Jan 3, 2009

A1. HSPU @ 2010 - amrap (-2) x 3 sets; rest 60 sec
A2. Semi Stiff Legged DL @ 4011; 8-10 x 3; rest 60 sec
B1. Ring Push Ups @ 2010 - amrap (-2) x 3 sets; rest 45 sec
B2. KBS - 25 unbroken x 3; rest 45 sec
C1. Dips @ 2010 - amrap (-2) x 3 sets; rest 30 sec
C2. GHD Raises @ 2010; 10-15 x 3; rest 30 sec

post loads, notes and reps to comments
amrap (-2) means you attempt a max rep set but stop approximately 2 reps short of failure on speed
swings to just inches above forehead

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/25g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/10g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/20g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/30g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Tyler Smith said...

Looks fun... ready to get back in the swing of things.

Anonymous said...

What does the (-2) mean?

britt said...
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deejay said...

read the post...

Martin Altemark said...

HSPU: 13, 10, 9
SLD: 10x70kg, 10x80kg, 10x90kg

Ring pushups: 17, 12, 10
Swings: 25x32kg, 25x32kg, 25x32kg

Dips: 8, 9, 8
GHD Raises (45degree bench): 15, 15, 15 (hands at sides, a bit slower tempo than rx'd at excentric because bench unstable)

Ok. Now I have no posterior chain. Thanks. :-)

Mack Lar said...

A1. 8/7/6
A2. 185/205/225
B1. 19/13/11
B2. 80/80/80
C1. 9/7/8
C2. 12/12/12
Hard to judge (-2). Didnt want to sell myself short. GHD Raises have taken on a whole new meaning since figuring out that I was doing them wrong a couple of weeks ago. Hands at temples, then moved to chest and waist for GHD Raises.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A1 6,5,5
A2 135,155,175

B1 15,11,8
B2 70x3

C1 8,6,6
C2 10x3

Another tough wod. I felt good. it was hard to judge -2, i may have cut a few sets short. GHD raises were painful, same thing as Mack Lar, now that i'm doing those the right way, whooaahh. 400+ deadlift easy soon....HOWWWWWWLLLLLLL!!!

Mike Molloy said...

I did some research this morning on a "semi" stiff legged dead lift and ended up more confused than anything else.

I got this video over at catalyst of a stiff legged dead lift. What's the difference between this and a semi-stiff?


Thanks to anyone for the help.

Noah Milstein said...

I had to heavily modify this one.

A1) DB-SP@20kg - 8/7/7
A2) DL (not stiff legged)@100kg - 10/10/10
B1) Ring PU - 14/9/7
B2) DBS 30kgx25/26kgx25/26kgx16
C1) Dip - 7/6/6
C2) Back Ext - 15/15/15

This kicked my ass.

rwcorson said...

The video shows the movement.
Legs are slightly bent, back is set, chest proud, weight is on the heels and you push your ass back throughout lowering/eccentric phase.
The ROM depends on your hamstring flexibility and your ability to keep your back set, but the weight never touches the floor.
If you are doing them correctly, you should feel a big stretch in your hamstrings while lowering.

Mike Molloy said...

Appreciate the fast response Corson.

I figured as much but the "semi" threw me off.

brian cilento said...

A1: 13, 10, 8
A2: 135X10, 135X10, 135X10
2nd workout on the road to recovery from a back injury, did not want to push it with the weight

B1: 20, 14, 11
B2: 53lbs, 53lbs, 53lbs @RX
same with RDL, did not want to push it with weight

C1: 7, 6, 6
C2: 10,10,10

BK said...

A1: 3,4,4
A2: 185x10 tempo was off, 185x8,185x10
B1: 14,13,11
B2: 2 POOD unbroken
C2: 3X10
Warmup was insufficient and HSPU suffered as result ,actually...to be honest I need work on bodyweight movements.

Linker said...

A1: 11-8-6
A2: 135x8-185x8-205x8
B1: 18-11-9
B2: 2 pood for all
C1: 9-6-5
C2: No GHD Machine

Jefff said...

A1. 7 (Came off wall), 6 (Came off wall), 8
A2. 205,215,225
B1. 12,9,7
B2. 2 PD (25 UB, 25 UB, 15-5-5)
C1. 8,4,4 (Ring Dips)
C2. 10,10,10 (last set broken)

GHD Raises were harder than ever today. Maybe from DL? Swings were tough with short rest period.

Rusty said...

A1. 20, 16, 12
A2. 225
B1. 13, 14, 15
B2. 1.5 Pood
C1. 8,8,5
C2. 10,10,10

dmarsh said...

Dennis - 31m/180

A1. 13,10,7
A2. 176,196,206
B1. 13,10,10
B2. 32kg x 22,25,20
C1. 8,7,7
C2, 15,15,15

Grip was shot from sets 2 & 3 of SLDL and surprisingly limited me on KBS. Hands folded over chest on GHRs.

Jenn - 35f/125

A1. 6,5,5
A2. 110,110,110
B1. 10,10,10
B2. 24kgx12/6/7, 16kgx25x2
C1. 5,5,5
C2. 10,10,10

Hands folded over chest for GHRs.

Ali Loach said...

SO glad to be back at it....

A1. 2/2/3
*first 2 sets full ROM, last set to 1 inch mat
A2. 135(10 reps)/145(8)/150(8)
*doubt I was doing these right as my grip felt more taxed than my hamstrings
B1. 6/8/8
B2. 1.25pd/1.5pd/1.5pd
*first 2 sets unbroken last set broken 15,10 (frustrated with this because it was nothing more than a mental breakdown)
*second set done after a break MUCH longer than 30s as I was trying to figure out GHD raises since it was the first time I've done them on an actual GHD

Ass officially kicked....snowboarding lessons in 2.5 hours should be interesting :o)

David said...


A1. 12, 8, 6
A2. 10 @ 80kg, 91kg, 95kg

B1. 15, 10, 8
B2. 25, 25, 18 + 7 @ 32kg

C1. 10, 7, 6
C2. 10, 10, 10

David said...

And no laying on my back at the end of the workout, (per Miko's opinion) I think that is a good mental goal to strive for.

andrew Romeo said...

A1: 6, 3, 5
A2: 185x10, 205x10, 235x10

B1: 26, 19, 12
B2: 2 Pood unbroken

C1: 10,8,7
C2: 3x15- arms across chest

tough workout, need to keep working on HSPU

Evan Z said...

Sorry for the late post. Visting my father is Saskatoon who not only does not have any internet, but no computer to plug into the internet.

115,105,95 for the rest.
CU's first three sets unbroken then all remaining sets were broken into 2.

A1. 205/205/225
A2. 9/7/6
B1. 18/15/10
B2. 60/60/60
C1. 15/13/9
C2. 15x3 with 15#

Felt really light headed and somewhat ill during both yesterday and today's workouts. Not sure why.
Going to see the Canadian Junior semi-final in a few hours, so I will be feeling better when we beat the Swiss!

PTS said...

a1. HSPU - 5,5,5
a2. SSLDL 155,185,205

b1. ring pushup- 22,20,18
b2. KBS 55, 70, 70

c1. dips 15,12,11
c2. gh raises 15,15,15

felt really good today for 3rd workout in a row. SSLDL reminded me of college workouts. not looking forward to the way my hammies will be feeling tomorrow.

Paul Klein said...

A1. 4, 3, 2 all done on parallets to weights piled up 2" below hands. I got a little over confident these, 2 was amrap. Had I done amrap -2 it would have been 0.

A2. 155, 175, 200 all sets of 10

B1. 16, 12, 10
B2. 70lb Dumbell, all unbroken

C1. 10, 8, 6
C2. Back extensions
15 reps with 10lb db

I don't have a real ghd machine and can only do back extensions on my rig. I messed around for a while trying to get a set up that would hold my feet to a raise. But I kept falling out. I hate the thought of having to spend $600 bucks for a ghd...anybody have any sugestions?

Kevin O'Malley said...

Posterior Chain was shot after this WOD--- Def taking a rest day tomm. no CrossFit Endurance Row, and going back to teaching after 2 week break...
SLDL- Went Lighter on this movement, to ensure good tempo
115-135-155- all done at ten reps
Ring Push-Ups: 17-12-11
Dumbbell Swings-All done at 60 lbs, unbroken
Ring Dips-10-8-7-Done at RX Tempo
GHD RAISES-15-12-12- Hammies crushed

LuLu said...


A1. HSPU- full range of motion and temp= 1st set=12 / 2nd set= 14 /
3rd set= 12

A2. 1st set = 100lbs x 10
2nd set = 95lbs x 10
3rd set = 95lbs x 10
Had trouble with the technique on these, need to work on them.

B1. Ring push ups were full range of motion and correct tempo:
1st set=12 / 2nd set = 10 3rd set = 10

B2. 16kg for all three sets x 25 did not break one set

C1. Dips were full range of motion and tempo: 1st set=12 / 2nd set= 14
3rd set= 12

C2. GHD raises are new to me, they were interesting :)
1st set= 8 / 2nd set = 10 / 3rd set= 10

I felt like I was going to throw up after this workout. I felt sick since last night, I think it has to do with all the holiday garbage food I have been eating. Back to whole food, NOW. Things should get better :)

Rainer Hartmann said...

A1: 9-8-6
A2: 135-10, 155-10; 175-8
B1: 10-8-7
B2: 45 x 25 - 3 rounds
C1: 7-5-5
C2: 12-12-12

Steve Smith said...

I plan on rolling all over the ground...on my back, stomach, whatever, after these workouts.

If someone (or some other animal) want's to fight me while I'm on the gound, I'll stand back up.

Bring it.

Roch said...

A1 : 19-15-9
A2 : 315(10)-315(10)-345(8)

B1 : 28-15-13
B2 : 32kg Full ROM unbroken

C1 : Ring dips (to much peps on
regular bars and GHD) 15-13-8
C2 : Sub on the floor (hold ankle)

Saverio said...

A1-6,7,6 A2-195,215,225. B1-16,12,12. B2-25, 15 then 10, 17 then 8. C1-10,9,8. C2-12,13,15. I did the burpe Saturday so I was pretty spent trying to do this w.o.d. Had a hard time doing the kb swings un-broken also.

Roch said...

What about touching the floor on one side and alternate to the other versus touching both at the same time like at the game?

I found both at the same time give me the worst headache and sharp pain in the lower back even if I keep my abs tight?

Brent Maier said...

Hey Dj!

Roch, I suggest you perform GHD's as prescribed and when workout doesn't designate, then use both hands until your head is about to explode, then switch to single hands. As long as they are viable in competition, keep working on them!

David, I saw a SISU video a month or two ago and haven't laid down after a workout since. I'm hoping that mentality will help make me stronger although I am very fond of Steve's method. heh

Jenny said...

A1. 16-13-9
A2. 10-10-10 ( 50kg-70kg-80kg)
B1. 14-9-8
B2. 25-25-25 ( 24 kg-16kg, to easy!)-20 kg )
C1. 12-10-10
C2. On the floor ( hold ankle) 15-10-15

Lisa M said...

Holy Crap LuLu you are a beast with the HSPU and ring dips wow great job.

Ali welcome back. How did your husband do??

Going to do this WOD right now should be interesting as arms are toast from yesterday.

Steve Smith said...


What's SISU? Just did a quick google search and didn't pull anything relavent up.

I'm open to new ideas.

Emilie P-B said...

A1: 6-5-5 (on 1 abmat)
A2: 110 lbs (10) 3 sets

B1: 8-7-6
B2: 20kg for all three sets x 25 unbroken

C1: 10-8-8
C2: 14-15-15
With longer breaks, only 1 GHD available

Michael McCabe said...

A1. 4, 4, 4
A2. 205x10, 235x10, 255x8 (broke tempo on 8th)
B1. 16, 13, 9
B2. 1.5pood (biggest i've got)
C1. 8, 8, 7
C2. subbed good mornings @75#; 15x3

post wod fuel: .5L skim milk + scoop of whey (~40p/25c)

NGibson said...

A1. 4, 3, 3
A2. 85x10, 105x10, 135x10
B1. 10, 8, 7
B2. 20kg
C1. 6, 4, 5
C2. GHD raises w/ 1 band

A1. Handstand push-ups head to ground on every rep, full lockout at top
A2. Should have started heavier. Not much experience with these, fun stuff. Thanks for demo video.
B1. Rings set 2 inches from ground, chest to floor each rep
B2. Grip tired from 20-25 of each set
C1. Bicep to ring every rep, full elbow lock out at top, strict
C2. Holy shit. Never done these before. It was as if my brain could not communicate to my glutes/hams what the hell they were supposed to do. Could not perform movement. Scaled using one band attached to foot hold and then held over shoulder with 1 arm. Can post picture if people are interested. Worked well. 10 was a struggle.

Covino24 said...

A1) 8/8/7 -FRofM
A2) 195#/215#/225# on tempo felt good

B1) 15/10/8 feet raised on a box
B2) 53#KB - 25/20-5/17-8 shoulders were smoked from yesterday, that was my best effort at Unbroken

C1) 8/7/6
C2) 15/12/12 all raises hands behind the head.

GHD Situps - pretty spent so just did 3 sets of 10

Danny B said...

Mack Lar or Garage Crossfitter, if u don't mind, and have the time to. Could one of you please explain the proper way of doing a GHD Raise. I wonder now if I'm doing them right since both of you admitted to just learning how to do them correctly. I know the difference between hip extension and back extension, but if you could clarify the correct way of how to do a GHD raise I would greatly apprectiate it.

Stephen Flamm said...

A1. 5, 4, 3
A2. 9 x 135, 10 x 135, 9 x 155
B1. 14, 10, 9
B2. 70, 79, 70
C1. 5, 4, 4
C2. 10, 10, 10

HSPUs pain-free but weak. Should have gone heavier on all of the swings, but every time I finished the push-ups, I felt like it wouldn't be possible. Dips were on rings, with full, deep ROM. Subbed reverse hypers for GHRs due to swelling on the left knee - the fully extended knee position at the bottom of the move just wasn't feeling right.

LuLu said...


Thanks Lisa M. I love HSPU's and DIPS. They are my strength. Now I just have to work on my weakness, which is strength, haha. It will come with time and fun people like you cheering me on :)
Bye from the Eastside
Louise Crossfit Montreal

Aaron said...

A1. 11/11/7
A2. 10x155/165/175
B1. 12/9/8
B2. 3x25x53# KB
C1. 9/9/8
C2. 3x8

Left 1 or 2 reps in the tank. Good tempo. Rest between sets was well timed.

NorCal Chris said...

A1. 8-5-6 (modified toes on box)
A2. 10-8-10 ( 165#-185#-185#)
B1. 9-10-8
B2. 25-25-25 ( 2 pood )
C1. 5-5-5
C2. 10-12-12 (hands cross chest)

A1. Are people kipping these?
A2. Forgot tempo for 1st set then good for 2/3
B. KBS were taxing but unbroken

EHR said...

Eric R

A1 14,13,10
A2 155,175,195
B1 17,17,14
B2 2.5 pood 25, 15/10, 15/10,
I bit off more than I could chew with the 2.5 pood but I decided to stick with it until the end
C1 ring dips 10,8,7
C2 7,12,12

Stephen Flamm said...

Steve Smith -

SISU is the name of a little documentary on Mikko Salo that was just released in the CF Journal. In it, Mikko talks about the idea of "sisu", a Finnish concept roughly translating to perseverance, staying calm under fire, determination, having enormous balls, etc. Mikko says that falling down after a WOD is the equivalent of an animal exposing it's belly in surrender, so he has decided to never do it.

The documentary is solid.

Joel B. said...


A1: 6, 5, 5
head to floor, no kip
A2: 155, 185, 205X8
205 was a stretch
B1: 16, 12, 11
rings as low as they could go and not stretch out and scrape my knuckles. Chest to floor and hands in at top of movement.
B2: 1.5 pood, 2, 2
These were hard on the 2 pood.
C1: 9, 8, 7
arms/chest shot at this point
C2: 12, 12, 12
hammies now done as well

Another smoker. Nice...thanks coach.

Lisa M said...

A1:4/5/4 last two sets to skinny end of abmat. I am slowly getting better at these. Lulu you will have to give me some lessons!! Any tips you have i would love to hear them

A2: 125/135/145 felt good hammies were screaming all 10s

B1 12/10/8 last set i elevated feet so they were even with rings then went past horizontal that was much harder

B2: 1pd too easy but 1.5 too heavy to do unbroken - hmmmmmm

C1 6/5/5 getting better as well
C2 10/10/10 on my horrible rigged up thingy with bosu ball/kitchen chair etc always makes these interesting. Ouch on the hammies!!

Look out foam roller here i come.

Again i would like to say i am really glad to see all the new dawgettes on here and all posting great numbers - i love it, it will push me harder and hopefully vice versa.

Joel B. said...

Steve...I think SISU is some Finnish word that describes a mindset or quality, if I remember the header/description in the CF Journal correctly. I hear you on the get up and fight/workout or whatever when you need to though! Pretty funny.

NorCal Chris...I don't know how to kip hspu, so I don't and not sure about others.

DannyB: Here is a video of a GHR:

Here are a bunch of great movement demo's:

David said...

Here's another reference on the GH Raise:


Steve G said...

at CFC


A1: 7/8/10
A2: 155/185/215 all x 8

B1: 20/12/10
B2: used 1.5 pood

C1: 7/7/7
C2: 10 reps each set


Hard to find ARAMP -2 effort...perhaps could get higher

Never did SLDL before...really felt in hamstrings

RPU's: perhaps could have pushed more...KBS w/ HSPU really smoked shoulders...

GHD raises: never done before...challenging...could only do a few reps per set with hands at temples...rest with hands on chest...

Post WOD fuel: whey protein mixed with apple sauce and cinnamon...

bmizzlle said...

A1: 5/5/4
A2: 10x135#/11x185# accident/ 10x205 shoulda gone heavier to start
B1: 13/12/10
B2: 1.5 pood/2 pood/2 pood all unbroken
C1: (Strict Ring Dips) 6/5/5
C2: Back extensions 14/11/9

all rx'd tempos

lower back and hammys gone.
abs extremely sore in upper region I think from OHS yesterday.

Chad Hall said...

A1: 10, 10, 9
A2: 155(10), 205(10), 235(10)

B1: 12, 10, 10
B2: 2 Pood all unbroken

C1: 10, 7, 6
C2: No GHD so subbed kneeling negatives, sets of 10 with slowest decent possible

Notes: Core and shoulders were feeling extremely sore and tender from yesterday but had a solid warmup and foam role and felt pretty good. HSPU felt good, not sure when to stop but I think 10 was good. SSLDL were new to me, I felt like I could have pushed maybe 275. Should have warmup up those a little more to see weight. Really happy with the KBS, wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it in the third round, grip is still toast. Not really happy with the dips. Negative hamstring raises were slow until about at a 45 degree angle then just fell. All in all pretty happy with today.

Starting a strict paleo diet for 30 days tomorrow!

ken c said...

A1 8 7 7
A2 225x10 235x10 235x10
B1 18 12 12
B2 70(ub) 70(ub) 70(10-5-10)
C1 6 6 7
C2 15 15 15

didn't have much juice left in my shoulders for the dips after the push ups and kb swings. great workout.

Dan said...

A1: 8,10,10
A2: 10@185, 10@205, 10@215

B1: 12(w/ 1 pood kb), 14(BW), 14(BW)
B2: 1.5pood kb (all 3 sets unbroken)

C1:18,10,9 (All BW)
C2:10,12,12 (dont know if i did them wright)

joey warren said...

A1. 10 (hands under shoulders), 10 (hands wide), 8 (thumbs under shoulders)
A2. 155, 185, 205 - all sets of 10 @ tempo

B1. 15, 12, 10
B2. 70lb, 70lb, 88lb - all unbroken, used 2KB @ 44lb each

C1. 12, 8, 8
C2. 12, 11, 11 - at tempo tough

Anonymous said...

A1. 9,7,6
A2. 10/115 10/150 10/185
B1. 19,15,11
B2. all with 2 pood unbroken
C1. 8,8,7
C2. subbed good mornings no GHD
15/65 15/85 14/95

Wes hendricks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wes hendricks said...

A1. 18-15-12
A2, 205-215-225 x 10
B1, 18-12-10
B2. 2 POOD x 25 (why were these so hard?)
C1. 10-7-7
C2. 15-12-11

I am not sure if I did the stiff legged DL correct looking at some of the other weights. I used a prone grip for the DL's which made the KB swings much more miserable.

Laura said...

A1: 2/1/1
A2: 108/123/133--form dodgy on last set
B1: 13/10/10
B2:1.25pd/1.5--13 reps, was just being wimpy/1.5 pd unbroken. Had a hard time only going inches above forehead
C1: 8/6/6
C2:15/11/11--all with hands behind head, elbows out

Gord said...

A1. 14/9/9
A2. 132/142/152
B1. 18/13/10
B2. 2pd/2pd/(F)18reps 2pd
C1. 8/7/6
C2. 15/15/15

the amrep -2 was difficult to gage

Brent Maier said...


A1 HSPU: 8/5/5
A2 SSL DL: 110/120/130kg (286#) - Reps 10/10/8
B1 RingPU: 17/9/7
B2 KBS: 85/80/75# - All unbroken
C1 Dips: 6/6/5 - All static, no kip
C2 GHD Raise: 15/15/15

Notes: Strict tempo, if not a little slower on everything. This one caught up to me after the first round of B. The DL's had a severe impact on those KBS. The plan was to do 80/90/100# but I accidentally grabbed an 85# on the first round and thought bloody hell after the fact. I was winded and fatigued today.

Steve, Flamm couldn't have explained it any better. I saw a preview of that video a while back and haven't laid down since. Give it a go. Today it was a 35 second walk between the KB's and the ring pushups. Nearly collapsed after set 2 and 3 of the KB on my walk back. On the 3rd round, about 15 seconds in, I had a mental note to pick myself up and stay strong. Instantly, my breathing slowed and my posture straightened up during the walk. SISU!

Steve Howell said...


A1: 12/9/6
A2: 155x10/175x10/190x10
B1: 17/10/8
B2: 1.5 pood all unbroken
C1: 10/8/5
C2: 15 for all 3 sets

Mike Molloy said...

A1: 14-10-8
A2: 135(10) 185(8) 205(8). Started too light.

B1: 15-10-10
B2: 1.5 pood-2 pood-2 pood

C1: 12-7-6 (tempo crushed me)
C2: 10-10-10 OUCH

The past 5 days, the guys at Primal Fitness hosted me. Even though they were closed today, one of their trainers (Quint) came in and opened up just so I could get a workout in. If anyone heads to the DC area, definitely check them out.

Jon M said...

A1. 10,8,6. Did these with belly button facing the wall at tempo.
A2. 225x10, 245x8, 245x8. Done off of blocks to increase ROM and with straps

B1. 10,8,8
B2. 2 pood x 25 unbroken

C1. 6,5,5
C2. 10x10x10

rwcorson said...

A1. 5,5,4
A2. 130x10,155x10,175x8
B1. 17,14,12
B2. all unbroken, I used 1.5 Pood, the grip was hurtin' in the last few reps of each set.
C1. 5,5 on rings, then I realized my mistake and did 8. triceps toast.
C2. 11,10,10

Erik Luber said...

A1. 7, 5, 4
A2. 115, 158x8, 158x7
B1. 12, 8, 6
B2. 62, 53, 44
C1. 8,6,7
C2. 9,8,7

First WOD back at home in a full gym, it was awesome! HSPUs feel like they are getting a lot stronger. Thought I was going to puke doing the KBS, but managed all unbroken. Dips done on rings. GHD raises very broken, but I need to keep at them, eventually I will grow some hamstrings.

BK said...

The burn in my anterior deltoids from the OHS yesterday made the 25 swings very freakin mental late in the game for me.
Know how ya feel mate....

Heavy Evy said...

A1. 9/6/6
A2. 134X10,167X10,211X10
B1. 11/10/8
B2. 45#kbX3 unbroken
C1. 5,5,4 ring dips
C2. 10,10,10 Hands behind head.

All tempos were rx'd, need to go heavier quicker on DL's, but I'm new to this and I'm logging everything for future wods, needed more weight for kbs swings, wll bring a heavy dumbell from weight room next time, or try Joey's method.
1st time on rings, had to use them for dips as well, I looked like bambi on ice when I first hopped on them in warmup!
Also turns out I've been using a heavier barbell the past few days, but it's not marked so was wondering if there are common weights for bars heavier then 45#, as the staff this weekend at the gym didn't have any idea how heavy it was.
Stay Classy

Steve Smith said...

A1: 225x10, 245x10, 255x10
- Felt strong. Grip tough.
A2: 7, 6, 6
- Had a hard time measuring (-2). Thumbs inside shoulders.

B1: 17, 15, 15
- Felt srong. Feet even with hands on step.
B2: Unbroken, 32kg
- Very tough for some reason. You know, scratch that. This was a miserable mental melee.

C2: 15, 15, 15
C1: 10, 10, 10
- Had a very tough time with the end of this workout.

Steph, Brent, and Joel: Thanks for the explaination! I'll check out the journal.

For today though, yes, I laid on my back. I think Mikko needs to work harder ;)

Jaques A said...
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Jacques A said...

A2: 200X8,200X8,200X8 (should have gone heavier)

B2:with 32kg 25,25,25 all unbroken and ovehead
C2: modified from floor first set=15, 10/10 on GHD after.

Chris Stroud said...

A1. 16/13/11
A2. 155x10/175x8/175x8
B1. 18/15/13
B2. 2 pood 14-11/ 1.5 pood 25/ 1.5 pood 25
C1. 16-14-10
C2. All BW x 15

CF one world/23yrs/160lb/5'7

Marie Rochat said...


A1. 10/8/7
A2. 135x10/155x10/175x8
B1. 9/8/7
B2. 35/45/45
C1. 5/4/4
C2. 10/9/9

Haven't done semi stiff legged DL's for ages, but I was happy to see that I am still quite strong in them.

I did the first set of KBS with my 1-pood KB. But had to switch to a DB when I went up to 45lbs. since we have no heavier KBs than the 1 pood.

Ring dips killed me. They are already a weakness of mine and doing them at tempo just made it 100% harder.

First time ever doing GHD raises... Those things are killer. Not sure my tempo was spot on for them though.

Anthony said...

A1: 6/5/4
A2: 195/205/215

B1: 20/15/10
B2: 1 1/2 pood unbroken

C1: 8/8/8
C2: 14/14/11

AMRAP -2 reps was tough to stick to as failure snuck up me pretty quickly.
Tempo on deads was very good.

GHD raises were brutal and I got stuck on the GHD and counldnt get off after the last round.

Post WOD fuel: 1 scoop of Refuel+26 gms of whey.

Ali Loach said...

Thanks for the welcome back. So good to be back home and into my own routine again.
My husband put up the fight of his life but it wasn't in the cards. He's been sliding nearly 8 years and has yet to flip off his sled exiting a corner....wouldn't you know it happened during the race-off. He was able to flip back on and finish the run without injury but his speed and time were already screwed. He'll be involved at the Olympics but he needs to decide whether he will forerun and be the official alternate or consider a coaching role instead.
On a brighter note, he's super interested in getting involved in CrossFit once the Olympics are over so I'm excited to watch it kick his ass and to have a workout buddy :o)

unit said...

29 / M / 72" / 194

A1- 12 / 10 / 9 ... thumbs at shoulders
A2- 315 (8) / 315 (8) / 315 (6) ... grip toast
B1- 20 / 16 / 14
B2- 80lb db, unbroken x3
C1- 12 / 10 / 9
C2- feet anchored natural curls 15 x3

wondering y the ROM w/ kb swings... then it hit me in the middle of the 1st set... much less active rest on the lower/mid posterior chain with more load tgere as a % of total time under wt... holy hell this smoked me...

with regards 2 the 'laying on the back' issue... this has resurfaced 4 me recently thanks 2 a trainer at a globo gym... in high school, my coached told us that if he ever caught us lying down and we were not injured, we'd have more 2 do bc it a sign of weakness, and if one person did, the entire team would b in trouble... anywho, this mentality carried through college and no matter how tough the WOD I'd always walk it off... and myself and teammates would get those on the ground up and moving... somewhere in the last couple hrs I feel I 4got this mentality until the aforementioned came up 2 me one day after I was lying on the ground after a WOD and asked me if I was ok... I though 4 a moment and said yes... and thought 2 myself... I m ok... so y m I laying here... I need 2 work on 'erect recovery'... so since... that mentality has reentered my life and I think that those here that r embracing that will b thoroughly pleased...


Yelvi said...

A1. 8,8,6
A2. 205(10)-215(9)-225(8)
B1. 14, 12, 10
B2. 2 pood unbroken
C1. 7, 9, 7
C2. 12, 10, 11

Notes- I might have errd on the lower side of the pushes. The -2 was hard for me to judge. Stopped when I thought that the 1 second up was about to take 2 seconds.

imosher said...

A1 7,5,4 (extra ROM hands on 10kg plates)
A2 100,110,120kg all 8s may have been a little quick eccentric

B1 12,7,5
B2 25,25,19 all @ 2 pood

C1 7,5,5
C2 10,10,10

grip felt shot on my last set of swings

Michael said...

A1. 10, 8, 7 on paralletes due to sore wrist, extra ROM
A2. 185, 205, 205(8)
B1. 20, 12, 12
B2. 2pd
C1. 10, 8, 7
C2. 10, 10, 10

Posterior legs are my weakness so I don't know if that was it or a little fatigued from a cold that I'm getting over, not disappointed overall though.

Chris Fodera said...


A1. 8, 5, 3 (fell off)
A2. 225 x 10, 245 x 10, 275 x 8
B1. 15, 12, 10
B2. 2 pood: unbroken for first 2 sets. 3rd set went to hell after rep 15.
C1. 8, 8, 9 Ring Dips
C2. 15 x 3 w/ hands at temples

PWO: 40gP (Jarrow shake), 25gC (mashed sweet potato w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: tilapia, apple, almond butter

Notes: Overall it was somewhat hard to determine AMRAP (-2). I decided to go until the upward movements began to slow.
A1. Felt pretty good on these except falling off on last set.
A2. Should have started heavier; first 2 sets were too light for 10 reps.
B1. Went really deep on these. Felt like fatigue came from out of nowhere.
B2. These sucked. Lower back was toast during 2nd set. Third set couldn't finish unbroken. 2 pood was prob too heavy.
C1. Did these on rings and again fatigue seemed to come out of nowhere.
C2. These weren't too bad, but lower back was still humming.

Right knee sore after yesterday.

Katie said...

A1. 10,8,5
A2. 8x105lbs, 8x105lbs, 8x95lbs
B1. 8,8,6
B2. 1pood for all 3 sets
C1. 9,7,7 asst with blue band
C2. 10,10,10

Brandon said...

A1. 5/5/4 - HSPUs are getting better and I am happy with the increase ROM. Big Difference with these and DUs since coming back to OPT's blog.
A2. 225x8x3 - tempo was difficult to hold on the last set so I'm thinking I had a good weight
B1. 18/15/11 - Full ROM with feet on bench to ensure I was parallel to ground at the bottom
B2. 2pood - unbroken
C1. 9/7/6 - very hard
C2. 10x3 - felt good

weezie said...

With a TON of modifications due to lack of gear.

A1 - 6 / 6 / 6
A2 - 70 x 10 / 80 x 10 / 90 x 10 (2 x DBs)

B1 - 25 x 15 x 10 (Incline PUs)
B2 - 75 x 25 / 75 x 17 / 75 x 12 (DB)

C1 - Dips - 6 / 6 / 6
C2 - 90 x 10 x 10 x 10 (Good Mornings)

Made up the missed DB swings after. Screwed up on range of motion and did the DB swings all the way overhead.

JAM said...

A1. 8,8,6
A2. 225lbs x10x3

B1. 21,15,9
B2. 70lbs x25x3 all unbroken

C1. 7,7,8
C2. 12,12,12 hands at temples

Tyler Smith said...

A1. 6,6,6
A2. 135,145,185 (10 reps all sets)
B1. 14,12,10
B2. 2 pood unbroken all sets
C1. 10,7,7
C2. 15,11,10

Kevin O'Malley said...

Quick question and anyone with any physical therapy background or medical background... Over the last month, have had extreme soreness in the hip flexors down to the groin area... I have to warm-up substantially with some type of squat and hip flexibility movement and some foam rolling to not feel pain in this area.. Any thought on this.. Possibly might be developing tendinitis is this area was just wondering??

Anonymous said...

hspu to 2.5" target: 3,6,5
DL: 95 lbs, 8,10,8
rpu: 7,8,8
kbs: 35 lbs, 35,35
dips: 2,6,7 (last two were with toes on the floor)
ghd: 15,11,10

OPT said...

Kevin, there can be no possible way to diagnose without seeing you...answer these questions on this post for me if you are interested so we can all learn;

hrs sleep/night avg=

hours in the gym/week=

times you sit down to eat meals per week vs "on the go" = __vs__

rowing/squatting %/week vs. ext's/pulling %/week = __vs__

training program you follow =

Slater Coe said...

A1- 5, 4, 4 - done on 25lb plate & abmat
A2 - 185x10, 215x10, 235x10
B1 - 17, 13, 11
B2 - 1.5pd, 1.5, 1.5
C1 - 13, 11, 10
C2 - 10lbs x 15, 15, 15

April said...

A1. Band assisted. 6, 6, 6
A2. 115, 125, 135
B1. 4, 5, 5
B2. 1pd
C1. band assisted on #4- 7, 6, 6
C2. 10, 8&2, last set 6, 2, 2

Lisa M said...

That totally sucks, but good for us if we gain another crossfitter and i dream of having a workout partner i still can't convince my husband.

Jason Buzzard said...

B2-25,15-10,10-7-8 (2Pood)

During the second set of ring push ups one of the rings fell, hence the low rep. Finished out with regular push ups. Should have used a 1.5 pood on the swings to maintain all sets unbroken. GHD raises were really hard and I am unsure if I was doing them right.

Kyle F said...

A1: 15/13/13
A2: 185/225/245
B1: 16/13/13
B2: 1.5 pood/2 pood/2 pood
C1: 15/13/11
C2: Subbed Leg curl

Dale Ryan Thompson said...

after the overheads and pull ups i am rocked!

a1: 11, 7, 8
a2: 185/15, 225/8, 225/8
b1: 17, 10, 10
b2:2pood x 3set unbroken need heavier bell
c1: 6, 5, 4 arm shot from Heavy Overhead by 10
c2: Hands on hips 10, 10, 8

side note: I have been gaining a lot of size. Following low carb except PWO double sweet potato. Protein(1.5g per pound lean BW) heavy fat uptake. since following i have gone from 190 to close to 198.

Chris Dunkin said...

A1. 6,4,4
A2. 315,320,335x8
B1. 18,17,14
B2. 36kg,36kg,36kg
C1. 14,12,9
C2. 12,12,11 w/10lbs for each

pwo: 3 scoops refuel/1scoop dream whey

A. Maloney said...

A1 310x10/320x8/315x8
A2 8/8/8

B1 17/12/13
B2 25/25/25(15)(10) (ALL 32kg)

C1 8/10/8
C2 12/12/10

Danny B said...

A1(scaled with 25lb bumper and abmat stacked on eachother) 13,8,8
A2 155lbs 10,10,10
B1 12,10,9
B2 52lb all unbroken
C1(scaled with 1/2" band)7,7,7
C2 12,10,10 not able to do full range of motion, only a little above parallel.

Adam said...

First time doing the program so I know my pacing wasn't perfect but I certainly expect it to get better.

A1: 7-10-12 Feet fell off the wall ending all my sets prematurely.(that's what she said)
A2: 315x3 pacing was about a second fast per rep judging by the timer.
5 mins
B1 20-20-16
B2 1.5x3 unbroken full swings. I think if I had noticed swing height I could have done 2 pood.
10 mins
C1 25-20-16
C2 10-10-11 Pure hate.

Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey OPT,
I can give you a rough estimate on all of these... I have talked to you before about my sleeping pattern.. I am a third grade teacher and a affiliate owner and have to travel an hour to work a day to teach and then drive an hour back to get to the gym by 3:30 pm to train till about 8:30 pm and then do my workouts, so usually I am up by 5:00 am and go to bed by 11:30 am.. So to answer your first question I DO NOT GET ENOUGH SLEEP, but this is something right now that cannot be avoided since I am trying to get things going...
1. Avg sleep a night-5 hrs maybe less
2. Hours in Gym- At least 14-16 myself, but running an affiliate at least 50 hrs in gym, not counting programming and networking
3. Meals- I follow Paleo 90% of time and very strict with this. I do however allow about 10% grain intake with flaxseed cereal.. The one thing I am good at is DATE INTAKE, I keep detailed logboooks of sleep patterns, eating patterns and workouts..
4. Like I said I was an avid endurance athlete before CrossFit and for the last year had followed CFE Running Program, however have switched to Rowing as I want to try a new sport and new challenge..
5. I row 3 times a week w. two intervals and one tempo or time trial
6. As of now I follow OPT'S training only with Rowing 3 times a week and have training for running events as of right now, but will pick up again during the spring time..

I know my problem, my sleep pattern sucks, but overall I am strict with my diet, but the sleep hurts me, however this is life and this is what life calls for at this time... There is no way around it Coach... To suceed I must endure and do the best I can... I cannot stop teaching for right now because I need the money, since I am a new affiliate and just like teaching in the inner city, that is where I am from...
Also,Pulling and squatting are about the same % coach, whatever you tell me to do I do over the last month. I do a little extra OLY Lifting maybe once a week to send videos to Coach B... That is my story Coach... Thanks for the Response... I will contact you someday when the time comes and when I can tell you my background, I think this would clear up the issue... Also, will be having a journal article published in the future describing my background and where I come from... Thanks Coach, Your an inspiration and overall just a nice guy...
Kev O'Malley
Vagabond CrossFit

Sam said...

Okay folks, I'm a newbie. Be gentle with me! Ha

A1. 7-10-12 Full ROM all reps. A little rusty on the first set. Like Adam, my legs fell prematurely (ummm...that's what HE said).
A2. 145-145-155 All 10 reps. I should have started at 155 and went up from there. Live and learn right?
B1. 12-10-10 Stability a problem with smoked forearms!
B2. 1.5pd, 1.25, 1 The forearms!!! All sets full swings and unbroken.
C1. 7-7-8 grrrr dips!
C2. 12-12-12 I need to work on form in this exercise. Slow and painful due to focusing on executing them correctly.

Ross Blake said...

A1. 4-4-3
A2. 80x10 - 90x8 - 90x8
B1. 17-15
B2. 1.5 pood x25x2
C1. 12-9
C2. 20 back ext x2

reduced training volume today. Not 100%

Pepe said...

A1. 12, 10, 10
A2. Sub bar for Db's
10 (45lbs db), 10(55lbs db), 10(65 lbs db)
B1.(Subbed rings with 2 med balls)14, 12, 12
B2. subbed kb with db)45 x 25, 55 x 25,
C1.12, 8, 8
C2. GHraises 3x10-15 (used back extension machine instead of GH machine)15, 15,15+ 2 sets of 1 legged gurls on stabilizer ball (good sub)

Stefani said...

A1. 5/6/6 used GR/GR bands to maintain full ROM.
A2. 95#*9/115#*9/115*9 - Now I'm sure I wasn't doing those right after seeing the video.
B1. 7/8/6
B2. 30# KB all sets unbroken
C1. 4/2/6 (purple band)
C2. Subbed Good Morning with a 45# bar 15/15/15 all sets unbroken

Shane and Karen said...


A1. HSPU @ 2010 - 14/10/10
A2. Semi Stiff Legged DL @ 4011 - 10/10/10 with 185#
B1. Ring Push Ups @ 2010 - 14/11/10
B2. KBS - 25 unbroken x 3 all with 53#
C1. Dips @ 2010 - 10/8/9
C2. Had to sub reverse hypers, did then with only my chest and upper ribs on the machine - 12/11/10

Had never done the SSLDL before, so I played it a little safe so I could get more familiar with the movement. Great WOD, probably could have gone a little heavier on the KBS, but I wasn't ready to make the jump to 70# and that it all I have heavier than the 53#.