thurs, jan 20, 2011

reverse father sled drag

4 sets @ 90%:
15 toes to bar
10 burpees
15 box jumps - 24"
30 double unders
rest walk 3 min actively
(goal is all sets same time and effort)
10 min airdyne Z1 easy pace
4 sets @ 90%:
10 KBS - 1.5/1pd
15 wall balls - 20/14# to 10 ft
15 ring push ups
Row 200 m
rest walk 3 min actively 
(goal is all sets same time and effort)

post times for sets to comments
single tester on Saturday
new website and blog imbedded in website coming Feb 1st


Soren said...

4 sets:
roughly 1.40 min per round

10 min rest (clients came in, damn)

4 sets
roughly 1.50-2.00 per round


Soren said...


I like the sound of the Bsc deal - when are you planning in introducing that deal to Aus?

PTS said...


ryandrew11 said...

2:18, 2:10, 2:16, 2:16
*scaled 15 toes-to-bar to 10 knees-to-elbow

2:19, 2:18, 2:19, 2:18
*scaled 15 ring push-ups to 7 ring push-ups

Gaspasser said...

2:20,2:38,3:00,4:00. Felt slow on T2B, hard to do these fast.
10 EZ
No clock on 2nd part but felt pretty good.

Tyler L said...

first four rounds, 2:24, 2:38, 2:17, 2:40

Last Four rounds, 2:04, 2:02, 2:03, 1:59

Gord said...

4 sets
A. 1:41/1:57/1:57/2:03
4 sets
B. 2:41/2:42/2:38/2:44

A. 2:18/2:28/2:18/2:22 (subbed GHD situps for TTB- shoulder hurts in hang)
B. 2:56/2:50/2:51/2:58

r Gaines said...

A. 155, 175,195#
B. 95#
C1. Done
C2. 6,5,6 (with abmats)

Ryan Hughes said...

First Part: 2:04, 2:09, 1:59, 2:35

Second Part: 1:57, 1:58, 1:53, 1:40

Used 2 pood and did ring push ups with legs on a box

was really pressed for time and had to burp and go which hurt performance on the first part

Heavy Evy said...

Finally back from my holiday, looks like I missed some sweet training, and an ass kicker of a comp.
Tryed to keep up with training while away, but my tweaked back officially caught up with me, while doing "flight simulator" (dnf), going to my bone man today, can't even bend over to put my pants on, hopefully I can jump back in for saturdays tester, fingers crossed that an adjustment will do the trick, as I'm eating bees to get back after it.

lk5280 said...

Question all, is this one round followed by 3 min rest, repeated 4 times...or 4 rounds one after the other with no rest until after the 4th round.

Assuming the latter but wanted to make sure.


Tarun said...

Is the elliptical an adequate sub for the airdyne? I realize this one is an easy going one, but not sure what the best sub for airdyne sprints in other workouts would be....

Paul Smith said...

1:39, 1:35, 1:36, 1:39
2:20, 2:27, 2:25, 2:25

wasted alot of time on the second part getting across the gym to the rower.

NW said...

Deadlift 250x5, 285x5, 305x11
Press 85x5, 100x5, 115x 8

Part 1: 2:03; 2:13; 1:29; 1:24
Subbe t2b for kte (no room to do it)
First round didn't know how fast I could go, closer to 80%
second round shoe came untied and I'm prone to murphys law

Airdyne complete

part 2: 2:02, 2:23; 2:11; 1:50
Subbed rower for Airdyne.

Joel B. said...

1. 2:31
2. 2:28
3. 2:33
4. 2:26
notes: 25.5" bj, t2b slowest part.

10 min z1 on elliptical. I work though and best option available.

1. ?? didn't start stopwatch
2. 2:19
3. 2:22
4. 2:19

Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...


10:00 AirDyne @ Z1


Cut to three sets to limit volume on knee. Still may have been to much at this point, but we'll see tomorrow. Stepped down from the box jumps. Unbroken on everything until the final set of ring push-ups.

Jesse J WellRock said...

Yeseterday's training(Jan 19th)
A)F. Squat- 185,195,210
B)H.Snatch- 110x3
C) CTB Pull Up- complete all sets broken, couldnt find my Rhythm today
D) HSPU amrapx3-18,12,11 felt good

Will do todays training a little later today.

Lars said...

Warmed up with 3x3 Hang Snatches that I missed yesterday @ 135.

4 sets part 1, all within 3 seconds, so was very consistant.

10 min row - no airdyne at 2:00/500 pace - 2500m even.

4 sets all within 3 seconds, again nice and consistant - 90% is a good pace.

Instead of T2B did 1 min/set of Front leaning rest on the rings. All else felt good and was UB.

JJL @ CSC said...

1:57, 1:53, 1:44, 1:51
skipped AirDyne due to time constraints
2:05, 2:18 - had to skip last two rounds due to time constraints

My hands are very sore lately, not actual tears on the hand but in the area on the palm at the first knuckle at the base of the finger...I have callouses, but they are sore enough that it is tough to just hang on the bar...other than "stop being a pu$$y" or "trim callous + pumice stone" does anyone have any suggestions for care/maintenance of the old paws?

JJL @ CSC said...

@ lk5280

Rest 3 minutes after each round, Then after the 4th round, rest as needed, then 10 min on airdyne, rest as needed, then rest 3 minutes after each round in the 3rd section

Garage Crossfitter said...

1:45,1:51 1:45
115 CAL
2:16 2:14 2:20

did 3 sets each due to yesterdays metcon I did at 97%. Trying to train smarter!


Casey S. said...

A: 15:51 for total thing, I was moving so slow today and everything seemed to piss me off! My hands started hurting on TTB, foot would get caught getting off the box, and I would get like 28DU's unbroken....just dumb stuff!

+5min. row, running low on time because I messed around a lot setting equipment up.It was just that kinda 5am this morning!

B:14:00...Felt much faster on this one well on the row, KB, and WB. Guess I was warmed up after a wod plus 5min row though haha! Push-ups gave me some trouble though since I had them set up at different heights at first so that took some time to adjust and I just had a rough time in general with them.

Brandon said...

Modified the first to work on DU weaknesses
T2B/Burpee/BJ w/3 min DU practice as rest. Approx. 1:30 for the timed movements per round. Doing better with DUs but need to keep practicing off the clock for now. Something about timing gets in my head and I screw up badly.
2:08/2:00/2:00/1:59 - everything unbroken and 90% was good for this.

Kent said...

Day behind so yesterday's #'s:

FS 205,215,230#
Hang snatch 115# 3X3
CTB 10,10/8,7,5/5,5,5,5
HSPU 14(PR)12,12

I suck at CTB!!! That last inch makes me lose rythm which kills speed. Need to improve this goat.

Danny Davis said...


Part 1 90%
10 minute easy swim
Part 2 90%
Just recovered from Upper Respiratory Infection.

Lisa M said...

Part 1

10 min airdyne easy pace

Part 2 16# ball

In part one i only did 10 T2B as that is the movement that totally wrecked my shoulder. I had to do them one at a time no kipping and stopping at the bottom to make sure i didn't swing into over ext still hurt shoulder but got better at as the rounds went on as is apparent by my time.

Part two have to go upstairs in my house for wallballs as it is the only place where i have ten feet. Adds about 20 seconds i figure.

Lisa M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JHo said...

part 1: 1:36, 1:35, 1:34, 1:36
10 min airdyne
part 2: 2:22, 2:22, 2:19, 2:21

Ring push ups were the toughest. Rings 6 inches off the ground, chest to 4 inch block, feet on 12 inch step.

Pete @ CSC said...

1:42, 1:53, 1:45, 1:46

2:07, 2:02, 2:08, 2:08

NW said...

Forgot to note that I subbed wallballs for thrusters w/ empty bar.

No where to do them in the globo

Matt Mo said...

2:10. 2:15. 2:24. 2:13

unbroken except du's

5 min airdyne

3:22. 3:17. (2 min rest) 3:02. (2 min rest) 2:47

unbroken except Ring Push ups

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 1:43, 1:50, 1:53, 1:51

10 min z1 on rower (2200ish meters)
rest 1:30


B. 2:33, 2:21 (160m run), 2:07 (160m run), 2:22 (Back to rower)

Notes: Middle 2 sets of B had to do 160m run on indoor track cause someone got on the only rower. Everything unbroken except 1 or 2 slip ups on double unders on set 2. Rower is also about 100m away from where I did everything else, getting there and strapping in slowed me down on the second 4 sets.

david83 said...

Hello everyone
part 1:
part two

lk5280 said...


thanks, would have been a serious metcon if I did 4 rounds straight through :)

Angelo Fosco said...

Should have also noted I did hand release on the bottom of every burpee, I have a feeling that someday this might just become a standard and may as well get some practice :)

Julian Cruz said...

4 sets:watch stopped,1:59,1:59,2:00
10 min row
4 sets:2:15,2:18,2:20, watch stopped

Don't have a 24' box so did 30 box jump and subbed 62lb kb. Don't have a 53

Chad Hall said...

Part 1:

Did PT today, tabata wod with pushups, pullups, squats, KBS, and sit ups. So opted to only do the first part.

Had no room to kip T2B so all strict which fried my grip and took longer and longer each time, also had to box jump to aerobic steps which were very unsteady and couldn't cycle them quick, which i find actually more difficult. Besides that, all very consistent.

Laura CF Redline said...


Only did 5 min on airdyne due to time constraints


Rory Hanlin said...

Subbed jump squats with 20lbs DB for BJ

1:56, 1:39 for rest

2:16, 2:24, 2:26, 2:25

Long walk across gym for pullup bar and rower.

Adam Rogers said...


Airdyne - check


felt good today.

Good to see you getting back into things Steve

Anthony Skvarka said...

part 1
1.35, 1.25, 1.34, 1.36

part 2
2.13, 2.01, 1.58, 1.51

Anthony said...

Shoulder got a cortisone injection this morning and Doctor believes it is a small tear in the supraspinatus.
I gave today a go and scaled to eliminate pushing movements as much as possible as pulling felt fine. After a long warm up, burpees felt ok but trying receive the wall ball shots was painful.

Sub's were:
GHD situps for toes to bar
35# bar thruster for wall ball
Bent over DB Rows for Ring push ups.

2:20 - 2:30 First 4 sets

2:30 - 2:50 Second 4 sets

Paul Klein said...

Part 1:
2:03 / 1:55 / 1:53 / 1:55

10 min easy pace on rower (still no airdyne)

Part 2:
2:15 / 2:20 / 2:14 / 2:12

JHuet said...

2:53, 2:50, 3:23, 3:27

airdyne for 10

2:50, 2:50, 2:40, 2:30

Being in my 6th month of the crossfit/opt workouts, I am still trying to figure out how to pace myself. Felt like I could have and should have gone a lot harder today.

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

Set A.
1.58, 1.57, 1.56, 1.152

Row 10min - 2330m

Set B.
2.24, 2.22, 2.24, 2.23

Time diffences wre mostly due to playing with the box jumps and kbs. Plyo calve bounce on and off the box is fast but tricky. snatch mentality on kbs is quick.

pwo 40g pro + 65g cho + 3.5g L-glutamine (lamb, coconut water and banana)

Steve Howell said...

10 min row: 2360m

DeeJay said...


2:25/2:32/2:44:2:51 (push ups really slowed me down)

felt a little more like myself today

Stephen B. said...

-33 degrees Celcius and the dude who was using the van I'm using while I'm back home left it unplugged last night and today. spent an hour tryin to start it but it's frozen solid. no way I'm getting to the gym. to say i'm irritated would be putting it lightly. look forward to hittin this wod tomorrow.

hey steve howell,

I'm curious. how did your team hit the 24-hour row with regards to the time each person spent on the rower? did you go for a set distance or time. I tried to organize a team myself but found only one willing soul. haha!

BrianCFCLT said...

Part 1
Part 2
2.45 mi.
Part 3

Jeff @CF Redline said...

1st 4 sets:
1:30, 1:30, 1:30, 1:29

10 min. on Air Dyne @Z1

2nd 4 sets:
2:30**, 2:17, 2:20, 2:25

**accidentally did 15 KBS on first set

derb said...


1: 1:55/1:57/2:05/2:02(DU slowed me down but everything else was UB)

2: 2:07/2:08/2:11/2:10(all UB)

slow jerf said...

Part 1:

1.34, 1.44, 1.43, 2.05

10 minutes on funny old bike

Part 2:
Subbed 45# thruster and 20 regular pushups.

2:10, 2:15, 2:29, 2.18

Michael McCabe said...

1:42, 1:43: 1:48, 2:21
153 cals on airdyne
had to sub too much to make my data helpful on this one...
10 KBS 1.5pd
15 DB thruster 20#/hand
15 ring pushups
15 bent over row 135# barbell
(15 sec spent on round one walking to rowers and finding them all in use... gotta love new years resolutions)
2:01, 1:50, 1:56, 2:19

box jumps and ring pushups were huge limiting factors

Steve Howell said...

@ Stephen B

- We did 12 minute stints the whole time which aloud us 1 hour rest every time ( quickest hour ever!)
- We each rowed about 4 hours and 48 minutes total within the 24 hours
- Our Avg pace was about 2:10/500m every 12 minutes
- Everyone rowed about 65,985 m
- Avg distance was 2,749 m every 12 minutes

Brent Maier said...


Part I: 1:29, 1:29, 1:26, 1:39
12 min rest
Part II: 2:01, 1:55, 1:57, 2:09 w/30# wallball and 2pd KB

My bro is visiting this week so we'll be hitting the WOD's up together for the next 5 days.

Steve Smith said...

1:27, 1:20, 1:16, 1:25

10 min run

2:00, 1:58, 1:57, 1:56

- A bit awkward transitioning between exercises on first series.
- Difficulty getting up to 90% during frequent transitions.

Brian Maier said...

4 sets - 1:35/1:36/1:34/1:39

4 sets - 1:57/1:56/1:58/1:56
***w/ 30# wallball and 2pd kb.

aj moore said...

part 1, 1:21, 1:14, 1:19, 1:15
active rest was row at bw watts
part 2. 2:00, 1:55, 2:00, 1:54
active rest was jump rope singles

sj said...

2:20, 2:18, 2:20, 2:46

10 min on rower

3:13, 3:14, 3:20, 3:31
-ring push-ups, feet on box = shoulders/tris smoked
-cut rest to 1:30 on last set of 4 to be done in time for class to start

Yesterday (forgot to post): A. FS@ 135#, 155#(2), 155#(2) - lower back not coming out to
B. HS@ 75#
C. CTB(yey)/HSPU 4,6,7
-weird workout day...still good work put in

Bin said...

1: 1:20 - 2:30, no 24" box available, just a lifting bench

10 minutes on stair climber - it was either that or a treadmill

2: 2:40 - 3:00 per round

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

Part 1: 1:17, 1:19, 1:18, 1:19

10 min. easy row. really easy.

Part 2: 1:50, 1:50, 1:54, 1:49

Used a 3 pood KB for part 2. Got a group of people to join me today; no more 1&1/2 poods and I haven't used my 3pood christmas present in a workout yet so i figured, why not? felt good.

Looking forward to Saturday's test...

Eric Montgomery said...

A. 2:25, 2:38, 2:52
B. 2:53, 2:34, 2:36

Notes: Cut to 3 rounds--was really feeling the effects of this cold that I previously thought wasn't too bad. T2B killed me--couldn't get any rhythm, was basically doing them one at a time with an extra kip swing in between each. Those definitely need to go in my daily warmup. Couldn't get a rhythm on DUs either. Had to sub clapping pushups since there weren't any low rings I could use. First set on B was slow because I had to move some junk around to get to the rower.

Stephen B. said...

Steve howell

thanks for the info. sounds like the strategy worked. that was quite the feat (and for a great good cause also) so congrats. I'll be lookin to try next year, hopefully.

lk5280 said...

Part 1:
1. 2:30
2. 2:32
3. 2:43
4. 2:54

10 min easy airdyne

Part 2:
1. 2:37
2. 2:33
3. 2:38
4. 2:51

Felt consistent in the effort, still trying to find that %. Fakin smoked in any case :)


unit said...

A- 1:23/ 1:21/ 1:21/ 1:28
B- 184 Cal (felt ez and relaxed)
C*- 1:41/ 1:38/ 1:41/ 1:54

15 55lb db swings
15 45lb barbell thrusters
15 ring pushups
15 supine ring row pullups
90sec rest between sets

thanks 4 the warm wishes the other day y'all... much appreciated...

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Part A

2:04, 1:50, 1:57, 2:36
-fourth round of toes to bar really slowed me down.. why ??

Anonymous said...

1:42, DU's broken
1:39,all UB
1:41,all UB
1:39,all UB

10 min exercise bike easy pace

2:38, all sets UB
everything felt good and easy today

Jesse J WellRock said...

Part 1
2:16, 2:04,2:16,2:02 :box jumps are slow it feels like I can't get the rebound in to the next one to establish a rhythm I need to practice these. 1st and 3rd set I broke in the double unders ... mental error(it always is right)

Airdyne complete

Part 2
subbed airdyne for rower and subbed 10lb dumbbells thrusters for wall ball...part 2 felt a lot easier for me.
I find myself pulling on a little too much on the last half of the swing causing a bit of an impingement on the anterior.delt/rotator cuff...I'm thinking supraspinatus or sub's not terrible but I know it's avoidable. I think I might be pulling the handle "apart" as I swing up. I will play with it.

r Gaines said...

part 1- 2.37, 2.43, 2.41, 2.58
*T2B and double unders killed me


airdyne-- done


part 3- 3.03, 3.01, 2.58, 3.00

* did ring push ups with feet on a box. push ups slowed me down

***had a hard time working/staying at 90%

Anonymous said...


sets @ 90%:
15 GHD sit-ups
15 box jumps - 24"
250m row
rest walk 3 min actively
(goal is all sets same time and effort)

3:54-3:11-3:06-3:10 Had some issues with the rower on the first round and I was just straight slow on box jumps

Siu said...

Okay, I had a total lil' Dawg performance today.

1. 2:25
2. 4:04 (had major DU issues, kept hitting rope on misc items around the gym, moved 4-5 different times)
3. 3:28
4. 3:09
10m Airdyne - complete
1. 3:59 (ring PUs)
2. 3:26 (reg PUs)
3. 3:28 (reg PUs)
4. 3:17 (reg PUs)

The first set was just all over the place. I started with Jason Y. and tried too much to follow his pace which burned me later on. I felt the DLs from Sunday all throughout. On the second set, the ring PUs hurt my wrist so I moved to regular PUs.

So super slow compared to the Big Dawgs. Still happy to get in a get a lil' sweat before my few days break since I'm getting Lasik today! Yay for seeing!

Siu said...

Oh, I forgot - here is a great video of Sunday at CSC put together by Andy B. one of our competitors. Captures some great moments from the day. Hope you can see it...!/video/video.php?v=498744619529&notif_t=video_tag

kent said...

walking active rest
10min airdyne 75cal
walking active rest
Looking forward to test tomorrow.. I just hope i can beat Rorys Russian nanny robo..i still think she is the ugliest woman i have ever seen!!

Kent said...


5min row


Feet felt heavy after the box jumps so missed a few DU's

Crushed the last row because I felt good.

Stephen B. said...



10 min on airdyne at cal counter


2:23/2:20/2:28/2:29...used 80# kb...lost time on transitions...

B Rott said...

2:00 for first 3, 2:30 on last, had knot to get out of rope
toes to bar really slowed me down

2:15-2:20 for all sets

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