Wed, Jan 20, 2010

"Big Dawg Ben" - 54 reps - 200# back squats in 3 minutes
2nd place, men's heavyweight division - Hybrid Winter Challenge


A. Split Jerk - 1,1,1; rest 240 sec
B. Hang Power Clean - 3,3;3; rest 240 sec
C. 10 CTB Chin Ups; 3 sets; rest 60 sec b/t sets
D. Row 30 sec @ 70%, rest 30 sec, Row 30 sec @ 80%, rest 30 sec, Row 30 sec @ 90%

post loads and notes to comments
keep intensity high per set; speed is priority over weight


ken c said...

on the 3 reps of hang power cleans, can we drop and reset quickly or does rx'd mean hanging on to the bar until 3 reps complete? guess this goes for most all oly lifts with reps greater than 1.

Martin Altemark said...

A. 90kg, 95kg (PR), 97.5kg (PR). So fucking stoked!

B. 3x60gk, 3x80kg, 3x85kg (fail on third). No reset betw reps.

C. skipped this, hands need to heal up a bit

D. avg tempo was ~1:40, ~1:33, ~1:27

Can't tell you how happy I am over the split jerk! BWT+22,5kg (50lbs). Not special for most of you big dawgs, but for this old puppy it means alot!

Mie said...
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Mie said...

A. 121, 132, 143

B. 3x110, 3x121, 3x143

C. CTB - all very broken sets

D. tempo about 1:58, 1:55, 1:50

Good workout:-)

Dave X said...

Hi Mie!

Split Jerk: 175 - 195 - 205 (PR I think, BWT = 205#)
Hang Pwer Clean: 155-175-185
CTB: UNB x 3
Row (Measured Cals for perceived effort):
70%: 8 cals, 80%: 11 cals, 90% 14 Cals

LuLu said...

A. 120lbs-130-135 super happy new PR.

B. 80lbs-85-95 have not done these much. Technique was hilarious on first 2 sets. Got it on third set.

C. All sets unbroken:) Thanks Ang for counting and watching for me :)

D. Was not sure how to measure this. Turned rower to wattage and got these numbers:

179-227-264 body weight is 120lbs.

Simpson said...

A. 185ibs - 205ibs - 210 - failed fourth set on 220 and 215 (i didn't realize that there were only three sets to do) BWT=165

B. 135ibs - 155ibs - failed on 175ibs so i did 165ibs (was squatting down to much on 175ibs)

C. All unbroken

D. 244-273-306 (i'm not sure if these numbers are accurate, got confused with the rower)

OPT said...

ken c, for this one i'd rather regrip at mid thigh and go again...i'll include if you can drop weight

Ang said...

A: 95-105-115 First time doing heavy split jerks so very happy with these numbers!!

B:80-85-85 GRR! Still not sure I have these quite figured out. Last set felt the best

C: Used elastic to ensure to get my chest to the bar... obviously need to work on these...
Lulu you are a pullup machine! Send some of that my way would ya!! :)

D: Mesured wattage aswell: 285-305-329

Gord said...

BWT 157#
A. 208, 214 (Prev PB), 220(PB)
B. 177 x3 x3
C. Unbroken x3
D. didn't do. time constraints


Roch said...

D.Average 1:39,1:33,1:29

Mid delt is sore since KB swings on sunday.

PTS said...

a. 185,195, 205(F)
b. 155,175,180
c. unbroken x3.
d. did not do as I had bball game on Monday and have one tonight.

my jerk is just all kinds of messed up. The lower weights flew up and once it gets heavy it gets ugly.

Martin Altemark said...

Tech comments please. A bit too fast out of split I think, but gimme more.

PR by 5kg:

Nathan H. said...


Congrats on the PR man!

Good dip, it looks like you stay upright and jump straight which is VERY important for power application. Your split position looks a bit unstable, and your recovery is definitely too quick. This could be a conceptual issue, and when I'm teaching the lifts one on one, I always focus on the concepts of the lifts. So that's what I'll do here:

The big 'ah ha!' for me was realizing that all I need to do is drive the weight high enough to get my body underneath the bar... by literally pushing myself underneath it faster than gravity alone will take me -- to a lockout of the arms.
For you, I would have you drill your receiving position, and work on getting lower in your split and stabilizing. Do that and you'll be good for an additional 10kg easy -- probably more.

Before you're next split jerk session, visualize jumping the weight and dropping yourself low enough to lock your arms out solidly...stabilize... and then recover. Visualize over and over.

And filming from the side is a better option in terms of getting technique advice. Just for the future :).

Hope this helps.


dmarsh said...

A. 220, 230, 240
B. 198, 208, 218
C. UB x 3
D. 137m, 147m, 160m

Everything fast and easy.

Slater Coe said...

A. 245, 265(f)
B. 205, 215(f3)
C. 20lbs, 25, 27.5 - unbroken
D. 1:47, 1:38, 1:27

Clemson Rob said...

A: 180, 185, 190
B: 175, 175, 175
C: all unbroken
D: 2:07 (70%), 1:51 (80%), 1:35 (90%)

Adam Rogers said...

Martin -

Nathan gives some good advice in practicing your receiving position. You want to make sure that you not only stay upright, but that your weight is distributed relatively evenly between your front and back foot. In watching your video it seemed as if your center of gravity was pushed closer to your front foot, with your back foot not sharing the load, leading to a slightly unstable catch and recover.

I would recommend drilling the foot transition, slowly at first, stepping your back foot out to 7 oclock, keeping the weight on the ball of the back foot with the heel off the ground, then walk your front foot up to 1 oclock, your knee should be behind your ankle, shin perpendicular or slightly inclined towards you, weight on the heel of front foot. Turn your toes in slightly.

After building some consistency with your foot placement, start doing the transition at lifting speed, jumping them from pushing position to the receiving position while staying balanced and upright. Repeatability is the key, drill the footwork into your muscles so that you can do it without too much thought.

Also, with the recover, start with a 1/2 step back with the front foot, then a 1/2 step forward with the back foot. Moving the back leg forwards first can push the weight forward too much.

Anonymous said...

only had time to rest for 120 between reps.

A. 95 for all
B. 75-80-80
C. went for max unbroken ctb 10-5-5
D. watts: 150-175-200

Ali Loach said...

A. 110#/120#/110#
*dropped it down to focus more on speed and good technique
B. 75#/90#/100#
*these felt great
C. 6/4, 5/5
*Only two sets put happy that I was able to do do 6 in a row the first set (PB!)
D. 70% - maintained 1:50/500m (128m)
80% - maintained 1:47/500m (139m)
90% - maintained 1:43/500m (143m)

Feelin' on the up and up today. :o)

Jon M said...

A. 225-245-275

B. HPC 225 sets across

C. CTB all unbroken

D. Didn't track meters

joey warren said...

A. 225, 230, 240
B. 205, 205, 215x2 (f x1) - came forward on toes, not too heavy
C. focused on speed
D.158m, 165m, 169m

Brian Maier said...

A: 195,215,235
B: 185,195,205
C: 10X3 - unbroken(easy)
D: 70% - 144m/310watts/11cal
80% - 163m/449watts/15cal
90% - 178m/585watts/19cal

Jerks felt good today...arms locked out on all 3 catches, did not press.

HPC's hurt lower back a bit so need to work on form.

BK said...

C.7/3, 8/2,10

Feeling very taxed after comp Saturday and although a great time,the physical demand is nasty.
Below is the 3rd event from Saturday, and the 5th event which I struggled through 2 movements the 505 Yoke and the BB farmers walk at 245 a hand. 5 events in 7 hours. Good to mix it up.

5th event chipper:

Wes hendricks said...

Bwt - 145

A. 185-205-215(PR)
B. 155-170-185
C. Unbroken, just worked on staying in control of each rep
D. 137-147-157 meters

Pretty good WOD today. I am pretty psyched I set a new PR putting 215 overhead. Intensity was there today so I just decided to go for it. I feel like I can put a lot more overhead once I get better footing with the PJ

Nathan H. said...

A: 262, 286, 295 miss, 295 easy!
Felt like I couldve done 20kg more on the last one!

B: 220, 242, 228. On the 242 I had to drop between reps because my thumb felt like it was going to explode.

C: unbroken. 11 seconds, 11 sec, 10 second.

D: 135m (1:51 pace), 142m (1:46), 157m (1:35) I misjudged my percentages and went too easy for all rounds. Lesson learned.

Good training!


rackempackem said...

A. 90kg, 95kg, 100kg(f). First time doing Split Jerk with any weight. So it is of course a PR. Perhaps a slight pressout on 95kg. 100 felt close. Satisfied.
B.70kg(PR), 75kg(PR), 80kg(f), failed the first rep on 80kg. I really suck on these. PR though.
C. Unbroken. Did them butterfly-style. Witch as a long time ago since i last tried. Felt great.
D. Subbed Box Jumps. No rower at the gym. Did3 rounds of 30 sec AMRAP @50cm, 30 sec rest: 19, 21, 21. Felt better than last week. Good sub for me.

weezie said...

A - 195 / 205 / 210
B - 195 / 200 / 205
C - 10 / 10 / 10
D - 127m (~1:45) / 150m (~1:38) / 162m (~1:30)

Jerks and HPCs were nice and fast. C2B pullups were unbroken which is a first. Row felt good.

CalebG said...

First time posting, and I am relatively new to the Big Dawgs programming. I am loving it!

A: 185-205-225 BWT 162
B: 155-175-195
C: Unbroken (I am assuming this was a dead hang chin-up)
D: 1)1:55 2)1:50 3) 1:45 (went a little too easy here)

The weight felt really light and fast today! Definitely could have went a good bit heavier, but I figured it would be wise to approach this one a little lighter today! Great to be a part of the community.

Rainer Hartmann said...

A: Push Jerks (calf still not 100%, but getting better): 95/115/125 x 1
B: 125/135 x 3, 145 x 2
C: Unbroken
D: Average Watt: 115/125/135

Corbin said...

A. 225, 245, 250f
B. 195, 205, 215
C. All CTB unbroken
D. Subbed SDHP @ 45# for rower, only rower was taken by somebody doing what looked like a 2K @ 20% effort

Jenny said...

A. 60kg-65kg-67 kg Pr
B. 50 kg-60 kg-62.5 failed( only 2 reps)
C. All CTB unbroken
D. Didn´t track meters

Anonymous said...

A. 230/245 f/245 pretty easy. Night shift remnants kicked in last night. Up since 3:45am. Brain clicked out in the 2nd lift.
B. 206/220/230 1,1,f -ugly catches, need to get under.
C. 10 X 3
D. 140.6/138/136.1

Jacques A said...

A.185,205,215(need to work on back leg spacing.not far back enough)
B.185,205,215X1(no explosion this morning)

Emilie P-B said...

A. 100-115-115 Form was horrible on second one. Much better and easier on third one
B. 100-110(0)-110(2)
C. First set unbroken, 2nd: 6-4, 3rd: 6-3-1
D. 70% - maintained 1:53/500m
80% - maintained 1:47/500m
90% - maintained 1:42/500m felt more like 100%, I have to learn to slow down

Lisa M said...

A. 115/125/125 second one was a little slow third really focused and was much better
B. 85/95/105 third set was pathetic so did it over and was much better
C. 7/3 7/3 7/3 could only do 7 in row but they were strong and good contact. My delts are still quite sore from those darn KBS
D.1:53/1:49/1:46 did not do a good job of pacing the last one definitely was too fast and i found that 30 seconds wasn't long enough to get into a groove of perceived effort

Stephen Flamm said...

A. 185 across
B. 185 across
C. unbroken
D. 160m, 169m, 174m

Kept weights light and worked on speed. Pull-ups were fast -:12 or less for each set. Tried to keep 1:35, 1:30, and 1:25 pace for the rows.

Laura said...

A. 98/103/108--stayed lightish so I didn't aggravate my neck/traps.
B. 98/103/108--exact same as A, had to catch lower today than I normally do
C. complete
D. complete--tried to work on relaxing body while rowing.

Lauren said...

a. 125/135/145
b. 115/135/145
c. unbroken
d. average - 1:48/1:45/1:42

Garage Crossfitter said...


Jerks and power cleans felt horrible, they felt really heavy. Not too sure why. jerk pr is 225 and hpc for a triple is at least 185-205. different warmup next time?

Marie Rochat said...

A. 145/155/165
B. 115/125/130
C. All unbroken
D. 126m/129m/134m

Martin Altemark said...

Nathan and Adam: Thanks a bunch! It's fantastic to have knowledgeble and helpful people just a few lines away!

BK: Impressive! Great work!

Becky said...

i'm not too sure how well i think it went this morning.

105, 125, 135 failed, 125
85, 105, 115
c2b hit every time. took too long
124 m, 129m, 136m

opt, how should i be feeling? should i feel strong now, in terms of when i "peak" or should that not come til saturday. i am trying to figure this out. b/c i didn't feel strong today. i failed the 135 and then on the 2nd set of hpc's i missed the first rep. (didn't drop the bar though)
i have been putting in some extra minutes of mu practice. almost there, i think. but only 5-8 min.

thanks if you can answer or shed any light on this.

Wes hendricks said...

Brett Marshall,

You lifting numbers have really been amazing me. If you don't mind me asking about how much do you weight?

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 225,235,245
B. 205,215,225
C. Unbroken
D. 151,153,155

Kept damper on zero. trying to improve efficiency. Fun to wod a bit later and get a chance to see some numbers. 245 ties my pr. more speed=more weight.

Caro L said...

A. 120lbs-125lbs-130lbs
B. 110lbs(2)-100lbs(3)-110lbs(2)
C. broken but working on my butterfly and it going better
D. 2.00-1.55-1.50

Caro L said...

A. 120lbs-125lbs-130lbs
B. 110lbs(2)-100lbs(3)-110lbs(2)
C. broken but working on my butterfly and it going better
D. 2.00-1.55-1.50

David said...


A. 232, 243, 251 (PR)
B. 200, 210, 220 (2)
C. 10, 10, 10
D. 1:39.4, 1:34.8 and 1:31.2 Pace

Notes: The SJ felt great, 251 is a PR but I'm guessing another 10-15 for sure, it just floated up. After that, I got to excited on the HPC although the 3rd rep on 220 only missed by a small margin. The CTB's were all unbroken and tonight I was able to butterfly all reps and sets. The rows just went

will said...

195,225,231 pr
176,222,229 did full squat on last rep
as RX'd
146 meters,160 meters,175meters

Anonymous said...

A. 185, 195, 195
B. 3/175 3/175 3/175
D. 123m,139m,151m
Really need to work on getting under the bar faster

Ali Loach said...

Nice numbers :o)
My co-workers keep asking me...hey do you know that girl that looks like you that comes in and rips it up in the mornings???
Hasn't taken you long to make an impact here :o)

Yelvi said...

A. 205, 215, 225 very slight press out on last one, but otherwise felt good.
B. 165, 175, 185 needed to pull under faster
C. Unbroken, felt good
D. 1:40, 1:35, 1:30

Brandon said...

A. 225/235/245
B. 185/195/205
C. Broken to work on CTB kip
D. 136m/145/163m

Explosion in hips was bad today. Both Jerk and HPC felt heavy. CTB kip getting better and I am hitting lower on chest. Row felt great. Continued DU work in warmup and cooldown.

Lindsey said...

A. 95/105/110#
B. 95/105/105#
C. Unbroken - jumping kip - worked a lot on my kipping today. don't quite have the hang of it yet but getting closer!
D. Subbing running

Tyler Smith said...

A. 255, 265(PR), 275f x 2 (so close!)
B. 205,215,225
C. unbroken
D. Ran this one... felt good

Linker said...

A. 255-265(F)-265

B. 215-225-235

C. Pull-Ups were easy

D. 140m-151m-164m, felt good especially the arms.

Michael McCabe said...

A. 185, 205, 205
B. 185, 195, 195
C. easy
D. pace: 1:45, 1:37, 1:32

HPC felt fast and easy but i think i'm landing on my toes, which will limit me in the long run... will videotape next time

bmizzlle said...

A. 185/195ugly/205fail
jerk needs serious work. unhappy.
B. 175/175/185
felt OK but need to be quicker
C. BW+10#/BW+14#/BW+18#
all unbroken but not consecutive
D. 162m/176m/192m
felt VERY good today on this.

Pete said...

A.205-215-225 (got it up but pressed for that last inch)
B.185 (3), 205(1), 185(3), 185(3)
C.10 strict ctb, 8 strict + 2 kip, 4 strict + 6 kip
D.164m. 174m. 181m.

Took a while to get my head in the game today. I think I left too much space between meals and then had my pre-WOD snack a little late. 6 hour flight probably didn't help either. I worked out at a public gym today...which I hadn't done in a while. Luckily they had a squat rack down in the dingy basement so I was able to do my thing without being bothered. I had to focus very hard to ignore the shitty deadlift coaching that the personal trainer was giving a new client.

Practiced some really light power cleans, hang power cleans,and overhead squats, and finished off with some low box jump work.

Felt good by the end.

unit said...

A- 185 / 205 / 225 (felt tough and weak)
B- 185 / 205 / 225 (felt ez & quick)
C- strict / kip / butterfly (ok)
D- 145m / 157m / 173m (felt smooth, ez)


Chad said...

A. 185/205/215(f)/215-this didn't feel good today. Weight felt heavy, everything below the calf is sore and my knee is not happy right now.

B. 185/195/205x2-got a little ugly on last set, need to get under back quicker and explode with hips.

C. UBx3 with butterfly
D. 1:49, 1:35, 1:29 pace

Overall I'm concerned with my R knee, it's an ACL knee (years post op) and I think it's affecting more than I want to admit to myself. I'm a PT and I would tell me to cool it a bit...but it's hard.

exp. said...

a.215, 225, 235 (pr)
a little press-out on 225#, so I adjusted my speed and depth accordingly. 235# went up easy.
b. 190, 200x2 (failed on 3rd rep...third pull not fast enough), 195...cleans still need alot of work
c.unbroken, unbroken (20# vest), unbroken...all fast
d.not a clue what I was doing on sprints, have not recorded percentages in the past...will use this as starting point next time...1:56,1:51, 1:45...all felt too easy...will adjust

Sam said...

A. 155, 165, 175(f)
Had the last one, just didn't drop underneath. I also paused in the dip, inhibiting my execution of the lift.

B. 115, 120, 120
Seriously need to get my form correct. I feel like I'm so strong but can't use it.

C. 1st two sets unbroken. Had to drop on 7 last set because I lost my rhythm and wasn't completely touching the bar.

D. Pace 2:10(70%), 2:00(80%), 1:50(90%)
I really just guessed on paces because I wasn't sure. I felt like I could've gone faster though =(

Chad Hall said...

A: 225, 245, 225
B: 185, 205, 215
C: Unbroken rx'd
D: rx'd

Notes: 265 is my max split jerk, don't know what happened today, 225 felt super heavy and 245 only got worse. Happy with HPC, haven't done 3s before, it was tough to regrip everytime. Hopefully get up to 225 next time. Pull ups were great, should have worn a vest. No monitor on the rower so I don't know wattage, metres, etc. but felt really good.

AC said...

AC 25m/6'3"/215
Split Jerk: 285
HPC: 225
Rows: 1:34, 1:24, 1:20

Paul Klein said...

A. 215, 230, 245
B. 185, 205, 205
C. Unbroken, I struggle maintaining the kip with C2B
D. 154m, 160m, 165m

Craig said...

A. 195/205/215
B. 165/175/185
C. butterfly, unbroken
D. 1:45/1:40/1:35 ( 500 pace)

SJ and PC felt good. chin ups were solid.

Aimee said...

Alright Ben!

Covino24 said...

A) 185/195/200 PR felt quick and easy!
B) 145/155/170
C) all Unbroken and fast
D) 132m/142m/157m

rwcorson said...

A. 162,167,176f
B. 171, 176, 181
C. Unbroken
D. 1:42/500m, 1:36/500m,1:31/500m

Aaron said...

A. 190/205/210
B. 175/185/195
C. Unbroken(felt strong/fast,pulled to bottom of chest)

Brent Maier said...


A SJ: 100/110/x115kg (253#) - Poor form stole the last jerk from me.
B HPCx3: 90/100/105kg (231#)
C C2B: Unbroken - First two were blazing Joey fast with solid chest to bar, last round tapered to singles half way through.
D Rows: 176m/173m/172m - Avg'd 1:22-1:25m paace

Notes: KyleF and I were talking on the rows whether an increasing effort as you grow more fatigued is the goal here resulting in like times for all 3 sets. That was my approach anyway. Great job today Kyle, see you next week.

Dan said...

A. 185/215/225
B. 185/205/215
C. All Unbroken
D. 1:59/1:49/1:33

atom said...

a. 225, 235, 245
b. 205, 205, 215
c. unbroken & static
d. 1:50, 1:40, 1:30 - did this 3x with a 2 minute break between sets.

Steve Smith said...


3 Mile Ruck Run w/ 60# Ruck - 32min

10 min rest

A: 225, 225, 225 (Very slopy)
B: 205, 205, 205 (Felt powerful)
C: Mixed Grip, Mixed Grip, Supinated (Unbroken and no problem)
D: Skip

5 min rest while puting on boots

3 Mile Ruck Run w/ 60# - 31 min

Adam Rogers said...

A: 205,225(f),225...felt heavy today
B: 165,175,185....solid
C: unbroken sets, hope to start adding weight vest for these soon
D: 144,155,166 meters covered, hard to gauge, probably should have gone a bit faster

Pols said...

A. 245 265 275 I really need to work on my form, they were halfway between push press and split jerks
B. 225 245 255(x2)
C. Yep
D. Had to do sprints, they won't give us a rower at our hall, they say it's too small. 200 m at tready max of 12mph, gonna have to work on foot strike with new five finger shoes. Sounded like I was hitting a heavy bag.

andrew romeo said...

A: 185, 205, 215 (5# PR)
B: 185, 185, 185
c: unbroken
D: 153m, 156m, 167m

Mike Molloy said...

A: 135-165-185-205 (PR). I've got more in me but couldn't risk dropping it at the local Dartmouth gym.

B: 135-155-175-190

C: fast

D: 135-145-155 meters. I did all the rows on a damper of 2 just to see how it would feel.

Steve Howell said...


Yesterdays WOD
D:Unbroken both sets.

Today's WOD
C:Unbroken for all 3 sets
D:No rower and ran out of time to sub in some running.

Erik Luber said...

A. 65 kg, 67.5, 70 (PR)
B. 60 kg, 65, 70 (1+f)
C. butterfly
D. 239 W, 323, 357

Felt better today. Cleans not as explosive as I would like. Underestimated 70% on rowing.

Chris Fodera said...


A. 185, 205, 225F
B. 185, 195, 200
C. Unbroken x 3
D. /500m paces were 1:46, 1:35, 1:25

PWO: 32gP (MRM shake), 1 scoop Refuel
60 min later: beef, apple, almond butter

A. 185 and 205 were both fast and powerful. I got under 225 fine, but my landing was a little off and caused me to dump it.
B. Felt a little heavy today, but were still fast
C. Felt good. Came to spot between abs and nipples on all reps.
D. Felt really smooth and controlled.

My knee felt/feels really good. I started supplementing with L-Glutamine and Wobenzym PS today, so I'll see how that goes after a couple days or so.

Steve G said...


at CFC

A. 195
B. 195
C. 10x3
D. 139m, 145m, 150m

Notes: I can push press more than split jerk...have difficult time getting under bar...not comfortable or used to split jerks...

Adam said...

SJ: 265-285(f)
Rows- 1:37, 1:33, 1:23 smooth and easy

Heavy Evy said...

Did wod in a very low ceiling small town gym tonight, literaly had 2" to spare on overhead lifts. Kept my weights light today to try and work on my form, as I've never done most of these lifts. That and my form on cleans feels shitty.

A.155,175,185,195 had lots left in tank
B.155, 145, 150, 150 going to go lighter and just bang a million reps of these out till I get the muscle memory for them, as they don't feel smooth at all.
C. Did on squat rack, ub for all, but some hanging on the bar for the last 2 sets. rthym was tough off rack, and had to watch my noodle on ceiling.
D. Tryed damper on 10 instead of ussual 6: 134m, 152m, 158m

Evan Z said...

A. 165,175,175
B. 175,175,185 something clicked and speed felt good for the first time that I can remember.
C. unbroken
D. Damper 5 ave watts 329,357,386

Anonymous said...

Kathleen and Grant, hope you see this...
I hope that I didn't offend you this evening at CFC. I totally mis-understood you. Besides the fact that my mouth often times opens up before my brain is thinking, especially after a tough workout! I am really sorry if I dis-respected you in any way!

Mack Lar said...

A. 205/215/225 (felt strong,225 is my PR. Felt like I had another 10lbs easy.
B. 185/195/195
D. 147m/152m/162m

Johnny Di Gregorio said...

A.110/114/116 PR
- Felt like I could have gone more, but failed at 118.
B. 84/90/96
- Hook grip was killin on this.
C. Unbroken Sets
-Most of the beginning of my sets were C2B. I am working on increasing my capacity for those.
D. 144m/155m/ 163m

Kyle F said...

A: 100/110(f)/110
B: 90/90/90
C: Unbroken
D: 156/153/163

Happy with Jerk. Didn't feel strong on HPC.

Kathleen said...

F 128#
A. 110/115/120
B. 95/100/105* [*broken]
C. 10/8/8 unbroken - supinated
D. 388 metres [123/130/134]

No disrespect taken - all is good. Great to see your improvements over the last couple of months - way to go!

Grant said...

@ CFC @ 7PM
A. SJ 165/185/205
B. HPC 155/165/165 focus on speed
C. 10 CTB Rx'd
D. Row 30 rest 30; 133m/152m/166m

Robs said...

A. 110/115(fail)/100 Kgs
B. 80/85/85
C. First set Ubroken other to broken after number 7
D. Average time for 500 m: 1:36 - 1:36 - 1:27

Felt weak on the jerk, which i normally a favourite lift.

Jason Buzzard said...

A: 205#, 215#, 225#(pr)
B: 185#, 195#, 205#
C: unbroken
D: 157M, 162M, 172M

Split jerks felt pretty good, still pretty new to this lift so I am trying to get faster at getting under the bar. HPC are new as well and I didnt really know where to start but felt it was a good place, 205# was pretty challenging. CTB pull ups went surprisingly quick and easy. Rowing, I am not really sure that I did it right or how to measure my %'s. Something I will just have to mess with I guess.

dontpanic356 said...

Still a day behind

A: 275, 295, 305f, 305 pr
B: 185, 205, 225
C: unbroken
D: did GHD situps.

Big PR on the Split Jerk. Really happy about this number especially with the recent injury.

Blaine said...

A: 165,195,295
B: 155,165,165
C: unbroken
D: 144m,150m,157m

Danny B said...