: 50 x 9 x3 back foot on floor
C: 9.57. Did 20 then 5's to 50 then the hurt really rolled in.

Steve G said...

watching Brett's 50 CTB/ 50 BP's was awesome...the fact he could have been even faster is amazing!

Laura said...

March group:
A: 60/65/70(5)/72.5(4)--limited by wrists and elbows today, squatting part was actually OK
A2: 2/3/3/3--only counted good reps where legas stayed up
C: 9:02--many broken plus stopped every 25 to stretch back and walk around. These still aggravate my lower back a lot.

Anonymous said...

Had to cut some rest time down to get in all the work.

A1. 6@45, 6@55, 6@55
A2. Did amrap without tempo; legs did drop at the bottom of each rep 3, 3, 4
B. All 3 - 6@50 (2, 25 lbs db)
C. 6:23

Katrina Burton said...

A1.) 88#(6), 110#(5), 121#(4), 132#(4)
A2.) Did the tempo but had slightly bent legs.
B.) 20#/h, 25#/h, 30#/h all 6 reps. When I have my left foot infront I always get this shooting pain from my hip to 1/2 way down my IT band on my left leg only. This is the only exercise that causes me troubles... any thoughts?
C.) 4:52... first 75 unbroken then quick one breath breaks every 5. Fell out of the GHD again on the very last rep, but caught myself rehooked my feet upside down and finished it up. My abs will be sore tomorrow!

Pete said...

March Crew Training:
A1. 92x6, 92x6, 112x6, 132x4
A2.10,8,6,6 (focused on form and full extension)
Left shoulder flexibility and stability needs improvement. It tends to get weak and unstable for the final reps of the OHS and limits me when going to full extension on the L-Pull ups.

B. 30x3/40x3/60x3, then realized I screwed up the rep count. Re-did it because I was pissed at myself!

C. 6:34

Question for coach or anyone who might have experienced this....While doing the split squats (left leg), I started getting a sortof burning/pinching sensation in my upper left quad (about 5 inches below the hip, not the IT band like Katrina mentionned above, but really on the quad on top of the leg). Once I was done my set, that area was numb to the touch. The last time I did split squats was several years ago and I used to always get the same thing in the same leg. Its not really painful but the resulting numbness kind of concerns me. The numbness goes away relatively after a minute or so. Anyone ever experience this, or know what might be causing it?.


Michael FitzGerald said...

OHS – 89/99/109/114(5)
L Pull-up – 6/4/4/4
Split Sq – 45/hand x 9 rep x 3 set – absolutely awful!
50 GHD only – 2:41

Martin Altemark said...

A1: 6x50kg, 6x55kg, 6x60kg, 4x65kg (Nice tempo. Liked this)
A2: 8, 7, 6, 5

B: L:4x(2x21kg)/R:6x(2x21kg), L:4x(2x16kg)/R:6x(2x16kg)

C: 9:39 (split GHD with a friend so might have gone faster if alone). Both hands touched ground in bottom.

Andy said...

A1. 95x5/105x5/115x5/125x5
A2. 7/6/5/5
B. 30#x8/ 55#x6 two sets
C. 9:12

Have started following this last week after doing mostly main site wods. I really like the constant variation and creativity these wods bring.


Gord said...

A1 95,100,110,115(5)
A2. 2,2,2,2
C. 30,35,40(5)
D. 7:54

Marie Rochat said...

March Crew

B. 25x7 all sets
C. 5:27

The L-sits are so hard for me. I am not sure if it is a flexibility issue or a strength issue. Really strict on tempo and depth for OHS. It was my first time doing DB split squats, they were painful. The GHD went well. I did them in sets of 25 with quick breathers in between the sets of 25. All GHDs were full range of motion with hands overhead and touching ground at the bottom. Glad to be working out again.

Roch said...

A1:185(4)-185(5)-185(4)-185(4) ass to grass felt really good to force open my hips like that!
A2:12-10-8-8 Legs where below 90 degree for the 2 last reps.

C:5:37 (40-20-20-20)

PTS said...

A1. 95,115,135, 145(4)
B. barbell, 45x7, 65x7, 65x7
c. 5:47.

What are some other good sources of caffeine besides coffe pre-wod? I can't stand coffee.

good to see you back mike.

Ang said...

March Crew
A1: 6(40lbs), 6(45), 4(50), 4(55)
These are getting better! I am finally starting to feel more stable going down and feel like I can start increasing my weight!

A2: 5-4-4-3

B: 6-6-6(with 20lbs DB in each hand)

C: 7:12
Felt pretty fried after the first part of the workout so was not able to fire these off fast at all! Stuck with mostly sets of 10.

Lisa M said...

March Peak
Thanks deejay!
A:70/80/85/90 6,6,5,5 made sure past depth from weekend
A2:3/3/3/3 form was good played around with grip mixed grip was best
B:22.5/25/30# per hand all 9s
C:4:59 massive headache now!! but felt good just kept steady pace

Anonymous said...

A. 173x6/173/6/173x4/183x5, loads were a little off on this progression, was not quite warm-up up until last set.
A2. 11/10/6/6
B. 30x9/40x9/45x7
C. 5:34 - paced it 1 breath after first ten, 2 breaths after 2nd ten, 3 after 3rd, etc. for 10 sets of 10.

bmizzlle said...

March Peaker

A1. 95#x6/115#x6/125#x6/135#x6
A2. 4/4/4/4
B. 35#x9/40#x9/40#x9
C. 4:55

Lauren said...

A. 90(4), 90(6), 100(4), 100(6)
Made sure depth was there, focused on engaging shoulders
B. 4, 4, 4, 4 - knees were bend
C.25/30/30 x9/leg
D. 4:07 - But was on a swiss ball with feet anchored - definitly not full ROM but best I could do with no GHD.

David Englund said...

A1: 4x70kg(thought i had put on 60kg on the barbell), 1x70kg, 4x65kg, 4x65kg
A2: 8, 7, 7, 6

B: L:6x(2x21kg)/R:6x(2x21kg), L:6x(2x21kg)/R:6x(2x21kg)

C: 9:18min (split GHD with a friend so might have gone faster if alone).

Chris Fodera said...


Didn't do A1 or B to rest my right knee.

A2. 8, 7, 7, 7
C. 4:08

PWO: 32gP (MRM shake), 1 scoop Refuel
60 min later: tilapia, broccoli, mac nuts

Worked on DoubleUnders after the GHDs...hit a set of 90 and then a set of 50 with a BuddyLee rope on Dunkin's handles...smooth as silk. Didn't think I would have much in me after the GHDs because I only waited about 45-60 seconds to start, but they were really smooth.

Covino24 said...


The only other form of Caffeine I would take other than coffee, and I hate Coffee, would be Tea..Oolong and Black..
Obviously stay away from soda. Also Chocolate Milk is a caffeine source.. I don't eat Dairy products so I can't tell you how you should expect to perform.
Hope that helps

Marie Rochat said...

NorCal Chris,

Are you located in Chico by chance? I am heading down to Chico this weekend for Robb Wolf's seminar on Sunday. I am currently looking to plan out my workout options why I am down there. I thought that if you are in Chico, maybe we could meet up and do the OPT WOD together. Let me know.


Garage Crossfitter said...

OHS 95,105,115,125 (kept loads light, working on ass to grass)

L-pullups- unable to keep tempo, this is a weakness of mine. 5,8,8,6 The tempo was close to the rxed but i couldnt keep my legs parallel at the bottom of the pullup. used supinated grip which works best.

DB split squat- BWT BWT BWT
* these burned, right hip limiting factor*

ghd's- 7:44
i could have gone much faster but my right foot kept slipping out of the pad, that happens alot? any ideas why?

NorCal Chris said...

Marie.. thanks for the offer. No I am in Marin County so will unfortunately miss you. Enjoy the seminar.

A1. 135, 145, 150, 155(2)(3)
A2. L Pull Ups 6, 6, 5, 5
B. 20, 25, 25
C. 5:37

A2. L-pull ups were pretty poor w/r/t form.
C. Unbroken 50 at 2:15 then broken in 10s for remainder. Hip flexors were shot from A & B. Felt really slow on GHD.

joey warren said...

March crew

A1. 135, 140, 145(5+f), 145(5)
A2. 10, 7, 6, 6
B. 35lb, 45lb(8), 45lb(7)- ouch! pussed out on last couple of reps but could barely walk aferward
C. 5:01- both hands to floor overhead

LuLu said...

OOppps forgot some info, early morning brain fart

A. OHS,s were all x 6

B. 20lbs each hand x 6 for ever set

Nathan H. said...

Started with:
10 rounds of:
1 snatch @ 185 rest 30 sec
1 parallette nose to ground HSPU to a 45# +25# plate + an abmat. rest 30 sec

A1: 185x5, 195x6, 200x6, 205x6
first round my wrists felt horrible. Felt better after.

A2: 12; 11; 10; 9 L shoulder felt like it was going to pop out on the last rep of each.

B: 16kg each hand; 9 for all sets.

C: 6:41
First 50 around 2:30, last 50 were absolutely horrible and broken badly

Post wod nutrition was dried berries and whey protein.

Wes hendricks said...

A1. 135-140-145 x 6 155 x 4
A2. 6-5-5-4 (legs straight above parallel)
B. 30-53-53 x 6
C. Unbroken - 4:20 (both hands behind head touching ground. First 75 I was doing 25 a minute

Lower back didn't feel so hot today, very tight. On monday I decided to make an attempt at a 400lb deadlift. Got it to my knees but that was about it. Very sore now.

Lindsey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lindsey said...

A1. 85(6)/85(6)/95(6)/105(6) - did comp WODs on Monday and my shoulders are still a little sore so didn't get too aggressive increasing weight to make sire I got proper tempo and depth
A2. 3/3/3/3
B. 20 ea hand x6 all sets - balance was off today
C. 6:14 - only first 20 full ROM rest to parallel

I felt I really lacked focus and intensity today. Redid Rhiannon just trying to get some intensity up - 313. Still know I can do better.

Geoff Aucoin said...

PTS, just drink coffee; it's just more manly. You'll learn to like it.

Chad said...

A1. 95(5)/95(6)/105(5)/105(5)
A2. 6/5/4/5 - alternate sup/pro grip
B. 9/9, 6/6, 6/6
C. 7:52 both hands to ground and to toes

A1: focused on tempo and kept load low because of right knee pain. The bottom was helpful, really made me focus on abduction/external rotation for stability.
B. Wow! If there is one thing I'm weak on after 2+years of crossfit it is eccentric loading. You would have though I just did fran with how hard I was breathing and sweating.
C. Just hurt!

Thx for all you do Coach!

Chad said...


You might also want to try Kombucha. It's a ferminted drink with lots of probiotics/digestive enzymes that gives you a ton of energy. There are lots of different brands and flavors. You can find it at Whole Foods, Central Market and most health food stores. Try to ingnore any floating particles...it's the stuff!

'The Gift' said...

March crew

10 - 7- 7 - 6
25lb/6 x 3 - used 3 - 45lb plates as height
GHD Sit Ups - 8:16
Sit Ups were slow and deliberate

Tyler Smith said...

March Crew
A1. 115,135,145,155 (all for 6 reps)
A2. 8,7,6,7
B. used 2 35# kettlebells 6 reps/leg
C. 5:56

Paul Klein said...

March Peak

A1. 115, 120, 125, 130
A2. 6, 6, 5, 5,

B. 25lbs x 9, 25lbs x 8, 25lbs x 7

C. 8.17

Johnny Di Gregorio said...

A1. 80kg x 6, 84kg x 4 (Wrist Killed!), 84kg x 6, 90kg x 6

A2. 5/5/5/5 - Assisted, barely.

B. 40kg x 9, 50kg x 6, 50kg x 9 - Used a Barbell held in the Front Squat Position. I need work with my front squat and that helped. Focused on quality movement.

C. 40 GHD's 4:38 - Scaled down because I have just reached the point where my lower back injuries have healed to being able to perform GHDs to standard. I did 30 well, but the last 10 were hard to maintain my technique. I had originally planned on 50, but took 40, looked at the clock, went for the last 10 and about 3 into reach fatigue. I will rebuild my tolerance for these!

Andrew Romeo said...

A: 135x6, 135x6, 140x6, 145x6
A2: 12, 10, 10, 8
B: 70x9x3
C: 8:20

Sam said...

March Peak Group

A1. 95#(6), 100#(6),105#(6),110#(5)
A2. 7, 6, 6, 5 Legs slightly bent
B. 30# DBs 9 reps each leg each rd.
C. 4:55 Did it in 4 unbroken sets of 25.

ken c said...

march crew

A1 135x6 145x6 155x6 155x4
A2 7 6 6 6
B 80x6 80x5 80x6
C 7:08

found out after the split squats that i did them wrong. didn't know to use a bench. i did them in basically a lunge position. still pretty freaking hard. 80lbs. was way too heavy. grip was failing just before my legs.

Aaron said...

March crew-
A1. 6x115,5x125,4x135,4x145
A2. 6,6,7,5
B. 9x40,45,55 db's
C. 6:31 on a swiss ball(I can't wait to get back home)although with the size of the ball and how my feet were anchored, I was pleasantly surprised. Good cadence on all exercises.

Slater Coe said...

March crew
A1. 155xf5, 155x6, 160xf5, 160xf5
A2. 7, 5, 4, 5
B. 35x6, x6, x6
C. 5:34

Brian Maier said...


For caffeine, when I don't have time to make coffee, I sometimes drink Endorush from BSN. You should be able to find it at most health food stores. Lemon lime tastes great...0 cals, 0 fat, 0 sugar, 0 carbs. Each bottle has 4 servings of caffeine so drink with caution.

Steve Howell said...

March Crew
B:25#x9/30#x7/40#x6 (these were hard)
C:4:27 (going to feel this one tomorrow)

Megs said...

a1. 65 (6), 65(6), 75(4), 75(4)
a2. 4,4,3,4
b. 25 in each hand x6
c. 50 in 3:24

Notes: Tempo on squats felt really good and it made me feel like I could go much heavier than 95 for three which is my old pr
Couldn't do tempo for L-pullups(strict pulls are something I need to work on more)
The ghd were a slight problem because my feet went numb... Anyone else have this issue? I could hardly walk after because the tops of my feet were in so much pain. Weird.
Pre workout did a 500m row in 1:52 which is a pr by 2 seconds... just did it as a warmup and was shocked by my time. Could go harder. Yay!

Adam Rogers said...

March Crew

A1: 95/105/115/125 all x6 reps
A2: Did weighted pullups at same tempo instead, additional 35lbs, 5/4/4/3

B: 15lb each hand x 6 each leg
20lb each hand x 6 each leg
30lb each hand x 6 each leg

C: 7:25, had no energy for these, felt very slow, legs were fatiguing before my core

Mike Molloy said...

Male, 28, 5'11'', 167#


A1: 115(6)-125(5,6f)-125(6)-135(6)
A2: 5-5-5-5

B: 25# bumper plates.

C: 4:30.

Notes: Holy tempo batman, that crushed me.

Also, really wanted to take down Wes' time on the GHD but I crashed and burned at 90.

deejay said...

A1. 195(5)-205(4)-205(4)-205(5)
A2. 5-4-3-4
B. 45/hand x 6 reps x 3 sets
C. 9:21

my legs were Jello by the time I got to GHD situps. Nice work Mike on the split squats!

Brent Maier said...


A1: 50/55/60/70kg (154#) - Reps of 6/6/6/4
A2: 7/6/5/5
B: 35#/45#/50# - Reps of 9
C: 3:39 - Hit this one hard

KyleF was in the house today, great job! All sets were at strict tempo and ass to garage! Last set of OHS was difficult to keep the arms pressed.

Thanks Grant! PTS, drink it... It'll put hair on your chest. Makes it easier to hit those chest to bars!


John T. said...

March crew, body weight 162

A1. 95x6, 105x6, 125x6, 145x4 all within prescribed cadence and well below parallel.
A2.12, 10, 8, 9
B. 25 each hand x8, 35x6, 25x9, all sets were done with the same number of reps for each leg.
C. 6:05 give or take 3 seconds

exp. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
exp. said...

part 1: 17 min + 13 fs in 18th minute...

part 2: did all the sprints in -30C (with the windchill)...preparation for such conditions is the key...I was quite comfortable despite the wind...managed to find nicely packed snow on the right side of the road going up one of the few hills within city limits (I live in the prairies)...by the end my fleece face mask was frozen to my beard (haha)...great to run though!

Stephen Flamm said...

A1. held static handstand against wall for :48 x 4
A2. 5, 5, 4, 4
C. 5:33

Had my left knee looked at again today for meniscus issues and have decided to shut it down for 3-4 weeks to see if inflammation/pain goes away enough to give March 7th Sectionals a worthy go. MRI from end of November showed irregularities but no tear, and simply limiting squatting and impact movements a bit hasn't helped. In the mean time, I'll continue to post results for all parts of the training that I can complete, and will put in a little extra work on a few movements/holds on the rings and a little extra core work.

Craig said...

A1. 85(6)/95(6)/105(6)/115(6).
A2. 10/8/5/6
B.45/55/70 (wrong movement)
C. 5:32 (50,25,25)

held back on weight for OHS due to right shoulder flare up. Had some bodywork done yesterday to promote some healing to it. Tweaked it a while back during a 1RM snatch, failed the lift to the rear and injured the "rotators".
L-pull ups felt good, tough to keep legs perfect.
Split squats were done wrong. simply did a even level standing split squat. didn't get a chance to check the vid.
GHD's felt good, tired quads.

Jacques A said...

March crew
6am at CF Mtl
A2.9-12-7-9 Legs above 90 but slight bend at the knees. Firts 3 sets pronated, last set supinated.
B.Leg on bench 40X4, 40X6,40X6
7pm at CFLVL
C. 6:03

Stephen Flamm said...

Chris Fedora -

Just read your post concerning the knee - I'm in the same boat (see above post). Rowing is pain free for me as well, and I've been subbing that in place of box jumps, running, etc. Today for the OHS I simply held a static HS for the same time as a set of 6 squats at tempo would take, just to have a bit of the same shoulder stability effect. No squatting for a few weeks at least. Best of luck managing the situation, and be sure to post any worthwhile subs you may come up with.

Chris Fodera said...


Is it lateral or medial? I am having issues with my Right Lateral, but the pain seems to migrate into my outer calf and lower leg during exercise.

I am also shutting down leg work for a while. I have an MRI on the 19th of Feb, so I am managing until then.

I've started taking Wobenzym and think that it is helping, but it's only been about a week.

Kyle F said...

I'd like to first attest to the insane number that Brent put up on the GHD sit-ups. I was there, I saw it, it was amazing. He was so fast his shirt just flew off at one point. My shirt stayed on. (I was slow) Excelent work Brent.

A1: 50/55/60/70
A2: 9/8/7/6
B: 35's/45's/50's
C: 7:19

Happy with OHS after a poor performance in the comp. GHDs killed me.

Steve G said...



A1. 145x4, 155x4, 165x4, 185x3 (lost it on way up of 4th rep)

A2. 6/5/3/4

C. 30x6, 40x6, 45x6

D. 6:38


OHS - first time going this low and with pause on bottom...challenging

LPUs - difficult to hold tempo...

Split squats - tough

GHDs - did alternating hands ...tried both hands but had a shooting pain when done with both hands...

Boyer family said...

Coach, I'm training for the utah/nevada sectional Feb 27, 28. Should i follow mid feb peak training or march peak training?

rwcorson said...

March peak
A1. 88/98/108/118 - 1st 3x 6, last set x4
A2. 7/6/6/4 tempo a bit too fast on concentric
B. 25/27.5/30 - 1st & 2nd X 9, 3rd x 6
C. 6:46
Stayed relatively conservative on A!. B. & C.
I'll keep ramping up the intensity every wod.

Stephen Flamm said...

Chris Fedora -

Left knee, medial meniscus. Gets stiff and swells up a bit with repetitive impact, and feels like it might just blow up with deep knee flexion. Catches and cracks a few times a day. Deadlifts and power versions don't seem to bother it much. Pain is mostly localized to the medial jointline and back of the knee at full extension. Really just a huge nuisance at the moment, but I definitely don't want it to get worse or continue favoring it and mess up something else.

david98 said...

March Peak

175 for sets -followed tempo and hold at bottom. found the hold to be very interesting supporting a heavier load.
4 reps for each

Split Squats- 45 lbs per hand
4 reps each- challenging and hurt
GHD's- 6:50 need to practice these

thank you

David Mullback

OPT said...

boyer, follow marchers

Erik Luber said...


March Peak

A1. 30 kg x5, 30x6, 35x6, 40x4 (PR)
A2. 8, 6, 6, 6
B. 15 lbs x6, 15x9, 15x9
C. 5:29

OHS coming along, feeling a lot more confident and stronger. Focused on deep 2 sec hold. L-PU straight leg above parallel, had Kelli watch my form. Legs toast after split squat, really liked these. GHDs were 2009 games ROM, these were tough.

unit said...

FPC (Feb Peak Crew)...

Part 1
15 + 6 FS
note... subbed 191# front squats...

Part 2
100 unbroken ghd situps
wanted 2 try AFTs breathing ladder...
6:00 (Brent... at this speed my shirt stayed on also... 2 slow I guess!)

Part 3
runs felt ok... really focused on form... found a hill that got progressively steeper as the run went on (college & antioch 4 my future reference)...
the -4C ambient temp felt refreshing...

Part 4


Chris Fodera said...


No really swelling nor catches/cracks here...just stiff. I have the same results with DLs and Power Variations.

Mine is along the JointLine as well and behind the knee (but only when at full bend). When I get to that point, it just hurts like hell and I allow it to give out.

I'll likely try tomorrow's as prescribed and see how it goes.

Heavy Evy said...

A1. 89x6,109x6,119x5,119x4
worked on depth and tempo.
A2.6pro,7sup,4pro,5sup, form felt pretty good quads sure burned after 1st set.
B. 40x9,40x7,40x8
C. 7:35 ugggghh, thought I was getting better on the ghd's, but couldn't get comfortable on it tonight.

Brandon said...

A1. 135/155/175/185x4
A2. 4/4/4/3
B. 30#x9/30#x7/25#x9
C. 7:01

Notes: OHS eccentric easy, but the bottom hold was really hard. L-Pulls focused on full ROM at tempo. Huge difference doing these @tempo vs. normal. Split squats focused on perfect form and tempo at the expense of increased weight. GHD felt good and I only felt a slight tightness in the back due to improved technique. Post-WOD fueling with Isopure and blackberries.

Damon said...

Boyer...leave this OPT stuff alone. We'll do the beta on it for the Wasatch Crossfit crew for sectionals and let you know if it works:)

Lisa M said...

Nice work Megs!!!!

md said...

a1. 135, 145, 145, 145
a2. 7, 8, 6, 4,

b. 20 (9), 25(8), 30(7)

c. 3:41 (modified. no ghd, done on swiss ball

Yelvi said...

A1. 145(4), 155(4), 165(5), 165(4)
A2. 10, 5, 6, 6
B. 55lb db(9), 70lb db(7), 70lb db(6)
C. 7:50

Notes: It all felt good. Intended to go up 10 more pounds on the last set of OHS, but forgot to put on the weight and did 165 twice.

Mack Lar said...

March Crew
A1. 115/135/155/155 Should have warmed up longer.
A2. 6/7/7/7
B. 45 lbs for all
C. 6:50 30 UB thne broken down into sets of 5.

Bin said...

Feb Crew training: Failed in round 15 - expected this to be a strength-endurance grind, but pleasantly surprised at the mounting oxygen debt.

Kathleen said...

A1: 60#(6); 65#(6); 70#(6); 75#(6)
A2: 2/2/3*/3* * legs came to full hang btwn reps
B: 20#/22.5#/25# per hand 6reps/leg
C: 4:10 [both hands touching]
30/20/20/15/6/9 quads and IT band hurt more than the abs. Sub 4 definitely attainable - next time!

Megs said...

Thanks Lisa!! You had a great time today on the ghd!! Blazing!!! I am really enjoying OPT's programming so far. My first week. Thanks for the support, I love seeing the posts of strong crossfit ladies! Keep up your great work!

Anonymous said...

March Peak

A1. 6/95 6/115 5/130 3/140
A2. 11,9,7,8
B. 9/15 9/20

Went light on split squats then ran out of time had to go play hockey.
Plan on redoing split squats and GHD situps tomorrow.

Jason Buzzard said...

March crew
A1: 135(6),145x2(4),155(3)
A2: 5,5,6,5
B: 30#x6 all 3 sets
C: 8:30, hands to ground and toes

OHS felt good, maybe should have started a little heavier. Failed on the 4th rep of the last set.

Split leg squats were very humbling. My muscle felt like it was going to rip out of my skin.

GHD's need work but are slowly getting better.

Michael said...

A1. 115, 135, 155, 155
A2. 5, 6, 5, 5
B. 1pd KB's
C. 6:10

Took it easy on A1. and A2 for for some reason not real sure why?

Shane Gibson said...

Back from my CrossFit level 1 certification! Would have loved to participate in the Big Dawgs Challenge but obviously my Level 1 took precedence.

Marchin': M/5.11/171/30

A1. 6x95, 6x115, 6x135, 6x165 - probably should have gone heavier on the early sets, the tempo added quite a challenge and I took my ass to within an inch or two of the deck.

A2. 18, 12, 8, 7 - these catch up with you quick, had more in me toward the end just had a mental breakdown I guess.

B. 20lbs DBs x 9, 25lbs DBs x 9 x 2 all both legs. These were weird, had never done them before and didn't really have a low enough surface for my back foot which didn't make it much fun in getting the rear knee to the deck.

C. 5:58, love my new Sorinex GHD.

Also started the day with a couple hundred double unders during my warm-up. Until I get more proficient at double unders I'm going to have to keep beating on them almost every day. I think I had a technique breakthrough towards the end of my warm-up though as my last two sets were 30 and 35 unbroken reps.

Coach, how many and how often is too much in working on my double unders?

Blaine said...

A1: 75x6/95x6/115x5/115x4
A2: 5/5/4/3
C: 35x9/40x7/40x6
D: Short on time and garage 'rigged' GHD maybe not suitable for 75 fast reps?

Really tried to get the tempo bang-on & the depth was the lowest I've been on OHS.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Did the March WOD a day late at the firehall, equipment issues made this one a real challenge so weights were down. Felt a twinge in my neck on the L-Pull-Ups but I think it's managable this time. Did 50 OH DB sit-ups for time instead of GHDs, turns out they are harder. 20lbs/hand and time was 3:15.

Steve Smith said...


FEB Crew:

Part 1:
9 Rounds - WTF!!

- Haha, read this completely wrong. I did 1 Chin-up and 2 FS on the first minute, then 3 Chin-ups and 4 FS on the second minute. So on the 9th minute I did 17 Chins and then immediately did 18 FS within 60 seconds. I was pretty confused when I saw other people's scores!!

Part 2:
Final 20 seconds were straight painful. Made it approx the same distance each time. Jog back to start.

Shane Gibson said...

Had an error in my L-pull up numbers above. Should have been 18, 12, 9, 7.

Danny B said...

A2.5,5,5,4(strict pull ups)
B.3 sets of 6 reps each leg @20lbs
C.3:53(just below parallel, no hand touch to the floor)

Anonymous said...


Part 1: 12 FS + 8 Pullups
Part 2: didn't have a hill. Still pretty tough, held strong until #6, then struggled on 6,7,8.

I am going to switch to March as per boyer-coach conversation.

Mr.Lundmark said...

2 days after, here I come (first time following you for real). March peaker!

A1: 6x60kg, 6x 62.5kg, 6x65kg, 8x65 kg (could have put on a little more perhaps)
A2: 4/4/3/3

B: L/R:4x(2x27.5kg), L/R:4x(2x27.5kg), L/R: 6x(2x22.5kg) grip got weary.

C: Could not do GHD situps (never done em, no such equipment at the gym I was at today), did 100x full-range situps on an incline bench (roughly 30 degrees) with legs attached - knee's bent at 90 degree's. Time: 5:01 (fippled with the phone a couple of seconds before I hit the button, sigh).

liss126 said...

A2. 3-3-3-3
B. Split Squat 25# each hand 6-7-8
C. 4.48

Slater Coe said...

Back on the February grind...

part 1. 17 + 8 Front Squat

part 2. Subbed rowing... did splits of 1:48/500m, 1:43, 1:38, 1:35, 1:32, and shot for 1:25 or lower in last 10 seconds.