sat, jan 29, 2011


3 rounds for time:
25 KBS 2pd/1.5 pd
25 chin ups

post time to comments
(also post BWT and height)


Michael McCabe said...

COVP chins?

Paul Klein said...

In regards to your KB question yesterday. I just bought a 1.5 pood "Gray Series" from Muscle Driver. It has a rubber pad with a large bolt in the bottom, I removed the bolt and bought a longer one and a fender washer that I use to bolt extra weight to the bottom. So when a 2pood workout comes up like today, I bolt on and extra 17lbs to get the weight to 72lbs. It may not be for everyone but it saved me some money and works great.

Gaspasser said...

8:22 COVP
Hands are destroyed.

Gaspasser said...

Make that 71". Don't worry my math is better, when doing anesthesia!!!

Gord said...

Gord 5'7 - 157#

Tag- 5'8- 175
11:33 (subbed ring rows for chins, the decent on chins hurts shoulder)

Chris Dunkin said...
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Chris Dunkin said...


trap3: 15lbx12, 2olbx12, 25lbx7
going to get a nap.

Vic @ CF Redline said...



(My hands were tender from the other day and started to tear AGAIN, but managed thru it)

Good job today Big Dawg Laura!!!

:) Congrats to my wife and her first day back crossfitting after giving birth to our son. GREAT JOB BABE!!!

Lars said...

Time 8:04

height 6'0"
weight 220

Wasn't feeling it today, a little sluggish - maybe the pizza and crap I ate last night. Still a little tender in the delts and lats today too.

Anyway off to get prepared for the wedding. Back next monday.

Laura CF Redline said...

F/33/5'6 (and a half)145


Thanks Vic for helping to push me a long otherwise I would've been there all morning. Word to the wise: when OPT gives you a rest day before a test you should take it! Hopefully I'll take my own advice next time.

JHuet said...



Chad Hall said...

6'1 / 202lbs

9:49 COVP

Only reason it was covp is because I can't do butterfly, if I could, I probably would have done that. Grip was shit as per usual. Happy it was under 10 although I feel like I'm back at square one.

Congrats Lars! Have a great day!

Bin said...

Did a 1k row as a warm-up, and forearms started burning like hell halfway through...

12:04, first set of kbs unbroken, everything else was crap.


kent said...

back squat 10x2 @ 55%+ blue band 210lbs
metcon 7:53 1st round unbroken the last 2 just hangin on

Garage Crossfitter said...

ZERO grip

Casey S. said...


9:16 with 15 strict pull-ups instead of 25.

I was so not into this wod when I first read it, just didn't want to do another damn pull-up. So after a good little rolling out the shoulders/warm-up/whine session I did it. Kipping felt quite wonky on my left shoulder today again so did strict, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Kept the KB swings unbroken the first two rounds and broke it up into 2sets the last round, my forearms were PUMPED after this though! I just wanted to power clean soooo bad today!

Brent Maier said...


Time: 6:43

In a shitty mood today, not sure what is up. Hands a bloody mess and abs sore. Almost shut it down before the 3,2,1. These feelings ate rare. Time to turn this day around.

Paul, your a genius brother! Thanks for the tip!

PTS said...


I wanted sub 6 but my grip wouldn't cooperate.

I've been feeling pretty good lately, now I just need to not work so many night shifts and I might get the sleep dialed in.

Bear said...

11:45 min

83 kg / 179 cm

Haha, what Bin said! Been sick on and off since christmas, I´m in the worst shape in a long time, but at least I´m a better swimmer! Bloody blisters after round 1 and no grip-endurance at all. Will do this again in two weeks or so and compare times. It can only get better from here! ;)

Brent, hang in there buddy, awesome time along a lot of other dawgs! :)

jj said...

5'7" @ 180#

r Gaines said...

6'6" @230#


Siu said...



unit said...

5min airdyne- 110cal
21/18/15/12/9/6/3 of KBS 2pd, ghdsu, du-
@80%- 9:57
today's WOD-


Steve G said...

Ht: 188cm
Bwt: 82kg

6:36 as rx'd

Notes: first round UB w/ butterfly PU. Second round of KBS were also UB but everything else was broken up. Grip was smoked and I alternated after round 1 b/w butterfly and traditional kip...

what happened to the chinook! -15C and 10cm of snow is not what I wanted to see this morning!

lk5280 said...

6'3" 205lbs
5 min airdyne warm up
10:26 (only had 1.75 pood)

Felt gassed today, chins were tough.


Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

Good group at CSC today:

Pete - 5'10"/167 - 5:29
Adam Rogers - 6'1"/185 - 6:36
RichJ - 5'9"/207 - 6:39
Stephen - 6'1"/188 - 7:06

Tyler L said...

5'11, 185
9:36, 2.25 pood used, first round unbroken, then very broken

Eric Montgomery said...

CF San Diego results:
We started off with 15 mins to find a 1RM push jerk, then rested 5 mins and did the workout.

Petra V. 105lbs/10:20 (1pd KB, black band pullup)

Raina T. 105lbs/9:40 (1pd KB, purple band)

Jason M. 227lbs/9:29

Mike M. 210lbs/9:42

Adam K. 196lbs/8:36

Paul H. (50+ Masters club) 185lbs/9:26

Eric M. 233lbs/7:50

I forgot to get everyone else's height and weight, but I'm 6' and 205lbs.

StacyJ said...


12:19 (COVP)

-almost didn't even do it, shoulder girdle crazy sore from pushing burpees so hard, good warm-up, sucked it up, focused on keeping kip consistent, pull-up bar is up in garage, so it is on :)

- grip was limiting factor, forearms super pumped

- ice bath for 10 mins

Michael McCabe said...



chins not COVP (steve h said i didn't have to!)
70# db swing

PTS said...

6'1" 188

ryandrew11 said...

10K road race today: 45:35

rest 3.5 hours

KBS/Pullups: 11:33


derb said...

5'8"/ 147lbs


DeeJay said...
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DeeJay said...

OPT weightlifting club:
squat snatch cluster 1.1.1

5 sets
3 heavy clean and jerk
6 burpees
9 pullups
7 mins rest

all around 35-40s
first set @ 200#, last 4 sets at 220#

Paul Klein said...

6'2" / 187lbs

8:00 minutes on the nose.

That's a big 10-4 on the no grip comments!

Anonymous said...

Grip was limiting, first round of KBS UB the rest was broken.

Angelo Fosco said...

Awesome advice Paul, thanks!

Worked on Split jerk, getting under the bar.

135x3 4 sets
185x3 1 set

then metcon:

5'9 / 180lbs
8:54 (first round in 2 minutes).

Ya....grip was limiting factor.

Poly said...


Anthony Skvarka said...

6.42. I need to get more efficient with my PU. The PU impacted my time

Danny Davis said...


John said...

27 / 5'9 / 185

Finished first round in 1:20something and waited until 2:00 to start second round. Don't know if that helped, slowed me down, or did nothing. Hands have been killin' me all week though. This didn't help.

Rory Hanlin said...

OPT Tester
rest 10min
Snatch, heavy x1
rest 10min
5 min Airdyne cal test

149 clas

a bit disappointed. wanted sub 5 on the tester and 150 cals on the airdyne...

Rory Hanlin said...

Bodyweight: 226
Height: 6'3"

Rory Hanlin said...

Anvil Crew did well today

ROBO: 5:34
Nate: 5:53
205lbs snatch
149 cals

Rory Hanlin said...

ROBO: 240lbs 72"
Nate: 208lbs 72"

Kendra said...

153lbs, 5' 10"

super sad... I got to 9 minutes and my hands ripped the worst they ever have...blood everywhere..awesome!
I thought I was going to get 10:30 or 11 but the hands failed me...there is always next time!

Steve Howell said...

5'11 182#

time = 5:53

Grip was smoked!

Ross Blake (AUS) said...



That was all grip.. or should i say lack there of.

Some smoken times out there!!


Brian Maier said...

KBS and chinups...hmmmmm! Add some running and we got Helen. What the hell....couldn't resist...been waiting for an opportunity to do "Pyramid Double Helen" from the 2010 Games.

1200m run
63 KB swings (1.5pd)
36 P/U's
800m run
42 KB swings (1.5pd)
24 P/U's
400m run
21 KB swings (1.5pd)
12 P/U's

Time: 19:28

*All KB swings UB...P/U's got ridiculous.

JHo said...

BW 205
height 5'11"

Brian Maier said...

BW: 195
Height: 6'2"

Jesse J WellRock said...

5'9" 175

time : 7:18

Joel B. said...



pullup bar was low and bad--at work. grip and hands shot.

Jordan said...

5'8/170 lbs.


Paul Smith said...

There are some great times out there Dawgs. I'm a day behind so looking forward to hitting this tomorrow morning.

Stephen B. said...



Brandon said...


Grip gone...held onto the bar even tighter and ripped really bad 3 reps into the last set. Sucks, though I should have taped it since it started to rip with the CTB earlier this week. Lesson learned.

Heavy Evy said...

Some good times today dawgs.

Some big rigs on that Anvil crew!

Poly, pretty good time for a big fella waiting for a shoulder surgery!

Anthony Skvarka said...


Anonymous said...

Nate here.

Make that 73"-74"...gonna verify one of these days, haha

Matt Mo said...


body weight 172

height 5'10''

Ryan Hughes said...

7:48 with a 2.25 pood KB.


Carrie McG said...

Did not complete tester - abs were so sore I called it in warmup. (I should have scaled the ghds on wed - lesson learned)

Then did 100 cals on the airdyne so my trip to the gym wasn't a total waste.


joey warren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chelsea said...


female 143/ 5'8"

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