fri, jan 7, 2011

dead in Austria, alive and kicking in North America; Ali Loach - my X-mas future ghost.
January 16th BD challenge - all day event - registration open now!
Programmer - CJ Martin - OPT CCP Coach - Invictus Principal


Geoff Aucoin said...

'Dead in Austria', that's frickin' hilarious. You need to host a CCP there!

Anonymous said...


Wod 1 with AJ, Michelle Benedict, Austin Malleolo, James Hobart, and Spencer Hendel:
For time:
800m run
Then 5 rounds of:
6 squat snatches @145/105
12 c2b pull-ups
Then 30 cal row

Cant remember the times but Results were:
AJ 1st, Austin 2nd, myself 3rd, James 4th, Spencer 5th and Michelle 6th.
Team OPT won that wod any way you look at it.

Second one was a team wod:
150 hip extenstion (commonly referred to as back extensions) buy-in
Then between the 3 team members with only 1 person working at each station at a time:
100 wallballs with a 30lb slam ball to 11 ft
15 prowler pushes 50m with 90lbs
30 hill runs with a 60lb sandbag (about 20m both ways and steep)

I hit all the wallballs while AJ and Michelle worked on the other two then once I finished I joined them. We finished 17 seconds behind them...they got beat on this although the time doesnt show it simply because if they had had a female to match ours we would have won.

Regardless, tons of fun, high volume, and great competing for Team OPT.

Anonymous said...

forgot, this and the previous comment are from Nate.

Anonymous said...

nate again...

for the record, I suck at c2b pull-ups.

derb said...


yesterdays results

1: 29+20,8,60
2: 24,9,44
3: 25,8,50
4: 22,8,56
5: 22,8,46

total: 439

Grip was the limiting factor on swings.

35g pro/ 35g fat(no carbs)

sj said...

Rock on Team OPT!!! I have hometown/state/blog advantage with cheering you all on. Keep it up!

Bottom line: Michelle, you freakin' rock girl!

NW said...

Flying home tomorrow so did a WOD today

Morning: Practice Double Unders

PM: Annie 50-40-30-20-10 DU/Situps Time: 6:44
Rest 10 minutes
Reverse Annie 10-50 DU/SU Time: 5:45
Still struggling to string long sets of DU together. Rhythm felt off, situps anchored with feet slightly elevated

Steve Howell said...

Back Squat;
Set 1 @ 107kg x 5
Set 2 @ 121kg x 3
Set 3 @ 137kg x 1+ (+6)
Bench Press;
Set 1 @ 85kg x 5
Set 2 @ 96kg x 3
Set 3 @ 107kg x 1+ (+4)

From Dec 30th
5 sets
30 UB Wall Ball
25 UB Pull ups

Wall Ball: All sets unbroken.
Pull Ups: All sets unbroken.

Heavy Evy said...

I really don't like that picture.

Finnally caught up:

Wed done Thursday night:

Mu's 5 sets only got 2 reps, wasn't fully warmed up.

Challenging HSPU done to 6" depth, could have been a bit deeper failed an extra rep at 12" basically sticking point of my press on the way up.

6min 5GHR,3Lpus 9rnds

200lunges completed.

Thur done Friday.

75#DBS 29,27x4, all UB
BpusRings 9,8,8,7,7
Dus 70,60,60,57,50

total reps: 473

Plus Bonus Score: 573

36g pro,40g carb

Time to start working on my double unders again as I'm really not happy with them lately.

Laura CF Redline said...

From Wed Jan 5th

No MUs. Subbed with 3 PUs 3 ring dips for each muscle up.

HSPU: all done as kipping HSPU which for me was exciting since I'd been doing them on bands before.

In 6 mins 4 rnds PUs were modified with knees in.

200 walking lunges completed in 8:12. Ouch. We will see if my butt is lunge proof. Its not feeling that way at the moment.

Jared-CF Redline said...

Thursday, Jan 6, 2011 WOD rx

1. 20/7/70 (97)
2. 18/6/52 (76)
3. 17/3/60 (80)
4. 15/5/54 (74)
5. 20/3/64 (87)
total 414

2pood is feels pretty heavy for me. Bar just beyond 12" reach.

pwo: 1 heaping scoop of Refuel

Paul Klein said...

Austria...well G'day mate! Let's put another shrimp on the barby.

Nice work Nate, AJ and Michelle. The dirty south has some heavy hitters and you guys are at the top of that food chain. The games will be fun to watch this year.

Stephen B. said...

Jan. 1 workout

CGBP: 265#


Flight simulator: 7:53 rx'd (previous 8:14 rx'd)...missed 1st rep of the WOD. Ha! Otherwise, no misses.

PC/BP: 235/265

Notes: PR on cgbp @ 16" is 285# so I'm not real happy with today's number. Flight simulator felt great and I felt focused during the workout.

Angelo Fosco said...

Hell ya team opt. You guys are an inspiration, keep up the great work!!

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