wed, jan 12, 2011

assessing thorasic mobility - why he might be able to OHS 210# fifteen times


as many rounds in 10 min @ 90%:
5 ring dips
5 Dead Lift - 135#/95#
5 hang power clean - 135#/95#
rest 10 min
as many rounds in 5 min @ 90%:
1 rope ascent
10 wall balls - 20/14# to 10ft

post rounds and notes to comments


Lars said...

So my poor thoracic mobility could be part of the reason I have such difficulty with OHS??

Good to know...

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

I have a hard time following or knowing these percentages when it comes to metcon style workouts. I want to go as hard as I can, not hold back. It's easier to assess for running or lifting separately, but to go just under, like the 97% effort last week sometime, I just can't seem to grasp or do. And when I work with the NC Crew it definitely always turns into a competition. Just my thoughts...

Adam Rogers said...

I second that Nate, I run into the same problem with these prescriptions sometimes. I worry that I might be throttling back too much, sort of like today's rowing, and I don't want to cheat myself or the programming. For tomorrow my goal is to push pretty hard but still stay away from redlining it, realizing that with the comp coming up this weekend we need to be in sharpening mode instead of building.

Brian Dean said...

Nate I know what you mean. I enjoy blasting through MetCons to the point where I'm flat on my back after. Scaling back to 90% will be a challenge in itself.

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

Training from yesterday:

Did pull ups as ctb

set 1. UB, 1:17, (1:57)
set 2. UB, 1:18, (2:00)
set 3. UB, 1:19, (2:03)

Double under reps:

pwo: 50g pro + 44g cho

Heavy Evy said...

Off to Mexico for a week, bringing my rings, jump rope, and chuck taylors, and hoping for an internet connection and a gym! And might be able to get the big dawg comp in, but my back could use some rest, so we'll see.

As the locals say sianora suckers!

Soren said...

AMRAP 10min
13 rounds

Nate, I know what you are saying. I had to keep telling myself to breathe. The way I tackle it, is I add in a break, water, change song, chalk hands, and take a extra breath in between movements.
I love the same feeling but I also know that being 37, I can't keep doing that every second day.
I find for myself that I HAVE to take those 90% days to have even more appetite for stuff like the squat clean and MU wod.


ryandrew11 said...

AMRAP 10 Min @ 115#: 7 rounds + 5DL
AMRAP 5 Min w/ ring pull-ups: 5 rounds

worked on rope climbs for 5-10 mins, starting to get technique but need more strength. Subbed 5 rings pullups.

everything unbroken, slow and steady. Probably closer to 80% today.

Casey S. said...

AMRAP1:8+6rnds....started dip at bottom, set the rings up right underneath my armpits and tried that because I tend to get into awful positioning with the bands. Shoulders all hunched forward, and starting each at the bottom forces me to really concentrate on keeping my shoulders back. Hands felt a little tender from yesterday so the HPC's kind of sucked but I'm glad I didn't drop the bar.

AMRAP2: 2+1/2 rope climb
First time ever doing rope climbs, so this was interesting haha. first two were easy and I did those in under a minute, then I got 3/4 up on round 3 and got stuck, tried like 3 or 4 times to get all the way up but kept getting stuck! Was def. fun though!

r Gaines said...

From 1/9:

B.155, 175 and 175# ( had a hard time keeping my shoulders back)

C1. 8 (with 3 abmats), 4 (w/ 2 abmats) and 1/3 (w/ 1 abmat) --- My GOAT [all without rings]

3x3 back Sqt at 160# and 30min of mobility ---working on depth (ATA). Will drop weight next time. I get back pain when I drop too low.

A.UNB/1.22, UNB/1.24 and UNB/1.28
**needed to push more on the row.**

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

AMRAP1) 7 Rounds with a good 10 - 15 second rest between rounds

AMRAP2) 4 Rounds again with rests between rounds.

During the rounds everything was unbroken. Felt good this morning knee is feeling good again, but im going to rest it from dynamic stuff for another week or two. Ice bath again this morning. can really notice a difference in recovery on days when i use the bath compared to the days i dont. WIsh I has a giant ice maker in house!!

Steve Smith said...

What length rope are we going to, 20' or 30'?

I've noticed that a % effort under 100% simply changes the game and makes me a more disciplined athlete (possibly due to age as well, Soren). Holding back to 90%, like in today's workout, will keep me more consistent over the course of the 10 minutes, rather than steadily dropping off towards the end.

ryandrew11 said...

I forgot to note that I subbed bar dips for ring dips on the first AMRAP.

Gord said...

RD/DL/HPC-9 rounds
rope/wallballs-5 rounds


Gord said...

opps forgot Tag's rounds on the couplet
-rope/wallballs -3 rounds +1 rope climb

Anonymous said...

What would be a good substitution for the rope climb?

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 6 rounds (in 5min)
B. 7 rounds (18' rope climbs)

reducing volume for a while.

powell raise: 20lbx10, 25lbx8, 25lbx7
ext. rot: 25lbx10, 30lbx8x2

RichJ said...

10 min AMRAP - 10rds + 1 PC (2-3breaths between each movement)

5 min AMRAP - 3rds (20ft, 20ft, 15ft)(used 30lb Med Ball)
Rope climbing is still a work in progress, I need alot of work here...

OPT said...

%'s - are based upon the "feel" on that day...the better you get at knowing your OWN engine and how it runs, the more disciplned (as Steve put it) you become...on a day to day basis
if you have not figured into it yet, "smashing it" over and over each day does not work long term and is "lower order" training
as mentioned in this last OPT CCP assessment module - i believe there are 16 different gears that a CF'er should have and know...once thought as by myself that there is 2 (all out or nothing) has evolved into more...

Anonymous said...

A. 9 rounds +4 Ring dips
B. 4 rounds + 3 towel/knee ups

Subbed 7 towel/knee chin ups for each rope climb

Vic @ CF Redline said...

Part A: AMRAP 10 Min: 8 Rds
Part B: AMRAP 5 Min: 4Rds + 1/2 rope climb

Felt pretty good today, my forearms were tight afterwards.

POW: Cellucore+Refuel

kent said...

front squat 105x5 130x5 155x5 170x5 195x5 220x5 then did yesterdays
all pull ups unbroken
row times.1:13.9 1:19.5 1:23
then did todays @ about 80%
10min amrap

kent said...

forgot to put in my double unders

NW said...

Part 1: 6 rounds but Power cleaned, not HPC. I can't read.

Part 2: 5 rounds. Major sub - 1 strict muscle up + 10 45# thrusters.

Felt around 85% or so, still pretty drained from my monday session. looking forward to the next 2 off days.

Coach, Do you have any tips on thrusters? have trouble keeping my elbows up in the bottom and wrist always feels pretty destroyed afterwards. All of this is killing the drive into the press. any help is appreciated thank you!

Becky said...

8 rds plus 5 dips
3 rds, plus 1 rope climb

to me 90% means "just don't kill yourself to get through...."

i can gage % on the rower pretty ok, b/c it reads an average. running i judge by my 400 time.
my ohs 1rm is 145#
unfortunately i almost weight that much.

Jeff @CF Redline said...

AMRAP 10 min:
5 Rings Dips
5 DL - 135#
5 Hang PC - 135#
SCORE = 10 Rounds + 5 Ring Dips

10 Min. Rest

AMRAP 5 min:
1 Rope Climb
10 Wall Balls (20#)
SCORE = 7 Rounds

Felt like I was at 90% throughout...I could've gone a bit harder but not much.

Paul Smith said...

Gym was closed yesterday due to the weather so I am a day behind.

Yesterdays WOD:

UB/ 1:16
UB/ 1:17
UB/ 1:17

forgot my jump rope today and couldn't find one at the gym other than a 2# rope so I did singles with the 2# rope.

51, 51, 54, 50, 45, 51, 50, 55, 49, 51

JHo said...

Worked up to a heavy 5 on back squats

part 1 13 rounds 4 deads
part 2 4 rounds 1/2 rope climb(sit start, legless, 12 foot rope)

Lars said...

RD/DL/HPC- 13Rds + 3 Ring dips

Rope/WB- 6Rds + 1 rope climb

Felt good today. Took it nice and steady on both and was able to maintain a steady pace. Wasn't too gassed by the end.

derb said...


Yesterdays Results

Rows: 1:22/1:22.4/1:24.7

DU: 35/27/41/44/43/36/39/34/31/39
total: 333

OPT said...

NW, usually that is an upper back lack of mobility, coupled with tighter internal rotators of the shoulder and weaker ext rotators of the shoulder, test the db ext rot, powell raise and send a vid of reps of 5-7 @ 135# and get it to me

NW said...

Thank you and will do.
Just to clarify:
- Ext rotation and powell raise should be 10% of CGBP correct?
- You want a video of a 135# thruster and sent to you. Post it on here or email?

Thanks again!


KEW said...

1/10 training
A. 83#
B. 163#
C1. band assist 10,5,5
C2. done

Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

10 rounds


3 rounds

First day squatting since surgery, took it easy and felt nice.

Joel B. said...

part 1
7 rounds + 5 rd, + 5 dl

part 2

3 rounds plus 1 rope ascent sub.
sub=7 towel pu, knee ups.

PTS said...

I can't do the comp wods until Monday so I am following a day behind until then.

yesterdays WOD

chins half strict half kipping all UB
row times 1:15,1:17,1:18

DU's = 38,55,42,40,46,43,44,42,45,40 = 435

used heavy rope

russ said...

10 min AMRAP: 12rds + 5 ring dips + 1 DL

5 min AMRAP: 7rdd + 4 wall balls

This is only my second OPT workout and I have to say i really like how the programming looks after reviewing some it. I will for sure be doing more of this.

Anthony said...

Back on duty today and coaching 30 chatty high school volleyball players tonight. Resting and nursing this lame shoulder.

Michael McCabe said...

yesterday (jan 11):

row: 1:13, 1:19, 1:27 (fell off a cliff on last set of chins)

5 min rest

double unders:
51, 51, 51, 46, 45, 51, 34, 51, 32, 51 = 463

Nathan H. said...

@ 90% perceived:

14+5 (splits b/t :30 and :51) last round was :35
rest 10 minutes
6+1 (splits b/t :40 and :55) last round was :48

Garage Crossfitter said...

part 1= 10 easy rounds
part 2 skipped, didnt want to hurt wrist
did du wod from the other day
30 sec du
30 sec rest x 10

Anthony Skvarka said...

part 1 14 rounds on the money

part 2 5 rounds, no rope subbed with towel pull ups.

Angelo Fosco said...

AMRAP 1: 12 rounds

Rest 10 minutes

3 sets of:
20 UB chin ups
rest 20 seconds
10 UB 95lb thrusters
rest 3 minutes

Notes: Also did 2 sets of the 30 on/off double unders, 48 and 42 reps. Felt like 90% the whole way through, felt good. Interested to see how doing 5 wods in 1 day will go on saturday at the invitational.

Thanks steve for the good luck, I'll need it!! Also, awesome job on the af wod again, was great seeing some big dawgs name at the top of the list.

Julian Cruz said...

AMRAP 10: 13 rounds+10 reps

AMRAP 5: 3 rounds+8 reps

Towel ripped right when I started the second part, so improvised with using the straps from the rings as a towel. Made it extremely hard to grip.

OPT said...

NW, yes and post it

ROBO said...

Part 1. 13 rounds
Actually went about 90% held back a little was tough though.

Part 2. 5 rounds +2 wallball
Rope I used was quite slippery really grip.

Coach was just wondering if u could do Nate, Aj, and I a favor. We would love to wear some OPT unbroken shirts at the.garage games.... was wondering if we gave u cash if.u could bring us some..would really appreciate it thx--- Rob Ottesen

Paul Klein said...

12 Rounds


4 Rounds (sub 7 towel pull ups for rope climb, my towel ripped to shreds)

Paul Smith said...

I'd be interested in getting an unbroken shirt to wear for the garage games as well. Was going to order one but wasn't sure if it would be down here in time. Probably should have thought about it earlier.

Anonymous said...


as many rounds in 10 min @ 90%:
5 ring dips - Subbed push-ups
5 Dead Lift - 135#/95#
5 hang power clean - 135#/95# - Subbed 65# Snatch
7 rounds + 2 DL
rest 10 min
as many rounds in 5 m

Brian said...

10 min. AMRAP rx'd 11 rounds 14 reps.

5 min. AMRAP rx'd 5 rounds 1 rope climb.

felt good working at a sustainable level rather than going all out

JHuet said...

10 min 135lb 8rds
rope climbs 30 wall balls 5 rds

Jenny said...

scaled due to shoulder pain: subbed ring push-ups for ring dips. also, started second amrap with wall ball because three of us were going and only had two ropes.

part 1: 13 rds + 1 ring push up

part 2: 5 rounds + 1 wall ball

Amy A. said...

part 1: 9 rds

part 2: 4 rds + 1 rope climb

julie Migliaccio/Crossfit Performance said...

Part 1: 10 rounds plus 13 reps
Part 2: 4 complete rounds

Rory Hanlin said...

Took a rest day today. I needed it

Brandon said...

13 rounds
5 rounds - subbed towel pulls, no place to hang rope.

90% felt good today...recovered completely in 10 mins.

Jordan said...

10 min Amrap: 10 rds+ 5 ring dips+ 5 dl+ 2 hpc

5 min Amrap: 4 rounds+ 1 rope climb

Felt pretty good today, could have gotten a few more rounds if going 100%. I made sure I concentrated on my breathing with every rep and recollecting myself between rounds

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

Thanks for all the descriptions of percentage-based efforts! I think I understood it simply by doing it today, if that makes any sense:

Part 1: 17+1 DL

Part 2: 8 even

I went at a fast steady pace all the way through both. I wasn't taxed afterwards and the pace I was holding I felt I could have continued for some time after the set AMRAP time. Something I did to keep a pace was walk from the rings to my bar, use an over/under grip for 4 dl's, drop the bar, then use a hook grip for the fifth dl, then go straight into 5 hpc's. This kept me from pushing too hard or fast. I also used chalk to tick my rounds on the ground, which I never do, but it kept from going 100%.
For the climbs and wallballs I just did 10 straight and went straight into the rope climb each time, but could have gone faster simply by running from the wall ball to the rope and vice versa, and by climbing faster.
Good training. Coach, what are those 16 gears that we should know as cf'ers?

sj said...

amrap 10 mins
9 rounds

amrap 5 mins
4 rounds

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1: 12 rounds rx'd.
Part 2: 5 rounds rx'd (15ft rope climb)

Notes: Part 1 all unb except last two rounds of ring dips and second to last round of hang power cleans. Grip got smoked and slowed me down on rope climb.

DeeJay said...

took Sunday off after tweaking shoulder attempting 15RM OHS. missed out on yesterday, couldnt make it to the gym.

9 rounds even
4 rounds even

nothing pretty that's for sure...

Brian Maier said...


5 sets:
1 power snatch + 3 snatch balance + 3 hang squat snatch
3min rest

10min AMRAP - 13 rounds + 5dips

*Dips were strict

Hang Power Cleans got tough. DL and ring dips were smooth and easy.

10minute rest on airdyne. Lost track of time and had to go so couldn't finish part 2.

Chad Hall said...

Part 1
8 rounds

Did strict dips on the paralletes (no rings).

NO part 2, if I did, I would have missed supper.

sucks without the proper equipment, had to reset properly after each HPC because the bar/weights were making too much noise and apparently noise in a weight room is bad here at OPC.

Also did 40 minutes of PT prior to this, easy circuit of different exercises.

Steve Howell said...

from jan 5th

Muscle Ups:Completed.
HSPU: Completed; on rings 1x 6 min, on 6'' plates 20'' apart head to floor 1 x 6 min
GH Rises/L Pull ups: Completed
Lunges: Completed

crossfitkel said...

amrap 10: 10 + 5dips

amrap 5: 3 + 6wallballs

decided to try the hook grip for all the deadlifts and the HPCs. Felt a little weird at first but got used to it after the 8th round. By then it was numb.

Siu said...

RD+DL+HPC AMRAP (subbed 75lb HP Snatches)
Either 6 or 7 rounds + 5 ring dips (I got confused toward the end)

RC+WB AMRAP (did two 10′ ascents each round)
2 rounds + 2 ascents

lk5280 said...

amrap 10: 8 + 10
amrap 5: 4 (12 foot climb from floor w/ no legs)


Brian Dean said...

Part 1
AMRAP 10 min - 20 rds

Part 2
AMRAP 5 min - 5 rds

Kyle F said...

Part 1
12 rounds

Part 2 (subbed 5 towel pullups and 20# DB thrusters)
8 rounds

Bin said...

part 1 - 9 rounds

couldn't get to part 2

PTS said...

12 rds

4 rds

JJL @ CSC said...

8 Rounds
3 rounds + 1 rope climb (did 2 rope climbs for each "rope climb" on a 10 foot rope starting from a sitting position and using no legs)

├╝ber Bania said...

part 1 only
14 rounds

recovering from doing ghd thursday. haven't done them since july. abs are unhappily sore, but mobility is back today. didn't really move at all friday besides going to work