Big Dawg Challenge SCORING PAGE

3 sets of 15 OHS

2K Row and AMRAP Double Unders in 10 minutes

50 CTB chin ups
50 push up burpees

let the fun begin...


Justin Flynn said...

Oh hell yea! Oooooouuuuuu!!! Good luck everyone.

Roch said...

Good luck to all.
Have a blast!!

LuLu said...

Have fun everyone :)

PTS said...

Pat Skinner AKA PTS.

BWT = 185#
WOD 1 = 115#
WOD 2 = 6:56.5 2k row and 62 DU's.
WOD 3= 6:51.

videos will be here:

had to get them all in by 8am. I just crashed and burned on WOD 3 without proper rest and nutrition. About 30 mins rest between WODS.

Dave X said...

Nice job, PTS.

Good luck all!

Clemson Rob said...


For WOD3, can the pullups and burpees be mixed together or should the pullups be completed before starting on the burpees?


Clemson Rob said...

Never mind last post...

rwcorson said...

Great work PTS!

mike@CFCochrane said...

Mike Sullivan
1st WOD set starts at 0530, finished all WODs by 0622...heading out to the ski hill and figured this would be the best way for me to actually do it.
WOD 1 video to come later.

unit said...
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unit said...

this us supposed 2 b the scoring page with SCORES only... I'll bet it has 2 b quite the task 2 sift through all the comments 2 get the scores... after all coach does 4 us I think it would b nice if we could listen and post the scores on this page only the way that he asked 2 make his job easier... if the nonscoring posts above get deleated I'll deleat this comment as well... sorry 2 b harsh...

Einar said...

BWT: 176 (80kg)
WOD 1: 121 (55 kg)
WOD 2: 6:58 min + 110 DU
WOD 3: 5:48

Johan said...

BWT: 178 (81kg)
WOD 1: 121 (55kg)
WOD 2: 6.57 min + 31 DU (Buddylee rope broke of course....) ;)
WOD 3: 8.14

Mack Lar said...

Mack Lar
BW 172lbs
WOD #1 172lbs(BW)PR
WOD #2 Row 7:16PR DU's 155
WOD #3 4:10


Technical difficulties forced a redo of WOD 3 30 minutes later. First time was faster, but no proof. Almost had another catastrophic loss on the redo, but managed to keep the camera powered and the clock running. There is a hiccup on the playback. Time to buy a new camera. Good luck everyone.

Martin Altemark said...

BWT: 165 (75kg)
WOD 1: 138 (62.5kg)
WOD 2: 6:57 (PR)+5
WOD 3: 6:23

mr. lundmark:
BWT: 212 (96kg)
WOD 1: 143 (65kg)
WOD 2: 6:48 (PR)+10
WOD 3: 11:04

Haha, HUGE accomplishment for the to get below 7 at the 2k row. This is one of my long term goals. However that took me further into the uncomfortable zone than I've been before - I wasn't tired when getting to DUs, I was dizzy and confused. The 100+ I thought I'd do became.. Uh... 5. Embarrasing, but I'm bigger than that and will let you laugh at me when video is uploaded.

Third workout I was drained still from the row. Wellwell.

Anyways, James, that's PRs on 500m, 800m, 1k, 2k, 3k and 5k rows in the last months for me. THANK YOU!

Also had mr Lundmark make that PR for you! You owe him a shirt! :-)
It was also his first ever CTB pullups.

Videos to come. Thanks for today. Fanstastic programming and great fun!

Rebecca said...

Couldn't do WOD 1 due to hip injury

WOD 2:
Row - 8:18
48 DU

10:00 min rest

WOD 3:

Rainer Hartmann said...

WOD 1: 95 (left wrist suddenly gave out on rep 12 with 105)
WOD 2: 2K row 8:00,1 (.8 sec over PR), 25 Toes to Bar
WOD 3: 7:48

Rainer Hartmann said...

Forgot BW: 155#

Spider said...

Bodyweight= 155
WOD1= 115, 135(13x), 125(10)
WOD2= Row- 7:42 DU's 106
WOD3= 4:56

Have fun tomorrow everyone!

Martin Altemark said...

Videos for me and mr Lundmark:

WOD 1:
WOD 2: (laugh-fest)
WOD 3:

mr Lundmark
WOD 1:
WOD 2:
WOD 3:

Alex Duncan said...

Name: Alex Duncan
BWT in #: 195
WOD 1 highest load in #: 125
WOD 2 row time and DU reps: 6:59/143
WOD 3 time: 5:03

Video links to follow...

Workouts done at Crossfit Kinetics, in Halifax, Nova Scotia

rackempackem said...
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Anonymous said...

Body Weight: 190 lbs
WOD 1: 65 lbs (no, this is not a typo)
WOD 2: 7:04:9 w. 109 DU
WOD 3: 6:18

Videos to follow soon.

Ryan Kells

rackempackem said...

Ludde Hagberg, aka rackempackem
BWT 174# (79kg)
WOD 1. 132# (60kg)
WOD 2. 7:13, 25 reps
WOD 3. 4:14* (47 burpees)

*After the short break after rep 23 of the burppes my dear friend, and for the day rep-counter, counted 27. And I was to far away in La, La Land to realize. Witch means I did only 47 reps of burpees. The poor guy was completely crushed when we realized during the review of the vid. I was also a bit bumed I must admit but efter a couple of minutes i realized that if you let something like that get to you, you are aproaching this thing in the wrong way. It was pretty much an allout effort. And I'm happy about my effort anyway. C'est la vie.

WOD 1.

WOD 2.

WOD 3.

Messed up on the row again, the straps loosened and i tried to correct it, lost two strokes. And finnished with really loose straps. Did not wan't to restart since this is what you have to learn from if you want to compeat.

DU's where a surreal experience afterwards. Not so much bounce!

Bill Tillapaugh said...

Name: Bill Tillapaugh
Start time: 8:40
BWT in #: 187
WOD 1 - 120 lbs
WOD 2 - 6:57.5 row + 87 DU's
WOD 3 - 6:59
Finish time: 12:15

Completed 15 reps with 135 however rep 13 on video was questionable if it was ass to grass. Will post for comments later.

Last PB at 2000m row was 7:13 done late October 09'.

Videos will be posted either later this evening or Sunday morning as I am off to a double header for my son's hockey team.

Good luck to everyone!

David Englund said...

BWT: 148 (67,5kg)
WOD 1: 121 (55 kg) 14x148 :(
WOD 2: 7:44 min + 8 DU
WOD 3: 5:51min

bso said...

Brendan Sonnichsen (bso)
BWT: 179
WOD 1: 145
WOD 2: 6:58.9 + 68
WOD 3: 5:31

Videos are being uploaded to:

ken c said...

ken cutrer (ken c)

bw 188
wod 1: ohs 135 (155x14) the bar
wod 2: row 6:59.7 du 100

wod 3 will be later. pissed about the ohs.

fox said...
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alicia said...

Alicia Hatt (Hattie) Crossfit Lions
BWT : 161
WOD 1: 14 @ 105 lbs, 13 @ 105 lbs, 15 @ 95 lbs
WOD 2: 7:55.7 + 2 DU's
WOD 3: 8:36 with green band for C2B pullups
Only got first pullup yesterday.
Trying to figure out how to load videos

fox said...

Nick Lobotsky (fox)
BWT: 161
WOD 1: 165
WOD 2: 7:08.3 + 65
WOD 3: 5:55

Stephen Flamm said...

Stephen Flamm

bodyweight: 195
WOD 2: 7:00.9 + 34
WOD 3: 6:09

Having meniscus issues in left knee, so deep flexion is out of the question until I get it looked at Wednesday. Instead of the OHS, I performed sets of 15 unbroken Turkish get-ups with each arm with 1.5 pood, never putting down the KB. Not quite the same, but certainly taxed and tested the forearms and shoulder stability.

Anonymous said...

Heather Babcock - hbabs
WOD 1: 70
WOD 2: 8:33:7 & 28
WOD 3: 10:46

brian cilento said...

brian cilento
wod 1=185
wod 2= 7:21/21
wod 3= 4:38 (i am dq'ing myself on this wod, ctb were not there and were not going to be there, went thru with regular chin ups)

LuLu said...

Body Weight = 122lbs

Wod 1: 15x 80lbs :)

Wod 2: 9:01 x 53 Du's

Wod 3: 6min 21sec as rx'd :)

We had our first Crossfit montreal comp today and did the wods from the Big Dawg series. I tried to do all of it so I could compete tomorrow but my row needs some more work. I am very happy with how I did today. There were so many people who turned up and cheered!!!!! The judges were awesome and SUPER HARD. Thanks everyone for today and thanks OPT for getting us ready for our sectional comps. HOpefully I will be a big dawgette next time around :)

Mike Molloy said...

BW= 163

WOD 1: 125
WOD 2: 7:20 +139
WOD 3: 4:04

Roch said...


1:165(15)-165(16)-165(18)whanted big dawgs to much and wanted to got 15 ultra solid reps on video
, ending up killing my legs for the next wod...

2:7:05 D-U=5 (could not lift my legs)


I learned a lot and ad a blast!!
Thanks OPT for the setup.

Adam Rogers said...

Adam Rogers
BW: 186lbs
WOD 1: 135lbs (155x7)
WOD 2: 6:58, 130 DU's
WOD 3: 6:35

John Flach
BW: 185lbs
WOD 1: 135lbs (155x9)
WOD 2: 7:54, 10
WOD 3: 9:12

Will post link to videos later.

Michael McCabe said...

Michael McCabe
BWT - 179#
WOD1 - 140#
WOD2 - 6:57:7; 103
WOD3 - 6:02
this links to wod1... the other two will be there asap... apologies on camera angles, i was by myself

Garage Crossfitter said...

Josh Lewis- Garage Crossfitter
Bwt 180

WOD 1 OHS 160(pr) (few reps lacking full hip x, i hope this still counts)

WOD 2 6:57.0 (tied pr), 103 DU

WOD 3 5:01 (bad strategy for this one)

great learning experience!!

Erik Luber said...
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Anonymous said...

Ainslie K (Ains) Crossfit Lions
BW: 141 lb
WOD 1: 65 lbs x 15
WOD 2: 8.00.5 + 110 DU's
WOD 3: 8:58

Trying to post videos.

dmarsh said...

Dennis Marshall (dmarsh)

BW = 182
WOD 1: 182 x 15
WOD 2: 7:21, 98 reps
WOD 3: 4:49

Vid 1:

Vid 2:

Vid 3:

Pete said...

Pierre-Paul Seguin
Blog Alias Pete
BWT in # 170
170(5), 135 (14), 115 (15)
WOD 2 6.59.2 and 77 reps
WOD 3 4:06


Jenny said...

Jenny Jacobsen - did all three WODS within 2 hours
BW: 128 ( 58 kg )

WOD 1: 93 lbs ( 42.2 kg )
WOD 2: 8.08:( + 25 DU
WOD 3: 7.45

I really wanted to make it to sunday.. Next time:)
I will post links to videos later.

Erik Luber said...

Erik Luber (Erik Luber)
BW: 136 lbs
WOD 1: 55 lbs (66x12)
WOD 2: 7:46+ 102 DU's
WOD 3: 6:13

All WODs are appropriately labeled and found at:

Sorry, had an unfortunate camera problem for WOD 2 where it shut off every 3 it is in 4 parts. There is 6 seconds missing on video (you can see on the clock) during my DUs. I counted 102 DUs during the WOD, while there is 92 recorded DUs. I reviewed the video and I average 10 DUs per 6 seconds, so this is consistent with my reported count of 102. Totally understand if I am only awarded 92, since the other 10 are not on film.

David said...

BW: 184

Wod 1: 155
Wod 2: 7:39 and 26 Du
Wod 3: 6:50

tania said...

Tania Vrga
BWT = 110#
WOD 1: 0# (failed on 12th or 13th rep on all 3 sets @ 72# = 65% BWT)
WOD 3: 7:43 rx'd
WOD 2: 9:05.3 + 33 DUs
just posting for comparison purposes, no video to submit after botching the fist wod)

Steve Howell said...

Steve Howell
BWT: 180#
WOD1: 165# (3rd set went for BWT and lost it on rep 14 I was so pissed!)
WOD2: No rower and couldn't run so I subbed 200 SDLHP time was 7:05+193 DU's
WOD3: 4:54

Becky said...

Becky J Clark, Becky
bwt 132
wod 1 90 ( did one set at 95 but last rep was ?)
wod 2 8:29 plus 25 du's
wod 3 11:23

Ryan @ CFGP said...

Ryan D Clark, Ryan @ CFGP
bwt 210

WOD 1: 155#
WOD 2: 7:02.5 and 70 DU's
WOD 3: 7:49

fyi, Chris and Becky worked out fully clothed!!

Brennan McIntyre(a.k.a b-mac) said...

BW is 165#.

WOD 1-125#(almost had 135# but slipped at 13 reps)

WOD 2- 7:32 row/133 DUs

WOD 3- 5:53

Good times, yo, my first competition like this.

fox said...

Nick Lobotsky's WOD 1 Video

Heavy Evy said...

Evan Taylor aka Heavy Evy
BWT: 187#
Wod 1: 111#
Wod 2: 7:47row 35dus
Wod 3: 8:23min

All done in time span of 11:16am to 1:48pm.
Thankyou OPT for all your time and efforts.
Will post more in next page.

NorCal Chris said...

Chris Berry (Norcal Chris)

BWT: 193
WOD 1: 135
WOD 2: 6:52 min + 106 DU
WOD 3: 6:58

brad said...

Brad G from CF Winnipeg

BW 185
WOD 1: 130
WOD 2: 7:32 + 74
WOD 3: 6:39

Really good challenge, I had a blast!

Nat G

BW 130
WOD 1 75
WOD 2: 8:50 + 55
WOD 3: 8:47

Thanks a lot OPT!

Michael said...

Michael McElroy
Bodyweight 170#
WOD1- 185#
WOD2- 7:30 row + 79 Double Unders
WOD3- 4:10

Simpson said...

BW 166
Wod 1: 125ibs(7, weight was actually really easy but for some reason I leaned forward and just lost my balance) 135(15) - 145(12, was too nervous to drop another weight on my head again)

Wod 2: 7:35 +or- 5seconds, I know it was within that range - DU=14(got a really bad headache after the row and couldn't focus properly)

Wod 3: 7:32

First time doing a challenge like this. Had an amazing time.

Covino24 said...
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andrew Romeo said...

BW- 173
A: 135
B: 7:18 row (slow) 18 double unders...bad game plan
c: 7:29

Video camera not compatible w/my mac book, found this out after WOD 1 and didn't video the rest. I 100% understand if I am disqualified due to not having videos, but my numbers are legit.

Alex Duncan said...

Here are the videos for my results posted earlier:

WOD 1:

WOD 2:

WOD 3:

OPT, thanks again for a great comp!

Tyler Smith said...

Tyler Smith
BW: 170#
WOD 1 - 135#
WOD 2 - 7:10 - 81 Double Unders
WOD 3 - 4:17 (may have done extra burpees, will see on video soon.)

Anonymous said...

Name: Pierre Morin
BWT: 161#
WOD 1: 85#
WOD 2: 7:18 - 51 DU's
WOD 3: 8:25

deejay said...
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bmizzlle said...

Bryan Miller aka bmizzlle
180# BW
W1. 135#
W2. 6:57.8 ; 125 DUs
W3. 6:51

no video camera :(

deejay said...


Sam said...
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Sam said...

Samantha Watson (Sam)
BWT= 130#
WOD 1= 95#
WOD 2= 8:20 2k row and 38 DU's
WOD 3= 9:47

Anonymous said...

Robyn S. (Rocket) Crossfit Lions
BW: 120 lbs
WOD 1: 15 x 70lbs, 15 x 80 lbs, 15 x 85 lbs
WOD 2: 8:55 & 30 du's
WOD 3: 6:15 not chest to bar though

Video is trapped on camera.

All crossfit Lions wods were video recorded but cannot seem to get them off currently.

Jason Buzzard said...

WOD 1: 135# (155#x9)
WOD 2: 7:25/70
WOD 3: 7:24

Was hoping to do much better.

Covino24 said...

Nick Covino aka Covino24
BWT#: 175
WOD 1: 95x15/135x15/150x10 - 135#
WOD 2: 7:49/38
WOD 3: 6:43

Jonathan said...

Bwt 150.

WOD1: 115lbs (I need to work on this)
WOD2: 7:35 & 91 DU
WOD3: 4:35 and absolutely wrecked.

Had an awesome time though...Thanks for the memories.

Nathan H. said...

Nathan Holiday

Bodyweight upon waking: 181

WOD1: 189.8
WOD2: 6:56.1 + 107 Doubleunders
WOD3: 4:10

First 2 videos are up on my blog. 3rd one is in the process of uploading and will be finished in 45 min or so.

Great day!

Nathan H. said...

WAIT! 4:13 was my time. Rewatched the video and counted 50 @ 4:13. My bad.

Kris Hallee said...

great times today big dawgs!

at okotos...
75lb OHS... missed 2nd and 3rd attempts at higher weight
7:50 row, 35+ DU's (should have had someone count for me)
7:15 PU/burpees

David said...

BWT: 205#
WOD 1: 145-155 (failed on 12th rep)-165 New PR.

WOD 2: 7:26 (new PR, -1 sec) + 68 DUs

WOD 3: 7:20

A couple thought on today:

Having family there to push me made a huge difference in my mind set of these WOD.

165 is a huge PR and makes me happy that a possible 200# snatch may in just around the corner.

7:26 is a 1 sec pr from my time last spring in the Northeast qualifier. At that time 7:27 felt like death. I fell off the rower my lips were numb and it took forever for my HR to come down. Today I felt like a low 7 minute or sub 6 min time is possible.

WOD 3 just sucked no other insight on that one.

Thanks OPT for the training and thanks GCF for being such a good training partner and friend.

Dave X said...

Hypoxia obviously makes me very sentimental. said...

Just did these for fun, so no video.

BW: 190#

WOD1: 190#
WOD2: 6:48 (PR)
WOD3: 5:49 (Gassed)

Stefani said...


WOD 1: 65#
WOD 2: 8:55, 35
WOD 3: 9:49 w/band asst on C2B

NGibson said...

Nicole Gibson
BW: 133
2:35pm, WOD1: 95
3:00pm, WOD2: 8:20, 47 DUs
3:52pm: WOD3: 7:44

Is there a rowing altitude allowance, by chance?;)

This was a fun day! said...

+60 Double Unders on WOD2

Emilie P-B said...

BWT: 129.4
WOD 1: 65(10) 65(15) 70(12)

WOD 2: 8:29 + 11DU :(

WOD 3: 8:54

ken c said...

okay full results as rx'd.

bw: 188
wod 1: 135 (155x14) the bar
wod 2: row 6:59.7 du 100
wod 3: 5:37

2000m row pr is 6:55.2. did wod three at my qualifier in 5:28. row took a lot out of me today. still pissed about the ohs.

Sam Edwards said...

BWT: 183
WOD 1: 145x15
WOD 2: 7:38
WOD 3: 9:40

joey warren said...

Joey Warren


WOD1 180lb- last rep is close

WOD2 6:50.3 + 193 DUs

WOD3 3:23

Craig said...

BW = 165
125 (pr)
7:13.6 D/U 101.

WOD 3 to come.

Chad Action Brandt said...

BWT: 182#
WOD1 131#
WOD2 7:30.9 / 147 DU's
WOD3 4:54

Thanks James, Leighanne and OPT crew for this crazy fun event.
Thanks for the push Rob'O

Lauren said...

what a fun day. thanks to opt for putting this together and for natural high crossfit for letting us wod there.

bwt - 160#
1. 95#
2. 7:49/117 DU
3. 8:30

Ali Loach said...

Ali Loach
WOD 1: 111#
WOD 2: 8:20 / 50 DUs
WOD 3: 9:57

Great atmosphere at Natural High CrossFit today!

dontpanic356 said...

Mike Cundiff (dontpanic356)

All Wods completed within an hour...very little time to workout.

Weight: 215
WOD 1: 180
WOD 2: 6:57.4 + 67 DU's
WOD 3: 4:52

britt said...
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KSC said...

BW 170

wod1 - 135
wod2 - 7:16/125
wod3 - 4:49

WOD's at Natural High CrossFit (Great Facility!)
Thanks to OPT and all of the volunteers for putting this together.


britt said...

Brittany Hutton
BTW 155. 65% = 101
1: 87.5 (15) /101 (8)/ 101 (14)
2: 8:20 100
3: 11:47 (DJ thinks...)- 1st CTB WOD!

Thanks to the crew that pushed me. Big Thanks to OPT and Crossfit Natural High.
January 23, 2010 5:41 PM

sHELLy said...


BWT: 154
WOD 1: 101 lbs
WOD 2: 7:48 / 2!:(
WOD 3: 8:46

Good work everyone today at CF Natural High. Thank you James for hosting us. Good times (and good times) had by all!

Paul Klein said...

Paul Klein
Bwt = 185lbs

WOD 1: 155lbs
WOD 2: 6.59 / 100 double unders
WOD 3: 7.36

wod 1 video

wod 2 videos

row results

WOD 3 video

Michael FitzGerald said...

Michael FitzGerald
BWT - 183
WOD #1 - 115 (125 missed at 15)
WOD #2 - 6:59.6/193
WOD #3 - 4:49
Great day in Okotoks with all the crew!

Brian Maier said...

BWT 190

WOD 1: 115#
WOD 2: 6:52 + 120 D/U's
WOD 3: 7:25

WOD 1:
WOD 2:
WOD 3:

Thanks OPT for all that you do!!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

WOD 1 160
WOD 2 7:00.1 + 152
WOD 3 5:39

Many highs and lows today, didn't have a ton in the tank to finish as well as I'd hoped but my training these days isn't focusing on competition prep, yet. Blew away any expectations on the OHS, had a brain fart on the row which I've since laughed off and then died a painful and horrible death on that frickin' CTB/Burpee WOD.

Great atmosphere, great work by all the Dawgs, great to be a part of this community; thanks to the FitzGeralds and Andrew G for putting this off.

Hopefully there'll be a video of Brett's WOD #3. Unreal.

Brent Maier said...


WOD 1: 165#

WOD 2: 6:56.0 / 40 Double Unders

WOD 3: 6:03

Notes: WOD 1 almost ended in a complete disaster. Chose 75kg for first set and failed mid way through the first 2 sets. Was shooting for 80kg for my 2nd set but fumbled the ball early. WOD 2, I almost imploded with 600m left. I have never wanted to quit so bad as long as I remember but somehow hung in there. I'm not sure if it was the OHS's or the <7m pace I was so adamant to make. WOD 3, felt good for this despite my aching body.

I've been watching videos off and on throughout the day. Martin, you were an inspiration for me personally today. You screamed through the row and hung in there for your DU's. You should be proud! And next time, I want Lundmark in my corner, he was awesome! You guys rock!

EVERYONE here inspires me every day! Great job dawgs, OUUUUU!

Blaine said...

Blaine Jansen
BWT 160#

WOD1: 111#
WOD2: 7:30/117
WOD3: 5:44

Wicked fun time for sure. Thanks to James and crew for all of the right stuff at the right time.

Chris Dunkin said...
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Wes hendricks said...

Wes Hendricks

Bwt - 145

1. 135 x 15 (145x13, so bummed)
2. 7:17 + 98 Du's (row is a 15 sec PR)
3. 3:41

2. having trouble loading

Anonymous said...

Brett Marshall (AFT)
BW = 149 lbs
WOD1 - 165 lbs
WOD2- 7:41.3/138
WOD3 - 2:57

Major said...

Matt Major (Major)
CrossFit Ventura

BWT -218lbs

WOD #1 165lbs

WOD #2 7:04.5 62 Double Unders

WOD #3 6:36

Thanks for another great event! Your programming is unmatched!

atom said...


WOD 1: 155# for 15
WOD 2: 6:51 ROW, 66 DU
WOD 3: 6:26

Sweet day today DAWGS.

Huge respect and admiration to all of you.

atom said...

Oh yeah,

Still trying to figure out Ubuntu.

Vids will come....promise.

Michael said...

Video's will be here:

Have the first one up but having trouble with the second two.

Leighanne said...

WOD2-8:31/101 DU's

Anonymous said...

BWT 157#
1. 125#
2. 7:11, 24
3. 4:26

Thanks everybody for the great time and motivation in Okotoks

liss126 said...
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liss126 said...

Melisa Chudobiak - CF Winnipeg

WOD 1 - 95# OHS
WOD 2 - 7.45.8/31
WOD 3 - 8.31

exp. said...


WOD 1: 135x15(this was attempt 2...too easy) monumental f*%k-up in attempt 1, decided to go for broke in attempt 3 and got broke instead...170# x 9 and a crack on the noggin...ouch!

WOD 2: 7:09/110 DU (first 2k ever...saw grim reaper at 1500m)

WOD 3: 6:05 (CTBs got hard...quick)

will post videos tomorrow

phenomemal day coach...first comp...had a blast...great job everyone and good luck to all those competing tomorrow

Slater Coe said...

Adam Blandford (alias Adam)
BWT 193lbs
WOD 1 135lbs -
WOD 2 6:50 & 20 -
WOD 3 5:10 -

Adam Clark
BWT 215lbs
WOD 1 165lbs -
WOD 2 6:54 & 28 -
WOD 3 7:49 -

Slater Coe
BWT 220lbs
WOD 1 155lbs -
WOD 2 6:59 & 83 -
WOD 3 7:20 -

Samantha Watson (alias Sam)
BWT 130lbs
WOD 1 95lbs -
WOD 2 8:20 & 38 -
WOD 3 9:47 -

Members of Derby City CrossFit and CrossFit Louisville East proudly following OPT.

david98 said...

david Mullback

WOD 1 - 160

WOD 2 - 6:56 and 103

WOD 3- 6:50

thank you to everyone for the support and cheering during my attempts at the burpees ahah


Colin Jenkins said...

Colin Jenkins
BW - 172lbs

WOD #1 - 180lbs x 17!

WOD #2 - 7:12.4, 75 Double Unders

WOD #3 - 5:06

Overall, a disappointing effort from me today, gotta get better at digging deep. All you Big Dawgs are incredible! Joey Warren, you are the man! Great job to all!

Colin Jenkins said...

oops, sorry for the mistake.

I meant 175lbs x 17

md said...

BWT - 178
6:56/ 61
Videos forth coming

BK said...

BWT : 205
WOD 1: 145(155x14 and almost there anything worse?)
WOD 2: 6.59 /119
WOD 3: 6.40
2 and 3 to come.

Lisa M said...

BWT 124#

WOD 1: 87.5 (65% was 80#)
WOD 2: 8:13:( + 55
WOD 3: 7:35

Amazing day today at Natural High. It was great meeting everybody, it was a fantastic atmosphere, beats the crap out of working out alone in my basement. Thanks James and Leighanne for all that you do!! Extra thanks to Chad you really helped me through that last WOD

John T. said...
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Erik Fay said...


OHS WOD#1- 136. I did 173# 10 and 12 times but just could not get it. Really disappointed in this.

2000 Row WOD#2- 7:13.9 and 13.
I really screwed up this WOD. I did not have a clock and just guessed when 10 minutes had passed. I actually stopped at 8:30 and probably could have done at least 50 more.

CTB Pull-ups WOD#3- 7:17. I did two extra of each.

First time doing this and I really liked it. I need to be more organized and I will definitely start doing these more often. Really cool.

WOD 1 video url=
WOD 2 video url=
WOD 3 video url=

jaala said...

Name: Jaala Thibault (female)/ Crossfit Ventura
Body weight: 125#
WOD #1: 60#
WOD #2: 7:51.9/ 55 double unders
WOD #3: 7:39

Videos will be posted tomorrow morning.

Brandon said...

Brandon Henry (Brandon)
BW: 235
WOD1: 135/155/165-fail
WOD2: 7:14.1 (PR by 8 secs)/20 DUs
WOD3: 12:25 - CTB killed me and made the Burpees really hard.

I'm working on the videos now and will put up later

Michelle said...

Michelle Savard

bwt - 124#

WOD 1 - 87.5#
WOD 2 - 8:24; 36
WOD 3 - 6:42

Thanks to James, Leighanne, Andrew and the rest of the crew at CF Natural High for an amazing day!!!! Incredible vibe created by everyone who participated, coached, and cheered today!!!

thaczuk said...

Greg Thaczuk
BW = 190 lbs
WOD1 - 90 lbs
WOD2- 7:09/32
WOD3 - 8:23

Thanks to everyone in Okotoks for the fun and inspiration.

John T. said...
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John T. said...

Bodyweight: 162
Wod 1: 125
Wod 2: 7:22, 43 DU's
Wod 3: 5:31

Stacey D said...

Bodyweight: 134
Wod 1: 87.50
Wod 2: 8.02.3, 25 very ugly DU's
Wod 3: 11:15

Lots of fun today. Great to hang with the Big Dawgs. Nice Place!!

Marie Rochat said...

Bodyweight: 131
WOD 1: 105
WOD 2: 7:59.6 w/ 13 DU
WOD 3: 6:38.66

Sorry for the late results, I had to wait until I got off work at 3pm today to start. Today was lots of fun. The 2k was a real mental battle, but ended up being the most rewarding of them all since I beat out the sub 8:00 mark with a sprint in the last 250 meters. It left me with very little for the DU's though. My legs felt like lead. I had no video recorder to record the squats, but I promise on my honor that they were ass to grass.

Justin Flynn said...

Justin Flynn
BW 200#

2.6:31 (did not read wod correctly. Thought it was amrap d/u in 10 min. So i rested about 15 min. and did a full 10 min of double 451 which was a big pr nonetheless. So I guess I get zero points for double unders. Need to read rules more carefully.

3. 6:22

Aly Willier
BW 110#
1. 110# x10 110# x3, 95 x15

2. 9:01 (did the same as me on double under mistake.)

3. 8:22

Chris Fodera said...

Name: Chris Fodera
BWT in #: 171.4
WOD 1 highest load in #: 125
WOD 2 row time and DU reps: 6:57.7 & 34
WOD 3 time: 6:35

joey warren said...

Hey James, here is my video for the OHS @ 155lb

mindith rahmat said...

Mindith Rahmat
female 133 lbs
Crossfit Ventura
wod 1 80lbs x15
wod 2 8:07 /14 double unders
wod 3 7:10

videos will be posted later

Jefff said...

Jeff Fleming (jefff)
Bwt - 169#
WOD #1 - 115#
WOD #2 - 7:21/44 DUs
WOD# 3 - 6:41

Gord said...

Gord MacDonald (Gord)

start time 2pm @ OPT

BWT 157
Wod 1- 120# (failed at 130# 2x)
Wod 2- 7:46 + 88 Du
Trevor S judged wod 1 and 2
Wod 3- 4:41 (video shows only 46 chins- so penalize as necessary- no counter available)

Finish time 5:45

Kathleen said...

Kathleen Davis [Kathleen]
8:27 +50
Thanks to James and to Crossfit Okotoks - great facility.
Many thanks for all the encouragement from everyone today -you made it worthwhile!

Cam B said...

Late, vids to come.

Cam Birtwell (blog alias same)
WOD1 - 95lb ohs
WOD2 - 2k row in 7:05.3, 200 du's
WOD3 - 7:55

Not happy with my performance, just didn't have it today.

Did all wods in 1hr, not because I was trying to be awesome, just due to poor time management ;)

Thanks coach


Laura said...

Laura MacD
bwt: 116
#1: 75 (right on 65%)
#2: 8:51/66
#3: 5:54

Thanks to all at xfit natural high, James/Leighanne and rest of crew. A great day!

Anonymous said...

Annie from Crossfit Lions
BW 130lbs
WOD 1- 85lbs (w heels lifted, I need lifting shoes)
WOD 2- 9:11 row + 14 DU
WOD 3- 7:50 (not chest to bar)

No video because it wasn't that impressive! But I had a fun day, thanks for the challenge!

Grant said...

Grant Milner (Grant)
BWT 175# (with shoes etc)
WOD 1 highest load 125#
WOD 2 row time=741 and DU reps=84
WOD 3 time = 5:33

JAM said...

Jay Moss

BWT: 190#
1) 115#
2) 2k Row: 7:08, DU's: 93
3) 7:51
not there today mentally

Videos still uploading on Vimeo
(Soundtrack by IRON MAIDEN)

Jenny said...

Jenny Jacobsen

I can´t get the row/du video to work. I´ll try and post it later.
But I didn´t make the sub 8 time so I didn´t make it until sunday:(
Nice work everyone!

Cam B said...

Videos for Cam Birtwell:

WOD 1:

WOD 2:

WOD 3:

Correction to time in WOD 3: 7:50, not 7:55

Tyler Smith said...

WOD 1:

WOD 2:

WOD 3: On its way

Surrey Sterling 39/177/5'10" said...

OHS-135# - PR
ROW/DU - 7:00:02/40 PR
Pull/Burp - 6:52

Video uploading now.

Thanks OPT for another great weekend of hitz!

Brandon said...

Coach -
Thanks for everything...I appreciate all that I have gotten from your blog!


Any questions or feedback to


David Englund said...

14repsxBWT Wod1




BK said...

WOD 1: 145 .

WOD 2: 6.59/119

WOD3: 7.41

Went too heavy too soon on OHS with 7/175 then a nightmare 15th rep at 155 then backed into a corner wanting to get one on the board chose 145. Correction on earlier post in WOD 2. Honest mistake,have new timer with intervals etc, and struggling to work it out.

Anonymous said...


My Vids

Ryan Kells

Lisa M said...


PTS said...
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rwcorson said...

Elisabeth Wagner
WOD2-8:30, 83 DU
WOD3- 9:37

Adam Rogers said...

Videos for Adam Rogers and John Flach

Adam WOD 1:

Adam WOD 2:

Adam WOD 3:

John WOD 1:

John WOD 2:

John WOD 3:

Surrey Sterling said...

Surrey and Rumble WODS

YoungManRumble said...

YoungManRumble (Jason Noel)

5'10 - 29yrs old - 173lbs

WOD 1 - 135lb OHS

WOD 2 - 6:58.8 2KM Row / 65 DU's

WOD 3 - 6:22

Tyler Smith said...

All videos here now

Had an awesome time... Thank you all

exp. said...
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Yelvi said...

Jason Yelvington

WOD 1- 145#
WOD 2- 6:57.3, 37
WOD 3- 7:45

No video's and did wod 3 this morning. Just posting to keep track, not expecting you to score me coach.

Crossfit Lions said...

The Pie Crossfit Lions
BTW 195
WOD 1: 135 completed
WOD 2: sub 7 row, 144 double unders
WOD 3: 7:13

md said...

Wod 1



exp. said...
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Jenny said...

Jenny Jacobsen
Last video with rowing/du

Martin Altemark said...

Brent: Thank you! All I could think about when rowing was "Full effort is full victory".

Joey, Wes, Nathan, Brett Marshall: You guys have some superhuman powers!

Fantastic stuff from everyone! I'm very, very inspired over here!

Nathan H. said...

Thanks Martin! You're not too bad yourself, brother.


Dave X said...

NIce job on WOD #3 Joey. I was actually a little distracted by theblond in the corner of the frame, so I mised about 3/4 of the pullups.

JAM said...

Wod 1)
Wod 2)
Wod 3)

Sweeney said...

Name: Darren Sweeney/ Sweeney
BWT: 157

WOD 1: 115

Wod 2: 7:50/115

WOD 3: 5:48

Completed on Sunday and no videos. No need to count the scores in the runing tally...this was a test for me only.

Thanks Coach!!!

Katrina Burton said...

BWT = 107#
Wod 1: 104# wod 2: 9:06.9 & 66 du
Wod 3: 4:56
Videos to come... Thanks James for everything and happy birthday. It was great to see everyone!

mike@CFCochrane said...

wod 1 video missing from my first post.
Awesome work everyone!

Heavy Evy said...

Finally got vids to go.

Wod 1

Wod 2

Wod 3

Michael McCabe said...

i posted my scores above (jan23 at 1:56pm), but in case anyone cares all of my videos are finally up... all the wods were done within the 5hrs yesterday...

awesome effort this weekend everyone!

Katrina Burton said...

Videos can be found at this link:


Bill Tillapaugh said...

Bill Tillapaugh Videos
WOD 1-120#OHSx15-
WOD 1-135#OHSx15-
WOD 2 -
WOD 3 -

exp. said...
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exp. said...

link to videos:

WOD 1:

WOD 2**:

WOD 3:

**did a second count and only counted 109 DUs, not 110 as I had originally posted. sorry.

Justin Flynn said...

B/w 200#
WOD 1: 160#

WOD 2: 6:31 and zero D/Us

WOD 3: On other camera at the box. Will have that up tomorrow. Wanted to get these posted at least.

Chris Dunkin said...
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Chris Dunkin said...

bwt: 207

1: 160
2: 6:57.7, 131
3: 5:43


Caro L said...

BWT. 122lbs

1: 65lbs(15) 75lbs(15) 80lbs(13):( So close to have it but I now that I can have it, fall on the floor. Next time.

2: 9:03, 27DU's

3: 10:36

I'm realy happy cause I learn on me and it was a fun and a good experience.
Thanks OPT.

BK said...

Amy Mandelbaum

Wod1: 13/80

Wod 2: 8:03/40
Wod : 10.05

All done within 4 hours Sunday

Jacques A said...

learned a lot today about proper nutrition for multiple events and proper warming up. Lot of work needed on shoulder flexibility.
Bwt 182
1. 95lbs(failed at 115)
2. 7:11, 78DU's
3. 5:52

Failed to adjust carb intake today, and went into workout #3 with only 15g of carbs since morning. Felt it in the CTB. Started breaking at rep 30 which should not have happened and ran out of gas during burpees.
Was also organizing the event at the box so lots of running around and not much focus but was a good prep for March.
42 athletes took part in the competition and they all loved it.
Awesome challenge OPT!

bso said...
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Cam Birtwell said...

Change to Cam Birtwell's double under total - I've watched my video multiple times and I keep getting numbers in the 170's. Must have counted wrond during the wod so I'm going to say the new amount is

172 not 200... unfortunately

Lindsey said...

Lindsey Hoyer
BW: 138
WOD1: 90(PR!!)
WOD2: Rhiannon only- 291 (sadly enough PR!)
WOD3: 10:29 (jumping kip)

Jason Anderson said...

Jason Anderson
WOD1: 150
WOD2: 7:06/143
WOD3: 5:48
WOD3 sucked as a client surprised me and came in during my 30+ ctb pull-ups and had to stop and start fresh after her session haha. Felt pretty good. Fun challenge for the day thanks OPT !!

LuLu said...

Here is a link to my OHS video. I wish I had the other wods on video but we were sharing the camera with lots of people. So good to see myself, first time on film. Some of these were very questionable for depth but now I know what I need to work on.

Thanks again OPT.

Chris Dunkin said...

WOD 3 correction: 5:48

joey warren said...
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joey warren said...

From Crossfit Cadence:

Jason Rann BWT = 180lb
WOD1: 95lb
WOD2: 6:56 + 35
WOD3: 5:00

Josh Rogers BWT = 183lb
7:25 + 129

Heath Clark (the clydesdale) BWT= 225
7:08 + 25

Danny B said...

Dan Bevins(Danny B)
7:46 + 102

BigRigs said...

BW: ~190lbs

OHS: 155lbs x15

Row/DU: 6:46 & 30

Chin/Burpee: 8:36

Total elapsed time: ~56mins.