Wed, Jan 13, 2010


part 1:
5 sets for total working time:
15 unbroken push press - 95#/65#
10 burpees
25 unbroken box jumps - 20"/14"
rest 2 min

rest 8+ hours

part 2:
run 400 m - 9 sets
(sets 1,4,7 are @ 70%, sets 2,5,8 are @ 80%, sets 3,6,9 are @ 90%)
rest EXACTLY 2 min b/t sets

part 1:
chest to deck burpees and 2 hands overhead to touch object 8" away from 2 hand max standing reach; lockout arms and knees at same time for push press; hips at full extension at top for box jumps; no pauses allowed on floor or top of box for box jumps...breaking is constituted by double dip on ground, pause on top without rebound, etc...
part 2:
one has to know different gears, find them and post about it

post total working time for part 1 and notes on running for part 2 to comments


Pete said...

I can't wait to do this. Change of plans. I'm going to bed NOW, so that I can wake up even earlier to do part 1 in the morning!

I love push-pressing,
Burpees suck but in a good way,
And my box jumps definitely need practice. Should be a great test of will!

Hope everyone has/had great workouts!


Noah Milstein said...

Part 1
total time = 22:46

Push press felt great, just the right amount of difficulty, right at my threshold. Burpees and box jumps on the other hand destroyed me. I couldn't maintain the rhythm or speed that the motions demand.

Part 2 to follow.

Martin Altemark said...

Part 1:
As rxd: 1:35, 1:43, 1:38, 1:48, 2:03 = total working time was 9:12

PP easy, Burpees all unbroken expept last round. After 15 BJs my timing starts to get worse - takes more energy to maintain flow after that.

Felt good!

Tyler Smith said...

1. 1:19
2. 1:16
3. 1:35
4. 1:48
5. 1:48

*Pulled an ingrown toenail out last night... therefore every box jump and burpee was excruciating. Part 2 should be fun...

Dave X said...

PArt 1: 10:18

Pissed at myself for not getting sub 10 mins.
PP were smooth and I had a powerful stroke throughout. Burpees felt stong initially then it was like trying to jump out of quicksand. Too much time spent here. BJ's were smooth and consistent.

EHR said...

Eric R


Dave X said...

Sorry for the nonWOD related post, but I've watched this twenty times already this morning. Maybe I should have saved this for a 1RM deadlift day.

Word verification: wiliz.

As in "Whatchu talkin' bout Wiliz?!?"

LuLu said...

I did the box jumps with a 16 inch box, that is what we had.

Break down looked like this:

1:23, 1:21, 1:21,1:24,1:21 for a total time of 6min 50sec.

Everything was unbroken, 65lb push press felt good. Burpee`s are much harder when you actually have to jump high :) Will try to get 2nd training done properly but my gym at work only has a 150m track and it is very busy. See what happens.

Linker said...

Part 1:

Total time with rest 16:13, 8:13 working time.

All PP and Box Jumps unbroken, but had to catch my breath every time before starting the jumps so that I could make it all the way through.

Cold air does not mix well with burpees and box jumps!

Katrina Burton said...

Done with 20" box jump... nothing smaller at this gym.

Total Work Time = 6:46

1:14, 1:20, 1:21, 1:27, 1:24

Everything unbroken... burpees were slow and painful in the 4th round. I could barely push off the ground my arms were definately feeling it.

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 1: 7:44

1:18, 1:20, 1:32, 1:50, 1:44

Left foot missed the box on round 4 and didn't get full extention, so added a rep for that. also added couple of reps to round 4 and 5 because judge becky said i didn't open the hips all the way on the box. Thought about increasing the pp weight, but was wise not to.

Jefff said...


Total - 7:58

Imploded on last set, otherwise felt good. Recovery between rounds felt great. Never gassed starting any of the rounds.

Gord said...

Part 1

Total: 9:37

Tyler Smith said...

Sorry, 7:46 total working time

Steve G said...


@ Jefff garage gym this morning (5:30am!! Never done that before)

7:55 total working time...very fast 1st two fast I forgot to breathe...had terrible headache and sinuses felt stuffed after round 2...much slower last 3 rounds but pace was constant as I found my breath...thanks Jefff for counting reps and helping me push...

Erik Luber said...


Part 1:
2:00, 2:41, 3:00, 3:00, 2:46
Total = 14:26

After round 2 had to take the weight down from 77# to 66#, this was a good decision. After round 1 couldn't stand up, legs were toast. Had to take burpees slower if I was going to survive the unbroken BJs. Good to have specified unbroken BJs though, I need that mental push on them.

PTS said...

1:35,1:23, 1:26, 1:30,1:32
total time= 7:26

Felt good today and really pushed through some pain on the box jumps.

1st round was slowest because I came out a bit slow so I didn't gas early which I have a tendency to do. I think it helped with my overall working time though.

I will be skipping Part 2 as I have a basketball game tonight.

andrew romeo said...

Part 1:
1:30, 1:35, 1:47, 1:38, 1:42

Total working time: 8:20

Did not have a marker for burpee hight, just jumped a little higher than normal.

imosher said...

part 1
total: 10:21

1:39, 2:00, 2:08, 2:14, 2:20

Chad said...

Part 1
total: 9:02


PP and burpees unbroken but got slower each round. Box jumps were unbroken 1st round with more frequent pauses on the following rounds.

First time I really tried to hop on/off box. Can see how this would shave lots of time off. Great workout!

Thx coach!

dan said...

total working time - 11:18
each set crested 2 min

Martin Altemark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emilie P-B said...

Part 1:
Total: 10:18


Only the first two rounds unbroken :(

Covino24 said...

Part 1 - Total working time: 11:30

The first round I steamed thru the push press and burpees, but once i got to the box jumps i just felt like i couldn't get my feet off the ground.. it was a struggle from then on with the jumps but the presses felt strong on all 5 sets.

Part 2 - later tonight

Becky said...

pp was unbroken and burpees were. box jumps killed me.

11:13 total working time.

i think i wasted to much time making sure i was going to hit the ring target on the burpees. i always looked for it frist, then jumped.

Becky said...

and obviously my typing skills have been affected...

Pols said...

M 31 6' 210
Total working time 10:25
I was in shambles on 4th round, was on pace for 9:30, tried my best on last round but was too far gone.

Going to have to row the 400s tonight. said...

Part 1: total working time 7:04

Everything unbroken.

weezie said...

Part 1

1:57 / 2:00 / 2:00 / 2:08 / 2:08

PP was strong. Burpees were tough. Box jumps were hell. Had a couple of step downs on the last two rounds.

Have training this evening so no Part 2 for me today.

Steve Howell said...


Part 1:

total working time= 5:45


everything felt really good on this one. PP felt much stronger and faster then I thought it would be.

Chris Fodera said...


Total Time = 14:27
Total Working Time = 6:27

Splits = 1:09, 1:13, 1:15, 1:25, 1:25

PWO: 24gP (MRM shake), 2 scoops Refuel
60 min later: turkey chili and mac nuts

- Felt great and fast through the Burpees on round 3. From then on it was increasingly more challenging as time/exercises went on.
- Legs were smoked for box jumps in rounds 4 and 5.
- Knee felt pretty good all the way through. Will likely row vice run for Part 2 to avoid the pounding.

atom said...

Part 1

Total working time: 7:47

Jumping up and hitting that 8" mark above your standing reach was a great killer! Made the box jumps more interesting.

Roch said...

Part1 : 5:29

I was supprise how strong and fast I could do my P-P. Burpees where a bit harder but there's not many so it was not to bad to push through.

Brian Maier said...

Part 1:

Not able to jump off box yet so jumped up and did step down which really slowed these down.

Total working time: 8:56

Not able to run yet so will probably sub rows or bike sprints on my trainer for Part 2.

swartzap said...

Burpees slowed me down

Andy Swartz

Lauren said...

1:17, 1:23, 1:34, 1:42, 1:34
total 7:30

done with a 20" box.
burpees, ouch.

nice work Kat!!!

Anonymous said...

Part 1
1:11/1:10/1:14/1:52/1:56 = 7:23
Found the box jumps tough, just the right number of reps for me in terms of challenging the unbroken set. I wanted to stop bad!

Ali Loach said...

total working time = 9:35

Kicked my ass but I actual liked it. Seemed easier (and I use that term loosely) to push through knowing that I had 2 minutes rest waiting for me. Always tricky when unbroken is prescribed as I tend to over estimate the rest required to ensure I get it done unbroken.
Looking back...I should have pushed harder in the last 2 sets but the PP felt like I was trying to move a house........should have warmed up my shoulders mo betta.

Ali Loach said...

shoot me an email when you get a chance. I've got a few Q's for ya.
aliann_66 at hotmail dot com

Wes hendricks said...

Part 1:
1:09-1:09-1:10-1:12-1:15 = 5:55

Everything Unbroken, felt real good. Once I started I didn't stop moving until the end.

Grant said...

@ OPT 6:30AM
first early morning met con on new schedule. No food before (right call)

Jumped with both hands to fat bar. I don't have that rapid fire gear for 25 unbroken box jumps. Will work on it for warm-ups.

PTS said...

I saw your comment yesterday about finishing your garage gym. Congrats. I'd love to come up for a WOD sometime.

Are you in Seneca Falls area this summer or do you go home?

Also nice work on today's wod.

Brent Maier said...

Great job for those with a sub 8 and a few extra woofs for those under 6 minutes.

Brett, your final comment is so comforting for those of us that haven't done the WOD yet. I'm going to have to do these back to back this evening because of the work schedule.

Michael said...

Part 1
Total- 6:47
Everything unbroken and felt good.

Not looking forward to the run.. it's my weakness

Martin Altemark said...

Part 2:
On rower.

set 1-3: 1:29/1:21/1:15
set 4-6: 1:30/1:22/1:16
set 7-9: 1:32/1:23/1:17

Tried to get feel about the same intensity as when running at these %'s. Nailed it pretty good I think. Round 7-9 my legs was tired.

Thank you for today James!

N.H said...

Part 1:

1:13, 1:10, 1:10, 1:11, 1:12

5:56 Total time.

My goal was to stay consistent, and I'm happy with my performance. The last round was deadly... wouldn't have been able to do another one in the allotted two minutes of rest. Awesome Wod! Legs burned on the box jumps on the last round. BURNED BAD! Love it.


Katrina Burton said...

Part 2:
1) 1:35
2) 1:27
3) 1:22
4) 1:38
5) 1:27
6) 1:23

Called it quits after the 6 rounds. The bottoms of my feet are really aching.
I've never been good at gauging % effort, even when I was a competitive swimmer (which is why I only competed short distances). I have an on & off switch when it comes to running, but glad to have the opportunity to figure it all out.
I think I may have held back alittle too much on the 70% efforts, but just made sure I tried harder for the 80% and then a bit harder for the 90%. That strategy I think is reflected in the times each round.

rwcorson said...

not as Rx'd
broken Push press after set 2.
2 broken sets of box jumps due to a miss on sets 3 & 5.
I gassed hard after 2nd set, so I increased the rest to 3 mins, but I still was dead.
total 10:39

Noah Milstein said...

Part 1
total time = 22:46

total working time = 14:46

Push press felt great, just the right amount of difficulty, right at my threshold. Burpees and box jumps on the other hand destroyed me. I couldn't maintain the rhythm or speed that the motions demand.

Part 2


Blaine said...

Part 1:

Round 4 had at least a couple pauses on the box after rep 17. Pretty choked I didn't manage rest to complete as Rx'd.

Real tough on the old chicken legs....

Blaine said...

Total = 8:28

Jenny said...

Part 1.
Total Work Time = 8.26

1:37, 1:36, 1:53, 1:53, 1:37

I jumped a bit to high on my burpees. Stupid swede can´t read english:)

Enjoyed the workout!

exp. said...

Part 1: 9:54
no gas in the tank today. crushed pp and burpees but got worked on box jumps. broke 'em a few times on round 3 and 4 (didn't realize until reading the blog that unbroken was rx'd...will pay closer attention next time)

Sam said...

Part 1

Total work time 10:22. Very unhappy with this time and I know I can do much better. I'm still new to OPT and extremely sore. The 1st rd was 1:45 and the 2nd 1:58. It was all downhill from there and I lost track of my splits (being the only one in the gym). I just let the clock run. The box jumps were what slowed me down(from GHD raises yesterday), which is disappointing bc they're usually my strength. So all pp unbroken, last two sets of burpees broken in half, and all bj broken =(

bmizzlle said...

Part 1.

total time 8:06

push press felt good even though my press sucks(140PR), burpees weren't bad until rounds 4 and 5, BJ were broken once on round 4 and twice on round 5; not happy with this, but pretty happy with overall time.

Jon M said...

1. 1:08
2. 1:15
3. 1:26
4. 1:34
5. 1:48

Total working time= 7:10

Garage Crossfitter said...



box jumps crushed me

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1.
Total working time: 9:24

Whoa burpees sucked, PP broke at rep 13 in set 4, and set 5...dam. Box jumps felt good could have pushed through these with less rest after the burpee, know for next time, goal was sub 10 so happy with that for today.

David said...

Part 1, 7:00 am
14:28 work time. The PP and Burpees were fine, I just have no spring to string the jumps together, they went steady but slow.

Part 2, 4:00 pm
All runs felt pretty close to tempo. The 90% definitely did.

Action said...

1.) 1:26
2.) 1:26
3.) 1:26
4.) 1:30
5.) 1:37
Total time 7:25

Had a little bit of a walk to get to my bupree and box jump section.
Nice headache right now.

Jacques A said...

Part 1:
Total time: 7:45

Part 2: Injured Achilles Tendon during 3rd set of box jumps this morning so decided to row instead of running.
9 intervals of 500m row with 2min rest
500m row PR is 1:25:4 at 8.5 Damper
70%=1:50, 80%=1:42 90%=1:33
Decided to row at damper 6 to focus on technique and try to generate same power:
1) 1:50:9 2): 1:43:8 3)1:40

4) 1:51:9 5) 1:44:3 6) 1:43:3

7) 1:51:5 8)1:50:7 9) 1:39
Really hard to generate same power at damper 6. Still had juice but pace wouldn't go down.

ken c said...

work time: 9:58 (1:28 1:50 2:11 2:18 2:11)

push press and burpees unbroken. 1st set of box jumps unbroken, second set was 12 7 6. last 3 sets i did in 5s. just can't string them together unbroken.

Pols said...

Part 2
1,4,7 1:32
2,5,8 1:25
3,6,9 1:17

All times within a second. Done on C2, 5.5 hours rest. Tried to focus on consistency from round to round. But I don't think this workout translates very well to the rower, this would have been much tougher running the 400's. I either undershot my %, or expected to be more drained. Either way I felt great all the way through.

Steve G said...


Part 2 completed 7+ hours later at the Talisman Center 200m indoor track (200m if using the inside lane...which I was)

the only number for 400m sprint I have is from when I did it at OPT over 1 year ago...which was 62 secs...not sure how running on gravel and up a small hill translates to a track but its all I got...therefore;

70% Projected - 1:21

80% Projected - 1:14

90% Projected - 1:08

Round 1 - 1:19
Round 2 - 1:14
Round 3 - 1:10
Round 4 - 1:24
Round 5 - 1:18
Round 6 - 1:17
Round 7 - 1:22
Round 8 - 1:21
Round 9 - 1:21

Notes: I knew after the first 3 rounds that trying to keep these percentages would be a challenge...I was able to stay, somewhat, close to my projected 70% value for all 3 rounds but achieving 80-90% for 3 rounds was not possible today...I was afraid of starting out too fast and not having the gas to finish...but when I sped up it was too late to make my times...oh and the last 2 rounds were hell...I was breathing really hard and legs were tired...found this WOD much tougher than the morning WOD...

LuLu said...

I got to do this on an indoor track, I only had time to do 6 as it was during my lunch break.


I had a hard time figuring out how fast I should go for 80% and 90% the track was 150m so there were a lot of corners!!! I used to run a sub 1min 400m in high school. 58.40sec was my fastest. I really hope I can get there again as I feel I am much stronger now :) Maybe next time.

Steve Smith said...

Part 1:

Total = 6:57

- Zero warm-up due to time. Feel I can break 6:00. Each round felt good. Stubbed toe on final round.

3 Hours Rest

Part 2:

70% = 1:20
80% = 1:15
90% = 1:10




- Was able to gauge and maintain pace for the first 200 meeters each lap. After that I fell apart.

LuLu said...

I took a 2 min rest after each
400m run. I think I may have done it wrong. Was a set 3 x 400m, then rest 2 min? If so then my times would be much different. OOOPPSSS.

Steve Smith said...

I'm with you, Lulu. I ran a 0:59 in sixth grade. Wow, that's embarrasing!! No where near that now.

Question for anyone:

After about 1 mile of running my lower back gets REAL tight. Any thoughts on where to start?

Jon M said...

Part 2.

Pretty much went 1:40, 1:30, 1:20. Then went hard on the last one for 1:07.

Felt way better than expected considering I haven't run since Thanksgiving.

Tyler Smith said...

Right after my second 400m run my right fibula began aching badly and progressively worsened as the runs went on. Not sure if this is due to my lack of running (since our last run in training), form, or because it is where I have had a fracture in the past.

1. 1:19
2. 1:17
3. 1:15
4. 1:35
5. 1:26
6. 1:22
7. 1:45
8. 1:29
9. 1:18

**Pacing seemed to hold up for the most part... been a while since I did a track workout so I was a bit rusty. My most recent 400m time is :57.

Leg is super sore now, may try to ice... Being on my feet at work all day probably doesn't help either. Oh well. Program more running OPT!

EHR said...

Eric R

I incorporated the 9 x 400m into a 8 km run with my dogs.
Changing gears felt good. Footing was crap!

bmizzlle said...

Part 2.
1. 1:33(44;200m split) 4. 1:30(44)
7. 1:33 (43) @70%

2. 1:26(40) 5. 1:25(40) 8. 1:26(41) @80%

3. 1:17(37) 6. 1:19(39) 9. 1:20(39) @90%

I felt good about this as far as times and power output.

Paul Klein said...

I had to do these in reverse order due to work.

Part 2: Ran during lunch break. No warm up and still ran out time and was only able to get 6 sets. I was able to change gears each set but I just feel like shit when I run.

Part 1: Done 6.5 hours later

6.33 total

I felt really good on this one. I was actually able to pull the push press back to the rack position to pick up some speed. For me, burpees are faster with feet spread apart in the push up...why?

Anonymous said...


Not going to be able to do Part 2 subbing hockey game tonight.

Lindsey said...

You know you are becoming a true crossfitter when you start dreaming about WODs... Had a dream last night that I was really good at kipping pull ups and woke up and remembered I wasn't. Motivation!

Part 1 - I spazed stopping my timer at the end of the last round and deleted my splits and total time. I know each round was around 1:57, give or take 3 sec which would put my total working time right around 10 min. Used 65# for the first round and reluctantly scaled to 55# for the remaining 4. Was able to complete it unbroken.

My best friend just got me a set of Rogue rings that came in the mail today!!!!! Played around with them quite a bit in warm up today. I'm so excited to be working with them more! I LOVE them! Thank you!!!!

dmarsh said...

Part 1:

All unbroken. Needed 15-20 sec rest prior to starting box jumps on rounds 3-5 to ensure they were unbroken.

Part 2:
Legs were heavy and felt sluggish from the start. Able to pace appropriately for the first 3. Runs 4-9 were distinguished merely by stronger finishes (final 150 meters)...first 250 meters were pretty much identical.

Yelvi said...

Part 1


NorCal Chris said...

Part 1:
1. 1:45
2. 1:35
3. 1:40
4. 1:52
5. 2:02

Total 8:54

Part 2:
1. 1:41
2. 1:35
3. 1:24
4. 1:30
5. 1:28
6. 1:25
7. 1:33
8. 1:26
9. 1:23

Part 1: Box Jumps done on 16.5 inch box in order to get quick rebounds.
Part 2: Have not run in forever and was surprised by 2 things.. slow splits and blisters on bottoms of feet.

Adam Rogers said...

Adam - 1:22/1:18/1:19/1:21/1:23 = 6:43 working time

As rx'd, all unbroken, started coming forward on toes toward end of pushpress sets, makes for sore feet.

Becky - 3:07/2:34/2:39/2:45/2:39 = 13:44 working time

Weight as rx'd, 18in box jumps, compensated for higher box by not requiring 8in jump for burpees.

Mike Molloy said...

Part 1:


Part 2: Its friggin cold here but I toughed it out. I have no idea on the times but the effort felt about right. Small twinge on the top left of my right foot. Here comes icing 5 times/day.

Stephen Flamm said...

Taking a break from jumping and running for a week to see if the knee heals a bit. So, did the following:

Part 1:
A. Shoulder press, 3 sets of 5, 180 sec rest; 135
B. Shoulder press, 5 sets of max reps at 95, 120 sec rest; 15, 12, 8, 7, 7

Part 2:
Subbed row for the run, strapless at a damper of 4. Used watts to guage intensity, stayed at 250, 285, and 300 watts. Probably too easy.

Marie Rochat said...


Part 1 Done this morning:


Total: 7:59

Had some technical difficulties on round 2. I think I didn't warm up thoroughly enough becasue I felt pretty gasses on the first 2 rounds. The last 3 felt much much better.

Listening to Robb Wolf's podcast before I hit the running in an hour or so. Good stuff!

Michael McCabe said...

had to do part II first unfortunately (paid for it in the box jumps later...)

1:33, 1:27, 1:22
1:27, 1:25, 1:22
1:29, 1:27, 1:25

had trouble keeping pace during that 3rd wave, dropped off a bit during the second half of the lap. otherwise pacing felt good

11 hrs later....

part I
10:11 work time... box jumps broken unfortunately

Dave X said...

I only just realized I did Part 1 wrong!!

I did 10 PP, 15 burpees instead of the requiresd 15 pp and 10 burpees. I even wrote it down correctly!

All day I was stewing in my own juices about not getting a sub ten. Damn!

Now I guess that was a pretty sweet time!

Jason Buzzard said...

Part 1:

All push presses unbroken, can't seem to figure out the rythm for box jumps to make them unbroken.

I have a question in regards to the days that have doubles, some days I can't make it in the morning and the evening. Would it be better to do both work outs in the evening back to back or to do one on that day and make the other up on a later day?

Garage Crossfitter said...

rested 3.5 hrs

Runs done on my small old treadmill in basement with 7 foot ceilings, my road has no street lights and high snow banks.

1:55,1:45,1:30 x 3

Not too sure on accuracy, felt like i was flying but either way awesome workout. 8,9,10mph per run. 10 mph fastest treadmill goes...breathing was under control, legs got alittle heavy

quick funny story.. on my 2nd 90% effort my wife decided to turn the basement lights off, BOOM pitch dark, running on a treadmill that has probably a 14-16 inch wide track...haha that was almost nasty...

Aaron said...

Part 1: 0530
Total working time: 8:53
All unbroken. Jumped to pull-up bar for burpees.

Part 2: 1700
My 400m course ends with a good climb for the last 150m. Pacing felt right on for my energy for today. My legs were strong through all 9 sets.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Anyone see tomorrow's WOD on the CF HQ site?

Three rounds for time of:
Walk on hands, 100 feet
Hold handstand against wall for two minutes
15 Handstand push-ups

Let the whining begin...

Dave X said...

It looks like they started bitching my comment #5, Geoff. Haha.

atom said...

Part 2 - 10 Hours later

Ran a 400 M line that involved a steep but short hill at one end, a flat stretch then a prolonged hill at the other end.

Really found a niche in the 70% range where I was just above my anabolic threshold but could maintain a strong steady pace. I would consider this my 1 mile pace.

At 80% there was a significant increase in output and I could really feel the legs asking me to let up a bit. In the end there was nothing left to do but grind it out. This would my 1km pace.

At 90% we were almost sprinting but could maintain it through out. I think that we we're right on the 400m pace here.

Over the duration of the 400m rounds I could notice a difference between my energy level and my friends. This I believe was due to our different diets and while he's an extremely healthy eater he still bases his around highly dense carbohydrate sources where as mine is fat based.

This evenings running WOD was an interestin one.

Wes hendricks said...

Part 1 - 5:55

rested 7 hours

Part 2

70% = 1:30-1:25-1:27

80% = 1:22-1:20-1:22

90% = 1:16-1:19-1:20

Previous WOD's where we have done "gear" finding I have never really been able to get myself to go any faster or slower then a 1:30 for 400m pace. So with that said I was able to go faster with in each gear. I have a pretty good feel between 70 and 80 but as you can see I am a little unsure of how to do 90. I think I go a little to fast out the gait on 90 and slow down towards the end.

dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dan said...

part 2:
1 - 1.20/1.17/1.05/
2 - 1.31/1.21/1.13
3 - 1.31/1.20/1.11
feel the burn!

Rainer Hartmann said...

Part 1: 2:12, 2:58, 3:36, 3:43, 4:11; Total = 16:40. Only round 1 rx'd, 2-5 broken.
Rested 6 hours, Part 2: 1:50; 1:46; 1:38; 1:52; 1:46; 1:41, then my right calf cramped up, still barely able to walk right.

Steve Howell said...

Part 2:

70% 1:28/1:27/1:30
80% 1:19/1:20:1:21
90% 1:12/1:16/1:16

found it hard to find the right gear off the start but then became more comfortable. right calve really started to cramp up towards the last couple runs.

Justin said...

Total working time: 9:11. All push press and box jump unbroken and fast. What killed was the burpees. Coming out of those I had to take a 20-30 second breather before starting box jumps. Im feeling those 12 days off. It will come back.

Justin Flynn said...

Total working time: 9:11. All push press and box jump unbroken and fast. What killed was the burpees. Coming out of those I had to take a 20-30 second breather before starting box jumps. Im feeling those 12 days off. It will come back.

Roch said...

1@70 - 1.08.10
2@80 - 1.11.85
3@90 - 1.10.49

4@70 - 1.31.30
5@80 - 1.22.25
6@90 - 1.16.67

7@70 - 1.26.97
8@80 - 1.24.23
9@90 - 1.17.25

Mike J said...

Followed OPT for the first time personally, as well as bringing it to my clients.

I think I misunderstood a bit how to record times. Needed some caffeine before reading lol.

My overall time, including the 2 min rest periods between rounds was 14:26.

So I guess total working time is

6:26min. as rx'd.

Love this.

The CrossFit sectionals are coming up in Mar, Eastern Canada.
So pumped, and incorporating this program is going to help big time for us all.

Mike J
CrossFit Saint John

Craig said...

Part 1.
total time 5:33.
rounds 1:05,1:09,1:08,1:06,1:05
unbroken. 8" target overhead.
Good wod. quad burner!!

Part 2.
70% / 80% / 90%
1. 1:33 2. 1:25 3. 1:21
4. 1:30 5. 1:27 6. 1:25
7. 1:32 8. 1:27 9. 1:25

400's felt good. about round 5 my lower right calf started to tighten up. was able to finish strong, tried to keep it loose between sets. Dark, rainy, 43 degrees, gravel track with light pole about every 50 meters. Kind of a cool run here in Sitka, Ak.

Michael said...


Part 2
1,4,7- 1:24, 1:30, 1:30
2,5,8- 1:21, 1:25, 1:27
3,6,9- 1:19, 1:23, 1:23

Overall pretty pleased with my pacing and how i fealt, never been a good runner so i guess i'm pleased with my times.

Marie Rochat said...

Part 2 went well. I really enjoyed playing around with the 70%, 80%, and 90%. I did not time all the runs (I did a few here and there to make sure I was on pace), and I was relegated to the outer lanes of the track since high school sports were using the inner lanes.

Geoff Aucoin said...

I just realized the Regional Qualifiers in May is for the entire country... That's going to be 60 guys and 60 girls vying for 12 spots (6 male/6 female) for the ENTIRE COUNTRY!

That is going to be some kind of weekend.

Chris Fodera said...


8.5 hours rest

Part 2: I rowed 400s instead of running to avoid the impact on my right knee.

70%: 1:37.5 (2:00 /500m avg pace)
80%: 1:28.0 (1:50 /500m avg pace)
90%: 1:18.3 (1:38 /500m avg pace)

70%: 1:33.4 (1:56.9 /500m avg pace)
80%: 1:27.2 (1:49.1 /500m avg pace)
90%: 1:17.5 (1:37.0 /500m avg pace)

70%: 1:32.9 (1:56.2 /500m avg pace)
80%: 1:26.3 (1:47.9 /500m avg pace)
90%: 1:15.8 (1:34.8 /500m avg pace)

PWO: 22gP (Jarrow shake), 1 scoop Refuel
60 min later: steak, artichoke hearts, applesauce, mac nuts

- Was definitely able to feel the shift in gears from 70/80/90.
- I felt pretty good throughout though and am glad that I used the C2 instead of running.
- Legs felt dull from this morning, but nothing too major.

Katie said...

Part 1: 22:18. box jumps were broken. Last set of push press was broken.

Adam said...

WOD #1:
15 PP 95 lbs
10 burpees touch 8ft target
25 unbroken 20" bj's
rest 2 mins
rinse and repeat times


total: 6:13

3hrs rest

400m run 2 mins rest x9 aka: (70%,80%,90%)x3

Thank goodness the tread mill only went up to 12mph.

I did 3x 10mph-11mph-12mph.

I was lucky to make it through before the quad cramps started. Because they didn't take long.

If anyone has good advice I have a lot of issues with cramping in general. My diet is paleo, un-weighed/measured, gluten free even on cheat days, supplemented vitamin C, fish oils and potassium.

Thanks for any advice

unit said...

making up... couldn't WOD yest as at work 6a-12a...

A1- 225 / 245 / 255(2) / 255 (2) / 255 (1). 120sec rest
A2- all unbroken... 120sec rest... done as the following... 1-hands prone, 2- supinated, 3- mixed, 4- mixed the other way, 5- hands 2gether and prone with 15lbs at ankles...
2min rest
B- 275- felt quick
C1- unbroken x5
C2- unbroken harop curls x5, mixed beginner and advanced...

15min rest

today's WOD1

1:15 / 1:15 / 1:15 / 1:18 / 1:51
~ 6:54
tripped and fell on my face on 12th rep of last set of bj's... got my ass up 2 redo the 25 unbroken as rx... flub up mental fart...

wanted 2 run... but fatigue is setting in and calling it a day. will run another day...

29 / M / 72" / 190

unit said...

of note 4 my own accountability...

C1- done with hands as follows
1- prone
2- supinated
3- mixed
4- mixed the other way
5- hands 2gether, prone, split legged at top


Brent Maier said...


WOD #1: 9:34

1 hour rest

WOD #2:
70% - 1:35
80% - 1:24
90% - 1:22

70% - 1:39
80% - 1:28
90% - 1:23

70% - 1:41
80% - 1:34
90% - 1:24

Notes: Tonights workout was with KyleF again. I think I screwed my timer up on round 3 of wod 1 because that was the only round I timed myself. I didn't hit my <8 minute goal. He is thinking of coming down from Ft. Collins for the OPT challenge #3. Looking forward to this next challenge!

Sam said...

Part 2
Okay I was a sprinter in hs and did not remember 400s hurting this much. Haha!
I did my wo on a treadmill. Speed for 70% was 6min/mi pace, 80%-5.6, 90%-5.1.
I did well until the last 400 when I had to hop off the treadmill bc I felt that I was going to fall.

Brent Maier said...

All runs were on an outdoor 400m track. I'm running outside any chance I get. Treadmills are evil!

Chad said...

Part 2

Projected Pace:
70%- 1:32
80%- 1:21
90%- 1:12

1/4/7: 1:31/1:35/1:37
2/5/8: 1:21/1:23/1:28
3/6/9: 1:15/1:21/1:26

Had a hard time finding that 90% intensity. It was cold, raining and dark and my left post tib was starting to talk to me.

Chris Dunkin said...

8 hrs rest

Part 2:
1/4/7= 1:30, 1:28, 1:28
2/5/8= 1:20, 1:22, 1:21
3/6/9= 1:10, 1:14, 1:12

Evan Z said...

Part 1
I was a zombie this morning.
Part 2
I could not get to it today. Dealing with the family issue.

Ken c said...

Part two done four hours after part one.

1 4 7: 1:36 1:34 1:35
2 5 8: 1:23 1:24 1:24
3 6 9: 1:19 1:22 1:22

70% 1:36
80% 1:24
90% 1:12
:59 is pr.

Clemson Rob said...

Part 1: 15:10 (rest time subtracted from total), box jumps broken but they were cyclical (first time not doing the jump up, step down method!)
Part 2:
70% = 1:40
80% = 1:28
90% = 1:18
All intervals were 2-8 sec fast with the following exceptions: the 70% interval for set 7 was perfectly on time, set 6 was :05 slow, set 9 was :02 slow.
Overall thoughts = had trouble going “slow” enough to hit the lower percentages. Definitely need to work on changing gears better.

Ken c said...

Felt good to run. Recovered well. Had no real 90% gear after the first wod.

N.H said...

Part 2:

In order:
1:18 (Had a really hard time gauging speed)

1:28 (There we go)

1:18-1:20 I have a gps watch, and when I stopped and looked at my watch it said I still had 9 feet to go. Oh technology!

I don't consider myself an especially talented runner. I went into this workout wanting to be consistent. I was surprised how recovered I felt after 2 minutes. At the end of just about every 400 I was thinking, damn... I'm pretty tired. By the end of the 2 minutes I was convinced the next interval wasn't going to be as bad. :) Funny how that works.


No Excuses said...

Part 1: Working Time of 7:31. 1:15/1:21/1:32/1:37/1:36

Part 2: Well....didn't get to it today!

Erik Luber said...

Part 2:
1:39, 1:26, 1:18
1:36, 1:25, 1:20
1:34, 1:27, 1:17

Felt OK. Pacing was good, but times were frustrating. Square corners on the track really slow you down, my 400m PR is 1:03...

md said...

Part 1
9:35 total working time
26" box is all we had so....

Part 2
great run.

Kathleen said...

Part I @ 7:00 am
2:19/2:36/2:39/2:44/3:27* = 13:45
Happy about PP; had to take 17 breaths btwn burp's & BJ
*Re-do BJ (got to 8)

Part II @ 5:30 pm Heliport
1 = 1:45 [probably too fast]
2 = 1:40 [probably too fast]
3 = 1:35
4 = 1:52
5 = 1:37 [too fast for 80%]
6 = 1:37
7 = 1:51
8 = 1:43
9 = 1:36
90%'s were consistent
important to start fast off the mark when trying to decrease time

Grant said...

same weight, height & age as this morning
Part II @ 5:30 pm @ Heliport
1,4,7 (70%) = 1:40; 1:45; 1:45
2,5,8 (80%) = 1:30; 1:33; 1:35
3,6,9 (90%) = 1:20; 1:23; 1:22

Mack Lar said...

Part 1: Total working time 6:44
Part 2: 70% avg=1:30
80% avg=1:18
90% avg=1:13

Anthony said...

Part 1
Rounds of 1:15
TWT 7 min.
Push press felt fine and smooth though not particularly fast. Burpees got a bit slower after the 3 round and I was constantly chasing my friend who's a bodyweight freak. Smoked every round of box jumps with ease unbroken and finished ahead of him each time.

PWO Fuel: 1 scoop refuel and 32 g protein

Covino 24 and I didn't get our total time for Part 2 but we came out a little too hard and by the mid point had our throttles dialed in pretty well.

PWO fuel: 1 scoop refuel

joey warren said...

part 1 6:46

10 hours rest

part 2- done on outdoor track
*1:06- my watch ran out of batteries- estimation but went all out and felt great, surprised how well I felt considering we havnt ran in a while- perfect pace

Heavy Evy said...

Part 2.

Got a bit to ambitious with my pacing, set 7-9 was the best, probaly should have been shooting for 1:40,1:35,1:30.

Geoff Aucoin: I know what you mean, I like the sound of "Crossfit Canadian Nationals" better, as regionals makes it seem like a smaller event!

Steve Smith said...

Solid times, Joey.

Brandon said...

WOW!!! I should have known a double would be hard but I had no idea.

Part 1
13:28 - push press unbroken, burpees difficult, 1st set BJ unbroken, all remaining broken...legs were smoked

Part 2
First set of 3 were hard to get the pacing down. Second set of 3 felt great. Did my best to hold pacing in the 3rd set. Last 90% run was probably 100% of perceived exertion...almost puked in the last few strides. Very happy to finish without losing intensity.

will said...

651 working on first part.

crashed and burned on second. twisted ankle on 6th round and had to stop. couldnt keep pace to save my life.

Anonymous said...

i did 3 rounds of part 1:

20 minutes rest

6 rowing sprints. it was interesting working on pacing.

Jeffrey said...

Part 1:
Time: 12:14 damn burpees grrr. Fist set unbroken after that I had to take a few secs rest.

Part 2:
Had fun with this one!
1,4,7 (70%) = 1:45, 1:48, 1:51
2,5,8 (80%) = 1:32, 1:32, 1:39
3,6,9 (90%) = 1:24, 1:23, 1:27

Dougie Fresh said...

Working Time 6:44
1. 1:14
2. 1:12
3. 1:28
4. 1:19
5. 1:31

26 / 5'11" / 185 Burpee's hardest part. More of a cardio issue than muscle fatigue. First week on this blog. Crossfit for 10 months gymnastics backround before that.

Kyle F said...


Total time of 9:58. Felt pretty good. Able to stay unbroken as Rx'd but I think my time suffered cause I went slow and steady to stay unbroken.

WOD 2 (these are by memory but they're close)

70- 1:38/1:50/1:48
80- 1:36/1:32/1:34
90- 1:26/1:26/1:22

Runs were hard. Times were slow. Felt the gears though.

Slater Coe said...

part 1 - 1:24, 1:27, 1:42, 1:48, 1:30 = 7:51... death on 5th round.

rest 10 min

part 2 - 1:45, 1:38, 1:32, 1:46, 1:34, 1:23, 1:43, 1:31, 1:22... form still needs help. Hips were sore afterwards.

rackempackem said...

Late post, but i did it on the day.

part 1:
1. 1:47
2. 2:58 (15, 2, 8)
3. 2:44 (22, 1, 2)
4. 2:44 (15, 10)
5. 2:36 (15, 10)
Mentally and physically crushed by this workout. I can't BJ period. No bounce what so ever. Burpees hard at this spec. - i like it. Regular burpees are hard to judge. Did not have time to wait out unbroken BJ's. Back to the drawing board.

part 2:
1:39, 1:29, 1:19
1:37, 1:28, 1:21
1:35, 1:27, 1:20
After the ordeal on part 1 i contemplated not doing part 2. Very happy i did. Did it at my local track witch during the winter turns into a "bandy"-rink. So conditions where difficult with lots of snow and ice. I aimed for 1:40, 1:30, 1:20 and i am very happy with the consistency. In dry/warm conditions i think 5 seconds of on all rounds would be a more suitable target. Very useful experience.

Danny B said...

Part 1(18"box)
Total working time 16:06(this smoked me!)

Danny B said...

Part 2
70%: 2:00,1:47,1:46
80%: 1:36,1:37,1:37
90%: 1:28,1:30,1:31
I could definately tell acceleration difference between %'s in the begining of the runs, but in later rounds I definately felt fatigue setting in.

NGibson said...

Part 1 - 8:55 total

Part 2 -



Notes: LOVED this back to back. First workout was great at screwing with legs and brain connection to jump come the box jumps. Body and brain got on the same program round 3. Runs felt good. 70% too fast, backed off on 2 and 3 sets for first 400m. Loved going from 90 to 70 - felt so easy!

Caro L said...

Part 1 12:10 min. Cool but really hard!!

Part 2 I just start back running so I did a diff. workout eassier but really good for me.

imosher said...

Only had time for 6 400s:

Part 2:
1:34 slight down hill
1:26 slight up hill
1:14 slight down hill
1:39 slight up hill
1:24 slight down hill
1:18 slight up hill

dontpanic356 said...

Playing catch up:

Part 1: 7:10

Burpees were the slowing factor.

Chad Hall said...

Part 1

1:34/1:35/1:36/1:41/1:36 Total = 8:02

Wanted under 8. Burpees are slow. Box jumps were good. Push press easy until 4th round. Transition was slow.

Part 2

1,4,7 = 2:02, 2:00, 2:01
2,5,8 = 1:41, 1:51, 1:48
3,6,9 = 136, 1:44, 1:44

Didn't try and game this, went purely off of feel. 70% may have been more like 60% but kept it consistent. 80% was decent and probably could have done a little faster at 90%. It was interesting to see how close/far I was running based on feel, didn't watch the time as I was running. Haven't ran in a while, need to work on it.

Shane and Karen said...

part 1:
1:30, 1:52(1), 2:05, 2:17, 2:15

All everythings unbroken except my second set of box jumps, not sure what happened there, my brain just turned off I think. My burpees got pretty slow, but I never actually stopped. This got ugly fast. I really wish I could hold on to that speed I have in the early rounds.

I was only able to schedule in about 5 hours rest

part 2:
1:30, 1:24, 1:22, 1:34, 1:28, 1:26, 1:37, 1:29, 1:27

These were done as 200m there and backs. Running is my single biggest weakness, hands down. Not too happy with the times themselves, but very pleased at how I seemed to pace well and find the appropriate gears for the rx'd level of effort. I usually really struggle in that department, so this was a victory for me.

Great WODs, thanks Coach. Loving the Big Dawgs programming so far. Thanks very much for making this available to us, really cool.