thurs, jan 13, 2011

owing up hurts...
...and still not winning - even more

A. Power Clean - 1,1,1; rest 5 min
B. AMRAP Burpees in 20 sec; walk rest 2 min x 3
C. Row sprints - 30 sec @ 95%; walk rest 1:30 x 3

A.high load
B. reps
C. watt avg/set
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Friday/Saturday off, Sunday competition
don't forget to register!


Adam Rogers said...

Today's workout

13 rounds + 5 dips, felt good, under control

did 5 sets of 10 wallballs, bout 40 sec between, no rope climbs

NW said...

Here's the video of thruster at 95# and 135#.


135# :

Sidenote: My 1RM was 155# thruster, so hitting 5 at 135# was pretty exciting.

Thanks for the help!

Garage Crossfitter said...

Anyone here going to the assessment module jan 22-23 in Fairfield CT, wanna split a room?
Starting my OPT CCP journey!

Steve Smith said...

Wow, early post!

Wed's (today's) workout:

Part 1: Just over 20 rounds (22 or 23, lost count) + 5 dips
- Very pleased with total, but I doubt my numbers after looking at the postings
- Stayed at 90%, which is a very good range for me (I tend to be fast there and can hold it for a while) until the last 1.5 min

Part 2: 3 Rounds
- Eyeballing 20ft on a 30 ft rope
- I suck at ropes.

Steve Smith said...

Oh, and the US owns Russia.

I'm kidding.


Becky said...

james (or any one else who has an answer):
do you suggest not going in on friday and working on double unders?
is there a good, better, best schedule for competition week? or is that relative to each person?

Eric Montgomery said...

Coach, is there any way you could post Sunday's competition workout on Saturday? Or maybe email it to me? My affiliate has been doing its Games prep workouts on Saturdays--we used your tester last weekend and would like to do the same this week.

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

Yesterdays training:

11 rounds even


5 rounds even
(rope height was only 3.3m so did it in l-sit)

pwo: 50g pro + 60g cho

Kent said...

Still traveling so gym access difficult. Managed to find a skipping rope 135# barbell and bar for dips so:

Amrap du 30 sec X10


11 rounds

Bear said...

No way! Sweden FTW! can´t win them all ;)

Good luck at the comp big dawgs! :)

Soren said...

A: 90kg
B: 10+10+10
C: 10 sets of 45-55 D/U, done as 30 on 30 off

D: Power Clean is going backwards!!!
D1: Did D/U as home and no rower and did a mistake last time we did that oe, only did 15 sec!!


Gaspasser said...

17 rounds
3 rounds (9 foot rope climb x 2 each round from ground)

235 PC
11,10,11 burpees
625 wt/ 1:22
636 wt/ 1:21
636 wt/ 1:21

Gord said...

pc 205/215/220(F)
burpees 13/13/12
watts 525/470/462

186/191(F) 191(f)
burpees 8/8/8
watts- 454/467/430

B Rott said...

A: #235
B: 12,11,11
C: watts 460, 479, 480

from 1/11

Part I: had bad pullup bar so did strict to failure
12/1:20 10/1:19 8/1:19

Part II: DU timing off, did 25-40 each round

OPT said...

NW, not bad, but as expected the kyphotic upper back removes the use of the ass in most squat your rack and torso is OK...but i think the pain/fatigue may be coming from a weaker post chain - do you find GH raises, SL DB DL and Dead lift work tough to keep mid upper back tight? these might be the culprit to give you some power out of the bottom of the squat and less load then imposed on the upper body and wrists for pressing/pushing..make sense?
aside - keep that thorasic spine mobile, and stretch those internal rotators out of the shoulder each time prior to working out - lats are internal rotators as well, some forget that...

OPT said...

becky, the answer was within the question you asked, it does differ per person relative to what they need to do to get in game shape - if its a skill that does not drain you too much, do it and play..if it makes you less confident why do it prior to a comp? it on training days around comps and when you can
overuse of a skill can cause issues as well, so when you do skill work - do just that - practicing on weaknesses does not mean Rhiannon or flight simulator - it means a few quick healthy reps, rest, repeat to get learnings from speed, timing, mistakes to be fixed etc...then put it away

the wise call it "deep practice" - one for you Anthony

OPT said...

and Steve, that was funny, really

Chris Dunkin said...


NCovino "CFRedline" said...

A) 225#
B) 11,12,11
C) 520, 498, 481

Becky said...

a. 135x3
b. 9, 10, 10
c. 390, 391, 361

Thad said...

A. 195,205,215
B. 10,10,10
C. 509,492,501

Jakob said...

what do you think about a Z1 run, appr 20 mins every day? just started to take care of a dog full time and figured that 20min running is roughly 1h walking which I can't fit in my day.
Are those 20min Z1 do any thing regarding to recovery/overtraining? Any thoughts?

I'm 23, 188 pounds, 191cm (6 '3-4 I think) if it matters

NW said...

To make sure I'm following along here -

You think my posterior chain (ass,hammies) is the issue and is preventing the drive into the press?
- If this is the issue do you suggest doing SL DL, etc. and really hammering on them?

And the issue with my posterior chain is the kyphotic upper back?
- working on thoracic mobility

I find it slightly challenging to keep mid upper back (traps,rhomboids) tight in deadlifting. haven't thought about it in sL DL or gh raises.

Again, thanks coach!

PTS said...

yesterday's wod

12 rds and 4 rds.

Lars said...

A. 275x1, 285x1, 295xmiss
B. 10,10,11
C. 492, 519, 537

Happy to hit 285 on PC, but wish I had got the 295 as I have before.

Burpees felt like I couldn't go any faster.

Row Wattage seems low, would a higher s/m give me higer wattage? I was around 37s/m.

Casey S. said...

Really wanted to work on speed under the bar today and not jumping my feet out wide so I don't have to squat at all. My speed wasn't as fast as I would have liked today but I did keep my feet under control.Next time I think i'd like to video myself so I can see exactly what i'm doing.

B:10,10,10 I felt like I was going super fast but couldn't break 10! 2mins felt like forever though.

C:386,345,354....Never rowed for Watts before, not sure wht a good number is for 30 seconds. Still really do not like rowing much but I must get better at it!

Excited for Sunday, this will be my first one!So awesome to see so many women posting yesterday!!

Michael said...


I've been out for a while following some of your past programming with some tweaks here and there for my weaknesses. I was thinking about picking back up after the Big Dawg comp this weekend. Can you explain a little bit maybe on how your going to prep for and through the 6 weeks of sectionals since it's one event/week for 6 weeks.

I have the 7 weeks leading up to last years games printed and I was going to either use that (so I can easily adjust to my weaknesses) or just follow here from now on.

Any advice from you or anyone would help! Thanks


Brian Maier said...

Lars...when coach prescribes watts on the rower, I find that I get higher watt output by increasing the resistance rather than increasing my s/m. Crank it up to 10 and give it a try.

Anthony said...

Thanks for the tip of the hat Coach...

Joel B. said...

A: 200, 200, 205
B: 10, 10, 10
C: 483, 501, 501

Paul Smith said...

Yesterdays WOD:

Part 1: 13 rounds + 5 dips

still felt like I had quite a bit of juice in the tank.

Part 2: 6 rounds + 9 wallballs

Used a fat rope for the climb and my grip was starting to give out towards the end.

Brandon said...

A. 185/195/205
B. 10/11/11
C. 589.5/586.7/590/2

Worked up slow on PCs and shut it down on the first form break. Everything else felt great.

Lars said...

Thanks Brian,

I'll give it a whirl this afternoon since I was only at 7 damper setting today.

NW said...

A: 185#.
B: 9,9,9. Max height jump >12"
C. 540 at 7 damper,521 at 8.5, 511 at 8

Felt no pop today. Still feeling pretty CNS drained from Monday. But feel good

Burpee and rows felt good, little fatigue

Brent Maier said...

Can someone provide me with the link to the 2010 OPT #2 competition? I must have missed it along the way and forgot all about it.

NW said...

Here's the link

Steve Howell said...

Back Squat;
Set 1 @ 72kg x 5
Set 2 @ 72kg x 5
Set 3 @ 72kg x 5
Bench Press;
Set 1 @ 57kg x 5
Set 2 @ 57kg x 5
Set 3 @ 57kg x 5

from jan 6th

KBS: 31/31/30/30/30 + 100 for all unbroken sets
Burpee Pull Ups: 11/11/11/10/11
Double Unders: 81/91/97/89/88
Total = 752

Post WOD fuel


Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

A. 205, 225f, 205
B. 10, 10, 10
C. 558.8, 570.4, 574

Cleans felt very heavy, burpees fast, and rows strong. Looking forward to two days of recovery before jumping back into competition.

KEW said...

1-11 workout
couldn't get chinups unbroken
DUS not my strenght, but the more I do them...

Garage Crossfitter said...

Pistol tech work 10 min
20 sec of 30' box jumps, rest 2:00 x3 7,9,10
airdyne sprint 30 sec legs only, rest 1:30 x 3

letting wrist heal

Vic @ CF Redline said...

A: 135, 165, 185
B: 12,11,11
C: watts 432, 435, 462

PWO: Cellucore + Refuel + Glutamine

Notes: Tweak the left hand and wrist slightly on the PC. The burpees and rower felt good, but felt I should have gone slightly harder on the rower. Still working on knowning my percentages.

Pete @ CSC said...

No power cleans today.
B. ?,12,12
C. 541, 565, 558

Brent Maier said...

NW thanks, I should have specified results when I asked the question. Sorry about that. Does anyone have a breakdown of the results?

Nathan H. said...

Competing a day early at a local competition so changed some stuff up.

Power snatch: 215#
Did 220 but was clearly a full snatch on review.

Burpees but 2 rounds only: 11, 12

Row but 2 rounds only: 734 watts and 689

BW @ 188

also was messing around and got a one armed pullup with L and R arm. Although I jumped to the ring to do it so it wasn't from a strict deadhang position. Still pretty cool though.

Jeff @CF Redline said...


A. High Load - 225#
B. 12,13,13
C. 495,467,492

Great Picture Today!! Especially the Tom Brady #12 jersey...sorry all you J-E-T-S fans, Sunday's gonna be ugly haha

sj said...

A. 135# for all 3
-these felt really heavy today
B. 9.5, 9.5, 10
-fun! could hit the deck on that last one...
C. 341, 334, 342
-also fun!

-tons of good questions & tips on here today! I'm taking notes. Thanks everyone. :)

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 245lbs - 20lbs off PR
B. 10 each set with hand release at bottom.
C. 3 sets DU's 30 sec on/off: 47, 39, 42

Disappointed with Power clean but at the same time only the 2nd time i've done cleans since dec. 4th when I tore my muscle. So Not bad i suppose.

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

Forgot to mention 15' climbs yesterday.

Just did power cleans today. Gonna hit Again Faster wod 14 tomorrow with Steve Smith.

275, 291, 301. Tried 306 but drove me into a squat clean. 305 is my PR from when I was 10lbs heavier. 6lb PR from the other week though.

David said...

A. 100, 105, F105 kg.
B. 11, 10, 10
C. 605, 554, 513 wats

Julian Cruz said...


Coach or Big Dawgs:

Feels like I have no second pull in my clean. Don't know what to do. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

ROBO said...

A. 252 for all
B. 11,12,12
C. 667,667,648

david83 said...

1.) 235, 245, 250- elbows not feeling great and warm-up was too short



DeeJay said...

A. 285/295/305(caught in squat, figured 305 front squat shouldn't be my first squat of the day so dropped it)
B. 10-10-10
C. 556/565/575

Jared-CF Redline said...

A. 175,185,195pr...missed it the first try but got the mind right and hit it.
B. 11,11,13

Tuesday 11th WOD completed yesterday forgot to post:
1.UB 1:26
2.UB 1:35
3. 14+6 1:34

Du's averaged 25 round..usually these are very good to, not so much during that wod.

Registered for Big Dawg!

Paul Klein said...

1. 230
2. 30 (10,10,10)
3. 621W average (625, 615, 625)

Power Cleans felt very week tonight, I think I like cleans better.

Rory Hanlin said...

Worked up to 305lbs power clean. Felt clean and crisp

Subbed an hour of racketball for the metcon work. Played @ 75-85%

ryandrew11 said...

A. 185, 190(fail), 190
B. 9,9,9
C. 585, 571 (came off seat), 642

working on keeping my ass from coming up first on cleans, felt better today.

JHuet said...

225 failed at 245 twice
burpees-11, 11, 10
rowing-507(almost fell off rower), 609, 624

BrianCFCLT said...

A. 205, 210, 215f having a harding keeping my arms long...

B 10, 11, 11 burpees felt good 20 sec was over before i knew it.

C. 433, 409, 409 at damper 4.5 will def try a higher damper setting next time.

ROBO said...

I was just told I was muscle cleaning I didn't think u could bend at the knees at all for PC. U learn something new everyday haha

Laura CF Redline said...

A.) 135#
B.) 8,9,9
C.) 311,324,315

I second that; it was great to see so many women posting.

Adam Rogers said...

A - 185,205,225
B - 12,13,12
C - 686,585,609

Steve Smith said...

Almost forgot to post today.

A. 275#
- Disappointed
- Feel like I've been here for a minute or two

B. 14, 13, 12

C. 635, 615, 630

JJL @ CSC said...

A. 205, 215, 225f
B. 11, 11, 11
C. 1st was about 625, forgot number 2, around 575 on the 3rd

Brent Maier said...


Snatch: 60,70,80,85,90,95,100(220#),104kg(x). - Hit two 100kg snatch tonight before trying 104kg. Very solid attempt, lost it behind me and shut it down.

WOD: Did 2.5 rounds of the wall climb WOD. It is a humbling workout.

PC: 110kg x3

crossfitkel said...

A. 100kg, 105kg, 112kg

B. 10, 10,11

C. 490, 520, 518

The burpees and rows went by quick as they came. By the time I even looked at clock the round was over.

Chad Hall said...

A: 260lbs
B: 11, 11, 11
C: 621, 655, 630

Didn't want to go too heavy with no bumpers on the PC, felt alright though. Rowed at damper 10.

Siu said...

A. 125, 135, 145(fx2)
B. 10, 11, 10
C. 423.4, 364.9, 348.4

Was happy with my burpees, was shooting for 9 but came down so hard on some of the reps that I bruised my palm!

Eric Montgomery said...

Reading fail for the second straight day--only rested 1:30 on burpees though I don't think it made much of a difference.

A. 215, 225 (PR), 235F
B. 10, 10, 10
C. 566, 539, 538 avg watts

Eric Montgomery said...

Oh, and sorry for the repost from earlier but I didn't get an answer--any chance you could post (or email me) Sunday's workout early so my affiliate can use it Saturday for our Games prep workout? I'd be able to get a handful of people to contribute to the Big Dawgs fund if so.

Becky said...

ok, so i'll change my plans for tomorrow. thanks!
( it's like you knew what i was planning....)

Sam said...

Is that a Men In Dawn Black Frogman? I hear Cal has a good watch guy...

derb said...


1: 180
2: 11X3
3: 141m/151m/154m(I missed that you wanted watts)

Jon Sinclair said...

Part 1: subbed 10 pushups for ring dips = 9 rnds + pushups and DL

Part 2: subbed rope pullups = 5 rounds + pullups

lk5280 said...

Power Cleans
195, 205, 205
8, 9, 8
Row Sprints
344.6, 394.2, 365.7
(older model c2 with damper half open)

Stephen B. said...
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Chris said...

12 JAN w/o

Part 1) 10 rounds + 4 dips
Part 2) 5 rounds but no rope so did 5 strict towel pullups

Stephen B. said...

PreviewEdit Stephen B. said...Last Sat. tester

OHS: 165x15
met-con: 16:00 (100# sq.snatch...wrongly converted kilos)

bwt: 178#

notes: first attempt at 15 OHS was at 182#...felt really really to 6th rep and thought "fck yeah dude, you've got this" and literally the second that thought was done, I dumped the bar on the 7th rep having let it get a little too far in front on me...ha! waited a few mins, tried again at to 10...175# got to 9...then 15 @ 165#...hips, quads and shoulders smoked for met-con...learned an important lesson about focus tonight...a momentary lapse in concentration cost me a goal I've wanted to reach since I started bd. can't wait to try again though. boo-yaa!

filmed on a buddy's camera...when he gets it dl'd and sent to me, I'll post it...

JHo said...

A. 250-260-270
B. 12-12-11
C. 646-646-636

Played around with the rings for about 15 minutes after the workout. Ice cream makers and muscle ups. Happy to rest tomorrow.

Kyle F said...

A: 225/245/255
C: Skipped this

Michael McCabe said...

pc 100kg

yesterday's 10 min amrap - 10ish rounds

lookin forward to sunday

chad hall - good to see you posting

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

A. 85kgx1x3
B. 9,9,9
C. 510, 504, 523

feeling good

PTS said...

A. 245
B. 33
C. 689,625,605

asthma bothered me on the rows today.

RichJ said...

A. 247lbs, 275lbs, 285lbs
B. 11, 11, 12
C. 600, 678, 573

I recently picked up a new camcorder, so I recorded the workout to attach to this post. But, youtube kept giving me an error msg and the video was only 7+min, ill try again later...

Time to rest up...good luck this weekend Dawgs!

Anonymous said...


A. Subbed snatch 75-85(f)-75
B. 9-9-9
C. 322.3-307.8-285

Lars said...

Just signed up for Sunday's Comp...but will have to compete on Monday. Looking forward to my first Big Dawg Competition.

Aaron said...

Male 155 5'4"

Wednesdays WOD

7 round plus 5 ring dips, 5 deadlifts and 2 hang cleans

used 20' rope for rope climbs
4 Rounds plus 1 rope climb and 2 wall balls

KEW said...

1. 123,133,148
2. 10,9,10
3. 309,330, 315 6 1/2 damper