sun, jan 9, 2011

a learning over time - never stop doing; keep talking for sure but NEVER stop doing!


A. Close Grip Bench Press - 60% 1RM; 8 sets of 2 @ 10X1; rest 45 sec
B. Clean Grip Dead Lift @ 12X1 - 3 x 3 @ 80% effort; rest 2 min
C1. Ring HSPU - amrap x 3; rest 20 sec
C2. GH Raises @ 1010; 10 x 3; rest 3 min

post loads and notes to comments
thanks for the videos


Garage Crossfitter said...

A 140lbx4 sets (dont want to aggravate wrist)
B 275,285,285
C1 3,3,1
C2 good

finding it hard to get full extension on rings, but still a big improvement.

Garage Crossfitter said...

coach whats the upcoming training schedule for this week?

Brian Dean said...
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Brian Dean said...

Brian Dean said...
Can anyone tell me when the DL tempo 12X1 begins? Does it begin with the load on the floor? up for 1 sec, pause 2 at the top, explode down, pause at the bottom? Or, does it begin with the load at the thighs with a 1 sec down, 2 sec pause, explode up, and 1 second pause at the top? The second seems to make more sense but I just want to make sure.


David said...

A. 66kg
B. 133kg
C1. 2,1,1
C2. Done

Tempo was off on the RHSPU but today was the first day I got one. The initial kick ups were ugly, as well as the actual hspu, but it got done.

Anonymous said...

this is nate.

video url for yesterday's test:

Gaspasser said...

155 as Rx
355 as Rx
C1 3,2,3 (on paralletes w/ bumpers)
C2 as Rx

Anthony said...

Brian - 1 second down, 2 second pause, lift as fast as possible, 1 second pause. Repeat.

Adam Rogers said...

video from yesterday, if anyone wants a laugh. full snatches after heavy overhead was an 'experience'

OHS - 165lbs x 15
Circuit - 14:39

NW said...

Power Clean 3x3 @ 150,160,170#

A: 150#, actually felt rather light. Going to get a real 1RM soon, did original on smith in PM on vacation
B: 315#, on tempo. First set felt heavy, next two felt light and explosive
C1: 5,5,4*
C2: Done on back ext machine with 10# plate, then 25# plate x 2

2 sets of
7 HPC light and explosive @ 95#,115#
97% on Airdyne, 13,23. Dunno how it hit 13 but for sure wasn't going that slow.

*No Rings so did extra ROM on 2" plates


Paul Klein said...

Here is the video for yesterdays tester. Usually posting a video is pretty easy, but for some reason this one fought me all the way. I'm not sure when I lost the end of the workout but it is gone, I only caught a few of the pistols in the second set of 30. This is my first attempt at using a video editor and I may have chopped it out by accident.

ROBO said...

A. 175 for all
B. 385 for all
C. 2,3,2
C2. good

I did double overhand for the dead lifts i assume that was correct.

Brian Dean said...

Thanks Anthony. I kinda figured thats how it went.

A - CGBP, 95kg complete
B - 150kg CGDL complete
C1 - 13, 11, 9 RHSPU
C2 - good GH Raises

Lars said...

A. 190x2 - all sets quick + easy
B. 365, 375, 385 - felt heavy, but solid
C1. 3,4,4 - strict (no pull w legs)
C2. 10 UB - tired from yesterday

Hips are a little tired today. Everything felt okay, just a little beaten up.

Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

A. 165
B. 255
C1. 3, 2, 3 w/hands elevated to 45+15 bumpers
C2. Completed
DB external rotations, 3 x 8-10/arm @ 25

Played around with ring HSPUs for the first time for 10:00 between B and C. Ended up getting three ugly reps.

Paul Klein said...

A. 160lbs
B. 305, 315, 315
C1. 1, negative only, negative only
C2. Complete

Ring hspus definitely need work.

While I have the video stuff working I posted a video of a recent snatch. If anyone has time to offer some advice, I would appreciate it.


PTS said...

A. 150
B. 275,295, 295
C. 25lb bumpers 1,2,1
C2. unbroken

practiced RHSPU for a bit in warm up.

Does anyone have suggestions for ways to fix an imbalance in pistols? For example I can do left leg easily but right leg is difficult due to pain/inflammation in right knee.

derb said...


A: 115
B: 215/225x2
C: 8/7/6
D: Rx

Pete @ CSC said...

A. 155
B. 255
C1. 5, 4, 6
C2. Complete

Previous consecutive ring HSPU was 2. Did shoulder work with ext rot, trap 3, and powell afterward.

Jared-CF Redline said...

A. 125
B. 255
C1 ring hspu 4,3,3
C2 as rx

First time on rings doing hspu. Form felt good on first rep of every set, but then felt like it looked ugly after that.

Good day at the box with big dawg Nick and Laura. Couldn't have asked for better weather too. 75 and sunny

RichJ said...

A:close grip BP - 225lbs
B:clean grip DL - 430lbs
**Made a few Mods:
1 mile Run
C1:Stone Cleans (53KG) 10x4
C2:Parlette HSPU AMRAP x 4 (11,11,12,10)***buckle on rings are slipping, so had to modify***
D.GH Raise (complete)
1 mile Run

Laura CF Redline said...

Test from yesterday Sat Jan 8th

OHS 15RM done at 95#'s

21:35 for the circuit. No CTB, done as regular PUs and the pistols were done to the desired depth but I used a beam for assistance to balance.

No video.

Kyle F said...

Worked up to 175# OHS and failed. Reset at 155# for test.

195# BWT

Metcon time: 14:05

Part 1

Part 2

Lisa M said...

Did fridays wod today

= 453+100bonus points = 553

for some reason i almost met pukie every single round of kbs damn i think i ate to close to doing this wod it nearly killed me.

I still can't figure out why kbs do not hurt my shoulder yet i still cannot do pullups from full extension unless strict with no kip.

Kyle F said...

You know it took you a long time when you surpass the youtube video length limit.

Steve Smith said...

A. 185
- Felt very light, and very easy
- Really tried to stress the explosion as much as possible

B. 405
- Confidence in my back is growing
- Felt light and good

C1. 12, 8, 12
- Feet slipped out on second set. Made for an interesting dismount
- Slowly getting the hang of these

C2. Complete, hands in pockets

bin said...

A 135lb - don't know my 1rm for that exercise, estimated it at 225. Speed was good and easy
B 315lb
C 4,3,4 - no access to rings, completed on bumpers 7" off ground

Just back on opt after a dedicated 4 month oly stint at catalyst athletics in california. Did a meet yesterday and totaled 225kg (97/118) in the 85 class. Happy to be back for a while...

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

C1)4,4,6 on parallettes
C2)10# plate

finished up with 10x30sec airdyne sprints/30sec off

Anonymous said...


A. 70#
B. 115-135-145
C1. Working on strength, so I did a 4 sec tempo on the way down with 1.75″ depth and explode up (kip) 3-4-3
C2. All UB

Made an attempt at a HSPU with approx depth of 5.25″…let’s just say amusing…

sj said...

A. 85# - felt good

B. 185#, 135#, 135#
- I should have clarified on these before I did them, 80% of what? DL, Clean, or 80% of how I'm feeling today? - 185# felt good, then reset thinking % of clean not DL, WAY more explosive, still got some good work done

C1: (head-2-AbMat, strict) 6,4,3
C2: complete w/ arms crossed

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 175lbs all sets
B. 275#, 325#, 325#(mixed grip)
C. 10, 9, 10
D. Unbroken

Video from yesterdays test:

Video of 10 rep ring hspu:

Notes: Video of 10 ring HSPU was started late, I'm on my way down from my first rep at the beginning. It was the 3rd set of C1. Video of yesterdays test loaded funny on vimeo, can still see depth and things but hard to watch. Video wouldn't upload on youtube because it was over 15 minutes. Bicep very sore after the 40 CTB yesterday...slowed me down quite a bit.

PTS - I have the same problem you do except it's my left knee that is bad.

Paul Smith said...

A: 175
B: 380 x 1 - felt pain in my hamstring so I called it quits on this.
C1*: 7,5,4
C2: Didn't do because of hamstring

* I'm really not sure why I am so week at this. HSPU are one of my strongest movements.

Never could get my video from yesterday to upload.

Casey S. said...

A: 45# Felt crazy light as the bar should but that is 60% for my little baby triceps.

B: 175,185,195...tempo was tricky for me to remember at first and I didn't realize until now that I NEVER use a clean grip when I DL.Back felt good though.

C: Tried ring HSPU, almost got one couldn't lock it out totally. So I did them on the parallettes with the green band attached to me, I always feel like I'm skydiving all riged up like that. The defecit really made a big difference I might try to do more like that to get better at my strict because continually kipping them will not help that....anyways got 5,7,3

D:Completed and really fun, wanted to do more!

Rory Hanlin said...

A. Subbed 100lbs DBs, all complete
B. 405, 455, 475
C1. Subbed full ROM HSPU, 3, 3, 4
C2. All complete

Chris Dunkin said...

C2.15,25,40lb db

feeling better each day.

powell raise: 3sets 20lbx10

2sest 80lbkb TGU (wobbly)

Jesse O'Brien said...

Does anyone know how OPT put the CrossFit benchmarks on the wall? Is that something he did himself or did he buy the typography?

Anonymous said...

A. 2/125 x 8
B. 3/280 x 3
C1. 7, 6 ,6 rings 3.5" off of ground
C2. Subbed good mornings no GHD
10/95, 10/105, 10/105 with chain on bar

Thanks for the words of encouragement from yesterdays WOD.

Lots of good videos and good efforts yesterday.

Brandon said...

A. 205
B. 375
C1. 4/5/6
C2. 10 w/35# plate at chest

Legs are tender from yesterday...getting set at the bottom of deads was fun.

Feeling much more confident with Ring HSPU. Now if I could get stronger!

Joel B. said...

A: 120
B: 255
C1: 4, 4, 3
hspu on parellettes, +3" rom
C2: 10X3

took yesterday sleep night before and family stuff going on. my new approach to try and be smart about things.

crossfitkel said...
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crossfitkel said...

A. 70kg (felt really good)
B. 140kg (turned into more of shrug with the 2nd pull)
C1. subbed full ROM HSPU 6,6,5
(shoulders to paralletes)
C2. done with hands at side

ryandrew11 said...

A. 117
B. 255
C. head to stacked 45 and 25 bumper plates, no rings - 5,7,6
C2. unbroken

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

Testing from yesterday

Part 1.
Only managed 65kg(143#) x8
bwt - 167#

had an off day and in hindsight i should have just rested.

Part 2:
scaled pistol squats off plyo box

Video to come.. having some technical problems

Becky said...

a. 75
b. 215
c. 0,0,3/4 ( but hey, i got up a little) then 3 sets of 6 reg hspu
d. gh raises, check

Angelo Fosco said...

Much better video upload of yesterdays tester:!/video/video.php?v=893002179540&comments

Settings set to everyone, so should be able to see it...just need to have fb lol.

Michael McCabe said...

tester from 8 jan 2011 (skiing yesterday so couldn't hit it until today)

bwt: 185#

15rm OHS: 160#PR
1 min rest
metcon: 12:20
apologies for the bad angle and chins are off camera (i promise i'm not just lying down for 3 mins)

some savage ohs and metcons out there dawgs... looking forward to watching some of the tape!

steve howell... 6.5min flight simulator... are you kidding?? nice work brother

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

while coaching did mainsite (that's what we use at our gym right now). got 126lb pull-up with reverse grip. did a few ghr's.

A. 195. really wanted to go heavy but stuck with the percentage and explosiveness
B. 365, 415, 415. felt good. havent done heavy deadlifts in over a month till today. when i say heavy i mean more than normal metcon weight. felt good. first tempo dl's.
C. 11, 11, 8. Abmat 1" below ring depth. head to abmat.
D. Did a few at work but did rest of workout at home and didnt have a ghd. also glutes are in knots from something still. just rested 3 min between rhspu amraps.

Brent Maier said...

a: 165#
b: 140kg
c: 6,5,4
d: done

Someone stole my stopwatch mid workout and it put a damper on the workout. When asking around if someone picked it up, I was hoping to see it hanging out of their pocket. Wow, that got under my skin today. Oh well, I'll let karma do it's thing.

Stephen B. said...

Unbroken 2.0 2 sets of sq. cleans (rds 5&6. both on rep 4) and 1 set of hspu (came off wall)

No rest

Part 2: (cut to 15 min)

Subbed 7.5 min on rower & 7.5 min on airdyne

Notes: had a hell of time warming up tonight. Felt gassed throughout wod. forgot rule about not resting bar on thighs during sq. cleans. Twice I rested it on my thighs on 4th rep. Don't know what I was thinking. Remembered I couldn't do that, yelled f&$k loudly and re-did reps (was alone in my buddy's gym...phew!) Sq. clean re-dos really took it out of me. Great wod. Harder than it looked.

Nathan H. said...

A: 175
B: 385, felt good
C: 6, 6, 2 (had some coaching points on the last set... much 'cleaner' reps)
D: complete

Brent Maier said...

So I'm sitting down to eat and watching Red Green and Harold teaches Red anger management. hah, I'm feeling better already.

lk5280 said...

A. 145 all 8
B. 300lbs all 3
C. 0,0,0 on all ring HSPU (question. I started with head on the ground, couldn't get extended today and stuck midway, should I start with arms extended?)
D. Subbed 95lb good mornings for gh


AJ Moore said...

a. 165
d. hurt

Soren said...

A: 55kg x 2x8
B: 130,135,140kg
C1: Scaled, feet on box, piked position; 9,8,6
C2: Good morning with 40kg

Crazy weekend, will try and do some of the drills later


Heavy Evy said...

You get Red Green in the states?!? And you watch it?? Thats hilarious.

Yesterdays tester:

Was short for time, and got 190BW for 10, then had to cut weight big time.

15OHS: 160#(50# pr from last year haha)

Metcon: 14:04 wow I underestimated that, ctbs got me bad.

Forgot camera at gym hopefully its still there in morning and I'll post a vid.

Steve Howell said...


Nice work on the 15RM OHS pr!

thanks for the props.. double unders were just smooth and fast that day.

Siu said...

A. 80lbs
B. 135, 155, 165lbs
C1. subbed 4 sec negatives to ground, (attempted) kipping HSPU: 0, 0, 1
C2. complete

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

A. 55kg
B. 130kg,130,140
C1. 5,2,2 (with bands)
C2. done

GHR is finally feeling like butter!

Jon Sinclair said...

Yesterday's wod: (No video)

BW: 69kg
1st attempt: 70 kg - failed on #11
2nd attempt: 60kg - finished 15
- might have something to do with drinking and skiing all weekend. Really wanted that BW for 15 reps though.

Circuit: 14:35
-snatched were hardest, done in singles

JHo said...

A little behind with my posts. I was down in Portland for the nutrition seminar.

15 OHS 115 130 145
Harder than I expected. Goal of 160 but after 145 I knew there was no chance.

Metcon: 22:30ish

Video link:

Pistols were murder.


Bench 160#
Clean Dead 285#
C1 4,4,3
C2 Moved foot plate forward one notch. Harder than last week but they went well.

Kyle F said...

A: 160#
B: 275/295/315
C1: 5/5/4 (+5" on paralletes)
C2: As rx'd

Lauren said...

A. 95#s for all
B. 185
C. Worked on normal HSPU
D. unbroken with arms by ears.

NW said...

Am: squat 3x5 @255,265x2
3 hrs rest
Deadlift/du 7 rounds
10 DL @ 225, not 245 left some on table
50 double Unders
Time: 11:21

F'ing PSYCHED. Flew through double Unders, well for me. Had sets of unbroken ones and beat my goal of 2 min per round

Brent Maier said...

HeavyEvy: Heh, yeah, I find it ironic I train with a bunch of Canadians now and started watching it probably close to 14 years ago. I guy I used to work with was a splitting image of Red. It's on public television over here.

KEW said...

Test from yesterday:

#95 for 15 OHS
wod time: 18:28
absolutely no legs left, ouch!

BW - 139

Jeff @CF Redline said...

A. CGBP - 145#
B. Clean Grip DL - 275#
C1. Ring HSPU - 6/7/6
C2. GH Raises - Done as Prescribed

Julian Cruz said...


Deadlift felt really heavy prob from so many attempts at OHS. Subbed goodmorning for C2.

Steve Howell said...

Dead Lift;
Set 1 @ 92kg x 5
Set 2 @ 92kg x 5
Set 3 @ 92kg x 5
Set 1 @ 40kg x 5
Set 2 @ 40kg x 5
Set 3 @ 40kg x 5

From jan 4th

A: 90kg/95kg/100kg
HPC: 70kg x 5 sets
Calories: 15/15/14/14/14

*subbed erg for airdyne

Brian said...

A 135 x 7 sets, 145 x 1 set.
B 255, 275, 295
C1 3, 4, 4
C2 felt better than the first time

Anthony Skvarka said...

A. 205 lbs, light work
B. Clean Grip Dead Lift could attempt my quads and hummy's are painfully tight
C1. 8, 9, 7
C2. complete

Stephen B. said...

Jan.4th WOD:

PC/SJ: 185/205/205...too light...gauged 80% wrong
HPC:135/155/165/175/180...all sets fast and ub...last set felt a little slower on HPC, but not much
Airdyne cals:17/16/16/15/14

rest 10 min

Jan.5 wod

HSPU: 13" parallettes...head to 3" off floor (45# plate)...all strict
GHR/L-PU: 6 rounds (6 sets each)
200 walking lunges: 7:42...concentrated on perfect form throughout...just the most delicate of knee touches on each rep...haha

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

James. Here's my video for part 2 from saturday. Apologies for the delay.

Adam Rogers said...

A - 155lbsx8
B - 275,315,345
C1 - Re-aggravated my shoulder on first set, shut it down
C2 - 10x3, fast and easy

Bummed about shoulder problems. I have been doing my ext rotations, powell raises, trap 3, and scap retraction, must have gotten overly optimistic and pushed the issue too soon.

Michael McCabe said...

A. 140#
B. 120kg
C1. no rings, off 10cm bumpers: 2, 2, 2
C2. hands at temples

everything felt good and light today except hspu, which are a focus of mine for improvement over the next few months

Anthony said...

Shoulder injury seems to be a torn or at very least a very aggravated rotator cuff.

A; 135 for all 8. The tempo caused a little shoulder pain. Worked at keeping shoulder blades back.

B; 255 for all sets. 80% perceived effort.

C1; sub'd weighted chins due to shoulder.

C2; as Rx'd

Laura CF Redline said...

A. 95#
B. 195/205/205
C1. 5/3/2 kipped
C2. Done

Brian Maier said...

A: 165 X 8
B: 345 X 5
C1: HSPU's - no rings - 9,7,8
C2: GH situps - 3X20 AFAP

Quads still tender from pistols and squat snatches

B ROTT said...

A: 185X8 sets felt light, explosive
B: 315X3 sets
C1: 5,4,4
C2: done

from yesterday

OHS 145, missed 165 on rep 11 and 12, lost concentration

circuit 14:34
sorry, no video

JJL @ CFN said...

A. 135
B. 255
10 minutes of ring HSPU. First time trying these, I wasn't able to get any...I think I was starting too far in the hole.
C1. 1, 1, 1 (45 + 15 plates...I think I was more or less finished from the ring HSPU practice
C2. Complete

Then 1×8 @ 3010 ext rot, trap 3, powell with 12.5

Chris said...

First time posting
A) 165lbs
B) 295lbs thought it was 2 sec down
C1)5,4,3 (normal HSPU)