thurs, jan 27, 2011

most times the green is a forgotten piece


A. DL - 65% 1RM; 10 sets of 2 @ 11X1; rest 60 sec
(focus on speed off ground)
B. Hang Power Snatch - 5 x 5; rest 90 sec
(incomplete rest = focus on speed through middle and patience on 2nd pull)
C. Continuous Power Snatch - 10 reps x 3 sets; rest 1 min
(pick a weight that feels fast and perform touch and go reps - come to FULL EXTENSION)
D. Running Clock Burpees
(chest to deck; arms completely straight overhead with body at top)

post loads and notes on lifts and total min and reps to comments

- welcome back Matt
- Unit - I've used the 5 min airdyne as 1st in warm up for a while - it has helped with the 300
- second Lisa's comments - GREAT to see the females doin' it right!
- Steve, sometimes realizations made alone are just as impt as with a crew right?
- Dunkin - send me your results - I've compiled close to 50 now on male fitness enthusiasts and would like more data, thanks...more to come on the girls test over time on the new site
- seems like a good flow for everyone thus far these past 2 weeks, lets keep it rollin'!


Bin said...


Just to be sure, "running clock burpees" means 1 the 1st minute, 2 the 2nd, so on?

Anonymous said...

Could someone explain the A. part of the workout, not exactly sure what it means. Thanks!

Lars said...

Anonymous - do 2 deadlifts @ 65% of your 1RM, take a 60 sec rest b/t sets for 10 sets. The speed should be the emphasis. Strong fast pull, slight pause at the top, 1 second to lower the weight, and 1 second pause at the bottom before rep 2.

Eric Montgomery said...
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Eric Montgomery said...


Yep...1, then 2, then 3 and so on.

Check out the FAQ, but the 11X1 refers to tempo. The first number is always the downward movement, the second is the pause at the bottom, the third is how fast you go up, and the fourth is the pause at the top. So for these DLs, you're doing 10 sets of 2, and for each rep you "X"plode up quickly, hold it at lockout for 1 second, take 1 second lowering it, and rest/regrip for 1 second before pulling rep 2. Rest 1 minute and repeat for 10 sets.

Coach (or anyone else): for part C is that 10 sets of 3 or 3 sets of 10? Normally things are written "sets x reps" but sometimes Coach posts stuff like GHD situps 20x3 which is "reps x sets."

Heavy Evy said...

Anybody have any experiance with S.i. joint injuries? I'm just wondering if there is anything else I can be doing to speed my reoovery?

I think I'm getting to the stage where I'm willing to test out some deadlifts, and some other movements, but I'm a bit tentative.

Appreciate any advice I could get. Shoot me an email if possible:


Stephen B. said...

Hey dawgs,

Any BDs in the Chicago area? I'm gonna be in the area in a few weeks and was lookin for a place to work out. I don't like missin wods so I'll find a place to go regardless, but If i can throw down with a big dawg, then all the better.

Jesse J WellRock said...

WED's training
CGBP 5,3,2
195,205,215 same for both waves
CTB chin ups. complete

subbed 2 35lb DB's that i strapped together
Time :11:50
went too slow on ghd's ...I could have went faster.

Soren said...

A: 114kg
B: 40,45,50,50,52kg
C: 10 sets of 3 reps @50kg
D: weeeellll, had to get home, so rode bike home and did 100 burpees with my 4 and 2 year olds. Everytime I did 10, they had to do 1!

All snatches were hard work!


Casey S. said...

A: 10x2@143# Felt good speed wise hands hurt a lot!

B:5x5@73 well one set at 78 but felt slow so I took it back down. Didn't feel consistent on these at all! One would be solid and fast, the next I would pull too soon and just be slow through the middle. They took every ounce of focus I had this morning!

C: 10x3@73 I think I forgot how to power snatch for the first few, it didn't feel natural at all today! Wasn't slow on these they just felt awkward today! Didn't have time to rest as mch between sets either.

D:Didn't have time to do this before my 6am class, but it might have been a blessing because I would have proably been very pissed off at my burpeeing speed today. Just feel in general beat up today! I think I need to eat a little more I have been starving when I wake up!

NW said...

A: 275x3 sets, 225x4, 275x3 sets. Dropped due to not being there at 5:30 in the morning.
B: Hang power @ 95x 1 set. dropped to 75# to focus on form and speed
C & D: skipped due to time and simply not happening this morning.
Hands are redonculously raw.

Training for tomorrow's workout, not today's. Longevity...


John said...
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John said...
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Gord said...

A. 250# x10x2
C.93 x 10 x3
D.completed 19 min + 17 reps

A.250# x10x2
B.88/98/98/103/103- repeated weight if form had any pressing out.
c. 93 x 10 x3
D. completed 13min

Laura CF Redline said...

Coach or any of you Big Dawgs:

I missed yesterday's due to fighting a bad cold, but will be making it up this afternoon. I wanted to throw a question out there regarding pull ups. When Coach posts 20 UB CTB I'm never sure which route to take. I have just recently been able to get 20 UB COVP, but not 20 UB CTB. Question is, when he posts 20 UB CTB am I better off doing 20 UB COVP or should I go for as many CTB pullups as I can get which right now is about 10? Any thoughts, comments, or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!

PTS said...

6"1, 188

A. 305 complete. did 3-5 HSPU's during the 60s rest.
B. 115.
C. 95 ;3 sets of 10 reps is how I understood it.
D. completed the round of 17 burpees.

Chris Dunkin said...
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Becky said...

a. 185#
b. 65# for al sets
c. 55 # for all sets
d. complete 13 rds + 11 of next rd. ( that is the best way to attack burpees)

@ laura :i don't know what coach will say, but, i just do as many c2b as a can( which is isn't very much unfortunately)

Chris Dunkin said...

A.325 for all
B.135 for all
C.95x10reps for 3 sets
D.made it to 16burpees

speed improved on 5th set of DL's

submitted blood work to Spectacell for a Micronutrient Test. results in 3-5weeks. goal is to dial in recovery.
results for ASI should be in by next week

RichJ said...

@ Heavy Evy

Check this out:

Gaspasser said...

310 for DL
135 for 5X5
125,110,110 3 sets of 10
---> you do snatches like this does anybody use a hook grip? If so do you release it, and regrip when you touch and go?
14 burpees
--->harder then I thought!

John said...

A. 295
B. 155, 145, 135, 140, 145
C. 115# 10 touch-n-go reps X 3
D. 16 complete + 15

Great great workout.

John said...

Gaspasser, I use a hook grip... release it when I go overhead, then re-hook as I'm bringing it back down. I've launched a bar or three in the past by not hooking on high rep stuff, so now I always do.

Kendra said...

@Heavy Evy:
I had an inflamed SI joint and was told to take NSAIDs regularly and slowly get back into lifts. I did as told and it feels good. Not great but it now feels a lot better as if it is almost completely healed. Now I am doing rx'd and feels good...I was timid to get back into any lift off the floor but I just focus a lot on form.
Hopefully that helps!

Joel B. said...

A: 220 --felt faster than ever before at this weight
B: 95 --tried to focus on fully extending on 2nd
C: 80 --light with speed focus
D: 14 rounds + 14 reps in the 15th min (15th completed just over time)

Poly said...

A. 345
B. 95 - kept it light and fast
C. 75
D. 15 rds- lacking the mental toughness today to go any further.

Lars said...

A. 345x2 - 10 sets
B. 5x135 - 5 sets
C. 10x125 - 3 sets
D. 15 complete, plus 14 on last min

Deads felt good.
HPS felt good too, picked a good weight.
PS felt like a good weight for the speed and rep number.
Burpees were good for the first 10 sets, then started to lose my pop out of the bottom.
All and all good workout.

I'm getting married on Saturday, so may or may not get the tester workout in before hand...I'm going to try:) Then I'll be off for 1 week and pick things back up then.

Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

A. 265
B. 95, 115, 3 x 135
C. 115
D. 16 + 13

Pete @ CSC said...

A. 270 x 10
B. 95,105,105,115,125
C.105 x 3
D. 19 minutes + 13

Heavy Evy...I'll send you an email with some suggestions on the SI joint.

Steve Howell said...

A: 144kgx10x2
B: 60kgx5x5
C: 50kgx3x10
D: 17+15

Kent said...

@ Lars

Congrats man. Does your fiance know about your gym addiction? I've heard of golf the morning of the wedding but never a Saturday tester. Good on ya, you'll be so jacked up you'll probably crush it!
The tester that is ... not the wedding.

Yesterday's Double


CTB 10+10,10+10,10+10,10+5+5
COVP 20,20

8 min rest

KBS,GHD,DU triplet

Whoever it was that did that less than 8:00 is a MACHINE!

JHo said...

A. 159
B. 50, 54, 57, 61, 66
C. 46
D. Completed 16. Had to stop due for a client. Wasn't sad about having to stop. I could have completed 17 for sure. 18 would have been a miracle.

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 275# all sets
B. 135#x2 sets, 145#x3 sets
C. 115# 10 reps, all 3 sets
D. 16 + 14

Deadlift felt easy...surprised as that is one of my big goats! Snatches also felt really light, although the 10 reps of 115 really took it out of me...which left me a little spent for burpees.

@Lars - Congrats man!!

Bin said...

A: Done as clean pulls at 113kg
B: 60kg across
C: 60kg for first 5 sets, then 65kg for last 5
D: 16rds + 9

It's good to be back...

Matt Mo said...

A. 250#
B. 95, 115, 135, 135, 135
C. 95
D. completed 15 and didnt attempt 16

Danny Davis said...

A. 265# All fast and easy. Tight out of bottom. Previous issue with premature extension. Resulting in tweeked back at NLI.
B. 135# 70% 1RM. 11-15 sec per round.
Fast clean transition. Felt good.
C. 95# 24-28 sec per round. Almost too light regarding control of weight in efficient line. Hook grip challenging in last couple reps each set.
D. 16 min. 0 reps.

matt said...

A. 10x2@300 felt strong
B. 5x5@115 fast
C. 115,125,135 strong
19 completed rds. Last couple were a mental struggle.

David said...

A. 125kg
B. 60kg, all sets
C. 45kg, all sets
D. 14 Rounds

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

yesterdays part 2.


Anthony Skvarka said...

A. 265#
B. 135#
C. 95#
D. 16 min. could have done more, stopped after the round... but not sure I would have hit 17 bp's

Tyler L said...

225 used for deadlifts

95, 105, 105, 105, 105

95 x 3

16 rounds completed

Ryan Hughes said...

A. 315 complete
B. 95, 115, 135 , 145 , 135 ( started at 155 but went back down after 2 reps)
C. 115 complete
D. completed the round of 15 + 12 on the next minute

Steve Smith said...

Well, today didn't go like I would have liked it to.

- Had to pay the dues at work. One hour Kettle Bell workout.
- Tried to sandbag, didn't happen.

- Started warming up to do today's workout, but could tell something was off
- Called the workout. Going to spend the evening reading, bed early, possibly hit it tomorrow morning.
- Not a decision I like to make

Gaspasser said...

Thanks John . Will practice this with empty bar

david83 said...

Hello everyone

Question; is everyone dropping the weight for the 5 hang power snatches or is everyone re-gripping in the hang? Thats what I have been doing. Just wanted to know your thoughts.

Part one - 335
part two - 95, 115,135,140,145
Part three- 95 lbs across all three sets
part four- 16 rounds plus 13

StacyJ said...

...this is Stacy, formerly known as sj

@ Lars - Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

A. DL - 75k (165#) - felt powerful, back felt great

B. HPS - 35k (77#) - form kept getting better each set

C. CPS - 35k (77#) - hands started to hurt, kept hook grip throughout

D. Running-Clock-Burpees-which-lull-you-into-a-sense-of-oh!-this-isn't-bad-I-can-totally-hit-15-and-all-the-guys-in-the-gym-are-watching-you-like-you're-crazy-because-you-just-might-have-reached-that-point-and-you-don't-care-because-you-WILL. HIT. 15!!

16 rounds complete, down to the wire & my shoulders are frickin' smoked...but I'm very happy with myself. Starting to feel stronger, more powerful, and like I can push harder. I like. :)

ryandrew11 said...

A. 215 complete.
B. 75, 75, 985, 95, 100
C. 65, 70, 70.
D. 14 rounds + 14 burpees

aj moore said...

first day back from being deathly ill. very dehydrated and down to 159lbs. no bueno.

5' row @ BW in watts
B. 155
C. 155x1 135x2
D. 16- cut it even though i had 20s to rest, I was hacking up lung butter from down under.

questioning whether or not to participate in GG next weekend.

Paul Klein said...

270# for deadlift

HPS 115/115/115/135/135

PS: 95/95/95

Burpees: 15 minutes + 12 reps

Anonymous said...

A. 235 felt good easy
B. 95, 105, 115, 125, 4/130
started a bit to light, HPS felt good

C. 10/95 x 3
D. 17 min + 17

Brian Dean said...

Steve Im right there with you my friend. We had a PT plus swim test today which took nine hours to run 200+ guys through. So Ill be hitting this WOD tomorrow morning and Fridays WOD tomorrow night.

Adam Rogers said...

A -275
B - 115
C - 95 (kept this and B light as the warm up sets felt slow)
D - 18 + 14 (Steve H, you were the voice in my head for this)

slow jerf said...

A. 315#
B. 135#
C. 95#
D. 14+10

Wussed it up on the burpees.

JHuet said...

d.14 minutes

Tried really hard to keep form and be quick. Big thanks to Chris Dunkin and Becky Clark from Crossfit GP for all their help and support.

Chad Hall said...

PT this morning. 5k interval row in 22:00. Then a med ball circuit with burpees.

A: 325#
B: 115#
C: 95#

Deadlifts started heavy then felt great at the end. B was alright, could have gone heavier, C was perfect. Skipped D because of the burpees this morning.

Paul Smith said...

Yesterdays Workout:

Didn't have time to splt the workouts so I had to do them back to back with a little modification:

CGBP: 225x5,235x5,265x3,275x3,285x1(failed on 2nd rep)
COVP PU x 20:
all UB

Did one set of CGPB then one set of COVP PU and then 3min rest x 5

5 min rest

Part two:
No GHD so I subbed KTE.


Hand was shreaded and the knees to elbows slowed me down quite a bit. Really not happy with this time.

RichJ said...

A. 350lb

B. 140x2, 155x3 (155lb felt really good compared to past attempts, light and fast)

C. 115lb - All sets

D. 17+11

Steve Howell said...

@ Adam

Nice work bro!

Siu said...

A. 195lbs
B. 70x2, 75x3
C. 65x3
D. 15 mins + 12 burpees

Felt good to DL. Grip was smoked on the snatches (and I didn't even do yesterday's AM). Happy with my burpee performance. Not bad for a slow girl. :)

Rest day will be enjoyed thoroughly.

B Rott said...

AM did part 1 from yesterday

CGBP 235, 255, 275, 235, 245, 265
Pullup did strict sets of 10 CTB

PM todays
A. 275 X 10
B. 115 X 4, 135 X 1 wasn't completing the pull, felt off
C. 95 X 3 felt better than B

Part 2 from yesterday KBS/GHD/DU
9:45 happy to do this under 10

Brian Maier said...

A: 325 all sets
B: 155 all sets
C: 115/125/135- 10reps for 3 sets
*60sec rest made this one hurt
D: 17 + 12reps
*mentally shut down on 18th minute when I knew 18 wasn't happening.

Dr Lisa said...

Still working a day behind

A1. CGBP 75/85/95 95/100/105 did these with bands just to change it up that is why the weight is so low. I love using bands!

A2. 15/15/15/10/10/10 covp still quite tentative with the shoulder as it still hurts. kept my grip narrower and that helped a bit.

Part two 15 minutes later - 10:42
tweaked my damn calf to my dus which is so weird because it has been so good for so long and I have done a lot more dus than that and had no problem WTF! Getting old really bites sometimes.

Laura CF Redline said...

It made more sense to do today's today and I will make up yesterday's tomorrow.

A. at 175#. Felt good.
B. all at 55# went for light and fast. I need a lot of practice with these.
C. All at 65#
D. 14 (plus 12)

@ Becky, thanks for your input.

Michael McCabe said...

A. 275lbs
B.50kg, 45x5x4 (lowered weight for better tech)
C. 40kg - coulda gone a couple kg heavier but was nice and fast
D. 15... regret subbing burpees for the row on tuesday, did not feel fresh on this

lars, congrats buddy

Carrie McG said...

A. 135
B. 65
C. 55
D. 13 rds (didn't attempt 14.. Started to get a huge headache and my arms were smoked from trying to catch up in a pushup challenge!) :)

unit said...

BDs- thanks for the warm welcome back y'all!... trying 2 get things in with a rough work schedule lately (worse than usual), and slowly recovering from being sick... feels great 2 b welcome in such a wonderful community with a myriad of positive energy and individuals who work hard day in and day out...
AJ- as one who is recovering from similar issues, take er ez... and as I would say to Steve... sometimes the decisions we don't like are the right ones... think months from now... and the importance down the road on ur full recovery...
Steve- kb WOD sounds awesome... and though u might not like cutting it of when the pot is cold, it may b a wise move... ur an animal... so get some fresh WOD killing early in the am...
Coach- thx for the advice and encouragement... 5-10min WU on satans tricycle is making 200 seem easier and easier... I really want that 300... and congrats on ur 300+ on Christmas...

did a mix of tues/wed... and will try to finish wed and do thurs tomorrow...

WU- 10min airdyne- 238cal- felt gd
SC- 185x3x3, 205x3x2
5 rounds ea 4 time:
7 front squat 185
7 burpees
7 SDLHP 135
worked from 80-100%
:70/ :64/ :58/ :52/ :46
CGBP- 185/ 225/ 255/ 225/ 255/ 275
AMRAP strict CTB pullups- 12 x6 sets
(prone wide, prone narrow, sup wide, sup narrow, mix, mix other way... I.e. switched grip every set)...

heavy- I've had SI injury in the past... have some thoughts... will try to shoot u an email soon...
Rory- I hope things continue to progress in a positive direction... this last month has been one of the more difficult ones to date...


Brent Maier said...


A: 140kg (308#)
B HPS: 60/67/70/72.5/75kg (165#)
C CPS: All @ 50kg (110#)
D RCBurp: 16+12reps

I wanted 20 going into this but faced my reality at around 14. I was determined to hit 17 and failed my mark by 5 reps. :P

Eric Montgomery said...

A. 308lbs x 2 x 10
B. 110lbs x 5 x 5 (~15s per)
C. 88lbs x 10 x 3 (~27s per)
D. 14 complete rounds

Vic @ CF Redline said...

A. At 240#. Felt pretty good I was a little sore after this week.
B. All at 85# I went light and fast
C. All at 95# I wanted to work speed as well as maintaining good technique. The last set technique was a little off for reps 7-10
D. 15 (+8). I was smoked after this last part off the workout.

Steve G said...



A. 292.5lbs
B. 95lbs/115lbsx4
C. 95lbs for all sets
D. 16 + 10

Notes: shoulders were tired today from yesterdays double...the burpee's just sucked...

Kendra said...

A. 130
B. 65
C. 55
D. Finished 14 and didn't attempt 15...gassed!
Deadlifts were light...I think I underestimated my 1 RM but it was a good speed. Snatches all felt super good...very solid.

Angelo Fosco said...

I know lots of people are going to the garage games (wish I could) but I was wondering is anyone going to the midwest winter challenge at hyperfit crossfit in Ann Arbor? I'm thinking about going...

Stephen B. said...

A. complete at 305#
B.3x5 @ 135#...screwed up here...remembered reading 3 sets
C. 110x10x3
D. 17 rounds

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

Have had a little congestion issue the past couple days...not sure if it's catching up to me.
A. 345
B. 135, 155, 155, 155, 165...I'm hoping there's a max effort snatch soon...
C. 135 x 3 x 10. Felt this having to keep grip on the bar. Basically a 3:30 Isabel which isn't fast for me, but with only a couple minutes between each section I was feeling these.
About 5 min rest waiting for wall clock in gym.
D. 18. Didn't even attempt 19 cause I felt whooped...

I got home and felt exhausted; muscles shaking when contracted; like I had swam for a while or something. Good programming no doubt, just hoping that's it and the bug's not catchin up to me.

AJ, no debating. You will still crush it bro.

lk5280 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lk5280 said...

5 min airdyne warmup
DL's complete - 275#
Hang Power snatch complete:
Continuous Power Snatch @ 95#
Burpees: 12+9


Ross Blake (AUS) said...

A. 107.5kg
B. 50,50,50,55,55
C. 50,50,47.5
D. 18+18

feeling good. have been hitting output based training with anywhere b/t 12-20hrs of almost fasting (by that i mean some food but hardly any) and it's working a treat for my intensity. pwo i have upped my intake of pro and cho and thats also working a treat.

If you haven't seen jame's nutrition 101-02-03... get on that asap..

Thanks again mate!

Heavy Evy said...

Rich,Kendra,Pete,Unit Thanks a bunch!

Pretty good community we got here.
My 2 cents on the hook grip question, I've been lucky to have some really good oly coaching in the past few months, and was told you should maintain your hook grip when snatching, as you should be pulling the bar apart when overhead, and your hands won't slip with the hook, even when OHS, though I find it harder on wrists for high reps.

Yesterdays part 2: 8:38 not rx'd
major subs, 50#dbs, Abmat situps, Excercise bike sprints(in basement)
Way too easy, was trying to get moving again.

Brandon said...

A. 325
B. 115/125/135/140/145
C. 95 x 3
D. 15 rounds

Should have started heavier on B and not done was crazy ugly. 95 was perfect for C.

Had to stop at 15 rounds to train a client. Had 16 for sure, but probably not much more and I still do not like burpees.

@Lars -
Congrats on the wedding. I made my groomsmen work out with me on my wedding day. Perhaps you can convince your guys to try. Either way enjoy the day!

Kyle F said...

A: 235 X 10
B: 95/115/125/135/145
C: 95/105/115
D: 16 minutes = 136 burpees

snatches felt good. Think "touch my head to the ceiling" and it all comes together.

Feeling an old separated shoulder injury lurk back. Just sore now, I hope it goes away.

Jon Sinclair said...

A. 100 kg for first 5 sets, 120 for second five sets
B. 95# used for all
C. 75# used for all
D. Made it to 13, only taking about 35 seconds to finish the 13, but had to stop because I had to get to work.

Jesse J WellRock said...

A. @260 felt very comfortable fast and form was solid
B. @115 felt good, patience on the 2nd pull allowed me to load the hammies more effectively & when this happened I could definitely feel the pop.
C.@95 felt good and fast
D. 16 rounds+10. Reminded me of the breathing ladders. next time I will do better.

DeeJay said...

took an extra rest day. played hockey Tues/Wed and also had a gymnastics class Tuesday night so Tues/Wed both ended up being triples and I was pretty exhausted so I will rest up until Saturday

Kent said...


DL 255# X2X10
HPS 105# 5X5
PS 100# 10X3
Running clock burpees 18+17

Pete, Matt, and almost Ross. Great job on the burpees. 19 rounds is tough. Good mental test. I bet we see someone crack 20next time this one comes up.

kent said...

front sqt
105x5 130x5 155x5 190x5 220x3 245x 4
clean grip dl 55% with blue band 250lbs
hps 115,125,135,145,145
touch and go ps 155x8 165x2
running clock burpees 17 w 15 sec to go...just want to do enuff to beat aj

r Gaines said...

B.95, 85, 85, 85, 85# *dropped weight to work tech
D.Burpee clock – 14rnds +9 reps

Lars said...

Thanks for all the well wishes and ideas.


Dr Lisa said...

My 7 year old daughter just did a feakin handstand pushup - awesome!! Look out 2023 games.

KEW said...

A. 143#
B. 73# x 2, inside right knee started hurting, backed weight down to 63# x 3 felt better
C. 58#
D. 16 rounds, gassed!!!!!

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