wed, jan 26, 2011


A1. Close Grip Bench Press - 5,3,2,5,3,2; rest 3 min
A2. CTB Chin Ups - 20 unbroken x 6; rest 3 min

21,18,15,12,9,6,3 rep rounds for time:
KBS 2pd/1.5 pd unbroken
GHD Sit Ups unbroken
Double Unders unbroken

post loads, notes and time for PM circuit to comments

Happy B-Day Wayne!


unit said...

catching up... a lil behind... feeling a lil better ea day...
sat/sun mix with subs...

10min airdyne warmup- 200cal
SJ- 250
50 HSPU- 2:29
AMRAP 1.5pd kb snatch ea arm- 45R/41L
1mi Z1- 7:30
10x 50m sprints 100%, 90s rest
1mi Z2- 6:40
3MU on 60s x12, first 8 sets strict L
240s front lean- 6:45


Adam Rogers said...

great stuff Nasti crew, love the video

unit, good to see you back and mending

Heavy Evy said...

Don't know who that was in the vid, but that was one epic beard! Makes me want to go cut down a tree.

Did Sundays intervals on an elyptical at max resistance. Heart rates:

Soren said...

At home celebrating Australia Day so do reverse order!

done with the right KB size!
GHD done on a chair, very wonky!

ryandrew11 said...

A1. 155, 170, 180, 170, 180, 190
A2. 10 x 6 CTB broken

Basketball game tonight, so will try to make up part 2 tomorrow

Steve Smith said...

A1. Built to 255#
- No one else in the house to spot, so didn't want to build to high.
- Had quite a bit left in tank
- Writs a little sore from TGU

A2. Unbroken
- 20 reps for 6 rounds is more mental for me than anything

Unit - Z1 for you, while sick, is a 7:30/mile pace?! Good grief.

Steve Smith said...

PS. Any gym playing "Rise Against" has got my vote. Great job guys.

Siu said...

Heavy - that is Mr. Stephen Flamm, owner and great coach at CSC!

Daemon said...

Can anyone tell me what Z1 is? Thanks!

Bear said...

Looks like a good day, wonderful crew!

Btw. Anybody struggling with the double unders? No worries, now there´s THE JUMP SNAP!

It even speaks to you...just like a personal trainer. ;)

Chris Dunkin said...

AM: A1.225,255,275x1,245,275x2,280x1
A2.all unbroken

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

gonna hit the AM portion soon.

Here's the link to the first wod of January's Big Dawg Challenge:

Kendra said...

Z1: zone one recovery

kent said...

did the PM this AM..
9:06 unbroken

Arjuna @CFN said...

@ Daemon

Target Zone Suggested Intensity
Z1 65-74%
Z2 75-84%
Z3 85-90%
Z4 91-96%
Z5 97-100%

Becky said...

well, if there is one wod couplet i don't like it's bench press and c2b.

needless to say, i did terrible.

Z1= zone 1. thinkyou should be alble to still talk while performing.

don't know if i'll get to part 2 today. my oldest baby is turning 9 today!! she said " doesn't that make you old?" i don't feel old.

Steve G said...


@ 7am

A1: 185lbs all sets. Did not want to go higher without a spot.

A2: 20UB/20UB/20UB/18UB/15UB/15UB

Notes: had some inflammation in shoulder after set 3. Made holding on to bar rather tough.

ROBO said...

A. 242(5), 264(3), 289(2) same both times

B. Bt 15-10 ctb unbroken everytime rest regular.
Getting better at these.

Spotted a fellow bigdawg on beach today. He was doing close grip bench and I asked if he was doing OPT and he was.

ROBO said...

On base (fort bragg) not beach

NW said...

Unit, dude that's some great stuff. I wish my warmup on the airdyne was nearly my max 300 FY haha. Great stuff, always motivating - serious catching up to do.

Part one: 170,180,190,175,185,205 +1@225#
A2: Unbrokenx4 then hand started to rip and get sweaty, no chalk, so broke that into 13/7, then last one shut er down. Lost form and hands.

Brian Dean said...

ROBO, awesome meeting you today. Its great putting a face with the names.

A1 - 286(5), 297(3), 308(2), 297(5), 308(3), 319(2)
A2 - Unbroken

to be continued...

r Gaines said...

Sqt Cleans- 145, 155, 165, 175, 185#

all F. Sqt:145#
Times:1.25, 1.25, 1.23, 1.28, 1.32

**next time I need to push the front sqt weight (155 or maybe 165).


Only did 3 rounds b/c I was short on time. I will get the last 3rounds of CTB pullups done after the PM wod. Need more work on CTB.

1-5x 175, 10unb
2-3x 185, 9unb
3-2x 195, 10unb

Jared-CF Redline said...

A1. 155,175,185,175,185,190

Cut rest time down to about 1:45 due to work

Brian Maier said...

Unit...good to see you back bro!!!

A1: 225,235,245,230,245,265(1)
A2: UB X 6

Angelo Fosco said...

Unit...awesome work man. Your Z2 being 6:40 is almost as impressive as your Z1 being 7:30!

A1. 225, 245, 265, 230, 255, 275.

A2. All unbroken, last set chin over bar though.

Notes: Time constraints, so took 2 min rest between sets except last set only took 1 minute after bench to hop on the pull up did chin over the bar instead of ctb. 4 hours rest until metcon.

Poly said...

Now I feel like I am home. That feeling you get when you feel like you just had a good workout, and then Unit posts and crushes you. Unit, Maier, Steve, Nate, and some of the others are the best motivation I can get. Nothing like an ass kicking to make you hungry.

A1. Subbed strict shoulder press: 135, 155, 185, 155, 185, 195(f)
rest 1 min
A2. 15 UB x 6

Rested 4 mins until B
B. 10:27 as rx'd

Jordan said...

PM section first: 10:14 unbroken

Adam Rogers said...


CGBP - 205x5, 225x3, 230x2, 215x5, 230x3, 245x2

Max strict pullups - 17,14,13,12,11,10

DB ext rot - 3 sets of 8 reps each arm @3010, 20lb DB

david83 said...

Hello everyone
pretty good day so far, sleeping and eating is getting better, which is helping body weight stuff..


UB all six sets



Jeff @CF Redline said...

A2. All sets unbroken

35 minute rest due to work

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps rounds for time:
Kbs (79.2#)
Ghd sit ups
Double unders

Time - 12:10
As prescribed, all unbroken

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

So, I keep messing up the programming on here even though i've read the faq and ask rory, steve s., and aj frequently. I did all the CGBP together, 3 min rest between each, then rested 3 min. and did all the c2b's together, 3 min rest between each.

A1. 255 (5), 275 (3), 285 (2), 265 (5), 285 (3), 295 (2)

A2. 20, 20, 19, 14, 18, 16.
put on batting gloves to try and protect my hands from the kb snatch test. realized it was not helping my grip out at all, hence the drop to 14. Took them off after that and they ended up being fine and learn. My grip was the limiting factor on these though. Felt like I had the kip and pull to hit my chest, but my forearms were so pumped it hurt. Also thought about calling it after the first set because my left shoulder hurt on the bottom of the kip, but I switched my left hand to reverse grip and it helped. I suck at c2b's...damn you goat!

Lars said...


A1. 205, 235, 265, 235, 265, 285
A2. 20x5UB, 16+3+1 last set:(

2hr rest


Time 11:40

CGBP was really strong today. Under estimated my strength on it. Probably could have been higher even at the end.

CTB were strong, probably mental failure on the final set. Started to lose my grip. I tried using an alternate grip today (one hand forward and one hand facing back) felt good.

Metcon felt good. KBS were easy, GHD's felt pretty decent, but still a huge weakness. DU's were easy.

John said...

a1. 225, 235, 245, 205, 225, 235
a2. UB, UB, UB, 16, 11, 6

Had SERIOUS callus-trimming fest in bathroom last night with nail clipper. Never again. Hands beyond tender this A.M. C2Bs painful. Also tried gloves at set 5. Did not help. Never again.

KEW said...

1/25 workout

squat cleans: 83/93/113/123/138

FS - 123#

Felt great on this one! Last one I really pushed!!

Rory Hanlin said...

A. 255, 275, 300, 280, 315, 325
B. Subbed COVP CU with 20lb DB, all complete

Hey GM2, u back for good?

Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

A1. 185-205-225-205-235-255(1)
A2. Completed



Used 14" grip on bench. Abnormal level of hand pain on pull-ups. Missed once each on rounds of 18 and 6.

Jon Sinclair said...

PM workout:


Did a little of AM after. Switching to night shift so gonna be a rough day/night, wanted to go easy

Pete @ CSC said...

A1. 205 (5), 220 (3), 235 (2), did 3 sets, not 6.
A2. 3 sets complete

15 minutes rest then part 2:


Garage Crossfitter said...

Part II
9:51 unbroken

DB X Rot- 3 sets 8 reps @ 3010
Felt great

Mini vaca next few days, i'll be back sat or sun.

Michael McCabe said...

A1. 155, 175, 195, 185, 205, 215
A2. all unbroken

as rx'd 9:34

Dr Lisa said...

A day behind

33333 squat cleans 85/95/115/120/125

5 sets 7front squats/10 burp/150 row

All sets were around that 1:45 mark

Seem to have a headache now I think i was holding my breath way too much on the front squats.

I would like to say how happy I am that there are so many ladies posting now. It is awesome I always look forward to reading all you ladies posts and watch the incredible numbers everyone is throwing out there. Jmarsh you are sic!! Someday I want to be able to do that many handstand pushups in week! Wow.

Siu how are your eyes? I would assume you are going to kill everything even more now that you can see what you are doing - lol.

Oh yeah I noticed my post name changed - this is because I am having an 8 week optimize your life program at my office and I needed to have a more "official" name for my patients. I will be back as lisa m soon.

Brian Dean said...

part deux...

Metcon 8:52 Rx

Julian Cruz said...

Going to take some time off. Hurt my left knee yesterday on the last set of front squats. Extremely stiff and painful, hopefully will be able to get back soon.

Brent Maier said...

Hey, on the discussion forum on the 2011 sectionals announcement, I found out they now have a 45 year old division this year. I don't know how many older dawgs we have in here but I expect next year we may see a 40 year old category! At 39, that is music to my ears.

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 2:

Used 70# DB for swings.

9:31 all unbroken, ghd situps were 2 hand touch.

Small headache right after finishing, went away after 10 or so minutes though.

Kyle F said...

Tues Jan, 25

A: 185/205/225/235/245
225# used for Front squat. Didn't time rounds. oops

PTS said...

Any Big Dawgs in Las Vegas? ryandrew 11 and I are coming to Vegas Super Bowl weekend and looking for a place to get the Big Dawg wods in on Saturday and Sunday. shoot me an email at

part 1:
cgbp 185,205,215,195,215,230(1)
all ctb chins unbroken

part 2

Gaspasser said...

pullups done 10/10 for all sets

(65lb DB, no 2 pood available at box)
all else as Rx

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 2

Ross Blake (AUS) said...


Hope you had a good Australia Day mate.

want to get in touch re some opt ccp possibilities for Australia.

Can you please flick an email -


ROBO said...

Part 2 as Rx 8:25

Brian great to meet u as well hit me up someone before u leave. We get together on weekends for Wods 910-978-5191

Jesse J WellRock said...

Yesterday's training
sq. clean-145,150,155,160x2,160x3 (3 rep PR)

F.Squat @ 170
burpees complete
subbed airdyne for rower .2 mi.
1:20,1:25, 1:30 ran out of time only was able to complete 3 rounds

will do today's training in a bit

RichJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RichJ said... to 275
A2. Unbroken

Pm session

Completed w/ 20lb vest (tripped 3x on 1st rd of DUs)
Time 10:11

Anthony said...

am 175-185-195-180-190-200
First 4 unbroken. Hand tear.

Pm - 11:55 unbroken
Kept a steady pace through out. GHD was tough on me today.

david83 said...

Hello everyone

part two

derb said...


Part 1

A1: 155/165/170/165/180/190x1
A2: Rx but I did chest to rings instead of bar

Part 2

12:52(the first two sets of DU killed me)

Ryan Hughes said...


A1. 225, 245, 265 , 245, 265
A2. 20,20,14+6,17+3, 15+5


8:45 did russians with 36 kg

Anthony Skvarka said...

a1 225, 235, 245, 235, 245, 255
a2 good

part 2 9.35 I did not hit my highest gear on this one

Adam Rogers said...



Really liked this one, all the movements felt quick and controlled.

Chad Hall said...

A1: 195, 215, 225, 210, 230, 240
A2: 15ub for all but last set 11/2/2

Started with 3 min rest then went down to 1 minute rest due to time constraints.

did knees to elbows (not UB) instead of GHD.
Used 75# db. Rest rx'd. Grip fried with k2e. Other than that it was ok.

Steve Smith said...

You know what sucks? Working out alone, holding back for safety's sake, then seeing everyone crush your numbers. That's what sucks.

Well, I guess not as much as having 300# crash down on your neck, but it still sucks.

Off to do part 2....

Stephen B. said...

Part 1:

CGBP: 225/245/255/235/255/265

notes: should've gone heavier on felt very strong today

ctb were no problem...all butterfly and only last 2 sets were a couple of secs slower

will get at part 2 in about 30 min...

Paul Klein said...

No time for part 1 today, my apologies.

Part 2: 10:37

I had a really hard time getting warmed up tonight. My legs are quite sore from yesterday.

Becky said...

the ropeless jump. too bad i didn't know about that 2 years ago....
glad i can do du's now

Steve Howell said...


A1: 90kg/100kg/105kg/95kg/105kg/110kg
A2: All sets unbroken.

Time = 7:53 rx'd

craig said...

A1. 185/195/210/195/215/235 rx'd.

Tyler L said...

Part One Done at 6 am
Sets One Through Three:
225(4), 235, 245
15+5, 17+3,10+4+5+1,
Sets Four and Five
225, 245,
18+2, 14+6, dnf set 6

Part Two Done at 5pm
only first set of du broken, at 20!!!

Bin said...

BP - 185, 205, 205, 185, 205, 215
PU - scaled to COVP, first 3 sets unbroken

Gym closed due to snow, did this at home with available equipment: same rep scheme, but 1.5pd KBS, sit-ups, burpees. ~13min. Burpee to KBS transition was tough.

Brian Maier said...


A1: 225,235,245,230,245,265(1)
A2: UB X 6

*GHD's got slow and painful.

JHo said...

A1. 95/5, 107/3, 122/1(bar loading mistake), 105/5, 114/4, 117,2
A2. Unbroken
Rest were over 3 min due to activity in the gym.

PM work
Unbroken, no misses on DU

Joel B. said...

Part 1
CGBP: 155, 175, 185; 160, 180, 190
C2B: 15 reps ub for 6 sets.

Part 2
All ub with no breaks.

Brian Maier said...

by the way, I had a Unit inspired warmup and cooldown for the PM workout.

1mile warmup run: 6:45
5min rest
Metcon: 9:52
2min rest
1 mile cooldown: 7:38

Anonymous said...

Part 1. (8:00 am)
A1. 165, 185, 195, 180, 2/200, 1/205
A2. all Un broken

Part 2. (3:00 pm)
All Unbroken 9:52

JHuet said...

225, 255, 275
245, 275, 295x1

ctb all unbroken except 3rd and 6th round

Ran three miles for pm workout.

Casey S. said...

75(5)-85(3)-95(1+touch on second)

6x10 strict pull-ups..left shoulder was feeling wonky today, not sore just weird. My hands really started to hurt on these maybe it was the cold bars idk.

So happy with my bench today, 95 was my 1RM last time and I got it for a sold 2 on that last one!

B:6pm - 10:37
I was soooo excited to do this one all things I love! I really did underestimate the dizziness though, it was still fun I love being upside down haha. Felt solid through everything and the whole unbroken thing wasn't a big deal at all today!

Dr Lisa said...

@ Brent maier

I hear you!! I am thinking the same thing and praying as I a
42 so I would be all over that!!

matt said...

Back posting after layoff....
Part A:
225, 235,245,225,245,265
UB x 6

Part B

Ross Blake (AUS) said...


A1. 65kg,72.5, 77.5,75,80,82.5
A1. all unbroken

cgbp - felt strong.

Stephen B. said...

90 min rest

Part 2

10:25 rx'd

Steve Smith said...

Nothing like feeling good about your time, and then looking at everyone who beat you.


Haha, great job today guys. Can't tell you all how lucky I feel to be a part of this group.

Steve Smith said...

Woops, never hit the publish button.

Part 2:

Didn't attack this nearly as aggressively as I should have. Took a few breaths after each set of double unders before starting the swings. Too concerned about gassing.

Chris Dunkin said...

PM: 8:01

doing Adrenal Stress Test today. trying to get a hold of things.

nice to see you back unit.

slow jerf said...

Did a ton of subbing today; I won't bother you with the details. Posting just to stay in the mix!

Let it be known that I did train today.

NW said...

Part 2:
8:39 as Rx'd. Different training stimulus in a box vs. in a globo.

Great stuff everyone!

DeeJay said...

part 1
UB x 5 + 13/1/5/1

part 2, 11:26

Anonymous said...

Nate again.

Part 2: 8:13

Felt good. Ready for tomorrow...

r Gaines said...



*felt good after the last round. Needed to push more during the wod.
* push b/w DU and KB
* work on speed of GHDs

Paul Smith said...

Yesterdays workout:

Squat Cleans: 225, 245, 255, 265, 275

Part 2:

FS: 275
10 Burpees
SDLHP: 135 15 reps

1:39, 1:40, 2:23, 3:35

Both rowers were taken so I followed Rory's lead from yesterdays post and subbed SDLHP. First two rounds felt strong but then in the third round I really dropped off on the SDLHP and then the forth round was even worse so I decided to call it quits after that round.

Eric Montgomery said...

A1. 205x5, 225x3, 235x2, 215x5, 235x3, 245x2
A2. 15, 15, 14, 9, 11, 10. Couldn't do 20 so went for AMRAP. Grip gave out just as bad as pulling muscles.

Subbed abmat situps after round of 21...haven't built up to that kind of volume. All KBS unbroken, whiffed once on the 15 DUs but got all the rest unbroken.

Nice little blood blister pooling up under my ring finger after all those CTB and heavy KBS.

Kendra said...

75, 85, 95, 75, 85, 95
subbed 10 UB COVP

as rx'd 14:52
I was super dizzy and had a massive headache but I was so happy to just do this WOD!

Carrie McG said...

Part 1
A1. 75, 85, 95, 75, 85, 95
A2. 10 UB COVP pullups

Part 2
As rx'd 14:48

Craig said...

as rx'd

felt good. KBS could have been faster.

Brent Maier said...


Part I:
BP: 225, 235, 245, 225, 235, 265

Part II: 8:54

Fast transitions on metcon and one trip up on DU's. Bob hands touching down on GHD.

Steve G said...

Part 2 done at CF Calgary

10:20 as rx'd

Notes: Everything was done UB but did have lots of rest in b/w transitions. First double in a long time but it was good...even better is the fact CFC has an in-house massage therapist who I saw 20 mins after part 2...and will continue to see twice a month for the next 6 months...

Danny Davis said...

A.1. 225,230,235,230(4),235
A.2. All UNBRKN Butterfly

Could not finish due to time constraints.

B. 9:24 All unbrkn.

Jared-CF Redline said...


Broke at 15 and 12. Tried to go UB at 15 ended up doing 5 and moved on.

Heavvvvy 2pood.
Thanks Vic for the push today. Thanks to big dawg Anthony for calling my performance chicken shit...he knows how to motivate me, lol.

Vic @ CF Redline said...

Part 1:

A1. 185,195,205,190,200,210

A2. UB,UB,UB,Broken,Broken, 5 strict dead hang then finshed with kipping pull ups broken for the last set

*Rested 4 hours*

Part 2:

16:39 All Unbroken (Except the 15 KBS)

(Took three attempts but all failures. It became a mental thing for me at that point. It really hurt my time and a little frustrating).

Siu said...

Only did PM today given later eve at work.
All movements UB, took a couple good breaths during transitions.

Lisa M, eyes are great! You're sweet for asking :)

Matt Mo said...

all ctb unbroken

Pm 16:14

lk5280 said...

long live GWG !!!

Could not fit in the am workout today.

Part B, used 1.75 pood. Have not gotten the 2 pood yet.
11:30 unbroken. Long day but pleased with the push.


Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

did the am in the pm

A1) 155x5, 175x3, 185x2, 165x5, 180x3, 195x1

A2) 18, 15, 15, 12, 14, 8

Heavy Evy said...

Did part 1 today:

A1. 187,210,230,200,230,240
A2. ub,ub,17/,ub,10/17/,broken

Felt strong, probaly due to being off for so long, probaly had a bit more in me, but 250 is my cgbp 1rm, so I'm happy with it.

Part 2 makes me wince jus looking at it, as double unders are what di my back in oddly enough. Getting there.

sj said...

Only got to part 2 today:
RXed: 11:46 (55# KB)
- SO excited that I got all my DUs UB, only had to start over twice & at low sets at that - almost want to graduate it from not-a-goat status :)
- still trying to get used to UB mindset, could have pushed this all harder

Christa said...

PM: 9:02, all UB

AM: 125, 135, 145, 135, 145, 150(1)
(would have gone heavier with spot on the bench, my 1RM is 165)

Kyle F said...

A1: 185/205/225/205/225/235
A2: as Rx'd

went completely unbroken on the triplet. Not sure where I could make up time, but it looks like I'm going to have to find it somewhere. Good job everyone.

SAMBO said...

A2.all ctb unbroken

10:55 rxd broke halfway through the set of 18 ghd sit ups to fix ghd to the ground. other then that all unbroken.

Brandon said...

A1. 265/285/295/275/295/315
A2. ub/ub/ub/ub/br @18 (started ripping, cut out the last set)

30 minutes DU practice
metcon: subbed 20" box jumps for DUs to keep pace and intensity up since I am still pretty bad at them.

Hands were getting shredded...could've finished 6th set if it was competition, but I don't want to deal with the rips right now. Metcon felt good.

Soren said...

A1: 60,70,80, 70,82,85
A2: All UB, last 2-3 of each set was hard work to get CTB


Anonymous said...


5 min Z1
1 min at 90%, 1 min 50% x 10
5 min Z1

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