tues, jan 4, 2011

"Wes-ticles" prepping for a clean - guess his position in hockey?

A. Power Clean x 1/Split Jerk x 3 - 80% effort; rest 2 min x 3
5 sets:
Hang Power Clean x 7 unbroken light and fast
rest 0 sec
Airdyne 25 sec @ 97%
rest 4 min walking actively - if this is too much time you're not working hard enough

post loads A and notes about intensity to part 2 to comments
single training sessions on wed and thurs, fri off, single tester on saturday with video submission, single training on sunday
nice fan support - especially in BUFFALO!


Kyle F said...

Sat Jan 1

BP = 245#

No spotter on BP so I didn't push it too much. Flight Simulator was terrible.

Angelo Fosco said...

Quick question: Typically sub rower for airdyne, but curious as to how terrible it would be to sub double unders? I know there's usually a certain response you're looking for :)

Anyone else going to the great lakes invitational in 2 weeks? Would be great to meet some people in person!

Steve Smith said...

Angelo, I think Burpees or a straight sprint would be more in line with what Coach is going for. I don't have an AirDyne yet either. Today I may sub a prowler push.

Soren said...

back from holidays. kinda of nice not to do anything, resting up, playing with kids, swimming, even had alcohol and a crap load of chocolate.... so back to work.
Went easy - feel a bit stiff.

A: 70,75,80kg (all cleans were easy)

B: All done with 50kg and on rower. got 151-154m. Did the 4 min walking around


NCovino "CFRedline" said...

Keep it very light today to protect the knee..
A)155 for all 3 sets. very easy.. usually the jerk is were i feel some pain it was good this morning.. just didn't push anything.

Part 2: 135 Light and Fast HPC
airdyne sprints - i measured cals per 25 sec. 14x3 and 15x2
ice. ice. ice

Steve Smith said...
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Steve Smith said...

Steve Smith said...
A. 225#, 235#, 235#
- Power Clean very easy
- Split Jerks to the weak side (i.e. left foot forward)
- Got stronger as the lift went on; awkwardness of the weak side jerk subsided

B. 185# for each + Prowler Push (empty, on asphalt)
- HPC fast and light
- Made it between 30 and 40 meters on each push. Speed dropped rapidly over the 25 seconds
- 4:00 min wasn't even close to being too much

Fun day of training lined up for tomorrow here in NC. Team OPT coming on strong.

ROBO said...

Did army pt test
2 min pu
2 min su
2 mile run

90 pu
86 su
13:09 run a 51 sec PR for me and im up to 240lbs

Then did few sets of heavy cleans got up to 130kg

Will hit WOD at bragg later

Anonymous said...

A. PC/SJ 165,170,175

HPC 115,135 x 4
Subbed exercise bike with difficult resistance no airdyne

Rich said...
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Rich said...

A. 220 (all sets) felt REALLY light. I may be ready for a new PR...
5 Sets 135 HPC (no airdyne, so rower was placed 2 floors up...So I would HPC then sprint up 2 flights to rower 100% for 25 sec) no rest between sets

Did the AF13 6min AMRAP WOD
5 Rounds + 9 squats

AJ Moore said...

felt like shit today, couldnt get warmed up and once i got on the airdyne it really went downhill, heart JACKED and vomit came up. Tomorrow should be fun, steve, on that note.

based on 80% effort i couldve just lifted the empty bar. 180 for all three, last set felt like i finally got warmed up.

145x4 23-17-15-15

Ryan Hughes said...

Sat Jan 1 - still playing catch up

BP= 275 ( might have been able to go heavier with a spot)

PC/CGBP= 245/ 275


15 and change on the simulator- not a good attempt, was using a new rope and it was very frustrating

Chris Dunkin said...


by rd 2 of airdyne legs were unstable, face was flushed, and rd 3 pwr cleans were herky jerky.

trap 3: 15lbx10, 17lbx10, 18lbx8

1RM power seems to have left me. Tried to work up to heavy DL before the wod and couldn't bring myself to get 405 off the ground.

OPT said...

dunkin, injury does that, it is the "neural" input that peeps forget about in 1RM work - it truly is mental - when not thinking about it, a lot of 1RM's are made...as fear is not a part of the picture - when an injury had happened (excuse me if it has not just prior here for you) the brain knows how to protect and not "let go"...it takes practice again and will come...

AJ, if that occurs early in the wod again, just shut it down...critical drop offs are better than "fighting" at this point in the big picture

Chris Dunkin said...

james-makes sense. recovering from low back injury, and tricep issue both a few weeks ago. i'll work on patience.
tech work, and low intensity/high volume stuff is good.

Brent Maier said...


On yesterdays rest day I swam and did the triple BS/FS/OHS workout again. It was VERY EASY this go around.

x3BSx3: 132kg (290#)
x3FSx3: 120kg (264#)
x3OHSx3: 88kg (194#)

Question: Ever get that feeling in your back where your teetering on the edge of a pinched nerve. Usually goes away after a 2-3 days when it happens. I seem to get this feeling post workout when I roll my back before a workout. It isn't confirmed but has anyone experienced this before?

Brandon said...

A. 185/195/205
135 x 1/155 x 4
Subbed row: 15/16/16/16/16 cals

205 felt heavy on the clean more like 90%.

Rows were hard after the HPC. Needed about 3:30 before I felt like I could grab the bar. Last two sets were mentally challenging trying to match the cals/meters from the previous.

Paul Klein said...

Brent Maier,

I get the exact same thing when I use the foam roller on my back. Also with two lacrosse balls taped together and placed at the center of my spine just below my shoulder blades, then simulating over head positions (all while lying flat on my back). Kelly Starrett showed these on the main page a while back. I think he also said you can you a car fender to bend backwards over. Any of these mobilizations feel good at the time, but later on it causes major pain for me. Fortunately it was an easy fix, I stopped doing it.

Gaspasser said...

Should have gone heavier, really focused on dip through heels, loose grip, and big chest on jerks.

155,165,175,185,185 all unbroken. Having the ability to go last 2 sets @ 185 tells me I should have gone heavier on protion 1. Did rower as sub for airdyne.

PTS said...

A. 155,170,185

115,125, 135x3
24 cals,23,22,19,18

intensity was excellent for me today. I felt great. Ideally would have kept the cal output a little tighter but quads were burning hard on last 2 sets.

Nathan H. said...


My lower back is tight/uncomfortable (don't quite know how to describe it) very often. Even after days off it takes me awhile to warm up to feel like I can produce power. What's strange is this wasn't happening during my olift specific cycle where I was lifting moderate to heavy 5+ times a week. Could your pinched nerve feeling have to do with the break over the holidays? Or frequency of doing the movements that give you that weird feeling?

Steve Howell said...

From Dec 28th

Part 1;
Time = 7:25; pervious time 12:03
25 minutes rest
Part 2;
Total = 265; pervious 253

* DL's went 10.10.5/5.6/4 x 4 sets
* Double unders all unbroken.
* Burpees all unbroken.
* Push ups went 6/4 for all sets.
* Dips went 4/4/2 for all sets.

Joel B. said...

A. 150, 155, 155

1. 105/18cals
2. 110/monitor quit working 12 secs in
3. 115/?
4. 115/?
5. 115/?

sets 4, 5 were especially painful. 15 min later still feeling a bit queasy. Maybe should have gone a touch higher on "A".

Felt a weird nerve twingy thing from armpit to pinky finger left side when doing hpc (receiving bar). First time, which was weird. It happened last 2 sets pretty consistenly. Not sure if I am getting old or what, because a couple weeks ago DU's started making my head hurt, which had never happened before. It happened again on last Flight Simulator. Hopefully it isn't prone to happen once it happens a first time(like seizures hypothermia or something) because it really sucks. Cold weather maybe? Not sure...

Paul Smith said...

5am - Hill sprints 3 x 300m
1:59, 2:04, 2:02

7 hrs later

A: 225# for all three sets

part 2


Airdyne computer does not work but I could tell a huge difference in my first set and my last set. Legs were absolutely shot.

Traveling the next two days. Will try to make up on Friday.

Brent Maier said...

Paul, sounds like were on the same page.

Nathan, I've always had this oddity on rare occasions where I move weird and blam. Usually behind the rib case mid back just to right or left of spine. I typically do a spine roll to pop my back and work it well as part of my warmup routine. Last night I worked at 80% of my maxes for that triplet set and I felt so strong but felt the onset going into my 2nd set of OHS. As long as I maintain a good set of air and solid core, I seem to be able to push through it. It's in the morning or evening when I go to pick up the soap in the shower when it's more apt to strike. Considering how strong I was at 80% max and the fact I just rolled the crap out of my back pre-workout makes me wonder if it is related although, vacation may be the culprit.

I'm going to stop rolling the back starting this evening and see if it helps.

Nathan H. said...

Woke up feeling very good today. No soreness. Icebath + some other recuperative tools are helping. Took awhile to feel warmed up, all weights felt about the same from 135 up to working weight of 245.

Weighed in at 189 today, dropping about 1lb every week or so after dialing my diet and going strict BD.

PC+PP: 245 for all sets

No airdyne did 7hpc + 10 burpees + 10 pullups

HPC weight: 185
rounds were: :42, :47, :45, :42, :42

Brent, keep us posted brother.

Anthony said...

A: 185 X 2 and 195 X 1
Felt very good with these loads and stayed in control.

B: HPC 135 X 1 and 145 X 4 These felt good. Light enough to go quickly and heavy enough to work.
Calories 18, 19, 16, 16, 19

Shocked at how fast my legs became fairly useless and swollen. Who knew 25 seconds could be so bad?

Julian Cruz said...

15,15,16,15,14(sub rower)

Still don't feel 100% from the week I took off but excited to move forward.

Nathan H. said...

Meant PC + 3SJ:

Here's second set:

Jeff @CF Redline said...


A. 185#/195#/200#
Hang PC - 135#(x1)/145#(x4)
AirDyne (cals) - 20/19/13/14/15

-PC/SJ felt right at 80%
-AirDyne was the worst thing ever, I thought my thighs were going to explode and I couldn't bend my legs after each set for a few seconds

James, thanks to your advice my strength has been increasing steadily since doubling CHO intake during post-wod nutrition...now consuming 40g PRO/100g CHO immediately after (protein powder/maltodextrin shake)and another 35g PRO/45g CHO 1 hr later (sweet potato and lean chicken breast). Thank you again for the priceless advice.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Pre: DL to a quick 345
A: 155 160 160
Cals: 21 21 19 19 20

ha i was a mess afer this, dizzy, legs were locked up, felt worse than fran. i still hate that machine

reading an amazing book right now...bestseller
Title: Unbroken
Author: laura hillenbrand
if you want to read about a tough motherfucker, its a great book.

David said...

85kg for each set.

60kg each set
Row calories, no airdyne
12 (no straps), 14, 13, 14, 13

Anthony Skvarka said...

Part 1

worked up to 225lb 1 round then did three rounds at 205lbs. By last round the jerks were pretty taxing. I still need to work on dropping under bar and stop pressing so much.

part 2 started at 135lb but needed to move up to 175lb. subbd rower and hit on avg between 150m and 155m.

Jordan said...

*Subsituted Hang Power Snatch for H.P.C*

p1- 95,95,115,115,115
p2- 16cal,16,15,14,14

After the 3rd round on the airdyne my quads where like jello. I timed each round (the hang power snatch and airdyne) and the times are as follow: 46s, 40s,41s,41s,47s

kent said...

pc 205
worked on clns yeaterday so did hang power snatch fast and light
2@95lbs 46.25 20 cals 41.2 23 cals
3@ 115lbs 39.6 16 cals 40.06 16 cals
39.62 16cals

NW said...

3 min amrap of 5 press @ 25# DB/Hand + 5 strict pullups
- 5 rounds
2 min walk+3 min run at 6:40 pace+2min walk
3 min amrap of 5 press/pushpress @30#/hand + 3 strict pullups
- 8 rounds. Put the stuff closer together, gee what a concept
2 min walk+3 min run at 6:00 pace+2min walk
3 min amrap of 5 push jerk @ 30#/hand + 3 strict pullups
-8 rounds + 5 PJ

didn't push it above 90%, vacation should be somewhat enjoyable haha. Couldn't kip and didn't want to burn out doing a bunch of strict PU in one set.

Angelo Fosco said...

Thanks Steve! I was going to do it at school instead of going to the gym after which is why I asked...but ended up taking the extra time to do it right.

A) 235# (cleans felt really good)

B) 155/144m, 175#/142m, 185/139m, 195/137m, 200/139m on Rower.

Cleans feeling strong once again, pull ups still bothering bicep and shoulders feel a bit burned out from extra pressing motions last month.

JJL @ CSC said...

175, 185, 185

HPC: 155 x 5
Calories: 21, 18, 16, 15, 16

Vic @ CF Redline said...

A: 155

B: HPC 95 X 1 and 115 X 4
(HPC felt good, working on fast elbows was nice. It something I need for heavier loads).

Calories 18, 19, 16, 16, 19

Eric Montgomery said...

A. 155, 165, 175

Part 2--had to sub row sprints at 100%

Rower was an ok substitute but I felt like I was fully recovered after 4 mins so it may not have been that good.

derb said...


A: 145/155/165
B: 115x1/120x4
cals: 17-20

My legs were smoked by the last two rounds.

Paul Klein said...

Is "Wes-tickles" position as a stunt double for Bropt? That cat looks just like him.

A. 200lbs for all three sets
Still no Airdyne so I subbed 30 seconds of burpees.

1. 135lbs + 14 burpees
2. 135 + 15
3. 145 + 15
4. 145 + 14
5. 145 + 14

Intensity felt very good today. All the weights felt light and crisp, and the burpees were as fast as I can possibly go. The ice bath Sunday night really helped my knees recover from the 30 min run. I need to add this as a weekly thing.

One other with my back; when I lay on my side while in bed I can take a deep breath and inflate my lungs, expanding my chest and back. When I do this my back will crack right at the spot where I have the issues when I used to try rolling it. Not sure what it means, maybe there is a slight disc issue there that rolling/mobilizing aggravates? Keep us informed of what you learn please.

ryandrew11 said...

A. 135, 150, 160
trying to fight it, but I can feel my ass coming up first on the cleans

95, 105, 110, 115, 115
23, 22, 23, 21, 21 cals

I don’t yet know the difference between 97% and 100%

felt great today. Can't tell if it was the just day of rest or if the ice bath worked as well.

ryandrew11 said...

correction on cals
23, 22, 22, 21, 21 cals

Rory Hanlin said...

A. subbed log clean and jerk
97kilos, 103, 109

new gym on post has log bars and i couldn't resist. i have newfound respect for the sport of strongman, the log bar humbled me

rest 8 hrs

135, 27 cals
155, 24
165, 24
185, 22
190, 25

HPC felt great compared to the log, amazed at how quickly my legs turned to jello...

JHo said...

Clean and Jerks 85-92-100

Jerks got better as sets progressed. Wasn't turning back foot out well on jerks.

PC/Airdyne 80-85-89-91-91

PC felt good. Airdyne made me very sad on sets 3-5. 4 minutes went by quickly .

About 5 minutes after the workout I actually fell down while walking.

sj said...

A. 49k, 50k, 52k
-last set felt gorgeous, no shoulder pain at all, felt like I was finally warmed up...what the heck
HPC x7 + Burpees for 30 sec - 4 min rest between
40k/13bu, 43k/13bu, 45k/13bu, 45k/14bu, 45k/13bu
- was surprised at how smooth and fast the HPC felt

Went into this really not motivated to workout, ended up feeling really motivated by the time I was done. Need to get a lot bolder with overhead stuff, takes a bit to warm that up or it feels like I'm getting stabbed on the left side.

Jon Sinclair said...

Flight simulator yesterday before work - 10:55 only broke on two of the sets so didn't waste to much time on redoing reps
- calves are in knots now

Todays workout later tonight before night shift

Stephen B. said...

Dec. 29 workout

Run: complete..on treadmill @1.0 incline...made this effort-based as I hadnt done MHR run awhile back...lower back was crampin up somethin fierce at the end of 90% efforts (yesterdays DLs are the culprit no doubt)...runs felt good otherwise.

Casey S. said...

I am very proud of my split jerks today usually they cause me trouble so my goal today was to be agressive and quick under the bar. I kicked that 113's ass today!

Did 2 first two rounds with 73lbs and last 3 with 83lbs, and I used the hook grip the whole time(thats a first!). I figured this would feel a lot worse then it did, we used a rower so that transition time was enough to get a little breather in no matter how hard I try to get in super fast plus my heart rate wasn't up really from the 7HPC.Just imagined my grip being more fatigued and breathing harder and the 4mins did feel like a long time, maybe I should have subbed burpees 25sec. of burpees might have been more insidious! I was happy that I did really push myself super hard on the rows and stayed pretty consisent at 145m the whole time.

Adam Rogers said...

A - 185

HPC @ 135, easy

Airdyne calories - 21,19,19,16,17

Michael McCabe said...

day one back with big dawgs

A. 80kg felt really easy/smooth
HPC (kg) 65, 67, 70, 70, 70 - all really fast but sloppy by 5th set
airdyne felt like death beyond 10sec, happy with intensity up to 20sec, beyond there wasn't hitting 97%

Stephen B. said...

Oh yeah...covered about 9k on the run.

DeeJay said...

back for good now...

Intensity seemed to stay pretty consistent. Hang cleans felt good.

Jared-CF Redline said...

165, 175 (failed on third jerk), 175 (failed on third jerk)

hpc at 115.

Airdyne was brutal. Some things i need to work on: Really shooting the elbows on clean, lowering of the bar back to hang position (try to be quick and maintain grip), and a more aggressive dip,drive on Jerk.

slow jerf said...

Been working out with my friends at the local affiliate, Hudson Valley Crossfit. They've been getting some benchmarks for a paleo challenge so I stopped by:

1000m row: 3:16.9 (20+ second pr!)

Max rep wall ball: 31 (NOT enough rest, I was scorched after the row)

3 rep max power clean: 225 pr

That row was a revelation for me... took 1st place in that one!

Thanks Coach and Dawgs!

Pete @ CSC said...

PC/SJ:165, 175, 175x2 (failed 3rd rep SJ)

HPC: 115, 125, 135x3
Calories: 23, 21, 21, 16, 20

Lars said...

A. 225, 235, 245 (with push jerk)


with row in meters

185, 133m
195, 136m
200, 134m used lifting straps
210, 134m " "
220, 135m " "

Felt good today, weights moved fast and felt light. Even at 220 with HPC's they were fast and UB.

Steve Howell said...

Michael McCabe and DJ good to see you guys back!

crossfitkel said...

A. 93kg
(jerks felt pretty good. slacked on the 2nd pull of the power cleans though. Guess I don't do enough of them.)
Air Dyne (measured in distance)

(first time on devils trike in a long time. legs are jello now.)

Brent Maier said...


PC/SJx3: 100/100/105kg (231#)

Part II:
HPC: 60/70/70/75/80kg (176#)
AirDyne: All between 20-22 cals.

Thanks for the comments guys!

Nathan H. said...

Deejay and Michael McCabe, great to see you guys back.

DeeJay said...

** 185lbs for HPC

Laura said...

Hello to all you Big Dawgs. You have all inspired me for some time with the incredible (super human really) numbers you all put up. Specially the ladies who post. I always wish more ladies would post so I figured I would start. I'll try to keep this short. I'm a 32 year old mother of two. I was introduced to Crossfit about one and a half years ago by someone who knew I liked to lift and figured I would love Crossfit. Thanks Jeff, you were right. I walked in to Crossfit Redline and for my first class was coached by Anthony. I was hooked instantly. I love this shit and hope to get faster and stronger with the help of OPT. So much for keeping it short. Sorry. For today's:
the cleans on the fourth set started to slow down so for the sake of keeping it fast went back down to 85. The Airdyne I used didn't count calories but I kept it btwn 9 and 10 for the 25 seconds. That was a bitch. I promise to keep it a lot shorter next post.

unit said...

dj and michael... nice 2 have u guys back... 4 good...

Laura... welcome...

A- 205 x3sets
B- HPC 155 x5sets, cals 23-24 x5sets
press- 135 x3, 145 x3, 155 x6
deadlift- 365 x3, 385 x3, 405 x6
iron cross / flag work x3
trap 3 @5111 15lbs ea x8 x3sets


Brian Maier said...


"Flight Simulator" - 8:19(PR by over 2min)


A: 185,195,205
HPC - 155X5
Airdyne cals 18-22

SJ's felt awkward today. Body not wanting to dip and drive under the bar. HPC's fast and easy. Airdyne sucked as usual.

Angelo Fosco said...

Did AF wod 13 tonight:

4 rounds + 6 burpees.

Rory and company you guys are beasts. Awesome scores for that wod.

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

A. 245 on all sets. Felt good PC and SJ's felt easy. I really had to focus on active shoulders overhead due to it feeling easy.

B. No airdyne yet. Subbed 25 sec row. Put the rower right next to my bar and had it set on 25 sec interval.
Used 185 for all HPC - fast and easy. Rows:
1. 158m/18cal
2. 161m/19cal
3. 158m/18cal
4. 155m/18cal
5. 156m/18cal

my biceps were actually what was hurting. wish i had the airdyne to experience its death. 4 minutes was not too long though for sure. I felt drained for probably 10-15 min afterwards. Those all-out sprints were good...Thanks Coach! Team OPT representing tomorrow in NC...

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

A. @ 67.5kg
B. 52.5kg x3 60kg x2

no airdyne or rower so subbed in 12 burpees.

felt good. blood lactate was creeping up in last 2 sets.

Rainer Hartmann said...

ACL surgery this morning, leg still numb from blocks. According to doc all went okay, cleaned out some damage on both meniscus as well. Road back starts tomorrow once I feel the leg again!

Jon Sinclair said...

Part 1: 135, 155, 175# - legs killing me today

Part 2. Used 95# for 2 rounds and 115# for 3 rounds. subbed burpees for airdyne
- biked during rest

B Rott said...

PC/SJ 205# for all sets, felt pretty good

part 2 135# set 1 155# set 2-5
subbed burpees for airedyne, 12,13,14,15,20

Brian said...

A. PC/SJ 76 kg

Hang PC 46 kg

Airdyne Bike splits in miles

Siu said...

Did 3x3 power snatch at 75lbs instead of PC+SJ combo. Cleans and thrusters continue to bother wrists so taking a break from those and doing daily stretches for wrist.

Subbed 7 HPS for HPC -
55lbs, 14 cals
65lbs, 11 cals
65lbs, 12 cals
65lbs, 11 cals
75lbs, 12 cals

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