fri, jan 28, 2011

a good learning about creating change - go to 2:15 and listen to experiment in Conneticut (of course - its so nice there why not)

anyhow, how do you want to create change - do you tell someone through fear how bad poor eating, abuse of exercise or smoking and how it will kill you in one way or another - or can we educate another way

we're designing an OPT panel of tests that can collaborate information that is easily understood and clearly presented to the client that over time will tackle this - the missing link though we might do a little better - educate those on what the hell it means and how we can use it as a reflection and learn from it


Angelo Fosco said...

Not surprised by the results of that experiment. Fear is never that great of a motivator honestly. As a high school teacher I can tell you right now that negative reinforcement sucks. Doesn't do anything to get a student to work in your class....but positive reinforcement, that's some powerful stuff right there. I feel like that concept would be the same when trying to motivate any change, personally.

Angelo Fosco said...

Completely unrelated, but I am thinking about purchasing a KB. I work out at the high school and have only ever used a KB twice...both in competitions. Felt alot different from a DB. I guess my question is anyone have a recomended brand and weight (I can't decide on 55#, 70# or a beastly 80#). I should probably add starting in june I should be at a box that has 55# and 70# DBs. Thanks in advance.

Steve Smith said...

Part 1: 30 min Z1 run

Rest 8 hours

Part 2: From yesterday

A. 365#
-Experimented with chains draped over the bar
- Felt light and fast

B. 155 for all sets
- Felt really strong
- Focused on speed through middle

C. 135 for all sets
- Felt fast and light
- no breaks throughout

D. Decided not to do it based on yesterday and anticipation of tomorrow.

Glad I didn't do this yesterday. Was much more productive doing it today.

aj moore said...


5' Z1-188W

20 sets:

15'' @ Z4
45'' @ Z1

5' cool down @ Z1- 177W

Laura CF Redline said...

From Wed Jan 26th

A1.CGBP 85/95/105/90/100/115
(On A2 I went for as many UB CTB I could get)

Rested 15min then tried for part 2. Not a wise decision. Not only did I not have the energy, but because of this damn cold the second I would start to breath heavy my throat would feel like a was swallowing razor blades. My solution to that was holding my breath so that my throat wouldn't hurt but that wasn't working out for me to well since well you kinda need to breath!! I made it through the round of 21 and half way through the round of 18 before I called it. I hope this throat thing is better for tomorrows test.

Steve Smith said...


I'm a fan of Ader KBs so far. Got a couple which are great. All in all though, I'm not sure there's a big difference.

I probably use the 2 pd most often, sometimes the 1.5pd (depends on what coach programs). Hardly ever pull the 80# out.

Heavy Evy said...

I'm in the same boat as you, my gym only has up to 55#Kb, and I've been swinging a bulky 75#Db when ever 2pd is rx'd, sucks big time. Might have a cheap 80#KB lined up, probaly way harder then I think it will be, and I'll end up on my face.

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