sun, jan 2, 2010

Unbroken from Garry Michael Martin II on Vimeo.


part 1:
"Unbroken 2.0"
7 rounds for time:
5 squat clean - 135/105#
6 CTB chin ups
7 KBS - 2/1.5 pd

each exercise CANNOT be broken or fractioned
for HSPU - once you kick up, you must stay up, you may pause at top or bottom
for squat clean - they MUST be touch and go reps; you cannot rest bar on ground or on lap, only on shoulders if break is needed
for chin ups, chest to bar, not shirt to bar; you cannot touch down, you may rest by full hanging
for KBS - you cannot double pump, once you start swings, you must finish all reps straight
if reps are broken in any exercise, you start again with that exercise at rep 1 for that same round
(i.e. if you are in round 2 and you do 4 HSPU, then rest on ground on 3rd squat clean, you start over at rep 1 for squat clean on that 2nd round)

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
Run 30 min @ conversational pace
10 min of this

post unbroken 2.0 time and run pace to comments


Arjuna @CFN said...

Man oh man do I miss this stuff!! Happy new year to all! Keep destroying shit Big Dawgs! I am recovering from SLAP Tear surgery I had on the 15th of December and with the help of James I'll be seeing some of you in 2012 at the Games!

Rainer Hartmann said...

Good luck with the recovery, Arjuna. Going under the knife Tuesday for ACL surgery, feel the same way (well, not the 2012 Games, puppy dawg here, LOL).

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

From yesterday:

cgbp - 90kg (pr)
flight simulator - 9:35 (stumbled on 2nd set of 20reps)

pcln - 95kg

cgbp/ pcln ratio - 1.05

pwo: 35g chicken, 2 pieces 85% dark choc

david83 said...

Hello everyone
did this one early this am. WOW guys nice times; I just got served a BIG piece of HUMBLE pie! surprise

as rx'd unbroken -13:30

I was shooting for 9 minutes but went for broke after 5th round everything went down hill fast. The squat cleans got me big time, challenging

Runs later tonight,


Jordan said...

First post since following this site a few months back. I have a question regarding post-wod-fuel. Would 2 pancakes that conist of 2 bananas, 1 egg, and 1 tsp of almond butter meet the necessary amount of protein/carb ratio? I'm looking to get 30g p/30g carbs. Thanks!

Unbroken 2.0 Wod: 13:30, didn't expect to be as winded as I was.

Garage Crossfitter said...

12:31 unbroken- squat cleans smoked me
10 min ice bath- hate those

no run later, family holiday obligations

AJ Moore said...

AF wod 13- amrap in 6 of
9 back squat 155
7 burpees
5 shoulder to ovhd 155

6 rounds

run in the afternoon

i ice bath often and am working up to 10 min cold showers, i look forward to having my testes retract up into my stomache ( sorry for the vulgarity haha)

ROBO said...

Did again faster wod w AJ.

5+1 burpee

Gonna take an ice bath w Aj for as many minutes as I can stand haha...jk

Running later

Anthony said...

PART 1. As Rx'd: 18:04. This could have been a bit faster but was concerned about breaking and 5 of us were sharing a 2 pood KB so there we a few times we had to wait.

Immediately after; 30 minute run at a easy pace. Heart rate popped right back up into the 150 range within seconds.

Ice bath coming up.

The Redline Big Dawg crew has grown again!

JJL @ CSC said...

Unbroken 2.0

Jared-CF Redline said...

Part 1 23:57. Subbed 1.5pood for 9 reps.

Conversational pace run completed right after. A little piece of that conversation with the Redline Dawgs

"If OPT tells you to teabag an anthill, you better f-ing do it"

Jeff @CF Redline said...

Unbroken 2.0
Squat cleans were the worst and sharing 2pd kb slowed us a bit...great test

****All completed wearing my OPT 2POOD shorts***

30 min run @conversational pace with other big dawgs vic, jared, and anthony

Jared, great job considering you significantly shortened the earths beer supply last night!

OPT said...

jordan, a lot depends on the post wo fuel - like BF%, liver ability and fructose uptake, gender, intensity derived in workout, CNS or cellular breakdown, digestibilty...etc...and it all comes down to what makes you better the next workout - so play with it and see if it goes well, if you find after one week its not good to get up and feel like you want to crank it again, you need to research your post wo formula (not ONLY food) but lifestyle, sleep, etc...

post more often and we can all help you out with examples; you'll find that the more you give to the blog and community, the more you'll get back - makes sense right?

JHo said...

Bench 265
Flight simulator 10:03

Part 1
17:57 65k squat cleans
HSPU were murder. Couldn't maintain balance in round six. Had to start over twice.

Legs a still hurting from Thursday and my calves haven't recovered from the last run. Should I row or use the airdyne for part 2 or should I just push through?

Paul Smith said...

Nice work in N. Carolina guys. I really need a workout partner.

Trying to play a little catch up.

6 AM: flight simulator - 13:17
About 6 min faster than when I did it in April. Getting a little better but no where near where I should be.

4 hrs later

CGBP - 285#
probably could have gone a little higher but didn't have a spot.

Wallballs/PU from Thursday 28. All complete UB.

Anonymous said...


happy new year all! a little sick, so did some hip mobility work and ran through each of the moves, minus the CTB (elbow issues). Look forward to feeling better so that I can do this one.

Evan said...

First time posting, been following programming as best I can around the rest of life.

Unbroken 2.0

Squat Cleans are my nemesis!

Poly said...

Quick question:
If it takes you 10 minutes to remember your username and password, do you have to add it to your total time?

UB 2.0: 5 rds 12:14.
HSPU broken thru rds 3&4

New snow and lots of wind up here right now, so part 2 subbed with afternoon of snow-kiting. Whoooo.

Angelo Fosco said...

Unbrokn 2.0: 12:49

30 min run 15 mins later: 3.74 miles. 8:02/mile pace.

Notes: happy w. Unbroken 2.o considering I wasn't sure I could do those ctb with my arm. Its sore but feels ok.

PTS said...


was extra cautious w/ HSPU's. I look forward to this one again.

10 min rest

8 min run 8 min airdyne. calves were killing from all the extra DU's yesterday.

ice bath complete.

Rory Hanlin said...

Did Fight Gone Bad

Score: 440 PR

This was a big PR and the first time I've gone over 400. Thanks Rob and AJ for counting reps and helping me push it.

Brent Maier said...


Time w/8 rounds: 12:46

Attempted to do Flight Simulator 10 minutes after but got to 35 and shut it down. Motor skills were shot.

Nathan H. said...

part 1: 10:26

Gettin there. Still feel like I'm breathing harder than normal.

B Rott said...

CGBP 300
Power Clean 235
Ratio .78
bad ratio, need to improve my PC

Did wod #2 from last big dawg today with squat snatch 7:41 squat snatch is big weakness

ice bath was beautiful

Looking forward to unbroken this week

Jordan said...

Opt--thanks for the advice. I've been messing around with various combos of post wod fuel for a few weeks now. On days that I strength train before Wods I usually eat a 2-block sweet potato and recovery shake. On days where I focus more on metcon's I eat a banana, recovery shake and a few pancakes. Getting plenty of sleep, eat cleanly, gallon of water daily, no bad health habits. Training with Stamey @ CF Hickory.

Vic @ CF Redline said...

Part 1: 23:27 Rx’d (Broken Squat Cleans after set 2)

Notes: I struggled with the squat clean it’s a movement I’m working on, so I’m not as proficient as I need to be to finish the workout as prescribe/unbroken.

Conversational pace run completed right after. With my fellow big dawgs Ant, Jeff and Jared

Nathan H. said...

Review of video: 10:25! :)

AJ, Nate and Rory, amazing work fellas! You are machines!

Steve Howell said...

From Dec 25th

FS/PP/TH: 50kg/60kg/70kgx2/75kg
CTB Pull Ups: All sets unbroken.
Thrusters: 75kg up to 95kg
30 min row: 7,250m

* Subbed 30min of rowing for run today, 24 hour rowing challenge is just over a week away.

Gaspasser said...


1 spoon of coconut butter butter

19:15 Really amazed by the NC crew, all amazing athletes. Make me wanna work even harder.

Post WOD Fuel
25 Gram Whey Protein
Half Sweet Potato/ 1 spoon full almond butter

Gonna go for run later this afternoon and soak in the Pacific Ocean here in Santa Cruz, probably gonna get some weird looks with no wetsuit.

ryandrew11 said...

part 1 scaled:
4 HSPU progressions - down to 7"
5 squat clean - 1115#
4 CTB chin ups
7 KBS - 2 pd
time = 17:39

had to break the chinups slightly in later rounds, still working on CTBs. Otherwise unbroken

skipping run today. Ran 5K Race on Friday for time of 20:49, fastest time in over 3 years.

ice bath completed. that was my first and it was painful, hopfeully they are worth it!

ryandrew11 said...

115#, rather than 1115#

Casey S. said...

18:58 @95#
HSPU were down to 1abmat,can only do a one at a time head all the way to the ground without kipping. Amazing what difference a few inches makes, they felt easy with the abmat. The hardest part for me were the squat cleans, I kept them unbroken at 95, but I just felt slow on them idk if I could have stayed unbroken with 105. Did strict pull-ups (broken), shoulders feel a lot better but wanna give them a break. KB swings were really easy I figured my grip would get more fatigued with the 53# but it wasn't bad! Run to come in a bit!

Paul Klein said...

Part 1: 15.14
Really hit the wall at round 4 and spent a lot of time talking to my shoes in between stations.

Run complete at approx 9.5 min miles. Nice and easy.

Ice bath complete.

I can't wait for the Anvil/Ft. Bragg video of AJ and Robo taking an ice bath together!

Eric Montgomery said...

Made up CGBP from the other day. 242lbs. Compare to power clean 1RM of 220lbs. Ratio of 0.909.

Part 1--cut to 4 rounds. 9:09.

HSPUs and KB swings easy, CTB not too bad, cleans were very taxing.

sj said...

25:11 - modified
- HSPU w/ Ab Mat and 10# bumpers - is this the best way to work up my strength with these? keep inching up the plates?
- no bar at home, so chest to ring pull-ups, kipping
- all UB!!!! not used to doing sqt cleans in workouts. This is all hard for me, but everyday I'm doing something I didn't know I could do. Awesome. I know I'm not getting everything Rxed yet (yet!), but this is helping me SO much. Weaknesses getting worked on everyday since I started on here. Thanks so much coach! This year's going to be a different monster...well, I am.

-Calves & feet still really sore, so will probably row/stretch them out------->cold shower

Pete @ CSC said...


Rested 5 hours then ran about 4 miles approx 7:00-7:15/mile avg.

Great work in the video NC crew.

David said...

Part 1:
18:23 unbroken
Part 2:
covered 3.26 miles, didn't push it. Overall I have felt quite tired and low energy lately. Really trying to turn this around.

Lars said...

UNBROKEN - 13:19

Felt pretty good, but moved fairly slow between movements. First round was under 1 min, but slowed down significantly afterward.

Will do the run shortly - pace, probably 5min/km's

ROBO said...

Just ran w Aj he will post pace he had the watch... felt good.

├╝ber Bania said...

part 1:
(splits 1:50, 2:10, 2:10, 2:15, 2:12, 2:05, 1:14)
Had a lot of gas left in the tank so gambled on the last set and it paid off. Next time goal is 1:55/set

rest 10min, then 5 rounds for time:
315# back squat x3
135# power clean x3
135# push press x3
60# weighted pullup x3
.25mile treadmill run

splits (lift/run each set) 1:02/2:00, 1:45/1:55, 2:10/1:50, 1:56/1:56, 1:55/1:25

Adam Rogers said...


came off the wall a couple of times due to balance, otherwise all unbroken.

Marcus Filly said...

CGBP - 245
Flight Simulator - 7:07

Struggling with a bit of bad back right. No Unbroken 2.0 for me. Looks fun.

unit said...

run from a few days ago...
3 min on ~ 5:50 pace
3 min off ~ 7:30 pace

10 min

back squat- 275 (ass 2 grass... felt gd)
front squat- 225
OHS- 185

5 min

cgbp- 320
ratio- 275/320 ~ 0.86

10 min

flight simulator~ 7:19 PR

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

Re Injuried my knee doing the double unders yesterday.. Showed up for the big dawgs of Redline this morning to help cheer on and sprint on the airdyne while they all struggled in front of me. Great effort today boys!(and girls)

Getting this knee looked at tomorrow.. in the meantime.. i did 3 ice baths, 3 ice massages,and been keeping it elevated and wrapped while resting. Just when i started feeling good this happens. Going to stay away from all things running, jumping, and skipping for a while.

Nathan H. said...

Unit, 320 bp? good god man, nice work.

Big Dawgs, some of you I don't know, but I'm impressed by a ton of you on here! Everyone is becoming scary.

Jon Sinclair said...

Part 1: 14:53 UB

Alcohol from new years felt like it was still in the system... feel good to get it done and be back on track.

NW said...

finally reached land after a weeklong cruise in the bahamas. Still without home gym (in cancun) so still trying to follow along best I can.

Did the run WOD from a few days ago. 3 min on at HR of 166/3 off @ 120 something. Felt good. PS ran Chicago Marathon in October of 2010, 4:40 time. ran walk alst 6 miles due to both hips shutting down. Humbling experience.

Did 500 m row - PR by 8 seconds 1:30.4. Damper 8, may try something less as drive strength decreased but lungs felt fine.

Hope everyone had a very happy holiday and a fantastic new year!

Unit - you're some sort of robot right dude? :). nice work!


Steve Smith said...

Again Faster WOD 13:

5 Rounds + 9 Squats + 7 Burpees

Was gunning for you AJ.

- Finished the first two rounds in about 35 seconds each, got a little nervous that I was too fast out the gate and slowed down too much.
- Still not 100% confident in my conditioning; after such a long time touch and go, I'm noticing that I'm hesitant to push balls to the wall.

Great training with you guys, Nate and Rory. See you Wednesday.

Lars said...

Run + ice bath complete.

Ran about 6.5k, so just a little faster the 5min/km.

Ice bath was my first and VERY painful. Only ran cold water, and added 3 big bags of ice. Ouch!

Did anyone else do this? I hope that wasn't a joke! I only saw 1 other person post the ice bath:S

Nathan H. said...

I was reading your statement about being hesitant to push 100% and I'm right there with you man. It seems like I used to go to that 'place' much easier and more often than I do now. I took a layoff focusing on olift and coming back feels strange and it's taking some time to get back to it. I'm not quite as comfortable with uncomfortable as I was 6 months ago, but it IS getting better.

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

Did Again Faster wod 13 with Steve and Rory:
6 min AMRAP:

9 back squats @ 155
7 burpees
5 front rack to overhead @ 155 (PP/PJ/SJ)

5 + 1 overhead

I failed 2 reps overhead at the end because I tried to push press and didn't drop under...a little pissed about that, but still would have been 2 reps short of AJ...nice work AJ! you should've been there with us though. Good training with you guys Rory and Steve!

Did a little light rowing afterwards and played around with my christmas 3 pood KB :)

Everyone in the NC crew that did the AF wod today beat Austin Malleolo... testament to the big dawgs on here. Glad I'm following this programming; thanks James! I've been doing my own for a while.

Anonymous said...

Nate again:

Lars, ice baths are not a joke for sure!! research them...they do wonders for recovery. I did not do one today however they are fantastic even though it sucks getting yourself in initially.

Heavy Evy said...

Poly & Sinclair good to see some Edmonton dawgs posting again, we better get together for one soon as the Anvil crew looks like they have it figured out.....definately not pushing myself hard enough(could use the friendly competition)

Part 1: 14:30 rx'd with 75#DBS, which killed my back, bulky thing is just awkward. Need to push harder, as I didn't have any trouble with the UB, which equates to to much rest time.

Part 2: I made up yesterdays wod's due to the gym being closed.

16' CGBP: 230( pr is 245 but I failed twice and packed it in)


Flight Simulator: 14:30pr

(last time 16:32) disapointed, was terrible on the way up, and flew through it on the way down, CNS wasn't preped enough I guess.

Heavy Evy said...

Steve and Nate H.;
I hear you, though after a year I think I still haven't found that "push through the suck" intensity you need for this game.

Ice Bath as rx'd, definately not as much ice as the dude in that vid though, that was insane!

slow jerf said...

Unbroken 2.0: 17:22

Sat down for a minute after round 6 because I though I was done, luckily my fiancee pointed out that I'm dumb.

First time doing squat cleans in a workout since my wrist injury 2 months ago. Unbelievably draining!

Ice bath time....

Gaspasser said...

Slow jog along beach, just ran 30 minutes and talked to my brother in law. Then 10 minute soak, in ocean. The surfers (in their full body wetsuits and hoods) looked at me like I was crazy. Felt good though.

Steve Smith said...


Last year you had us post our goals for 2010. Would love a rest day post letting us process "out loud" what we learned in their pursuit and new goals for 2011.

Yup, it's a constant learning curve. The road back is always interesting.

slow jerf said...

Ice bath: 53 seconds.

No comment.

Adam Rogers said...

Ice bath completed, 11 mins, waist deep.

Not fun but has helped with soreness in calves already

Rory Hanlin said...

Did the Again Faster WOD 12 or 13 or something like that

AMRAP 6 min
9 Back squat 155
7 burpee
5 Push Jerk 155

5 rounds +3 burpees

Body was fatigued from FBG earlier today, but It was still great training with Nate and Steve this PM.

Jumped in the lake near my house... tried to stay in as long as I could. That was worse than FGB...

Rory Hanlin said...

PM training with Nate and Steve:

6 min AMRAP
9 Backsquats 155
7 Burpees
5 Power Jerk 155

5 rds +3 burpees

fatigued from FBG but it was still fun training with Nate and Steve. Stiff competition, those two...

jumped in the lake near my house after PM training. it was unbearably cold, worse than FGB.

Rafa @ Crossfit Redline said...

Part 1: 17:11 - Overall, felt good. I need to work on my handstand push ups a lot. The squat cleans and the KBS were fairly easy. I need to get a little more height on my pull ups.

I couldn't do part 2 because I had to go to work.

But had a great time with my Crossfit Redline family.

Anthony Skvarka said...

Unbroken 2.0 humbled me as did others times good job!

Time was 12.47

From other day. done right after. Cgbp=255lbs and power clean 245lbs

Est run pace at aprox 8 min mile

Nathan H. said...

Run Completed: 3.5 miles

Lauren said...

part one in 21:15 - lower back was quick to get tight.

then this aft a 30 min jog outside

Thad said...

Un Broken 2.0

30 min run with dog about 8:20/mile

10 min cold shower

Brandon said...

Working my way back after being in and out for almost 2 weeks. Posting for the last couple of days.

BS: 315/335/335
FS: 225/245/245
OHS: 185x3

WB/CTB Metcon: 4 rounds as rx'd...had to take extra rest between 4th and 5th round. 5th round unbroken after 5 mins rest.

CGBP: 315
PC/CGBP: 235/315=0.75
Skipped Flight Simulator...will try another day soon

Unbroken 2.0: 14.56 (squat cleans and CTB crushed me...HSPU felt really easy today)
Run: Just over 9.5 min/mile pace
Going to ice bath now

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 1: Not Rx'd. Could not get the HSPU's going. Tri's still smoked from the AMRAP Burpees, Push-up's, and ring dips.

30min run complete: 8:20/mile pace

ice bath coming up.

Chris Dunkin said...

love the ice bath.

after part 1 did ext rot: 2 sets w/ 30lb db's x 8, and 1 set w/ 35lb x 5.

some great times today.

Siu said...

Did 5 of 7 rounds of Part 1 at easier pace, 18:14 total time with HSPU to 1 AM, 65lbs squat snatches vs. cleans (cleans and thrusters bother wrist).

Body just felt achey and off. Looked at my log and yesterday was my 5th day in the row and my body just needed rest.

Dunsey said...

Question about this... why the 105 weight for women correlating to the 135 weight for men? Isn't it usually 95/135 and 105/155. Not that I am a stickler for the "usual" at all. Just curious as to the thought process.

Did Flight Simulator about 10-15 min before hitting up Part 1. So I went into this a little taxed.

HSPU w/ band assistance, unbroken
Cleans w/ some pause
CTB's unbroken
KBs unbroken

Brian H said...

11:34 as rx'd.

Rounds 1-3 were slow, as I was holding back. Things started to catch up with me through rds 4-6, and I moved quickly in rd 7. I positioned hspu and sq cleans too far apart, which led to alot of walking around.

Sq cleans were the hardest part, but reviewing my video, they looked pretty good.

OPT said...

dunsey, for this one based on the rep scheme - 4 hspu and 6 CTB chin ups - the 5 squat cleans balance things a little at this weight relative to the 1.5 pd which is moderate loading based upon how well females do with this weight as well...

as a sidenote - i have always felt that the LB based movements for females in comparison for the sport of CF are off...and I'm sure where this started as there was actually no thought put into it as with other relation to body mass, i've known females NOT in CF to be just as strong in some lower body movements based on relative BWT as males...therefore always questioned the variation in the demand for %'s from this in CF workouts for LB based movements...

in todays. its a test and we can repeat it over and over to see where things are but just some thoughts...

Dunsey said...

I figured there was a method to that madness :) This brings up another question, though...

Would you generally increase the prescribed weight of women's LB movements in a crossfit style setting? Or what shift might you make?

kew said...

1st time posting. Still working on hspu - had to use 1 abmat. Unbroken: 16:58

Christa said...

UB 2.0 - 15:22

The squat cleans were awful!

Been playing catch up with the holidays, had trouble getting all workouts in.

B Rott said...

Part I 15:42
very frustrating, round 7 killed me. My grip fatigued and I missed last rep of last set squat cleans. Had to wait a few minutes before could do set of squat cleans over again.
2011 will be exciting, new to big dawgs and have a lot of improving to do!

ETC said...

Unbroken 2.0

17:30 - no do-overs

First time I have ever KBS 2 pood - hard to get that thing moving!! S cleans tough unbroken at 135# w/ my BW @ 150#. My scap strength has definitely improved as CTB chins are getting easy.

I have been on and off the programming here in order to focus a little more on raw strength and experiment with training sessions that will really help my BJJ and wrestling game.
Feel like I'm really starting to understand how this is working as an OPT coach in training and as an athlete :-)

ETC said...

I definitely would like spend more time sharing on this forum but I haven't been doing all of the training as RX'd. I am focusing a little more on developing my programming that will help my bjj/ wrestling game improve- and my students in turn.
Anyone on here want to share information pertaining to training for this sport? I have been chatting on Catalyst Athletics Forum lately but I feel OPT is my home base as a OPT coach in training- anyone?
Best, Eric

Brian said...

First Big Dawg workout love the programming, can't wait to get into it...

Unbroken 2.0

14:15...used 115# for the cleans and 1.5 pood kb.