sun, jan 30, 2011


10 min Z1 warm up run
5 sets:
Run 3 min @ 85% effort
Run 2 min @ 50% effort
10 min Z1 cool down run

rest 6+ hours

A. Snatch Balance - 3 x 3 @ 80%; rest 2 min
(work on depth and sticking the bottom tight; choose a weight without riding weight down)
B. Snatch Grip Push Press - 5 x 5 - low effort; rest 90 sec
(work on catch and correct scapular position; use hips to move weight)
C. 50 E-ROM HSPU not for time
(each rep should be challenging)
D. 6 sets of 20 GHD Back Extensions; rest 1 min
(work on using your ass)

post differences in HR per change in %'s in run and loads and notes to comments
monday off, double on tuesday, single on wednesday, double on thursday, friday off, saturday tester, sunday double training


Kent said...

Saturday's tester


6'2" 185#

Got halfway unbroken & then crashed and burned. Big tear in the right palm.

The easier it looks on paper the harder it is in the gym.
I made it look especially hard.

Paul Smith said...

OPT Test:


Brian Dean said...

Hey guys, whats E-ROM?

Gaspasser said...

Part 1
HR monitor crapped out immediately after wa up. So used stopwatch and pulse. (count for 10 secs X 6)
Figure work sets HR 158-162
Rest around 110-120
Roughly 31% increase.

OPT said...

brian, extended or extreme range of motion, more than you're doing...

Garage Crossfitter said...

run complete
work sets heart rate 160-165
50% effort sets 140-150 (alittle high i thought?)
within 2 min of walking afterwards HR was 100, felt pretty good today. am really working on NOT overextending when running

Chris Dunkin said...

HR Change: 20-25

85%: 170-173
50%: 148-150

Brian Dean said...

Awesome, thanks!

Bin said...

Not a lot of time, so:

10 min warm-up run

5 sets: 1 min @ 85%, 1 min @ 60%

5 min rest

SnBal - 70kg, 80kg, 85kg
SnPP - 50kg x 2, 60kg x 3
25 E-rom HSPU on paralletes
5x20 GHD ext

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

Nice work on the tester Paul! See you this weekend bro!

John said...

27 / 5'9" / 185

First time usin' wifey's Garmin HR monitor... felt like I was adjusting my brassiere most of the time.


DeeJay said...

MAP sessions done on rower
147/122, 153/123, 156/123, 158/122, 161/132
all rows @ 1:50 pace
20 HSPU on 25kg olympic plates (was going to do 50 but shoulder was bugging me
back ext. as Rx

Kent said...

Sub for Run with Row or Ski later
(1 foot of snow)

A 115# 3X3
B 135# 5X5
C 50 HSPU on 25# bumper plate
D completed

Paul Smith said...

Thanks Nate. Looking forward to meeting you and the rest if the NC crew next weekend.

Also looking forward to meeting coach.

Jeff @CF Redline said...

Saturdays tester: (used 79.2# kb)


My first time back in the gym since Wednesday...been bed-ridden with the worst flu I've ever had...miserable. I felt physically weak but not too bad all things considered.

Laura, now I don't feel so bad that you never listened to me about the importance of rest seeing you don't even take coach's advice on resting!!! Haha :-)

Adam Rogers said...

Z1 - 138-142

85% - 162-168
50% - 140-144

Z1 - 137-144

Steve Howell said...

Part 1; completed, no HR monitor
Part 2;
A: 75kgx3/80kgx3/85kgx3
B: 60kgx5x5
C: Done on 25# bumpers
D: Completed

Chad Hall said...

No time for running, but run a lot during the week.

Part 2:
A: 135x3
B: 115x5
C: 50 on 45lb bumpers, all strict.
D: did 25 GHD Situps and 25 back extensions.

I missed the Situps during the week so wanted to make some up but felt a twinge in my left quad so shut it down. Glad HSPU weren't timed because it took me a while, started out with 4s, to 3s, and ended with 2s.

Casey S. said...

First Part: Rowed...almost 10,000m with both warm-ups and the workout. I should be getting better at rowing soon! Butt was one big crap after this one!

Waited 2hours...

Second Part:
A: 3x3@83# Felt super fastand solid at the bottom!!
B: 5x5@63# I really did not like these seemed to really make my shoulders feel vunerable jerking off my back like that!
C: oooh boy these were rough! Did ~10on paralettes with the bands but felt so weak so I just did the rest down to 1abmat and called it a day on those!
D: 6x20BE first three sets felt easy then the last 3were rough! Wasn't feeling it in my butt no matter how hard I was squeezing!

Ice Bath tonight!!

ryandrew11 said...

Skipping run since I ran a 10K yesterday

A. 100x3
B. 75x5
C. 50 completed to 5" shy of full ROM
D. 15x2, 12x4

Angelo Fosco said...

Ate the worst I have in about a year last night, 1 whole large little caesers pizza and 1 foot long subway sandwhich...paid for it during the run. I blame the gf who decided to not eat any of the pizza we got lol.

85% - 167- 174 HR
50% 155-160

Total distance covered: 5.04 miles

Part 2 in 3 hours.

Brian Maier said...

Part 2:

A: 145# 3x3
B: 155# 5x5
A&B low effort...form focus

20 on paralletes...head to abmat
30 strict standard
*had difficult time locking out elbows on paralletes

D: 6x20..Rx'd

Dr Lisa said...

Saturdays tester 132#/5'4"


damn it i wanted to beat 10 minutes but I am just super happy I was able to do all the pullups. I discovered that if i supinate my bad shoulder it doesn't hurt at all during pullups - however i am alot slower that way and my grip got tired very quickly. Any suggestions as to why it doesn't hurt with supinated grip?? Then maybe I can figure out how to fix the damn thing!!!

Dr Lisa said...

AAAAHHHH Siu you beat me yesterday by one second!!! Nice job.

Garage Crossfitter said...

a- SKIPPED due to wrist pain
b- 95x3
c done with chest facing wall and only toes in contact with wall, hands 6 inches from wall
D complete

Matt Mo said...

A. snatch balance 3x3 135,15,175
B. snatch grip pushpress 5x5 all at 175
C. 3rds of 25 kb(2pd) and 25 pull ups
7:57 5'10'' 172lbs
D. back extension 20 x 6

missed yesterday so mixed it up for today

PTS said...

mash up due to time constraints.

A. 65,65, 75lbs - I don't think I understand how this movement should feel. Even at this weight I still feel as if I'm riding the weight down.
B. 95,110,120,130,130
C. 10 w/ chest facing wall. 15 on 25lb bumpers, 15 strict. 40 total
D. 4 sets

rest 5 mins
5 min z1 warm up
3 sets
5 min cool down

Pete @ CSC said...

A. 95,115,135 (2)
B. 135, 145 x 4
C. First 15 reps on 45′s, last 35 reps on 10′s
D. Skipped

Rested 1 hour then completed part 1.

Ready for rest day. Body is beat up.

Gaspasser said...

135,155,135 (wasn't feeling these, prob not enough warm up because rest of workout felt great)
135 5x5
HSPU done on parralletes with bumper 2inch below parralel, did in sets of 2-3. Took awhile but were strict and felt awesome, rings are imminent
GHD as Rx

Paul Klein said...

Part 1:
158 - 137 = 21
162-139= 23
165-142 = 23
167-144 = 23
169-141 = 28

Part 2:
Snatch Bal 115lbs all three sets

SGPP 115 lbs all five sets

HSPU first five from 45lb plates then 3 from 35 lb plates then 2 from 25 lb plates then went to 25 just hands on floor. I hit that complete failure point that I could even get one rep so I called it and moved on to the back extensions.

Back extensions complete.

I had no thunder in part 2. Also, I usually hurt myself when lower weight from snatch grip so I kept each set super light and I still dropped the bar spot on a vertebra in my neck.

Gord said...

A. 88# for all
B. 110/115/120/120/120
C. shoulder a little tender today so subbed 50 pistols
D. complete

B Rott said...

Part I:

HR 155-167 @ 85%
HR 130-140 @ 50%
didn't really trust the heart monitor on the treadmill, felt good to run

Part II:
A: 135, 155 x 2
B: 155 for all sets
C: did half on 6" parralletes facing the wall, then other half regular strict
D: completed

Adam Rogers said...

Got a sharp pain in my shoulder on the first set of snatch balance, got in my head and couldnt talk myself into doing anymore.

did the back extensions, then some pistol practice, and called it.

shoulder mobility drills on tap for tonight and tomorrow

Stephen B. said...

Part 2 only today

A.155/165(2)x2...weight was easy, balance in bottom was off
B.175/185/195/200x5x2...weight felt light throughout
C.complete off of 2 10-12" chin depth...all strict...

David said...

Part 1: Run on the mill, 1%, VFF. No HR monitor, on order, estimated as best as I could. Covered 4.68 miles.

Part 2. 8 hours later.
A. 60, 60, 60kg
B. 60, 65, 65, 65, 65kg
C. 25 on low parallettes, 4 1/2 inches, then 25 on 10kg bumpers, 2"
D. Done

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

part 1.


Anonymous said...

Nate here.

Did a light run 15:40. About a 7 min/mile pace. Tapering for the GG next weekend.

Snatch balance 3x3. 95, 135, 185. strict snatch balance always hurts my left shoulder. kept it light but did a little heave on the 185 because of my shoulder. just wanted to get a little work in.

Then did 5 ring hspu on the top of the minute for 10 minutes. Ended up taking around 11 minutes...the last 3 sets were hard. 50 total. Felt good.

Did a little snatch work yesterday with Rory and then a 5min aerodyne first time ever...LOADS of fun, haha! we both got 149cal, 1 shy of the 150 goal.

Rory Hanlin said...

5min airdyne warm up

part 2:
A. 205, 225, 235
B. skipped
C. normal ROM, facing wall, x 36
D. 3 sets

reduced volume, garage games next week...

StacyJ said...

Run complete - no HR - was fighting massive stitch in side, but form felt great

A. 65#/70#/75#
-depth & stick felt really good
B. 75#
-fast and strong, all hips
C. stacked 45s & 35s, Ab Mat between, skinny red band - in sets of 2-3
D. complete

Started the day out feeling a little under-the-weather, but run really busted that up. :) Feeling way better. Will be backing off this week for GG.

Brent Maier said...


Part II:
A SB: All 115#
B SPP: All 100#
C HSPU: x50 on 12" plates head to floor
D BE's: 25#/10#/10#/10#/10#

Part I: Commencing here tonight after I tuck the kids in for bed.

Matt Mo said...

50 erom hspu's completed

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 2:
C.25 .5in off floor.
D.complete. Tough.

Michael McCabe said...

4 sets of run complete (no hr)

A. 60, 65, 65 (kg)
B. 42, 47, 50, 50, 50
C. 20 off small bumpers (all singles), 30 off floor
D. 20x2, 15x4 couldn't keep up w/ short rest

can someone teach me how to do hspu? i never seem to make progress with them.

RichJ said...

Made the 1hr 30 min drive and worked out with he Cincinnati Strength and Conditioning (CSC) Crew...Followed Pete and Stephen Flamm Lead today...

A. 95,115,135
B. 135, 145 x 5
C. All reps on 10's (shoulder issues)
D. Completed with tons of ass burn

will Run and Swim tomorrow

Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

Switched Parts 1 & 2, so:

A. 95, 115, 135
B. 135, 4 x 155
C. Completed all as singles, varying hand elevation from 1.5 to 4"
D. Completed

3 hours rest

60:00 yoga
AirDyne work:
10:00 @ Z1
2 sets of 3:00 @ 85% / 2:00 @ 50%
10:00 @ Z1

Snatch balances and SG push presses felt very solid, but my handstand push-ups were very weak today.

John said...

A. 155lbs
B. 155lbs
C. 50 Ring HSPU
--rings 3.5~4 inches above ground
--6 sets of 5 with 60s rest
--5 sets of 4 with 60s rest
D. Used ass.

lk5280 said...

Missed part A, skating in the mountains.

Part B.
5 min airdyne warm up
SB: 115,125,130
Snatch Push Press:45,65,75,85,95 (first time doing these, felt strange first couple)
HSPU: complete, always tough :)
BE: complete
5 min airdyne cool down


Kendra said...

doing part one tomorrow

A. 55 # used... didn't dip at all...just dropped...should have done more weight, felt very strong
B. 55# never done these before...felt light but new
C. did 25 negatives since I just got HSPUs!
D. complete...ass hurts!

Brandon said...

HR: ??(forgot to do after 50%)/30/22/23/27
A. 155 x 3
B. 175 x 5
C. All strict on 2.5" blocks, head to ground
D. 25#/bw x 5

Notes: the last min of each 85% felt like it took forever.

Sn. Bal and SnPP were relatively easy. Slow and steady on HSPU playing with hand position, etc. Tried weighted BE and quickly realized that was a dumb idea today. Focused on using my ass with bodyweight only.

Kyle F said...

Saturday's test


Anonymous said...

Part 2.
A. 135, 145, 145
B. 5/115 x 5
C. 7.5" depth on HSPU was very challenging took a while
D. 3 x UB, 3 x Broken

No time for part 1 today

matt said...

1 day behind..Sat test WOD


Angelo Fosco said...

A. 135, 145, 145
B. 135, 155, 175, 185, 185
C. Rings up 4.5 inches above mat, brought head to mat, when head touched mat chin was at my hands. (25 minutes)
D. Complete, last 3 with 10#

Becky said...

f/ 32/ 5'3.75"/ 142# ( but my lulu lemon pants make that weight at that height look OK)
skipped out on part one

did yesterday wod 12:30- didn't tear but, not happy with my time
part 2:
a. 65, 75, 85
b. 65# all
c. had some fun with hspu at the gym
had to go

JHuet said...

part 1 - did not do hr, but felt really good on both levels. Probably should get a hr monitor so I don't need to think.

part 2 -
a.105,115,135-really tried to keep shoulders in the correct position.
b.135 for all
c. attempted a few but due to time had to skip this part and part d.

Chris Dunkin helping me to keep the correct positioning.

Jesse J WellRock said...

Running completed. I don't have a Heart rate monitor yet. I am getting much greater awareness of "where I am when I am doing what I am doing"

Part 2
used 125lb

S P Press
used 115lb felt great effortless, fast and it seemed to "pop right into place"

used Plates about 3.5 inches up facing the wall , front rolled out of position for practice

subbed 95lb good mornings for GHD, went to deep flexion focused on glutes..felt good after the long run

Siu said...

Part 1:
Completed ~4.7miles in 47 mins, no heart rate. Just went with how I felt. Haven't run in a while and it was really nice, mind clearing.

Part 2: (~15 minutes later)
A. 65lbs x 3
B. 75lbs x 5
C. Scaled to 30 reps of EROM HSPU negatives off 25lbs bumpers
D. complete

Pretty sore from this cycle, will be enjoying my rest day today with some sushi and girl friend time.

Lisa, glad to see you on the PU bar again and thank you! You're sweet!

Carrie McG said...

A. 65 for all (but ended up doing a snatch drop instead of snatch balance.. Would have been able to do a lot more if I had done it properly) B. 65 for all
C. 25 negatives on 25lb bumpers
D. Complete

Anonymous said...


Taking a little time from any upper body work outside a little modified yoga due to consistent elbow pain. But at least I will be working on my 2011 goal of the 1/3 body weight per hand split squat.

10 meter farmers walk 70#
10 meter sled drag 90#
Should have moved faster during the first round.

1 hour of yoga

Pete K said...

Getting on track with the big dogs porgraming. Have done a few of the WODs in the last week but have not posted yet.

Did yesterdays PM wod this morning:

A: 125 x 3 - working on speed to the bottom. Catch felt better positioning wise.
B: 125, 135 x 4
C: 50 x on 15lb bumpers - about 1" HSPU's are a goat. Sets of 5-3.
D: Rx

Steve Howell said...

008! good to see your posting.

kew said...

f/139/5 ' 7
Satuday tester:
55# kb

matt said...

Snatch balance 135/145/155
Snatch PP 135x3
Back X completed

85% - 160-168
50% - 92 - 130

Diet is tuned, feeling great w good recovery.

Jeff @CF Redline said...

Part 1 - differences in HR @ each % change:

1. 20
2. 14
3. 16
4. 14
5. 17

Part 2 completed 3 hrs later (4 pm) due to work

A. Snatch balance - 120#/135/145
B. Snatch grip push press - 125# x5
C. E-ROM HSPU - All 50 done to 14-16" below parallel
D. All complete

Dr Lisa said...

Only time for part two
warm-up on airdyne 5 min 80 cal
damn that sucker is hard

A. 65 for all
B. 75 for all
C. Did 30 with mini band and facing the wall as was talked about in CF Journal tried to maintain good hollow rock position
D. Ouch - been a while since i have done these.

Laura CF Redline said...

Run complete. No heart monitor. Covered a little over 4.5 miles in 45 min.
8.5 hour rest

A. 3X3 @ 75#s
B. 5X5 @ 75/75/85/85/85
C. 15 done with kipping and the rest on a red band. I didn't think I could do anything with the depth since I'm still using bands on high reps. Stacey J I like your idea and will use it next time.
D. Complete

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

Part 2.

A. 45kg,45,50
B. 50,50,50,50,50
C. 7reps as singles on 10kg bumpers, then 20 reps as doubles. shut it down there.
D. Complete

Soren said...

Been away for the last 4 days, so did some part of sundays today Tuesday, before clients came in!

A: Snatch balance 60 kg
B: Snatch grip push press: 50,60kg
C: got through 25 HSPU, before I had to stop due to clients walking in
Just an off day!


Jr. Williams said...

Why is HR training a value or an expense?
"ד"ר שלמה קוגן"

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