sat, jan 22, 2011

50 for time - make them perfect reps


Split Jerk from rack - build to a 1RM
rest 10 min
50 HSPU for time
rest 10 min
10 min max reps - KB Snatch - 1.5/1pd

post highest load in #, time and total reps to comments


Brent Maier said...

Does anyone have any idea what 10 minutes of KB snatches is going to do to the body? Better bring my wheelchair for post workout recovery.

Anonymous said...

this is nate.

it's not bad. you should be more concerned about your hands. this is known as the secret service snatch test: they use this as part of an assessment. i've done it before in afghanistan. just looked it up on the beyondthewhiteboard...17, nov. 2009 I got 222 reps. i think the world record is like 275 or 279 or something like that. they do it in kettlebell competitions. definitely gonna be taping my hands up well. tear it up!

Heavy Evy said...

Lower back is pooched, not supposed to do any jarring movements for a week, but stay active, guess I can do intervals on cardio equipment, though I Feel like eating terrible food and quiting fitness all together, the next time I post send a forklift to carry me out of my house....

Anonymous said...

Nate again.

Question. jerk is from rack. some people seem to commonly call a rack jerk from behind the neck, on the back. however, the "rack" position is in the front. so which is it?

Anonymous said...

nate again.

Heavy Evy, stay with it bro! I hurt my back a month back and had to take it easy for a couple weeks as well. sucked, but listening to my body instead of pushing it appears to have lead to a full recovery. think long-term goals...

Brandon said...

@brent -
I am prepping a guy at my gym for the Secret Service special agent test and have done this with him (he has to do 200 in 10 mins). It is doable to do 20/min for 10 mins, but I would be careful not to blow it out at the beginning. On tuesday, I did a 5 min version of this with my guy and got 106 in 5 minutes without breathing too hard.

I agree with Nate 100% on the taping of hands. Started getting blisters pretty quick...recovery-wise, did a bunch of work on the external rotators and scapula with a ball. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Steve Smith said...

Nate - nice pun. Wish I could be there with you guys tomorrow. Tear it up!

PS. I'll assume the rack here is from the front unless I hear otherwise.

Soren said...

Split Jerk: #220
HSPU : 16.51
KB snatch: 234 reps in 10 min

Lots of chalk, not that bad just couldn't go any faster, had probably around 30sec rest all up, 250 should be within reach if did a bit more suck factor.
Think I cracked the floor from the touch and go every time!

Massively weakness on the HSPU, did some pressing on friday to improve this weakness. Did half as walk up the wall and half as regular.

Can i be an secret agent now???

PTS said...

Does the KB go back to the floor in between each rep or just to the hang?

Anonymous said...


Nate here. KB should not have to go to floor every rep, simply back to the hang. They don't do that in any competition i've been to so far and they don't do that in the KB competitions that I've watched videos of. Unless Coach wants otherwise...

David said...

Checking the utube videos, it looks like a swing, not a touch to the floor, fwiw. I'm on the 10 min rest between jerk and hspu so will check back to see if there's agreement or not in a bit.

jerf said...

Not sure how recent this is, but I'm sure a few of you should record your efforts:

The 297 is on youtube

David said...

252 SJ
7:47 HSPU
137 SSNT

Just missed locking out 261, 257 is best last year. For HSPU, did 5 every 30 sec to 25, then 3 every 30 for 3 more, then doubles to 40, then singles to finish. First time on the snatch, wow.

Gord said...

split jerk- 225# (5#PB)
HSPU- 2:54
KB snatch -100 reps-(subbed 1.25 pd as I couldn't get one with 1.5pd in warm up with out pressing out)

Split jerk- 196#(24#PB)
HSPU-can't do one so subbed 30# DB press)-4:53
KB Snatch- used 12kg as couldn't get technique-83reps

Chad Hall said...


30lbs off my PR. Only good thing about HSPU is that they were all strict with good form. Just couldn't get going on the snatches (did them with the swing, not from the ground). Felt shitty today. Shitty warm up.

Matt Mo said...




looking forward to improving all of these

NW said...

SJ: 200#, 10# PR - super easy too, but metal plates
HSPU: 5:11 - done to 2",3",4" plates. 19 straight, then 5s & singles from there
KB Snatch: sort of lost count between 170-180. Subbed DB, as no KB in the globo.

Side note: Just found a crossfit gym in kalamazoo, MI (ya, it really exists). Super excited - see ya globo!


Kendra said...

A. 140 (5 # PR)
B. 17:41 (done to mat about size of 1 abmat)
C. 105

Chris Dunkin said...


first wod back after 10day layoff due to sickness and fatigue. was focused on the kb snatches from the start.

Anonymous said...

Split Jerk 205# (3 x f/215)
Had a hard time with split jerk today, felt heavy

HSPU 6:24
first 25 strict then kipped the rest

KB Snatch 118
All touch and go reps

Steve Smith said...
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Jared-CF Redline said...

#195 pr
123 scaled to 40lb kb

need to work on splits..hspu felt ok today.

Good job to Big dawgs Rafa, Laura, and Vic @Redline. Everyone hit pr's!

Steve Smith said...

Terrible planning this morning on my part. I let way too many factors interfere.

A. 270#
- Built to 250# on the weak side, then switched to strong side.
- Expected to get WAY closer to 300#, which really threw me off.
- The mental aspect of this game is a constant challenge for me. How strong am I really? How strong can we become?

B./C. Out of time. Like I said, bad planning.

Good luck dawgs!

Laura CF Redline said...




Just missed 140. I couldn't lock it out. For HSPUs first ten were kipped then moved over to my rig (AKA bands). KB snatches went well, but I think I rested too much. Hardest part was the pop at the top to keep it from banging my wrist.

Great morning with Big Dawgs Jared and Vic!

andrew buford said...

Long time OPT fan, 1st time posting.
205# jerk (20#'s lower than cl&jerk PR)
HSPU:5:25 45# bump plate under head touch and go
10min Snatch:150 reps.

Gregarious Roberticus Lobitimus said...


Becky said...

SJ 150
22:58 hspu time--yuck
90 snatches, BUT first i used 25# for 40 then went up to 35 # db for 50 reps.
did rest a full 10 before snatches b/c i was meeting some one for an endurance wod.

PTS said...

247#(2lb PR)
167 reps

no pop today.

Casey S. said...

A:133...yuck tied last PR
B: 1AbMat for 40 and 10 to 2blue pads=3/4 an abmat

I imagined today going sooo much better! I really thought I had more than 133 in me today, but thank god Holly Mangold is coming to fix my O-lifts in a few weeks! My HSPU felt weak today, left shoulder felt extra tweaky wanna try this again with better feeling shoulders! Snatches were ugh, my left arm just is so uncoordinated with them so I'm sure I'll have a beautiful bruise tomorrow! I just imagined breathing really hard during it and I didn't at all...I guess I better stop whining and get my shit together for tomorrow though!

Paul Smith said...

Split Jerk - 295#
HSPU - 3:22
KB Snatch - 175

No KB so I had to do DB Snatch w/55#
I'm not sure what the difference is good or bad using the DB vs the KB but I never felt like I could get in a rhythm.

Carrie McG said...

14:24 (to mat - about the size of an abmat)

Really happy to be back on OPT. I've missed this!! Feeling better and stronger already. I've never done that many HSPUs to that low before. Score.

jennifer hunter-marshall said...


5:37 strict.

Felt pretty good today. Worked on my snatch and press to handstand. Thanks for the great programming.

aka Mrs.dmarsh

Brent Maier said...


1: 115kg (255#)
2: 3:57 PR
3: 157

Forearms hitting kb became the limiting factor today. Don't do them often enough. I think I'm capable of 200+ if I had a forearm guard. Good little test.

Brent Maier said...

Nice numbers today dawgs and great job Gord!

kent said...

didnt test today. Our gym had a paleo/primal/zone kick off. Everyone one who is participating had to do "jackie"
Row 1000m
50 thrusters 45lb
30 pull ups
5:53 20sec PR

Vic @ CF Redline said...

Split Jerk: 225 PR
HSPU: 11:32
KB Snatch: 110

HSPU were tough but managed through it. It took me a little bit to find my rhythm, but once I did I picked up the pace. Good Day Overall.

Good Job Big Dawgs Jared, Rafa and Laura

PTS said...

Jennifer: AKA Mrs. dmarsh. I thought that name was familiar. Nice to see you posting on here, hope all is well.

Lisa M said...

Mrs Dmarsh who I will call JMarsh you are crazy beastly and I am so glad you are here posting awesome work.

Carrie so glad that you are back too!!

Got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday so not sure if being upside down is wise but we will see.

DeeJay said...

Split Jerk 1RM - 330 (tied PR)
50 HSPU - 14:14
KB snatch - 172. kadence was a bit slow, and a bit too much arch in the swing... first time doing these so it was a learning nexperiance

Anonymous said...


Jerk from behind head - 115
Skipped HSPU due to elbow pain
Subbed one arm swings - 172

Brian Maier said...

Split Jerk: 114kg(251#) - PR
HSPU's: 12:37 - PR (all strict)
KB snatch: 143

*HSPU's my #1 weakness so extremely happy with my progress.

JJL @ CSC said...

235lb 20lb PR
6:43 – 3+ minutes better than last time
186 – I thought I had 196, but I think it was actually 186. I think I started in my right hand not left, which would mean 186. Not 100% sure now…

Steve Howell said...

Hitting the BD challenge wods this afternoon cause I missed them last weekend.

and if time is on my side I'll try for todays testing later on in the evening.

nice numbers today Dawgs!

JHo said...

Rack jerk 205, 225, 230, 235, missed 240 3 times after OPT told me I couldn't be a great CrossFit athlete and a great father

HSPU 11:34

KB snatch 190 reps

John said...

285# (+20# pr)



Angelo Fosco said...

A. 255# (10# off pr)
B. 4:10 (all strict...last 5 took 40 seconds)
C. Subbed 55# db - 173 reps

-push pressed 250# today...sad that I could only get 5# more on split jerk.

-disappointed in part c...had 108 at 5 minutes.

-steve smith I feel the exact same bro...but we all have good and bad days and if ur throwing up 270# on a bad day man I wouldn't sweat it at all. Ur a beast and ur times and numbers in general are always very impressive and motivating. Good work today evryone!

jennifer hunter-marshall said...

Thanks PTS and Lisa!

I am so happy to be here and throw down with such an amazing group of athletes. Dmarsh and I just opened Crossfit Garden City.

JHuet said...

245-old pr was 195 3 months ago

Still trying to figure out pacing

sj said...

145#(pr)/10:56 (1 AbMat, kipping)/136

-lower back tightened up like crazy on KBSns!
-no shoulder pain at all w/ jerk, excited to get more confidence with overhead & heavy

ryandrew11 said...

10K Race this morning in 5 degree weather with ice/snow - 45:26.

205 (20# PR)

8:25 (12 to 5" shy of full ROM, 48 to 5.5" shy of full ROM)


Gaspasser said...

280 jerk (30 lb PR) vid on facebook
14:00 for HSPU strict
180 KB swing.

jennifer hunter-marshall said...

Thanks PTS and Lisa!

I am so happy to be here and throw down with such an amazing group of athletes. Dmarsh and I just opened Crossfit Garden City.

Jeff @CF Redline said...


Split Jerk - 250#
50 HSPU - 4:05
KB Snatch - 135 reps

Unhappy with KB Snatches; really hurt back of forearms each time they hit as I extend arm at top(I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here). Regardless of what I do with wrist/forearm, I can't get comfortable with these...any suggestions are appreciated, thanks.

Laura, Vic and Jared congrats on your PRs!

Jeff @CF Redline said...

All HSPU were strict, head to floor, full arm extension at top.

Adam Rogers said...

SJ - 245 ( 265f x 2)
Hspu - 6:10 (kipping)
Kb snatches - 181 (first 100 under 5min, then gassed)

Brandon said...

SJ: 245 (almost had 255)
HSPU: 8:53 - mix of strict and kipped
KB Snatch - 204

Good day for the most part

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

Part 1: 335 (10lb PR). hit 330, failed 340, then dropped to 335 and hit it a little shakily. good to PR though.

Part 2: 2:32. all strict.

Part 3: 238. 16 rep PR. hands were the limiting factor. had them taped and the tape just bunched up. spent some time trying to find the ends and unbunch the tape and get it off. good though. lower left back quadrant tightened up.

Good doing this with competition.

Tyler L said...

sj- 225
hspu- 5:23
kbs- 155

Lisa M said...

Split jerk - 145# PR!! I think i had 150 in me but didn't want to push shoulder

HSPUs only did 25 as teeth started to bleed and hurt 13:15 pathetic!

KBsnatch 147 damn it i wanted 150 so bad but my damn hands started to tear so bad and I just couldn't hang on for those last three. Grip is fried!!

derb said...


A: 210(tied pr)
B: 8:00
C: 104

Joel B. said...


SJ: 235 pr

5 min break

50 HSPU: 9:33
strict...forehead to floor.

5 min break

first time doing more than 5-10 kb sn at any weight. Left hand was about to rip wide open so stayed on rt. for last minute. This will improve when I try it again.

soren said...

ohhh dear

i apologise to all, i just realised i did it with a 16kg and not 24, no wonder!!!!!
what a brain fart


Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...


First day going heavy after switching over to splitting with the right leg forward - 20 lbs. off PR, felt strong but definitely awkward. Handstand push-ups were all strict, and a massive PR from just six weeks ago. Mental failure on the snatches - had 100 at 5:00, then lost it.

Anonymous said...

nate again.

final attempt, 335, PR.


More vids to come including AJ's 310 PR.

Brian Dean said...


SJ - 264#

HSPU - 2:30 (strict)

1.5 pood snatches - 200

I used the "cut tube sock" technique from Dragon Door to avoid ripping my hands up and it worked great.

Danny Davis said...

Part 1. 265# (20#PR)
Part 2. 3:52 Tried longer break (30sec) b/t attempts. 17,10,10,6,6,1. Seemed to work well. Competed against Skvarka. a.k.a. Surperman. He has similar capacity in this movement.He worked with 15 sec break. We finished pretty close in time. He got me by a few sec. Every sec counts though right? Good test. May try a bit shorter break nest time.
Part 3. 150. First time trying this. Stopping to chalk was bigger limiting factor than fatigue. Still recovering from URI seven days ago.

Lars said...

No rack or proper weights at work, so skipped the Split Jerk, and will try it sometime this week

HSPU's 8:40...first half were easy and strict and done in 2min, but after that it fell apart and turned into kipping 1-3 at a time

160 reps, but with a 55lb DB. The weights were falling off of it because it was the twist on ends - what a stupid design and idea that is, but apparently it's "safer" then spring clips, bullshit!!

Low back tightened up pretty bad on the snatches too, but loosened up fine afterwards.

As much as I like doing things on the day of, I may start going a few days behind only to be better prepared when I'm on shift.

Lars said...

Nate - how big are you? Just watched that 335 which is very impressive, but have no idea how heavy you are.

aj moore said...

Jerk 310- 5lb PR

HSPU- 2:38

KBSN 225

Eric Montgomery said...

A. 235lbs
B. 7:57
C. 148

Notes: Hit 235 after failing on it once then missed on 245. Previous PR was 246 so a little disappointing, but then again I haven't jerked heavy in a while. HSPUs went rough--hit 10 pretty easy to start with then only got 7 in next set, then did the rest in 3s and 2s. KB snatches were pretty nasty, started with 15 on each arm then moved to sets of 10. Hopefully this cold will pass so I can get back to pushing harder.

ROBO said...

Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of.the death of my father he was a WWII marine and I had some drinks in his honor...

Still trained

Worked up to 325 SJ

5:00 for hspu

And worked up to 300lb Zercher squat full from deadlift.

Stephen B. said...

1RM SJ: 281# (11#pr)

3 min rest

50 hspu: 5:58...all strict

10 min rest

10 min amrap kb snatches: 177

notes: got under first attempt at 281# but there was a small press-out, so I made another attempt and got it...stoked! hspu felt good despite short rest...kb snatches need more tech work but the workout was a blast.

Garage Crossfitter said...

push jerk 220
hspu 6:08
rest 10 min
with Mike Fitz
On the min rotating for 10 minutes
6 Ring dips
6 ring pushups

Awesome time at the assessment

Lisa M said...

@AJ Moore

HOLY SNAP those are some incredible numbers today nice job ooooouuuuuuuuu!!

Kent said...

SJ 200# 10lb PR
50 HSPU 4:58
55# DB snatch 10min AMRAP 202

Decided to start videoing as a prelude to comps so I have included the link for my SJ and will add my HSPU later.

All comments/tips on my ugly pressout and smooth rerack style welcome.

Michael McCabe said...

Split Jerk - 242 (22lb PR went up smooth)
10min rest
50 hspu - 19:51
4 min rest
KB snatch - 143 (mind was the limiting factor... too much time holding my knees feeling sorry for myself)

david83 said...

hello everyone
part one
235, 255, then I decided to go for the big boy weights! to big of a jump 275 fail times two that would tie pr
part two
11:20 - good improvement from last time
part three

thank you

Craig said...

S/J - 240 (pr)
HSPU - 2:50
KBS rx'd - 147

Pete @ CSC said...

220 SJ (5 lb. PR)
5:38 HSPU (4:00 min PR)
201 KB Snatches

Steve Howell said...

BIG DAWG Challenge from Jan 16th

Phase 1: 5 rounds + 4 deadlifts + 2 muscle ups
Phase 2: 2 rounds + 6 SC + 9 HSPU
Phase 3: 2 round + 500m row + 7 Pull ups
Total = 159

Rory Hanlin said...

A. 380 from front, PR is 385 from front
B. 4:19
C. 226 reps

Goal was 240 reps.

Want 400 from the front rack, feel it coming in the next few months...

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

Split jerk - 203.5# new pr
HSPU - 23:08
KB snatch - 150reps

First time doing 50 hspu and 10min kb snatch. Very happy with hspu!! previously i'd done 30reps in 14min and today the 30 only took 11min.
10# pr on split jerk.

pwo: 60g pro + 40g cho + 3.5g l-g

Rory Hanlin said...

Note: I used a 60lb KB for the test.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) 205# (10#pr)
B) 4:11
C) 166 (1 pood) - forarms bruised :(

Anthony Skvarka said...

245lb. SJ. Have more in me but I recognized that I am not dropping under bar at that weight so dropped to 225 and worked technique.

3.21 for HSPUs head to floor strict.

195 reps kb snatch. goal was 20 reps per. min. Hands started to blister and this impacted my output.

Anonymous said...

Nate here.

Lars, I'm 6'1" (maybe 6'2", idk), 208lbs.

Robo nice work bro!! that's a huge PR isn't it?!

Rory nice work man, especially using a 60#kb. hurry up and get back...

Steve H nice work on the BD Challenge wods.

AJ's 310 split jerk (5#PR):

good times...

Becky said...

lisa, i was going to vote no on going up side down. hope you heal quickly.

Kent said...

Just watched my HSPU and DBsnatch videos.

The count on the 10 min 55# DB Snatch AMRAP was actually 182 not 202. I was doing 10 per arm and lost track by one set.

Here is the HSPU video. A couple of non-reps should have been do-overs. Good learning tool.

Jesse J WellRock said...

Split Jerk: 190 felt a lil something in my Knee so I moved on

HSPU: 6:54 didn't play it right. strict
I've done Diane in less than 4 minutes which has 45 hspu's, not sure why this is taking me so long.

KB snatch: 165 reps... started out doing 5 reps per arm up to 40x then went to 10 reps per arm to keep a better flow, not sure if there is a specific way this was to be done....great day over all

Kyle F said...

160 reps

Lars said...

Beastly numbers guys!

B Rott said...

A. 255#

B. HSPU 5:20

C. 173 reps

First time trying KB snatch, very humbling, glad to have a baseline to now work off of.

lk5280 said...

day behind, powder was too good to pass up yesterday

220 split jerk
21:38 50 HSPU (tough, used 5" parallettes and touched head on 8" med)
135 KB snatch x 10mins

Christa said...

Split Jerk - 155
HSPU - 7:14
KB Snatch - 130

jj said...

225# split jerk
4:40 hspu
111 ktb

crossfitkel said...

Split Jerk: 112kg

50HSPU: 3:58

10min Snatch test: 221